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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this friday morning. facebook is going public this morning, but not at the opening bell. we will tell you why. >>darya: and no schools for some students. votes the u.s. is going on there. >>mark: more on the day to breakers race. >>darya: first, a quick look at weather and traffic. >>james: the weather will be cool and warm periodicals are this morning, we have
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some cloud cover but it is more clear this morning. sunny this afternoon with temperatures back in the mid-upper 70's. the weekend forecast looks great. >>erica: we do not have any hot spots or metering lights to deal with. for the most part, cars are stealing by. light conditions for most east the freeways. it is a smooth and easy ride out of the north bay on 101 southbound. >>mark: we are calling it facebook friday. the largest tax ipo in history. facebook is going public this morning.
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with $30 a share facebook to raise more than 18 million. -- 18 billion. will tran is at facebook headquarters in menlo park. >>will: mark zuckerburg will ceremoniously be ringing in the ellen as that from here at the facebook headquarters. ha ha facebook is expected to be richer than target,
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disney and amazon. 500 million people live every day. >> the $30 top prize is reflective of the speculation of the long term success.
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if >> the hyatt is coming event buyers will be in retail and uneducated.
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i think facebook will be lower than a high price that it's a friday. >>mark: the dow lost 156 points yesterday of 900 points for the month of may. >>darya: it is already the weekend for some school kids in vallejo. public school classes are canceled today because the teacher for lowe's behalf call khania when teacher
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held class, as they protested in downtown vallejo. >> i am really excited that residents wanted to do this the doodling the education they are receiving. >> a district spokesperson says weimar for relief or whenever the next zero years. >>mark: a fatal crash, a cadillac clean human to a tree house around 1:00 this morning. yoli eceves is level missing detail. but how how how shh ...
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>>yoli: table but no exact what happened until they into all of their investigation. they said the car did hit the round about, you can see the markings there. the car went airborne and crashed into a tree. one person was pronounced dead of the seat. a female in her 20s. they did of the issue is the passenger. the driver was sent over thailand hospital. they will but give the gender of the child but said the child was hand or under. the child is in critical condition at highland hospital. the investigation team is out. will be out here for a couple more hours.
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they are trying to figure out what
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>>mark: here is a live look from mt. tam. the golden gate not showing much in a way of fog.
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more on the forecast coming up. >>justine: hundreds of demonstrators are now heading to camp david >>darya: of the the dow utility pole in and to downed power lines cause a pretty big outed in nevada. the poll came down on sequoia gland leave, originally there were about 7000 customers in the dark because of this. now, power is been restored to all but about 500 customers.
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>>mark: space-bar going public to the. we are joined on the phone by rob like. if >>mark: was to we be looking for today? >> at would say the have a chance to get the stock cheaper. there is grease in summer
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-- increased in europe: none. they're going to be some low authorities. it is another perfect up here, it probably would have been two years ago. eight will >>rob: if it veinous ipos have not done as well. linkedin, groupon
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>>mark: de think that zuckerburg can stay the man in charge of this company? >> i think he is a genius. sky think he is newsworthy and innovative. >>mark: will he have on hall a suit or a heavy cross-i think
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>>james: let me show you where the highs are going to be this afternoon. we are currently in the 40's and 50's. depending on where you are, a little bit of a mixed.
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low-mid-70s generally. >>james: it will be breezy. if you are in the valleys, as he readies for the trees to be blood around. 73 is the expected high in it petaluma it and nobody. here is a sneak peek at the extended forecast. sunday it looks good for the bay to breakers race. warm, stable and dry weather ahead.
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>>erica: how the first signs of a backup of the bay bridge. within the past couple of minutes i have been heavy instances house of metering lights being back to where it is with an easy ride of oakland in the san francisco. the san mateo bridge carries cool down for maintenance. how is a live look at the golden gate curious how we did have a fourth of an active at was the blocking the middle lanes. it looks like that has been pushed over to the right- hand shoulder.
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as we check out the south bay, a year of slow and often worked on 101 just past 87. intercity to edie's problem free for cupertino. the drivers is 23 minutes out of nevada on 11 southbound. for >>mark: the crews are already at work and then for the bay to breakers race.
