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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 18, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> here is look at the metals that will be mailed out early sunday morning.
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>>brian: more sunshine and the fog beginning to clear away at the start of the race. partly-mostly sunny skies with readings into the mid '50s and then, by the finish line along the ocean, mostly sunny conditions with a few patches of clouds and at temperatures approaching six degrees. for the rest of the bay area this weekend, it really looks nice. >>pam: coming out will be in sitting down with a granddaughter of the first bay to breakers winner.
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>> facebook hits the market. >> our mission is not to the public company, is to make the world more open in connected. users, from door and social media giant. kron4 is breaking down the most traded ipo ever. soft call if the damage is a
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weird, but it looks like facebook neil the rise.
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what will be interesting is what will happen next week. >>pam: team coverage continues with dan kerman. he has been talking to analysts about the reason for the fees the disappointing opening. >> it was a done in terms of the-people were expecting to come from it. >> facebook cilia to pop was due in part to the market's uncertainty about economic problems in europe. next week may not be much different. >> facebook had the misfortune to launch a pretty tough time the markets. call david kelly for marketwatch says what stands out for him is how quickly facebook shares fell after the open. >> of $42 from $41, $39, $30 and then they came back a little bit.
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the underwriters of the stock set a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a new
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professors wrote in opinion piece in the new york daily news today, he says of the murder charge should be dropped. prosecutor in the case of a deliberately withholding evidence that supported george zimmerman claims. the jury in the john edwards case began deliberating today. before they left, they made some requests. they wanted to look at a list of trial exhibits into they wanted office supplies. edwards is accused of scheming to use money from wealthy donors to try to hide his toward a masters. the young george a woman who
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is fighting a flesh eating bacteria has learned that she will lose her hands in her remaining ft. the 24 year-old grad student, according to her father, she responded today by mouthing the words lead to do this. he wrote about the conversation in an update on her facebook page saying he is amazed at his daughter's courage in this british spirit. she was injured in is a plane accident. arizona had hoped the weekend would bring better news in the fight against a huge wildfire, but it is warm into windy. this fire is still not even close to being contained. it has no room to 16 square miles. the fire crews are also the scene of all wild fire in northern colorado which has burned 12 square miles. it has also forced evacuations. off >> it has turned out to be beautiful day in the bay area. here is a live look at ocean beach. we have a lot of sunshine in
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the blue skies. temperatures of ocean beach are in the low 60s. tenders 15 mi. per hour winds. temperatures around the bay area are much warmer than yesterday. clear conditions but not windy like we had last night. hawker for tomorrow, mainly
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clear skies. the overnight and into the early morning from a little bit of fog develops up the coast in a few patches into the day as a volunteer if afternoon highs for tomorrow, in the '70s for san jose. look for 77, 74 for mountain view. the warmest place is here are in the east bay inland locations.
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cloth of kwon allele of from
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v were and what to >>pam: , the price of oil is growing and prices are down to $93 a barrel. gasoline prices are slowly creeping up again in california just a week ahead of the memorial day weekend. in the san francisco, the average price for a gallon of regular is $4.42. if a in oakland is one penny less.
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if >>pam: a big area school district in dealing with a number of the norovirus. a look at the problem and how it is affecting the students. amy will direct in the east
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bay and what investigators thing led to the crash that killed a woman into her young child and boyfriend. the people in south america with this extraordinary scene in the sky. course
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>>pam: at 5:30 p.m., an outbreak of the norovirus is playing dozens of students of the peninsula. nearly half of this to the population at one pacifica's all have affected. students at a nearby school are now showing similar symptoms. reggie kumar explains what the campuses are doing to stop the virus from spreading. >>reggie: here at ocean shore elementary school, the school's staff spent several hours cleaning playground equipment. they also wiped out all the classrooms with antibacterial wipes to prevent the spread of the norovirus. the principal says on friday only 20 kids stayed home from school because of the elvis.
