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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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her >>pam: the dna of the suspect turned on the clock and items in the back of sierra lamar in the dna from sierra lamar found on some
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of the suspect's items. announcer: the kron4 news at eight starts now. >>pam: a 24 -- 821 year- old man has been charged in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar who went missing nine weeks ago. her body had not been found. kate thompson is live in morgan hill where the mother of sierra lamar made an emotional plea to the alleged killer to to cover the location of her daughter's body to. >> antolin garcia torres is currently being held without bail at santa clara county jail. it has been to and a half months of wonder what happened to sierra lamar. the mother made an emotional plea: re what happened. police believe this was a random of nsc europe was
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murdered. , was arrested monday night at the safeway supermarket where he worked. yet it's vividly be abducted and killed zero lamar. his dna of was found on a purse belongs this year lamar. >> it is my belief that this was purely random. this is the worst kind of crime, a stranger abduction of a young girl. >> police were hoping that he would lead them to the body. police to seize a car in early april. >> we do have the physical evidence linking syria to his vehicle.
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>> the mother, father and sister of sierra lamar attended the announcement of the rest thinking all the volunteers who have helped search for her. >> please give the information to lead us to sierra can help end this nightmare. i hope you'll come forward and say where she is. >> volunteers will be at burnett elementary to surge again for her body. share of five teams will be out again as well.
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to >>pam: those and other suspects are surprised by the arrest. >> yet attended central high school in morgan hill. >> he was addicted as far as the beer and personality. always pleasant and respect for. -- respectful. >> i was in total shock. this was a kid i knew pretty well. i never would have suspected. >> his brother-in-law also finds the rest hard to swallow.
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>> he had been arrested in 2009 and subsequently convicted of misdemeanor interfering with an officer. he was also arrested for felony assault but that case was not prosecuted. he has been linked to one of three assaults in safeway parking lots. >> a woman was assaulted with a stun gun it was consulted with a knife. >> authorities determine the was a safeway employee of released this sketch of the suspect. >> we have evidence back in 2000 and that was confirmed of to be associated to of this suspect. of his >> and now he has been linked to all other incidents, authorities are going back to see if they
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can connect them to the >>grant: investigators believe sierra went missing when she walked from her home to her bus stop back in march. today, search teams were back on the water looking for the body of sierra lamar. >> you can see members of the underwater search team headed out with sonar technology.
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they say it is much faster than having a dive team scoured the entire body of water. >> it is 20-30 times faster. >> they do plan on putting divers out here by the end of the week to get a closer look at things below. in two days of searching the have already found over 140 items. face >> in the past four weeks, this team has surged in cleared 40 other bottles of water.
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some >> still ahead, we were here from a student who witnessed the arrest as it happened. we take you to the school of sierra to tell you it's what happened. >> the golden state warriors are leaving oakland and moving to san francisco to a new water from arena. vern glenn has the first look. >>vern: some >> it can be done and it will be done. we're going to be here in 2017. >> a bold statement from the coal owner of the warriors as plants or unveil for this privately funded $500 million waterfront arena. here's 30 and 32 at the base of the bay bridge. heavy hitters included ko owners, the nba commissioner david stern, lieutenant governor gavin newsome and
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mayor ed lee who may have lost the 49ers to santa clara, but gains an nba franchise that would home to san francisco from 1962- 1971. oakland lost his senses goes game. >> this is an opportunity that we have to pursue. >> i do not think we have any plans to do anything different at this point. >> their lease runs out after the 2017 system -- season. >> the mayor expects groundbreaking into a half years after all the environmental studies and plans are complete.
