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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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resume searching for the missing teen but investigators in the case believe they have the right man all custody in the say that man is accused of murder. worst kind of crime. >> at a packed news conference with the family of sierra lamar looking on, the sheriff announced that the suspects, antolin garcia torres fan has been linked to the disappearance of sierra lamar through both physical and forensic evidence. >> he is senior leaving the esurance office was arrested at gunpoint at the parking lot. the crime lab found is dna on her back and clothing found in a field today's
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after she went missing. >> we will not comment any more on the type or nature of the dna. last a valid the sheriff says forensic tests also thousand dna from sierra lamar on some of the property belonging to sierra thorez bill would not say if it was in the red volkswagen jetta sold by the suspect and spotted in surveillance photos near where she went missing back on march 16th. smith says that garcia torres has been of a 24 hour cycle and the hope that he would lead detectives in this year. when that did not happen, they moved in. >> even though we have had him under surveillance, surveillance is not perfect. we wanted to make sure this did not happen again. public safety has been our
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concern all along. >> it's the mother of sierra and her father told out hope that somehow their daughter is still alive. they're calling on everyone to help find her. >> we continued to trade. call as a mother, i am hopeful. somebody has not been found and that gives me hope for. >> we still need to find her. >> we will have more from marlene remark including the plea that she made to the suspect's to please leave a 40 to her daughter to bring
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this nightmare to an end. >>pam: our team coverage continues this with dan kerman he spoke to people who know the suspect. he also spoke to police about the suspect's previous run ins with a lot. >> antolin garcia torres attended central high school in morgan hill. >> he was a normal kid as far as behavior and personality. q with all is very present and respectable. he was maybe a little squirrely. not the most academically excitable kid but he was not a person you thought would have a dark side. >> a former teacher said he can't believe garcia 4s was arrested for murder. >> i was in total shock. this was a kid i knew pretty well. i never would have suspected him. >> he was a nice person. >> the brother-in-law of
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garcia torahs finds the rest hard to swallow. how >> he has never done anything by like this. >> authorities say this is not his first run in with ala. he was arrested in 2009 and subsequently fifth convicted of misdemeanor interfering with an officer. he was also arrested for felony assault but that case was not prosecuted. now, he has been linked to one of march 3, 2009 insults and safeway parking lots in morgan hill theory if kahane >> we have evidence that we obtain fax here to thousand nine that is associated with the suspect. >> at the time of the attacks, police without this sketch of them a woman was assaulted with a knife. >> that suspect was linked to one of the three incidents. authorities are going back to see if they can connect him to the other two. it's in morgan hill, dan
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kerman. >>grant: i want to point out some key locations in morgan hill. they believe sierra lamar went missing when she walked from her home to the bus stop back in march in a the the very next day, her fault was found about 1 mi. from her home, the day after that, her purse with our underwear in clothing neatly folded was found about 2 mi. from home. fox the suspect arrested yesterday lived about 8 mi., a straight shot down monterey. maureen kelly reports from nearby where today, search teams were back out of the water looking for the body of sierra lamar. >> here, you concede members of the underwater search team. they're using sonar technology. this device looks like a torpedo into this drags behind those capturing images like this one.
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this one shows a car approximately 50 ft. below the surface. the team will be out here for the rest of the league's getting the two of 88 a. of the reservoir. it sounds labor intensive. >>caller: who plan on putting divers out by the end of the week to get a closer look at things below. after two days of searching they have already found over 140 items. >> and two weeks have something in physically look at it, we do not notice. >> the team has surged in cleared 40 others -- 40 other bodies of water.
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>> grief counselors or on hand, classmates of sierra lamar. >> it was a somber mood on campus. >> is really sad. she was so young. she did not deserve that. >> she is talking about her close friend sierra lamar. middle attended high school in morgan hill. she says news of that the sheriff's department has reclassified the missing persons case into a murder investigation is hitting her friends really hard. >> led all had our hopes up, hoping and praying. they still do not have a profession is not alive, our hopes are of right now.
