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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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over but the cleanup continues today. here, you can see what it looked like yesterday after tens of thousands of people running and walking and some just partying swarmed through the area. the mess created was immense. this is what it looks like today. >>maureen: despite the ban on liquor, the trashed present on hayes st. hill is mostly alcohol related.
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>> by 9:30 a.m. there were drawn people everywhere. alliterative them start for a few years
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>>pam: the former rutgers student used a camera to spy on his gay roommate was sentenced today. >>catherine: he was facing up to 10 years in prison in deportation to india. he used a web grammar to watches remain in and another man kissing, even joking about organizing viewing parties for when it happened again. kate came as a surprise to subeditors the a judge sentenced him to just 30 days in prison, probation and community service. that was despite an emotional appeal from his
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parents. >> the light sentence followed an appeal from his mother but the judge said that he has not expressed remorse into the judge even said i have not heard you apologize once. the judge is not recommending deportation.
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house who how the president says the u.s. is good and bad how hard it terrorism and the yemen. hawks he was seeking at a nato summit in chicago. the president later talk of foul getting out of afghanistan with nato sliding into supporting role.
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>> dozens of a roman parishes are assuming the above the administration -- suing the obama administration. the lawsuit challenges the federal mandate that religious employers offer insurance coverage as well as for the conception. the argument is that it violates religious freedom. >> the weather has certainly changed this monday. a lot of fog across the city. the number to the right indicates the change between
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today and 24 hours ago. san francisco has been stuck into the 50s. for tomorrow morning look for fog to start up the date. the fog to clear away pretty quickly. winds are 15-30 m.p.h.. a breezy evening. the winds will died down overnight.
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half warmest temperatures in the upper seventies and low 80s.
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little bit cooler as a weather system goes by. >> police say they found car parts at the scene of the crime that matches vehicle.
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pupfish dot >>pam: here is a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing northbound. at the top of your screen is traffic on interstate 80. the bottom of the screen is th
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>>pam: hard to men recovering from sabots after a fight near the ferry
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building in san francisco. it started at about 330 saturday afternoon near pier no. 2. the four men got into a fight, one pulled a knife and stabbed to others. one victim was stabbed in the arm. he is expected to recover. the uss iowa continues to sit docked in richmond. the historic battleship was supposed to take off the southern california this weekend. weather conditions kept from traveling. high waves and strong winds would make telling the 50,000 t shipped difficult. the ship's final destination is an international museum in southern california. we will be right back. southern california. we will be right back. asks [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo,
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>>pam: a construction blitz, the rapid progress at the site of the new 49ers stadium. details on the deadly accident concerning the
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climbers at mount everest. elderly retirees are losers, rob blog will explain in his letters into losers segment of capt.. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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announcer: the kron4 news starts now. >> construction is under way. there has been a beautiful of mount of progress. as rob fladeboe shows you, the battle cry for the foundation phase of the billion dollar starts to have caused >> before they can raise any steal the the 1.8 5 million square for the stadium, 5 billion rig's like this one will be pouring thousands of miles north footings capable of supporting 90 tents. >> the average length of
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each file is 55 ft., you can stretch all of them from here to candlestick. >> they are filled with a steel ring barred cage and then filled with concrete. 80,000 cubic yards of concrete. >> this will be the catalyst for many others to come. right now, we're looking at mass declared in this entire area for recreation and entertainment. we are reinventing ourselves. this will be our future. >> right now there are two to 15 workers on site. if the owner of all those concrete trucks is already hiring. >> we are hiring people and training drivers as we speak. fortunately the work force has been available. we are working closely with the teamsters in the local engineers union.
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>> what was once an empty parking lot is not a sea of crayons. heavy equipment in hard hats. >> the oakland school district police are under investigation by the fbi. there are two different lawsuits against the city. one stems from the officer involved shootings killed a 20 year-old man. the officer in that shooting was cleared of wrongdoing. for >> schools are in trouble. a record number of california school districts are struggling with dire budget problems. the state lifted one of the 27 schools or districts that were in serious financial trouble.
