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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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their hand all of it and pull and will when into a possible connection with homeless camps. there are no suspects in custody. the corner is trying to identify the victim and to determine how he died. >>catherine: to add a half months after sierra lamar, there is still no trace of her body. antolin garcia torres has been arrested in connection with what they believe is for killing. and he has been charged with first-degree murder but has not entered a plea theory
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investigators say they found his dna on some of her possessions and her dna in his car. we spoke with a former fbi analyst to find out if the murder charge is likely to hold of. >> the reason i kept him under surveillance for so long, one of the things we know about killers and of course he was suspected at that point is that they normally return to the sixth half. fasad sometimes it is to relive the event and sometimes it is looking for evidence. >> let's not forget, he had heard dna in his a vehicle. clothing has his dna on it. if it was so this is the extent. they did not know which of
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two. >>catherine: antolin garcia torres is expected back in court on wednesday for his arraignment. and >> upper 70's for the inland valleys. in the south bay also in the '70s. closer to the coastline, with the breeze with are keeping things cool.
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here's a look at the fog along the san tail coastline. sunny skies. the fog is expected to reform along the coastline. into tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies once again. 5-10 degrees of warming. >>catherine: a bay area beating caught on camera and a major earthquake in italy kills more than one dozen. we will look at the world famous landmark that was damaged in the earthquake. facebook stock is down again and why the popular social media sites cannot
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fight traction on wall street and white family members of 911 victims are upset about the use of personal license plate finds and california.
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>>catherine: newly discovered information syndicated more powerful earthquakes are possible near lake tahoe. grant lodes is here with the technology telling us this and how strong the future earthquakes could be. >>grant: scientists have learned that the fault lines west of lake tahoe could generate efforts with
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magnitudes ranging from 6.3- 6.9. that is certainly more powerful than previously thought. new technology has allowed experts to look through thick trees in this area in the mountainous region to get a better view of the actual active fault lines. >> it actually allows us to remove the vegetation on a computer and see the surface in enough detail to show us where active faults are. it also allows us, because it is the digital, it allows us to work with the data in a virtual world. we can actually do a lot to help us understand active faults. >>grant: here is the technology in action. the trees are gone from these mountains which now expose the fault lines. >>catherine: facebook to date was stock closing at an
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all-time low, dipping to $28.65. that was just before closing, just under $29. that is down $9 since its debut. now, there is worth at their purchase of instgram could be in jeopardy. some people are beginning to say, what next? >>grant: the u.s. antitrust regulators are keeping faith but when they are down. the federal trade commission is looking the instgram purchase a lengthy investigation. the commission said a second request to facebook instructing the social network and company to provide large amounts of data that the regulators will go through to make sure that the deal complies with antitrust laws. for this is telling us that may not be as easy as we all fought.
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we have all heard the purchase price of $1 billion for instgram. now, because the stock is down, this instgram deal is now only worth nine of the 63 million. it is a lot but it is interesting that it is no longer a billion dollar deal. one expert told me there is a lot of blame to go around. at the heart of it, the stock price was too hot. >> facebook was always a troubled property. the end result is it is becoming more troubles. they rushed it to market. they tried to get a high a price that of the market would bear. and of course the market cut off.
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>> i wanted to look at anyone else out there, if any other social networks where facebook could be replaced any time soon.
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>> face of its holding to win approval to expand its council -- campus. freefall wants to hire more people. faced with have agreed to comply -- provide employee shuttles. it would also give the city about $1 million a year >>jaqueline: downtown san francisco, sunny skies here and around the bay area. temperatures are warmer this afternoon. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. temperatures are one of the stepped in and what we saw yesterday, especially away from the coastline. >> we will see pretty mild
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temperatures as you head out the door. we will be seeing less of in the forecast. a giants game against the diamondbacks. we could see a few clouds. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, into the afternoon even warmer conditions the what we saw today. here is a look at temperatures for tomorrow morning. 53 out most of the area. temperatures will not take
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into the '90s. a big spread of temperatures ranging from '60s at the coastline to 70's at the bayshore. a mix of 70's in the '80s. near the shores to brazil be clinging to the upper 50s. warmer conditions over the next couple of days. in dense fog as we head into tuesday. >>catherine: john edwards is facing six charges in connection to $1 million the government be donors
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accused of using the money to hide a pregnant mistress.
