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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: new video from a deadly earthquake in northern italy, it is the second deadly earthquake in nine days. justine waldman tells us a more another big day for ross mirkirimi, we will tell you what is expected to happen in court. the first real test for a major muni shut down as people had back to work. we will have the latest on the impact. >>james: the view outside looks really nice right now. a beautiful sunshine in the making.
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>>erica: law are already seeing it back on the approach to the bay bridge. the metering lights have not yet been active. >>justine: people are reported dead in the 540 magnitude but could enable it. he was at a meeting talking of the earthquake that happened five days ago -- nine days ago. this could happen in the northwest part of the country.
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six 02 a.m., the ethics commission hearing for ross mirkirimi is tonight. the commission will recommend whether or not he should be permanently removed from office or be reinstated as sheriff. yesterday he said he feels his suspension is politically loaded. >> it is one more tactic in trying to bribe me in and destroyed and joked one- family home. but the mayor has and has significantly overstaffed. off rookie paul fought hard against me in my race for sheriff.
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often there are powers that be within the institution of of the and the private sector to and doing everything they can to remove me. g-force they are trying to use and a it is the most undemocratic way. >>darya: he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment folly in an argument with his life -- wife on the years the. she said that he crafted her arm. before this is sheriff was suspended by the mayor and official misconduct charges. we have not heard back from the mayor's office. stay with kron4 for the latest on what happened with ross mirkirimi in the business ethics commission hearing. we'll have details on our web site, facebook and twitter. >>mark: a major muni ships
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off. it is the first back to work day with many lines affected. today is the first big test clear its hull >>jackie: i am this is the area that the contractors have been through it. thousands of commuters will have crowds. you can see all the contracting work that is going on. fear is a look at the list of lines that will be affected. the n juda line will be completely shut down all week long. that started on friday and will go through sunday, june 4th. the j church will have a partial shutdown. the 22, the 37, the 43 and
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the and al will all be rerouted. the best thing to do is visit the kron4 web site. we have a link set up that will telecommuters exactly what the routes will be coffee. this is a pretty big deal. about 40,000 commuters use just the n juda every day. many people will be wondering how they're going to get to where they need to go this morning. they say they need to do these improvements. it will be doing track upgrades and other improvement. this will be to the entire week. you will not see any lines reopen until monday, june 4th. >>darya: new metering lights will be turned on along interstate 280 in downtown san jose. half will and 80 percent of the freeway ramps in san jose are now meter. that makes it the highest concentration of metered
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ramps in the bay area. caltrans plans to add to the nearly 325 ramp meters over the next four years in a bid to reduce traffic the least. floor samples we are keeping all eyes on wall street, potential good news out of europe could lift stocks serious fall indexes are trading higher. and he agrees is hoping to stay in the euro zone. the european debt crisis quinquennium has dominated the markets. in the last 10 minutes the case schiller home price index was just released that showed a rise in most u.s. markets from crisis. also on this shortened week of trading we're waiting for the jobs report. we also had key ratings on first manufacturing. >>darya: with of catholic official of the next.
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to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick. >>darya: will come back. welcome back to the work week. it is tuesday morning. what is currently 50 degrees
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looking for high of 62. >>mark: mitt romney says today is the big day as the texas voters are likely to give him enough delegates to formally clinched the republican presidential nomination. he is only 58 votes shy of what he means to become the nominee. his focus today will be in colorado and nevada where he will be campaigning in a to state swing come to light by a las vegas fund-raiser with donald trump of mid criticism over his continued questioning of the for residents citizenship. in the meantime, the romney campaign has a new video taking aim at white house support for the now bankrupt solyndra. the video release is morning box, as a lender received a five and a $35 million energy department loan guarantee into a thousand
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nine and went bankrupt last year. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the golden gate hit traffic looks as visibility is up to. will be fairfield if
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>>justine: prices increased in tampa and miami. those were two of the hardest-hit markets. was vegas is considered the nation's worst market. prices did drop slightly in detroit >>mark: had attended the barbecue was the cause of a to alarm blaze. the fremont fire battalion chief said the fire was reported shortly after 5:30 a.m. and spread to the home next door. the fire was about 45 minutes the fire fire on the roof of one of the homes fell through and suffered burns and blisters to his hands. >>darya: investigators
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assigned to determine the cause of an apartment fire. it is a four story building around 5:40 p.m.. they spend a couple of hours putting out hot spots and the walls and ceilings as well. >> i have been to who was supposed to move in tomorrow. she is born to be upset. apartment 3 of 6, 1 04 and 2 04 are destroyed. and our elevator! >>darya: the red cross is helping several people forced out of their departments. oakland firefighters discovered 200 marijuana plants while they were reporting to a fire. it happened yesterday afternoon. the fire was out in 20 minutes with no injuries reported. firefighters have discovered a marijuana operation inside.
