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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. . >> now at 11:00, the after math continues from the fire in the oakland hills caused by this car that crashed into a power pole. a portion of interstate 580 is about to shut down. pg&e are working to repair the broken power poles and lines. a spark from the lines led to a three-alarm fire. a brief evacuation of lin is --
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residents. kron 4's da lin is live. >> reporter: they are working to shut down 580 here in oakland. we will zoom in on the free way right now -- freeway right now. they are still working on work to shut down the freeway. you can see headlights and tail lights of cars in both directions. they should be closing it momentarily so pg&e can work to repair power lines. first of all, once the pg&e workers start they hope to have that done within 30 minutes. pg&e is waiting for chp officers to shut it down and then they will start their work. let's show you a map. you see that red dot there? that is where a power pole snapped in half.
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chp is shutting down 580 so workers to work from the location of the red dot across to the other side of the freeway and attach the two lines. all of that work will be done, so chp is closing 580 and they hope to do that soon. that hasn't happened yet and they are planning to close eastbound 580 at the exit and westbound 580 at the 98 avenue exit. that is a three mile stretch. a live look at the freeway, you can see that there are cars traveling in both direction. here is what chp is advising drivers. >> if you coming through the area, recognize there will be delays. you may want to avoid the area.
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recommendation number one. alternate routes, public transportation. if you have to come through the area, be prepared for the delays. >> reporter: at 9:00 the truck crashed into the power pole that caused all of this. the truck is totaled. it is in bad shape. chp hopes to have the work done in 30 minutes. they want oo shut down the -- to shut down the freeway at 11:00. let's come back live now. they are running kind of late. you can see tail lights and head lights. tail lights going eastbound and headlights westbound towards san francisco. they like to shut that down at 11:00 and have it reopened at 11:30. kron 4's dan kerman has more on how this all began. >> reporter: this car slammed
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into a utility pole about 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon. injuring the driver and knocking down power lines that sparked a fire. >> when the telephone pole came impacted, it caused a domino effect. that results in a fire. >> reporter: crews arrived at 1:45. with winds picking up they had to work fast to protect the homes across the hillside. >> we put a structure protection group to defend the homes, we want to make sure if homes are threatened we put a division to those homes and make sure we put them as priority. >> reporter: 20 residents had to be evacuated. in all just two acres burned
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and no homes were damaged. >> reporter: fire crews will be on seen throughout the -- scene throughout the night. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> our team coverage continues with kron 4's reggie kumar who talked to the good samaritan who saved the driver. >> reporter: this is what the inside of the car looked like. the driver and passenger air bagdize lied and the -- bags deployed. right next to the driver's seat a bible. she saw the car hit it power pole. >> immediately the telephone cracked cracked and the transformer blew up. i pulled 50 feet in front of her and ran over, luckily there was another man there. the police officer said get out of here. and we run and luckily we did
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because the poles came down. >> reporter: he helped the woman out of her car. >> i lifted her up and at the same time not trying to come in contact with the wires. i am helping her come out of the car and i took her purse, set it on the ground. when she stepped over the wires i assisted her. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. brush fires in the hills dredge up terrible memories of these pictures. always reminding residents of this wildfire from 1991. one of the worst fires in u.s. history. 4,000 homes were burned. 25 people killed. it took three days to contain and many blamed the narrow roads that kept crews from getting access to the flames. coming up tonight, after getting his masters a man is
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told he is not allowed to fly back home. >> in san francisco, the annual wwdc show. on monday the key note address is taking place where we think the next iphone will be unveiled. i am gabe slate, we will look that rumors. >> coming up later in the broadcast, a lot of baseball, the a's in arizona, the giants home against texas, rematch of the 2010 world series and stanford in the ncaa baseball playoffs. it is all later in this broadcast. ♪
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. a state appeal's court in san francisco upheld the manslaughter conviction of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. a jury convicted him in the killing of oscar grant in 2009. this is video from that event.
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he served a year in prison. johannes mehserle appealed his conviction in an effort to clear his name. in the decision they rejected his claim that there was infish evidence to support -- inefficient evidence to support a conviction. his attorney is not surprised but disappointed. >> the way police officers are judged in california when they use their fire arms, before this case police officers could make mistakes, they have done it time and time again and they don't get charged or prosecuted criminally. this changes that. >> the family, we are happy, we are extremely happy. we have been in prayer concerning this matter and we are glad to know we have again made history in the fact that the appeal was not over turned.
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>> oscar grant's family are disappointed the legal process will be dragged out. johannes mehserle's attorney plans to take the appeal to the supreme court. the two suspects in the attack on bryan stow have been ordered to stand trial. today there was testimony that one of the suspects admitted that he attacked bryan stow. a transcript of the talk between louie sanchez and marvin norwood was released today. louie sanchez was recorded saying he got mad at bryan stow for making remarks to his sister. they have been ordered to stand trial on charges of assault and battery. bryan stow's family released a statement that reads, we put our faith and trust in everyone involved and it is important to them to see justice.
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we will be right back.
