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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 31, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. them >> good morning. antolin garcia-torres is back in court today. we are watching wall street this morning. the unemployment numbers came out this morning we are watching stock. >>mark: required to craig for developing story. >>craig: the rep is still close.
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the truck has been removed. that that news is this lamp -- this on ramp may the shutdown of the next four hours. they have this guardrail that they have to fix. if it is a another for hour so that would be a 11:00. the stock truckdriver was tell me he was only going 50 to 20 mi. an hour and he felt a shift in the wake.
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he can see them working on this guard rail. stay away from this ramping cupertino. >>mark: this is south bound to 80 northbound 85 ramp and cupertino. >>george: you can see south bound to a.d. ramp onto northbound 85 is probably the least use ramp in the morning. the easiest way around this problem is to use one of the other off ramps.
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you can see the commute has not begun get into full swing yet. it is the northbound traffic the usually backs up here. i am not concerned about the impact those of you that you use that ramped just select all alternate routes. at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a minor back up. this is a very easy ride for the bay bridge this morning. the golden gate bridge looks great coming in from marin county. it is seven at 3:00 a.m.. >>erica: is expected to see the -- to be the warmest day of the week. there is a little bit of
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coastal fog to deal with. this afternoon in the should be sunny conditions across the board and the mid-90s and inland valleys. have a show you your extended forecast and we can cool down as we had to my next report. >>darya: the man accusing of killing and kidnapping sierra lamar is expected to enter a plea at court today. he may be eligible for the death pencil penalty if he is convicted. you can see as they are extending their hunt around waterways in morgan hill. >> the tips have ranged
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from where we think we can locate sierra. where a body can be. >>darya: later this week the police will investigate suspicious status as the they found the bottom of the reservoir. what other people showed up yesterday to search the ground that they did not find anything. >>mark: these two teenagers last seen at six flags on tuesday. max was last seen wearing a yellow heady. market was wary a church court shirt and blue jeans. >>darya: a cab driver wasn't
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attacked early on wednesday morning. a 25 ural -- a 25 year-old man got into the cap -- and they tried to argue over the fate. that is when they get the car and a cab driver went to the back and got a tire iron in it one of the men. >>darya: here is a videotape that repealed -- we feel the the test told that nor what was involved
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in the attack at dodger stadium. so is still recovering. the man that was hit is still recovering pit he at short-term memory loss and does not know what happened. >>mark: private sector hiring is slowing in may. in unemployment claims went up. >>justine: we are starting out with it to do to force that are kidnapped are now free. there in the sinai peninsula. the two are free after hours of negotiations with the kidnapper.
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oslo, we are hearing about an incident where an american eagle flight slid off a runway right after landing. no reports of any injuries right now. when we get more information i will keep you updated. >>mark: we will be right back when kron 4 morning continues. they're looking for temperatures to warm up this ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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>>darya: a vergence base a lot -- spacecraft has a one- year experimental permit. >>justine: the world's first commercial space ship is expected to this blasts down in the pacific ocean. you'll see some light is pictures from the command center.
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this is after their five day visit to the space station. they delivered some science samples and the equipment. it is aiming for an area about 560 mi. southwest of los angeles. will take a look of the people that are managing the program. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. temperatures are expected to jump into the '90s inland.
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>>george: a cement truck overturned on the ramp and cupertino. there has been damage to the guard rail. cal trans said they
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preferred to repair the guard rail. at this hour this is the least used ramp and is for way interchange. all traffic heading through will be coming from north bound 280. if you are one of the people the usually use this ramp or are your options. get yourself extra attend the 15 minutes if you need to take one of those de force. latest in indications is that it may be opened around 11:00 a.m. this morning or later.
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let's take a lot brought look at the ride to the bay bridge. they're no problems on the upper deck and there is no problems at the san mateo bridge. the golden gate drive is getting a little heavier but is not backed up. let's go to eric. >>erica: standing outside the door he will really feel a chill. harassing low fifties for a downtown san francisco. there are no strong winds to speak of. as we had to the later part of the day it looks like it will be warm and sunny. it will be the hottest day of the week. tamara will these warm but a little cooler than compared to today. -- tamara will be warmer --
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tomorrow will be warmer a cooler than today. let's take a look at 12:00. reid-4:00 you concede that the nineties there into a lot of the eastern and northern part of the bay area. we reserve the warmer spots bought for antioch and pittsburgh. we was the '70s down the east shores. napa will be 90 degrees. some of the cisco will be 68 there.
