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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00, starts now. breaking news. >> breaking news, a bomb squad and police have been blocking streets in san francisco north beach neighborhood. the reason, you are looking that scene, police got a tip about a woman who fired a gun, what they found led to the arrival of a bomb squad. kron 4's reggie kumar is live. what happened? do we know? >> reporter: that is still under investigation but the bomb squad is doing a second sweep of the building. the building has been evacuated. authorities removed a white box, they are concerned it could have explosives in it.
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but at this point it is a suspicious device. when they entered an apartment they found weapons, swords, and the suspicious device. this is the scene you are looking at right now. the woman who lives in the apartment is a federal employee, former marine and a demolition experts. authorities said she had a psychotic episode. >> we had a call of a lady said she fired a round. officers didn't find anything. nobody stated they heard a gun shot in the building and she responded to her job that federal reserve, she started to have a break down. >> reporter: the woman was taken to the hospital, she is
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being evaluated as we speak. as far as the scene here, it is still very active. i asked san francisco police when this would be cleared up so people can get bine the apartment -- can get into the apartment, they said they don't know. so it could be several more hours before residents are allowed back in this apartment. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. more breaking news, bart is dealing with delays because of a person under a train. that happened about 9:30 tonight. trains have been running through the station but not stopping and, of course, that caused delays. it is unclear when the station will reopen. record tying heat. this is a shot from mill valley. a beautiful day. hot, dry weather bringing a
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higher risk of fire. crews were putting out hot spots today on the peninsula. brian has more on the heat. . >> lots of heat today, south bay and the east bay. 94 degrees this afternoon in san jose. mid-90s east bay. cooler closer to the bay as the sea breeze kicked in this afternoon. 75 the high san francisco. 80s oakland. right now the breeze is pushing into the bay and making for cooler readings, in the 50s. 76 in antioch. tomorrow we will see a change in the weather. we have fog moving in and the sea breeze will be strong tomorrow. san francisco and oakland 70. san jose 80s. hot inland. conford 92 degrees. -- concord 92 degrees. i will have more coming up. the hot, dry conditions
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helped to fuel this brush fire in brisbane. no homes were threatened. it took firefighters a few hours to get it under control. one spot on alert, the oakland hills especially after a brush fired charred there last week. these goats chomping away at dry brush. interesting fire prevention method. the goats were along sky line boulevard. kron 4's dan kerman has more on fire proofing your home. >> reporter: with temperatures rising and brush drying, he showed us an example of a home that is ready for fire season. >> cut down all their low lying
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grass, dead grass, 30-foot clearance. took out all the dead and dying debris all the way down to the soil, which gives them a trevor lewis break in the event of a fire. the roof line, the trees are clear of the roof line. >> reporter: then we headed a few minutes away and saw the opposite. >> people neglected to abide by the requirements that repmake their homes survivable. the homes here need a lot of work. >> trees such as this one that we see in front of us, married against the house. we want to trim the tree so there is 6 feet of separation between the house and the tree. this is another example of the vegetation that has grown up around the roof line. you want to keep the vegetation
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off your home, from growing over your home, and you want to keep any debris, dead, dying material, keep that away from your home. this is a fire starter. hazard. we want to eliminate all probability of having a fire. >> reporter: you have till june 29 to clear the brush around your house. beginning on that date the fire department will send out inspectors and siting people whose brush is not cleared. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> officials reminding people clear brush away from your homes. it is better to do the work before 10:00 a.m. the later the higher the risk of sparking a fire with equipment. new at 11:00, approved the
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closure of three fire stations and laying off 16 firefighters, this comes after voters rejected measure f which would have maintained service. the layoff notices go out june 15. the man convicted of killing a father and two sons in 2008 learned his fate today. anthony bologna and his sons. edwin ramos was sentenced to three terms of life in prison and imposing a sentence of 182 years to be served concurrently. coming up the trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky began today with a victim and an anniversary at alcatraz, a continuing mystery, could three
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escaped inmates be living among us? >> coming up later, going to crown a california stanley cup hockey champion and we will visit the u.s. open, getting ready for thursday's tee off later in this broadcast. ♪
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we are paying the highest prices for gas in the bay area but prices fell for the 26th straight day. in san francisco $4.24 a gallon. oakland $4.15. san jose $4.14. national $3.54 but drivers paying the most are in hawaii, $4.48 a gallon. stay with us, more news after the break.
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the trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky began today, accused of abusing 10 young boys. kron 4's kate thompson joins us with details. >> reporter: very graphic testimony from one of jerry sandusky's victims about being sexually assaulted for years. >> reporter: during opening statements, prosecutors called jerry sandusky a predator. the first witness a 28-year-old
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man testified that he began sexually abusing him at 14 years old, forcing him to perform sex acts on him. that jerry sandusky kissed his thighs and victimized 40 times. he met him through the second mile, the group he founded. victim number 4 testified that jerry sandusky showered him with 50s, and drive -- him with gifts and driving him to buy marijuana. saying he treated me like a son in front of other people. outside of that he is treating me like his girlfriend. jerry sandusky pleaded not guilty to all 52 charges of sexual abuse. >> reporter: jerry sandusky's lawyers will argue he suffers from a personality disorder and they may put him on the stand.
