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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 30, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> good morning on this wednesday morning. >>darya: stock is plummeting. the presidential hopeful mit romney has a lot that his party's nomination. the market is down in early trading. it is off 144 points. >>mark: there is a breaking news is where fire fighters are on the scene at an
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apartment building. will tran is a life. there is that half met -- that sector has been lifted. about 645 this morning they lifted the shall and remove the yellow tape this started at 130 am. man went downstairs and the love for its life. that had only looked for his wife karen karen east lots this car the car of his wife in a distant parking spot
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there is a small bottle and the car and the wife was dead there was an open bottle and they thought that it could've been a poisonous gas. it was hydrogen sulfide which is potentially they'd all in a small compartment like a car. they are not sure if that is reggie died from here in everything is clear croupier. people can come and go. it appears that there no children >>james: we're looking at coastal fog this morning purines the '40's and '50's are are overall temperature
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right now. if chippy sunny in the afternoon but the winds will not be as strong as yesterday's we will look at that in this 7 day around the bay in a little bit. >>george: there are no hot spots around area right now. the east bay even the things they're building up there is really relatively light traffic. it is a good ride. south bay things here building up. the peninsula is a light traffic. >>darya: 7 03, a cruiser cleaning up the house fire in oakland. it is 7 at 3:00 a.m..
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the two-story victorian building was already on fire. there was a person in the basement and they did get out ok. we are trying to figure out whether that person was a squatter or whether they were there legally. they are still investigating. >>mark: mirkirimi is facing immense contract charges. they're trying to decide what did they are going to relive the misconduct charges or whether they're going to reinstate him. he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after bruising his wife saw on on news the. >>darya: the body found in
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the trash can last week is not the body of sierra lamar. they found a woman's body on thursday last week inside at a plastic container near an upscale housing developopment. people are investigating this is a homicide. >>justine: the laptop computers were stolen from a nap elementary school. this happened between there is a am monday. the suspect or suspects or simply entered through a classroom. right now police are investigating. >>darya: now let's take a look at this is in 2012. romney will be in the bay area at this fresh off of his victory from clinching
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the republican nomination. the visit is being overshadowed by donald trump who continues to question whether president obama was born in the west. >> trumped-many people do not think this person did it was authentic. there many of the things it came out. >>darya: a back on to rummies fund-raiser, the elder of this man gen is most a this fund-raiser. at $50,000 per plate. >>mark: the dow was up 150 points as today and today is
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down 132 points. the dallas down 12,00448. the doubt -- the dow jones has lost over five airplanes since the beginning of this month. blackberry stock is down in. it hired j.p. morgan and they're gonna lookit about weddings and strategies. the social net were, facebook is planning to expand their campus. they're looking to double their employment. the stock was the all-time
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low at $29 per share. right now facebook is up to $29.49. >>darya: let's take a peek at the cloud cover ove
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>>mark: begins at the foundation's that created for the tower all tests have
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been passed in irian that structure is 100 percent safe. each supporting column has passed the tests. >>darya: we will be right back. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid.
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jay-z end >>justine: >>james: the clouds everyone will enjoy a warmer day.
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santa rosa is at 48. there warmer temperatures in concord and antioch and the mid fifties. livermore is 52. san jose is in the '50s. we're with afternoon highs and going to fall. santa clara 79. san jose 80. were looking at antioch 87. al on the shoreline has or will be 70. san francisco will be 65. berkeley will be 69.
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of 77 per san rafael. it will be a nice sunny warm day. the weather only gets morning as we had to tamara. there's they will be our warmest day of the week. we're expecting the highs '70s and possibly eighties and nineties in the space. let's take a look at next week. we have a cool down ahead. let's go to george for traffic. >>george: that pretty much describes it because it is hot spot for a period here is our project. we can still see that end up of what little back up there is. sam detail bridge as been problem free.
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101 southbound you can see from fog in the air but it is not on the deck. we have looked up a little slowing for 680 southbound. here the 580 ride slowly but from dublin dicasts joe valley looks straight from dublin to castro valley looks fine. in the south bay where we had been looking at a moderately heavy traffic conditions, that things are pretty good right now even 101 north belt. >>mark: now we are talking about meeting -- to me
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during license that will be turned on soon. >>craig: these were installed at i to 80. this is one of the most heavily concentrated at meeting lights. they hope that putting these and will reduce the problems with traffic. this is defilade an area that backs up. in the fall airport to be putting some in on the northbound side of 280.
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there'll be more leading lights consol all of the bay area. we will see how the work this afternoon. >>darya: the address where down everett the memorial day weekend compared to this time last year. the holiday crackdown led from friday until monday night. >>mark: the tech worker was expected to lead a female
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patient in the back of the developmental center and exposed himself. the patient is said to have a mental capacity of four europe. the patient remains to the care center. and the tech is having a raiment. >>mark: there is a halt in nation where they bound to residents and covered up their heads. the victim's are the owners of a bay area casino. they believe that they were targeted. that the was very selective on what they took. >>darya: here is the bank robbery suspect. piquancy him relatively clearly in this picture. he is 510 to 6 ft. tall and
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has a large mall. we'll take a live look outside. does a lot going on around the bay right now. what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
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>>darya: founder is looking to be extradited to sweden. two women said that he insulted that in 2010 when he met this week to release the u.s. military documents. sweden officials do when the talk to him. he is fighting extradition. >>mark: the former rutgers university students that use a web cam on to fell has caber may wusses sentences -- it will be starting his third a sentence. he was convicted of an invasion of privacy.
