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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the 22nd. while were you sleeping crews worked to repair the damage and pier 29 in san francisco. and what they are saying about the possible cause of the fire. and a make or break moment for the bay area car maker tesla, it is rolling out the model s sedan for delivery today. we're awaiting a verdict in the penn state sex abuse trial. the jury starting deliberations now. we want to give you a update on weather and traffic. we're watching the roads and a chance of rain. >> good morning to you, mark. this is storm tracker 4, that
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is confined to the north. and up near eureka. and we expect the southern edge to possibly give the north bay a shot. and we'll explore that more in detail. this is how we'll break it down and fog and possible coastal drizzle. that's when we expect the rain chance in the north bay and could see a chance as well. we'll break it down here in the full check of weather. that's coming up in 15 minutes from right now. let's get a update on traffic. quiet in the traffic center. no hot spots t is light around the bay area at the bay bridge. the commute check shows that we're south bay and east bay. >> and chb. >> and the keen of a pot growing operation. and by the oakland fire
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department. they responded here to the one alarm fire. and it was found here in the 700 block of lacy avenue where the fire discovered a to the west of 580. police then went into collect evidence so far. and no one has details. and the latest on the embarcadero to the historic pier. a search for the cause and repairs continuing now. one of the solo reporters. and we're live at the embarcadero with more. >> reporter: good morning. things quiet here right now, but yesterday it was quite a different seen, you can see the equipment in place taking part of the demolition of the pier. here is video from yesterday when the demolition started taking place. the front of the pier has been red tagged. and engineers are going in and trying to make sure it is secure. they are taking down the burnt
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part of the historic arch that you see there. the other spart that the embarcadero sidewalk in front of the pier remains closed right now. the hope is that they will make this structurally sound and then be able to reopen the sidewalk by this weekend. and there is a sense up people can get back and the sidewalk and as far as the investigation. that is continuing and investigators and will come out. they don't think the fire was intentionally set. they are working on the premise this there was construction going on inside the pier. that may have started the fire. but it is early in the investigation. and it continues today. we will be out here monitoring the situation. the sidewalk is closed. other stories that we're
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following, the men accused of betting brian stowe. they will be in court this morning for their arraignment after a judge found evidence to require the two men to face trial on one lie of assault and battery. they remain jailed right now and at the same time attorneys for brian stowe want $50 million from the dodgers to cover costs and pain and suffering. he has racked up 4 million in bill so far and is anticipated coneed more than $50 million to cover his medical expenses in the future according to court papers. and accusations are being leveled against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. now his adopted son matt is claiming that his father abused him also. a man suing the elder san dusy say he abused him more than 100 times when he was a boy.
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>> this what is happening, the jury is deciding whether he actually sexually assaulted ten boys over a 15-year period. this is a live picture. we do have new video of sandusky arriving to court today, suggesting that the jury is sequestered. they never heard the adopted son's allegations. the jury did ask to start the day off with hearing the testimony again from a doctor and assistant graduate coach. we're on verdict watch and hear you on the morning news. and after just one day of testimony, the judge overseeing the trial of william lynch sent the jury home without an languages. he is charged with peating jerry lindner a retired priest at his home two years ago. he said that the priest molested him when he was 7. the priest took the stand and said he was innocent and lynch's lawyer asked the judge to warn him he was committing perjury.
