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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 18, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: it is the one weekend of the year when everyone thoughts turn to 55th fan >> fun, but not too much fun. whether you're planning to dress up or let it all hang al, kron4 fans all you need to know about the bay to breakers race fifth >>pam: we are less than 36 hours away from the 100th
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birthday to breakers beginning at 8:00 a.m. on sunday, if we will bring you complete coverage with reporters at the start line in the finish line. we will force show you the wacky costumes. if tonight, j.r stone is already at the finish line where things are coming together. he joins us live with more on what you need to know to be prepared for sunday. >>j.r.: and this is where i will be on sunday morning. when you look into the distance, much work being handled >>
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>> the race day starts at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. late registration is open until saturday night. most people i spoke with already have the numbers. some have interesting ideas on what it will do with a number. >> out your live on ocean beach, you can see some of the banners, kron4 and the workers.
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again, the same rules apply this year as last year. no alcohol or floats. 360 officers and the morning to make sure the rules are enforced. >> the seven and half mile race starts over here near the bay and it is near the ocean breakers. and figure is a look at the route of will or. he behaves will climb is by far the toughest part of the course. at mile for your entry into golden gate park.
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>>pam: you can watch the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday right here kron4. sunday night, we will bring all of the highlights. let's check on the weather for some they. >>brian: we will start with bob and of the sunshine will increase.
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as we approach 9:00 a.m., more sunshine in was cloudiness. mostly sunny skies with a few patches of bob. >>pam: with that, facebook officially becomes a public company. >> face fog settled to close italy gained 235 on the first day of trading.
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they broke a record for the most shares traded on opening day. 82 million shares traded in the first two minutes alone. the company not of an overall market value of 104 billion. the nasdaq had technical problems that through everything off. a lot of people thought the stock closed higher. >> there were concerns about the business model. he had a really tough market for the entire week.
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there was a combination of factors along with the lack of enthusiasm. >> it was a dead because of all the hype. >> analysts say facebook to figure to pop was due in part to the market's uncertainty about economic problems. ha lin is nothing in a car
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>> bid but has a difficult stretch.
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some >> facebook remains a great success story. >>pam: of an outbreak of the norovirus of the school of its of about with dozens of children falling hill hearing quickly tonight, reggie kumar has more on the outbreak and what school officials are doing. >> throw went down from school staff, from top to bottom, inside each classroom as well as the outside playground equipment to prevent the norovirus from spreading even more. it has already taken a toll on the entire campus. up to half of the entire population had to miss several days of school.
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>> we're asking students to stay home symptom free, we want to make sure that families understand and know what is happening so that they can be preventative. >> as a precautionary measure, but ortega school was wiped down on monday. >> this three-year-old just got back from her make a wish trip to disney world except there was one big problem. the camera with oliver pictures on it was stolen
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off of the airplane is what the family wants to do to get the camera back. >> in this case he made five steps into my yard before pulling out his revolver. >> the family dog was shot and killed by officers and how they say could of been avoided. >> stated, in last four of this iconic it historic warships. >> it is a meal college kids and people of the budget know well. now, the first experiment showing what happens to the chemically preserved food inside the human stomach. >> on sunday there will be the regular solar eclipses visible in the bay area. details coming up. across
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>>pam: a san jose family is making a desperate plea.
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there camera was still an of an airplane. the family is coming back from a will make a wish trip to disney world with their three year-old daughter who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. the family is offering a $1,000 reward is the memory card is returned. >> it was the trip of a lifetime for this family. congress has about 5% of the brain tumor still inside of her head and has to go for an mri every few months. she is fed through a feeding tube. the family said they had a wonderful time on the trip but now, the camera is gone. they left the camera on the airplane. they virgin america flight tuesday night flying in testify.
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20 minutes after exiting the plane the realize the camel's gone, the family believes some of the plane to the camera to the families as all the luck is the memory card for fun to their asking if anyone finds the memory card cover to return to the seventh is to make a wish for a nation. >> a beautiful site promote him. this is a live view from the setting sun. it is a beautiful day around the bay area with them temperatures making it into the '80s this afternoon. it looks like we're on the beginning, mostly clear skies. for tomorrow morning, mostly
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sunny with low clouds clearing away pretty quickly. the winds will pick up a little bit, but not as bad as we have seen. 20-30 mi. per hour. high temperatures for tomorrow will be warm once again, especially in the east bay valleys. '60s, '70s in the '80s. sunday, bay to breakers, mostly steady with warm temperatures.
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>> more than 41,000 fans are enjoying the game and at&t park. i spoke with families in fans who traveled from pretty far away to watch the game. one fan cable boy from oregon. one thing they said was that baseball was passed on to them from their parents. >> my daughter loves the game. >> law is your favorite player? >> of boston posted. >> my father took me to my first game in april of 1968. >> this is me in 1960.
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fan >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, it is friday night. it is the real time.
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>>pam: a new video has come viral on the web selling video >> if you are inside the belly, as someone who just a renewals. they are chemically preserve for a long shelf life. what happened to the noodles inside the stomach? >> people have a common interest in terms of what is going on inside the body. >> 32 hours of video thanks to this, a smart fellow, the camera the size of a multivitamin. >> the estimate is contracting back in fourth as it is trying to grind the
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rim and noodles. >> in comparison they made fresh green noodles of a different date. here's a look at both. a striking difference! >> when you look at the time intervals, let hour or two hours, the process driven noodles were less broken down. conclude that processed foods are harmful. the study is too small to be conclusive about anything, but millions are drawing their own conclusions. >> the video is is out there in provocative. >> it is not clear the impact that it has. check think processed foods still need to be investigated further. >>brian: that will let you
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know what is going to be like for this weekend coming up.