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he said that he this sorry for has bought less, and sensitive, as stupid and childish source. >>darya: rescue crews have removed the last body that was and a collapse factory after the earth quake that hit italy. ♪ ♪
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darya that >>darya: authorities are investigating a hazardous material is said in a frame or a woman was found dead in a car with a open vial. facebook is talking about expanding and men running will be in the area for a fund-raiser. >>james: most of the fog is mostly at the beaches and the north bay.
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so there is coastal fog this morning and of the sunny afternoon. tamara's the warmest day a week of the week and expected to get up a rigid nineties. this will be to market and in the weekend will be cooler and mild. >>george: we're looking apple more traffic around the bay area but the bay bridge is find their you can see the drive time as a around 11 to 12 minutes. east bay as moderate and this out well as modern as the peninsula is a lot lighter and north bay is still light. a system giving smith for 101 southbound in irian. things are still moving
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slowly smoothly 4101 southbound. >>darya: jackie sizzle is live taking a look at what is going on. >>jackie: they're about one dozen groups that will be protesting the can see a large amount of security. this is in the dublin area right off of 580. many of the protesters shares and will allow them to go inside the meeting. this people will be explaining to the shareholders and board of directors appointed you.
7:32 am
other -- people from other countries are upset because they feel like chevron is wrong and is plotting and i met. the police say that their average traffic control. the shareholders meeting is supposed to begin at 8:00 a and this is see this morning. hopefully they will not disrupt the meeting but that will go in and be heard. >>mark: crews are still cleaning up this one alive house buyer and oakland. firefighters got a call about 415 in the morning. he can see the flames were shooting out of this two- story victorian home. the hamas opposes the bacon but a person was found in
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the basement. they were napa -- they were not injured. there the determining whether this person is a squatter or >> antolin garcia-torres was arrested for sierra lamar is dead. they said that his dna was on sierra's possessions and her dna inside his car. we're talking to the fbi to find out whether the murder charges of what are likely to hold a. >> one of the things that we know about killers they frequently return to the scene of the crime. sometimes it is a look evidence that they have left behind some time is to relive the event.
7:34 am
sometimes there has been bodies that are found that have no connection to the offender but the person was still found guilty. her dna was in his vehicle. her clothes at his dna on them. what is new-line usually equals two. garcia-torres is expected back in court to bar for his arraignment. >>darya: the female body found in the barrel on thursday was not the body of sierra lamar. police are looking at this as a homicide. >>justine: facebook executives are hoping that the company's first office-
7:35 am
the opposite end place of this and the voice the giveaways >>darya: let's get a live look outside. if you're in is at its is the incoming this way can see that is a great start to this day. the clouds are lifting.
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>> the national weather is fraught with tropical storm beryl. you can see it right there is expected to strengthen
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back up to a tropical storm. it is expected to dump up to 6 in. of rain on the carolinas. mother nature was in full force last night in oklahoma and city. the hail storms were -- the hailstones were as large as four square inches. the storm passed windshiled around area. >>darya: sunday about california came in no. 7 and no less of a family friendly cities. it was sunnyvale came in at no. 7.
7:40 am
>>mark: toy at a previous is the best selling car on the focus in. >>darya: it is 740 and we will be back with more. let's take a live look now at the golden gate bridge. the traffic looks heavy but is moving fine.
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>> >>james: there mild temperatures right now. it is mostly in the fifties around area was below 48 is set to rise up. that is the picture right now. the cloud cover will pull back and it will start to enjoy some warmer temperatures. we will see that the area and orange will have grown at a little bit by the 3:00 timeframe.
7:44 am
and you can see that in the east bay be as high as 90. 83 set 85 degrees for the san ramon valley. napa will be warmer still at 83. if you are in downtown san francisco today you'll be looking for the mid-60s. temperatures climb as we head into tomorrow. we will be in the 90 degree mark and maybes we will see some mid-90s. things will cool down as we head into the beginning of next week. let's go to george for the traffic. >>george: we are looking at a hot spot free ride.
7:45 am
there is very little back up at the bay bridge. if you're heading to the bay bridge look forward to a good ride. here is your route for -- ride for 101 southbound year there is a back up the presidio parkway heading down to the signal right to possess signal light. there is a little slowing in the south 680 ride to the signal a gray. we just watched the senses the update. a leader not the drive times are about by and it's better than usual. but marin county is running
7:46 am
at about 22 minutes down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: hi gary a half still love a good milky way. your >>gary: five guys dressed up as milkmen. they're talking about the cabrera last night passes let willie mays with most hits by giant. >>darya: tonight, timmy is back. i am not point to go there.
7:47 am
>>gary: the data set time phrenic names. >>darya: we are still trying to get rich. >>gary: a loss in one game the entire season. he said that the mars says seo would-be -- cso would be pitching better. >>dan: what about predictions with the oakland a's.