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>> the warriors have called oakland home since the 1970's and now, the city is losing them. charles cliffords obesity councilmen and what that could mean for the open committee. >> oakland city council president larry reed says he is not worried about the warriors live in san francisco. >> i got a phone call to indicate that the rumors frost of courtroom. he says until now the city and owners have been talking about keeping the team in the east bay. in a statement released on tuesday the mayor said coliseum city is a long term development projects that was never dependent on one
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tennis. reed agrees that says the city will have to work hard to keep its two remaining proteins. >> we have to step up in the city of oakland to make sure that we are able to keep their raiders in oakland and hope that major-league baseball makes a positive decision. >> despite the optimistic press conference tuesday morning in flashy artist renderings of the new waterfront arena, big projects like this face tough financial hurdles in the bureaucratic red tape. if the move to san francisco falls through, oakland will leave the door opened. >>pam: coming up later in sports commentary ravage sits down with the owner of the warriors, it was a very
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lively conversation. he asked the tough questions. it is an interview you do not want to mess. >>brian: a windy evening around the bay area. you can certainly see this on our mt. tam cam as we're looking out towards the bay. windy conditions with wind gusts over 30 mi. per hour. half moon bay checking in with the wind gusts at almost 40 mi. per hour. look for preconditions through tonight with fog developing by the bay. as we go into tomorrow morning fog we see will clear away pretty quickly. sunny and windy for the afternoon.
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the arrest took place in the parking lot of the safeway store. a classmate of sierra tells kron4 she was there when police made the arrests. >> we pulled into the parking lot, the guy walked by our window. he was 2 in. from it and all of a sudden the undercover police came telling him to get on the ground. we got swarmed with cops it did not know what to do. i was really shaken up. >> grief counselors are on campus today and will feature of the week to help classmates in the faculty deal with the news that investigators now fear she is dead.
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>> i really cannot say she is dead because they have not found her body. >> i would rather be found than anything else. >> these girls say it is difficult to think about siri being gone is and that
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her family is in their hearts and prayers. some >> at least 63 girls have gone missing in santa clara county since january of 2011. we have broken down by location. in san jose, 43 of the 63 girls one missing. one girl was missing from all of these locations. >>brian: clear skies around the bay area for tonight. gusty winds, a 30-40 mi. per hour. the winds will be a factor in the forecast tonight in fort thursday as well. the strongest winds are
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happening right now in the red hills. tonight, the winds will diminish. as we go into tomorrow morning look for the when speaking at a 10-20 mi. an hour. as the bill into the early morning and afternoon for wednesday, look for the winds to increase the odds again, possibly 30-40 mi. per hour near the coast ended may be wind gusts above 40 mi. per hour along with sunny skies in a the temperatures about the same as what we have today. if low-mid-70s in the south bay. readings will reach the upper seventies, a close to 80 degrees for its fur, antioch and concord. mid-60's for the east shore. in the north bay, highs in the low-mid-70s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.
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the weather system is coming to the bay area and could bring a chance of a few showers. some >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the unofficial mayor of san francisco, peter guber and joe they come will put together a spectacular new arena on the waterford's. 380 million and kron4 can be all yours. the weather reports and traffic reports can be all yours. >> i cannot wait. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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>>pam: iran pushed it woman to of the ground, sexually assaulting her. police are now offering a $5,000 reward in this case. berkeley police are responding to allegations that department resources were used to search for a stolen iphone. a spokesperson for the department says the chief did not order an investigation into his son's stolen phones. the chief reportedly used his own phone to track the signal of his sons phone. members of the drug task force were called by started to check out the area where the signal ended. the fall was not recovered in officers did not file a report which the spokesperson says was an
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saw was an
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>>pam: the state budget could take another hit if the facebook stock prices continued to slide. the governor estimated that the state would generate as much as $1.9 billion of the next 13 months from taxes related to the sale of