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your extended forecasts on the 7 day around the bay shows a little cooling down of the the next couple days. and monday is expected to be the coldest day of the week. >>justine: boston appeals court has found that the federal defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. they found it discriminates against the gay couples. this story is just into the kron 4 news room. to keep you updated throughout the morning. >>mark: under the proposed plan for fire fighters firefighters police officers
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and aunties. in the east bay more than 200 people were being charged and allege drug-trafficking ring of marijuana. the was 14 indoor grow operations. they found fire arms and lots of cash. if convicted the defendants can face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison. >>darya: the 18 year-old was shot yesterday. this is near macarthur and park boulevard in hayward. they lock down the high school for a while until they could find the gunman.
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>>mark: a rampage happened not far from the university of washington. this happened in the city's universities this stick. a bomb >> shot and a possible card jackie about 6 mi. away. so far they do not have a suspect in irian >>mark: the fog is beginning to break up across the bay. we are looking for warmer temperatures.
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>>mark: welcome back. there's another copper that. to amend with a white truck walked to a nearby field. this is the wall to is road near been dealt pintail drive is where the police stopped them and found copper and the truck bed and took them to jail. >>darya: taught how to a police officers are looking
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to try and identify a body. the body in an era that began with him by a tall grass in. because of the condition of the body they did not suspect foul play. >>mark: the state was counting on the facebook ipo 65 to bring in about $5 billion of income tax. this ipo is falling. it's started at $38 per share in now is $27.30. this residential high-rise has been outfitted with more than 70 centers around the building. it was one of the tallest in
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california and is already groundbreaking and it's designed to withstand earthquakes. >> the information is being gathered by the seismic monitoring system in this building will help to improve designs in the future. >>darya: will be back with all of the developing news, weather and traffic. let's take a live look out sides at all the sunshine.
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>>darya: antolin garcia- torres accused of kidnapping killing sierra lamar will enter a plea to bay. a giants fan brian stowe confessed to his mother that he was involved in that attack. san francisco mayor plans to hire more police officers firefighters and he empties. >>mark: there is a cement truck overturning this morning on south bound 280 and 85. we're according to craig in cupertino. >>craig: there is a guard rail that is damaged and they have to fix it. they just remove the last of
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the to overturned trailers. he can see that the ramp is the close. chp is still blocking it until about 1030 at the early as they are saying. about 1030 am in irian -- 30 minutes after 10. he can see the guardrails. you can see the tractor- trailer turned over. it is a special lift to remove this. the guard rail needs to be fixed. that is what's holding things up right now. george's hearing even longer. that is more afternoon commute. >>george: of was in canada
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little bit and show you what i'm talking about. south bound commuters would do this. that is probably the least traveled direction of this in a change. u.s. to simple alternatives if he is as. , sam out again and show you
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the rest of the south bay ride. it really has not been to that here. what no one to 80 you will see a slowing. does take a look at the bay bridge there is a great commute. 12 to 30 minutes is the drive time. there is no delays for the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks fine. >>erica: let's take a look, mt. tam cam. that is a lot of cloud cover out there but we are seeing sunshine in spots. it looks like the fog will burn off with nothing but
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sunshine. this is expected to be the warmest day of the week. the temperatures will range from the mid-60s along the court coastline to the mid- 90s and land. >> >>darya: there was an attempt to rob the jury's -- a jury store. jewelry store >>will: the robbery took place five minutes after closing yesterday. please look at surveillance video to find out exactly what happened. there went to determine whether it was the owner or the employee that fired the fatal shot that killed one of the robbers. there were foolish to customers everywhere.
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this shot man staggers from the store with the other suspects fleeing the place. he falls right in the middle of san ramon valley boulevard. that question to the hospital. he dies in the hospital. at this point his identity has not been released. there is not much description on the suspects. we did not know if there are even wearing beanies and masks. wether not anything will happen to the person that fired the shot we do not know. there may be charges. according to some reports, apparently the daughter says her parents and not one to stand by when something like that happens. >>justine: bring about a gas
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leak. it jacking up dozens of children after a raleigh day care after the are some reports of the system by carbon monoxide desperate the school was evacuated and a minister tell the children. we are not hearing reports of anyone were to us. >>mark: a former principal isn't accused of not reporting sexual abuse allegations on the principle -- on the teachers' years ago. lot of forces were never notified about the original allegations. >>darya: the of the police department's helicopter is going up.
