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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> even though he has committed suicide, this case it will continue because as in any case of child pornography, there are victims. we need to investigate to find out what the extent of this is and whether or not the case is broader the what we know now. as of yet we have no victims identified. >>pam: at the same time of the apparent suicide, he was under investigation for stealing high-end bicycles worth thousands of dollars and then turning around and selling the bikes. a vallejo man has been awarded more than $4 million. kiberlee sakamoto is here
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with details on what sparked the suit. when he was seriously injured. he says in june 2007 he went to bat after he was welcomed by officers who entered his apartment without a warrant. the officers were investigating a complaint of assault. police say he resisted arrest and was uncooperative and verbally abusive, his lawyers say that the vietnam veteran was physically assaulted suffering several injuries including a broken neck which caused paralysis. a u.s. district judge ruled that officers were cited for entering a home and failed to meet the criteria that would allow them to go in without a warrant. the judge also ruled that there was no probable cause for the arrest. the $4.1 million settlement will be paid through the city's insurance.
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although the paralysis was certainly reverse he says he suffers from lasting injuries and he would gladly give up the money to have his health back. as for the officers involved, they now work for the richmond police department. >>pam: a shocking crime and stockton, police said in an 8 firecracker was strapped to a small dog and then lit, badly injuring the animal. the dogs suffered severe burns and a long-around its neck and back. how >> police are still looking for the suspect. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. a fast-moving wildfire is forcing the evacuation of
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homes in san diego county. the fire has burned 1,000 a. since this afternoon. >>jaqueline: it continues to be breezy out there. current wind gusts, 25 mi. an hour. we still have gusty conditions going to the bay area. this will continue with gusty conditions along the delta as well as sources of the north bay. by midnight the majestic conditions. as we head into tomorrow morning, still breezy. mainly clear skies over the bay area. as we look to the north, as body cloud cover indurain is approaching. it will continue to die down
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to the south. tomorrow morning increasing cloud cover. by noon, a chance of spotty showers. by 6:00, showers over the north bay. we are under a general thunderstorm outlook. by 9:00 this our activity starts to move south with improving conditions and increasing cloud covers. any rain we see will be quick. high temperatures tomorrow will continue to cool. upper 60s to the inland valleys. we are still several degrees cooler the what we saw out there today. a chance of showers tomorrow, spotty at best. thundershowers are likely
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for the napa valley in the delta. into saturday and sunday >> coming up later in the broadcast we will have some fun.
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since this when vincent
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>>gabe: the government will be looking into the technical problems that the nasdaq had last friday and what happened just before they went public. morgan >>stanley: allegedly cut the revenue forecasts in the days before the offering and shared this information only with top clients leaving everyone else and the darts. i met with a silicon valley insider and ask how this
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affects facebook 6, with its users and investors. >> from facebook 20 the idea was a terrific success, the price it exactly right into they did not leave any money on the table. there received a lot of money from investors. these regulatory investigations earth, was there hanky-panky before hand? did the nasdaq screwed up? these are glitches, these are not major problems for them. south they will not substantially impact facebook the ability to do business. they may have to pay a fine at some point or multiple fine, but at some point it is going to be behind them at a woman be used to the company at all. from an individual investor's point of view this is huge. this is a really clear sign that either you are in or out. but these allegations are true it is clear that big banks and big investors have access to information that ordinary people cannot get that is not right. that is another example in a long string of examples that
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make banks and stock exchanges really unpopular in the eyes of ordinary people. frost is obviously you guys against as and that is what the perception is going to be. it's a level not help them in the eyes of the public. does that matter to their businesses? probably not. >>grant: facebook and morgan >>stanley: have both issued statements saying they have done nothing wrong. >>pam: morgan >>stanley: , the lead investment bank in the troubled public offering will compensate investors who overpaid with the purchase facebook stock in friday's ipo. the firm is reviewing orders placed by retail clients for facebook stock and will make price adjustments if the clients paid too much although there is no word on specifically in what constitutes overpaying for facebook stock. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside. we are seeing windy conditions. we have a change coming tomorrow. winds and wet weather, we'll have details on rain coming up.