7:48 am
last >>gary: last night was the absolute worst. it read had to nothing, two outs in the last inning and willingham hits a home run and that's it. visibly the other top of the worst losses ever. and nice start. at the end of the day it you don't spend the money, the boss that you are being competitive in really good is pretty done.
7:49 am
let the in the go on dr. phil. >>darya: i thought that was appointed to run him around. but now he gets fired from the indoor football league. why would you do it. what this de all with indoor football league was pretty sweet. why would your berlin that? . >>gary: i'm sure he did not put any money into the team but he had a stake in the team,-and not san no child-
7:50 am
support he has enough money to pay them all. >>darya: he get fired and they cited a couple other things. even though it aeons part of the team they are firing him and they have child-support problems. >>gary: i can't believe but told to go on dr. phil. i say this all the time. he need to pick and choose to your heroes are. these guys and not the worst guys in the world but they
7:51 am
gave used to being pampered and catered to. >>darya: this week as you like a guy for selena that does not mean he should be a personal role model. >>darya: positively. >>gary: i'm not gonna go wild over a 25 year-old personally >>darya: tony parker is a good player and when they split it is team as it seemed that.
7:52 am
this 20 straight for them. >>gary: these guys again be tough to beat because they are real team. >>darya: will see in gary. back a minute.
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>>mark: the food and drug administration is warning people that i at brought on line that it could be fake. adderall--the fate tablets do have something for pain
7:56 am
but they did not have the and it remains for treating a phd. >>darya: the sea is point to decide this is a trackpad. but his putting them on the san francisco mayor scabbed nissen. he said that the goggles were incredibly clear. >>erica: it looks like everyone is talking about mit romney. is in there i thought at spelled america wrong. this is a lot of people rolling their eyes this morning.
7:57 am
there isn't that the proposal. the man lost the ring what can it be to florida. a couple let a $5,000 tip bought a $25 dinner when they found at the there waiter had lost his car. >>mark: chevron's stockholders are here on live on the scene. there are protesters on the scene to. there is a house fire and wall street is down. we will have more on the stories when kron 4 news returns.
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but then i facebook get @ to expand their operation president's so helpful bit rocky has locked up this party nomination. the markets are down. we will look at some of the factors for the big drop on wall street. >>darya: will tran is on a developing story in fremont this morning. >>will: there'shere the woman in her car is the outside. there was an hasidism materials alert initially. it started weather in the morning when a man goes out to check on his wife. the mayor apparently earlier in the day they had an argument.
8:01 am
we guess that's there's a looks park are. is it different markets but did you what happens in the car and notices that the woman is dead already. there is an open bottle next to her. i and the windows cheapo's design is set poisonous gas. the hazardous materials people were here sense early this morning. they determined that it was added to sulfide it is they know it is in a small we are not sure whether this is the reason that she died. that will have to be determined by autopsy. she is still under. more partly people can come and go in either direction.
8:02 am
why did early in for an apparent suicide? it is because she was in the backseat it was clear to send it to collect. i >> but does it you did it curious about the chemical, can get it anywhere? apparently you can create yourself. the recipe is on the internet. if you come up with the ingredients to go public created itself. by the way her name is not being released this at this time. >>darya: thanks allot will. does it change the weather. >>james: in the money they're mostly cuts the fog.
8:03 am
the san afternoon even warmer and the evening will be up mild. the b-1 the temperatures of the next few days. let's get traffic. >>george: there is is at the traffic for your cutter costa ride. there are no incidents this is normal traffic. highway 4 in the west of traction we have almost a break free ride in irian there is a little sluggish traffic in pittsburgh.
8:04 am
the drive time is 40 minutes and it should be about 32 minute drive. >>mark: here is a scene in oakland this morning. crews are ready and one allot house fire. they got a call at 5415 this morning. the building was in custody bay in vacant. they got a call about 4:15 a.m.. the reason for the fire is under investigation. the woman's body fat in the trash can last week >>darya: was a woman found inside a 45 gal. plastic container last thursday was not sierra lamar. that investigators are treating it as a homicide. >>mark: mit romney will be in the bay area today.
8:05 am
romney's primary win in texas today kristin pass the amount of the disney. -- the am now of the delegates that he needed. donald trump had exchanged with the cn and person. that donald trump-let me this of the let me tell you this.
8:06 am
donald trump has major concerns about president obama's are the announcement. there were the extent days between donald trump and that the end end anchor. anchored in irian cnn >> is europe, his adviser had said -- obama's advisers say that massachusetts suffered under riley is leadership.
8:07 am
>>justine: a mass of wild fire any mexico is the largest fire in the state's history. it is in new mexico. it is the largest fire that is burning in the country right now. this fire has destroyed a dozen homes. >>darya: will be back in a few minutes. take a look at the fog on the golden gate bridge.
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8:10 am
>>justine: here is a shot of the uss iowa. this ship less emphasis on saturday. it is about to become a museum. it is going to be anchored about 6 mi. off sort the as offshore. it will undergo a routine cleaning. it will then open up as a
8:11 am
museum. the uss iowa is on the move. >>mark: the dow is down under and 34 points today. there are concerns about what is happening in europe and there are also some concern said same will beam and having the same problems as greece. now a chevron is down. struggling like very maker -- black very maker appeared are going to be
8:12 am
having layoffs. they're hiring j.p. morgan to help we about the way the plan. >>darya: facebook just got the approval to expand their campus. we would be back with more in just a couple of minutes. it is a 12:00 a.m.. it is 8:12 a.m..