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this year, that number has soared to 180. faugh ahead have
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>> hellgrammites are being cut. their new income requirements that will reduce grants for three to thousand students. students now require a high- school diploma its odor how rents. it will affect 65,000 college steal. the new rules also limit help france's six years all the clusters siri if yes that eliminates 100% funding to over 60,000 students. we spoke with a financial aid expert who says the of laughter approach education differently. >> still does coming in now need to make sure they are on track to graduate. getting glasses the beef and not so much taking glasses,
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they just need to be more focused. >> the u.s. department of education held to save about $11 billion. >> a uc santa cruz student reported missing has been found. will the last few days of the 50 volunteers searched for him. she was spotted by helicopter. >> here is a beautiful shot from of them looking up at the sky, some high, thin, was the clouds. both of these helping to
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make as much cooler for today. the wind also causing temperatures to plummet. the winds coming of the ocean are making for some chilly readings. the winds are currently 15- 25 mi. per hour. the wins will wrap up for tomorrow afternoon. much this week it looks very would be. winds gusting perhaps 30-50 mi. per hour. we will see sunny skies. wednesday, the label also be a factor as well as theirs. we'll have sunshine through the week but no rate of the forecast. warmer weather on the way. >>catherine: we are beginning to get a closer look at the damage from an earthquake or the weekend. if
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>>catherine: and seat movie theaters operates about 5000 theaters, most of them in america. a chinese company is taking over a $6.2 billion deal. with this acquisition comes of the largest cinema chain to the world for
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>>catherine: the dow is up and the nasdaq is up as well. the s&p is up 21. rob like it's here. >>rob: we had a little bit of a technical balance. china says it will continue to support germany and france. it was a bounce back. the was a situation where we lost over one trillion dollars in the market. it was all over concern, a well-known problem. more of a monetary policy instead of austerity cuts syrian if
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>>catherine: in a loser category, and then put. is below the ipo price? >>rob: is not really blow of the ipo price. >> always warn against ipos to the first of. shares dropped 11% today. people like me who are professionals would go to apple. >> you were one of the many people saying, if lot to get fifth, we in see what happens.
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>> it is a bb wearing men's clothing. >>catherine: that is a good analogy. a winner, china's largest e commerce provider. >> it is the chinese largest e commerce site. this is good for their shareholders for. this is a situation where yahoo acquired a 40% stake in this is the board of directors saying, we have to raise some cash. for a large person lives of
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seniors are in poverty. that is where so security is feeling in people and recessions have overspent. it is tragic it is: to get worse. >>catherine: you always talk about that, people are not saving. >>brian: a nice day around the bay area. things have cooled off for the seconded. temperatures are much colder the we had yesterday. 10-15 degrees cooler than sunday. we had some readings into the '90s. for off right now, a temperatures in the '70s for walnut creek, los gatos and milipitas.
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for this evening, mostly clear skies inland said fog at the coast. for tomorrow morning, at least early on will see fog of the fog should clear away quickly because the wind will be fitting up in the long the fog out of here. sunshine laws of the day into the wind increasing for the afternoon. they could be gusting 30-50 mi. per hour. mostly sunny conditions tomorrow afternoon along with the wind. gusty wind due in part to this storm that is coming into the northern portion of the state. some rain around eureka. this system is really helping to crank up the sea breeze. that will be the case for tomorrow, wednesday and into thursday. for tonight, a breezy. all had illness in see
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tomorrow is when we will see the strongest winds. the strong discovery will be up over 40 mi. per hour at the coasts. again, there could be some wind gusts near 50 mi. per hour for the afternoon. temperatures in the morning will be in the upper 40's and low-mid '50s. look for low-mid-70s from the bay area here with of set afire and san jose. for mountain view, fremont and redwood city, a high of 73. in antioch, fairfield and concord, upper seventies the of the low 80s. upper 60s along with it. union city, a high of 70 degrees.