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four were sent home with like symptoms. the principal told me, those numbers are much better compared to last two weeks to what was the third-half of her students were out sick. even the principles daughter any have the virus. >> ortega elementary had more than two dozen kids with flu like symptoms. it is not known yet if the kids at this camp is also have the norovirus.
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>>pam: a woman died in a car accident that happened early this morning. a man and child in the car was still the hospital in serious injuries. calls to the accident happened just after 1:00 a.m.. first of the roundabout is supposed to slow traffic and has caused a number of accidents. instead of the, this man was arrested after he allegedly fled from police ever caused a fatal crash. it all happened yesterday morning with the chp told the driver over near 33rd street. they say he stepped off the it hit four parked cars that killed a man the of the
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injured another bystander. allegedly continued on the for hitting a moving car. that collision caused his vehicle to burst into flames. fish >>pam: of the california school bus driver who became a hero back in the 1970's has died. frank edward rate was 91 years old. his family said that he died from complications of cirrhosis of the liver. he was the man who helped 26
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students escape from a daring kidnapping attempt. was a private acts of the heart of california. >>pam: in 1976 he was driving his bus with students on board after a summer school session with three kidnappers stopped him. he and the children are taken to a moving van in buried in the quarry. the kidnappers cleared ask for $5 billion order of the but before they meet their demands, he of the children managed to dig their way out in and get help.
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>>catherine: here is the facebook stock. member after all of the low
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block italy finished 235 above its initial public offering price of $30. >>catherine: this is a pet supply company raised more than $80 million in their opening. nine months later they were flat broke in and out of business. fast for a decade, a new round of ipos is a new round
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of disappointments. for example, pandora went public, shares started at $10 in rose to $26. then, investors tuned out. now, they are below where they started. ising the games is at its lowest price ever. >> investors
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>>pam: checking friday traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, look at the back up. the only lanes moving freely are the fastrak lanes in the middle period and a lot of people are trying to get on to the bay bridge headed west build. in san francisco, the james lick at the top of your screen is the be headed towards the lower deck of the bridge into not moving at all. the bottom of the screen comes out of 101 toward the peninsula. >> a gorgeous evening at the beach.
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you can have a picnic today next to the surf. i will give you more on the weather when we come back. it' [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> as they crossed the british lion cub to help the trapeze. >> she was just a teenager by her grandfather passed away. he was the first wonder of the bay to breakers race and she remembers that talking about the race. >> but he would tell me the a la brother what fun it was to run it how ratifying it was it how much he enjoyed it. he would bring out his pictures he had a show as his pictures. he would always say, but to get what you want, you have to work hard and trade did you will be reported. that is what he always taught us. >> of the weather for bay to breakers is looking good. in a little bit of fog said the board but it should clear out pretty quickly. here we are, but not too far from the fiercely.
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ocean beach, it is a beautiful sight. it's a big waves. the sea breeze is already cooling things down to the upper 50s. for this weekend we will see patchy fog tomorrow morning it should clearly pretty quickly. sunshine for the late boarding it afternoon. for sunday in little the fog of the morbid, otherwise of those "lin-sanity" and warm temperatures. warmer spots of the mid-80s.
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temperatures of the morning for saturday started in the upper 40's in low 50s. mid-60's in san francisco. mid-upper seventies for the debate valleys. here's a look at the 7 day around the bay. said it looks pretty good. sutter with warm temperatures. mild through much of this coming week.
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>>pam: a private company is set to launch a rocket load up with supplies for the international space station. it is the brainchild of new- line a musket could take over the space shuttle's role in future space exploration. >> the bishop is unprecedented. from betty in the space business is hold your breath it cross your figures are. after both of the lasik commercial companies spacecraft is attempting to make history. there is both excitement in of high anxiety. >> we have done everything we could think of to assure the success of this mission. despite that significant risk. >> it is a risk is because only a handful of cases have never done this before.