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a leading consumer publication. >> >>darya: the safe seat at the newsstand of the bay bridge is under suspicion. it local newspapers say that a 19 ft. section of concrete was had not hardened by the time it was tested. two of the 13 concrete piles or inadequately tested. >> british spokesman-they
8:16 am
have taken a challenging topic and trying to oversimplify. we can say that the foundations that were placed for the tower suspension bridge past every tested. each tower that supports the portion of bridge has been tested we can ensure that that part of the bridge is one of the present state. >>darya: were appointed james. >>james: it is pretty mild out here right now. there is some haze to low cloud cover. we are seen plenty of sunshine inland. fairfield is getting near the 60 degree point. antioch is 64 degrees.
8:17 am
57 in san jose. it is a little warmer and oakland. seven cisco's 51. santa rosa is 53. this after an end will be everywhere from 76 to 80 degrees. obi 80 in san his st. -- it will be 80 in san jose and evergreen. the 85 in pittsburgh 87 antioch what you had to this central valley and it will be the 90 degree weather. san francisco were
8:18 am
expecting 65 it oakland 71. santa rosa will be 18 napa will be 83. let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay. we will be looking for a handful of 90 degree weather around area. saturday and sunday will cool off and then will it cool a lot more as we head into next week. >>george: here's what traffic. it is not highway for heading the 680. you a seat slow traffic into and out of walnut creek. the highway for ride was found is the hot spot. we're looking to sell traffic from 160 to 242.
8:19 am
it is where the sea that traffic come out to 680. this drive time is still running at about 40 minutes. it is the slowest ride in the bay area. let's take a look of the bay bridge and was down commute. it is that a great to ride all morning. there have been no delays the san mateo bridge ride is also a good one this morning. as we would expect, this is an heaviest traffic time for the golden gate bridge. you can see a sluggish approach to the toll plaza. you will see it had made from just set south of the toll plaza and heading to the tunnel and then the doyle drive.
8:20 am
>>darya: downtown san jose on interstate 280 we're putting media likes -- put seeing me during me to ring a license the leiter not a pretty here yet. >>will: they will not speak turned on until rush hour. they're doing this to reduce the amount of trash that traffic back up about 6%. the fall they will be installing that lights on the other side of 280.
8:21 am
expect to see more meter lights in the future. >>darya: we should probably expect to see more police as people get used to the learning curve. they scrag in >> and >>mark: idi why restaurant down. san francisco is the 27 arrested. the 42 last year. san clara went from 144 to 80 this year. sunol had an increase at 43 laughter and 53 it this year. that was from friday night to monday morning.
8:22 am
>>darya: the time is a 20 what will the back with more. let's take a live look out side at the city hall in san francisco. it is looking like it's getting a little sunshine. we will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
>>mark: we're watching the tropical depression beryl.
8:25 am
it came this to the shore this morning. it is starting to make its way off storm -- offshore and turn into a straw or tropical storm in the ocean. we're keeping our eye on tropical depression beryl which is expected to become a tropical storm again. for in a quarter inch wide hale causes damage in oklahoma city. piquancy the windshiled and card damage. -- you can see the windshiled and card damage. >>james: the be the upper 80s it antioch and livermore.
8:26 am
i gain time it will be 58 degrees and sunny and cool with the winds west at 10 mi. per hour >>darya: this agreement today for a long time site psychiatric care worker. he is suspected of leading a female patient into the bathroom at of this and now the development center and exposing -- exposing himself to her. she has the capacity of a four euro. he is arrested and the female remains at the care center. >>mark: was a halt the invasion. they found it to residents
8:27 am
to cover their heads. they were massing gloves. it was elected about what they actually took from the house. that all the victims were all orders of the cassini of. we believe this is a target a break in. >>darya: here is a picture of a bank robber walked in the bank of america lafayette and handed them a note. it is clear on the banks to fail. his bike and a 6 the in as a large mall is reggie. >>mark: real return in just two minutes. record to take a look outside. we're above the fog from mt. tam cam. james that is telling is that it will warm up to date. back a minute.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>darya: a 29 a m in the
8:30 am
stories that we're falling are a hazard as the trail from end an apartment building. when a woman is apparently committed suicide it would poison. facebook is looking to expand it was approved. in that run is in the area. >>mark: let's get james for the weather. james. >>james: there is blue skies was sunshine coming down. even the coss will enjoy it when it comes this afternoon. when you get at inland you will get into the upper 80s. then this weekend will cool down. we will have a full forecast
8:31 am
straight ahead. >>george: we have cleared out all the red between concord in walnut creek. the highway for ride which at last check was almost solid at it from 160 at and iraq has much improved. you can see the absences of red and the big space is at green. it is then reduced to about 33 minutes which is more typical this kind of area here >>darya: says it tense suicide where police had discovered house of israel with >>will: acid is materials company have the-union has,
8:32 am
in pin inside the park complex is a woman who died this morning apparently committed suicide they get the documents of this apartment, plot lacks in a shelter until they determine what was wearing on. that is where they found the car with the poison is accurate here is what it planned to give the rest of the morning. >> they have determined that the gases that the car as hydrogen sulfide which is toxic in a confined area like as is the card. . the gas dissipates it is not hazardous to anybody. we're going to back away a portion of the building temporarily while we air the
8:33 am
gas out and it will go into with the victim and the deceased and the card. >>will: you're not sure how long this particular area will be set up. will be blocked out until about 11:00. this is a very busy road in fremont. kaiser is open for business but the other businesses and out of it. will tran, kron 4 news. >>justine: of glen police reported that a man was carjacked a gun point, as a wet and driven to a different location. this is what i is suppose street. this is sought by industry. we're not sure how the victim is doing.
