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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> more than 20 residents had to be evacuated. only 2 a. burned and no homes were damaged. there was extensive damage to power lines. >> there are two power lines affected. one was hanging 15 ft. above the freeways. that is one of the lines that has to be repaired. >> we are back live mountain boulevard. this is trevor skittles is got to go on.
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one of those lines goes directly across the freeway. they'll have to shut down 580 between color and edward around 9:00 p.m. and it is supposed to last anywhere from a half an hour to an hour. full details once the close of begins. the third >>pam: reggie kumar spoke of residents. >>reggie:
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>>caller: the officer on the scene yell at us to get out of there. >> i lifted the car up as much as i kept hearing about coming in contact with the wires.
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and >>jaqueline: attending a look at the humidity, it is not very dry. it is dry when humidity is below 20%. it is obviously not dry out there right now the battle to change q as the winds shift. temperatures will warm up this weekend things will dry out and warm up. >>pam: you're looking at photos sent in by viewers. a huge plume of smoke.
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kron4 viewers called the station to report of the smoke could be seen from miles away. pictures like these brought back frightening memories for people in the oakland hills. sphere for residents are already on-olaf the fireflies in 1991. for families to three days before many people believe the zeroth row fifth presented before the fire crews from accessing the plane's crew. >>pam: today a judge in the bryan stow case says there is enough evidence for the suspect to go to trial. the two men are accused of attacking bryan stow after a dodgers game last year. j.r stone this fall of the story and has more with the details of secret audiotaped a possible new confession.
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>> the two suspects are here in the bryan stowe beating case. they face off on friday against a dutch. >> i am ordering that both men be held accountable and less angeles superior court. >> in the last day of the hearing, the prosecution led to tell of covering the to the transcript from of a secretly recorded jail conversation the if >> mr. sanchez responded by saying, i've got this and walked over to and i saw tam, jumped him and started beating him. then of course mr. norwood said to mr. sanchez, they know everything get the they have pictures. mr. garwood says, but how much time the thing we're going to get.
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kraft >>pam: of a family of bryan stow praised the lapd and
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their hard work saying, obviously, we want justice. >>pam: a second suspect in the may 30th of armed robbery of a san ramon jewelry store has been arrested in hayward. one of the four suspects was shot and killed. today, san ramon police arrested this 22 year-old who was booked into the martina's attention facility charged with robbery and murder. by law, he is responsible for his partner's death since the death occurred while committing a crime. police are still looking for one final suspect. a state appeals court in san francisco upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction of johannes mehserle. if a jury convicted mehserle
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of the killing of an oscar grant back in 2009. mehserle spent a year in prison before his release and recently appealed his conviction for an effort to clear his name for. fe three judge panel rejected his claim that there was insufficient evidence to support a conviction. his attorney says he is not surprised by the ruling is disappointed. >> that eviction changes the standard of policing and the way police officers are judged california when they use their firearms. before this case people could make mistakes with their firearms for. they do not get charged criminally prosecuted criminally. this case really does change that. it is a dangerous precedent. >> as a family, we are ecstatic and extremely happy. we have been in prayer concerning that matter theory we are glad to know
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that in some ways we have made history in the fact that the appeal was not overturned. >> his attorney plans to take the pill to the california supreme court. the family oscar grant is disappointed that the legal process will be dragged out and they say it makes it impossible to move forward. >>pam: still ahead we're monitoring the 580 closure and a possible connection between the man suspected of kidnapping and murdering zero of our four and a wanted man for tried to lure young students into a car last year. the day before greg tuition, kron4 takes you to the bay area high school where more than 50 students are not allowed to participate in the serramonte peer if we will tell you how their classmates planted act of solidarity. >> at the mosconi center
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>>pam: the annual online betting that have their with warren buffett has ended. the money raised goes to bed of the people right here in the bay area. cockboat ron
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>>pam: graduation will be held tomorrow morning at patriots' stadium in brentwood. school officials declined to tell us how many students will attend. >>jaqueline: the big story this afternoon as the wind.
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by 8:00 p.m. you'll notice the winds starting to pick up near fairfield. the winds are shifting directions. it will start coming from the inland valleys slowing towards the coast line into late tomorrow. breezy along the coastline. all of that blue coming into the delta and the inland valleys, that is going to raise fire concerns. course into the morning temperatures in the '60s.
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it will stay fairly mild overnight. as we head into the afternoon, 70's around the afternoon. temperatures in the south a warming to the peace tomorrow.
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>>pam: a new iphone could be unveiled as soon as next week. gabe slate gives you an idea of what to expect. >>gabe: it is likely that apple will show off the new operating system for iphones and ipad. they have dumped gold will apps and they're using a new mapping system.
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>>pam: we are a little over 30 minutes away from the closure of interstate 580. fame very busy thoroughfare. you can see the cruise line enough to get the work done in this light fixture. fair report coming up. some people still do not have power. we will hear from residents to evacuate during the tense moments of the fire serious >> and gusty winds will be moments of the fire serious >> and gusty winds will be
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her hall hackerazzi in
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>>pam: backed a developing story. we are a half-hour away from a major freeway closed in the east bay. dan kerman joins us live from the scene off for the crews are minutes away from closing interstate 580. >>dan: i am at mountain boulevard at edwards. it is down the road were earlier today car off crashed into a power pole. the power pole has to be replaced. 2 a. burned of the fire got up to about three alarms. more than 20 people had to be evacuated.
