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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: a fire out of oakland, firefighters are on the scene at 29 and march with ticking away in oakland. the fire started at 4:30 a.m.. jackie sissel is there with the latest. it looks like the fire is out. >>jackie: it is out. the crews are still up there doing cleanup. it started around for 3:00
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p.m.. that is when the oakland fire department received the phone call to this two-story victorian wood building. 29 and mlk. when they got here, there were told that it was a vacant building. someone was living in the basement, we do not know if they were is water or not. there were able to get out of the building without any injuries. the building was boarded up and most of the fire was in the attic area. the fire department decided to take a defensive position. it was a stubborn fire during the attic area. state court a ton of water on it. the flames kept reigniting. firefighters stayed back and for water on from the outside before they were able to actually put it out. they finally got the flames out 15-20 minutes ago. you can see firefighters on the second story doing a
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cleanup. no one was injured in this fire. my mother king is still closed down. it looks like the fire is under containment. now, the question is how did the fire start. >>will: this is no longer considered an extremely dangerous situation. around 5:45 a.m. the hazmat team was able to go inside and open the car. they saw the contents and the bottle. they did air samples and it turns out it was just hydrogen sulfide which is a very noxious gas. it basically small like
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rotten eggs but it is not explosive. this is still a shelter in place for authorities to continue doing their job. this happened at 1:30 a.m. when a husband went downstairs to look for his wife. apparently they were having some sort of marital problems. he spotted the car in a different parking spot. he went up to the car in and that is where he found his wife dead of an apparent suicide. posted on the window as a sign that says poisonous gas. authorities rushed out here. i asked why they did not evacuate especially since there was a chance the gas could be harmful or deadly. they said gas usually drops to the ground as opposed to rising. as you can see, no one is
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allowed access at this time. they do not know how much longer this situation will continue. >>mark: many residents in the building, are they be allowed to leave? >>will: they should be allowed to leave this morning if they have to go to work but i believe in talking with the public information officer, until they make a clear they're still enforcing the shelter in place. >>james: this afternoon, as sunshine everywhere are brown the bay. a fantastic afternoon with inland highs getting into
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these and then a mild evening, '60s and '70s as you head to bed. 90 degree weather on the horizon. the freeways look great. on the bay bridge, no backups or metering lights. >>mark: ross mirkirimi will have its first ethics commission hearing in three weeks. last night, the commission decided on the rolls and format of that meeting. he is facing misconduct charges. here is his arrival at the meeting. they will weigh in on whether to uphold the charges or reinstate him as sheriff. the degree the recommendation will be based on the strength of evidence rather than the more difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
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>>darya: at mitt romney has clinched the republican presidential nomination during his primary victory in texas pushes him past the number of delegates needed to win the nomination. it is being overshadowed by donald trump. donald trump publicly endorsed romney but continues to question whether the president was born in the u.s.. >> a lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate. his mother was not in the hospital. there are many other things that came out. >>darya: today, the owners of this hillsboro mention our hosted a fund-raiser for mitt romney. a selector of guests will pay $50,000 a piece to attend.
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they're also the ladies' luncheon and palo alto which requires a division of $1,000. before >>justine: we are watching the arrival of john edwards and the eighth day of deliberation in its campaign corruption trial. he faces six charges involving nearly $1 million provided by two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the white house. there is still no verdict, this is the eighth day of deliberation. >>mark: foggy at the golden gate. we're waiting for temperatures to drop.