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a roar of a house on line
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for an
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>>grant: in music legend has it died. doc watson has passed away. he was a grammy award winning full musician who was a master on the guitar. he won seven grammys. here's a picture of him. his manager said he died in a north carolina hospital. he is dead at the age of 89.
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>>catherine: a family in southern california found out this weekend that this fair to a leisurely dinners at home. there were two girls inside enjoying lunch when the bear decided to call off. >> he was not making a ruckus. we did not call anyone. >> they just let him have a good time. the bears and about five minutes in the fall and then took off. cloth
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>>catherine: an earthquake in italy in the debris falling from an airplane, a look coming up next.
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scott >>catherine: and 11 year-old was beaten. it was caught on sulfone video. happened at a middle school in vallejo. the girl's mother calls that a bully at tech. j.r stone tells us what happened. >> the mother i spoke with said the file you are about to see happen here at token middle school in vallejo last a month. our daughter is the one on the ground here is she is in the sixth grade in claims it was an eighth grader who attacked her. i take the idea out because of the words being used. the video is nothing short of graphic. she says her daughter is now free to go back to school because of what happened. golden girls for giving today's suspensions. her daughters suspension was later thrown out. she is upset because she fears that the today punishment was not strong enough. tax more of a slap on the
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wrist. i did try to speak with those at the middle school but my messages were not returned. you will hear more of will williams had to stay in a the clock all broadcast a serious s >>catherine: is an francisco school principal has pleaded not guilty to leave the white hit and run chart. she is principal up hall revere school. she was arrested on may 12th after witnesses say she slammed into two cars on highways 101 and just south of the golden gate. witnesses tried to get her to stop. police arrested her and found her to be over the legal limit. she will be back in court in june. some muni writers are dealing with a temporary shutdown. muni is a warning there could be delays.
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thoughtful for what >> and their is a little bit of a backup. this bridge is especially important for people who live in the fremont and milpitas. because they do not have to jump onto 37 or the senate there bridge. each day, 81,000 cars use the bridge in both directions.
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>> oakland firefighters discovered 200 marijuana plants during a fire in the attic of a home. happen near 25th avenue and foothill boulevard. investigators are not sure if the plants are legal. the flames were out and about 20 minutes. firefighters believe the fires started because of an electrical wire. st. earthquake hit northern italy today. it was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that triggered dozens of aftershocks. if there was some significant damage. some of the historic
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buildings in this area including this one, it is hundreds of years old. fox the u.s. told diplomats from syria to go home. people were seen digging mass graves. diplomats have less than 72 hours to get out of the u.s.. the u.s. is shooting seven other countries. cram an engine malfunction causes chunks of an airplane och hah
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>> one room where the flight attendant came on the microphone when then everyone will look around and said, a model with more serious. >> air canada not yet confirm me if the degree did in fact come from their planes. >> here is a live look whole game. sunny skies here and all along the bay area. we are still seeing a little sliver close to the clothesline. that will be the only place that we see fog to the overnight hours. conditions are warmer the what we saw yesterday. house here is a look at your
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weather headlines. coastal fog out there tomorrow, that is it. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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>> the dow gained 126. , only it had been in this month.
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in nasdaq in game and 33. rob fladeboe is here with us to tell us why stocks are a winner to. qr >>rob: it is a post holiday trading session. how police said out with their new government. >> home prices came up and defrays sell in may and go away is so far, so true. >> on a month-to-month basis, a lot of people see this is it news.
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the housing market will contribute to our gdp this year. low mortgage rates are will. there are markets like san francisco. markets like washington d.c. with the politics and jobs being created down less than 1%. >>catherine: i know you're tired of talking about facebook, what is going on? it is now below $29. >> another day, another loser. when we first talked about the ipo >>catherine: you are not that surprised. >> i do not purchase ipos. gary's and after. >> if it's going to take some time. they do make over a billion dollars. it was a rigidly priced at 28-32 and then it got bogged to 38. it basically got way ahead of itself.
