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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>pam: they say he taser a woman at one of safeway and tried to attack another woman at another safeway. in both cases the women escaped unharmed. the san francisco sheriff larry smith says he worked at one of the stores and was considered a suspect. in may of 2009, he was arrested at a farmhouse owned by his mother in nearby san martino. deputies attempting to carry out a probation check on a residents say that he fought with them. one year later, he was back in handcuffs. this time, for felony assault. the arrest was at the same farm house where he assaulted a tenant that allegedly cannot pay rent. that is where is dna sample was taken.
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deputies say the dna match samples on the g-suit mature purse belonging to sierra lamar. it turned out not far from her home. his dna was also allegedly safe -- the dna of lamar was found in the car belonging to garcia torras. on the day of the murder, his mother said he was fishing at the reservoir. as >> the race is heating up, former massachusetts gov. mitt romney clinched the republican presidential nomination after his victory in texas. just off of his victory, romney is in the bay area for a high-tech fund-raising event. dan kerman has details. it baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba baba energy
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>> earlier today coming ladies luncheon hosted by mrs. romney. are >> here is a google earth in view of the chateau in hillsboro just east of interstate 280. it was built in 1914. this mansion, every once in awhile will open its doors for fund-raisers and charity benefits. fundraisers like tonight are a private here -- it is a single private family home. here's a closer look. it is a california historic
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landmark and it is on the national register of historic places. here is a picture from the fact of the home here half look at how high egos in the front. the 75 ft. high atrium is the highest enclosed space in a private home in the u.s.. tonight, mitt romney and some of his most generous donors will be in sight of that. >>jaqueline: sunny skies here and around the bay area. we did see a lot of fog along the coastline earlier today but it hasn't cleared. copper we will talk more on
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a cooling trend in we will look at how hot it is going to get tomorrow. >>pam: a 5 hour standoff that's leading, invasion robbery suspect and oakland police causes a tense situation in its sixth ended east haaziq madyun was there as the incident unfolded. >> the swat team, the k-9 unit in the oakland police department's helicopter were all called into the 2700 block of richie street where a home invasion robbery suspects, a 24 year-old orlando wellesley barricaded themselves inside of his grandmother's home around 8:30 a.m. on wednesday morning. >> we were treating him as armed and dangerous. we did call for the swat team. the swat team responded.
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they did surround the house fifth of >>haaziq: oakland police say teargassed and not force the suspect out of the home. the k-9 unit was sent into locate him followed by this group of swat officers. not long after, he was taken into custody. >> he is currently downtown being questioned by investigators. >>pam: international outcry, what world leaders are planning to do or not to do following get another mass execution discovered and serious. an apparent suicide leads to a dangerous is to reserve for other people at the bay area apartment building. the hazardous gas
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authorities found with investigating the tragic state. plus, will he or won't he, a former big league slugger manny ramirez is ready to play video with aids, but the team may have a sixth of syria.