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it will be reactivated. there is a 10,000 10,000 of the nation that as a donation. >>mark: it's the the older student his severely be the youngest it. the older student only receive a two day suspension. the girl's mother feels that the district did not do enough. >> gross mother. it cannot do enough to punish the police. today's suspension is like a vacation. that is not enough punishment or than 600
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people had signed her anti bowling petition. the response is an overwhelming. >>darya: let's take a look at the markets now. the dow jones is down 47 points. we will be back with more news weather and traffic to be back in a minute.
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>>justine: jamie diamond set grilling has since set in june. his point the answer questions about that two plus billion dollar trading debacles.
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>>mark: watch this as that paid what to patrons against david the view from the outside the building. no one was killed amazingly. to the patients were seriously injured. that is an incredible that the. that is incredible. video. >>darya: oust cited that there will be plenty of sunshine. -- you can see that outside
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>> we're picking up a little slowly in the interchange. and the direction of the ramp closure there is no such rapid 91 to show you another slow spot. it is concord into walnut creek. this is a slower than usual commute on 680. here's a look of the bay bridge it continues to be a short way to to get to the toll plaza. forcing traffic to get a little earlier as usual on the golden gate bridge.
7:47 am
we're getting reports of slower traffic traffic on the presidio park by. >>erica: here is a live look. this does look a little hazy but we are looking for plenty of sunshine heading into the afternoon. the temperatures right now are mostly '50's around area. and santa rosa has moved up to 40 degrees and out of the 40's. as we go to the 12:00 our policy that'll be mostly '70s in the area with eighties toward inland. but take a look at the 3:00 hour. you can see a lot of 90 degrees moving into that area.
7:48 am
90 degrees expected in sunnyvale. upper 60s is slated for downtown san francisco. here is the 7 day around the bay forecast. there is cloud cover on tap for saturday and sunday and monday will be the coolest of the week. >>darya: we a point to talk a little basketball with gary. we had a great game that went into overtime last night. as start with the track and that's what happened that you think it's an expense. see very. >>gary: since the nba pretty
7:49 am
much took over the new orleans franchise. last night they were given the number one draft choice. the kit from kentucky. -- the boy from kentucky. michael jordan's team has the worst crack get payment second. in the warriors was no. 7. if it is like anything else. if there's seven good players than seven this cut is only five good players is not good. being seventh they get to keep their pink. -- they get to keep their
7:50 am
pin-pickck the a only a sure thing is the boy from kentucky from my point of view. >>gary: that is really a fun series. so many people root against the run and miami. if the fans this like the other team that puts a little bit more jews to a. >>darya: we have that plan
7:51 am
with the miami heat venting. and this is and hockey. it is something about some it about did at the center is in a start scoring. i don't know. q sports people you have all the superstitions. it's the shirt, is the underwear is the right foot is the left foot. >>gary: it never happens where 18 was the last team in and they go on to win the
7:52 am
stanley cup. i keep thinking back during the last to regulate season games of the year. the release of the sharks. these guys are three wins away from the ultimate glory in hockey. hockey went head-to-head with the basketball. i'm not sure if basketball fans beat them three to one or four to one. >>darya: he liked the ratings assist the that you like the ratings of thing. now that the williams sisters are out i'm not sure anybody is watching tennis.
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beat back any minute.
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>>mark: saying that it what it the is that they want to change the way high fructose corn syrup is represented on labels they wanted to be called corn sugar. new york city's mayor, michael bloomberg is proposing that this sale of sharing drinks largest in 16 ounces would be prohibited. that included energy drinks along with soda.
7:57 am
>>darya: a 6 year old glory and madison was a eliminated in that there'd -- was eliminated in the third round. the six year olds cannot barely spell bird. she did not make the final cut of the that the semifinalist. the gephardt. she is some school. but at heart. >>darya: a south bay connector ramp is the focus in traffic.
7:58 am
we will have a report on that in a couple minutes. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
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>>mark: garcia-torres which is the man is accused of kidnapping kelly sierra lamar will be in court today. you're watching the impact on stocks today. they sang met track is ever turn in the south bay. -- it is a cement truck. where that turned to craig who is in cupertino. >>craig: it is all upper except for the
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been that once in the 90 '50's. >>mark: 26% of all residential sales and 22% the previous quarter. that with the purchase of foreclosures home. >>darya: the jobless claims
8:08 am
have gone up. we'll be right back is kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. temperatures will spike today.
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>>mark: a commercial space
8:11 am
craft as they cleared by at 82 flight test. each will have a solo pilot on board. spaceship what is on display the smithsonian and you're waiting for space ship to take off. >>justine: the world's first commercial space ship is expected to splash down in the pacific ocean at about 32 minutes. we will be carrying that live. the dragon tanks spacecraft is returning after its five day visit.