8:34 am
this is done i tell stree >>mark: this is a house fire in oakland. you can see the fret flames shooting at a this two-story victorian. the list was to be vacant. there was somebody in the basement. it were an injured. that trend of vigor out what it is as this water or a resident. >>darya: suspended share of ross mirkirimi is lending his first hearing in the last two weeks. member army faces misconduct charges. here is as your ride less accurate there decide to up all the charges and remove him of office or reinstate him. the commission said that the recommendation of the industry that evidence.
8:35 am
he has been extended without pay since march. >>mark: the dow was up 153 points yesterday and is down today 150 points right now. it is a result it was happening to the ring. is it fear that spain is when it go the same path as greece. facebook shares are up a penny but they are at $28.85. this is two weeks after zuckerberg herb was name one the fourth richest men and then on our it but he is falling off that pedestal very quickly.
8:36 am
. sucker board -- zuckerberg has lost over $4 billion in the last few days. >>darya: this man was accused of being insulted the that's accused of assaulting two women in sweden. sweden once to talk to them in irian it is fighting extradition. his 14 days to appeal the extradition this weekend. >>mark: the managing a wet can despite is to remain well be the beginning is that a sense. he appeared in court today. his starting in his jail
8:37 am
term despite the his attorney trying to reduce his sentence. this buying on his gator may after which the room may jumped off of area bridge. he said the start for his amateur's to bit and chinese forces. >>darya: the pre as is the world's third highest selling car. >>mark: we'll be right back as the kron 4 news they still look at at the mt. tam cam. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon
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8:40 am
>>mark: welcome back to the kron 4 not morning news. the dow john's is down 137 today. we have a portfolio manager johnny is today. >> un it is all about europe and the european bond market.
8:41 am
>>mark: we saw a cost rise today. some >> spain is 626% -- sixth got 6 percent -- spain's barring interest rate is going up. the ways it greece is well spain default on their debt? the european governments would do everything in their power to prevent that from happening but there is some scary stuff going on. i do not see it being as at as greece right now but spain is certainly bad.
8:42 am
markets accord to be we can still there is some kind of durable solution to this european problem. the southern countries like italy spain and greece will no longer be able to stay in the euro but whether the northern countries would disband it is another issue. they're great can sense that parts of the euro " resolved. -- dissolve. >>mark: we will be right back with more at kron 4 news.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> >>justine: here is was just entered his the president is signing a reauthorization of the export import bank. it looks like he is just leaving the podium.
8:46 am
the fact that banks renewals and saying that it plays an important part to save american jobs and help them sell their products around the world. we're watching live as the president is we authorizing the export import bank. >>darya: steady at california is on the list of the best places to raise children. sunnyvale is no. 7. than that for good schools and high incomes that were not outdone by high costs. all hot nebraska was the number one place. -- all hot nebraska
8:47 am
>> facebook is now $28.84. >>mark: let's get gate. >>gabe: regulators are kicking face when -- facebook when they are down. the commission sent a second request to provide large amount of data is to sit through to make sure it is not have problems complying with antitrust law. facebook has straps so low. this is have a big impact on the taxing. at the rye, the stock price this started at two high.
8:48 am
i'd think they recognize that there was to be more troublesome than rush to the market to try to bear a high price. of course the market caught on to what happened in is falling down to something that is much more reasonable. there is not much difference between this and a con. i believe they sold a lot of people on the valley. i think this is gonna cause them -- i think this is contra costa them with their next release of stock to the market. gabe slate kron 4 news. >>darya: were learning more about kugels glasses. kugels co-founder is showing off the technology.
8:49 am
that is a track pad that allows you to navigate pit this is gavin isn't trying and on and he said that the google class is were incredibly clear. >>james: we have clear visibility on mount mt. tam cam. if you live along the coast , he will get some of the sunshine before too much longer. at 9:00 is partially cloudy with mild temperatures. it is widespread 50 degrees across the area. were doing well.
8:50 am
more sunshine by the noon hour. the temperature would develop like this from noon on. -/
8:51 am
>> >>george: this is the amount of the best cammies for the bay bridge in quite sometime. we are currently not tracking any other hot spots. here is the golden gate bridge. the ride on one a one south
8:52 am
bound has for about the last half hour been sluggish in irian this is the peak of the 101 traffic. it is sluggish through the presidio park we all down to the new doyle drive. let's take a look at the freeway maps been that take a look at 580 was down looking at the east bay. 680 south through the san ramon valley is find it there is that use sluggish spots around the dumbarton bridge and a change. and if you on the 10192 and is a change for the san mateo bridge. -- what a 1-92 interchange pit >>mark: that bay area sports is milky cabrera is getting
8:53 am
is 467 hits for the season. he is getting three hits he is one bit shy of the record set by randy wint in 2005. the struggling oakland a's will see if we can come -- bounced back. at the end of the game the elia allowed four hits and six n innings. the guns fall to the bottom of the ninth. they lost the game from a
8:54 am
already been hit at the end of the last one of the last inning. >>mark: maybe the a's will start will bounce back. they had such a good start this season. >>darya: we have a lot more ahead here on the kron 4 morning news. let's take a look outside at the golden gate bridge. we will be right back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> >>justine: welcome back to the kron 4 morning is. it looks like everyone is talking about space x. it signed the first commercial contract to launch the world's largest commercial rocket.