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>> a total 400 to feed police officers to be hired over six years. the new blood is badly needed. its >> we have made tremendous inroads in impacting a violent crime over the last few years. it is because we have sufficient staffing and
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community support. if hot this will allow us to keep doing it. >> record low levels in terms of staffing. they have spent 25 million and over time a year to keep the minimum number of firefighters there are required to. the new plan requires 20 of these the higher right away into the 50 firefighters of the next six years. she >>catherine: and other mass execution discovered in syria. why the list of atrocities keeps growing. for some syrian citizens, the presence of u.n. cease- fire monitors on the street seems almost a joke. the monitors have been helpless to stop the ongoing slaughter of citizens. how >> this is a photo of the latest discovery, 13 bound corpses, many of them shot execution-style with the victims' hands tied behind
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their backs. it comes only days after a massacre and the western vision -- in a western village that killed more than 100 people, nearly half of them were children. their bodies were lined up. it is believed to be the work of local vigilantes' controlled and paid for by the syrian government. the syrian president continues to insist that he has nothing to do with it. half the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. does not think diplomacy is working. >> i think we are beginning to see the wheels coming off of this bus. >>catherine: everyone is still operating under the u.n. plan which includes sending monitors into syria. across the world, syrian diplomats like this one are being sent home. otherwise, there are the usual expressions of outrage. >> supporting the fasad regime is placing one's self or once a nation on the
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wrong side of history. >>catherine: u.n.'s top human rights body has scheduled a special session for friday. it will talk about what is happening. no one is talking seriously about military intervention, but military leaders do suggest that they are ready, if it comes to that theory if samanids pictures showing the earth quake damage in italy including what happens in this historical village, it is a very heavily damaged, mostly in ruins. this is after tuesday's powerful earthquake. rescuers have told another body from the rubble in the nearby town, raising the death toll to 17th. the earthquake hit the same area where seven people were killed just nine days earlier. the government has approved a 25 gasoline tax to help pay for recovery. the founder of wikileaks is one step closer to being prosecuted in a swedish court. today, britain's supreme court endorsed his extradition to sweden. his lawyer is suggesting that she will try to reopen
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the case. there were two swedish women who accused him of molestation and recall back in 2010. he says that the sex was consensual and has not yet been charged. >>jaqueline: it is quite warm away from the coastline. third thing it will be warm on friday but cooler this weekend.
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year's flood of the sixth highs from today.
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gramm >> this is into the kron4 newsroom, just moments ago the golden state warriors were awarded the seventh pick in the nba draft curious for ask costs since
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>>pam: we will be right back with more news after this of
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all it really. hall can't run wallet alone where damage is estimated at $200,000 or more. starting today, drivers merging onto southbound to 80 will face on ramp metering lights.
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commuters in san jose small have to get accustomed to the new-line experience is all part of a $5.5 million project to improve the safety of reduce congestion. caltrans says it will be monitoring the rams and making any adjustments. we will be right back.
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the >>pam: of a dangerous situation at the bay area apartment building live south police are investigating an apparent suicide. deadly violence at a busy cafe. apple intensely focused on television. rob fladeboe explain why the news is a winner. costs
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announcer: this is the bay area's news station. the kron4 news starts now. >>pam: school officials in
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the east bay planned to announce a plan to investigate a sex abuse scandal and a possible role officials may have played in keeping some information from the public employees. coffee we need those funds
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for basic services for our multiple hon. residents. >>pam: chevron has had a tough year abroad, a court in ecuador of held a $15 billion judgment against the company for long running pollution lawsuits. in brazil, an offshore oil spill in november has triggered fines against the company in a criminal charges against several employees. >>jaqueline: temperatures
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were certainly warmer this afternoon, as high as a leak in license. it is still hot at this hour. 88 in pleasanton. 55 and concord. >>jaqueline: we will take in look at numbers and neighborhood by neighborhood plus one the cooler weather will filter back into the bay area. >>catherine: police in seattle said at >> man accused of opening fire in a cafe killing three people. this was the scene earlier today outside of that kathy in seattle. it is not too far from the university washington.
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police eventually tracked down the man. they say he shot himself as they approached. from have also confirmed the same man is accused of shooting and killing a woman in a carjacking how to score way. no one was hurt on the wing of a cargo plane taxiing at chicago o'hare airport the cargo plane not to close in the faa says it is investigating. in new mexico, a huge wild fire is now the biggest in the state's history. these are photos from the fire that began last week with lightning strikes. it has burned more than 256 square miles. one dozen homes have been destroyed. experts warn this could be a preview of what is to come considering that parts of the western u.s. have been in drought conditions for months. >>catherine: in oklahoma city they got big hailstorms
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last night with a storm moving through. the hail pieces really were big. sphere at least three people in the area were hurt in the storm. nearly 100,000 homes and businesses lost power. stay with us. more news after this. "
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>>grant: news video related to the beating of giants fan bryan stowe. take a look. just got this video into the newsroom. it is from today's preliminary hearing in los angeles. there are the two suspects in the case, marvin norwood and luis sanchez. there were some credit moments in court date. coming as six the and her son as high >>pam: former big league slugger manny ramirez could
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be blamed for the oakland a's soon or, maybe not as vern glenn explains. it really depends on if these officials are confident in his car and abilities. this lavern >> seemingly, not a happy 40th birthday first oakland a's slugger manny ramirez. the mental crowd loved him. thought as he signed to the river cat's oscar, you see it touch of gray against his famous in dreadlocks. his fifth game suspension for a second failed drug tests is now behind him. sen 555 career home runs. ramirez did not speak with us today cobb to solicit that do the talking for him. but, the bats were silent. he was 0-4 with three strikeouts. there was a wonder if time is running out.
