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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 1, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: we will take you live to fremont for a rally tonight we're friends of the teenager who has been missing for two and a half months. in pleasantville, please let your help in tracking down a suspect in the case of kidnapping, carjacking and attempted sexual assault. >> described as a hispanic male, 30 years old. >> a san francisco college may have to shut down some of its campuses. >>pam: we will show you some of the tough choices facing
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the school is its students. >>da: this rally started just a few minutes ago. you concede there are about 200 people in front of washington high school. this is where sierra lamar with sizable before moving to morgan hill. this is a way for them to remember sierra lamar and to boost the morale of the volunteer searchers. fear is video that was shot from earlier. organizers said ever since a suspect has been arrested, and they noticed a decline
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in the number of volunteers who go out to search for sierra lamar. her family and friends decided to hold this rally to remind people of the work is not done. until they find sierra, they say they will not give up. they're calling this the hope and faith rally. next surges tomorrow morning in morgan hill. the father of sierra lamar says this type of rally is a big help. >> it is huge periods it is a big part of me being able to cope, seeing all of this support from france. >> i do not expected -- i do not accepted. and so we know, we're forced to keep going. cast >> everyone in the crowd has a handle and it will be having a candlelight vigil once the sun sets. again, are about 200 people
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in front of this high school where she attended off before moving down to morgan hill. it's there are also some boxes were people can donate money to the search of sierra lamar. another search will take place tomorrow morning in morgan hill. >>pam: the clothes and held police department is asking for the subject fill-asking for the public self in a carjacking and sexual assault case. charles clifford was in the east bay today. >> around 10:00 p.m. on saturday, may 26th, a woman getting into her car in this parking lot was approached by a man holding a knife. he got into the car with her and forced her to drive several miles north to martinez. he then attempted to refer. fascista volvo was able to escape uninjured.
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the suspect drove away in her car. if the vehicle is described as a silver ford 500 and is still missing. the suspect is described as being a hispanic male, 30 years old with dark eyes, in medium build and yellowish teeth. he was last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information about the case is asked to call the plan to help police department. >>pam: one of the two men suspected of attacking bryan stow smiled and even laughed as his attorneys tustin one of his friends today. this happened during the preliminary hearing in los angeles. j.r stone has been following this story all week and has new details. >>j.r: the suspected attacker, the man accused of beating bryan stowe smiled and a loss angeles courtroom. that came after a friend of bryan stowe took the stand.
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south >>j.r: has a friend of bryan stowe said there was an initial confrontation inside the stadium. >> bryant had said something to us that was overheard. the other and tried to instigate something. >> once outside, they're good was attacked twice. >> i saw mac you get hit on the left cheek. i turned around to see who was and i was struck in the
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face. >> keep in mind, this is a preliminary hearing. they will fix things back on wednesday of next week. there are more witnesses, basically, they're trying to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. >>pam: does the prosecution have a case if no one can identify either of these two potential suspects? >> the prosecution is making it look like we have all the pieces, it has to be these guys, but that is the question the judge will look at and say yes or no. so far at this point, none of these witnesses have actually said yes, those are the guys where, i can at least identified this one or this one. it has not happened. we are not done hearing from these witnesses. >>pam: you would think of someone could id them they would have been on there in the beginning.
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>>pam: a high school swim coach has been arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a female student. if kathy as a coach at oregon high school and he was arrested today after police investigated the students report that she was inappropriate touched off on may 14th. he was booked on one count of sexual assault on a minor and one count of lewd acts on a minor. police are investigating reports of a vicious of bullying attack at oak grove middle school in concord syrian the incidence of foreign fleets of place last friday. the alleged victim said if he was playing with a ball during physical education when he accidentally lost control into the ball hit a teacher. a group of other voice was angry about the incident and later approached him when he was alone kicking, punching and choking him. police are now looking into whether criminal charges could be filed. it's the mother of the alleged victim is considering pulling her son out of the school.
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kron4 spoke with one grandparent of another student who says her granddaughter has also been victimized at the same school. fix on some >> she would come home crying saying flickr has at her and told her she was not black enough. because she did not eat potato chips and hot sauce. they told her she was not like an imperious then, the computer teacher could hurt victor of staying, she likes it journal lane, writing the and reading in the '80s are and called her a nerd and the geek. all because she likes to read and write. but she did not even one of the year but because she does not have many fond memories. some >> she says she plans to take her granddaughter of out of the district next
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fall. a special needs seventh grader is still recovering after being viciously attacked and bullied by two older than of a teenage boy was be that as solano middle school during lunchtime a month ago. the boy's injuries were so severe his left testicle have to be removed. as for the two older female students believe the teenager. >> he was at lunch in the quad area and of the two suspects started making fun of the victims' friends and he said, knocking off. they got mad at the victim slapping him, hitting him and talking to the groundfish caught short house kohen as
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>> 96 in pleasanton. in the closet it is also pretty warm. terror temperatures are much cooler close to the coastline. temperatures are fairly mild
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>>pam: it is the worst day on wall street this year. investors are nervous. the kron4 financial experts townwide. >> that mattel has been around for 25 years. it is a hot spot for this kind of activity >>pam: a judge decides the fate of two motels that are prostitution hot spots. >> city college faces an annual deficit of 14 million. now, trustees are talking about closing campuses. >>pam: a state ban on this french delicacy thing, there's not a high demand for the food some say is too cold to serve.