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it [ creaking ]
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>>pam: we are now just 26 hours away from the closure of a major bay area bridge. coming up we will tell you we need to do to get around the weekend. plus, a fund-raiser to make the streets of oakland safer. we will tell you how organizers at a restaurant plan to help get guns off of the street.
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sixth class kvass cough
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scene of half his house with
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some to >>pam: and dozens of oakland residents are determined to get guns off of the street. tonight, a fund-raiser for the gun buyback program takes place. all of the money raised will be used to purchase $100 gift cards to give to people who turn in their guns next month. >> cases campos was gunned down at his establishment in april of 2011. this senseless shooting as why they decided to hold the gun buyback fund-raiser at his restaurant. those who donated a mexican food while a local youth
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organization dance. victims also spoke to the crowd including the father of carlos not, his three year-old was killed near 64th aired international. >> tonight at 11:00 p.m. we would hear from another victim of gun violence who was shot in the face and managed to survive. >>pam: and bank robbery in the role hill area. police believe the same man committed two robberies. here is his description.
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>>grant: and we are always tracking neighborhood crime. this week, as alien to police say there have said at least two cragslist robberies' in this neighborhood and in both crimes the victims were beating people azalea who were supposedly selling a car on the popular web site cragslist. the first robbery happened around 8:30 p.m., there are two brothers from san jose that robs at gunpoint. one of the victims was to select in the back of the head. a couple blocks away, a similar robbery of san jose street. police did not know if the crimes are related. the suspect's description are different. >> concord police are sending out a warning after a nine year-old boy was
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walking near as bronze after school when a white van approached him. today, the police commissioner announced the arrest and confession given by suspected killer pager hernandez. >> he described to detectives is how he lured him from the school bus stop at west broadway stint prince street with the promise of a soda. he then led him into the basement of the bodega, he choked him and disposed of the body of putting it into a plastic bag and placing it
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into the trash. >>pam: the little boy vanished while walking to his school bus stop for the first time by himself back on may 25, 1979. >>jaqueline: invested conditions all week long. at sfo, 40 mi. per hour wind gusts. it has did windy throughout the day. we are continuing to see 20 and 30 mi. our guests through the rest of the bay area. as we headed to tomorrow, the changes still coming. increasing cloud cover later in the morning and into the afternoon, a chance of showers and spotty thunderstorms. >>pam: the shutdown starts friday night through tuesday morning. alejandra cerball explains what sets out is about.
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>>alejandra: this is the first time the dumbarton bridge will be closed according to a caltrans spokesperson. 61,000 vehicles drive on the average per day. you can see signs like this letting drivers know of the close of. the cruise will be reinforcing the existing concrete slab and installing a seismic hearings. keep it to it to kron4 and for the latest on the reopening. >> drivers should expect delays from about 8:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.. the shutdown is to accommodate big fireworks display that will cap off a big day of celebration
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>>pam: quick tower is getting spruced up. the mayor says it will be testing of the murals and the tower. >>pam: for the cooking impaired, you can now have your own personal chef from top sentences or restaurants delivered year of profits.
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vicki liviakis is here with this week's edition of die in the dish. >>vicki: if you cannot bear another trip to the vending machine, there is a brad application for that. from a phone to fork, fresh food with the touch of a button, cooked and delivered to you. this is custom-made on the spot by pedigree shasta you find in famous restaurants. it is the brainchild of young dads who are tech savvy but cannot cook. >> we just released an iphone application.
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>> over here, a side of salad. >> the food is remarkably tasty and ridiculously reasonable. >>pam: there is a special offer for dyne and dish viewers. use this promotion code when
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you place your first order. >>stanley: coming up, i will show you how some drivers are not calling their way when it comes to keeping the state out of debt.