8:12 am
brought a bat a thousand pounds worth of cargo. toby landing about 560 mi. south west of los angeles. >>darya: be back with more in just a minute. it looks nice and sunny. traffic is looking good.
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>>george: welcome what back to kron 4 morning news. a big rig overturned. a segment haller block the ramp and damaged the ramp itself. the damage is done to the guardrail caltrans has decided to keep the ramp road closed until they can be corrected are broke. you can see a few good alternates for you. you can add no. the fremont.
8:16 am
we're keeping the eye on the caldecott tunnel. as you can see the sense is updated. slow traffic was bread mixed in there just changed yellow. the incident has been cleared. at the bay bridge toll plaza what had been a light easy ride is a back up. the metering lights have been cycling quickly. they have been slowed down to clear out the traffic at the base of the client. he conceded that back up reaches 80 over crossing and 880 ramp is back. i am hoping to see this cleared out when the news cast as this morning.
8:17 am
with the golden gate bridge ships expect seven heavier traffic sen. this team. >>erica: you will notice some '60s and downtown san -- 60 degrees for any act upper 50s and oakland. there failed 61. it's 52 downtown san francisco and half moon bay. right now there is coastal fog rolling during but that will clear out. will be you warm today from the mid 60s along the coast to the '90s inland.
8:18 am
tomorrow will still be warm but not quite as warm as today. the weekend we will have cooler weather a possible clouds. everyone is talking about this afternoon and we are looking for the upper eighties to low 90s. it looks like some of the warmest areas will be his third in antioch which will be coming in at 95 degrees. is 77 and expected it san mateo. a burst '60s for that tax incentives is up. -- upper since the '60s for downtown 7 cisco. -- the upper 60s for downtown san francisco.
8:19 am
>>mark: be of michael korda's sec >>darya: the judge. evidence about the family impeded the dodgers stadium. the evidence videos on the phone and told his mom that he was involved in the attack is expected to go down for. can they do that? >> de police had lied to defendants and they can record them. they did to all kinds of things to you and i cannot do. been involved to some extent.
8:20 am
it puts him involved when he says that any as it is a confession. the supreme court says even if your lawyer up police can go to layer without a lorimar any talk to them that that is admissible evidence. when it comes to lawyers involved. it used to be when a lawyer wasn't bob police cannot go back and talked with suspects. the biggest thing is that
8:21 am
trouble and is not a stretch to think that they got a ball that in the parking lot. >>darya: the man that was kidnapping -- the manses but suspected of killing kidnapping sierra lamar with the evidence that they have de thing that they can offer the death penalty? in this case >> they might say if you tell us where the body is and we would take that off the table. the they might be using it as a bargaining chip. >> among posted this ever
8:22 am
on daughter being beaten at the school. the older girl gets to day suspended. everybody is into bullying pit school served as it. is he something like this and if these people were at the giants stadium there be a criminal charge. >> we defend a lot of kids in school situations. if they bring marijuana i can't as they are being tossed at a school and getting more than two days. what is more concern to me is that the history -- the district attorney's office say this is a low priority so is that giving the kids
8:23 am
that go ahead to beat the heck out of each other? they must get involved in the violence. they spend enough money prosecuting marijuana cases. but we do that when we have this much violence in our school. we should be teaching our children that if you do things like that you will be tossed out of school and you will be arrested. this is wrong on that at the half of the school department and on behalf of the district attorney's office in fact it did not prosecute this. >>mark: this videos going cairo. >> the d.a.'s are very political nowadays. they should not be affected by politics but they are.
8:24 am
in a case like this. -there's say that we cannot have the funding to prosecute this so give me more funding in the prosecution's things like this. cannot do that in as the d.a. this is violence in the schools. >>darya: this is somehow because it happened on school grounds? piquancy this kid is the nut by another kit this child was beaten up by another child. >> this should be no difference where it takes place. we would think that that happened at a school it we would pay more attention because it spent -- sends messages to the rest of the teenagers think you can do this and not be prosecuted.
8:25 am
it is the wrong messages descent. these young people. we need to make sure they understand what society expects. >>darya: we will be back in a couple of minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
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something in the air wick. >>mark: delay a police is trying -- some collateral
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>>mark: angela n. -- garcia- torres is expected to vote last entry free acreage a. one suspect is confessing to his mother that is involved in a tax dodger stadium.
