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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 22, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is the bay area new station. kron four news starts now. >> jurors will we listen to disturbing testimony and the jerry sandusky trial as they continue deliberations and while most of the bay area was sleeping crews worked all night to repair the damage to the bridge. we are taking a live look outside right now. the skies are clear. eric our right now is tracking a chance for rain a little bit to the top stories minute. >> have the potential for wet
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weather into our forecast. as of right now we are seeing low cloud cover situated around the coastal areas. we do have some clear size -- clear skies inland. the potential for somewhat weather north of the golden gate bridge and then we do increase of that potential as we have into this evening. at 20 to 30% chance of rain. not only for some of our north bay locations but some of that could shift southward. their current satellite and radar position you see it pursing its way closer. a lot of the wet weather is sitting offshore. that deep marine layer continues to increase temperatures are well below the seasonal average.
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it is breezy and the hills. the northgate mountains. you can expect the potential for somewhat weather. now we set up future test for to see where we anticipate that rainfall to hit. it looks like by lunchtime we are dry for the most part. you can see it increasing cloud cover for the northern half of the bay area. as we advance the clock we start to see some light green on the screen. most of it is sitting -- sitting off store. by 8:00 p.m. later on tonight it looks like that rainfall doesn't stick while north of the golden gate bridge however it does increase in intensity just west of santa rosa. certainly keep an eye brow a handy. it looks like we could deal with the possibility for a scattered sprinkle here or there as we have into the mid- night hours. in terms of your temperatures are right outside the door really notes shocks or
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surprises. as we look ahead it looks like past day we will see partly cloudy skies it will be drier around the bay area a little bit of warm-up had we transition into sunday. our full look at our extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> look at what is happening along the golden gate bridge. nice and might as well. a more weather and traffic in just a few minutes. first are big stories. san francisco men are expected to be in court this morning. the two men that beat the giants and. both men remain jailed at the same time attorneys want more
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than $50 million from the dodgers organization for the brain damage to cover future medical costs and pain and suffering. he has racked up $4 million in medical bills so far and will be more than 50 million according to court papers. crews are working around the clock to repair. 29. will write you this story yesterday. here you can see some of the work being done to repair the damage. $2.4million in damage by the way. it was vacant and under construction in preparation for next year's america cup race. the cause so has not been determined. construction workers may have been in the building prior to the fire. it is slated to house the operation staging area for the america's cup regatta. after just one day of testimony the judge overseeing the assault trial of william lynch said the jury home
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without explanation. the 44-year-old is charged with beating father jerry linder at his retirement home two years ago. he said that he have been molested by jerry linder two years ago. the judge then said the jury home another alleged victim. confronted the priest and said he was about to enter the courtroom. the mac is totally understandable that a woman and i was tortured over a period of two years that he was created situation and she fell like her parents approved of that abuse which she would have been out worst. >> lucas and his claim to speak as one of several people including the william lynch and his brother who claimed they were molested by father jerry
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only keeping trip more than 35 years ago. after closing arguments in the jerry sandusky abuse case they are expected to reconvene later this morning. a new alleged victim has now stepped forward and he is related to the former penn state football coach. we get the latest from and pain. >> reporter: in closing arguments sandusky's attorneys reminded them of lack of physical evidence in the case. the lead prosecutor then had his turn. he called a pedophile who systematically preyed on victims through his charitable organization. consider -- conspiracy theories collapse under their own weight. >> what i thought from the defense was largely an attempt to create a computer -- conspiracy theory.
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i don't think it went very well. he allegedly abused him. at the start of the trial not sandusky sat with supporters. he questions the suns claim. >> and doesn't find a whole lot of credibility. stock futures are pointing to a higher open this morning a day after plunging on fears of slow global growth. take a look at closing numbers. you can see that they were off two and 50 points yesterday that his 2% down. second biggest drop for the job this year. the s&p was down to 30. asian stock markets fell as reports from two biggest
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economies. but investor service has lowered the ratings of some of the world's largest tanks. the rating agency said the banks were downgraded because their long-term prospects for profitability and growth are shrinking. investors demand higher interest which is what the downgrades were present. a budget deal for california has now been reached but it does involve some deep cuts to close the massive $16 billion budget deficit. now here are some of the spots that are getting hit the hardest. the state welfare program will be restructured and cow works well now have a two-year limit it used to before. child care assistance has also been slashed by almost 9% that a limited merely 10,000 childcare sports for low-income
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families. college students also are feeling the pain over the next three years. grants will be reduced by thousands of dollars. our man in electric wheelchair was hit and killed by a train yesterday. it happened on the south island cal train tracks. spokesperson said the man went around the lowered its bid trains were delayed more than four hours. this is the tenth fatality this year. last year we saw 16. police are trying to determine if speed was a factor in a motorcycle crash that killed a man and a woman. it happened last night when the motorcycle hit a car as he was turning from southbound oberland away. you're the man or the woman on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. the driver of the car is cooperating with the police investigation. much more ahead this morning. we are looking for rain and the
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forecast for tonight.