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now, at 8-36, the oakland a's are not exactly sure when they will be ready to call him up. >>catherine: we are looking at stocks, they have a down day on wall street more of like it's here to explain why stocks were a loser. >> we are down about 6 percent of the markets. our intent year treasury hit 61% been treated and well under 2 4/7. our economy is distressed. >>catherine: pending sales of homes has a decrease? >> it feels like a yo-yo. yesterday there was good real estate news.
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>>pam: the only thing i can hide behind is, it is incredibly volatile. costs previously owned homes in the month of april fell. hah hah there are a lot of has hottest of forecloses on the market to keep the supply high. we're not quite there yet seriout. thoughtful >>catherine: it was interesting to hear from the apple ceo. they are calling this a winner. >> it is an intense focus.
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>> they are about to release a source close to the developers can start building applications for the apple television. they're going to release something tied towards the television. rumors are pretty big. their stock has been doing really well in a down market. >>catherine: he said they're going to go home town on the secrecy? they are already secret -- secretive. >>rob: they are a very secretive company. >>catherine: another winner is the lions gate. the >>rob: bid and in a lot of marketing into the hunter things. it has been a blockbuster. three of 96 million in the u.s. alone. sphere when you look at the numbers, your son that they
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lost 22 million to. call before for they have products in the pipeline. they will reap the reward of all those ticket sales for hundred gains. the >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside. mostly sunny skies. near the coast line, a little sliver of a fog. temperatures were warmer out there today. the inland valleys sort into the upper 80s, near 90 career as seventh cousins and. closer to the coastline, in the '60s harass cooler in
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sunnyvale and redwood city. still pretty warm in the inland valleys. here's a look at what you can expect out the door. fog along the coastline and sunny skies ever were all freed if it will be hot away from the coastline and pretty mild tomorrow as well. highs and the tomorrow in the mid-90s. 90 degrees in los gatos. half the inland valleys are also into the 9395 in antioch. his the east bay shores will be little more comfortable. we're still going to have see reasons forecast for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures closer to the close on will be in the '60s. a mix of upper 80s and low 90s for much of the north bay tree here is a look your extended forecast.
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fmr we will warm another 5- decrease. if fall lane along the coast of the next phase and become more intense and more widespread into the weekend. significant cooling into monday and then temperatures climb a little bit as we head towards the middle of next week. five >>stanley: all anyone on foot wants is the phillies across the street in a crosswalk without the fear of getting hit by a car or if they are behind the wheel, also the not here anymore. maybe it is because they're too busy doing other things like flooding on mascara or eating lunch. there is a reason cross industry in redwood city is a risky at best at this intersection. the man in his motorized wheelchair is in a crosswalk and then watch.
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look ahead, the lead vehicles have plenty of time to stop. they do not. then, there's a white car appears to speed up to be the man walking. what was his rush? to get gas. i cannot just told the driver is totally irresponsible. apparently, distracted walking while trying to cross could be a problem. one might tend to think that crossing in a busy road liked woodside would require your full attention. when you add distracted walker's stance distracted drivers at the very same busy crosswalk, it is just a matter of time to.