8:31 am
>>darya: this could george. we will be updating our hot spot in cooper's team of. -- we will be updating our hot spot in cupertino. there is car repair from south bend to 80 and 85. this slows traffic has nothing to do with the signal ramp closure. this is the normal traffic slowly that we see in the can you directions. the traffic it does use it use foothill expressway there at 10 to 12 minutes the the drive time.
8:32 am
i do want to point out some more slow traffic in the south bay. it is on westbound to 37 heading onto 101 north them. that is why traffic is heavier than usual. it is also have the at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have seen a big improvement sent the stalled vehicle has been cleared. >>erica: here is a look at them now can -- mt. tam cam. let's take a look at the day planner. this will be the warmest day of the week. it will be getting into the mid-90s in some places. in the evening it will cool off. the 7 day around the bay forecast will be coming up to my next report.
8:33 am
>>mark: what is dead in two others on the lives in an attempt of robbing a jewelry store. the police will not say whether it was an employee or the store owner that five-shot and killed the suspect. it is shot suspects tried to flee the scene and fell onto the streets. >>darya: in oakland high school student is recovering after being shot in the legs. the police lock down oakland high school for about 30 minutes while they search for the gunman. >>mark: we are what watching wall street. we have had a terrible month of may. the dow is off almost 1000
8:34 am
points right now for the month of may. facebook shares are continuing to fall. as the facebook stock price falls it is bad for the state budget. the state was looking for facebook to bring and one- half billion dollars worth of income-tax. they debut two weeks ago at $38 per share. now they are at $26.60. >>darya: san francisco police is looking for a taxi driver that struck a man in the head with a tire iron and wednesday morning.
8:35 am
the man and his friend at the cabin the marina. when they would be dropped off there was an argument started of the affair. the cab driver with a lack of the car and took out a tire iron and hit one in the men in the head. he is an asian man between 30 to 35 years all about 5 ft. seven. >>mark: please call tuesday morning. of this is what the truck under surveillance and a stop the truck in the morning. they arrested the two men because they found copper wire in the truck bed. >>darya: the sonoma county sheriff's office is trying to identify a body.
8:36 am
a man was walking through the field and a spotted the body. it was hidden by high grass. it say that that body has been about a week irian by the condition of the body they did not expect the play. >>mark: what the principle this being questioned about not reporting a sexual harassment/action charge. sit at the that the teacher was charged they commit suicide and the principal did not report. the budget cuts have grounded the chopper program and the police chopper is reactivated in oakland.
8:37 am
>>mark: earlier this month authorities seized marijuana, fire arms and upper half a million dollars of cash pit. the case say that a father and son directed be the operation pit >>justine: we are watching this blast down as of that space capsule dragon. i know it is kind of difficult to see. i think we can see where the parish did just a ploy. we are expecting the dragon to bring back science samples there's all sorts of stuff.
8:38 am
that's other parishes. we're waiting to see the sea axels/them. the actual splashdown. those are the parachutes. it would take a quick break and come back and hopefully bring you these pictures is live. more and a couple of minutes. what appears on the surface more and a couple of minutes. to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor,
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bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love.
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>>mark: and this is the bloodiest day ambac that in quite some time. is in baghdad. >>darya: is a 41 would be back in a couple of minutes. here is a shot at james lick.
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>>justine: this spaceship dragon is now in the water. the parachutes have deployed. they did not slow down the capsule as fast as an asset had figured. now they have to decide how they're quite to locate the dragon. there are gps device is thought of. what they captured their court to recover. it delivered all those pounds of cargo and was being loaded with trash and at in scientific research. it is now in the water. what have more as it comes
8:46 am
>>darya: this is a accident it was caught on tape. a truck crashes to a wall in right into these people. denver crash. luckily no one was killed in this. without far in that truck when. she was the driver was responding to a medical emergency. there's six people injured. two are in serious condition. it is incredible that no one was killed. this was caught on videotape out of canada. >>mark: pleaser hoping to
8:47 am
connect the unsolved more riders to charles manson. watson was considered to be watsons right-hand man. police believe watson had talked about unsolved murders. watson is serving life sentences for several murders include cutting share -- sharon tate. >>george: we have been tracking a major hot spot in cupertino all morning long. thankfully it is had not produced any of the backups that we thought might have occurred. it is south bound 280 to the northbound 85. this is the least used ramp
8:48 am
of this in a change. where you see slow traffic is where we would normally expect to. i believe nevermind it is my earpiece this fading picture here are the alternate routes. your problem free if he is either one of those alternate routes. let's take you to the bay bridge where we have no back up. there was a stall and for about 40 minutes we had slow traffic. here in the tow plaza it is only slow from the first over crossing.