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it is a make or break moment for fremont electric car maker. the company has lost nearly $1 billion a cellaring height and electric sports cars for the company's first sedan will be delivered today. the model us has a starting price of $49,000 after a federal tax credits about the same as a hybrid crossover. they top out at nearly $1,002,000. you can get a number of upgrades apparently. within a 10,000 people had put up a deposit for the sedan and it expects to sell a thousand this year. so we will cross our fingers and wish them the best. >> googles has approved an
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president in the stock split. the new class will split shares to-one and a new shares well not had any voting power. employees giving google stock in the future well get the non- voting start blowing voting power to remain with the existing shareholders. >> turner broadcasting is in talks to buy bleacher report in an attempt to expand its online presence. as the fourth largest immediate site with more than 25,000 monthly readers. what a in able turn or to sell ads to a broader audience. the president is now heading to florida today to address but has been the leaders and try to build momentum following the directive he gave on illegal immigration. the speech is the first to a hispanic group since he announced his sweeping
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immigration reform. they be granted work permits that are good for two years through the immigration initiative has dropped renewed aggression. let's take a quick break. back with more in a moment. another cool day on tap with full details in a minute. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network on the go. [ female announcer ] go to the website below and get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. that's all the speed you need at a great price. it's an unbelievable deal, so why wait? act now! act now! like he said. ♪ good friday morning. officials head reported the first confirmed case of west nile virus. the bird carrying the virus was found in woodside. it has been detected in 16 counties across the state including this coming which has the second bird releases -- related case it just this week. it was all part of a sting
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operation with minors working under the direction of authorities. police say that three businesses were caught, here are the six businesses that they targeted in daly city. there is a list on your screen right now and then and further gains for stores and restaurants. the employees could face criminal go prosecution and the businesses could be fined or have an outlaw license revoked. power has been restored in concord this morning. that is the good news. powerful winds knocked the wind into -- backcountry into power lines. you can see workers are trained to get the power restored in the studio. let's were not more 700 customers in the estates neighborhood. with a chance to talk to a woman who saw the tree come down. >> i was sitting in the betterment of the sudden i hear a cracking sound and look out the window and is just slowly
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coming over and then prior to that the wires working. that's what we knew something was going on. and all the lights went out. i can power was restored this morning. >> officials in minnesota are trying to figure out what the damages from this heavy rain and that may have caused extensive flooding this week. this is video of that funding. and the mayor estimates that there is between 50 and $80 billion in damage just to the city. the waters are still rising in areas to the south and in the town that has the lake is being described as an island. there is a time of island right there. >> we could actually see some rain here in the bay area as we have into the afternoon but we won't be flooding. it looks like most of this wet weather well actually stick it
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to the north. we could get some light sprinkles your butt for the most part if you are inland located in the south bay execution stay dry. now you're temperatures are right outside the door a good mixing up 50s to 60 degrees. as we check out your satellite and radar picture this is what everyone is worried about that potential for watch whether you can see in streaming here. you can see all of this color of green that does indicate a light rainfall however we do have some pockets of baby moderate to heavy rain and i can actually impact the bay area. so as we take a wider view here associated with this rainfall that we are chocking in northern california electric we will see an abundance of october. we have some pretty gusty
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conditions. that is really around the bay. 10 over in oakland. as the checkout where temperatures will go later on into the afternoon significantly cooler each and every day with a tomorrow expected to to be the coolest day of the week. there were startled to see even 70s and the south bay. it looks like santa clara region afternoon high of 69 degrees. we could see maybe a 70 hear a -- you're there. we do have the potential for rainfall as we have into the afternoon. we are talking to a 20 to 30% chance it looks like we could see upper 60s. downtown san francisco only getting into the low 60s and mid- 50s or ocean beach. in terms of your seven day around the bay extended forecast cooler conditions as
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we slide into the weekend fact i don't think we will see in the 70s around the bay as we have into tomorrow. we will see him mix of morning fog and afternoon sunshine and then it looks like temperatures will start to climb once again pretty on par with the seasonal average as we start the next work week. fortunately i'm not looking any hotspots around the bay area we do have a couple of wind advisories to talk about. one in effect for interstate 580. for those of you heading to the bay bridge this morning no problems to contend with. no problems to alert you there. as we show you the traffic maps a lot of green on a roadway. no problems for south of the 680. the freeware is currently considered free and as we take a look here there speeds
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dropped onto just 45 miles per hour. interstate 280 is problem free and we are seeing top speeds on north bound 85. one of the three men who kidnapped a busload of children and catch a look back in six has now been released from prison. he was released late wednesday to an undisclosed location after more than 35 years behind bars. he, and his brothers when they were ambushed that bus and a small farm community. 24 hours a day with a gps device.
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, we brought you the story yesterday. yesterday the students that were turning a grandmother on a school bus are now getting death threats themselves. we brought you the sister read story yesterday. the woman is a school bus monitor in a dork. the children that were talking to were seventh and 8th graders. she said there was nothing she could do but just take the abuse. this morning we are hearing from the student who was recording all of us on his cell phone. >> they told me to record it so i just recorded it. >> did you say anything mean to her. i feel bad about that they were making fun of her and everything. >> i never thought anything like this would ever happen. if you think the phone out of her hands you get in trouble. i decided let them go.