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mid-70s in the north bay, 62 in san francisco. here's a look at your 7 day around the bay. wednesday, thursday and into friday, strong winds and a lot of sunshine. as you go to the weekend, the whiz will come down and at temperatures will warm up. edie's the sunday and monday to. >>stanley: before anyone starts saying that the to doubtful paid to brokers was call her if she had, there were apparently living in this serious or, a red balloon filled with your will is safe to say if that it would go well with police. what also did not go well our people ignoring the over 200 portable bathrooms or maybe some were just too chicken to use them. this time, tickets were being handed out to some that are caught in the act. this guy tried to run.
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>>officer: give me your i.d.. you know why we are talking. there are hundreds of porta- potti is around. >> where are they? all i seek our people. >>stanley: after that, there was this guy coming out of the bushes. he was also issued a ticket for urinating in public. >>stanley: watched this guy. he was caught in the act. >> can you please take the camera away? >>officer: you are in a public place urinating, sir. >>stanley: he claims that me videotaping it lacks public decency. >>officer: your the one that decided to call your keenness out in urinating in public. >>stanley: there were plenty of women too lazy to use the public restrooms.
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>> what are you taking video of me? >>stanley: what i showed you was not even a fraction of what i saw. believe me, there is more common. >>pam: checking monday traffic of the golden gate at the toll plaza, no-frills ferry all lanes are moving smoothly carry health we will be right back. costs san francisco mayor is
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renaming when i rode after nancy pilosi here's to those in san francisco and was the first the mill speaker of the house. she lost that position when the republicans run a majority in congress and is now the house minority leader. middle drive east leads to
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some of cold and the park's most famous as a nation how including the national aids memorial, the california academy of sciences, the botanical garden in the japanese teagarden. now, it is deceitful the drive. we will be right back syria calls
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>>pam: coming that would take you inside the building where the cleanup crews are sorting the trash from bates the breakers and how they plan to get rid of it all. the president comes to the bay area and were needed to him in the south bay. a clever but dangerous and creation as a shotgun into super soakers are combined. police confiscated it. we are to you about that at 6:00 p.m.. arco
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>>pam: the golden state warriors are rumored to be ready is to look out of oakland. kron4 has details about
5:59 pm
their possible new-line. facebook is losing friends on wall 3. will time zone for as our test out my investors on an impasse about the network tried it. president obama is all relate to react every eye out where he is going to be. >>pam: of the night at 6:00 p.m., numerous reports coming in this thing that the nba golden state warriors and their francisco. the move has been talked about quite a bit in recent months but an official announcement could come as early as tomorrow. j.r stone is joining us live from one of the proposed sites. giselle it could ahead >>j.r.: they can be moving to this location in san francisco. if you look in the distance
6:00 pm
you can see that basically we are in the shadows of the bay bridge. i do want to show you video from this afternoon, it is mayor ed lee, he was very tight lipped today when asked about this situation. at first he did not even respond to questions. remember, the mayor and the board of supervisors did write a letter to the golden state warriors urging them to build in san francisco and do it in time for a stadium to be opened in 2017. that happened in recent weeks. asked the mayor is taxpayers will pay for a new arena. >> hour upon hour of has been that we cannot hades' taxpayers' money. we have made that very clear. i really hope that the warriors do come.