8:58 am
zuckerberg honeymoon our end italy. this is system -- jessicas this testing is sam sent is introducing her baby on front of people magazine. we will be back in a minute. >>
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>mark: facebook gets to go and have to expand canada's even as the stock plummets him >>darya: when running tantau. mit romney is and how it will tell you where he will be.
9:01 am
>>mark: the dow jones industrial average's drop the hundred and 42. picks >>darya: police and fire are is right-hand lane at hazardous material kentish and suicide. record to will. >>will: this woman became everybody else's problem when they discovered her body about 130 in the morning. they're doing is they are focusing on the parking garages. see is still at inside and our car is still inside. this happened about one- third a.m. this morning. she is inside that car unresponsive apparently dead already. there is a little bottle next occurred.
9:02 am
she posed a sign on the window that said poison. they conducted air samples about 5:00 this morning. that is when they determined that the material inside the car is not explosive. if you need to come down here. they're calling this a. suicide not outplay are murdered. they said because of the day that you're in the backseat of burkhart. said they did not find any signs of foul play him back to darya. >>darya: darya are you
9:03 am
saying that the amount in the car is dangerous for the entire apartment building? >>will: it is hydrogen sulfide, it is a rotten egg smell. but in a small compartment in can be fatal. we do not know whether she died because of the guests. amid they do not know if she died for other reason. but that amount of gas in that little card could be potentially fatal this. this is why they to get worse case scenario and brought in the hazardous materials team. this gas quickly dissipates in the air. >>mark: let's start with the weather forecast. >>erica: we are looking o'clock cover around area.
9:04 am
right now the temperatures are sitting in the '50s for the most part. afternoon will be sunshine and even warmer. there will be mild conditions into the evening. we wish to your afternoon highs later on. >>george: we have some lingering slow traffic conditions in this out a clear we're looking at high b-17 was slow traffic back the accident. it's 19 minutes to downtown san jose. >>darya: protesters from around the bay and about the world are in front of this chevron stockholder meeting. as doctors -- the
9:05 am
stockholders are meeting at company headquarters. protests there's the that the freshmen like dizzy in pay attention to the property-tax appeals. we need this month for basic services. >>darya: said the ride has had a tough here abroad. there is a 18 bay in our judgment -- in brazil there were criminal charges and fined to get the company for oral spill. >>mark: romney's primary win in texas clenches the number
9:06 am
of delegates needed to get the nomination. there is a fund-raiser hosted for romney was costs $50,000 to attend. there is a ladies' lounge and a palette out of but that is just $1,000 a plate. this is a paul october -- palo alto. mr. bauman is saying that under rummy the massachusetts a company that this economy suffered. >>justine: google just announced what is squinty
9:07 am
integrate local restaurants give their more than 35,000 the be is. this last one will be available and more than 60 languages. in. started today. >>darya: facebook is just got the okay to expand their headquarters that will mean that will be able to double the employee amount irian facebook stock closed it was a low of about $29. right now it is it down to $20 for sure.
9:08 am
let's go to the dow jones you can see. the dow was off by 153 points. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
9:09 am
on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price.
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our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with nearly 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >>mark: welcome back tears to a half months since margaret hillis teenagers sierra lamar disappeared. -- more than hill teenagers sierra lamar disappeared.
9:11 am
investigators said that they better garcia-torres is dna on her clothing en sierra lamar is dna in his car. >>darya: there is a woman was found thursday in large barrel. her remains of the term and not to be sierra lamar. and that investigators are treating this is the homicide there are continuing as we will be right back.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
m.l. come back to the kron 4 morning news >>mark: was black is joining us to cut the discuss the market. >>rob: >>mark: and nothing debt the blackberry is having problems. what's wrong with this company >>rob: apple is killing them. apple is as a better product.
9:15 am
of blackberry is not a good news extort does not have a good at store. this is a lesson for apple. be careful. companies can fall in this market. blackberry will probably put themselves up for sale or do a license agreement. they have been a book, make their phones more competitive. they never gave up power until was too late. the company tried to telegraph his expectations too high. warren buffett said he would not touch the stock with his
9:16 am
enemies money. that apple is coming out with a product it is not gonna be the i-phone 5 is going to be the apple television. i think it more portly kirkenes see fit it would need to continue to be developed. i did not a market that product until 2013. apple's is the flat 31. -- $531. i think it with a year to two years it could be close
9:17 am
to $1,000 a share. ipad penetration is right faster than the iphone. i have to disclose that i owed apple stock. >>mark: thanks rob. >>erica: . taking a look at conditions at the golden gate bridge. we're seeing a lot of cloud cover still. the temperatures of around area weakens the mountain view has a spike at 58. walnut creek on the way up
9:18 am
with the temperatures at 54 degrees. let's take a look at looks at 12:00 picks is this '70s along the coastline '60s at the very edges end eighties further inland. as we head into a three it looks like a lot of the war as stars of the lead which indicates a majority of eighties. this upper 70's for santa clara. in a flexed some of our warmer spots will be inland. 85 and hits hard 87 and antioch. the '70s for castro valley.