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>> it has been a very difficult technology to develop. we need to prove that we have the data correctly. there is quite literally a lot riding of this. third
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>> this is the first company ready to try taking over where nasa left off. last year, but he showed off a strike of the spacecraft that successfully orbited the earth. a precursor to the upcoming mission. he is the billionaire co- founder of the paypal. he has dilutions when it comes to rocket science. >> i always thought it was going to be hard, but it had a big part of that. >>pam: the rocket is expected to blast off at cape canaveral baba then
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all this electric its
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elastomer unit if it lacked the other developed 57 percent of americans had unused vacation time at the end of 2011. the average was about 11 days still left of the table. that is nearly 70 percent of time allotted. night percent of workers surveyed said they were too afraid to take off due to the unstable job market. unlike most countries the u.s. does not require paid vacation. in france it raised the minimum is to the five days. in germany and japan it is 20 days minimum.
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this could soon will deliver them wish kelly or so sari
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on and on a
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>>pam: of face but have to the market but analysts say it did not live up to hide. the ripple effects it could have on the stock market as a whole. the man accused of running down the bicyclist in the taking of is now behind bars. how police say they tracked down. >> white powder, a threatening note here that the bomb squad's springs into action, the frightening moments in one busy south bay neighborhood. a family's dog shot in and killed by police loaded officer entered their yard id what they say they want from the department. >>pam: facebook is officially a public company. mark zuckerburg rang the opening bell from the facebook headquarters. you can see the number of people there. it was seen around the world.
6:00 pm
this was the most anticipated initial public offering in a long time if it does appear that it did not live up to the height. we have team coverage tonight of facebook. >>gabe: shares got up to $45 a share above would but then settled to close at $38.23. italy gained 235 of the first day of trading. facebook did break the record today for the most shares traded on the stock's opening day. for orders 60 million shares traded. in the first 30 minutes a load of 82 million shares were traded. facebook rates rose $16 billion which gave the company overall market value of one of the $4 billion. overall, it was a sizzle.
6:01 pm
a lot of people thought that the stock with close higher. >> we had concerns about the business model. global economic worries and david's enthusiasm. >>pam: analysts are weighing in on the reasons for the lackluster showing. dead curve is here to highlight some of those reasons. >> the public would certainly expecting much more of a pop. facebook closed just about where it opened. part of the problem was facebook at the distortion of logic with the markets
6:02 pm
would drop mostly over concerns tied to the european debt problem. there's also concern that facebook receives over valued. unlike other ipos, but there were a lot of shares available allowing regular investors to get it into bite. that is another reason the stock did not pop because most people who wanted to get a couple could get it. >> facebook is have become the they got their buddied investors that their buddies. it is a great american success story. the fifth largest ipo a global history. do not get to excited, the market's a walk to their own to. the markets are very ugly right now. going forward, i think that facebook will have the same struggle in issues that but the recent attack ipos have had. they're going to be rocked by the markets. there will have a lot of hot summer.
6:03 pm
babel what market watchers says listed out to him was how quickly the stock shares fell if and how the underwriters had to jump it and start buying stocks. that's about what does this process lead for the facebook feature or is it just like any other company? babbitt will depend on governments serious across lendl barely knew the dog was shot and killed by police as they want is t
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and an emblem from the grill. garage, we noticed that the sale of emblem in the panel was missing. also on the car there was
6:06 pm
extensive front in the damage to the head, the front row and the windshield. >>pam: following the discovery of the vehicle, smith was arrested and charged with felony hit and run in the other man of letters. dozens of businesses were evacuated in the willow glen neighborhood early on friday. the bomb squad was to plead after a note of the front door of a bailout warned of a bomb inside. there was a suspicious white powdery and containers of liquid left near the front it rear entrances of the salon. everyone was kept away from steve as a remote-controlled robot was said in to gather samples it search for explosives. >> want the bomb squad determined that they were not explosive materials, the hazmat teams went in here that tested the materials. they determined that there were nontoxic. >>pam: police did not reveal a thing about the note only
6:07 pm
that it contains various threats. salade employees did not covet it to the all clear was given just before 2:00. returning to the friday weather, a beautiful start to the weekend. there is a live picture next to me. look at that live picture of the san francisco skyline. brian van aken is here it has the details on what to expect for the weekend. >>brian: lee have a nice weekend coming up. a lot of sunshine on the way and warm temperatures, a lot like what we have today. low-mid '80s are the warmest spots inland. 70's by the bay for oakland in the cemetery with a high of 71. " sunday looks good for bay to breakers. cut low 60s for oakland and hayward. for the and all their wealth look for patchy fog.