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if >>mark: the euro zone must move towards a banking unit in issuing its own bonds, this support comes as fears are growing that spain could be the next country after greece to trigger a crisis. borrowing costs have hit the highest level since joining the euro theory dow futures are dow closed 80 plans ahead of the opening bell. as facebook has been given
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approval to expand its campus in menlo park. they say the expansion will allow it to avoid up to 6600 people. the textile and stock closed yesterday at an all-time low below $29 a share. that is a 25% drop from its $38 ipo price. >>darya: as many as 5000 people could be laid off. >>darya: we're lucky @
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temperatures warming up for later. cochran
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>>darya: in fremont, police and firefighters are on the scene of a hazmat situation at an apartment building on civic center drive. will tran has been their live monitoring what is going on. have they figured out that
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it is safe? >>will: right now, there is still a shelter in place for a certain section of the building. the fire department came in a big fans. they are blowing the gas coming from a car for mellow old bottle that was labeled poisonous gas, they were concerned about the bottle. they brought in fanfare, the people inside will have to stay inside until they're finished. all of the other parts of the building are allowed to leave. the parking garage that is right there is where the woman's car was found. inside the car was the woman. she put a label on the window that said poisonous gas. they do not know if she died because of the hydrogen sulfide, because of those chemicals or some other form. it was an apparent suicide there will have to do an autopsy. as far as the building is concerned, if you need to go to work fast to the fire
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department and they will escort you down to your car. >>darya: is this chemical is something big you can purchase in any drugstore? >>will: the public information officer said they will not show us how to make it but apparently all the ingredients are from household ingredients they you could possibly make. he thinks may be some form of ammonia or bleached. she knew exactly what to do. that is why she is able to carry this off. again, the contents, if you are in a small compartment, it's like a vehicle, it can be potentially toxic if not fatal. they do not know if she died because of the gas or if she's wallet hills. they do not want to speculate at this point until they do an autopsy. look on the internet and to find out the ingredients. since >>darya: are the ruling is as a suicide? the husband and wife were
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having problems, he had not seen her and then said he discovered her in their car? is there any investigation pointing towards this not being a suicide? >>will: they're going off the bat with the term apparent suicide. i'm sure the husband will still be interviewed. i am not sure if they think of him as a suspect at this point. they're calling this an apparent suicide. one of the reasons why, according to the police department, she was out of the back seat, not the front seat and she was found in a different parking spot which is why the husband came down after not seeing her on my. he came down to look for her because he did not see her.
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>>mark: the safety of the news ban on the bay bridge is now in question as a sacramental newspaper is reporting that some safety test were not performed correctly. among the concerns, builders did not disclose the 19th a section at the base of the tower had not hardened when they performed the tests and that two of the 13 concrete pilings for inadequately tested. we caught up with a caltrans spokesperson who says he is critical of the article. >> we have to address the article directly. the article is riddled with inaccuracies. they have taken a very challenging topic and tried to oversimplify it. i think that we can simply say that the foundations that were placed for the tower, this of anchors suspension bridge have passed all of the specified test. each of the piles that supports that tower have been rigorously tested. all of the tests have been passed.
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we have certified that the structure is a 100 percent safe. >> the expected opening of the bay bridge is still scheduled for labor day next year. >>james: this is the shot in san francisco. it is cloudy over the city but we are not seeing that everywhere. here is a live look from walnut creek. relatively clear conditions with sunshine already coming down. cox camera that is 680. if temperature wise, we're on the mild side. in walnut creek, 54 degrees. 49 in napa. it is chilly in the north bay but most other locations from house monday to hayward, low 50s. says francisco is at 50 degrees, 52 for san jose. concord at 52 as well with livermore at the 50 degree mark. we are fine for now. temperatures will be on the
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rise and it will eventually look like this come later this afternoon. 80 degrees in san jose, 79 for santa clara. cooler as you get near the water. mid-70s around the south bay shoreline. the east bay shoreline, the same story, upper 60s and the low 70's. the '80s for antioch in the brentwood crude as the head towards tracy into the livermore valley, they will have my degree weather today. it will be warm for many communities along interstate 5.
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but brown >>george: unfortunately we do not have any hot spots to track. we do have a couple of insist fan, we want to talk to you about the street closure list. fitful wind, more looking way is still shut down from 27 to 29 because fire crews are still on the scene there as we heard from jackie. as will said, the hazmat situation has street closes in fremont. civic center drive is closed between stevenson >>george: on the bay bridge
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conditions are slowing a bit because the metering lights have just been activated. we are into every on the upper deck. here's a look at the golden gate bridge right. it is still a free as he heads up and coming into from marin county. >>darya: dui arrests over the weekend were down in several bay area counties compared to last year. san francisco saw only 27 people arrested along holiday weekend compared to 42 the year before. in santa clara county there was a sharks drop. only 80 arrests this year. in sonoma county, they have a little bit of an increase. base of 53 arrests this year the holiday crackdown lasted at call from friday and monday night.