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>> she says she is glad that the murder suspect in the maummar case, antolin garcia torres is now in custody. >> we are happy he is not on the streets anymore. >> prior to the suspect being caught, her mother bought her a self-defense spray bottle. >> it is me some of other makes me carry what i am out here because she wanted me to be safe. >> these days she says it is virtually impossible not to think about her close friend. is not right, something is missing. you try to go on a live every day it like you used to. >>catherine: the sheriff says her deputies never doubted that they would find for her the hook.
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most of the police were led on outside of the media spotlight. >> early morning of a rule road in morgan hill, this is where sierra lamar disappeared on march 16th. she was headed for the school bus stop is a few minutes' walk from her home. that evening, her mother received an automated phone call from the school and her daughter was absent. the next day, sheriff's deputies began searching nearby field can discover herself on in a field a couple blocks away. on sunday, her first was found a short distance away. if the doozy couture had a bag contained hikes pants, a t-shirt and under clothing. marley lamar insist that her daughter is not a runaway. >> whoever is out there, let her go. coughed the >> fbi agents joined the investigation and this marc klaas helped organize
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searches. divers searched nearby reservoir spirit all of their efforts proved fruitless. a way from the campus, investigators already had a suspect. they began monitoring antolin garcia torres 12 days after her disappearance on may 8th, sheriff's deputies revealed the impounded a red volkswagen jetta with a distinctive black it. >> the vehicle was seen in the general area where sierra was last seen, where she disappeared. we now know the car is owned by garcia tourists. his dna was allegedly detected on the the belongings of sierra lamar. " >>catherine: will have reaction from the friends of sierra lamar. if michael korda's will be joining us looking at how the case unfolded and where
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it will go from here. >> we hope to be here for a long time, right here on this side in this beautiful city. >>pam: our other big story of the day, if the golden state warriors make it official, they're moving across the bay. we have team coverage of today's major announcement including sports director gary radnich and his take of a changing sports landscape in the bay area. a down day on wall street for facebook new stock, how far the shares fell a and how it is affecting other big bay area tech stocks. >> it is a win the afternoon with winds between 20-30 m.p.h. in many places. as a full reporting gusts to 45 mi. per hour. we will let you know how long the winds will stick around. look cobb
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>pam: the golden state warriors are leaving oakland in moving to stanford's its own. the team will build a new waterfront real. vern glenn house has a first look. >> it can be done in as it will be done. it is going to happen. they will be here in 2017. >> a bold statement from the co-owner of the war years as planned it were unveiled for the privately funded, $500 million waterfront arena fury this morning cause call there was a press conference at. 30 and 32. the nba commissioner was also there as well as the bataan and governor and
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mayor ed lee lee may have lost the 49ers the center there, but gains an nba franchise that was home to san francisco from-1971. oakland lost is san francisco's game. roth's >> will let the mayor know early that it is an opportunity we have to pursue. there are the golden state warriors. i do not have any plans as i did nothing joe has any plans to do anything different at this point. >> their lease at oracle runs out after the 2017 season. after five years it will be attracted tenants, to claw away from at&t part. >> of america expects groundbreaking into a half years. after all of the environmental and structural studies and plans are complete. the mean time, get used to love those like these all of the bay area.