6:01 pm
siri >> out your life you can still have a half of how close we are to at&t heart and where this arena location would be. is inside of a team -- is in sight of at&t part. the mayor at one point said, we're very lucky to be this far. cox how >>pam: although oakland city leaders say there have been ongoing talks with owners about building a new stadium there, the assistant city administrator at the seat of a get the sense that the team is committed to staying in the east bay. >> i have the sense from of the war years that there are
6:02 pm
in exploring other options. they have been very clear with us about that. they have also been very clear about the fact that the san francisco is leading a very strong foot for work here >> they are intrigued by the opportunity. >> still, there are some die-hards when it comes to the war years. to oakland city insist that the game is not over. haaziq madyun continues with team >> we understand that the warriors have a right to explore other options. >> the team is in negotiations. >> this [applause] edifices of if
6:03 pm
somehow we were with your site. >> in oakland live version of what they have in l.a. with amazing entertainment, retail, restaurant. >> we have every mode of transportation infrastructure in place. >> as far as records of the odor is being read after receiving an open letter from ed lee, reed says he is not buying it. >> until the war even sell us arrested all call can all that they have from the hunt, cut that has not dedicated. >>pam: the owners' meeting brief statement about a
6:04 pm
possible move. vern glenn has the details bequeath-cross and a mammoth at its height are a hit him with the make any comment. some burn >> it echoed the earners statement from last night although reportedly a press conference is ended. will a all >>grant: the president will be landing in the bay area on wednesday. his first event is of raising heather in atherton. from bare redwood city for a 6:00 rally at the fox theater. he will spend the night and
6:05 pm
then thursday morning at the garden court hotel the hull of the 8:00 a.m., the camping horse stable lately all but kron4 was at the fox theater in to the in redwood city. people were stopping by in the deaths if it's the year the presidency even if his allies until lawrence little as two to begin dollars. the city's mayor said his marks the first time a sitting u.s. president will visit redwood city. some people say they're very excited the year with the president has the feeling of them i have the properties. i am excited. losses i have not seen a president this and close and personal. thank members streets surrounding the fox theater will be blocked of starting at 3 via on wednesday. sphere flattened hand
6:06 pm
>> a rough day on wall street for facebook as stocks posted a beating both men but if today, stocks closed a day on 11%. so for not cut its book is not living up to expectations. gabe slate spoke with experts about what facebook mean to do to prove the companies that it had stabilized stock. >> facebook stock fund is bringing to the surface an underlying concern and a growing realization that facebook just is not worth 100 billion. if that is not to say it will not be worth 100 billion sunday but it does not deserve that evaluation now. that is part of the reason stocks sizzled on opening day and has now dropped below the ipo price serious the company does not know how to fully take the vantage of its use their
6:07 pm
tinkering around with different business as models. >> they have to prove that they are willing to make money off of their users, nearly all 1 million users. there have been questions about how good of a platform that is to sell ads and more users are moving to mobile devices. they make no money off of those platforms, yet. they have to be sick business challenges that they have to figure out yet addressed. are working very hard of next >> one thing i will clean cities shall call did show it's in their eight new and better planned beyond making money. you who follow this company closely know that they have all of the building blocks in place to the exciting things like social commerce, but it has not yet rolled out that plan. facebook has acquired a lot of mobile talent in the
6:08 pm
mobile companies, but not yet doing anything aggressive to monetize the mobile platform. we need to wait in and see what facebook is going to do and how it is like to show us that this country cahow >>pam: tens of thousands of people participated in the bay to breakers yesterday. they left quite a mess. maureen kelly is within francisco recycling center. >>maureen: a big chunk of this mountain of trash is part of what was left behind by runners, walkers and party years on the race route sunday. and this building is where all recycle materials will go. cardboard, plastic bottles, keg cups and aluminum cans. exactly how much was collected along the route is
6:09 pm
still being tabulated. it is believed to be comparable to last year's totals. after the 2011 race they collected 14.3 t of compost. 13.8 t of recycling in and just 5 t of trash. that means only 15 percent of what was tossed out during last year's race flaws sent to the landfill. the company that picks up the trash in source the recycling says they and the city but a lot of work into cleaning up after big events. >> as soon as the event ends, our crews are out their sweeping up, picking up, working with the city, we get it in the trucks and to the plant. we want that to get cleaned up so that when everyone goes to work in the morning it is nice if clean and fresh. >>maureen: they're working to increase the amount of of recyclable income also materials. they want the city to be at 0 waste by the year 2020,
6:10 pm
that includes for events like bay to breakers. >>pam: a higher than normal number of cds continued at a couple of pacific gas closed. the superintendent says the district will soon leave back to normal. on friday, you might remember, dozens of students called in sick at ocean shore elementary and from ortega elementary. students showed signs of the norovirus here is the schools were scrapped to make sure that everything was at to normal. the superintendent says there were sewer -- there were fewer sick calls today. >>pam: still ahead, an exit strategy in place for afghanistan and how the u.s. will pull out without disrupting security. >> the u.s. forces >>pam: we will find al police say turned a super soakers into a shotgun. thousands of genes recalled due to fire danger. the summer travel season is here.