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call that somehow if ...
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>>pam: what a friday. it was the worst day on wall street for all of 2012. the dow erased all its
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gains from here drop in 275 points, finishing the week as well thousand 118. the nasdaq also dropped in the the s&p slipped 32 points. the main reason for the stock sell-off could be the news that unemployment is rising again for the first time in nearly a year. >> the economy is starting to see job creation.
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>>pam: it is not all bad news.
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cahow the >> we have been cutting clauses of the past few years. the result is a 10,000 students who could not get into a class in return away.
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>> there's not much more we can cut without drastic measures. >> there has also been talk about sharing the castro campus, the civic center campus in the 4 macing campus. >> it eliminates lease payments, any kind of electric in utility bills. if it is our building, we
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can we set out the gains of incomes to offset cutting marc klaas is. >>host: the idea of closing campuses is just in the discussion phase. studies will have to be done plus an economic analysis. what is the earliest any of these campuses could be closed? a board of trustees says the earliest of the january of next year. >>pam: the border is also hoping to generate revenue through a parcel tax if passed by voters in november. it will cost san francisco homeless about $79 a year. if that could generate about $14 million a year if and possibly also campus closest this castoffs of president is back in san francisco for fund raising their fuel ahead
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>>jaqueline: at this hour, you can see the ball is along the coastline. in terms of low visibility, as the fog settled along the coastline, satellite and radar showed the fog up and down the coastline. coastal and bay fog over night. as the winds increase, the fog will stay close to the coast. winds from the north will stay relatively strong. cooler conditions in the more extensive fog on sunday.
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tomorrow, a slight cooling. the south and locations will be in the upper seventies and low 80s. the inland valleys are still in the '80s. '60s and '70s for the east bay shores. close to the coastline we will see the influence of the sea breeze. he and the north bay we will stay rather warm. here is a look at your extended forecast siri temperatures will cool slightly and. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, how did it her e-mail tonight. [ mechanical humming ]
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the >>pam: and one month, from what will be banned in california. for >>kimberlee: it is to the made by forced feeding ducks or geese until their livers are bloated up to 10 times the actual size. and all rights groups say the ban is the picture on your screen is from what i screen. speaking of the fatty liver
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and it for desserts, fifth of the state ban goes into effect on july 1st. what we wanted a sleeping. the fifth
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>>pam: and coming up, a big
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win for members of the committee after a judge ruled to shut down to motel's accused of allowing sexual exploitation of women and children. good news for the city of vallejo. new resources to help battle fires. we will tell you why officials say the shortest flights should expect to see the most impact. fact before fifth
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>>pam: a community and of their long fight against to oakland hotel has finally come to an end. a judge has temporarily forced to those motels to shut their doors for allowing the sexual exploitation of minors her qr and their businesses. the city of oakland's to the motels back into the ocean and for alleging that
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the netflix bomb rubble for keeping their businesses free of prostitution. the attorney led the fight to shut them down. she told of haaziq madyun about what this means for people who live in the area. >>haaziq: there are two hotels can that will soon be setting town. >> the message is, if you want to do business in oakland,, how do not heart is a bit of prostitution, we will not allow it gift of the >> she talks about the impact shutting down motels will have. >> this will be a tremendous of benefit. every member of the oakland community >> the young women and girls have to walk a gauntlet of prostitution to go to and from school to be
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solicited. there have been raped and kidnappings. if it is no longer unabated. >> a judge has issued rulings the bolt motels must shut down for a year in clean up their act. our >> they need to be shutdown and take a different approach that is not trafficking in human lives. >>pam: the owners of both mattel plans to appeal the judge's decision. the owner said they have done everything to prevent prostitution and says that the city is just try to ruin a good family business. >>pam: this man, police are calling me serial of bank robber is now in custody. he is accused of 10 bank robberies fans one attempt in 11 cities throughout the bay area dating back from last october. in a majority of the robberies police said he was armed with a gun as the most interesting part, police say
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he wore an elaborate masks that made him look like an elderly white male. after years of cutbacks and fire station closures, the vallejo fire department finally hired 10 new firefighting recruits things would to your grant from fema. half the fire department has enough funding to reopen fifth fire station that was back in july of last year because of budget cuts. they will also be able that new climate is vehicles. >> they will spend the next three years in an apprenticeship for they are tested and evaluated each month. we now have five engine companies and a truck.
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van >>pam: firefighting recruits will begin working in a couple of days. fire officials say the extra manpower will also improve response times to fighters. >> tomorrow marks and one year since a fire killed two longtime members of the san francisco fire department. a ceremony will take cliff on saturday. the deaths of the firefighters were due to a flashover during a firefight in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. i silver is a sudden flare- up of heat. during this particular incident a window of the whole clause shattered sending it rushed of oxygen to the flames. there will be honored at 10:30 a.m. at station 26. >>pam: it was a celebration for the west contra costa county school district because of the final payment made on a 21 year old debt. you can see in the video there was a lot going on. dancing in the speakers.