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>>darya: in san jose, one of two teenagers charged with burning down scoff chase elementary school has been sentenced to eight years in prison for this fire in july of 2010 that caused $10 million in damage. the average teenager accused of setting the fire will be in court on june 19th. there were 16 years old at the time of the arson. the fires were set on separate sides of the school. if prosecutors say both teams confessed. >>mark: a tap worker in sonoma is accused of exposing himself to a female patient. he is suspected of leading a female pasted into a bathroom at the sonoma development center and exposing himself. the patient has the mental capacity of a four year old. another employee at the center with as to the incident.
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>>mark: will take a quick >>mark: will take a quick break and be right back. break and be right back. that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good. ♪
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she's italian... and you can't cook.
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♪ claims. he lost an appeal today before the british supreme court. two women said that he
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assaulted them in 2010 during his trip to sweden. he was there in connection with the wikileaks and release on u.s. government documents. he has been under house arrest. he now has 14 days to appeal today's ruling. >> rescue crews have removed the last body from a factory worker. from the latest earthquake. the death toll is now at 17 in this second earthquake to hit northern italy in just over a week. yesterday was a magnitude five quickie. in knocked over buildings, factories and warehouses. in a quick measuring 610 killed seven people, that struck just nine days earlier. officials still believe they have recovered all of the victims. >>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street. we had a big day with the dow up 153, we could give
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them all back today. dow futures down 127. more after the break. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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>>mark: the opening bell, we are seeing dow futures down big, 127 points, wiping out yesterday's big gains. we will bring you the latest numbers the looks like willis the sharp drop. >>darya: firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in oakland at 29 and mlk. authorities are at an apartment building in fremont where there was a suicide. they are dealing with a hazardous materials situation. facebook has gotten approval to expand its headquarters in menlo park. >>mark: let's get a quick update on your forecast into the morning commute.
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>>james: here is a live in view from mt. tam. quite a bit of cloud cover. we are not seeing this pushed too far in the harriet hot relatively clear skies and sunshine. there will eventually start to burn off the fog along the coast and from his will warm into the ec's inland, '60s and '70s there around the coast and around a bit. a warm and mild day. even warmer tomorrow. it's that 90 degree weather in linden and we will cool off as we had to the weekend. that is a quick summary on how was the rules of the lip. more details coming up in this a minute. scott >>george: we still have street closures in oakland and frimaire because of the fire and has the situation is but the freeways look great. we are not tracking any hot spots. even with metering lights active the favorite is still a good ride westbound. the south bay freeways, easily freeways and even the peninsula commute is pretty light. in easy ride through marin
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county and 101 south on. >>mark: crews are cleaning up the scene of this one alarm house fire in oakland. firefighters received a car around for 3:00 p.m.. when they arrive they found this two-story victorian house on fire. one person was found in the basement. they were and injured. officials are trying to determine if there was a squatter living alone. fifth fired at around one hour to about. a call the fire is still under investigation. >>darya: in fremont, an apparent suicide and that the hazmat team is still there in the apartment complexes. authorities are still on the scene in will tran is as well. >>will: the hazmat team has come in and they have determined what kind of gas was coming from a bottle in the back seat of the car. fourth of the woman in a car
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died of an apparent suicide. on the window of her car she posted a sign that said if poisonous gas. that is what authorities rescued. on defense are kept inside with a soldier in place until they determine what is going on. from around 5:35 a.m., they open the car and found the contents inside the bottle. here is the fremont police department talking about the bottle and what they plan to give the rest of the morning. >> we have determined that the chemical inside the car is hydrogen sulfide. it is hazardous and toxic if you are in a confined area like inside of the car. they will rent out the garage, apparently the gas will quickly dissipate. they will temporarily evacuate the building and then we will be able to go into it deal with the victim. >> the fremont police
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department will not even estimate how long this is least shutdowns serious this is civic center drive and still full of fire fighters. there is an ambulance on the scene and will be blocked off for the rest of the morning. the only thing operating on this stretch of road is right next door, kaiser is still open for business but the other businesses underneath the apartment building, there is no access. >>mark: it has been to add a half months since sierra lamar was last seen in there is still no trace of her. another skirt is scheduled to begin this morning. antolin garcia torres has been arrested in connection with her death, charged with murder but has not entered a plea. investigators say they found his dna on her possessions and her dna in his >> the reason they kept him