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keep in mind to be ideal in its initial public offering, there will be another offered after. >>catherine: another loser is research in motion, they made blackberry. >>rob: they are in canadian company, they got hit by the apple highway caerphilly research in motion. coffee smart phone users have gone into the apple ecosystem. blackberry was slow to change.
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inland valleys are generally in the upper seventies. as you can see little sliver of fog along the coastline. the fog will sit along the coastline to the overnight hours. that will mean more sunshine we will continue the warming trend through friday and in quebec down into the weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning, upper 40's and load keys. carolina warmer down in the
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south bay with low 80s. stubhub half how the inland valleys live up another five-country home aha >>jaqueline: temperatures on thursday soaring into the upper 80s. temperatures are still on the warm side away from the coast.
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>>stanley: welcome to contra loma regional park in antioch. before entering, he should have all your ducks in a row. these people did not. there truck -- the truck was missing a front license plate. the two children were not in car seats, and no driver's license ended this passenger was on probation for possession of again. this is a dry park. all alcohol of any kite is permitted. there are signs in english and spanish including its big one at the entrance. when asked if anyone has any liquor, the answer always seems to be now.
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the owner of the cooler claims he never saw any of the signs. house should all of the beer has ticket comes out. the park has a dealer tolerance for liquor. she was also issued a ticket and all of the ears at the open. this guy was seen stepping coronas in his pants pocket. >> you cannot have any alcohol in the park. >>stanley: you can blame the know of all rule on people behaving badly theory when alcohol was allowed, violence occurred. >>catherine: if you have a comment or story idea, e-
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mail us at m for >> looking at traffic quickly 680 in walnut creek, if ships and
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>>catherine: proceeds from the memorial license plates from 911 were misused. kimberlee sakamoto has the details. >> these license plates is featuring the american flag and the words we will never forget were sold throughout the state. part of the money was intended to fund scholarships for the children of residents who died in the attack. 85 percent of the seals were supposed to help fund anti- terrorism efforts. an associated press review
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of the money collected shows that only a small for her money that went toward that. according to the report, $3 million was greeted by jerry brown and former gov. arnolds were its maker. the report also goes on to show that millions more were spent on budget items that had nothing to do with terrorism those who lost loved ones during the attack were stunned outside the news that money was diverted calling the rate on funds and disrespectful. >>catherine: here is a quick look at traffic. exit announcer: the kron4
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news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> it is called operation gideon. it put 60 people behind bars and to dozens of weapons of the streets.
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in a vallejo, police are on the defensive after an unarmed man is gunned down in a traffic spot. tonight this young mother is looking for justice. as san francisco city on ethics panel takes up the case of sheriff's -- sheriff ross mirkirimi. >>catherine: to agencies team up to go after a violent criminals. in >> we ask for their assistance in our ongoing efforts to reduce firearms violence. they responded. >> we will prosecute you if you will be removed from the community. >>haaziq: howard jordan and the u.s. attorney are talking about operation gideon, the atf led joint
5:59 pm
operation with otb primarily targeting illegal weapons. >> robbery crews are some of the most violent criminals. " when costs
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>>catherine: they say the man ran towards an officer as he pulled a metallic objects from his pocket that turned out to be black metal of object. >> i am hurt because they took my son's father away from him. >> he is the father of three children. the sun in this picture is 10 years old. he also has a 20 year-old daughter and 18 year-old son. his son was also arrested the same night his father was shot for resisting arrest. >> he wanted the best for his children theory if from
6:01 pm
a he worked hard to support his children. >> he has a criminal past. five convictions including manslaughter. when he was 17 he accidentally shot and killed a friend. >> he did have a past, but he has changed. >> she said he grew up a tough in oakland in and moved to vallejo to turn his life around. this photo was from his job at a napa winery but he had trouble escaping his demons. " two of his previous felonies are from as late as 2009 and are drug- related. he was arrested twice in vallejo for misdemeanor dui. his x says that does not mean he deserved to die. >> i never thought this would be the way that we lose him. >>catherine: sans is a police are treating the discovery of a body and a local reservoir as a possible homicide. esurance underwater search and rescue team made a grim discovery around 8:30 p.m..