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there has been an outpouring of support for that woman there. an online fundraiser was looking to generate $5,000. it's gone way beyond that. yesterday we brought you the story the total had gone above $100,000 just this morning we understand it is now over $440,000. also, southwest airlines announced they are going to fly her and nine other people to disneyland for three nights all expenses paid. we will take a quick rate. we will give you a live look outside. c1c1c1
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we are back at 4:27 a.m.. a live look of the golden gate bridge. 51 degrees right now on the thermometer. today in the city it will be a lot like yesterday. 57 by then. will be lucky if we get to that point. 54 by 8:00 p.m.. back with more under forecasted just a little bit. onto some other headlines. we have new plans in the works to expand the mosque on the center. as necessary to renovate the convention center in order to make it can fit -- competitive. they hosted the events per year. conventions of generating a big
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demand to know what help pay for those expansions. the first phase of the project expected to be completed by the year 2018. attendance records have been broken for the opening day of the alameda county fair. 37,000 people went on wednesday this is the 100th anniversary of the fair runs through july 8. it is close on mondays though. >> will take a break. it is 4:29 a.m.. here is a shot of the bay bridge. it is going to be cool and possibly deep for you depending on where you are. she will explain in a minute.
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this is a little bit more the june gloom. we are seeing foggy conditions along the coastline. we are also tracking the potential for wet weather as we have into the afternoon. it really doesn't look like all of us will be affected. most of the wet weather will stick north of the golden gate bridge. we could pick up some zaragoza later this evening. you can see it for yourself here on the satellite and radar view. most of it is still sitting offshore. some of it is reaching landfall. associated with this rainfall we are seeing a lot of cloud cover and into the bay area. so what this actually means is we are dealing with high pressure anymore in fact it looks like the marina where it continues to deepen as we have into the afternoon. now with this temperatures are well below the seasonal average and you can expect the potential it 20 to 30% chance
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of rain as we have into the later hours. i set it up here for you on future casts. it is more like cloud cover. as we advance the clock you can see a light sprinkle of just west. he will certainly want to keep an umbrella handy. around the santa rosa area. in terms of your temperatures right outside the door 52 degrees for downtown missing from cisco. 50 for those of you in napa. as we have into the afternoon we won't get too much in fact we will not -- notice that cool down.
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mid- 60s for those of you in hayward. around the day extended forecast we will be contending with a mix of fog and sunshine. don't think that we want any more wet weather to speak of. let's give you a quick check of your commute. no problems here. an easy ride across the state. all of your arteries around the bay area are moving well. we have a live look at 101. it's on the light side as usual for this time in the morning. no problems out there for you as you make your way to seem from cisco. the two men accused of beating the giants don't -- a giant panda brand still are expected to be in court this week at her arraignment. a judge found sid vicious evidence to require them to
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face trial. on one felony count each of the mayhem in and battery. both men remained jailed at the same time. they have racked up about $4.3 million of medical bills so far. they will need about $50 million in total. after just one day of testimony the judge overseeing the assault trial of william lynch said the jury home without an explanation. 44-year-old lynch is charged with beating other lender in his retirement home. he said that he was lost when he was seven years old. the recent at the scene and said he is innocent. the judge then sent the jury home. another brick dumb confronted the priest as he is about to enter the courtroom.
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it's completely understandable that a woman who was raped and tortured over two years with him creating situations where her parents approved of the abuse after closing arguments jury in that jerry sandusky case delivered it rated at about 930 last night. meanwhile a new alleged victim has now stepped forward and he is related to the former penn state coach. in closing arguments they reminded jurors of the lack of physical evidence in the case. he accused the alleged victims
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of conspiring. they then had their turn and called him a pedophile who systematically preyed on victims through the charitable organizations. conspiracy theories collapse under their own weight. a lawyer agreed on pierce morgan tonight. >> what i saw from the defense was largely an attempt to create a conspiracy theory. i don't think it felt very well. also thursday one of the six adopted children said that he allegedly sexually abused him. at the start of the trial that sandusky sat with jerry sandusky supporters. he questions the suns claim. i am entertained reporting. crews are working around the clock to prepare the century
4:37 am
old pier inflicting about $2.4 million in damage to the building. you can see some of the damage you're in this video. all in preparation the cause of the plays they still don't know but at investigation shows that construction workers may have been in that building prior to the fire so they will be talking to them. so far stock futures are pointing to a higher open. a day after plunging on fears of slower growth. let's take a quick look at the numbers here. they are off by a whole lot. it's the second biggest drop of the year. asian stock markets fell today as gloomy economic reports
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heightening fears of a sharper global downturn. the ratings agency said the banks were downgraded because the long-term prospects for portability and growth are on the decline. a downgrade usually means it becomes a little bit more costly for them to raise money. they demand higher interest for taking on that riskier debt which is what the downgrade to represent. >> a huge day for the motors company in fremont. they're hoping now to finally turn the corner when it releases its new car and a whole new market. their banking will return the corner for the company. many come simmers hope to come
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down here and drive it off the lot. the first family car and they have ever produced. it has now been a two seater sports car. it starts off at around $50,000 could be as much as $1,002,000 they can drive up to 3,000 miles depending on the model that you buy. they hope to sell at least 8,000 of these cars and if it does will be the first time the company has ever made a profit. we did a quick check this morning is actually down almost 5%. will see if it doesn't pick up a little bit. text messages to his wife and campaign manager has now been made public as part of the official misconduct hearing. the mayor out to show that he tried to dissuade witnesses from cooperating in the criminal domestic violence
4:40 am
case. the text are showing that the city commission now has them and they are offering a glimpse into how they have responded to the events after the arguments. it led him to then plead guilty of false imprisonment. will take a quick break at 4:40 a.m.. we will be back with just a moment
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the. we are back with a developing story now. more than two dozen investigators sifted through to greet at a west oakland construction site of the cause of the fire last thursday. that blaze of course caused for stories of what would have been a senior housing complex to collapse. investigators could see what was below each letter. it is her turn to figure out what caused that massive fire.