6:08 pm
this sunshine today in breezing wins for the afternoon. 20-30 mi. an hour. as a going to sunday, mostly sunny conditions, warmer temperatures inland >>pam: tonight, the caldera is on until this year's data breakers race. last year's race was the fourth largest in the country. set up for the al has under way this evening. there are still is live and to hell with the latest details. >>j.r.: beautiful weather, the stick this is whipping around. it is less than 48 hours for the bay to breakers race. this is where the finish line will be. i do want to show you some of the video. i the video is the best part of the bay to breakers race. there are prizes for best overall cost of, the most
6:09 pm
creative individual costume it finally the most creative group costume. whether the costumes, sometimes you get a little of the craziness. this video, you can see some people drink a bit too much in previous years. police are reminding people that there are an open -- open alcohol beverages or floats. last, 25 arrests were made during the race. >> the biggest problem comes from people who overindulge or cub thinking we can drink during the race. >> there are a number of road closures. if you are coming to san francisco plan accordingly.
6:10 pm
it is going to be a very busy weekend here at ocean beach. you can still do late registration tonight or tomorrow at the civic center. >>catherine: police in california say they're dealing with the weird and mean spirited case, someone planted a child tombstone in the front yard of a blind man and that means response. >>pam: also ahead, a health benefit, what you may want to become a coffee drinker. when our live tonight as the oakland a's into the giants get underway in less than an hour. we'll have a live report from at&t part straight ahead.
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predicted it. their it load it. >> she picked it up years ago. she loves the game so much. how hot it is an awesome thing to have a daughter of that love the baseball. moves
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>>pam: and you may was to go ahead and toward the cup of coffee. you may live longer. a new study finds that those who indulge in a cup of java outlived those who did not. researchers say the study does not prove that coffee makes people live lager, only that there is a correlation between the two. the greatest risk to your toddler could be drumming. other than birth defects of the cdc says drowning kills more american children between the ages of one in four that any other cause. boys become victims four times as often as girls.
6:16 pm
it is recommended that parents stay vigilant and to get swimming lessons for their children. they said block access to swimming pools. the report says that half of the children die in swimming pools in and parents are many times of aware that their children have snuck out of the house. damocles' in this era have a very the yahoo her hands. health ashore a death threat of a baby's tombstone. investigators are asking, who would turn a blind man in the first place. >> just because you lose your side does not mean you cannot do what you want. >>catherine: it seems someone wants his life to it. >> i never had anything like this occur before.
6:17 pm
>> at actual rates of with his entire name. >> someone is pretty screwed up to think that this is a joke. >> he says he has no clue who would want to said sets a chilling threat. >> i have no enemies that i am aware of but apparently someone really does look like me. the tombstone belongs to a baby to die the day was born. >> i hope they find the individual who had the audacity to desecrate a child's grave. gabonese says the deficit will not stop him from living his life.