6:11 pm
before you book a trip, find out why travel agents could give you a way up on those of a lot of trouble web sites. >>brian: is this the legal realm of the area today with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. numbers are running 10-20 degrees cooler than yesterday. for tomorrow, the winds will increase. i will talk about that in a few minutes. mom? hmm?
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what does your esophagus look like? let's look it up after school. here. thanks, anita. eww. dad, how did luke cage get his powers?
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oregon and all officers will give a big head. it was 80,000 notes of marijuana. a boaters but a huge sales floating in the water in order to kill the. they called police who came out it reeled in the load. what they discovered work 160 bales of marijuana wrapped in plastic bags. officials said the drugs have a street value of 3.6 million. in southern california, a case of road rage left lonely and injured in four people in henkel. yesterday's there was a fender bender cut, the person in each car started arguing and eventually the argument turned into a fight. one victim was punched and kicked by three others. the of the people involved in the fight now face assault charges. take a close look at this and then confiscated by fresno police.
6:15 pm
it looks like a regular waterbed, a super soakers. it is a lethal shot dead. police say a man disguised as shotguns looked like a waterbed. during a routine traffic patrol the officers noticed the man with the gun and around his neck. what they found out it was a real weapon, he was arrested on several charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm. >>catherine: in chicago there have been protests. a two day nato summit has racked up smoothly with world leaders but is in on the exit strategy for the war in afghanistan. the president says nato leaders will leave chicago a clear road map to winding down the war in afghanistan area as it >> this not mark the end of the challenges. or a partnership with that country. we are making substantial progress against defeating al-qaeda into denying in st. stephen while helping the afghans to stand on their own. >>catherine: and afghan
6:16 pm
troops will take lead in 2013 while the u.s.-led international forces will take a supporting role. the troops will withdraw all of the end of 2014 in the new nato mission will take its place. >> from 2015, we expect to maintain a nato led presence to train, advise and assist the afghan security forces. >>catherine: the afghan president says the talks have been more open and friendly than ever before. >> that transition and eventual withdrawal of u.s. forces in other nato forces from afghanistan al before afghanistan. it is all the for our allies. >>catherine: representatives are driven by mission for blessing keys to the backdrop has not been anything but peaceful. demonstrators clashed with police on sunday. protesters in police are among the injured them what people are putting themselves in harm's way how
6:17 pm
hot >>catherine: protesters did rally to dale side of the president to that rally to remain fairly peaceful. a judge has denied a request to delay the start of the trial for jerry's and dusty. his lawyers wanted more time but the former penn state assistant football coach is accused of assaulting a voice over a period of 14 years. he faces 52 counts of child molestation. he has pleaded not guilty in remains under house arrest. at the trial is set to begin until. >> a former goldman moral cul-de-sacs went on trial today, and a key target in the crackdown. he is accused of passing inside information about how foreign gamble to a hedge fund manager. prosecutors have led the 45 potential witnesses in 1400
6:18 pm
exhibits in an effort-nail him. he is out on a $10 million bond. his attorneys present the case this week. >>brian: a big change in weather from face to face serious is a live via fax with. henry's eyes of foggy with drizzle. at the top of mt. tam it is a completely different picture. loose size as will the cowherds san pablo ave. to protest police who had this this disease in the low seventies for pittsburgh, livermore in the san jose. ocean beach is cooler with the fog is the sea breeze. 55 degrees. the winds are there. disagrees is back, that is with a source of a school of. winds are over 50 m.p.h. in many faces with gusts to 20 sunol are out. it is because of this weather is right here, it is
6:19 pm
producing clouds cause of paul had high this will really help in half area possibly 30-50 mi. per hour. it will remain windy for wednesday and thursday. that is what future cast 4 shilling. hard hat the pink shows were the strongest winds will be. hot winds could reach 40 density of an hour. low-mid-70s for the south bay. los gatos up to 77. the warmest fleeces are right around 80 degrees.