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how >>pam: today's announcement is not good news for team fans in oakland. here is what if you finance at safe. >> i love the warriors. i want them to stay here in the bay area. if they cross the water, i will still go to the games. >> i think it is just fine. i think it is good for the bay area, as long as i stay in the bay area. that is the best things of this team. >> i could not care less. >>pam: our covers of the warriors did look continues throughout the evening. coming up of 5:30 p.m. we will take a look at how the seventh fiscal landscape will change with the new arena plus a reaction from oakland city officials of the warriors moved to san francisco. sports director gary ravitch is coming up with a bat. >> a lot of sunshine around the bay area for this afternoon. it is breezy of the golden
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gate and all around, especially into fairfield sfo. the winds of 35-45 half hour. texas right now or in the '50s, '60s it 70 syria there were a kezar earlier today. thank coffee x ahead >>brian: we see the ping is
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where we expect the strongest winds. winds subside as-silver mine in the tomorrow morning. by 7 to -- by 7:00-8:00 look for the strongest dusk. as we go into the afternoon, that is what we will see the strongest winds clear for pm, noticed of pink indicating lays 40-50 mi. per hour at the coast. xi upper 60s and low-mid- 70s. look for mid-to upper 70's. seven died in antioch, 76 in danville. closer to the bay, readings in the head-of course '60s. a high of 62 set francisco, upper 50s at the close. low-mid-70s of the north bay valleys. looking into the rest of the week, thursday, another windy day with more guests. 30-50 mi. an hour and a chance for showers coming up on friday.
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aha >>catherine: in international flight of the carolina was forced to land in made after a strange a security scare. investigators say woman on board claims if to have it assertively of lead to explosive device. that led to the flight to be escorted by fighter jets. the woman was examined and doctors could not find any sign of scars. homeland security did warn that terrorists are considering certainly hiding bombs inside people. caretaking the woman's claims seriously. tonight, officials say there's never a danger. he
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>> the gladiator wildfire in arizona is still burning out of control. more than 14,000 a. have now bird. this wildfire is only about 15 percent good seeds. there is concern that the fire could spread to the north if west on your summer vacation in paris. melt the part is keeping an eye of the issue. hough have >> the james lick of said of the school is not moving grain traffic is headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge in who heads
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even if the >> sierra lamar remains of missing. at a very emotional news conference in san jose, marley lauren made a plea for everyone to find her daughter. in that plea, she included a message to the suspect himself. >> i would like to thank the community for outrage in finding sierra. all the time and effort that has gone into this and their prayers. we continue to fray until she's found. the surface will not end.
5:32 pm
as a must i am hopeful her body has not been found. that gives me hope. from what i have heard as far as certain teeth not been apparent in the vehicle, it also gives me hope. i am so grateful for law enforcement please give any information the you have, to lead as to sierra to help end this nightmare. how would like for you to come forward gary tell us where she is. ended this may here for as as a family.
5:33 pm
i am not giving up hope. her body has not been found. so many people have showed up, record-breaking members of the thousands of people in the law enforcement, i believe there is a reason why she has not been found. we are on giving up on that. xi at some >> the father of sierra lamar has said that he demands justice is served in this case. it is not just merely holding out hope that her daughter is alive, tomorrow morning the volunteers will fan out and search for sierra lamar throw awarded know. they also believe there is hope in finding her body a live in morgan hill. them the majority has now to examine the legal aspects of the sierra lamar case of our legal analysts horses up. the d.a. is charging one count of murder and one count of kidnapping. they say that they have several substantial evidence but are not revealing the evidence publicly.