6:18 pm
>> in addition to the incident police say that to cemeteries nearby were recently vandalized. in arizona, warm and windy weather causing huge problems for crews battling large fires. an evacuation order is still in effect. what started as a house fire on sunday has so far burned more than 5,000 a.. >> a beautiful day around the bay area on this friday. we give is shaping up to be very guys as well. for tonight, clear skies. we will have a little bit of fog develops into tomorrow morning. how she can somehow
6:19 pm
temperatures in the '70s by the bay in the '80s inland. it looks good for bay to breakers was minimal fog early on, right at the start line. temperatures will be in the upper 40's it low 50s. the clouded this should clear we could quickly. five the time the clock roles a row, look for sunshine mixed in with a few clouds and to buttress slowly climbing into the mid-50s. by 11:00, mostly sunny. as we go into tomorrow morning, the fog is minimal. tomorrow morning we will see
6:20 pm
the sunshine pretty quickly. temperatures will be warming up as the son continues to shine into the afternoon. you by 5:00 p.m., clear skies. mid-upper 70's of a the 77 for don't have to oppose it. milton b. at 74, the same for fremont. low 80s it led with 80 up a warm spot at 83. what it concord. 66 then said francisco here is a look at a course taught at the bay.
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>>stanley: if you have never visit mount diablo state park, you're missing some fantastic views. they also have these wonderful rock formations and known as cents terms which were formed some 50 million years ago. to locate this instance, just ahead to an area of the park called rock city. i'm not here for the views or the wildlife. i'm here for something to leave the room. >> they come here is the natural formations, but human creations. >>stanley:aving badly.
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6:27 pm
>>pam: a check on the friday evening commute into the bay bridge toll plaza. he can see the back up, all of the lanes are backed of except for the fastrak people in the middle, they are zooming through westbound. the james lick in san
6:28 pm
francisco, the bottom of the screen, traffic is moving slowly. the top of the screen, that is traffic of 80. it is barely moving in headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. we are back with more news to come.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> in san francisco, less than 48 hours from the bay to breakers race the will be able to watch on kron4. in the distance he concede the tents that have been set up on ocean beach. this is where the finish line will be. keep in mind, no open alcoholic beverages in that no floats. last year, 25 arrests were made. >> the day finally arrives, facebook went public this morning. it opened at $38 a share but
6:31 pm
said it settled to close at $38.23. the only game 235 on the first year of trading. facebook did break a record for the most sox -- stocks of an opening day. in the first 32 minutes 82 million shares were traded. facebook raised >> analysts say it facebook had the misfortune of lunging with investors were not in the buying mood. that has been going of for several weeks due to concerns over the european debt problems. they say it is likely not to get much better next week. in addition, there are still concerns that facebook is overvalued. despite the lackluster ipo, analysts say what counts is face books performance going forward and that means they need to grow not just in
6:32 pm
terms of advertisers, but also in terms of users. >> investigators say evidence left at the seat of a recent fatal head of red accident led to the rest of the primary suspect in the case. >> his name is spencer, a free business. eventually after serving the search warrant, looking at the car in collecting evidence, we did arrest the subjects and to book him into santa rita jail. >> in san jose, much of downtown was shut down for several hours as the bomb squad moved in to investigate a suspicious package. a billboard of a bomb inside. a remote-controlled robots showed liquid turned out to be harmless. the all clear was given just before 2:00 p.m..
6:33 pm
>> in pacific at ocean shore elementary, half of the city population was assisted by the norovirus. tonight at 8:00 p.m. we will hear from the superintendent about how long sick kids should stay home. >> it richmond, work crews are busy gutting the final touches of the uss iowa. the battleship has been here under restoration since october. bishop was built during the early part of world war two era saw action during that war, the korean war in the cold war era.
6:34 pm
>> if any alert solar eclipse of the sunday. it will bed or read the 7:40 p.m.. if the skies are clear, but we should be able to get a pretty spectacular view. officials are warning people not to look directly at the side with your naked eye. it could still bring -- because of their division. that the first game of the series the game is sold out with about 41,000 fans at 880 park tonight. games 2 in three are pretty close to being sold out as well.
6:35 pm
member a lot of said to the era of the bay area. that will be the case for the entire weekend. here is a live in view of said francisco. we will see that for tomorrow as well as the date. a little bit of patchy fog to deal with in the morning and it girl ended sunday. here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. the week it looks nice, warm temperatures, the bid were first a bit. it gets a little cooler on monday and tuesday. temperatures will drop its state of the mild side
6:36 pm
through the week. pretty gusty winds causally of saturn -- of woods it.