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the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >>mark: 10 in. of rain is expected. half >>james: you can see that defined a cyclonic image breaking up a little bit. it is slowly turning back out toward the atlantic carian the impact south
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carolina by tomorrow morning. it is obviously causing major problems for florida and georgia. could as we take a look outside the mt. tam camera shows pretty low clouds over the coast. elsewhere it is overcast. we are not looking at too much in the wake of poor visibility. here's a look at current temperatures. by noon we are looking at me lee '60s and '70s. by 3:00 p.m. cost for 70's
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on the map curia the sea breeze with us throughout the day. tomorrow is what we expect things to warm up. highs today will look like this. '60s around the water, upper seventies in the valley here is a look at the next three days. we will be back with your 7 day around the bay coming up in a little bit. >>erica: the metering lights
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have just been turned on at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacking up for those of you using fastrak. it is not too bad of a backup. is this pretty modest. but of a delayed status of the messages, and a lot of space between cars. u.s. highway 84 in both directions. the golden gate southbound 101, no problems to over 80. on the traffic maps we do not have any major incidents. speeds of drug to about 35 mi. per hour.
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in this out that we do not have any problems to allow you to. have >>darya: and we're back with more is a couple of the how. yet how there's a place, a dark place, we go.
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of course, sometimes no is a good thing. >>mark: the latest out of syria, the u.n. says nearly half of the syrians killed in lhasa's massacre were children and most were shot in close range. a spokesperson says built looks like entire families were shot in their homes. many countries are now expelling senior syrian diplomats. since the uprising began a year ago it is estimated at 9000 civilians have been killed. the former japanese prime minister spoke about last year's nuclear meltdown describing himself as overwhelmed and afraid. he made these comments during testimony in front of a panel investigating the
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nuclear disaster. they denied covering up the problem and misleading the public. denmark security service says they have arrested two brothers suspected of plotting a terror attack. two somali man were arrested last night. the agency says the men were overheard talking about targets and weapons to carry out an attack. one suspect was arrested in the country and the other was taken into custody as he arrived at the airport. >>darya: facebook could be getting into the smart phone business. the new york times reports this social media side is hoping to release a new phone by next year. facebook has already hired several former engineers that worked on the iphone.
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collectors hunger for steve jobs memorabilia have a chance to own a piece. this is a memo that steve jobs wrote on how to approve the atari game called world cup. he wrote this memo and 1974 when he worked for atari. some expect a memo to fetch anywhere between $10,000.15000 dollars. >>mark: canadian authorities are investigating reports that degree fell from an air-. in air canada flight was headed to tokyo yesterday afternoon when one of the plane's engines shut down. police say debris fell in several places. some cars are repaired but luckily, no sea fulfill sphere
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>> we kept making a right turn and i was thinking, there are not telling us something. >>mark: air canada still will not confirm that degree fell from their plans. here is a live look at the bay bridge. it is back to work in the back to a heavy commute. backed up towards the over crossing. we should get sunshine of finance. a high and the for 60s this afternoon.
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>>darya: the death toll in italy after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake overnight has increased. more than one dozen people are confirmed killed in that earthquake. the ethics commission hearing for ross mirkirimi starts tonight and at the dumbarton bridge has now reopened after being shut down for the long holiday weekend for seismic retrofit work. here is a good look at weather and traffic. >>james: grey skies over is differences go. gray skies pretty much everywhere around the bay. we are looking for a summit of sleazy afternoon. it will be warmer on the thermometer that it will feel pretty cool. tomorrow and thursday much better temperatures in the '80s and medical lightest touch. a more detailed look at what's coming a furious >>erica: we do not had any
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major delays as a round of the area. ice the worst coming from interstate 8880, the overpass really is not looking too bad. the drive is pretty typical, 15 minutes out of oakland in to the city. if he did a quick commute check, the physicians office are looking relatively light. no problems to contend with in the south bay. the expertise to move right coming out of marin county. the risk that the vast open and has this zazzle, at the dumbarton bridge for was closed since friday nights of a cruise could make earthquake repairs. will tran has more. >>will: the bridge reopened at 3:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m. which is two hours ahead of seattle. there was concern that the bridge may not reopen fifth because of the week and we did not get those constant updates like we did with the bay bridge.