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kahan helped this should
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>>gabe: what you get when mb of 0 with a political exercise machine? this is the world's first elliptical bicycle. it is really something. >> i am a former triathlete and i cannot run any more. when i found myself unable to run a i did not know what my choices were. i did not like being stuck in a gym. i really wanted to run again. this product lets people run and experience running without the impact. the first benefit is the efficiency of the lasalle. if it burns 33 percent more calories. you can be on for a 33% shorter amount of time to get the same workout. it is much more like running in a sense that you can get a work in if, and a half an hour. there is no bike seat were hunched over position. you're in a nice, a private physician. your neck is relaxed in
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you're going through the world like you do when you run. >>gabe: be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. and i will tell you all about this new piece of equipment.
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>>pam: coming out at 6:00 p.m., caltrans activated new metering lights today for drivers merging onto southbound to 80. we will take a look at day one of this new community schererville specific in 2012, a friendly phone call between the two presidential candidates before they face off in november in what they spoke about today. at 6:00 p.m., a leading killer in latin america. the deadly disease has claimed more than 25 million lives over the last 30 years. does the parasitic infection as a threat to the u.s.? details next
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announcer: the kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now.
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>>pam: the man accused of beating the giants fan bryan stow is in court and how the same man may have initiated a series of altercations with other fans. >> this is a tremendous day. >>pam: crime-fighting and fire protection getting a big boost in san francisco. how many new officers and firefighters the city is getting in all this is happening in the current economy. new metering lights for commuters on interstate 280. >>pam: today, the bay area got its first looking course at the two men accused of beating the giants and bryan stowe. he was beaten after the 2011 season opener. he now has a permanent brain damage. j.r stone is following this story and has drawn new
6:00 pm
details in this case. >>j.r: this is the new video into the newsroom with in the last 30 minutes. the prosecution is painting a picture that the guys looking for trial and whether they were looking for bryan stow. a motionless marvin norwood said in los angeles in syria accord as video of him talking with his mother scofflaw's on the screens. in that video he says, i got arrested for the dodgers stadium thing, i was involved. to a certain extent, i was. moments later he said, i will very sternly go down for it. prosecutors say luis sanchez was the main aggressor, the man who hit him so hard he knocked into the ground and sent his skull into the concrete. one witness says the problem started during the game. the witness said he was throwing peanuts and cussing same as-you.
6:01 pm
it's witnesses say problems escalated from there after the game, sanchez and norwood sprayed giants fans with soda that led to the 32nd scared and. the witness went on to state the man commented, what are you going to do about it? that is when the attack happened. keep in mind, this is a preliminary hearing. the prosecution tried to get the evidence out there to show that this should be a trial in this case. we are getting more of this video. i will have a new details in my 8:00 story. >>pam: new developments unfolding in the ongoing sierra lamar murder investigation. this man, antolin garcia torres is scheduled to return to court tomorrow in san jose. fee is charged with murder and kidnapping and is expected to enter a formal plea. prosecutors are considering whether to enter a special circumstance with to the
6:02 pm
charges. that could mean he could face the death penalty if convicted. the official search for sierra lamar interest has been centered on waterways around morgan hill. the share of the dive team is expected to return to the you this reservoir on thursday or friday to explore several suspicious objects detected by sonar scans on a reservoir bottom. the arrests of garcia thorez has generated new tips in the case. >> in general the tips have ranged from places diverse teams and ground researchers should check to where a body could be, for example. >>pam: the citizen volunteer search for sierra lamar is showing no signs of slacking off. or did 100 vehicles joined the ongoing efforts today searching the farms south of gilroy and returned to take
6:03 pm
a second look at some other spots which had been previously searched. >>pam: in oakland, a high- school student was shot. the shooter is still on the loose. the victim is expected to be ok. it is this type of violence that some oakland students are fed up with. tonight, there is a rally against it. charles clifford is live at the rally and has details. >>charles: right now, i am standing outside of pride elementary school in east oakland. inside is a meeting going on. and there are parents, teachers, neighbors, students and representatives from the mayor's office talking right now about ways to reduce crime and violence in the neighborhood. they're also working on how to get the school to work more closely with the the city. this meeting is a result of multiple shootings and robberies.