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ah >>pam: a livermore man away more than seven of the house received national attention after you to video he posted pleaded for help with the bible. more than two months later he has received help it is making a big debut on the shelf. >> if something dramatic
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does not happen, what do you think is going to happen? >> to see the rest of the episode in to find out how he plans to help, to bid at 10:00 a.m. on kron4. fan [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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>>pam: this is a photograph of spencer smith. he struck and killed a bicyclist while traveling earlier this week. >> parts of a black mercedes were found at the seat of a fatal hit-and-run in dublin. lt. say that is led investigators to the primary suspect.
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>> our detectives did follow up on a vehicle parts. >> investigators say it was right about here with a fatal hit-and-run occurred. >> we noticed that is tabled in panel was missing. >> before making the connection, dublin police released this a photo of the type of car involved in a fatal hit-and-run. this is the fog of that appeared after falling the gps to his said remote address. notice the similarities between the two vehicles.
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>>pam: a $5,000 reward is being offered to help catch a beard who assaulted a woman did a corps of the idea that it is policy. she managed to fight off the attackers. african-american male in his thirties. phi pham denied it is talk it away in one of the 60 pence. anyone with information is urged to call oakland police. in berkeley a female passenger in the car was killed when the vehicle crashed into a tree at 1:00 a.m.. the man who was driving as well as a child were both injured. both of them are still of the hospital with serious injuries. police are investigating to find out if the driver was of the influence. in san jose, but this man was arrested after he allegedly fled from police said the cause a fatal
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crash. it happened yesterday morning with the seat people the driver opened -- pulled the driver over. he sped off and hit four parked cars killing 1 million a drug and other and then allegedly continued on hitting a moving car. >> the little family whose dog was shot and killed by a police officer was some changes. >> our family has been through a nightmare this week.
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>> is given the fact that some of the people around the country have dogs, it should be imperatives that of the treaty include course in how to understand the behavior and recognize vicious dogs as opposed to dogs protecting their property.
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>>pam: the vallejo police department has said it is still investigating the case. plaster it all with the was a similar incident involving an officer is in that case, the east bay spca stepped in to help train officers in dealing with dogs. the spca says similar training videos are available all police departments. >> we have an outstanding we get all the way. fifties and forties to start things out. as we go to the day, the temperatures will warm into the '70s. a beautiful beach weather with moseley saudi skies expected for tomorrow. the same is true for sunday. closely study with even warmer temperatures.
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>>pam: of mother nature is said to put on a show this weekend. sunday afternoon, a rare solar eclipse visible in the bay area. charles crawford has details. >> sunday's the clubs will be what is called and in dealer a clouds. >> we will see what is more like a crescent sun. weather permitting, it should still be protected.
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>> because actions speak louder than words, he did not need to brag. this is a photo of him running in and winning the following year. >> this is actually his second trophy. it is bigger did his first trophy. it says the first prize in the second annual across the city raised. on the back, it has his name. i think it is a beautiful home and tell.
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>> he would tell my brother how fun it was to read and how much he enjoyed it. >>pam: coming up in sports, the nba playoffs get even more interesting.
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>>stanley: if you see these drawings of the inside of the cave at milled nablus their part, your first thoughts are they are from cavemen. in the very same cave, warning signs. these people are defacing the rock formations that are older than the human race. >> people have been destroying the rocks from as far back as 1971. the vandalism cannot be
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fixed. it will take another 50 million years for the ratings to be removed naturally. this one reads, i love my family. >> this destruction nature is uncalled for. part of the problem is budget cuts that make it hard for readers to get everywhere. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for staley, e- mail us.
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>> some beautiful shots coming from mt. tam this evening. here is the sunset. a beautiful day today and will have a couple horney's days for tomorrow ended sunday as well. temperatures are in the '60s. for tomorrow morning readings around sunset.
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>>gary: to two outs away, a no-hitter the tigers win 6- 0.
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the giants are handling the a's six-one. boston assumes control in this series. faugh 92-83, the series is now even.
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>>gary: bay to breakers will be on sunday. spheres >>pam: you should be. join us for bay to breakers. be here is 6:30 a.m.. >>gary: when he leaves to my, that is the last a will see it as we get. >>gary: and jim harbaugh was out helping the seller -- helping the salvation army. there he is holding a check
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for $10,000 car during with fedex the salvation army bell one of 18 new food trucks defeated the periods are bought jim kids. kraft chorus for
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unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>louisa: your credibility shrink's every time you defend lebron james. >> he has not been the greatest of finishing games.
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>>gary: if i am unhappy with someone, i turn the channel as opposed to say the hopi fails. that is just made. i defend lebron james because he is 27 years old. let my credibility go. elise >> baby the blowers of the giants. >>gary: they're having more dynamic pricing a dollar ticket giveaways. people are human. by that i need everyone loves to back a winner it 2010, the world series fury across the only way to get sports fans back is to keep
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winning. >> you do not want to applaud as of the drive to have injured players? this is why real fed to do not like you. >>gary: they do not like me why? >> because you what the other team to have healthy people. >>gary: i just cannot say i hope he is hurt. >> i would to stick by you of that. >> of
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>> what is the difference between radio said voters should? >>gary: lack of real people listen to what you say, and intelligent people look at you ended up liking. we will see you later.
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