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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >>darya: the top stories this hour, antolin garcia torres accused of killing
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sierra lamar is back in court today. we're watching wall street, 30 minutes ahead of the opening bell, new unemployment numbers are out. >>mark: in the south bay, a cement truck overturned this morning. diesel fuel spilled on the roadway as well. >>craig: you can see one of the two trailers is still overturned. he can see the wheels facing towards my camera. one of them is already up credits. here are some victors close- up of what this was like. according to the truck driver, he told me that he was only going 25 mi. per hour on this ramp. he said he felt the shift in the wake of the trailer and that it turnover. he said he was only going
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about 45 mi. an hour. no diesel fuel spilled, all the more or real. one tractor and one trailer has already been upgraded with a specially designed to address. the others still overturned. stay away from that area. >>george: one of the
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trailers has been righted, the other has its wheels still in the air. here's a look to the traffic maps on southbound interstate 280 in cupertino leading on to northbound highway 85. this is typically the non commute directions. if that is your drive is your commute direction. here is what you do to get around it, exit early at foothill. you can reconnect 85 or, dresser the interchange to de anza heading up to fremont. as you can see, currently, this has no impact on the traffic would agree to show another broadway sensors. on the bay bridge we have not seen any metering lights activity. so far, a beautiful morning with good conditions.
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look at the golden gate, it easy ride in from as a through marin county for one of one southbound this morning. there were earlier occurring problems on the nimitz in oakland, northbound et at high street. >> they just removed a big rig from the scene into temporarily had to shut down the exit. you can see the remnants of the accident. the black spot on the roadways the diesel. fortunately that part was already blocked off to the traffic. the construction area has been there for two-three months. the concrete barriers allowed them to work
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quickly. the driver of a big rig carrying mail lost control and slammed into plastic barrels. that caused him to basically go along this concrete barrier for about 40 ft.. instead, most of his big rig was of a construction site. not once was there a backlog of traffic. in >>darya: these people are really doing a great job. a caltrans workers are out there moving in getting it cleaned up.
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>>will: they are quick about that. they did get lucky. >>erica: we do anticipate '90s as we head into the afternoon. right now we're dealing with a little bit of coastal fog. temperatures range from the upper 60s to the mid-90s. mild conditions in store for this evening as well. here is a look at your afternoon highs neighborhood
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by neighborhood. >>mark: the man accused of killing in the kidnapping is sierra lamar is expected to enter a plea later today. the hud has been centered on the waterways around morgan hill. the arrests of garcia thorez has generated a tips of the case. >> at sits have ranged from places where dive teams and searchers to check to tips on where we think we could sierra, where a body could be, for example. >> later this week the share of society will explore what they're calling several suspicious objects detected by cellmark at the bottom of the reservoir. the volunteer search for sierra is showing no signs of slowing down.
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>>mark: vallejo police are asking for the public's help to find to missing teenagers. the 15 year-old and 13 year old were last seen at six flags discovery kingdom on tuesday there on a school field trip. both teenagers attend a middle school in sonoma. police believe they could be in san francisco. >>darya: san francisco police are looking for a taxi driver was struck a man and the head with a tire iron during a dispute over his fear. this was reported on early wednesday morning near venice and a folder. the 25 year-old end of the man had gotten into the cab in the arena and its 2100 block of chestnut. they were in the process of getting dropped off with a started arguing over the
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fear. that is what the cab driver went to the back of his vehicle, took out a tire iron and struck one of the man collies serious injury to the man's eye. the driver is described as an aged man. the hearing continues today for one of the suspects in the brutal beating of a giants fan bryan stowe. a videotape was played yesterday that reveals the suspect telling his mother that he was involved in the attack at dodger stadium. nor was also mentioned luis sanchez as having been there. bryan stowe is still recovering. his family says he has short-term memory problems. >>justine: the tourists kidnapped in india -- egypt are now free.
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they were taken while traveling by car to the sinai peninsula resort. if the american tourists kidnapped in egypt are now free. we will take a break and be right back with much more.
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>>justine: will learn about 40 minutes ago that the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits hit a
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five-year excuse me, a five week high providing enough evidence that the job market remains sluggish. the labor department says the number of new claims rose last week. >>mark: jobs are not the only news coming out that will impact the market. news their retailers posted strong revenue numbers for may. target and costco posted healthy gains and struggling women's clothing chain talbots is now being acquired by sycamore partners. new domestic gross production coming out this morning. we found that the u.s. economy only grew at an annualized rate of 1.9% in the first three months of the year. all three indices are treading on the plus side right now.