6:04 pm
stride elementary school has been locked down 15 times. that has traded anxiety among parents and neighbors. we will have more of this meeting coming up this evening. >>pam: turning to the beautiful weather, in little more today than it was yesterday. sunny skies. jacqueline is here to tell us more about what is coming up. >>jaqueline: it did get one out there today and we will see continued warming into tomorrow. highs today in the upper 80s. in the north bay, we are also in the '80s. we saw its dvd is in the south bay as well. closer to the coastline,
6:05 pm
temperatures in the '60s thanks to the sea breeze winds. here is what you can expect overnight. foggy once again but it will be confined to the coastline. sunny skies everywhere else to start the dates marv. the sunshine will last all the way for the afternoon with warmer temperatures into the 90s in a number of places. we will take a look at that neighborhood by neighborhood. >>catherine: firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in the berryessa neighborhood. as you can see, to homes burned, the fire grew quickly to four alarms. >> we had some wind today, a lot of fire when we got here carried when you first get here, we had four people and two houses. the firefighters did a really the job of being aggressive. kahane first
6:06 pm
>> the mayor of san francisco unveiled a long- term plan to hire more police officers, firefighters and the antis. under the proposal the city will hire for the 50 police officers fanned more than 250 firefighters of the next six years. 20 he empties would be hired right away. the staffing for public safety agencies has been sagging as more workers retire. they already have 200 your officers the nearly 2000 that are required by the city charter. the mayor says they are hoping to arm police with new technologies sets as tablet computers to help the work more efficiently. for >> of the efficiencies of the officers are reduced
6:07 pm
when there are standing literally two-three hours in the offices or in the stations writing out the reports. if they could have those tablets, if we could preform at those reports, they could be out in the field for hours, even more. >>pam: police and fire departments are planning to begin training new recruits as early as this summer. crime fighting is taking flight once again in oakland thanks to a $10,000 donation of a nonprofit group called stealing california. the oakland police department helicopter will be reactivated. budget cuts grided the helicopter program a few years ago. >> destination what about 80 hours of flight time to our police helicopter which has now been able to fly full time since 2009. with this helicopter does for our residents is a force multiplier. it provides safety and security.
6:08 pm
it gives us extra eyes in years to help locate missing persons and locate fire. >>pam: a new traffic pattern in the south bay, metering lights or activated along southbound to 80 in san jose. >>alejandra: behind me, the metering lights are turned on. only one car is allowed to go qr green light.
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x suspect is i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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>>pam: scientists say they're excited by new instrumentation that would give them a fresh look at fault lines. in the building is considered to be one of the most seismically safe. there are 72 sensors in the building to measure how response movement. member the information from the seismic monitoring system in this is building will be used to help improve any structural designs and resiliency of future structures in california and drop the world. >> scientists say there is a 63 percent probability of a large earthquake hitting the bay area in the next 30
6:13 pm
years. in decision 2012, fresh off of clinching the delegates mitt romney is in the bay area for a high-end fund- raiser. >> you have someone was having business experience, was putting profits ahead of long-term goals of the country and he made his career bankrupting companies for short-term personal gain.
6:14 pm
in short term you have a president for a long-term future. phase >>catherine: the president and mitt romney spoke to date, we are told that the president said they're looking for to help the debate. the u.s.s iowa, the
6:15 pm
battleship will be converted into an interactive museum. they will have plenty of room. in san diego, police have arrested a homeless karoly after he's not onto an airplane. police say that the man went through an emergency exit door in the terminal and managed to get onto the tarmac. this happened while passengers were boarding a united express plane. >> the system worked. he reached the door, we ratified and reactivated the system. we caught him.
6:16 pm
>>catherine: the man was charged with two counts of trespassing and of violating parole. >>catherine: the trial and jury sandusky case will proceed. today, both sides argued over whether coworker's should be allowed to testify about a custodian's report. >>catherine: tropical storm beryl is causing a lot of damage.