6:02 pm
it was in this percolation pond where police say the body of a man may have been looking for since monday night was spent. it was a missing persons case. several residents say they heard what sounded like an argument near the water's edge around 534 yen. >> i heard curse words. in >> when i saw them was the same time that it was reported yesterday. >>catherine: police are investigating a possible human from lift a homeless camp. the corner is now trying to identify the victim in to determine how he died. right now, a hearing in the case against fedorov for relief furious fifth time since his death and i if if
6:03 pm
he is gamow what they are trying to do is set for the ground rules for how all of these fixed commission hearing if lafayette were here is video of ross mirkirimi. right now this is an unprecedented process. there are trying to figure out the rules of how this will go. for instance, when it wants to hear from witnesses, will they bring them into testify? will there be for all testimony or will those witnesses if have to submit written testimony similar to a letter? we caught up with loss mercury me just yesterday. he says he is excited for these hearings to get under way because he wants to see exactly how this all panned out. >> in essence we are watching them trying to this concoct anything they want android against the wall to see what sticks. there are no rules. the parameters seem to be
6:04 pm
incredibly vague. i'm looking for to get a high-definition. >> hopefully they will find out tonight what they are dealing with. fan of the ethics committee will make a recommendation and it they will have the final say on whether the shares gets his job back or not. jacqueline bennett but temperatures did warmer today at the tables on even more into tomorrow if thursday. temperatures are the upper seventies in the low 80s. temperatures are up 10 degrees in many offices. closer to the coastline temperatures are cool because of the fault is sea breeze winds.
6:05 pm
things are starting to cool down for the inland valleys. in the south bay things are also for the model for. oakland and closer to the coastline, temperatures are cooler at this hour. the fog is going to return overnight it will be confined mainly to the coast line. sunny skies and temperatures warming and other 5-10 degrees over what we saw today. i will have details on your extended forecast coming up. >>pam: the most anticipated ipo, maybe ever. facebook stock closed today at an all-time low. $20.65 before closing just under $29 at $20.84 a. that is down $9 since the may 18th debut. the ipo is off to a rocky start your acquittal from
6:06 pm
here will go toward the long-term success of facebook. for any other social network fronting them? >> that is the multibillion- dollar question. there are a lot of investors who have lost money wondering this exact question and hoping that facebook would for ever see the main social network out there. here is the first video. here's a look at paul full professors. >> it twitter has 140 million active users. the 140 character limit things have long as that exist and cannot compete with facebook. then, we have to go all plus with 90 million accounts going. google plus is considered
6:07 pm
the only possible competitor for facebook right now. if google plus has an increase in users, that could be disastrous for facebook. theft >> facebook have we can consider a sticky business fog and
6:08 pm
>> on google plus has a great features. i have more friends and family if harnett, that would use it. google plus is just not catching on yet. >>catherine: i am curious about google +.
6:09 pm
>> everyone ends up back on facebook. >>catherine: coming next, said the concerns of bluefin tuna. what are researchers' finding? the presidential race is just about -- just around the corner. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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>> it was built in 1914. it is the site of a hunger is a. mitt romney will be having people pay as much as $50,000 to attend. voluntary cochairs include pete wilson and former secretary of state george shultz >> a new poll says that the president is significantly ahead of mitt romney here in california. on the poll gives obama a 19.8. not surprising, the president did read california in 2008. joining us to talk about the
6:14 pm
race, our political analysts. >> it depends on who goes there. >>catherine: when romney is here is basically for money. >> this is a big vacuum cleaner. at its wood river with as a california. >> all the talk today is about donald trump. he is clutching texas and everyone is talking about, from. there was a big argument on the networks today.
6:15 pm
since that is a bag thing to happen. >>catherine: this was running in vegas a little earlier tonight. >> one of side is, it is distracting. he has a need with sheldon adelson. the billionaire who funded the campaign for new gingrich. what he wanted to start writing checks and the super pak.