5:34 pm
off what must they have to say that this is murder? >> they have to have something other than circumstantial evidence. by that, i mean some sort of direct evidence that's here is actually dead. if you are going to the public if it say, we know that her life has ended, that is quite something to tell the parents who've never was to give up on a case like this. they have to have something that they are not telling us. i certainly hope it is not just speculation. >> they're talking about the strong dna evidence. the that the route? >> dna is usually not wrong. it is perry's of evidence are remember, it is circumstantial. by that evidence from which a person has to draw an inference. in this case, they say they have the dna on her clothing of thorez garcia. assume that. it does not mean he killed her. it could have got there some other way. fact that they have the dna
5:35 pm
>>pam: the fact that there is nobody will hurt the prosecution. >> there was another case where a man was convicted of a murder without a body. he finally said his attorney, i will study with a body is if you reduce it to second degree of the family agreed with the d.a. to do that. he was then convicted of a second. >>pam: what could possibly be a defense? >> this is tough. simply, i did not do this. you have some circus into evidence that there is a jury instruction that says phil is circumstantial
5:36 pm
evidence is susceptible of to a reasonable interpretations of all want to kill that was it is as the major in moscow who to love her for six sf. this is not a locked case. i will tell you, the defense attorney, whoever he or she is will this is to trial faster. it certainly did not want them coming up with a body at some point. that is from a defense perspective. have never think your analysis. stay with kron4 for our continuing coverage in the sierra lamar case. we have extended coverage of-including the news conference of the arrest. it is all of we also invite you to share your thoughts of the case of our fists and it twitter feed this. our other big story tonight, the war years look to see a francisco. grant lodes is here with a look at the new location right around the bay. >> here is the spot where the warriors a plan to build a half-million dollar arena
5:37 pm
along that years, along the embarcadero just south of the favorites. it is a 30 a. spot. it also includes shops and restaurants. vice thing cahow and one run
5:38 pm
whatever damage the city and the owners have been talking about keeping the team in the state. they're hoping of the nba franchise would be part of the coliseum project which is a massive redevelopment of the area around oracle development. >> this is a blow to those plants for. >> not necessarily a blow to the plant. we still have the oakland raiders affair. we're hoping that italy baseball will make a decision regarding the future of the oakland a's in the sense of hope that decision is it over with the best interests. >> despite the optimistic press conference tuesday boarding in the offer of a new water from a reader, a big projects like this face tough hurdles in bureaucratic red tape. cox of
5:39 pm
>>pam: was this a money bill? >>gary: what happens in the world where our money? >>gary: from the moment a fit over the franchise and they were envisioning a san francisco sleaze fed they could call their own. a show place, if you will. these guys and particularly, he is a showman.
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>>gary: if you have a choice, if you had a billion dollars in you could build an arena from her anywhere, what city with the cheese?
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either if elected in it is moving up. >> this is the company tried to tolerant. sales dropped over five percent. they have their ceo come out, it is there in terms ceo. q said from their respective they were not prepared for the market shift.
5:47 pm
first >>catherine: bankers accused of secretly cutting forecast for companies in the middle of the ideal road show. >> a few months ago we have expectations of revenues and earnings. cul-de-sacs of morgan stanley's zero flickr zuckerburg, the of the lead went back to their tax belt spreadsheet of lower numbers, in was xi, there are lower expectations. there will be investigation into this. because i feel has been messy, sloppy at best. >> facebook let's consider the 800 of guerrilla.
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>>brian: clear skies of around the bay area this afternoon. i seriously is the view from mt. tam looking out over stiff francisco. sutro tower in the golden gate. notice the camera shaking a roundtable the curious louis some more wins are in the forecast for thursday. as you go into friday if the weather system that will bring clouds. at even a slight chance of a
5:49 pm
shower in the mix as well. temperatures for tomorrow, wednesday, highs in the low- mid-70s to the south bay. san jose's getting up to 73. 60s in oakland. a low 60s and san francisco, 77 a date. upper 50s at the close. here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. as for thursday, australoids. friday, partly sunny skies. an outside chance of a few showers along with cooler temperatures. things will warm up as we go into sunday at the memorial day. we will be right back.
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>>pam: surveillance video shows a father putting a child into a washing machine in a daring rescue. kiberlee sakamoto is here with the videos that have
5:53 pm
been talking in this edition of take a look at this. >> the couple and their young son were getting ready to do their wash, the father of six of his son against him into the washing machine. he says that it was a practical joke but it turned very serious when the machine started. he conceived a couple trying to open the door of the automatic lock would not let them. and it said it was able to turn the machine of and although the boy was trapped inside for only a midi only suffered minor injuries. check this out, a gambling over in south africa over a controversial work of art. vandals closing as visitors to an art gallery defaced this painting-showed the president with his genitals exposed. the president is taking the gallery to court say that the painting is making a mockery of his office. a teenager is lucky to be alive after falling down
5:54 pm
this raging waterfall. he saved himself by clinging to a nearby ledge. half
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london of the >> this is the bay area's news station. the kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. start is now.