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under surveillance for so long was because one of the things we know about killers and of course he was suspected of killing her at that point, is that they frequently return to the scene of the crime. they do this for a variety of reasons. sometimes it is for evidence they have left behind. there have been many people over the years whose bodies were not found or, the body was found with no link to the offender fan. let's not forget, he has heard dna in his vehicle and the clothing they found faugh of hers has his dna. there is no link between the two and they did not know each other. 1 and won easily equals two. >>mark: garcia torahs is expected back in court tomorrow. >>justine: police are commenting this morning that a body found in a trash can
6:36 am
in pleasanton is not that of sierra lamar. police say they still cannot positively identified the woman. last the body was found inside of a 45 gal. plastic container near an upscale housing development. police are now investigating the incident as a homicide. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. we're expecting the states to be quite nice once we get there some clouds and fog. there is a wait at the bay ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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the most congested areas in the bay area. one of the heaviest concentration of existing metering lights. there are adding to that because of the demand and because of the problems and backups that they have been experiencing fleece similar fall will see more of these fourth ounce clear if this is the south of life. off they fear the northbound side is even worth of that will might get involved until the full fury if faith davis is very necessary and they're hoping it will cut down on traffic 550 fed. that may not sound like much but it is when there is a backup at the height of rush hour.
6:41 am
today is san jose davis. the >>darya: itself a city has been named among the top 10 places in the country to raise children to. sunnyvale came in at no. 7 on kipling his list of family friendly cities in the u.s.. the national business and finance magazine considered metropolitan cities that have good schools, low crime is a curious little low percentage of kids under 18. they also targeted cities were high incomes were not overcome by high cost of living expenses. number one on the list was omaha, nebraska. if you're trying to get the kids ready for school we will keep posted with weather and traffic signals they have to bundle up or wear shorts to take these and walnut creek would definitely say go with shorts. traffic is nice and light.
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will be wrecked.
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>>mark: troubled her sendero came on shore as a tropical storm to mornings ago. heavy rains and flooding and georgia and now moving up the carolinas. is moving just offshore expected to strengthen once again into a tropical storm later today. that will move of the carolina coast. ha wind gusts over 50 mi. per hour are expected. >>darya: mother nature in full force near oklahoma city. it is a hailstorm. some of the pieces were reported to be as big as 4 1/4 inches. the storm did a lot of damage and not that windows from cars. we will show you vehicles that still have a glass and them shattered by the large pieces of pale thing came down in oklahoma city. let's get a look at our
6:46 am
weather. a pretty nice day. " >>mark: sunshine already coming down. we're looking pretty it would temperatures slowly warming up. more 50's than 40's. here's a look at how mr. bush is look on the map. colder to adjust to the north. santa rosa in the mid-40s, napa in the upper 40's. there are some parts of the east bay in the upper forties as well. otherwise, low 50s. it is cloudy at the close the clear inland. eventually, a clear conditions along the downtown area. it will probably have to be closer to 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. before we get some good clearing. by noon, 60s along the coastline and upper portions of the peninsula with 70 degree weather stretching into the bay and inland as well. as we advanced the clock to 3:00 he will see inland spots near the dull stuff, we run the chance of being in the upper 80s, near 90
6:47 am
degrees. in the next graphic, and antioch, 87 this afternoon. do not be surprised if there is what is warmer than that. the warmest locations will probably be in the east. the second warmest in the south bay. the mid-upper seventies. santa rosa is that the 80 degree mark with napa coming in at about 83 as well. all in all a nice, clear day. take a look at thursday, mid-70s around the bay, upper 80s and low 90s for the warmest spots and when. it will be toasty the temperatures will come back out on friday and be more comfortable during the weekend. we'll have that in your 7 day around the bay coming up in the next update. here's a check of your commute on this thursday morning. >>george: not only are we
6:48 am
not tracking any hot spots, but we're looking at a great commute on the bay bridge. the metering lights have been active for a half an hour but we can still see the end of a backup. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good, no problems there. the golden gate, a little bit foggy if that is not on the deck and will not slow your trip across the stand. it is still an easy ride through marin county. here's a look at the traffic maps. below this line of the lower east shore freeway just before the 580 large, 680 and to walnut creek looks good, so does the right through the san ramon valley, out westbound 580, a typical slowly as you head into livermore coming from the optima past. we still have a street closure in fremont along civic center drive from stevenson to fremont. that will continue for a while. this will affect a lot of people driving to and from the bart station. the south bay freeways,
6:49 am
we're picking up some slowing but is still a normal and easy ride. >>mark: the dow jones is down almost 8 percent, down one a 22. as it stands right now. the dallas of over 852 points for the month of may. -- the dow is off over 852 points for the month of may. >>darya: a 30 day jail sentence for the man accused of using its a video camera to spy on his gay roommate. he is starting his jail term despite prosecutors' appealing his 30 days sentence. he was convicted of biased intimidation and invasion of privacy in spying on his roommate who later committed suicide.