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for buckwheat
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>> you can see some of the cracks in the dome. so this church is fortunately still standing. there have been dozens of aftershocks that have already occurred in italy and the more are expected. >>jaqueline: we saw warmer weather today and even warmer weather could be expected of a the next couple of days.
6:18 pm
into tomorrow, it will befall but it will mainly be confined to the coastline. temperatures inland will warm into the east. we also see 80s sprinkled into the south bay and the north bay. morning lows are mainly in the '50s. as we stepped into the morning commute, mainly in the '60s. leavitt have a few 70's. let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. a mix of 70's and 80's.
6:19 pm
it's closer to the coastline, fog in the morning. temperatures will stay in the upper 50s and low 60s. >>kimberlee: a woman lost her iphone
6:20 pm
>> photos show him where his disney cruise employee badge. there are many other photos of him with friends and co- workers. disney co-workers have confirmed that her fund has been recovered. her
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>>stanley: all anyone wants is to be able to cross the street without fear of getting it, unless they are behind the wheel of the car and then all the sudden they do not care anymore. maybe it is because they're too busy like splitting on mascara or eating lunch. tonight at him, we had to the peninsula where something as simple as crossing the street means taking your life and your audience. even walking requires your full attention. xi i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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>>catherine: a quick check on traffic. this is the james lick moving fairly well. you are looking at 680 and walnut creek. traffic is flowing well in both directions. on the golden gate, traffic is moving well. more news after the break. but for a them a former
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girlfriend of a man shot and killed by vallejo police and the mother of his youngest son said she is planning to sue the department pill she says he was a good man who did not deserve to die over a dui style. police say he ran from officers and attempted to pull in metallic objects from his pocket which turned out to the wallet. his girlfriend says he was too levelheaded to do anything that foolish. >> at the u.s. federal building in oakland, the atf and oakland police department announced the results of a 120 day operation targeting a violent criminal organizations in oakland. >> agents and zero p d officers seized 92 firearms. >> we conducted more than 225 enforcement operations. >> this highlights the proliferation of a violent
6:31 pm
offenders in the danger of our officers face each day. >> in oakland, haaziq madyun, kron4 news. >> the man charged for murdering in kidnapping 15 years old sierra lamar will be in court again this week. he is expected to enter a plea on thursday. we spoke to a profiler about the case. >> make no mistake, there was a motive. the motive was probably from before he even saw her. >> he said that he never met lamar. he is eligible for the death and of the. >> in vallejo, the mother of a sixth grade student is of said this evening. she says this fight took place last month at the school and says of the bully in the case received only two days suspension. this video is very graphic.
6:32 pm
the fight was a very physical. she says her daughter was beat up by a bully in of this toy she feels the punishment is just a slap on the wrist. >> tonight, the ethics committee will be discussing the case of suspended share of ross mirkirimi. it will be setting rules on how the hearings were and how things will go to. for instance, will they let the witnesses come in and testify, or will witnesses have to submit written testimony? from there the ethics commission will hold the hearing and make a recommendation to the board of supervisors will have the final say on if the share of kids to keep his job where prominently be removed.
6:33 pm
the >> the leaders are a part of a 5 ft. $5 million project to reduce congestion on tv. with backup its to bleecker cheesed >> facebook stock closed today at an all-time low. $20.65 before closing just under $29.
6:34 pm
that is down $9 since its debut. >> our bid weather story tonight, a warming trend is under way. warmer conditions today that will continue into tomorrow and thursday. here is a look at what we can expect over the next few days. the warming trend continues into thursday. on friday we will stay on the warmer side. let's take a look at how warm it is good to get tomorrow. eighties in the south bay. we'll also see eighties in the inland valleys. the east bay shore, a mix of '60s and '70s precooled or close to the coastline.