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they are looking for objects that should be in place and should not be there. so they are looking for those kind of things. there are trained to understand what was the power systems into this building. it was under construction. >> the fire also damaged nearby tracks. the lawyer for trade on martin's family said newly released interviews are showing some contradictions. wednesday his defense team believes audio and video interviews after he was shot and killed in february. he was in a life-and-death struggle with the teeth and fired in self-defense. he explained his views to pierce morgan. >> how much should we believe how important is that you can. it is all about credibility.
4:44 am
you have to tell the truth because if you don't tell the truth if you lie about one thing how can we believe that you're not going to lie about another thing. and there seems to be a pattern and everybody is going to have to look this for what it is you have objective evidence and then you had him. you put them up against one another and we know that written statement that he did that night doesn't match up to that 911 tape. when we see the light we have caught up your this is credibility again. that is the important thing. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. a climbing ranger at has died trying to rescue four people on mount rainier in washington state. they call fell 3,000 feet yesterday trying to help the injured climbers who were from texas. he was found dead at what other rangers reached in several
4:45 am
hours later. the fourth rated up a storm overnight with the help of park rangers. much more ahead here.
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good morning seemed as if pride started earlier this week. keep up the rainbow flag at city hall. the theme for the celebration is a global equality which puts the spotlight on these 76 countries were being gay and lesbian is a crime. they have a major event for pride week but they are also other events that are going on at this weekend. will start with what is happening today. the trans march which starts at 330 with a rally and then at 630 there is a march to un plaza. tomorrow a private celebration that separates -- civic center
4:48 am
plaza. people remain split on the issue. the poll found some 42 percent of america's opposed gay marriage. 40% oppose it. more young people liberals and democrats and now even some moderate say they have a strong favorable bill in the views. king james finally got his crown. not me. we're talking about lebron james. his second season after taking his talent to south beach. they are now nba champions. he is loving it. they beat the thunder to win the finals and five games.
4:49 am
they were celebrating and south beach. they are out in force. it's his second championship in three years. it is expected early next week. a national chain is helping those who need it with a unique approach at the checkout counter and diners can pay just what they can. the community cafi is serving up more than toasted bagels. the nonprofit is now a pay what you can't model serving up standard fare with a site of compassion. it really is exactly what i am
4:50 am
looking for. this is a st. louis based company for the community cafi. this is no soup kitchen. rather a place to lift people up. providing dignity to those who might be down on her luck. essentially you are welcome to come in. take what you need. i could hear isn't free. they tell you the suggested price. you can drop cash in the donation box. so far customers love the idea. >> i have a pretty good job. i know there are people out there that are hurting. anything that helps. >> that's people who are ill or the money i think it's good that we give out that.
4:51 am
hopefully it's not going to turn into something that wouldn't otherwise. this location is fitting and is at the heart of the company. this is where we wrote the vision. taking them back to the bay area. good morning. the rumors are true. we could actually see some wet weather. so everyone is talking about it. i do want to show you the satellite and radar picture to show you exactly where that rain is headed right now. so a lot of it is sitting offshore however we are seeing some rain reached landfall over your recovery now. not only for most of northern california but here in the bay
4:52 am
area as well. it will only continue to deepen. we will continue to see an increase of onshore flow. it does look like most of us what the weather will stick north of the golden gate bridge. we will take the chances. using nothing but cloud cover advancing over the area. by 8:00 p.m. and becomes a little bit more widespread in the north bay. that yellow underscoring shows the rainfall. in terms of your temperatures right outside the door really no surprises. downtown san francisco coming in at 52 degrees.
4:53 am
53 for those of you in other areas. it's much cooler to what we are used to. it's made 50 at-bats. 69 degrees for concorde. it will be a little bit warmer we won't be seeing too much sunshine around the bay area and you will want to keep your umbrella handy. in terms of the seven-day period that what the weather is behind us. temperatures however will be a little bit cooler. i don't think we will see in the 70s around the bay. looks like we will fall into the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine but it looks like as we start the next workweek temperatures will start to rebuild once again and it looks like we could see some 80s by midweek. we don't have any hotspots to tell you about. i did mention a couple of wind
4:54 am
advisories. i just checked with chp and looks like those have been lifted. no problems to alert you to if you are heading out to oakland in the city. for those of you heading southbound we don't see any backup at that toll plaza. lots of space between cars coming out of the marina county. i did want to turn our attention to the traffic maps. will see a lot of green on our roadways centers. in fact this is just 22 minutes making your way towards the synthesis go toll plaza. we do have big delays yesterday yesterday evening for those of you taking caltrain. those are no longer the case. all systems will be eight oh. for those of you lighting -- writing that.
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check this out it's a rare hat shaped cloud right near mount fuji after a strong typhoon swept through japan. the hanging cloud only happens when the winds become stronger or right after a tropical storm. it's still very rare for this time of year. clouds had disappeared after about 30 minutes. much more ahead here on this friday morning. here is what is coming up at 5:00.
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thus is kron 4 news at 5.