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>>grant: this just in, hurricane bed is intensifying it has been upgraded to a major hurricane, announce a category 3 storm. this is a recent satellite image. the eye of the hurricane is bearing down on southwest of mexico. this is a block. the outer bands are starting to hit land. we will continue to follow the her kids, but there are a category three. thoughtful >>pam: the president wrapped up this bay area swing this morning. he was here for about 16 hours. this was the scene as he boarded air force one in mountain view. earlier in the day he hosted a reelection fund-raiser at
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the fairmont hotel in san jose. tickets for more than $35,000 for that event. yesterday he had to other events in the bay area, a private dinner in atherton and a rally at the fox theater in redwood city. this evening he is on additional campaign stops in iowa. the u.s. senate has rejected democratic tam of republican plans for averting a to lifers doubling of interest rates on federal college loans for millions of low and middle- income students. preventing that increase has been a priority for the president. senators are leaving town for a memorial day recess which runs through next week. today's vote pushes back efforts to resolve the election season showdown until next month. the warning today about those new concentrated laundry is urgent pots. they may be convenient could be harmful to children. the american association of poison control says there is a growing number of cases where toddlers have swallowed the small packets and become very ill very
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quickly. in different cases children started to vomit, one became unresponsive in that many of the children and a on a ventilators. poison control centers are urging parents and caregivers to make sure that these laundry detergent profits are out of reach of youngsters. coming up, the giants' 6)รก season-high in bob
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to be pulled over for a cracked windshield. of the california highway patrol. >>officer: right lane, right
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turn. >>stanley: the officer noticed another possible issue, ohio plagues. when asked for a license and registration, the driver produce a valid california driver's license. >>officer: who lives in ohio? >> we just moved out here? >>officer: how long ago? >> two months ago. >>stanley: here is the problem, once you take up residence in california, you have 10 days to register your vehicle. >>officer: have you processed it vehicle yet? >>stanley: his answer was no. the the local blue cross or registered in ohio. >>officer: this is to notify you to correct the violation. there is no charge. >>stanley: this driver was stopped because his registration expired in 2011, in maine. the vehicle was never registered in california. he stated he did not have time to register. looking at his suv, he apparently had time to visit squaw valley and sugarloaf.
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vehicle registration fees are what drive the state in the papers state law- enforcement equipment and salaries. if i have to pay my registration, everyone needs to. this driver had new york plates of his differences or residential parking permit. she has been here for more than 10 days. this driver was caught speeding. he had washington's elites but it turns out the car was registered in california, but the driver had a problem with the california flights. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea, e-mail us at m on a call. >>jaqueline: the wind gusting not want to die down. when does in a 20 mi. an hour range. here's a look at decline wind gusts. all around the bay area
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remains a windy. as we head into the later evening hours, we will start to see the winds died down a little bit. not at the coast line, but away from the coast in places like fairfield ended macbook. as we move into tomorrow morning, gusty of the coastline with, conditions inland. we will continue as the gusty winds in a big change in the weather tomorrow. mainly clear conditions now, but take a look to the north. how these guys and rain. saudi showers will continue to sag to the south. first we will see clear skies and an increase in clouds with a chance of spotty showers into the noon hour. we are under a general thunderstorm outlook for its raw afternoon from the national weather service for most of the north bay, the delta and inland valleys.
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after midnight, a decrease in cloud cover into temperatures will warm into saturday. here is a look at your extended forecast. >>gary: that evening. this is one of the team times when the giants have exploded. it happened this evening in a miami curious when the
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giants score like they did tonight, the pitching was fabulous. the science were just getting started in the sixth inning. milky february and the eighth inning double to right. 300. the giants beat the marlins a 14-7. there are three games over 500. san francisco gets to spend the weekend, three more games in many of the. for he fistfights in vienna this evening fritillary per day as the faces trying to start off elimination. thoughtful dewayne wade,
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athletic brilliant. lebron had 20 points with six rebounds and seven assists. cost
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>>gary: and toward lebron jim's one of the coach fired vote the way howard wanted and that it fired and then let of giving him up. where are the coach and general manager.
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>>gary: you do not ask for some months ago and asked to leave yourself. v >>gary: coming up, of tim tebow. defect if with often viewed
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art if he will come out with you are and have a bit of a draw as he is, be it interesting in big part because he speaks of his fate. the is going to be on special teams. and hot if
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>> gary, at the oakland a's what the bay area would you be ok with that? >>gary: that would not be cool. in oakland to lose a baseball team. selfishly speaking, i love this city. the giants and a's, i want them both. >> gary, i have a question of, how you feel about signing the tim lincecum to a long contract? >>gary: no way! he will have that another big year or two to show that he is worth 20-25 million a year. >> gary, has just held an edge of the two moderate million dollar contract discussion? >>gary: i think so.
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he is so good, you have to sign him. texas does not do it, the dodgers will be in line. good night.
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