9:19 am
napa have an afternoon high at 83 degrees. napa will have at afternoon high there will be a warm-up as we head into tomorrows. will continue through the friday with a warming trend and then of the week it will close down a bit and it will continue to cool through the beginning of next week. >>george: 17 north that was a hot spot at a cleared up quickly. it must start a bit bridge a check. in the last hour and a half we had no backups at the bay bridge toll plaza.
9:20 am
if you take a look at the golden gate bridge ride it is just a little sluggish it had the ball on the presidio parkway leading down toward the doyle drive. let's take a look at the maps and what's going on in east bay. as tree look at the commute coming out of livermore it is like it's coming from all the not pass. marin has cleared out and southbound 101. >>darya: it slows you down
9:21 am
getting on to the highway but it keeps bees on the freeway continue to move. it the case of and better freeway speeds. of late that these new meter light and to 80 well help me that it has a right to. >>james: >>grant: >> this is the 11th street in east evening light. it is time for these men. meter light according to
9:22 am
caltrans. a few minutes it is beginning add up at the course that happen are to me. they try to see what they could do to make things more tolerable for motorists as traffic increases in this area. >>darya: like george said in this should make your commute's rather as ziggy strip. >>mark: ross and concerns that say the tests were not performed correctly on the new bay bridge. they say that the concrete had not hard at get before that tests were performed on them we talked it a caltrain representative pit
9:23 am
>> caltrain rep-this paper is take it a very challenging topic but i think there are some inaccuracies. the foundations that were placed for the tower have passed all of this as ice test. each and every one of the 13 pilots that are supporting this part of bridge have passed that that structure is 100 percent. >>mark: they're hoping to be open is about midday next year. >>darya: will the right back.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>darya: is 9:26 a.m.. there is the rain the day for a conference at
9:27 am
psychiatric worker accused of exposing himself to this is an economic development center. the patient to expose itself to has the mental capacity of four euro. the patient is fine and he is ready for ramekin >>mark: this person robbed the bank of america bank then lafayette. he is a fight at 6 ft. tall with a mole on his cheek. a this is an informational to please contact the lot get police. >>darya: we will be back in ♪ a minute.
9:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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[ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. and needs a different product. with so many choices, it always feels like you're just playing the odds. take the gamble out of stain removal. introducing resolve all-stains. the pre-treat that combines a chamber of oxygen formula with a chamber of enzyme formula in the same bottle. resolve removes all types of stains in the first wash. so whenever you do laundry, you'll always hit the jackpot. trust resolve. forget stains. and for a dollar off coupon, visit us on facebook. >>darya: the big stores right now are in fremont authorities are investigating as it is
9:30 am
materials investigation which apparently was a suicide. base but just got approval to expand operations. rodney is visiting this man gen for a fund-raiser. >>erica: you can see that the clouds of starting to then out. yes we will see my out temperatures out there. " be a little bit warmer in the afternoon. we will break down the numbers coming up. >>george: we're not tracking any hot spots right now. this then light traffic and the bay bridge all morning long. it's heavy for a number of south bay freeway is.
9:31 am
things are improving for the peninsula. >>justine: president barack obama has called ms. romney kate to congratulate him on securing the republican nomination. romney campaign also thanked the president and wished him and his family well. >>mark: the fun racing games or on. >> this is the mansion that this fund raiser will be held at this week is wednesday. is a 1914 65,000 square foot mansion.
9:32 am
gas will pay as much as $50,000 each to attend. these are already people that are committed to the romney campaign. this lady is the chair of the seven sisters republican party. the thought the bread walls and the trip the walls hang a picture of john and have conversations. it is a type club here in northern california. there will be a lady's luncheon in palo alto. and i think it is important that his reach the other we women. there is then an image in least in the media that he had a negative in image of women. he has done well with women in the last few weeks.
9:33 am
>> unlike the prissy hillsborough fund-raiser, the lunch and only requires at thousand dollar donation to attend. >>mark: click crews are cleaning up this was a live house buyer at mlk way this morning in oakland. when the ride they found a two-story victorian burning. the building was supposed to be vacant. a person is found in the basement. they're trying to determine if the person with this water. >>darya: please are investigating an apparent suicide which turned to into an extensive investigation woman was with inside a car with some chemicals.
9:34 am
will tran has been telling the story. >>will: the hazardous madam materials evacuation is no longer a place so people can come and go as they please. the weather in the morning the woman's husband goes down stairs, and sees his wife in the car in the back seat with a little bottle necks are. there is a sign posted on her window this stated poisonous gas. that's when they send out that as it is material steam. they find out this is a chemical this she made herself. it was after this and toxic.