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firefighters were able to get the blaze under control and an hour-and-a-half or less. much of the work still has to be done now. pg&e is working to get the line's real strong. >>pam: team coverage of the fire continues with reggie kumar. he spoke with residents who were forced to leave their homes.
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>> residents anxiously awaited the all clear from police. some have five minutes to grab irreplaceable pictures. >> i was surprised that they told us to evacuate. the last fire, the allow us to hose down our roofs and stay. >> i also have a rental friday that was closer to the flames. i am hoping it did not catch on fire. some >> those were not at home when the fire broke al raced back to their neighborhood only to be turned away by police. >> i got scared because i was worried about my family at home the ads by animals. a received a phone call that everything was fine. >> everyone was allowed to return to their homes within a few hours.
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>> the big story has been the wind. a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. it is bouncing around as the winds continued. a couple of things help firefighters earlier today. very high humidity. we have low humidity it is not good for fire conditions. right now, 64 percent humidity is fairly high. hawker bohol
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>>pam: the man arrested in the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar is now connected, possibly, other cases. >> the likeness is indeed striking. the man in the police sketch of a left is the suspect in a child born cases. the man on the right is antolin garcia torres. he is being held on murder and kidnapping charges in the disappearance of sierra lamar. gilroy police released a sketch in late july of last year after a tenure old girl reported that a man
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approached her here of the 7600 block of more avenue. the suspect in a troubling case controlled the white sands but the man arrested in the sierra lamar case drove a red jetta. the case has not been turned over to the district attorney's office for the review of any of similarities between the two cases.
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does adequately of >>pam: and attorney is killed in melia to the suspect pleaded no contest
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to reduced charge of manslaughter. the suspect change his plea yesterday. he also pleaded no contest to a charge of kidnapping. he faces 20-40 years behind bars. >> in san francisco, a man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after striking and critically injuring a woman. the 80 year-old woman was struck when she was crossing against a red light. the woman was taken to san francisco general with life- threatening injuries. clues are asking for help in identifying the woman. >>grant: here is the kron4 crime tracker.
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police are investigating eight home burglaries within the past week and concord. many of them are happening near concord high school and seven of the burglaries occurred during the day while people were out. in some cases, burglar's forcing their way into locked homes. police are rising people to get high-quality deadbolts series if you can't, get a security system. offs for >>pam: we are monitoring the situation on interstate 580 in oakland. situation on interstate 580 in oakland. the crews are getting r hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. situation on interstate 580 in oakland. the crews are getting r oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app.
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>>pam: coming up next, gary is joined by his wife elise year. they're going to open up the mail answering your questions and comments. >> i enjoyed playing with tighter. >>pam: kron4 has an exclusive into view with phil mickelson. exclusive into view with phil [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving.
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bear to what we have an update on a developing
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story reported the closure of interstate 580 and oakland. earlier we are told that pg&e would need to freeway closed, interstate 580 at keller so they could make repairs following a fire. originally they were going to close the freeway at 9:00, at last check we're getting word into the newsroom that pg&e and the chp will not close down the freeway until 11:00. instead of a 9:00 closure, highway 580 at keller and edwards will be shut down at 11:00 p.m.. a complete update at 11:00 p.m.. >>host: the wins have been a big story and will continue to the big story this weekend. right now still fairly dusty in a number of cases
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here if in santa rosa, 22 mi. per hour gusts. when the dust along the coastline, that is when they are strongest. the wins will be dying down for the most part, into tomorrow the winds will be picking up near fairfield. the blue on your screen indicates wind gusts in the 20 mi. per hour range.
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we're also in the '80s they inland valleys.
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here's a look at the extended forecast. warming saturday and even more into sunday. >>gary: as we speak, the oakland a's have a 6-4 advantage in arizona. the giants lost at home to texas. and scores 4-0. costs since of
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>>vern: and phil mickelson played this olympic course for the first time yesterday. when i spoke with him today, weighing on his mind was next week's hearing with bubble watson and more importantly, another battle against tiger woods.
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>> it puts us on the same way. i enjoy playing with tiger. he brings out the best in me. you know that if you can hang close to him he will be in contention. it lets you see with the leaders are calling to be doing. >>vern: if you have sought to bring your own food, you cannot. they will not be a believer in water, there are tickets still available thursday.
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>>gary: of course i will have another that won the kentucky derby has been pulled out of tomorrows belmont stakes because of an injury to his left front tendon. big international names at the french open.
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he loves his mother. it will be a great final if miami can beat boston. >> you have been on an anti media kit. what is your problem? off >>gary: i went off on the radio one day. sometimes, you just get in a bad mood. i am an older man tried to keep a younger woman habit. that was not feeling good. i took it out on the air. psycho on the radio and television, i play like i am and, it is just a released. if i'm really mad at this will not go with some of the if i shall of, most of the time i am ok. >> with a texas twang the giants this weekend, do you
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like interleague play? >> i do if it is the york yankees. if the bronx bombers are coming in to play the giants, that is good. if it is often, that is good. what i do not like is, if you're of a fan of the team yet you get tanto and kansas city, volunteers. >> how great is this, loss biggest fixed the 49ers with the super bowl. >>gary: that is great. i have said many times, we are called a lot of things. i prefer the positive ones.
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