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more testimony is expected tomorrow. >> thank you. while we are seeing mild conditions in the bay area, other parts of the nation are dealing with dangerous weather. record rain led to flooding for florida and in colorado dry conditions are fueling a large wildfire. emily has more. the wildfire moving across colorado is moving so quickly now, 40 feet a second. in the time it takes to read this flames can cover a football field. in a minute the fire burn as mile. >> that is fast. and concerning conditions. to have that move that quickly. >> reporter: 2600 evacuation calls went out but they are still too big to assess how many homes are lost. >> i can't imagine my house is there. >> reporter: the fire doubled in size over night and not even
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close to being controlled. land is too dry and rain too far away. but a different scene in the gulf coast, 22 inches of water over the weekend. he thought he could out run it. >> it was deeper than what we thought and water washed up over the hood and drown the engine out. >> reporter: pictures of more swamped vehicles show he wasn't along. alabama and florida are warning of floods and problems still to come. officials estimate the floods caused $20 million in damage which will linger long after the water recedes. kron 4 news. here in the bay area the weather story is the warm temperatures and the clear skies. here is a live view right now, that is san francisco and notice no fog out there for
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another night. we do have fog, though, at half moon bay. the clouds are getting closer and they will push in over night and that with a strong sea breeze for tomorrow makes for a cooler day, especially by the bay. here is 6:00 a.m. future cast. 4 cast model showing temperatures. blue 50s. green 60s. that is where we start the day. through the morning it will warm up. warm day, especially inland, hot. the red here at 4:00 p.m. in the east bay, 90s. 80s for the south bay. by the bay readings 70s and 60s that coast and winds 30-40 miles per hour close to the beaches. that is the sea breeze, that is something we haven't seen. that will cool things down. low 80s south bay. sunnyvale 84. warmest readings east bay,
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inland valleys, low 90s. antioch 94 degrees. concord low 90s. same for walnut creak. over the hills, closer to the bay, 70s. 70 for san francisco tomorrow. that is down 5 degrees. mid-80s north bay valleys. 70s on the peninsula. oakland 75 degrees. here is the seven day around the bay forecast cooler for wednesday, the sea breeze works its way to the inland valleys. that cools everyone down thursday and friday and we warm up for saturday and sunday. temperatures return to the 90s. inland by the weekend and 80s by the bayh. today is -- by the bayh. today is the 50th anniversary of the escape from alcatraz. the brothers you just saw and this man crawled through holes,
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dug with spoons and used a ventilation shaft to get to the roof and used a raft made from rain coats to get to the bay. there are still warrants for the men. a u.s. marshal still assigned to the case and he joined the national park service and relatives of the brothers today at alcatraz to talk about the mystery. still ahead tiger woods practicing at the olympic club getting ready for the u.s. open, gary has the story and the kings crowned champions of hockey, gary hat highlights -- gary has highlights of all the sports next. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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i am killing time because gary is arriving. he is on my left. here he comes. >> i had to get all the campaign off me, the kings -- >> he was celebrating. did you have a good time. >> better than the producer, no cue. >> jonathan quick and the los angeles kings for the first ever time in their 45 years of existence, stanley cup champions. the new jersey penality opened
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the flood gates from there three connective power-play goals and rolled it up from there. former san jose sharks coach, coach of the kings. former sharks general manager, general manager of the kings. both fired in san jose and tonight they are going crazy. 6-1. kings knockout the new jersey devils in six games. the conn smythe trophy to jonathan smith. the kings the champions of the national hockey league. tiger woods up bright and early. 7:00 a.m. walk through with johnny miller and went to work. tiger woods the number 4 golfer in the world, following his victory couple weeks ago. tiger woods will practice again tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and have his press conference
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at 10:30. vern glenn was on the scene today. >> reporter: monday was about the sight that a u.s. open can bring. but really, really, it was about the pursuit of tiger woods. many fans got here after he was done. after all he did tee off at 7:00 a.m. here is what cassey martin said. >> yes, we were teammates. he was different. when i was a senior and he was a freshman, he made us look like we were beginning. honesters. i am the big -- honestly. i am the biggest fan in the world. >> watching him, the magic is coming back for him, great for golf and everybody and him. >> reporter: tiger woods did not speak to the media today. he is set to speak tomorrow. at 10:30 a.m. and the world will be watching.
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>> all right. it begins 4:00 a.m., jackie scissile gets down. nobody covers better than kron. we will get you u.s. open coverage every morning. rain forced forces tennis to be completed today, french open victory. [ talking at the same time ] >> he can go -- rallies are longer. he can go all day and all night. there he is. hugging dad. rafael nadal wins 7-5 over novak djokovic and there he is. he has 11 grand slam titles over all. his 7th french open win. the king in paris today, rafael nadal. international soccer, because we have time. here we go. in the ukraine. france versus england. european championships.
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i don't know if you would rather see this or john collins interview somebody. there it is. england leading 1-0. thank you -- [ laughter ] >> and france comes back. the game ends in a 1-1 tie. and there it is. i laugh because my producer is tremendous. he is like the best in the market but he has traveled all around so to him showing france versus england, i mean that gets him excited. but when you grow up on the farm like i did in san jose -- [ talking at the same time ] >> give me a pitch fork and hey and i am interested. [ talking at the same time ] >> i take it back. we go back and forth. do you think -- now u.s.a., different story because we are all for the red, white and blue. >> transplanted to the bay area -- >> watch you on the news last
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night, thank you, france versus england. >> thank you. >> okay. i will send out thank yous vea twitter tonight. golf tomorrow. weather good? >> looks nice. cooler. >> all right. >> yea!
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