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the judge sent the jury home. another twist to the case, another alleged victim, deborah luke yeahs, confronted the -- lucas confronted the priest. her friend defended the actions. >> it is understandable a woman raped, tortured over a period years with the father creating situations in which she felt her parents approved of the abuse. she did have a outburst. >> she declined to speak with reporters is one of several people, including william lynch and brother, who claim they were molested by the father at a camping trip more than 35 years ago. and a budget deal now reached here in the state of california but it involved deep cuts to close the massive $16 billion deficit in the state. here are the spots getting hit the hardest. and they will be restructured
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and cal works which provides for needy families will have a two-year limit. and child care help slashed across the state by 9%. that will eliminate nearly 10,000 child care spots for families. and college students will feel the pain in california over the next three years. cal grants will be reduced by thousands of dollars. we're watching wall street a rebound day here after a massive plunge yesterday. the news that moody's downgraded. the dow closed down 251 yesterday a 2% drop, the second biggest for the year. the nasdaq was down 71 and the s&p was down 30. moodies had been warning they would down grade banks and they did. so they lowered the credit ratings of the biggest banks and the five largest here in the u.s. including bank of
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america. jp morgan trace, and goldman sac hs they were down grade because prospects for profit ability are shrinking t will be more costly for the bank to raise money by selling debt. and that in turn could make it more costly for consumers to get loans from banks. a google shareholders approving a very unusual stock split. the move now guarantees the company's cofounders are in control. it will split shares and they will not have voting power. and the new shareholders will get the non-voting took. it may not occur until late in the year given a lawsuit that's aimed to block the move. a make or break moment for tesla. the maker lost 11 million
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selling fancy sports car. now the company is delivering a sedan today. for the first time the model s will be headed to consumers and drive the company to profitability and struggling with the terms of a government loan. the model s, which is hold up to 7 passengers, has a starting price just under $50,000 after a tax credit. about the same as the lexus hybrid cross over. and get the range on a charge. the model goes up to the top of the line with the longest range and most power over $100,000 for the car. >> more than 10,000 put down a deposit. they expect to make 5000 a year that they are using in the metro fitted plant in fremont. and we'll be back as the morning news continues. a live look outside on a friday morning. i almost said tuesday t is friday. happy friday to you. we have a lot of clouds, we're watching for the chance of rain showers to develop in the north bay.
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the president is heading to florida to address hispanic leaders following his directive on illegal immigration. it is the first a hispanic group since he announced reform that will allow illegal immigrants brought to the u.s. as children to be exempt from deportation and granted work
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permits good for two years. and the initiative has drawn attention to the key hispanic voting block and affecting the presidential election in november. and a new associated press poll finding the endorsement of same-sex marriage has done little to shift public opinion. they are knit finding 42% opposed while 40% support it. 15 are neutral. however, more young people, liberals and democrats are some moderates have a strongly favorable view of the president's handling of the same-sex marriage. and a break as we returns. we'll be back with more on the friday morning commute. we'll have the latest from james on the timing of the rain fall for today. a live look her and a lot of clouds. traffic is light.
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drills today. they are meant to be a warning to north korea against agreg. the drills include fighter jets, attack helicopters. armed vehicles and troops. the north korean government said they are in preparation for war. check out the video and the pictures that are coming in out of minnesota right now as they are trying to come up with damage estimates from the foot of rain that fell around duluth. the roads and bridges are flooded out here. there have been 80 million- dollars to the infrastructure alone. and basements are flooded and water is rising to the south. and watching bay area area, chance of rain in the forecast. james flex ser watching details. >> we have several of these to show you, this from the toll plaza showing you that cloud cover over the east bay.
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that's the same picture we're seeing in san francisco. the other shot we have is from the roof camera showing you an image and clouds everywhere. at some point later on. they can have some rain drops in store for the most bay but we'll be watching and waiting. now on the mild side, low to mid50s heave. and 52 and san jose is 55. oakland at 52. now as we take a look here at future cast, we see that cloud cover is going to be from meant. and along the north bay and drop for santa rosa. and 3 in the afternoon before we start to see the light possibility of it there. near santa rosa and the coast line. we have a possible pop here of moderate rain that is pushing on in the direction of santa rosa. and see in the possibility of light shower activity. and it starts to thin out. and it is. there we're talking about a 20%
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chance for the north bay. you saw here that not a lot was falling here over the areament that's what we're expecting with the storm system. temperatures running cooler. we're looking at midup toker 60s primarily for the south bay. 69 probably our max temperature there. and low to mid-60s. temperatures in the 60s to right near the 70-degree mark. san francisco downtown. and you will been 60. same story for oakland. we're look forge a mid-to-upper 60s across the north bay. that is santa rosa. and stands the biggest chance of seeing a sprinkle or two. we're related into the evening. here is the forecast going out over the next three days. the weekend here. and looking pretty good. disapierce today. they fall as you can see here another couple of degrees