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>>pam: zazzle bay to breakers is this sunday. kron4 will be bringing new a special look at the race. this year marks the 101st of anniversary of the event in and it is one and one couple celebrates their wedding anniversary. jeff pierce talks with the couple will be national headlines when they exchanged wedding vows of more than 30 years ago. who >> the national examiner had us in there with elvis presley. >> news of this couple's marriage made news far beyond the social pages when they spoke their ballots at the bay to breakers on may
6:40 pm
17, 1981. >> and b the wall street journal. and a t-shirt that resembled a tuxedo jacket picket the wedding party war. >> they spent weeks training but it was a spontaneous decision to have a ceremony performed on the reviewing stand. >> they got excited about us having the wedding instead, we would like to have the wedding of the stick. >> it may for a pasted set
6:41 pm
of values. >> the couple in and members of the wedding party have repeated every year in celebration of a marriage that began in the streets of san francisco. >> we do not celebrate of a 17. we celebrate on the day of bay to breakers. join me in wishing them a happy anniversary this sunday. is the miami heat imploding? today the team cancels practice. gary is next with that and
6:42 pm
his wife, they open up the mail bag. cochran and
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>darya: in detroit that it is a base hit with what belt big doings tonight in san francisco, the bay bridge series. gary's ego and the giants against the oakland a's. in the oakland a's have a better record than the giants. >> it is definitely about 04 record.
6:46 pm
>> carey would announce his retirement. there is a sign reading him. a month of the timing was good to be the next roger clemens. it did not quite turn out that way. the miami canceled their media accessibility today. when one of your stars was
6:47 pm
yelling at the head coach like he did, to sit there and have somewhat streaming it you is pretty tough, that the great odin came out of ohio state a few years ago. he had nothing but injuries. jim harbaugh is helping people out in the community today. he was near a city hall and holding a big bag in the big check from the salvation army.
6:48 pm
$10,000, partnering with facts. of >> it is a pleasure in a privileged to be part of this. two great teams. salvation army effects. this mobile canteen will feed hundreds of people a day. >>gary: the tour of
6:49 pm
california, stage six. it said over five hours. but four of california continues tomorrow. when we return it is the build time. a lot to get sued.
6:50 pm
>>gary: when we come back we will have more sports and alicea with dr. summers.
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>> ron wants to know, how can you say you are not happy that maquette is injured? we hate the dodgers. >>gary: all i said was it is too bad he is hurt because he is off to such a great start. he is having in mvp year. the giants' offense started saying i was a traitor into this and that.
6:54 pm
any athlete, with a rather the opposing team at their best? i think more times than not, they would. to wish someone injury, i just did not get it. elise the >> do you honestly think the league in the nba is really rooting for the lakers can't play having to win? >> they are sitting there perspiring. here is a lie. i do not think it is an exaggeration, if you had miami vs. the lakers in the final, he would have a double the audience.
6:55 pm
without lebron many people would drop off. they are rooting for the lakers in the heat. >>louisa: i was a big dog december fan. i do with the story told about all this summer's in your life. >>gary: people do not appreciate how good she was. she and barbara streisand did a duet together that was great.
6:56 pm
>> i was pregnant with our first child. >>gary: this is at caesars tahoe in vegas. elise the >> please explain why he did what we all the sports media does. >>gary: i work all day, i have more on my mind, i have three children. i am on the radio. i do not just sit there and tweet.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the kennedy suicide. what led bobby junior's wife to hang herself. and has a family feud now erupted over the burial. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. and now to kennedy family drama. >> both sides are now embroiled in a feud. >> why the kennedys could be fighting hours before mary's funeral. >> the headlines claiming that she died "broke, lonely and afraid." >> people who know her said that she struggled with drugs and alcohol. >> bobby junior at the scene of her suicide. >> what he is saying about his estranged wife's agony. >> she was fighting a battle with depression for much of her life. it's a big day at facebook. >> shares will be sold to the public. >> ringing the bell toda


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