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dow futures are now only up 19. >>darya: as we go to the break, here is a live look at the overturned truck in cupertino. it is the off ramp between tv and 85. it is a cement truck that they are signs of right and get off of the road. we're back with more in a few minutes. from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone
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to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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>>george: we are continuing to track a hot spot in cupertino. here is a live shot from the connecting ramp from interstate 280 on the northbound 85. this is the second of two trailers. look what they have done. they have inflated these bags in order to keep it from slamming onto its wheels. this is the first time i have seen this operation. these giant rubber bladders that hold the truck in place until it actually gets to the tipping police -- tipping point. dan, it will set down easily. that was and is evidently done. this is the tractor of the rate. the chp updated about 15-20 minutes ago and said they did not think there ramp would clear until 8:00 a.m.
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but they may be getting ahead of schedule. it is on this connecting ramp from southbound to 80 to northbound highway 85 furious we wanted to show you where the alternate routes are. here they are. herein are looking at the connecting ramp, the closure is on southbound to 80- northbound 85. he can get off at foothill and bill of the fremont or head down to de anza and then head north. either of those will connect to with northbound highway 85. that is our long hot spot this morning. we are looking first at the bay bridge right. the metering lights have
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been activated but there still is no back about the bay bridge. it is an easy rider marin county with an easy drive time. >>erica: relatively mild and warm for places like india. we are still holding on to upper '40's for some of our no. 8 spots. as we look ahead, it looks like into the afternoon is expected to be the warmest day of the week. as we transition into tomorrow, we will continue to see warm weather with
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slightly cooler conditions. into the weekend we will continue to cool down. future cast 4 is predicting into the tall clock tower we will not seek to much of the with '60s. 70's for peninsula locations and '80s by lunch. as we advance the clock into the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. we will start to see their red filling in indicating where we could actually see some '90s. this afternoon upper 80s for places like mountain view. mid-90s expected for pittsburgh and antioch.
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>>darya: more than two dozen people have been charged with drug trafficking ring involved in marijuana. authorities seized more than $1 million worth of pot for at least 14 indoor grill operations. they also found a dozen firearms ended nearly a half-million dollars in cash. they could face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison. reggie kumar spoke with the victim's mother about the school district's response to the attack. >> the school district says
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there will be no further action taken. the girl was suspended for two days for beating up and believe in a sixth grader last year at hogan middle school. the fight was captured on and video. the victim's mother is outraged and feels the school district should remove the great growth from the school and her parents should have to pay her daughter's medical bills. the solano county d.a.'s office says they are looking into the matter but says it is a low priority case. >>darya: and oakland high school student is recovering after being shot in the leg. it happened yesterday at 330 in the afternoon. he was shot near macarthur and park boulevards. police lockdown oakland high school for about a half an hour while they searched for a gun but did not find one. they're still investigating will lead to the shooting. >>mark: here is the scene from a few hours ago as the drag of spacecraft had town.
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this is the world's first commercial supply ship. it is due to splash down in the pacific around 9:00 a.m.. on board our science samples and old space station equipment. last week the california- based company was the first to send a cargo ship to the international space station. >>darya: a commercials six passengers spacecraft has been cleared by the faa to begin a rocket powered sub orbital test flights. the spaceship received a one-year experimental permit for test flights beyond the atmosphere. the first made three sub orbital hops around the atmosphere, each with a solo pilot aboard ultimately reaching an altitude of nearly 70 mi. above earth.
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>>darya: we are back with more and toothless minutes on what is going to the toasty thursday. we're waking up with sunshine on the bay bridge.
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>>mark: police received a call around 3:30 a.m. about two men with a backpack left
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a white truck and walked to a nearby field. the vehicle was put under surveillance in and stopped the truck around 5:00 a.m.. they found copper wire in the truck that interested the suspect. >>darya: this and the county sheriff's office has tried to identify a body found in an open field near fourth street west in the west macarthur street. investigators did not suspect foul play. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we're waiting for the opening bell. dow futures are slightly up. we had a slow growth for the u.s. economy and a jump in the number of americans filing for one of unemployment.
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>>darya: of with this and it is pretty graphic and shocking at what happens at this bar. a truck crashed through the wolf in the into the bar. it is all caught on camera. for the guy on the last heard something and then, he went tumbling. in the other shot, you can see how far this truck and went crashing through. even see the guy on the right surrounded by rubble. it is amazing that everyone is survived. unfortunately there were six people injured. two of them are in serious condition. it was a 51 year-old female driver. she had some sort of medical condition in hit a pole and then went through the wall crashing into the bar. she was among the six that
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are injured. >>mark: federal officials are now saying that two dozen bus operations that transport more than 89 passengers a day between new york and florida have been shut down for safety violations. the bus operations redeemed imminent hazard to public safety. it is a shutdown of a culmination of a yearlong investigation. >>darya: house is expected to vote on a bill that could make it a federal crime to carry out an abortion based on the gender of the fetus. the mostly republican supporters say it is a sex discrimination issue. abortion-rights advocates say the bill would further limit a woman's right to choose. the time is 6:41 a.m.. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at one of the hot spots we have been falling.