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inland. saturday we start to move that back. sunday and warming things up as we work our way through 234e678 week -- next week. you will see that coming up in a bit. how is traffic? >> not bad for this friday morning. we are and looking at light conditions. and and we're past 6:00. the lights have not been activated a smooth ride for the golden gate bridge 167-8901. light and easy traffic across the span and through marin county. looking east. and check the trek on 80 traffic looks good. no delays for the ride through the south bay. let's see if we can get the maps to cooperate. first here on the peninsula. and that looks good. as well as highway 280 past the
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92 independenter change. south bay traffic here. and 101 northbound. and 85 still doing well. southbound from 37. good all the way down to central san rafael. and traffic around highway 37 and nascar starting today. and i drove by. there are a lot of people out there. and officials are trying to determine if speed was factor in an accident that killed two people on a motorcycle t hit a car and not neither was wearing a helmet. the driver is cooperating in the investigation. and police are investigating what caused a driver to lose control and kill a pedestrian in mountain view. this was yesterday as the man
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was waiting at a bus stop off california street. he was dead when they arrived. >> we're working to investigate what rate of speed the vehicle was traveling at. yes, they did take out quite a bit along the way. >> the driver was taken to the hospital. the identity of the victim and driver have not been released. >> we'll be back as the morning news continues. a live look outside on this friday morning. showing the clouds here. light traffic and tracking rain showers to the north. they will slide in the bay area later today.
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welcome back. watching the weather we are talking about a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning. we could see a few sprinkles down to san jose. and it was to clear things out and afternoon sunshine. all right we'll get back to the forecast later we'll have a update. and health officials have reported the first confirmed case of west nile. >> they found it in a dead bird t is carrying the virus and found in wood side t has been detected in 16 counties across california. and one county confirmed another bird-related case of the virus last week. now and law enforcement
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have targeted 17 store force selling alcohol to minors t was a sting operation with minors under the direction of authorities. three businesses were caught in san bruno and colma and south san francisco. here are several of the businesses in daley city. burlingame four and in each case for sellalcohol to a minor. an employee could face criminal charges. the businesses could be fined or have their license revoked. and power is now back on this morning in concord. that's after winds yesterday knocked a tree into some power lines. the lights going off for 700 customers here in the dana estates area. we spoke with a pom who saw the tree come down, i was in the bedroom. i hear a cracking sound. and it is coming over and then the prior to that, the wires
6:27 am
were arcing, that's when we knew something was going on. then the lights went out. >> and it was blocked off for several hours. it was cleaning up the tree and the power is back on this morning. a quick break as we return in just two minutes. watching wall street after the second biggest drop for the dow. we'll have the opening bell after the break.
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welcome back. looking for opening day on wall street. >> the dow futures are up 41 points after tomorrow's sharp he selloff with the dow. down two-point, almost 2%. largest second drop for the dow for the year. we will see how the bank stocks do this morning on news that mood day is downgrading a dozen banks including the five largest banks in the united states. including bank of america. j.p. morgan chase and we will keep our eye on the numbers on wall street as we are looking for an early rebound.
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we are looking for the chance of rain showers. we will get more weather and traffic pan we will start with james. >> thank you, mark. >> composite rain centered to the north. here is the bay area here. it continues to track to the east and could scrape across the north bay. it is 10 to 20% chance of sprinkles and this system continues to track out of our area. as for what we can expect, it is mainly in the north bay. very small amounts by afternoon, evening and then it will be gone. temperatures will cool and it will be dry. finally beyond that. and into the middle of next week, temperatures begin to recover and get back to something more normal come later on next week with highs back into the 80s. it is now and between then, the same. we are not tracking any hot spots. light traffic at bay area
6:31 am
bridges and for most part, around the bay area. the only slow traffic in the east bay is found typically on highway four and interstate 580. south bay, peninsula. nigher than usual conditions. mark? >> -- higher than usual conditions. big day for the company delivering the first new model s sedans to customers in fremont. the company lost a billion dollars when it started a few years ago and they made the $100,000 little roadster, two seaterren a now the little sedan is made available to the public. they will show us the new car in fremont. >> reporter: here is where it is made. at the plant in fremont. we will show you the model. >> it is a family car. starts off at $50,000 and could be as much as $100,000. it goes after a whole new market. the family. because the other car was a two
6:32 am
seater sports car. depending on the model type. you can go between 160 and 300 miles on a single charge. if you have a toyota or honda. and you have camrys or accord, it would be considered a bust. it will allow the company to finally make a profit. report interesting fremont. will tran, cone four news -- kron 4,000 news. we are -- i don't know 4 news. here is the newsroom. they are looking into complaints for the chrysler 200 mid-sized sedan. this is just in to the kron4 newsroom. >> this is the safety administration that says the engine stalls without warning
6:33 am
and causes the car tokos to a stop. now, -- causes the car to coast, and it is cooperating with the investigation. this is just in. they are work around the clock to repair the pier. there was a fire carrying through the century old pier wednesday afternoon. new the estimate is in at $2.4 million. the billing was vacant and there was construction work for the sailing race next summer. cause of the blaze is not yet determined but a preliminary investigation revealed the workers may have been in the building prior to the fire. pier 29 stages the area for the cup regatta and the sidewalk out in front of the pier is closed but it may reopen later this morning. more than two dozen investigators with atf is sifting through debris.