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gold stars were passed out. the district incurred the debt after falling for vagrancy back in 1991. the district was also saddled with high interest costs and supervision by a state trustee. iran today they said they can finally from will have half have a fourth bay area hospitals and a to find thousands of dollars for mistakes that health officials say could have cost patients and their lives. kaiser permanent table with $75,000 for failing to follow a surgical procedures resulting in a foreign object being left inside about the sahara and other hospital in san poll was fined $50,000 relating to a feeding tube insert. kaiser oakland was fun and $75,000 for not following proper paging procedures in the area program. a a a a a a a a a verizon medical center in san jose
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clash headlines for failing to live ongoing assessment of the patient. >>jaqueline: temperatures inland in the '90s. in the south bay, we bring in the east. closer to the coastal and temperatures are more comfortable. as we head into its and half will seek to reduce cooling down slightly but not dramatically. on monday temperatures dropped and will get a chance of rain in a forecast. ron at coming of. >>pam: if you are flying in or out of the sfo, airport officials expect big delays. that is because the airport is temporarily closing down one of its two primary a rival runways for construction work. but closure started 30
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minutes ago and will reopen monday morning. travelers are being warned to be patient. >> of people coming home from vacation do not want to circle in the air for a long time. it is inconvenienced. >> it can cause of the things to be delayed. >>pam: officials said during a close a will locate -- relocate mites and clients. her >>grant: several major street closures are planned around the bay. near city hall, paul simon is headlining the black-and- white all.
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as a result vanessa's close from saturday at 11 until sunday at 5:00 a.m.. the portion of grove street will also be closed. seth fifth union street festival will require closing units for between gough street and steiner. that is from 12 a.m. on saturday until midnight on sunday. for northbound stockton will be close from 80 am-11:00 a.m. on sunday.
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in the mission district it's a street event where the city closes groot's to cars and and people walk, bike and run. >>pam:
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>> this is really where all of the action takes place. we're getting everything setup for a fabulous party. for the first time ever we have the san francisco symphony playing in concert with a guest artist. we're so excited to have paul simon with us. for the first time ever we will simulcast the portion of the concert. >>stanley: coming up, the bay bridge toll plaza and a lot of apps and minded drivers the next edition of people giving badly.
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police have made an arrest in this robbery of a san ramon to restore. the suspect was arrested in hayward. his bill has been set at $300,000. the robbery happened on wednesday. there were four men who attempted to rob the golden treasure's store. that is when the owner or employee shot and killed one of the suspects. the other three fled. police are still looking for the remaining two. still ahead gary radnich and his lovely wife as they open up the kron4 meal back into your e-mail's. history made in the big apple, gary has that story and sports coming up.
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runs south seas
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>>stanley: this driver for drug use just cannot back up out of a fast-track leave because he needed a cash. in fact he kept backing up for quite a while. then finally pulled into a cash pay lane. this driver for got the note textile law. in the process she forgot double the steering wheel but then remembered for a brief second but then forgot again. this woman obviously forgot about the handsfree loss since she has her soulful firmly attached to every year. tweet! maybe the phone is stuck there. she is looking at me as a sign she needs help to get unattached. quite a few drivers for gaudy just cannot cross over multiple traffic lanes simply because you see a shorter line.
8:46 pm
you absolutely cannot cross over the delineators. it can get pretty scary up there at the toll plaza. you are not the only one for getting things. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us. >>jaqueline: saw the up and down the coastline.
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winds are coming from the north to the south. they're supposed to be twice as strong as the sea breeze wins. what that means is that the fog will stay out of the inland valleys. temperatures will be fairly mild tomorrow morning into the '60s and '70s.
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>>gary: in the history of the new york mets there had never been a no-hitter until tonight.
8:49 pm
>> the first no-hitter in new york mets history. >>gary: he walked five and struck out eight. interesting to note, it was the mets in the san diego were the only franchises without a no-hitter in history. santana shuts out said lewis. the giants are off and running against chicago.
8:50 pm
>> the oakland a's were shut out for the sixth time. they rank last in the majors with a batting average of 210. manny ramirez sits in tripoli sacramento. >>gary: i went to see my daughter at the above what a theater and someone told me to be quiet. i was talking with the
8:51 pm
family's next as an all the sudden you guys were sitting in front of us. if i was talking about the giants or smoking a cigar that would be one thing, but i was talking about my daughter. >>gary: the celtics are not dead in the eastern final. chris rock was in attendance. points they did it again
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tonight. 1 01-91 celtics. when we come back, it is e- mail time. questions concerning barry bonds. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> why is the media so skeptical of jim harbaugh saying he always wanted their quarterback, not peyton manning. >>gary: harbaugh is assigned to play it off this thing we wanted alex met all along, you would have saved the air fare for the private jet or however you went there. it is not a big deal, but if the 49ers are 3-13 people would be saying are barbara would alex smith is confidence.
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faugh cost thick >> worries ashore barry bonds would not make it as a hitting coach? >> hitting coaches have to walk around and makes for the managers like them. he is not going to do any of that. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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