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>>darya: today has been the bloodiest day in baghdad in more than a month. at least 12 people are dead and 29 wounded in a series of bombings in the city. one bomb struck a crowded restaurant. insurgence carried out frequent attacks on security forces and the civilians in an attempt to undermine the shiite led government. >>mark: scientists say they worry that carbon dioxide levels have not been as high for 800,000 years. on to bay area weather and traffic.
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>>george: we are continuing to track the ramp closure in cupertino from southbound interstate 280 to northbound highway 85. here is a live look for the scene. craig sklar has been keeping the surprise of the conditions there. this is the chp car blocking the ramp. there is a cement truck and its two trailers, they were both on their side for early this morning. they tipped when trying to take their cramped. they have been derided but there is a motor oil spill that needs to be cleared. there is no slow traffic around the edge of change right now. the heaviest traffic is not on that side southbound to northbound. you can avoid the ramp
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closure by using the fund held off ramp, take that north to fremont to connect with 85 or, you can drive past the interchange to de anza and exit to the north connecting with fremont ave. other traffic, we continue to look a pretty good conditions. on the bay bridge, very light traffic again today, even when the metering lights rack to steve, is pushed the back of the year. it is even less than when we last checked. the golden gate bridge to be it looks great. traffic is getting heavier along the presidio parkway, but no big backups approaching this will drive by past. >>erica: if we did see a lot of sunshine. as we focus our attention on
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the temperatures outside the door, a good mix of the '50s, check out the mid-50s for oakland. into the afternoon, it is shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. we will seek wider range of temperatures. microclimate is certainly coming into play. mid-60's along the coast line getting into the mid- 90s for in ladies' day valleys and transitioning into tomorrow, it looks like we will remain relatively warm. future cast 4 is showing into the 12:00 hour as a prison closer to the after dinner, by 3:00 p.m. we start to see the red on the
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screen indicating where we could actually see my degree readings. as for the 7 day around the bay forecast, warmer conditions into tomorrow however we will notice a cool down as we head into the weekend. >>darya: the u.s.s iowa has arrived at the port of los angeles completed a four day journey from the bay area.
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the battleship will be converted to an interactive museum. the fda did not buy the argument. high for this concert is widely used in the cereals, sodas and other processed foods and drinks. speaking of high fructose corn syrup, in new york mayor michael bloomberg is targeting his fight against of the city. he wants to ban the super sized soft drinks available
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at fast-food restaurants and at arenas. under the proposal the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces would be banned. that would include energy drinks, sweeties and sodas. it would be the first of its kind in the nation if the ban goes through. >> this morning, gabe slate takes a look at a new piece of exercise equipment. >>gabe: what do you get when you mix a bicycle with an elliptical exercise machine? this is the world's first elliptical bike. it is really something. >> i am a former ira men triathlete and i cannot run any more. when i found myself unable to run i did not know what my choices were. really wanted to run again. this is a product that lets people run and experience
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running, but without the impact. the first benefit is the efficiency of the workout. if birds 33 percent more calories. there is no bike seat for a hunched over position. you're going to the world like you do when your ride. it is a much more comfortable position. because you are a bright, it is a week during. he did not have the bone density laws like you do with cycling. >> it is very popular with athletes and celebrities. right now they are the only people can afford it. it costs around $1,800.
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i wrote it and loved it. it would be fun with exercise. i would like one, when they are cheaper. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00. here's a live look at highway 1 near candlestick. traffic is moving smoothly. we do have hot spot on the nimitz in oakland.
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>>mark: facebook feeling is on prices is bad news for the state budget. the state was counting on the success of facebook, but with the stock price continuing to fall from a tax revenue will be heard by hundreds of millions of dollars. it debuted two weeks ago at $38 a share. the original appeal is now down to $27.71.
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>>darya: the best smelling people are those over the age of 75. they did a study out of philadelphia and sweden. the participants small the three different age groups. they say that those over 75 small the most pleasant. researchers say our body odor goes through several stages as we age. they wanted to see if people could identify age groups based on their scent. if the participants could only tell senior smells a distinctly. they say middle age in youthful odors or too close to distinguish. >>mark: in the babies. there is nothing like the smell of a baby. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. overturned truck in the south bay is prompting a sig alert. los angeles police are
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hoping new evidence to help them connect some unsolved murders and to charles manson. missing scenes in the north bay after a school field trip. we'll have details straight ahead as the kron4 news returns in two minutes. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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