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>> thank you for joining us. the top stories we're following. crews are trying to repair some damage. what investigators say could have caused the large fire. and a make or break moment. and the company deliver delivering the sedans today. awaiting a verdict in the penn state sex abuse trial. jerry sandusky as the jury deliberates an hour from now. first, a update on wert and traffic. a chance of rain. and this afternoon and here is the weather for today. this morning we're dealing with the drizzle and in 590s. and later on in the evening
5:01 am
hours. the north bay will stand a chance of seeing it. and a chance at that. so fairly decent probably. we'll explore it in the full check of weather. traffic. gorge? >> good morning, a quiet morning here in the traffic center. >> it is light traffic here at the bridge toll plaza no delay. a quick commute shows light conditions even for highways 4 and interstate 580. and in the east bay light traffic north bay as well. a fire on the that the damage pier 29. the search for a cause and the repairs are continuing. and let's go to jacky with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. things are quiet now but you can see the work they have gotten done over the last day or so, the crews were out here yesterday and will be back out here today. you can see they have taken down that historic facade from
5:02 am
pier 39 after that blaze that destroyed the whole front end. you can see, mark, there is a fence that is up out here now. the hope is that in the next day they will finish the repairs not the repairs but the demolition part of this and make is sound. and the good news is that it is open and remains open. now the investigation turns to the cause. investigators are looking at that as a possibility of what started the fire t is early in the investigative stage but that may have played a role. we're waiting for crews out here this morning to continue the demolition. the other stories we're following, the two men accused of beating the giants fan brian
5:03 am
stowe are expected in court. >> they are having their arraignment as a judge found sufficient evidence to require the two men to face trial on mayhem, assault and battery. they are jailed at the same time. attorneys for brian stowe and wants expenses for pain and suffering. he has racked up 4 million in medical bills and need 50 million in care, according to papers. and new accusations are being leveled against jerry sandusky as the jury deliberates the molestation trial. they are deciding whether he sexually assaulted ten boys over a 15-year period. now word that his adopted son, one of the six adopted children, matt, claiming his father abused him.
5:04 am
a man suing the former coach abused him more than 100 times when he was boy. and back here in the bay area after one day of testimony, the judge overseeing the trial of william lynch sent the jury home without an explanation. 494-year-old lynch charged with attacking father jerry lindner at his home two years ago. he says that he molested him when he was 7 years old. the priest said he was innocent. lynch's lawyer asked the judge to let him know he was committing perjury. the judge sent the jury home. another twist, another victim, deborah lucas, confronted the priest. her friend defended her actions. >> a woman who was raped, tortured over a period of over many years with the father created situations in which she felt that it was approved of.
5:05 am
she did have a outburst. and lucas is one of several people, including lynch and his brother who claim they were molested by the father. and keeping our eyes on stock futures corks get a rebound after a bloodbath on wall street yesterday. fears of a slow down and we had moody's down grading five banks in the us they downgradeed a dozen. the dow is down 2% t lost 251 points at the second biggest drop of the year for the dow. the nasdaq was off 71 and the s&p was down 30. moody's warned they would do it. a dozen in the five largest banks here bank of america. jp morgan chase and they are
5:06 am
all downgraded. they were downgraded because prospects and growth are shrinking t means that it will be more mostly now for the banks to raise money by selling debt t could be costly for consumers to get loans. and a stock spill for google. and the new class will effectively split the shares 2- 1 but the new shares will not have any voting power. those given stock in the future will get that non-voting stock arowing voting power to remain with the existing shareholders t may not occur until late in the year given a shareholder lawsuit that's aimed to block the move. and a budget deal has been reached here in california but it does involve cuts to close the $16 billion debt in the state. these are the hard hit spots. it will be restructured and cal
5:07 am
works will provide for needy families. they will have a two-year limit. child care help in the the state slashed by 9%. that eliminates 10,000 child care spots for low income families. college students will be feeling the pain over the next three years. and they will be considered by thousands of dollars. and now. a rá and sedans. the model s will drive the company to profitability or a $465 million loan. the model s is the starting price of just under $50,000. the models start around 50 but they top off with a high wend the longest range in over 100,000.
5:08 am
and 10,000 people have put down a deposit for the sedan. it expects to sell 5000 of them. they are making them over in fremont. we'll be back we're with you until 10:00. and opening for weather than yesterday the cool down. and fog showing up around the bay. and fairly good chance of showers. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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welcome back to the morning news. and world stories now, 26 people are dead after taliban insurgents attacked a hotel. this is according to officials who say the attacks set off an hour's long gun battle with forces t just ended a few hours ago. three suicide bombers remained with machine-guns and grenades stormed the hotel last night.
5:12 am
the dead now include 12 civilians, four security guards and a police officer. word that all of the taliban attackers were killed. and the u.s. and south korea are holding massive live fire drills today to warn north korea against aggression. the exercises will take place south of the border. and the fighter jets, attack helicopters and vehicles and allied troops. the government says that the drills are in preparation for war. we'll be back as the morning news conditions. a live look as we watch the bay. and traffic is light.