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over the weekend, the installed joints as a part of the seismic retrofit project. that would help the bridge to not break during a major earthquake. >>darya: the bridge is available, muni is not. the n juda line is completely closed. the j church is partially shut down. jackie sissel is live in san francisco to get you mornings faster. >>jackie: they're doing all kinds of work. track improvements and upgrade its. i am at the corner of church and of those. you can see some of the contractors who are doing the work. feds started on friday and
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will go all week. this is the first morning that we will see how it works out after along pretty weekend. all let us take a look at the list of closures and a partial closure is and how they can affect your morning commute. the n juda is completely shut down. that is something in normally take, it is completely down. there is a partial shutdown of the j charge. the 22, 37, 43 and and al will all be rerouted. the best thing to do is visit web site. there is a link setup that will take you to smta web site. this will be until monday, june 1st. -- monday, june 4th. we're talking almost 40,000 people on a daily basis that take the n juda and the the
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other lines that are affected. this is the first day. they're doing track upgrades and other improvements. there are contractors out here working through the night. they do not have a lot of time to do these big improvement. they're trying to get it done by monday, june 4th. >>darya: half are there lots of people living around there? is it the lazy? >>will: it is a construction zone. the core of those in charge is almost completely shut down. the tunnel runs the length of market street. this entire corner is actually shut down. fit is a residential but mostly commercial around this area. if you can come of with the area altogether. the best thing to do is visit the kron4 web site, we have a link to smta. you will see the closure is an alternative route stereophonic
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>>mark: a rise on the dow jones on this tuesday morning, the dow was up 80 poorest. the case chiller home index just came out showing that home prices rose from february into march for the first time in seven months >> facebook shares are down 775. and >>justine: here is what we're watching in the newsroom, we have been monitoring an earthquake in italy. 15 people are reported dead. a 5 with a magnitude that hit overnight if i want to show you the destruction, the crack in this building. there have been reports of several aftershocks, one with a magnitude 5.0. this earth flick comes nine days this house as of this
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house this is a faithful forgive if more of the 55 the fifth floor have more. >>mark: another member of the military have and killed, an army soldier from salinas died in afghanistan could 21 year- old was killed on saturday. an explosive device was set off near his unit. he graduated from hobart alvarez high school and to the other day. for a principle arrested on the white and suspected hit and run will be in court. she allegedly struck two cars in and tried to drive away. she allegedly had a blood alcohol level over the limit. she is the principle of paul revere school. >>darya: a state senator is trying to propose an
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amendment that would prevent any uc campus from allowing more of a 10% of its threat to students from outside of california. this would affect the systems in nine of fred's the campus's fifth. out-of-state students made more than 8 percent of the of the stick graduates. at uc-berkeley in particular, about 30 percent of uc berkeley freshmen this year were from alcohol california. a are of them are accepting more out-of-state students because of budget shortfalls. out of the students pay more. >>mark: barry bonds expressed interest in working with the major league team. this comes five years after
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ending his playing career because of his obstruction of justice felony conviction. bonds says he still has not filled out the paperwork to officially retire. he will be on the hall of fame ballot for the first time and says he is excited. he seemed pretty jolly. >>darya: are the fans ready for that? >>darya: 6:37 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a view from our boston camp. -- mt. tam cam.
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>>darya: researchers have found higher radiation levels in bluefin tuna turning of along the coast of california.
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ron have found the fish 6,000 mi. from japan's crippled nuclear power a plant. it is the first time a huge migrating fish fair and shown to carry radioactivity how that far. officials the the levels are still in the safety eats rebels. the president going to honor the recipients of the medal of freedom at the white house today. the medal of freedom is the highest honor that a civilian can get in this nation. among this year's recipients, former secretary of state madeleine albright and legendary folk singer bob dylan. >>mark: 60% of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs according tour recent survey. another survey finds of the reasons to be hullo salary, lack of growth, lack of opportunity as well as ours.