6:20 pm
cisco, a relatively or save. both you tune here is a local recession vera and safe. her
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>>pam: thousands of jeep wranglers are being recalled to duty if fire hazard. >> chrysler is recalling 68,000 jeep wranglers for a problem that sees a higher here. hawks
6:24 pm
>> a jeep wrangler owners will be asked to bring their vehicles to would geed dealership. owners will be notified as soon as parts are available. >>pam: a lettuce grower in salinas has voluntarily recalled certain bad salads after routine sampling detected listeria. the contaminated packages of shredded iceberg lettuce were sold under the brand names the ec on your screen.
6:25 pm
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>>pam: monday traffic in sentences kokomo to what a mess. 80, trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. 101 is moving slowly as well. we will be right back we love gardening...
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6:31 pm
after the mayor has been very vocal about this in hopes that the team could be in san francisco by the year 2017. sources say an official notifying often come in the next 24 hours. >> city leaders are reacting to reports said the ownership of the warriors and the city of san francisco have entered into talks saying they're relocating all seem to this city. >> vaccine is in negotiations. still love a new stadium. >> they are exploring all of the auctions. if they have been very clear this year. and ultimately we think we have a far more superior site, opera and haaziq madyun, kron4 news. >> in santa clara, construction work is underway on the new 49ers same product. crews are drilling holes for the first of some 3000 is
6:32 pm
concrete support pilings. a work force of two of 15 is now expected to reach 1600 or 1700 by next summer. more than 30 mi. of underground utilities, cabling and pipes has been completed. rob fladeboe, kron4 news. >> here at ocean shore elementary school, officials say things are slowly returning to normal after the norovirus broke out at the beginning of the month. more than 400 students attended the campus. the virus has impacted half of the students into one- third of the staff. on friday, 20 students were home, to date 10 students were home is a less than five had to be sent home. again, officials say that things are slowly returning to normal. >> in redwood city, the president will be at the fox theater this lends a for a campaign fund-raiser. several tickets were sold
6:33 pm
for as littlefield as to under $50. the streets surrounding the future will be blocked off beginning at 3:00 p.m.. the mayor of redwood city says this is the first time the president will be in town. >> it is a redwood city of the map. redwood city is a great place. it really brings business back into redwood city. some >> facebook stock has taken a tumble. it was their second day on the market. the price open at $38.23 which is where it closed on friday night. 235 over the ipo price. today, as low as $33 and closed at $34. it is down 11%. tune in to kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. and we will dive deeper into what caused this lackluster ideal into stocks slumped. >> in san francisco, when you see behind me is some of what was thrown away during the bay to breakers race on sunday.