5:13 am
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♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. the president heading to florida to build a momentum following his directive on immigration. the speech is to the first to a hispanic group since he enacted
5:16 am
reform to allow immigrant's children to be exempt from deportation t has drawn attention to the voting block and potential for affecting the election in november. and a new associated press poll showing the endorsement of same-sex marriage has shifted the public's listen very little t found 42% of americans oppose gay marriage and 40% support it. 15% are neutral. more young people, liberals and democrats and moderates have a few of the president's handling of the same-sex marriage. and check out the video out of minnesota. officials are trying to figure out what the damage totals are from the foot of rain that fell in the duluth area. as the mayor is now estimating there has been 50 million to 80 million in dan to the frayne structure alone. waters are rising to the south and moose lake is being
5:17 am
described as an island. back here in the bay area, we're talking about a chance of rain here. unusual this time of year. james has more on the forecast. >> that is heaviest in the north bay but the bay area could see a 10% chance. that increases as i said as you head north. here is the view from san francisco, the roof camera. a cloudy start. sunrise about 5:47. and depending on where you are. you will see it on the east bay. san francisco at 52 degrees. we're seeing mid50s in oakland and low to mid50s elsewhere. the wider view showing you that. santa rosa at 48. that will be where we see the greatest chance of sprinkles later on this afternoon and this evening. this is the satellite radar, you can see the moisture off shore most concentrated near eureka t will be tracking to the north and the east today. as it does the lower edge of it, the southern edge can
5:18 am
scrape across the north bay, that's why we're looking for the chance of a sprinkle. and the future cast here and how they will progress throughout the day. we have the clock set at noon. you can see we're looking for clouds. we'll add vance to 3, you can see the green popping into the view there. as we push it further to about 8 p.m. in the evening. that's when you see the chance of light to moderate rain falling briefly across portions of the north bay up near santa rosa and this will track during the overnight hours. we'll say goodbye to it as of tomorrow. that's the way the rain is expected to develop here and it is at midnight. you can see again sprinkles possible in the north bay. inland valleys and the coast as well. so, not a big chance but a chance nonetheless, given the time of year, something to talk about. here is where the temperatures should subtle up, looking for a cooler day for most places at or below where we were
5:19 am
yesterday n the south bay we're looking for mid-to-upper 60s. maybe the 70s out in the delta. mainly for the 60s. that well be the same story here for the shoreline low to mid-60s. this is the forecast. we move out to the-west. we talked about today. a slight rain chance. temperatures drop more and then they start to bounce back and recover into sunday. mid-to-late of next week. temperatures back to where they should be for this time of year. we'll have the 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. now to traffic. >> as we monitor a light ride around the bay area not tracking any hot spots. and light traffic at the bridge for the westbound ride. no delays. over to the golden gate bridge and problem with a problem free drive through for 101 southbound. as we check the maps, the east bay shows 80 is clear.
5:20 am
and the valley. and 580 and rides are light. the commute through south bay is without delay as well as for 85 as you head north coming out of to mountain view from cupertinea 22-minute drive from 37 to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you. and san jose police are trying to determine if speed was a factor in a crash that killed two people riding on that motorcycle t was last night when the motor psych -- it was last night when it hit the motorcycle. eitherren the bike had a helmet. the driver is cooperating they are investigating. and this morning, police -- police are investigating what caused a driver to lose control and kill a pedestrian yesterday. the man was waiting at a bus stop off california street. police say he was dead when
5:21 am
they arrived. here is the scene of the crash. >> we're working to investigate what rate of speed the vehicle was traveling at. but they did take out quite a bit along the way. >> the driver was taken to the hospital. the identities of the victim and drive have not been released. we'll be back here as the morning news continues until 10:00. a live look outside on friday morning. and brighten here in the thick fog as we are waiting for a weak storm with a chance of rain showers especially in the north bay. yes, chance of rain in the north bay. a programming note for you, reminder about the 4-g9 of july special mean on kron 4, you have the best seed as we have fire works from around. we're the only station that brings you local fireworks live, that's 4th of july at 9 p.m. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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welcome back. watching the weather, chance of showers in the north bay this afternoon but we could see a few showers to the south. that's dropping through. and we'll have more on the timing and the potential for that rain fall. that's coming up in a few moments. the weekend a cool one and the first weekend of summer. only near 70 for the highs and warmer spots. officials reporting the case of west nile. that bird was found carrying it in wood side. and to date the virus has been detected in 16 counties across the state, including contra costa which confirmed a second bird related case of the virus last week. and in law enforcement targeted 17 stores for sellalcohol to minors t was a sting operation with those working under authorities. and police say that three
5:26 am
businesses were caught and two in south san francisco. and here are the six businesses that were targeted in burlingame, a total of four stores and restaurants and employees could face criminal prosecution. that is for serving a human to a minor. the business could be fined or have the license revoked. and powers now has been restored in concord after winds knocked the tree into power lines. what very the winds. 700 customers in the city's dana estates area were without power. we talked with the woman who saw the tree come down. >> all of a sudden i hear a cracking sound. ai look out the window and is slowly coming over. and then the prior to that, the wires were arcing, that's when we knew something was going on. the lights went out. >> and the drive near was
5:27 am
blocked for several hours. power is back on. a quick break as we continue. and a live look outside. and starting to brighten here and the back up only if you are paying cash they toll plaza. at the toll plaza.
5:28 am
5:29 am
welcome back to the morning news a live look here in san francisco a lot of clouds out there as we have the fog yesterday and cooling things down. and a quick update on weather and traffic to get you out the door. and a chance of rain. >> good morning. this is what it will be like here and beyond. that rain chance, primarily in the north bay. stays at 20 to 30% for people like up near santa rosa. we have that out there. temperatures in 590s and 60s. maybe getting up to 70.