6:34 am
it caught fire last thursday. we covered it for you all morning and caused the four story building that would have been a senior housing complex to go down to the ground. they helped remove larger pieces so investigators could see what was below each layer. they are trying to figure out what caused the huge fire. >> it is looking at patterns and if they can see them. they are looking for objects that should be in place and not be there. looking for those kind of things. they are trying to understand what was the power systems to this building. >> it is under construction. >> the fire damage with the bart tracks and shut down much of the service last thursday. they are following text messages from the suspended sheriff mirkarimi and his wife is shown public. they hope to show it tried to dissuade witnesses from
6:35 am
cooperating. they filed with the city ethics committee on how he, and his wife and manager responded to the events. after the reports of the altercation between i and his wife were made physical the jury deliberates in the trial. the former penn state assistant coach sexually assaulted 10 i woulds over a 15 year period. and now his adopted son matt is claiming that his father abused him. as well as a man who is suing jerry sandusky who is saying he abused him more than 100 times. the jury is deliberating. it just started again. around 30 minutes ago. here is a look from this morning as jerry sandusky arrived at the courthouse. one day in the testimony. and here in the south bay, the judge overseeing the assault
6:36 am
trial sent the jury home without explanation. the 44-year-old lynch is charged with beating a gees sue wit priest in his retirement home. he said he molested him when he was seven years old. yesterday the priest took the stand and said he was innocent. and then lynch's lawyer asked to warn lindner he was committing perjury. another one confronted the priest as she was about to enter the courtroom. she is one of seven people including lynch and his brother who claim they were molested by him on a camping trip more than 35 years ago. one of the three men who kidnapped a bus full of children and buried them in a livermore quarry back in 1976. he a has now been released. remember how the children locked in a van were buried and the children were able to escape. richard shoenfeld was releaseed
6:37 am
to an undisclosed location. he spent 35 years p behind bars. he and his brother and fredrick james ambushed the bus. they escaped the quarry when they took a nap before calling in the ransom demands. >> he will be monitored 24 hours a day with a gps device. in time for the weekend. gas prices are dropping. national average is can you now down to $3.45 for a gallon of regular. here in the bay area, we always wind up paying more than that especially as we are switching over to the summer blend. we are seeing a downward trend. if you are looking around the bay area. can you find gas for as cheap as $3.67 in san francisco and san jose. oakland as cheap as $3.75 and walnut creek starting as low as $3.89. if you find anything cheaper lettuce now on the kron
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4 facebook page. >> live look outside on the friday morning. this is a live look out on san francisco. fog is moving in and looking for the possibility of rain this afternoon. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. a lot of happenings in the bay area. and pride week continues to be in full swing. a lot of events going on. today, the transmart starts at delores park with a rally. 6:30. a march to u.n. plaza. >> tomorrow a pride celebration in the civic plaza. and sunday, the sf pride parade will start sunday and go from beale to hyde. >> they will go to the center. they announce a 25 year plan to renovate the convention center.