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emi release said. she is so young. she did not deserve that. if >>pam: classmates react as a suspect is charged in the disappearance of sierra lamar. investigators say there is little hope that the 15 year-old is still likely default " for a call tonight, details of the sheriff is called the worst kind of crime. >> it was an absolute stranger affection. >> reaction from her family. >> please give information that you have to lead us to sierra. if >>pam: details of the suspect possible involvement in an earlier assaults against women. >>pam: it has been nine weeks of the sense sierra lamar was last seen. if now, a shocking development, deputies have arrested this man, a 21 year old from market help. he is charged with kidnapping feared murdered. rob fladeboe brings you up- to-date on the story from morgan hill.
6:01 pm
>>rob: even as our friends and volunteers are gearing up for yet another of the volunteer search for the missing teen tomorrow. sheriff's investigators are pretty well convinced that sierra lamar was kidnapped and murdered and the man responsible is in jail. a sheriff's headquarters, a very emotional news conference. smith said there is considerable physical of forensic evidence linking garcia tourists to the murder of sierra lamar. he says the cobwebs of dna on her clothing in bad, it was felt in a field near where she would deceitful. what is more, they say dna from sierra lamar was found on property belonging to see arts -- garcia tourists. he was charged with murder
6:02 pm
and kidnapping. >> it was the clothing that was instrumental. of for her property in the bag with of dna that from antolin garcia torres. from the time this year reported its eighth there had been no contact with any of her friends. we have no reason to believe that she ran away. we have identified him through dna on her property. these are very difficult cases. it is difficult to prosecute a homicide we do believe she has been murdered. >> detectives believe sierra lamar was not acquainted with garcia thorez added that she was the victim of random kidnapping and murder. legal analysts say a murder committed during a
6:03 pm
kidnapping represents special circumstances and that garcia thorez could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted. he currently resides in the santa clara county jail without bail. he will be arraigned on thursday. the mean time volunteers will 50 new-line another search beginning tomorrow morning. >>pam: but we are learning more about a antolin garcia torres. dan kerman spoke with relatives, a former teacher in a police. >> the arrest of garcia thorez for ordering the sierra lamar is not his first run bid with a lot. >> the suspect was arrested back into the of the line for resisting arrest. all >> in addition to the bis to be resisting arrest and conviction he was arrested for felony assault. that case was not prosecuted. he has now been linked to mr. de 2009 assaults were women were attacked with a knife and the t's are outside of to difference if
6:04 pm
we stores in morgan hill. >> the suspect has appeared linked to one case into the other two cases are still under investigation. >> authorities confirmed that garcia torres was a safeway employee at the time of those incidents, police released this sketch of the suspect. prior to his work at safeway, garcia thorez attended central high school in the market now. >> my view of this kid is that he would never do something like this. he would ever commit this kind are. i am at a loss as to what happened. >> it is certainly a horrifying to think if he could be guilty of this. he think you know a kid when something like this happens you realize, but maybe you cannot or media could have done more.
6:05 pm
>> i do not think she is dead. i think she is alive. >> the brother-in-law of garcia's towards is having a hard time believing what police are saying. despite the arrest ended the link to the case, as the brother-in-law of the suspect is afraid that the public will rushed to judgment. he says the facts will come out in time >>pam: the suspect in the sierra lamar murder case was taken into custody of morgan hill last night in the parking lot of this safely store. classmate of sierra lamar says she was there when police made an arrest. >> we told into the parking lot, but i walk past my window. all of a sudden, undercover police came. they told him get off the ground.
6:06 pm
cops were swarmed around her. cox >>pam: grieve counselors or on >> my heart goes out to the family. it is really hard. i cannot add to what they're going through. >> it is crazy. he did not expect that, it is really sad. she was so young.
6:07 pm
you have to keep your hopes up and just prayed she is still alive and free for the family. >>pam: the morgan hill school district says grief counselors will remain on here this week to help students and faculty to this difficult period side. today 18 of sheriff's deputies crowds during the rest reservoirs' several miles from where sierra was missing. they plan on sending divers down later in the week to get a closer look of items that the characters.