5:30 am
it will be cooler and windier today with the rain. tomorrow the cool down continues. the rain is a thing of the past. and fog will hug the coast line. and temperatures will bottom out before they rebound. a gradual warm up before we head into thursday and wednesday. we'll get back up to where we ought to be here. temperatures back into the 80s. between now and then it will be cooler around the bay. now a update on traffic. >> thank you. >> quiet morning around the traffic center and the bay area. no hot spots to track. no delays here for the bay bridge and it golden gate are all fine, it is light traffic in the four quad rants. >> big day for tesla motors. it and the company that is billing this model in fremont. they are hoping to turn it with the release of the brand new electric vehicle. and we're live now with more on
5:31 am
the new car. >> reporter: many customers plan to come down to tesla aide dallas/fort worth the car off the lot. this what it looks like t is a five seater family car. the first family car it has produced t has ban two-seater. this opens up a new market for them t starts 590,000 can be $102,000 t can drive up to 300 miles depending on the model that you buy. and it hopes to sell 8000 of the cars f it does, it will be the first time the company has ever made a profit. >> and the stock on the rise this morning t closed out 5% yesterday. we'll keep an eye on it throughout the morning. and in san francisco, watching the latest with crews trying to repair pier 29 after that mass of four-alarm fire on wednesday t tore through the pier. and it inflict 2-d $.4 million of damage to the building t was
5:32 am
empty. under construction in preparation for the america's cup race next summer. and a preliminary investigation indicated that a construction worker may have been in the building prior to the fire. and pier 29 is slated to house the operations. the two men accused of beating brian stowe will be arraigned as the judge found evidence to require the two men to face. both men are in jail and at the same time, attorneys for stowe are asking for more than 50 million. and he has racked up 4 million in medical bills they expect he may need 50 million. new accusations leveled against jerry sandusky.
5:33 am
now his adopted son matt claiming that his father abused him. a man suing theledder sandusky said he abused him more than 100 times when he was a boy. we're following the latest with the trial as the jury of the case is out. >> that's what i'm watching here, the jury is deciding what will that former coach face as he is accused of assaulting the boys. and this is from outside of the court as day two of deliberations will start at 9:00 eastern, the jury is sequester the so they never heard the allegations from the adopted son. and the jury did ask once things started up to hear what a former coach and doctor said on the stand. the media is waiting for a verdict f it comes down while on the air count on me to bring that to you. >> we'll check back with you. and testimony in the south bay, judge overseeing the
5:34 am
assault trial of william lynch sent the jury home. the 44-year-old lynch is charged with beating father jerry lindner two years ago. he says that he molested him when he was 7 years old. the priest took the stand and said he was innocent. lynch's lawyer asked the judge to warning the priest he was committing perjury. the judge sent the jury home. another twist, another victim, deborah lucas, confronted the priest as he entered the courtroom. he is one of several people who claim they were molested by the father on a camping trip 35 years ago. and eyes on wall street. see a rebound day today. stock futures pointed to higher after a rough day yesterday. and was fears about global growth and moody's down grading a dozen banks as part of the headlines. look at the numbers, the dow is off yesterday a 2% drop. that was the second biggest
5:35 am
drop of the year for the dow. and the nasdaq and the s&p was down. moody's, they warned they would do this. they did it last night. moody's investors services lowering the credit rating of the largest banks, including the five largest here in the us bank of america, jp morgan chase and goldman sachs. they were downgraded because their pros packages for profitability and growth are shrinking t means that it becomes more costly for the bank to raise money by selling debt t could mean more expensive loans for consumers. and national news, the lawyer for tray von martin's family shows contradictions in george zimmerman's story. and there were interviews and audio taped after martin was shot and killed n the tape claims he was in a struggle with the teen and fired in self-
5:36 am
defense. we heard his views. >> what should we believe what he says in totality, how important is that, do you think? >> it is all about credibility. you have to tell the truth because if you don't tell the truth, if you buy about one thing how can we. there is a pattern in everyone is going to have to look at this for what it was, what it is. you have objective evidence you have are the version of george zimmerman. we know the written statement does not match up to the 911 tape and there are other inconsistencys. when we see it we have to call out the lie. there is his credibility again. that's the important thing. >> and zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the case. we'll be back. >> a live look outside on this
5:37 am
friday morning waiting for the sun to come up. >> and james is checking the chance of rain showers today. the more products we touch around the sink,
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the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
5:40 am
welcome back. san francisco's pride week is in full swing and events going on to celebrate. today the trans mart starts at 3:30 at delores park. and more on pride week. and there will be a rally and 6:30 a march to un plaza. that's come and civic center plaza from noon to six then on sunday the parade will start at 10:30. that will head down market treat. new plans in the works to expand the mosconi center. it will renovate the convention center. he said the expansion is necessary to stay competitive.
