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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining us on the kron4 news. the top stories and are following, after a lackluster opening, how will taste of shares fair today? if they are down big in overnight trading if if we will have more on the nasdaq apologizing for a rough debut. one of the most anticipated ipos. >>darya: could the warriors could be one step closer to moving across the bay? >>mark: the cleanup is under way following the 101st bay to breakers, which are live this morning to show you the mess that was left behind.
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>>james: whether it's a they will look like this, foggy to start. a lot of cameras are around san francisco and along the coast chilly pretty dense fog. mostly sunny and cooler this afternoon. we expect our eyes to be in the upper seventies, maybe 80 degrees. this evening, cloudy as we head into the overnight hours. fifth this is fun for kron4
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>>da: >>mark: let's talk about wall street. we're watching shares of facebook. in overnight trading company
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started at $38 a share ended down $1.32 at $36.81. we'll see what happens when the market opens. stocks closed out after one of the worst weeks of the year. investors are hoping european leaders will be able to manage the debt crisis overseas. europe is still dominating trading with concerns that would have been in greece. dow futures are up 62 lives right now in overnight trading. we will see what happens with dow futures when the markets opened. a positive job in early trading. the dow has lost nine and 61 quit so far this month. yahoo has agreed to sell half of their stake in they all involve a company for 7.1 billion. most of the cash will go back to shareholders purify fog
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>>justine: here is what is happening in the kron4 newsroom. we're learning from las angeles police that they have arrested four people for beating a man at dodger stadium. for the victim is a man in his 20s in stable condition with moderate injuries. this happened after a game in the stadium parking lot in the started with a fender bender. we're hearing double drivers got out of the car and started to argue. the victim was that knocked down. police say that three men held him down while the first attacker can tim in the head and face. there was a pregnant woman in the car with the victim as she was not hurt. this was the first attack at the stadium since the beating bryan stowe who was beaten into a coma after last year's opening game. >>darya: there are reports that the golden state warriors for are announcing a deal to move the team to differences of.
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fifth sphere half
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>>darya: a the commission about the shift could needed to love them look as early as today. jeff tufts
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>>da: it is an amazing scene. so far, they have done a great job.
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the department of public works began cleaning as soon as the last person cross over the start line. in >>da: yesterday it was in the '60s. now it is foggy and windy. >>darya: what is the weather going to be like today for your neighbor the into the rest of the week? we will help you with that
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>>darya: today is the last
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day of the nato summit. demonstrators said they wanted to let the president know that they were unhappy with decisions being made in the name of war. >> the president will be heading to joplin and free to deliver the commencement address at the high school. a high school was destroyed nearly one year ago by a powerful tornado. the job of community is still working to rebuild homes and businesses. that massive tornado killed 161 people.
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>>justine: if former directors you will find out today whether or fees are live pictures of the cases. there is a hearing the right now between the lawyers into the jet. the 20 year-old could get up to 10 years behind bars he was convicted of highs intimidation after using a web camera to secretly record his roommate kissing another man. days later that roommate killed themselves had half again come to sell-och >>mark: a ward has been is good for me and sat of assaulting one person and threatening another in an attempt to get back the money. police are searching for him right now. mark anthony miller is wanted on charges of criminal threat in sexual battery please they say the
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effect was a victim of friday, sexually battered and frantic about person in the second victim received a threatening phone calls. miller has been identified as the suspect and a warrant issued. >>darya: a five-year old boy was struck in thrilled over the weekend of around 4:00 p.m. on saturdays. he was dressed off my in minivan on jenkins way. he was taken to san paulo medical center and then airlifted to jews as hospital and oakland's. he died from his injuries. the driver of the minivan is not suspected of any wrongdoing. they believe he ran into the street. >>mark: just seconds before launching, space x aborted its historic lodge of the dragon spacecraft. this happens saturday morning at cape canaveral. the loss was the first attempt to send a private space craft to the international space station. officials say a rocket
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engine glitch is to blame. there are not calling it a complete failure. they say the next launch attempt could tomorrow or saturday. of the >>darya: d.c. of all this suddenly looked? it was a blazing ring of fire clips yesterday. people across the western u.s. watched the moon passing in front of the son and eventually the moon covered 96 percent of the 754 ring fis is not as fat fool fulfill and if the fire live off of live. half if you have pictures of the netflix we would love to see them.
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>>darya: and this was the view across parts of asia. heavy clouds in hong kong. residents of tokyo and other cities were able to do the spectacular view for about four pence. rebuffs
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>>james: it will be a sunny afternoon but often cloudy and fog. visibility is down quite a bit. sfo is reporting one hour 15 minutes of arrival delays because of low visibility. oakland and san jose are right on time. temperatures soared to date will be cooler than yesterday. as we take a look at highs this afternoon we are expecting the south bay to be right around the mid- upper 70's. all in the east bay, it will
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be warm there. downtown san francisco, 64. a lot of the north bay will be in the mid-70s.
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>>erica: no problems but is becoming from 880. of the standard tale bridge, and no problems getting there. a 14 minute drive. of the golden gate, socked in with fog. we do not have any special traffic advisories. drive with caution not only not on the deck but for a majority of the ride on 101. we're incident free in the south bay with with an easy conditions. in marin county a lot of green on the runway sensors. as we turn our attention to the peninsula, a pretty good conditions. public transit is still good to go.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues here. reed's and the c dot of
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bifurcate pat peace
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>>mark: we're keeping our eyes on wall street, waiting for the opening bell. dow futures are up. facebook is down below the initial public offering price. details coming up after the break.