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to our big national stories. california is one of six states where there have been a e.coli outbreak. 14 illnesses and one death. the death was last week of a child in new orleans. officials are trying to find out the source. the fda delayed a decision
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on whether to approve a drug as the first pill that prevents hiv. they will take three months to review. the company submitted additional materials this month. in may they recommended approval for healthy people who are at high risk. a college grad from california makes it back home after being stranded in costa rica when he tried to fly back to the united states he learned he was on the low fly list. as kron 4's catherine heenan reports he walked across the boarder from mexico last night. >> reporter: he is home. the flight back takes less than six hours but it took him two days. he had to fly to mexico city and then to tijuana and then walk across the boarder.
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>> tiring and it was depressing. >> reporter: he just graduated with a masters degree. family came for the celebration but on tuesday when they tried to fly back he learned he was on the no-fly list. >> they took our pass ports and they told him he can't fly. >> we would like to know why he was put on the list. >> reporter: an official says off the record if someone is on the list they are also on the terror watch list, meaning the government believes that individual has ties to terror activities. he is an american born muslim and speculated about that being the reason for his no fly designation. the family says he loves his country and his home town of san diego. >> i am happy to be home.
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finally home where i was born and raised. >> reporter: catherine heenan, kron 4 news. now time for the kron 4 news tech report with game s -- gabe slate. >> it is believed to dump google maps and use a new system by apple. this would end a long relationship with google. it will feature facebook integration. it should bring in aer improvements and -- bring major improves. we expect new laptops and a 15- inch mac book air. right now it only goes up to 13 inches. it is rumored they would add the retina display to the
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laptops. beefing up the display. i think it is likely apple will announce they are adding apps to apple tv. the box that adds itunes and the internet to the tv. apple has apps on the iphone, ipad and desktop computers. now what could happen. apple is expected to unveil the next iphone in september. but anything is possible. they could unveil the next iphone, nothing is confirmed. it will have a bigger screen, 4- inch screen. getting closer to the 4.3-inch screen. they could unveil a apple television set. why not? they make computers, laptops, phones, why not tvs. and they could introduce a ipad
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mini. $200. maybe around 7 inches or smaller in size. something to compete with the kindle that may be chipping away of the ipad market share. apple is tight lips and haven't revealed any secrets. we will be there monday at the key note address. tune in at 5:00 p.m. monday night and we will show you what they unveiled. gabe slate, kron 4 news. the winds are a big story today and remains breezy tonight. live look outside. the breeziest conditions in the hills right now and gusty winds in half moon bay, 24 miles per hour gusts there and 25 miles per hour gusts in santa rosa. tomorrow the winds pick up again. you will see at noon not too bad. we will see them pick up along the coast line by 4:00.
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watch this area, fairfield, concord as the winds move in for late tomorrow night. 20 miles per hour for the delta, north bay and inland valleys, it stays that way till sunday morning and things calm down sunday morning, early sunday afternoon. there is a red flag warning because the winds bring warm, dry winds iand it will be gust -- winds and it will be gusty, that creates fire danger. in effect till 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. temperatures tomorrow will warm. 60s in the morning. noon hour lots of 70s. and seeing 80s to portions of the bay area. 80 san jose. 80 inland valleys. 84 concord. 86 pleasanton. 85 antioch. 70s east bay shores. 80s in the north bay.
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coast line 60s. extended forecast, tomorrow we warm into sunday and next week. windy this weekend in spots, especially the delta, north bay hills and inland valleys. end of the week temperatures start oo cool back down -- to cool back down. stay with us, gary radnich is coming up next after this break. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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padres the giants got stone cold by texas. alex smith at the park tonight. second pitch of the game. zito wasn't so hot tonight. gave up 9 hits, 4 runs in six innings. including a home run to josh hamilton. there goes hamilton. 22 home run. and that was all. more than hairston needed. sitting down sanchez. buster posey had the night off. sandoval will be activated and might play tomorrow. he might play tomorrow. 5-0 texas. the dodgers tonight were no hit by six seattle pitchers and the dodgers stay four up on the giants. a's blow another one. bottom of the 9th, mark, once
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atona time, nice starter living in arizona, doing tv work. smith, 6-0 oakland and smith, everything going to a's way, takes a home run away from hill. remember that, though, as the game progresses. looks like oakland will put one away. smith, fifth home run of the season. a's up 6-0. 8-4. bottom of the 9th. two on. two outs. gone. brian hill, the a's had a two run lead. then a walk. base hit and a home run, does in the oakland a's tonight. and brian going to be out of there in the closers role. 9-8. florida state the opponent. the number 8 over all draft pick this week by the pirates.
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and boy he was not very good. johnson, arizona state after stanford struck first, 17 unanswered runs. 17-1 your final. florida state wins the opener. phil mickelson getting ready for thursday. the opening group, bubba watson, tiger woods, phil mickelson, something else here. people have been talking about this nonstop. sound bite from phil mickelson. >> i enjoy playing with tiger woods. he is fun to play with. if you hang close to him he will have a chance. so it lets you see what the leaders will be doing. >> all right. horse racers received a bad break today. no triple crown, "i'll have another" who won the kentucky
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derby has been pulled out of the belmont stakes do to tendonitis. horse racing history, 1978, last time a triple crown winner. >> good night. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at
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