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facebook stock. those estimates were based on prices at $35 a share. today, facebook stock was trading at $31 a share. this change should increase the governor's budget deficit estimate. >> top security regulators in massachusetts have subpoenaed morgan >>stanley: over allegations that the company gave only select clients-information about facebook before last friday's initial public offering. morgan >>stanley: is one of the underwriters of the facebook ipo is suspected of only telling some of its major clients that its analysts have lowered a new estimate. the revision followed a filing by facebook which said a shift towards mobile devices might limit its revenue growth. there is no indication that facebook officials were aware of the morgan >>stanley: actions. >> we are live in morgan
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hill where police say sierra lamar was abducted and murdered. they believe it was completely random. we will have more on the search for her body coming up. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. will >> this is thorez was under
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surveillance for two months before being arrested. he has not told police where the body is. today, the mother of sierra lamar made a tearful plea that he come forward and tell police where her body is. marc klaas says it is important continue searching in the finding her body. >> to be able to take the power that this guy holds over us and make a deal for his miserable, disgusting life and put him where he belongs which is behind
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some triple set of bars. >> it is not just volunteers double the dow surging again, died teams will be out here using sonar to go into reservoirs and waterways in the morgan hill area. >>pam: the share of a santa clara says her deputies never doubted that sierra lamar was a crime victim and to their investigation centered on garcia thorez shortly after the disappearance of sierra lamar. despite the intense attention on the case, most of the police work went on outside of the media spotlight. >>catherine: early morning of a lonely role road in morgan hill, this is where sierra lamar disappeared on march 16th. she was headed for the school bus stop just a few minutes' walk from her home. that evening, her mother got an automated phone call that her daughter was absent. the next day, sheriff's
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deputies began searching nearby fields. they discovered herself on in a field a couple of blocks away in on sunday, her purse was found a short distance away. the juicy couture handbag contained pants, a t-shirt and other clothing neatly folded. it turned out to be crucial piece of evidence. marley lamar insists that her daughter is not readily. >> whoever is out there, please let her go. >> missing kids advocate marc klaas mobilizes hundreds of volunteers as the fbi joined the investigation. divers searched nearby reservoirs. away from the cameras, investigators already have a suspect. they begin monitoring antolin garcia torres 12 days after the disappearance of sierra lamar. on may 8th sheriff's deputies reveal the have impounded a red volkswagen said with a distinctive
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black hoods. >> the vehicle was seen in the general area where she was last seen, where she disappeared. >>catherine: we now know that the car was told by garcia thorez. his dna was detected on the belongings of sierra lamar. >> do we have a motive? we did not. >>grant: the warriors are leaving oakland to play incentives is the beginning in 2017. here is the spot where the warriors plan to build a half billion dollar re-bath. kafka's it is 13 a. which also includes shops and restaurants. you can see how close the reno would be to at&t park just a couple blocks away.
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the san francisco economy is bound to benefit for decades because of this development. jeff bush explains with the move will mean for business. >> it is obvious that this job house will benefit directly from a new stadium. the two businesses to pretty good during baseball season but things slow down after that. what is stated is in place, slow will have a new meeting. >> from and seek to full. warriors games are in the winter. some >> instead of having an off season with the giants, having baseball and football all year long will be fantastic. bars in the area will see more traffic for games. remember, the disabled also attracts other events. >> you have people coming here for warriors games,
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concerts, shows, all sorts of entertainment options. >> in the short term there will be thousands of construction jobs generating millions for contractors into the city. the development of the pierre alone would mean development similar to what happened around at&t park as well as filling those seats at the bar.
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>> this is video of the president's last visit.
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>>pam: luis sanchez said marvin norwood in bryan stowe beating face a federal weapons charges being a felon in possession of firearms. the criminal complaint was filed on monday after several guns were recovered.
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will >>gary: did anyone it to you today for only part of the dodgers? i do not think that joe will be retiring in the next five years.
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>> the warriors were great in oakland. we are looking at the future for the next 50 years.
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>>gary: lebron james and the miami heat, tonight against the indiana pacers. 30 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists. he almost had a triple double on sunday at almost did it again tonight. james and weighed are hot. miami's leading the series 3-2.
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