6:35 pm
we are expecting hall tomorrow morning. in the north bay, but temperatures are warm in nicely. mild, in the upper seventies in the low 80s. here's a look at your extended forecasts, warming 5-10 degrees tomorrow and warming more into thursday. fourth we will continue cooling trend as we headed to the weekend in the early next week. >> many americans say they are unhappy, more than 60% in fact. if you are one of them, we have some advice on enjoy your work day will the war. >> chances are you're one of the millions of americans who are dissatisfied at work. you want more money or a better title, but having a job put food on the table. more than 12 million americans are out of work who would love to have your physician. while many workers are unhappy, 7% are planning to stay at their jobs.
6:36 pm
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>> vicki liviakis shows us how it is serving as it is a floating item. >> 125 ft. from stem to stern. with a fresh cup of honey, the ss and morris turned heads as it steamed up the sacramento river in the fold into its new home dock. >> it is probably one of the nicer looking boats. >> it was built in 1927. it was originally used by the coast guard. >> since 1971 it has used by various chapters of a branch of the boy scouts and known as sea scouting. recently deceased out of west sacramento took over the moors and a benefactor of stockton 8 $2 million to have it over all. the scouts are boys and girls between 14 and 20 years old. on board, they do everything
6:41 pm
taking the helm at times. >> 100 mi. from the ocean, the sea scouts currently only have one dozen members. leaders of that will change once people start to notice them. >> it is an opportunity that most kids do not get to have. >> still ahead, the biggest name in american tennis upset that the french open and barry bonds reveals the name of his favorite giants clear. gary has all of that in the sports coming up. here is a live look at the james lick. free light day for traffic. it could be seems to be wrapping up. stay with us.
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costs upward och sphere och
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stacked half haag eckhardt hothouse och with
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>>gary: ends in night when barry bonds was playing, eagle said it was one-sided. i made sure either fled the television for when that body was coming up, he is a fabulous player. >>gary: if you saw your dad traded seven times he could see were a little bit of that was because of how his father was treated poorly. he has 75 million in the big.
6:48 pm
he is not want to be up in the morning tossing baseballs the of minor league players. >>gary: i will give him credit. he came out and said, i am a convicted felon now. he is a great player off but he is better off walking out, waving and smiling. >>gary: one of the game's best pitchers is going to sit for a while.
6:49 pm
>>vern: to use this qr to one over, around for opponents.
6:50 pm
some career for a guy from napoleon bill, louisiana. it is so small it is listed as two tenths of a square mile. now, he has left new york for san francisco. he is way behind frank gory and candle hunter, getting a hand off every now and then. kron >> this is the defensive back for the green bay packers. he also has a super bowl ring. third >>gary: the stories on dennis rodman have gone from him being controversial to barry said. the very latest, in orange
6:51 pm
county, he was sentenced to 104 hours of community service. he is working with at risk and teens. he was found guilty last year, four counts of contempt for failing to pay child support. rodman has also been placed on three years' probation. he also faces additional contempt charges and is accused of killing nearly $1 million and back child support. fifth he used to be a fantastic player. he did all of the dirty work but he also have the tattoos and nose rings. he and heroines, you just had a feeling, once they were done, no one would want them around. hawks
6:52 pm
>>gary: of pat summit was that the white house, she was presented with the middle of freedom. she was with 13 individuals who was distilled with the nation's highest civilian honor. all john glenn and bob dylan were also honored.
6:53 pm
half can attack i.e. it is known to not let him play on the edge because you guys need one a all hazen hundred right
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[ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro.
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>>gary: cremate a six-figure salary. you say rodman and talents and all of those guys, they have something similar, manny ramirez is supposed to come off of the inactive list in plea for the oakland a's on friday, after you have been year and then to try and come back has to be tough. he comes back on friday.
6:57 pm
>>gary: it is sad stuff. we will be back at 8:00 p.m..
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did beyonce go on a crash diet before taking the stage this weekend? >> how in the world does she lose 60 pounds? we talked to some of the stars who attended the concert. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. have to exercise. get in shape. she said on stage that she lost 60 pounds and that she had eaten a lot of lettuce. >> beyonce's post-baby body. how did she drop the weight so fast? >> she lost about 20 pounds more than the average mom. >> as we go behind the scenes of her newsmaking comeback concert with the first lady and gayle king. the princes candid about their late mother. >> it was very difficult. the one time since she died that i thought,


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