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maureen tell us how some are ready cash in. coffee >>maureen: they have already stocked up on everything they need. jews, water and even a call. despite police warnings of zero tolerance for public consumption, they expect these shelves to be cleared out of one in the year. they say that this is their busiest day of the year. this is
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>>mark: zazzle bay to breakers from 80 am-10:00 a.m. on sunday morning. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>mark: police in richmond are stepping up patrols after gain related shootings. there is concerned about retaliation. a man was shot five times while sitting in his car. >>darya: police have released photos of three bed involved in two separate streams abate corroborees in san francisco that have happened over the past couple weeks.
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there is another series of bank robberies were police of looking for a black man in his forties less robbed several downtown banks.
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ahoy >>mark: faithfully will begin trading earlier this morning.
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hah that path to pendant haunting warehouse and how
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one more member of the opening bell on wall street being opened remotely in menlo park at the facebook headquarters. mark zuckerburg becomes an instant millionaire. he is only selling 30 million of its shares today. he will still control 32 percent of the shares in the company. he started the company eight years ago and his college dorm room. it is now worth over 100 billion.
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>>darya: the third begins iq in u.s. history of the theory is in a heady. that is crazy. >> it is incredible how many is to millionaires were created. facebook trading will begin in that hour and a half, it a.m. our time. they will become the largest company of the nasdaq exchange.
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>>will: a lot of people are not just liking facebook, they're loving facebook. this is a hot spot. you get the feel of a super bowl party. the parking lot is full of cars. you have the party atmosphere that people expect from facebook. we spoke with one analyst who says all of the speculation that this is a trend of coming and going, he says facebook looks like it will be around for a long time. >> i have heard the argument before on whether or not facebook would be taken over by the next best thing.
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ever the same speculation around google. the social game is over, facebook has close area the reality is, a $16 billion infusion will change their here >>will: he will continue to run the company started eight years ago, he still holds a majority of the shares. by the end of the day facebook will be richer than target, starbucks, disney it even amazon. bluebills will happen over the weeks in years to come.
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women prepare this hard sell
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video landis slain today at at&t park. here is a look at the mt. tam camera. off we are looking business more with less conditions. this afternoon will be warm inland. >>erica: we are enjoying a friday light for the roadways. at the approach to the bay bridge, there are no backups. the east a freeways are still moving pretty well. no problems in the south bay. a pretty smooth ride coming out of marin county. >> in berkeley a fatal crash around 1:00 a.m.. this is all that is left of the cadillac. here it was traveling of
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>>james: at the start of the bay to breakers, it will be called by drive here in the house as a move towards a hayes st. hill, 57-62 degree temperature. >>darya: we will remind you when our special show is. here is the beauty. if you want to go to the race, you have to get up early in the lineup for, you can just roll out of bed at an ad and watch the whole
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thing for the comfort of your bedroom. bay to breakers is on at 8:00 a.m. with a special highlight show at 7:00 p.m. sunday night. >>mark: in a rare sight this week, you can catch a glimpse of a cellar clubs on sunday. it starts at 560 the big it will last for over an hour as the bill passes between the sun and the earth. the cubs will block about 94 percent of the sun's light. the sun will be blocked out, but not totally. there will be a ring of fire in the sky, you do have to protect your eyes get regular sunglasses are not enough.
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>>darya: the dow is not doing anything as trading day has begun. the nasdaq is trading as well. facebook will not start trading until after 8:00 a.m.. we'll be right back.
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>>mark: modest gains of the dow jones at 12,004 and 50. it's editor in chief of market watches to an nfl. everyone is talking and waiting on the debut of facebook ipo. >>mark: when facebook does open, with facebook being the largest stock of the nasdaq, will that move the nasdaq this morning?
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>> it could cover a little bit. to be honest, i would be surprised if we see that type of job.
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>>darya: later today we but at this the story of robert gibbs, a man of with the livermore, he is a morbidly obese. he pleaded on the internet, online for help. he said he wanted to be able to see is these and nephews grow up. to their kron4 we will see if he got that help. >> if something dramatic does not happen to change the course of events in your life, >> if i did i get some type of help it achieve what i am doing right now, i will die within the next year. >>darya: make sure these two
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into dr. phil today right here on kron4. >>mark: look for today to be touch warmer than yesterday. there is still a sea breeze blowing in. we will talk about the afternoon highs in a minute. livermore is in the upper 40's.
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hough and >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we do have clouds and a little bit of of of the mt. tam cam. it is good to be a great weekend for bay to breakers. half [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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