9:35 am
this can be made with household chemicals. >>will: her name has not been released released at this time. earlier in the day they are arguing. he did not see here all day are all night purines in the are not releasing her name or her age. they're calling in with an apparent suicides. the public relations officer said it this time and looks pretty obvious that teacher on light. >>darya: ross mirkirimi is going to have his first at a commission hearing. he is entering to applause.
9:36 am
this is as he went to the meeting last night. this meeting is point to determine whether to uphold the charges or reinstate him a share. they agreed that the recommendation and be based on the strength of the evidence. mirkirimi a key senate false imprisonment which would argument on a busy with his white picket -- with his wife. >>mark: casillas have dropped. they are at half of where they were last year this time the housing market is near 80 volatile at this point.
9:37 am
here's a look at the bay. will be back a minute. if
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>darya: charles taylor who was convicted of war crimes is convicted n given 50 years in prison. the 60 year old is the first part is a convicted of war crimes since world war two. >>mark: the weekly leagues creator is being extradited to sweden in irian the visit is accused of lemon law of
9:41 am
assaulting two women license weeded share a u.s. secrets. >>mark: this boy is starting his jail tar of 30 days. he was convicted of bias intimidation an invasion of privacy as a spy on his roommate. his roommate killed himself as a result of this. he said that he is sorry and it even spotless and subtle as an amateur. >>darya: let's take a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. it is 55 degrees in a bottle. tomorrow is like to be the
9:42 am
hottest day of the week. we will be back in a minute. [ male announcer ] one taste of the new cherry berry chiller, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. ♪ so we created "chiller talk." ♪ made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. bringing together the natural sweetness of cherry and raspberry, for an ice-cold twist on fruit juice. here for a limited time only. new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. ♪
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>>mark: tropical depression beryl is making his way back out to sea. it is close to a tropical storm strength. page is down 6 in. of rain at the north sea south carolina. >>darya: there is a lot of pale coming down upon the city. some of the pieces were as big as four and one-quarter inches. many windshields and windows are not that shattered. let's go to our neck of the woods where the weather has been nice in come. >>erica: the take a look right now at the
9:46 am
temperatures as at the door. inlets like it's 53 degrees instead francisco. basilica had into the afternoon today we will see mostly sunny skies. 84 degrees expected in fairfield pleasanton and livermore. as a look at tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day of the week. woolsey 64 in san francisco but check out livermore is 86 degrees. as they advance the o'clock check at livermore is a 94 to greece.
9:47 am
to a season 99 the law in the delta. peace 66 expected first downtown sentences. as we head into the weekend we will see cooler conditions. were dealing with mostly sunny skies. as we start the next work week it will be mild. >>george: we are looking at a minor back up at the bay bridge for the first time in two hours. this is the heaviest crack get traffic is not at all is it. we're seeing just 11 little bit of traffic here. at the golden gate driven -- bridge drive we did see things peak the right now things are smoother. it is like this out of the
9:48 am
tunnel of the presidio parking. let's take our last lookit the road sensors. this will be like this done 80 of till about the noon hour. are was that bound highway for hot spot has cleared out. is it is a meter in dublin but the ride still looks good. this slowly area at the san mateo bridge and won a one in 92 should last just for a few minutes more minutes. >>justine: there's a group of gay and lesbian couples that have filed a lawsuit in san is unconstitutional for
9:49 am
this this state to say that they cannot get married. >>mark: the united nations is going to hold a the emergency sessions in libya. officials say the 21 nations agreed that domestic your was. the steering government said it will continue the investigation of the >>darya: rescue crews of the last body of a worker that was buried under collapsed building in italy. this is of the second earthquake in northern el italy in a week. he can see there was a lot of damage. then there is equate the
9:50 am
six. of the kill seven people this nine days earlier. they believe they have recovered all the victims. >>mark: they're showing that mrs. obama has 8 66.6 rating. a 66% rating. >> sunnyvale is seven of on the list of best cities 11 united states. nebraska came in first. all of nebraska is number one on the less.
9:51 am
let's take a look at the google class as they are developing. >>darya: see this side comment it as a trackpad and hit allows you to navigate a menu or a picture gallery on the lens of the glasses. the images were said to be incredibly clear. darya will be back with more in a couple of minutes. the dow jones is still suffering now is down 146 points. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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9:54 am
a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >>mark: cabrera get his 50th that of the month.
9:55 am
the prayer finished with three hits. the pass plays with the second most productive month in giants history. the giants still have a game left this month. there be a game this evening at 715. >>darya: the oakland a's in the last seven games straight. this is the worst team in early this year. for now. >>darya: kron 4 stanley
9:56 am
roberts shows you people behaving badly. >>stanley: anybody on football they want is the ability to cross the street in across what without having the fear being hit by a car at a crosswalk. unless there behind the car. in there too busy doing other things like putting on ms care or are eating lunch. when the man in a motorized wheelchair is in the crosswalk watch. or this guy who speeds ahead. then this white card appears this the of the be the man walking.
9:57 am
what was his last, at the gas. but they can to tell the driver is totally irresponsible. what my tended think they're walking a busy road like this would require your full attention. so you had distracted walkers and distracted drivers at the same is the cross bar is this a matter of time. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>darya: will be back into r f fuller. -- which will be back tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to irian mark >> doctor for -- dr. phil is up next.
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