8:49 am
is much better conditions there. your ride to the golden gate bridge, let's take a look at 101 south bound. it looks good on the span it is a little slow on presidio parkway lot heading down to the temporary doyle drive bypass. let's check in now with >>erica: who it is gorges all round to the bay area. we are seeing clear conditions. half moon bay is only reporting 5 mi. of visibility. the good news is as we head into the afternoon we will see considerable clearing. as you step outside the door and look at the temperatures. they are warming up nicely.
8:50 am
antioch is 67 degrees. 64 concord. we are seeing some of the heating take place in our northern spots napa is 64. you may wonder considered eating outdoors during the lunchtime hour. as a person close search your afternoon highs. he was see where the warm turned center red which indicates 90 degrees. quicksee eighties in abundance with nineties and in inland. that looks like we had 90 centerville. -- sunnyvale.
8:51 am
this 77 for a castro valley and plenty of sunshine and the north bay spots. but the 68 degrees in downtown san francisco. mid-70s the round the bay upper 60s for the customer will continue for warm weather as we head into tomorrow but we do not think we will see many nineties we expect the warmest area to be in the upper 80s him. >>justine: the two american tourists the kidnapped in egypt were freed. san end is retracting that comment. see any end--cnn is
8:52 am
retracting their statement that the american tourists were freed. we will have more >>mark: in the eighth inning temporarily -- the last player baseball and that many hits in a month was carl crawford. that was in five years ago in august of 07 pin
8:53 am
willingham hertz's for -- the damage is has 14 by adding a hit the winning hit. >>darya: when the a's win three more in the twins' lose three more they will be in tight for the worst teams. on to hockey.
8:54 am
the kings have won all nine other playoff road games. the kings need three more wins to win the stanley cup. my son got to go on to the locker room to meet the keying is when they were here. >>darya: we will be back in a couple of minutes. there has plenty of sunshine in the traffic is moving fine.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>>darya: he conceded the temperatures of kennedy to
8:58 am
the high of 93. tamara's could be in the high 80s and then saturday leave bill late '80s and then by monday it will be the coldest will be right back rim
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> a big rig crashed in the south cause the closing of connector reckon are reluctant wall street. there is another trucker for the >>darya: is south to 80 and
9:01 am
no. at 85.
9:02 am
9:03 am
9:04 am
9:05 am
whether there is the owner or the employee that shot the perpetrator and the restore. it this self-defense that person will not face any charges. >>mark: will check back with you later. mantle is expected to kidnapping kill sierra lamar is expected to enter a plea. what is the rest it there are some tips about the
9:06 am
possible locations of sierra's body. the sierra -- the sheriff's dive team are are going to explore some objects that were the bottom of our reservoir. her mother still has hopes that she is still alive. >>mark: eight the it tape shows that marvin tells his mother that he was involved in in incident with the of the be the end the dodger stadium.
9:07 am
mean time ryan so is still recovering. he has a short-term memory problems and is not sure what happened dusty curium your some live pictures right now from michigan control. they're showing is clear dragon is. they brought back nearly 1,400 lbs. with them again please add those are ready to go out and retrieve the capsule that splash down into the pacific ocean. their point to bring it back to los angeles. ♪
9:08 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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9:10 am
>>mark: a 6 passengers spacecraft has been cleared by at bay did do experiment mental ones thing. -- experimental launching
9:11 am
irian urging the lactic -- the birds and the lack take company is the one that has received as. these children are last seen at six flags on tuesday. their middle school students. max had blacks at hoodie and morgan had turquoise shirt and jeans. we will be back with more in a few minutes. >>darya: the approach to the bay bridge is not too bad just a little bit of weight. we will be back and talk with brought black about the
9:12 am
stock report.
9:13 am
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by j.d. power and associates. that's four years in a row! even upgrade to over 170 hd channels. that's more than cable. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse -- tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >>mark: welcome back. they're talking to brought black. >>rob: hi mark >>
9:15 am
the gross national product fleapit the unemployment was higher. are you worried about the u.s. economy? >>rob: it will be to-four years before we get to 6 percent unemployment. of the recession that we are not. >>mark: is it reasonable to expect the economy should be doing as well as it is right now? . >>rob: i think we are artificially doing well. is it 1.55% as the treasury bond.