6:08 pm
he is >> here is the home, the suspect lives about 8 mi. south of the hon. also in morgan hill, a straight shot along monterey. " we heard about them searching in the reservoir.
6:09 pm
>>pam: still ahead at 6:00 p.m., not all airplane seats are treated equally. we will tell you which are the best for comfort of the blood of former president ronald reagan left is for sale. fatah affairs ahead of an
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and have yes van will fit or have mythbusters >>pam: the golden state warriors are moving back to san francisco. vern glenn has a first look at the plans for a new waterfront arena. >> said francisco mayor ed lee is officially and nose in france for the warriors to move 60 mi. for oracle derivative is new $500 billion rebuilt which will be built with private money, not the city's. only a few blocks away from 880 park at the base of the bay bridge. this will happen once the war years lease expires in 2017.
6:13 pm
fat than half flopping
6:14 pm
>> i love the warriors. i want them to stay in the bay area. >> if that gives them a chance to bring higher prices free agents, it is a more recognizable city. it is just fine. i think it is good for the area, as long as they stay in the bay area at is if the team. fifth >>pam: our current coverage -- our coverage continues later. gary radnich will be interviewing the warriors owners.
6:15 pm
>>pam: were followed up on a story and we told you about last night, oakland police have released this sketch of a man they say sexually
6:16 pm
assaulted a woman. fee attack happened at friday light near the intersection of all history said friday that it is. a man pushed it lower to the ground air to sexually assault her. with less sphere pfft safe hall
6:17 pm
>>catherine: at one point they tried to use a fire hose and that is a decided to shoot it. the pilot of a small plane was able for himself after crashing into a residential neighborhood in the glendale. there's not much of the airplane left. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. the plane hit submultiples before leaving in the yard. it is unclear what caused the crash. prices are going up at disneyland in the disney cal or is it your heart. it leviticus for anyone over 10 years old is now $87. the biggest job is the premium annual pass that includes harvey. it is now $649. that is one of the $50 more than last year.
6:18 pm
disney is not detail exactly why they have a price increase but they did say one of the parks has been expanded of our new attractions. >> it looks like a close race between the president and mitt romney. it is at this point. washington -- a washington post says they are statistically tied. the president at 49% mitt romney of 46%. the survey also asked which candidate will have the called the theft f., of course that is the key for tied again at 47%. an auction site is selling what it is a lady vial of dried blood from ronald reagan supposedly taken from the hospital back in 1981 after reagan was shot in an assassination attempt. the item is being awful -- being offered by eight of some aid britain.
6:19 pm
sitting has reached about $12,000 and the bidding will go on for thursday. the rubble will get foundation is calling it the option of the civil it is threatening legal action. >> a lot of sunshine around the bay area for tonight and over the golden gate right barrel, blue skies it to address this afternoon ranging from the upper 50s and differences go to the '80s it fairfield. the other thing we have been dealing with this week it is the way it. the wins will be in issue for tonight, tomorrow and thursday as well. future cast 4 chilly winds until 8:00 p.m.. pink colors indicate the winds up of over 40 mi. per hour. we are still breezy at 8:00 p.m. but the winds will begin to diminish as we get into the overnight hours surrounded by into early tomorrow morning. as we go through the day
6:20 pm
tomorrow here we are at 9:00 a.m.. into the afternoon the winds increase once again with gusts between 35 get 50 mi. per hour. temperatures for the day tomorrow, we're looking at low-mid-70s for the south bay. cox theft if >> thursday will be another 20 days. when gases up to 50 mi. an hour. there's also a weather system headed our way for friday. it is a weak system. partly sunny skies near the end outside chance of a few showers after that, we're looking better for a holiday
6:21 pm
weekend. 70's and 80's by monday and tuesday.