6:17 pm
the area could get about 6 in. of rain. temperatures will warmer this afternoon and what we saw yesterday. xi hawks hearty smile down in the south bay. tomorrow morning, coastal fog only. we are not expecting the fog to be nearly extensive as it was. sunny skies into the afternoon, temperatures warming even more.
6:18 pm
let's take a look in neighborhood by neighborhood. how inland valleys are also in the '90s. hi temperatures will be cooler in the north bay. most in the '80s. a look a year instead of forecasts, warmer tomorrow. we will start a cooling trend into friday.
6:19 pm
into monday, partly cloudy skies. >>pam: the new aids of the americas. that is where researchers are calling a deadly new disease spreading to the united states. kimberlee sakamoto is here with details. >>kimberlee: the call this is caused by the bite of these complex. qr felt authorities say roughly 10 million people are affected and with the disease killing an estimated 20,000 a year. an estimated 30,000 in the u.s. are affected. similar to aids, the onus is
6:20 pm
difficult to detect and could take years or decades for symptoms to merge. there are strong distinctions between the two. particularly about how it is transmitted. this disease is spread by a bug abiding you. the disease can be deterred with a three months since has medication procedure.
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>>pam: if you manage to avoid catching the flu he may be in the clear. floozies it is now over. all and all the cdc says this season was mild compared to other years.
6:24 pm
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>>pam: we're looking in san francisco at the james lick. it is packed as people are heading towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic is moving slowly on southbound 101. on the bay bridge toll plaza there are no problems. softs
6:28 pm
>> temperatures today were warmer the what we saw yesterday. continued warming into tomorrow. the news is 6:30 p.m. is next. cuff
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6:30 pm
>> more than 100 people have joined the search for missing teen sierra lamar. mandel now holds that sierra lamar will be brought home. sheriff's divers continued to search the visit reservoir and other area waterways hot searching for evidence related to the case. >> and another big story, marat the school officials plan to launch an
6:31 pm
investigation into how the district handle the sexual abuse case 15 years ago. there are reports that the principal field server for allegations of sexual abuse involving a science teacher. some parents are applauding the district's actions. other parents are saying that it happened so long ago it should be left alone. >> in oakland there is a meeting at a private elementary to try and find ways to reduce violence. tonight, they're talking about ways to coordinate better with the city and the police department to try to resolve some of the issues. >> in san francisco, a long-
6:32 pm
term hiring plan to reduce ranks of both police and fire departments. both agencies have seen an increase in staff members and the need new recruits. under the plan, as fet would hire four to 50 new officers over the next six years. the fire department plans to hire 20 new chiantis and over the next six years at an additional two of the 52 firefighters. >>haaziq: the helicopter in canine unit as well as swat team were called in to apprehend a suspect wanted in a allman beijing case. >> the swat team did is around the house and he eventually they did make entry. we did use some small amounts of gas. >> in los angeles, the man accused of attacking giants
6:33 pm
van bryan stow was in a courtroom for a preliminary hearing on wednesday. the men are pictured here. for most of the hearing, they sat there motionless as the prosecution gave their case. call prosecutors are trying to show a judge that there is enough evidence to take this to its trial. hot >> in hillsboro, this is where the fund raiser is taking place for mitt romney. how they are expecting probably not more than 100 guests. there are now starting to arrive. some are paying as much as $50,000 per cent a small group of obama supporters were also on hand. earlier in the day mrs. romney held a lady's luncheon and paul walton. the price tag there was
6:34 pm
$1,000 per person. >>alejandra: >> drivers can expect a few delays until everyone gets used to the new metering lights. traffic engineers say they expect lightest to decrease by 6%. >>gabe: this is the world's first elliptical i. it is the blending of bicycle with elliptical exercise machine. >> i am a former triathlete. this is a product that allows people to run it and
6:35 pm
experience running but without the impact. >>jaqueline: tomorrow will be warmer and friday slightly cooler. more on that in a minute. first let's take a look at temperatures tomorrow afternoon. 10 degrees warmer in the south bay. we will warm suffer more degrees in the inland valleys at will.