9:16 am
expectation is for slow growth for the next 10 years. >>mark: d like charter costa or any the stores. >>will: >>rob: i did not like any that the boxes like best buy. i like and the sun that,. i like dollar stores because it's taking business away from wal-mart. >>mark: we have all these private companies getting involved in space. descent virgin galactic and
9:17 am
space sex has just gotten a one. the in dollar contract from nasa. >>rob: i did not think there are any publicly traded companies eventide with space right now. it would be very risky. i refer our earnings are burst stories. >>mark: i referred many of her box of chocolates. thanks rob. >>darya: traffic is not that bad is it george? >>george: know if has not been. we have been tracking this hot spot all morning long. but it has not been back.
9:18 am
there is a ramp closure that is still in place from south bound 280 to north back in '85. this is the north and out 85. is likely to be in place further on into the afternoon. the back of the u.s. seeing is not connected with the ramp closure this is normal slowing. the people that are trying to it sent this exit should take alternative routes. we're taking it to the bay bridge where the west bengal ride was only slow for a short while today. the drive time is only about 14 minutes. the san mateo bridge has been problem free and the
9:19 am
golden gate bridge ride is still sluggish south of the tunnel and the presidio parkway near the doyle drive bypassed. >>erica: take a look at some of our inland areas. there's 68 in antioch and fairfield. there warmer conditions there. downtown 7 cisco is coming in at 54 degrees. as we head into 12:00 in the '70s along the peninsula and eighties and now most of the area. then as we go into your afternoon we will see some nineties let 3:00 p.m.. let's take a look at where
9:20 am
you're at afternoon highs are expected to go. evergreen in sunnyvale could reach 90 degrees. and the take a look at livermore is 93 antioch's 95. a napa is it 90 degrees. oakland will be at 73 and save its is the will be at 68 degrees. as to look ahead we will see that today will be the warmest day of the week. tamara temperatures will drop a couple of degrees. and then we will have cooler weather and saturday and sunday coupled with a partly cloudy skies. >>darya: circuit court of
9:21 am
appeals in will's that its defensive marriage act which defines marriage to be between a man of a woman to scam again -- discriminates against same-sex couples. since then many states have put more bans against gay marriage state-by-state. taken look at the budget proposal for said francisco. >> >>mark: may say effort during earthquakes.
9:22 am
the building is the tallest in california and its ground breaking for its design. add this seismic equipment will detect any motion that the building takes makes -- makes during an earthquake. >> we're looking to test this year and possibly implement this in future structures throughout california and the world. >>darya: will be back a couple of minutes. let's take a look at walnut creek. as lots of sunshine.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>>darya: during the summer
9:26 am
teen spend a lot more time on the roadways we fight a trend when it comes to teaneck's end crashes. >> at school gets out teams have more time to drive a and learn how pit there is ben data show a bit 15 fatal crashes had a decrease. there is some animation showing that we can decrease accent's and deaths that more states what crack down on minimum driver's license
9:27 am
h and a ban on 19 passengers. parents need to carefully gates whether their team is ready to get behind the wheel. >> parents did not realize how much power they have in this situation. >>mark: tend to just starting to warm up outside. we will have a lot more in our top stories and an update in just a few minutes.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: and son -- garcia- torres is a suspect and the plea today one of the
9:30 am
defendants in the beating pace of them diazepam is under questioning. >>mark: let's update weather and traffic. >>george: cupertino has been a hot spot all morning long. the reasoning for the continued closure is the damage that was done to the guardrail and repair that needs to be accomplished. they do not expect to open the rapid till noon today. he can get by by using foothill expressway or the hands up.
9:31 am
the slow track a you see here is because the usually slows in year. >>george: de america >>erica: as they had in that afternoon it looks like the temperature will raise from the mid-60s oddly of the the 97 >>mark: 1 robbery suspect is dead two others are loose right now after attempting to rob a to restore its a mlk in -- this happened in san ramon. there was a suspect that was shot and killed.
9:32 am
there is some question and who shot him. was it the owner or employee. >>darya: 18 year-old student shot in the late at macarthur and park boulevard. it please is still looking at what happened that would lead up to that shooting. >>mark: here is a video of that older student did severely beat up a younkers to it. the person that was the at the other person was given to day suspension. the mother of the girl that was be and does not think that is enough. >> sure i finally get to
9:33 am
day suspension that's like a vacation. so far more than 600 people have signed this woman is and i believe the system. >>darya: a taxicab drivers struck a man in the head with a tire iron. it happened near van ness avenue and fill our streets. the that the part street. when the man gets up the think that an argument with the caveat that there. that is what the cabbie wet his truck and put out a tire iron and hit a man. it said the agent by foot 7 and about a hundred of the towns.