6:50 am
he did say they he was sorry for what he is calling a thoughtless, insensitive, image for and a tireless choices. >>mark: milky cabrera continues his hitting always. buster posey had two different rbis leaving the giants to victory over the diamondbacks for a second game in a row. the reliever pick up the win. cabrera finished with three hits a passably mes for the second most productive month in san francisco giants history. he is one side of the record set in 2005. the giants have one game remaining this month. they have won 12 of 18 games in may. tim lincecum is struggling but takes the mound tonight at 5:00 p.m.. the oakland a's are up 2-0 heading into the ninth when josh with him hit a three run homer to win the game.
6:51 am
only four hits were allowed in six innings but finished with a no decision. oakland has lost seven games in a row. the twins have the worst record in the league. game 3 of the series is this morning. >>darya: as if the losing streak was not bad enough, you're losing to the worst team. >> when it comes to crosswalks, the law is black and white, if someone is between the white wines, they have the right way. as stanley roberts shows us, there is no shortage of people behaving badly. >>stanley: all 81 on foot is the ability to cross the street in a crosswalk without the fear of getting hit by a car or truck. cox that is unless they are behind the wheel. then, they do not care any more. maybe it is because they're too busy doing other things like putting on mascara or eating lunch. there is a reason crossing the street at this
6:52 am
intersection is a risky at best. for example, the man in a motorized wheelchair is in the crosswalk, but watch. or, this guy. a look ahead, the lead cars have plenty of time to stop. they do not. then, this white car appears to speed up, to be the man walking. what was his rush? to get gas. i cannot hold the drivers totally responsible. apparently, distracted walking while trying to cross could be a problem. one might tend to think that crossing a busy road like woodside would require your full attention. if you had distracted walker's and distracted drivers at the very same busy crosswalk, it is just a matter of time.
6:53 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. here is a live look outside on this wednesday morning. we're watching the fog and waiting for it to break up. focuses
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>>erica: i am following the top trending stories around the web this morning. it looks like everyone is talking about mitt romney. yesterday he clinched the republican presidential nomination. he won the texas primary last night pushing them over the 1144 delegates needed. feet will be in the bay area for a fund-raiser later tonight. justin bieber is being investigated. police are looking into whether or not he went overboard after a physical confrontation with a photographer ness leading him to be injured. the teen idol could face up to six months in jail. tiger woods was in san francisco today. he played a quick practice
6:57 am
round at the olympic club before heading to dublin, ohio for this week's memorial tournament. he posted a big deal on his personal web site and described the course as firm in fantastic. if you want to discuss what is trending, head of my facebook fan page. >>mark: the fda has a warning for people who purchase adderroll on line, warning they could be faked. right now there is a shortage of the drug because of a lack of active ingredients in a growing demand. fees this fda warning is about a counterfeit version of the 30 mg adderroll. the tablets are being sold with the wrong active ingredients. the six bills have ingredients for acute pain but not the amphetamines used to treat narcolepsy and a phd. >>darya: we have a lot more ahead, we are taking you back to the scene of this hazmat investigation into suicide in fremont that forced a shelter in place at an apartment building.
6:58 am
a house fire in oakland overnight into the crews are popping up overnight. the dow was down. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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