6:34 pm
there's still tabulating the amount of trash that was picked up. they think it is too terrible to last year when the head 144 3 t of compost fed 13th would been tons of recycling is only 5 t of trash. that means, if it is like last year, only 15 percent of the release from athleta will go to a landfill >> this italian restaurateur and in her hall and years in business. haydn the rest low and in dhahran not and has moved to several locations in the city and is currently at me since street. the rest from of year after a double-at their love of a location where the original joe's is now. now, the owners are calling it quits. >>brian: is a linkage of falls hanging over the coast in san francisco for this evening. combine that with gusty
6:35 pm
winds and it is making for a much cooler evening with readings in the '50s for san francisco in oakland. a temperature of 74 senate feel it is fantasy. low-mid-70s the inland valleys. courts alike, mostly clear skies a with a close in the way from san francisco. the fog will be pushing and later tonight. offered tonight, foggy conditions in most spots, the fog is forecast to clear up your alley. cauda see sunshine by midmorning. the winds are hot intensify for the of kohen house cosh house how hot, the wind will be a big theme for the week. really does the winds of wednesday and thursday as well with temperatures in the '60s by the bay in mid- 70s inland. of us would go into the holiday weekend, we have a warming trend coming our way.
6:36 pm
cost known >>pam: incline green deals and booking travel, but the process can also be complex in the first reading is time-consuming. some people to having them the keys in and turning to experts for help. >>catherine: the average traveler spends hours looking of and vacations, visiting 21 sites in nine different web sessions for runge road. that is one reason might travel agents are becoming popular again. >> travelers are looking for advice, someone that can into question some this summer that has experience in traveling. they cannot always get that allman curious >>catherine: this travel agent says beyond the convenience, agents can help if something goes broke. >> yak to have somebody to call what it is something that is weather related, a
6:37 pm
family emergency or any natural disaster. we're there for you. >> as she suggests interviewing agents before planning a trip. if you're worried about costs, most make their money to commissions the complex itinerary's often come with a ft. >> if you have to pay a fee, and chances are very good that the discounts in the savings will compensate for any easy you hate. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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>>stanley: this security team was hired to look for liquor. for the most part they were doing a great job it was a losing battle because people had developed the art when it came to sneaking in a leisure. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you the creative ways people found to bring in alcohol and white a giant loophole allows some people to legally bring in alcohol to with a vendettas alcohol free. that is coming up in the next edition of m if >>pam: coming up gary has more of a possible loss of the warriors and manny ramirez and makes his debut for the oakland a's minor league team. gary has that story and all of this for its coming up next. from arthur
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: and good evening, the warriors are coming to
6:45 pm
san francisco. and as it started. catholicos when their lease expires in about 17, they would leave oracle arena and by that time, have their old state of the art arena built along the waterfront, not far from at&t park. we will talk more about what this means. >>vern: here at the warriors facility, confrontation confirmation of the team's move to san francisco.
6:46 pm
>>gary: if you are a long time east bay residents, i think the warriors are a regional outfits. you get all these politicians involved back and forth.
6:47 pm
>>stanley: during the season, the team's best cleared what howard said he did not want to give the coach anymore. there it is, that phony bear hug. he is the sixth winningest coach of all time high percentage. when the star player does not want you, they do anything to keep him. van gundy was fired today. in jeremy lin, reportedly no more in new york. his agent says he will test the free agency waters.
6:48 pm
a withdrawal with an eerie
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6:54 pm
normal the women got a 4 minute 36 seconds headstart. some of the winner was an ethiopian woman. kulka call new-line has color hes >> a watson the lay of the race last night. muslin sh cost
6:55 pm
>> i did not want a raise but i was there in spirit. thus with all this soon his
6:56 pm
one had thought want with congratulations to bob doesn't of kahane of the tour of california. for of of products
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6:58 pm
6:59 pm
robin gibbs final days. >> the latest after his sad passing. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. ♪ stayin' alive >> the pop music world has lost another giant. >> tributes are pouring in for robin gibb. >> it's something that's been very close to my heart. ♪ night fever >> his final interview. last wishes. >> and what robin gibb's family is saying about the cancer and and condition that killed him and his twin. >> there were four brothers. now there's one. >> plus, at home with the widow he leaves behind. >> i believe in reincarnation. i've known robin before and i will know him again. ♪ jive talkin' >> and our "insider" interview on the family feud that nearly


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