6:36 pm
and look your extended forecasts, tomorrow will be warmer. >>pam: you do not see made in u.s.a. stickers on electronics these days if there is one sector and that hopes to bring more production back to the u.s. shores. >> apple's ceo since this is making simba's or the comments at a major conference in california pc says he hopes to one based the apple products manufactured in the u.s.. right now, many devices are made in china. he did point out that certain components are made in america. a factory in kentucky meeks guerrilla class that covers the touch screen of those devices. bringing more manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. may
6:37 pm
not be so easy. it is much more expensive to hire u.s. workers. the u.s. doesn't have the infrastructure to make electronics on a massive scale. he spent a lot of time talking about steve jobs who died in october, specifically how important it is fair to keep forging ahead. >> at some point late last year, i sort of was shaken and said, it is time to get on. that sadness was replaced by an intense determination her. i have learned of the focus is keep. he says that jobs and told him to do what is right.
6:38 pm
i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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>>gary: >> the seventh it will be made by the golden state warriors. >>gary: in new york, late this afternoon, bob myers the general managers saw that the warriors would keep their pick. had they waited eight or lower they would have given the choice to utah. norman's gets the no. 1 draft choice.
6:46 pm
source >>gary: is getting worse for the oakland a's. tyson was continues to struggle. his era at six.
6:47 pm
it is a fact, teams with the most money can go through hard times it keep pressing. if you do not have the payroll for the talent, little by little, he will wear down. their relative jim harbaugh basically said we were not going after peyton manning would refer to the campus of duke where many was working out.
6:48 pm
siri >> the williams sisters are going home at the french open. the venus is a seventh time grand slam champion. she lost to date to a young woman from poland. she is playing in her first major tournament mainly due to chronic fatigue and joint pain. 234 grand slam wins. jimmy connors, 233 and 49
6:49 pm
all time.
6:50 pm
siri >> the first black head coach in mississippi, hobson is the first white coach, he is the first non black head coach in history of the southwestern athletic conference serious he is from memphis where he was a defensive coordinator. face >>gary: from woodbridge va., and madison is a 60 contested at the national spelling bee.
6:51 pm
when we return, manny ramirez celebrates his 40th birthday.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gary: there has been no official call up for manny ramirez. today was his 40th birthday. vern glenn celebrated with him in sacramento. >>vern: seemingly not a happy 40th birthday for manny ramirez. the sacramento crowd loved him. a touch of gray against its famous dreadlocks. his fifth game suspension for its second field protests is now behind him. his approach was getting a sense of timing at fleet. he produced five of its 55 career home runs. he did not speak with us today, opting to let his dad did the talking for him.
6:55 pm
but, the bats were silent. he was 0-4 with three strikeouts. there was a wonder if time is running out. now, 8-36. the oakland a's are not exactly sure when they're ready to call him up. >>gary: there was a report that maybe friday in kansas city. him not speaking with anyone, is that an indication that people are disappointed, mainly himself? >>vern: i was the only candidate. i think i was manny ramirez being manny ramirez. >>gary: what is the general feeling? is he doing well? >>vern: he is a hit with his teammates.
6:56 pm
he did kind of look his age. >>gary: he has made over to a million-dollar is in his career. >>vern: the oakland a's are not paying him that money to play with the river cat's.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
inside the "hatfields & mccoys" ratings phenomenon. who's watching and why? plus, the first shots of jessica simpson's newborn daughter. how much she reportedly got paid. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. first photos of jessica simpson -- >> brand-new baby girl maxwell. >> she reportedly got $800,000 for these new shots. >> showing off her new baby and body. >> she looked down and she said, oh, my god, i can't believe that this is my body. >> inside jessica simpson's new weight watchers deal to drop the pounds. then -- >> the "hatfields & mccoys" ratings take-down. >> secrets behind kevin costner's new tv success. >> it's cable's biggest mini series debut and kevin costner


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