9:34 am
-- 150 lbs.. there is a molestation a principal did not report quite some years ago it teacher accused was -- committed suicide. law-enforcement was never notified. just now there's an investigation. >>mark: oakland's police department charge program will reactivate one of the choppers. this is due to a donation. >>mark: the earlier this month seized marijuana farms
9:35 am
in cash. they say that a father and son directed the operation and it was connected to hydroponics store growers. >>darya: take a look at james lick. we'll be right back.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>darya: we have some new video of kron 4 this morning of an accident in canada. suddenly a truck comes crashing to the wall. it is caught on the surveillance camera he can tell that they heard something for a second. they had no time to react. without far this drive went
9:40 am
to the wall. here's another look at that. six people were injured. two of them are injured seriously. the six injuries a clear the driver of the truck. she suffered some sort of medical emergency. >>mark: please hoping that evidence will connect some unsolved murders to charles manson. there was some conversations between what his attorney in 1969. the stakes in the release of the police. but watson and manson are serving life sentences for several murders including actress sharon tate in 1969. they both did the the night brawl several times.
9:41 am
there were earlier reports that the taurus -- that the tourist who are hostages in egypt would take into the sinai peninsula. but gradually they said their release but that is not true. >>darya: violence has fallen in iraq. surgeons frequently carry out attacks let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. it would be back a minute.
9:42 am
9:43 am
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9:45 am
from the white of san francisco chef ross mirkirimi. here she is explaining how she got a bruise on her arm. >> this happened to this today and in this is the second time this is happening. i told ross that we need to work on our marriage and that we need help. he said it is a very powerful.
9:46 am
the >>justine: the mayor said that he considers this a key piece at evidence to remove mirkirimi from office give. you can follow this on kron 4 news and a trip pages. >>darya: that's the george. >>george: we have a ramp closure at the 280 and 85 interchange. this rap isn't likely not to reopen until the end today. i have heard some reports from caltrans it said that they may have to keep the ramp closed until 3:00 p.m.. you can use these
9:47 am
alternative routes to get around it. again this morning we are looking at slow traffic through the 237 was down ride. there are accidents that are slowing the ride. is that even affecting the nimitz freeway. looking at the bridges, it is a different story. there is only a short wait for your westbound ride on the bay bridge. this >> tale of bridge -- to the same detail bridge and the golden gate bridge are running fine. on the golden gate bridge there is a back up of the presidio drive.
9:48 am
>>darya: >>erica: temperatures is starting to heat up. piercing upper 50s and that counts of the system. -- we are seeing upper 50s for downtown san the disco. san francisco. the fog will roar off into the afternoon. there's '70s all on the peninsula's and '80s inland. by 3:00 p.m. allot of the '80s turned into nineties. let's get a look at neighborhood by neighborhood. 90 degrees expected the senate bill.
9:49 am
it actually looks like it's park in antioch will be the were spots at 95 degrees. we will hold onto those lows. a good mixing of eighties will be 86 is set francisco. let's take a look at what's happening in the next few days. as we begin the next work week we can see that we are scoring to be having much cooler temperatures as compared to today. >>darya: the world's air has raised a troubling mild self for carbon dioxide. scientists say that there
9:50 am
over 400 parts of million trapped in the atmosphere. scientists worry that the rest of the world could soon follow. it has not been this high for at least a hundred years. >>mark: residents are still concerned about radiation levels. >> this may look like an ordinary smart, but is very different. there is a radiation reader on this fall. you are looking at the world's the very first mobile bomb with a geiger counter technology.
9:51 am
this company started to recede numerous tax from its company. people want to find free agent in their lives on their grass in in their food. in japan that continues to the lot of anxiety related to the amount of radiation that the round the people. this man is looking to build solar farms that are looking to replace each entity. something they cannot see smell or taste.
9:52 am
this is the radiation that they are looking to be able to measure. >>darya: the 15 your lawn has dropped to below us and the first time ever. the average and the 30 allot fell just below 4%. the rates on the 30 year alone and has not been this low until -- for decades. distressed properties or in default are bank of account for 26% in the first
9:53 am
quarter. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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9:56 am
>>darya: we have i around the sun shine. san francisco is nice and sunny and clear. walnut creek will be one of our hot spots in the '90s. alkyl down a little bit for the week -- there will be a 20 degree drop by next week. >>mark: michael blooper says there are no big gulps he
9:57 am
wants to limit the sale of it should free drinks larger than 16 ounces. that would include energy drinks, iced tea, and soda. it this passes it will be the first of its kind in the nation. >>darya: i know it's illegal but it could be. that is it for now. see is back. 4:00 a.m.. mark >> >>mark: dr. phil is coming up next.
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