5:41 am
it attracts 50 event as year and the mac world conference t the first phase will be complete bid 2018. records have been broken for the opening day of the alameda county fair. 37,000 people attended wednesday. this is the 100th anniversary and it runs through july 8th. we'll be back. a look outside on this friday morning. skies are brightening. a lot of clouds around the area this morning.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. a recap that we're following for you this morning. crews are working overnight making repairs to the fire damage. the building is going up on flames on wednesday afternoon. a preliminary investigation suggests workers may have been in the building before the fire bought cause has not been determined. and bay area tesla rolling out a seedian with a starting
5:45 am
price of under $50,000. and models can top out over $100,000 for the top of the line. and the big moment for tes that here as the first deliveries will be made from the plant here that they have in fremont. and jury deliberations underway in the trial against jerry sandusky. and the former penn state assistant coach is suspected of molesting boys over a 15-year period. now one of his adopted sons claiming that his father abused him. and the jury will start deliberations this morning. on to sports, and the king has ring. lebron james has the elusive title. the heat routing the thunder last night in miami, 121-106 to
5:46 am
win the series. he is on his way to a triple double as they clinched the title. he was named the mvp: a they were celebrating in south beech last night. fans cheering and chanting, this is the second championship in six years. and you may remember last year they picked up james and lost in the finals. they get the win this year. a bay area sport and the as into the series with big momentum. they sweep the dodgers for the first career game ending shot a walk off homer. the win was oakland's eighth in the last nine games. now the giants can see if they can cool off the as. the series kicks off with
5:47 am
struggling san francisco. should be exciting here tonight. james has more on the forecast. >> the possibility may be it will sprinkle here as the game gets underway. the first of three games this evening. game time a 20% chance of sprinkles here during that timeframe. and the possibility is out there. so, maybe bring a trash bag or something just in case. that's the forecast. the rest of the games look great. just on the cool side. here is the live view. cloudy out there. and cool. as you head up above the clouds this is what it looks like at 2500 feet, socked in this morning with that marine layer t will be cloudy for most of the day today. and storm tracker shows the system is tracking to the north. no rain yet but the clouds. the majority for now is being north of us near eureka.
5:48 am
as this tracks to the east. we may get it scraping across the north bay. giving santa rosa the chance of sprinkles. now, mostly cloudy. that's all we're getting. the chance we'll increase after noontime. let's look at future cast for the timing on this. we have it set at noon right now. still cloudy at that point. by 3 in the afternoon you will see sprinkles there starting to form in the north bay by 8 in the evening. that chance goes to light to moderate here on the scale. you can see the coast line near santa rosa may see that. we advance to midnight you see it hangs around. not a big chance. but it is there. it is interesting to talk about rain. that's what we're seeing by 3 p.m. the picture will be on the cool side as well. at or below temperatures that we saw. you will see the warmest
5:49 am
locations. cooler than that. here is the 7 day around the bay. a 1-day deal. temperatures will slide as we head into tomorrow before bouncing back on sunday and monday and finally maybe wednesday or thursday of next week we'll get the highs back up into the 80s. that's the forecast. the latest on the traffic. 6:00 we're looking at a hot spot around the area. light traffic here we start our bridge check. you can see the westbound ride is light. no problems reported at the bridge. here at the golden gate bridge t is a smooth commute as well with the dry conditions. no problems across the span. and as we pick up the traffic maps for a look at your east bay ride, 80 is clear to berkley. and the 580 ride, an accident out to the pass t has been moved to the center divider. here there is slowing on 17 and
5:50 am
101 but not bad at all a north bay is without delay. >> mark. >> thank you. one of the three men who kidnapped a bus full of children back in 1976 has been released from prison. he buried the children in a van in a livermore quarry. he released late on wednesday to an undisclosed location after more than 35 years in jail. his brother and two others ambushed the bus in a farming the accident outside of fresno. the students and the driver, who were in the van that was buried in a squarery, they escaped. it was before the ransom demands were met. and he will be monitored 24 hours a day with a gps device. a climbing ranger has died trying to rescue four people on mount rainier in washington
5:51 am
state. park officials say nick carr fell trying to help them. other rangers reached bullet but he was dead. they rescued three injured climbers and the fourth waited out the conditions. >> the students heard on this vie very, they are getting -- video. >> they are getting threats. and the woman the mop tore in upstate new york, the children are taunting her. they were 7th and 8th grade students. she could only take the abuse she said. we're hearing from the student who recorded this on the cell phone. >> they told me to record it. i said i'll record it. >> did you say anything mean to her while you recorded?
5:52 am
>> no. >> what do you feel bad about? >> i feel bad about how they were making fun of her. >> another thought, i never thought anything like this would happen. if you yank the phone out of his hand you get trouble, you know. i thought let it go and ignore them. >> don't say it if you cannot say anything nice. >> now there has been a outpouring of support. there was a fundraiser set up to raise $5000 to sent her on a vacation. it has gone beyond that. the web site raised $400,000. and southwest is now announcing they will fly her and nine friends, family, to disney land for three nights all expenses paid. a nice ending to a terrible story. we'll be back as the morning news continues. a live look outside over san francisco a lot of clouds.
5:53 am
rain to the north. more on the chance of rain throughout the morning.
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5:56 am
good morning and welcome back to the morning news. i have the top trending stories. king james got his crown. they are nba champions. they beat the thunder to win in five games. spurs guard is suing a club over a scratched retina he suffered during a fight involving chris brown and drake. and finally a new study suggests that picking a fat free salad dressing may not be the best option. it may be the best bet to
5:57 am
reduce calories. but lighter dressings could limit the health visit ins -- vitamins. if you want to talk about what is trending. you can visit my facebook pan page. a cloud over mount fuji. and is a hanging cloud only happen when the winds are strong. but it is fair to see. the cloud disappeared after 30 minutes. coming up as we continue. investigators out at fir 29 trying to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed a building on the embarcadero. we'll have the latest. two men who beat brian stow outside of giant's statement will be arraigned a day of testimony. one day. the judge overseeing the assault trial of a priest sent the jury home without explanation. we'll have more of this as the
5:58 am
new allegations are emerging on the attack in the south bay. stay with us. we return in two minutes.
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