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>>mark: face the shares have been death of $1.30 below the initial public offering price. we will receive the numbers as with the opening bell. a positive start to trading with dow futures of 51. >>james: widespread '50s.
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those are the numbers and we are seeing right now. a lot of cloud cover in fog. here is the level at mt. tam. sfo does have arrival delays of about one hour 16 minutes. whether wise is willing to be nice. sunshine this afternoon although a cold from will be bringing the score air. tomorrow we will continue with a cooling trend in and we do see the slightest chance of maybe sprinkel coming by the end of the week. we'll have full details and i will talk to you more about that a little bit. for >>erica: a solid backup coming from interstate 80. allow yourself extra time in use 80 as your best approach. a hint of slow traffic on 101 at the '87 it to change.
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south bay freeways are looking good. no major delays for those of you coming out of the north bay. this >>mark: facebook shares are getting hammered right now down to $49 cents. the ceo of the nasdaq said their home in paris on how they handle the facebook ipo. the trading was delayed by more than a half hour. some investors did not learn for hours with their orders
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to purchase facebook stock went through.
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>>mark: news has sparked concerns that pg&e has reached their maximum pressure, 40 per shirt surges this year in addition to the 78 last year. there have been three more since may 2nd. pg&e said by comparison, the other two major utilities had to surges in the san
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diego gas and electric had none. >>darya: the number of foreign workers sought by u.s. technology companies has tripled this year. it is still well below the pre recessions figures. u.s. companies sought more than 32,500 temporary visas. that compares to 2007 and 2008 when 65,000 visas ran out in a few days. this allows skilled workers in specific fields to stay in the u.s. for up to three years. >>justine: falling to live pictures, behind me, this is the gladiator on wildfire in arizona. it is only about 15 percent contained.
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>>darya: the jury and the john edwards case resumes deliberations.
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yes >>mark: or roger clemens is accused of lying to congress. it's trial continues today. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside in san francisco. mom? hmm?
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more women in man convicted of bombing attacks on the pan am flight in 1983 is dead. if d.c. had been released from prison in 2009 after being diagnosed with terminal itself -- terminal cancer. thoughtful and >>darya: a deadly earthquake fast if. this earthquake was the worst of the region has seen since the 14th century. there were four people killed, 50 injured in because millions of dollars in fifth. cans are being set of the
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house at least 3000 people lost their house >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. a small bump on wall street today. the dow jones of 35th. facebook is healthy for $34.27. yahoo shares are on the rise.
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hocus with as this house and
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>>darya: robinson did of the aegis has died after a long battled cancer in intestinal surgery. he and his two brothers maurice helped define the disco era with songs like staying alive and jive talking.
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>>darya: and donna summer will be laid to rest today in nashville, tennessee. >>da: the ban on alcohol is as laughable as some of the costumes. assists >> san francisco police offices worked nonstop taking blues away some say
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alcohol consumption was the worst in years. despite the ban, many people his liquor bottles half moon the yen some people brought coolers full of beer and hard liquor run and a drink in the open, in front of police officers. cecily's arrested this man for failing to 43 in drinking and to the age of 21. some people drank so much a they were knocked out. these men are chanting god loves me but the almighty might just reconsider if he saw what we saw.
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>>darya: of the weather could not have been any better. we will take another week of that, please. >>james: unfortunately that cannot deliver on that one. if later in the week, cooler weather. for temperatures are in the '50s and we do have the upper forties across the north low clouds will still be hanging around even at 9:00 a.m.. by 11:00 is when most of the fog will burn off. wind speeds are about 14 mi. per hour. as we push the clock towards the afternoon it will be in the delta and the all hot flashes haag behead this and the relatively strong. right now temperatures at the moment are in the '50s.
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in the north bay, low 40's. mild to start. he will be mild this afternoon. mild as look at temperatures in the '60s and '70s. there will be a couple of exceptions. for the most part generally '60s around the peninsula. for the cooler weather will stay with us through the week
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>>erica: look at all of the red in hello. it is a typical back up. the good news is we are problem free for both reasons and as a. >>justine: we have some life pictures out of chicago. the president is about to make some statements. also just getting to our attention, j.p. morgan cheese is no suspending the stock buyback program following the multibillion- dollar trading laws. those are the stories we're watching right now. >>darya: we are back with more in a few minutes. more weather, traffic engineers to get you going on this monday morning. the freeway looks pretty good. we will be right fact.
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>>darya: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. right now in santa rosa it is 48 degrees. we are looking for a high this afternoon of 76 with the return of a fog and clouds. >>mark: of the oakland a's beat the giants yesterday to stop and 11 game losing streak.
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>>mark: the oakland a's pitcher debartolo claude picked up his first home victory in a month. if apple >>gary: the >>darya: lincecum is not doing that great. >>darya: the avengers dominated the box office. blockbuster pulled it another $55 million in domestic sales. battleship was another big one. it was a distant second cleared its first weekend in the theaters. the dictator with sasha
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varicolored, it has gotten ok reviews. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from wall street. before facebook is getting hammered right now. it is down $4.43, facebook now trading at $33.42.
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>> >> >>mark: we are following take to after watching face but shares. facebook shares.


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