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>>pam: wedding bells will ring for the first openly gay comic book character. >> it was back in 1992 that marvel comics made headlines that revealing that super hero norstar was gay. 20 years later he is set to marry his longtime partner, kyle. what does is the first
6:25 pm
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>> a kron4 news continues now. >> in morgan hill, almost 10 weeks after she went missing, investigators believe that sierra lamar was kidnapped it murdered. laurie smith on tuesday said there is significant
6:31 pm
physical and forensic evidence linking and toledo garcia torras to the crime. smith says the crime lab failed to dna from garcia thorez on the clothing of sierra lamar get hurt dna of property belonging to sierra torres. -- garcia tourists. >> continuing our coverage, it was back in 2009 when a morgan hill police investigated to assaults in at one suspicious incidents in safeway parking lots. the suspect was a safeway employee. they have linked the suspect to one of those assaults and are looking to see if they can link him to the other two cases as well. >> here at answer brought a high school, classmates of sierra lamar are reacting to the news. investigators are now classifying the missing persons case as a murder investigation.
6:32 pm
>> it is really hard. i cannot imagine what they're going through. >> friends of sierra lamar say they're still holding out hope that their friend is still alive. >> what comes to my mind is that someone hurt her. you do not want to believe it. >> friends tell me they cannot believe it has been two months since this year was last seen. if there is not a day that goes by what they do not think of her. in fremont, alajandra cerball, kron4 news. >> continuing our coverage, the santa clara county underwater search your unit was back at the reservoir looking for any sign of sierra lamar. investigators have been out here all we going out of is a boat equipped with sonar technology that helps them see below the surface. if this is the second time
6:33 pm
deputies have surged in these waters. the recent arrests are adding new >> city council president larry reed said he was upset at news of the golden state warriors want to load separate system. he says that up until now the city oakland into the team are still in talks to keep the franchise in the east bay ridge he wasn't happy about it is but says that oakland will leave the door open for the team if the will to sentences so does not work out. >> in san francisco, the warriors of moving to the city will not be of additional attractions of a waterfront in the business will benefit from that move. the construction itself will pump millions of dollars into local economies. that year alone would generate $100 million. the study will create thousands of jobs, local restaurants and bars will benefit from the distant traffic into the deal is still brand new. there are no public records for a development plan that it is a safe bet that developers are coming up
6:34 pm
with those plans for the remaining real estate around the area. >> sunshine in gusty winds around the bay area for this evening. here is a live review for mt. tam. winds will be with us this evening it beginning to subside later to buy into tomorrow morning. we will have fog for the morning hours but it should be clearing pretty quickly. the rest of the day will be sending. the winds will be ramping of for the afternoon. possibly 30-50 mi. per hour. here is a the 7 day around the bay. it's >> for the holiday weekend upper 70's nab is. >>pam: first-class flights usually costs too much for leisure travelers. there are ways to upgrade the experience while flying
6:35 pm
coach. catherine heenan shows us how to find the best seat were the best person to sit next to. >> flying coach does not have to be made uncomfortable flight had defied vacancy. with even flights of open seeding might offer you first dibs. >> tried to check in about 24 hours in advance and you can pay to get on board the aircraft before the rest of the masses. malaysia air and klm offer social seating. passengers social media profiles are matched with
6:36 pm
their seats connecting the people who want to network. >> some people do not want to sit next to anyone. >>pam: our coverage of the move of the warriors continues here on kron4 news. live in the studio sports director of gary radnich will be interviewing the owners of the warriors. with that is coming up at 6:45 p.m.. stay with us.
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>>stanley: i have been doing the right to check up to see if there was compliance with stopping at realttrac. what i've found a surprise me your tonight at 8:00 p.m. i'll show you what i found unlike some bus drivers need retraining. >>pam: coming out more on the warriors' big winds -- big plans to move across the bay. the
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: here with as we have the honor of the warriors. what was ahmad rashad doing there?