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nearly 70 percent of police say they plan to stick it because of the economy. here's the check on wall street with the dow on the rise of 106 points to 12,561. we will be right back.
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>>justine: here's a quick update from kron4 news room. we're watching live pictures of maryland or the secretary of defense will be at the commencement address at the navy cabinet. that is coming up at about 7:00 a.m. furious that is one of the stories we will be watching this morning for. >>darya: fire season has officially begun in california. hundreds of additional workers have been hired to safire stations across the state. reggie kumar explains why our area is more prone to fires. >>reggie: in single fire
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season is upon us. dry brush, triple digit heat and low humidity is a recipe for a wild fire. caltrans things it will be a bad fire season because we did not get a lot of rain. 130 seasonal police for its east and south bay stations have been added. they're not concerned about the wind because the humidity has not dropped into the temperatures have remained mild. in sunol, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >>mark: warm weather on the way. >>james: agree skies over a good bit of the bay area with warm weather on tap not only for the afternoon before the weeks ahead. we will get to that in a little bit. at sfo, 82 minutes of arrival delays for incoming flights. oakland and san jose are still on time as usual. for partly cloudy this morning with mild temperatures. as we take a look at current
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conditions, it is colder in the north bay. most locations are showing low 50s right now. this afternoon the sun will be out. a sunny afternoon and the winds will be picking up. it will be gusty, especially in the valleys. this afternoon temperatures should be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. here is a look at your expected highs. close to the eighties neared the delta. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will be warm through
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thursday with the the potential for 90 degree locations may lead to the east. it could be a hot middle of the week before things cool down in time for the weekend. >>erica: we have made it through the morning so far without any hot spots or major accidents. we have your typical tuesday morning back up at the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is steadily backing up coming from interstate 80. it does look like the best bet is the 880 over crossing however, the drive time is not too bad. it is still under 15 minutes of oakland into the city. no problems getting to the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton opened in a little bit ahead of schedule. use high with 84 in both directions. the golden gate getting heavy approaching san francisco, our traffic still moving at the limit. on the traffic maps he will see the slowing coming down the east shore freeway.
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off a slowdown starts down the highway or and n juda sh of we are starting to see some red on the roadway sensors. we are tracking the delays, the backup coming from tracy along the of the mob pass from downtown livermore. no delays in the south bay, just your typical slowdowns on 101 approaching the interchange. in marin county, no delays to speak up. the drive is under 26 ness from the lot of year e.f. >>mark: the giants scored three runs in the first inning to start things off and the they nevertheless backed diaz gary's ego did great. the giants beat the diamondbacks 3-2.
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game 2 of the series starts at 7:15 p.m.. far catatonic on fluff out of from 55th faugh they are being denied and will fury manny ramirez with eligible to come off on the visit of the are not bringing enough. thoughtful they fade bear waiting for him faugh
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is only five minutes late. it seems to be only five minutes behind schedule. >>darya: it is something they will want to get the timing down. there will have to live with
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this for the next week as the work is going on for muni. >>mark: there are two businesses inside of geary delhi square dow lost their leases. the managers tell us they did not get the foot traffic expected. the landlord said the foot traffic is not a problem. >>alejandra: there is a close sign outside of this tea salon located in the west plaza. after four years, the doors are now closed. on their web site, crown and crumpet announced that they lost their lease and moving to a large allocation downtown. the owners did not want to say where. across the way, this store was open on monday but employees told me 14 workers received severance packages and it would be closing their doors to the public on tuesday. the manager tells me they did not get as much traffic as expected and were not allowed to post any of their own signs in the square. managers of the square is a traffic is incredibly
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strong. on sunday alone, 25,000 people were in the square. although they are disappointed is is is is this the stuff they sell lease since everything is to new businesses furious fan fog fog fog for >>darya: this the throw from written in bal with the best of them. he will or to the need in this year's national spelling bee. she is the youngest speller to ever be eligible to compete in the spelling bee. the little girl is homes will. she beat out 21 other kids
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in her country to events to the national stage excuse me, her county. she is going to be competing against almost 300 other kids who come from around the nation to compete in this contest tomorrow and thursday. the winner gets a variety of prizes. the sixth old! is that amazing? we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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