6:45 pm
staff: level and is that all
6:46 pm
home of his war of the affair while britain and whom view phone from re-bath here is the other thing how we seriously consider toklas, we'll load and a number of sites, but at the end of the date of this is the situation, i think they realize it they had a chance to give the warriors. at the end of the day we thought, for our fans, this
6:47 pm
is the best site possible if. >>gary: if you have the wherewithal to do whatever you live in northern california, would you rather be in santa rosa, milipitas 4 oakland? i grew up in san jose. >> i will not fall into that trap. >> the reality is this, when you look at a place, to please 18, you take into consideration a lot of factors. the audience, the venue, who the competitive fall to ships are. you have to really think those things through. >>gary: but you can sell luxury boxes incentives is giving you could in another location, right? it is all advertisement easier?
6:48 pm
>> there are more corporations on this side of the bay. with all of that story. the truth is, we did pretty well in oakland for the stand when the selling tickets. that is not the issue. the issue is, the arena is the oldest in the nba. we have agreed fans feared we're not putting down the fans in any weight. it is about taking the best site for the future periods >>gary: when your research, as you found out that 50 percent of fans from the east bay and 50% from this side of the day, do you think you'll lose anyone? >> we could. not everyone is going to be happy with this. we of this data that, but there are also people of the will to get serious there are more season-ticket holders in the san francisco than in oakland. >> once you get in your car, leave your house and drive 10 minutes or 25 minutes or get on a train and ricin minutes or 25 minutes, you've already made that
6:49 pm
decision. it is not a big factor. there are a fan of the team, not the physical location. yes, you go to your local drugstore, but this is the basketball team in the area. if you're going to follow it, you will all wet. the fans come if they are a fan of the team. >>gary: that you compared this to the sydney opera house. >> we are not comparing it, we were saying the concept of it, and iconic building and an iconic site. high water mark is the city opera house. we are not going to be the sydney opera house but we will have that attitude. the idea is that you have to do something that tells you where you are. >>gary: there was talk of starting with the giants.
6:50 pm
>> you guys have the wherewithal >> that was never even discussed. we are negotiating with the city. we looked at here 50 come up here 30, 32, we looked at oakland's. the giants are developing it like a. that was never discussed. larry did a great job, he is a personal friend serious he is a good neighbor. if he decides to play basketball, we have a different issue. >>gary: do you think this helps for the hard-core fan? if a free agent comes in and says san francisco, i do not have to live. get on board to go to the game, i can actually walk to my venue, does that help? >> it is possible theory costs we went through free agency last year.
6:51 pm
i think for some people, it could make a difference. we are not doing it for that reason but it could be positive. >>gary: i was joking with you last time, joe is mr. basketball. >> he said i was a tire kickers. >>gary: i asked peter last time, he produced rain man and what else? >> batman, the colorful. phil >>gary: of the you $10 you cannot name five of the warriors. >> he cannot. >> what i pay that money, i know all of the names.
6:52 pm
>>gary: i could care less as long as the product is good. you get any feedback about owning part of the charges? >> not at all. and on teams all over the country, delayed trains, aaa teams from all over the country. my investment in the warriors, in its franchise, it is my priority to deliver this marketplace into the enterprise, the best value proposition. that is what i want to do. >>gary: did magic that any money into the doctor's?
6:53 pm
>> really big bucks. >> the theaters and then a the ball team kaddish haddocks goddess >>gary: lincecum congratulations. warriors are going to make it. your ninth guessing or hoping were waiting. >>gary: when is the last time you have an owner on the air you could have a good time with?
6:54 pm
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>>gary: coming up at 8:00 p.m. loss them if they'd like the effort is kron4. that is coming up. hong anhinga anhinga
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
usher in tears on the witness stand. his courtroom face-off today. and could howard stern quit his new show after making a child cry on camera? come on, howard. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. no one likes hitting the "x" on a 7-year-old. >> he's such a little boy, i just melted. >> stern today on the 7-year-old he left in tears. >> is the "america's got talent" judge back-tracking on cutting down the contestants? >> radio is for me. i made a mistake. this is not for me. then -- >> tv judge mary murphy under fire. who's claiming that she was a desperate, cocaine-fueled nymphomaniac? just days before the season premiere of "so you think you can dance." usher's new breakdown on t


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