6:42 am
the expansion is necessary in order to stay competitive. moscone attracts events during the year. another big event is the al media county fair. and attendance records is already broken. 30,000 people attended in pleasant ton and this is the -- pleasantton. and this the fair runs through july 8th. another reminder for july. right around the corner as well. catch all the action here on kron 4. you will have the best season in the house. we will show you the fireworks from pleasantville. san rafael and the big spectacular over the bay. we are the only station that brings you local live fireworks. that is kron 4 at 9:00 p.m.
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we are following this on
6:46 am
friday morning. crews in san francisco making repairs to the fire damage at pier 29. it went up in flames wednesday afternoon. preliminary investigation suggested construction worker he is may have been in the billing right before the fire. exact cause is not determined. palo alto motors is rolling out the new sedan in fremont today. it is the model s and they are getting the first deliveries this morning. it is just under $50,000. after a tax credit with a range of close to 300 miles. big moment for tesla as they roll out the first electric sedan. jury deliberations continue in the case of jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach suspected of child abuse and now his adopted son matt is claiming his son father abused him too. we are waiting for the jury to
6:47 am
reach a decision. national news that we are following. the lawyer for trayvon martin's family. newly released interviews for george zimmerman shows contributions. the defense team released audio and video interviews taped hours after 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot and killed in january. in these tapes he claims he was in a life and death struggle with the teen. but the attorneys explain their views on piers morgan. >> how important is that do you think? >> it is all about credibility. you got to tell the truth. because if you don't tell the truth, if you lie about one thing, how can we believe that you are not going to believe that you will not lie about another thing. everybody has to look at this for what it is.
6:48 am
and you got objective evidence and then you got george zimmerman. you put him up against one nor. we know that he did that night. doesn't match up to the 911 tape and other inconsistency. when we see the lie. we have to call it out and say, will is the credibility again and that is the important thing. >> zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in trayvon martin's death. >> >> this is the story we brought you yesterday. the students heard on the viral video bullying and threatening a grandmother who is a bus monitor. well, those middle schoolers are now getting death threats. she was on the bus in upstate new york. they were taunting her and swearing at her. they are seventh and eighth graders and there is nothing she could do about the
6:49 am
abuse. we are hearing from the student who recorded all of this on the cellphone. >> they told me to record it. >> i say yeah, i would record it. >> are did you say anything while were you recording. >> no. probably like nothing. >> what do you feel bad about? >> how bad about like, they were making fun of her and everything. >> i never thought. i never thought anything like this would ever happen. if you yank the phone out of his hands, you get in trouble. i thought let him go. and i tried to ignore him. > >> now, there is an outpouring of support for the william woman. they wanted to raise $5,000 to send her on a nice vacation. it has gone well beyond that. the website has $440,000 in donations. now, southwest airlines has announced they are going to fly her and nine other people to disneyland for three nights.
6:50 am
all expenses paid. >> on the bay area weather and traffic right now. james fletcher has more on rain. i can't believe we are talking about rain again. here we are showing some water on the lens here and drizzle and fog that is out there this morning l is moisture in the air and most of it centered to the north. we will take a quick look at the satellite and radar view here. can you see it on storm tracker 4. and it continues to slide out to the east, we could catch the bottom edge of this thing as it runs by the north base. santa rosa, best chance of seeing sprinkles. anywhere from 10 to 30% chance of sprinkles. it will happen later on in the evening. but that's the way the picture looks right now. walk you through the forecast for today. we see outside in the cameras. it is mostly cloudy out there. and mild temperatures we take a quick look. mostly in the low to mid-50s and north bay showing us the temperatures. >> 46 in santa rosa and in
6:51 am
napa. >> it is now that we may expect to see the chance of rain for the north bay. we have future forecast at noon. then he we advance the clock later on until 3:00 in the afternoon. it comes into view again for the north bay. >> by 8:00 p.m., the chance grows and looks for light to moderate rain and for the north bay coastline and then as we push the clock even further in time to midnight tomorrow morning, you will see it still exists and the rest of the weekend looks just fine. that's the way the rain is taking shape today. afternoon highs. it is cooler than yesterday. and for most spots. and cool even more as we head into tomorrow. it is an a one day pop and on the rain front. it will be cool and gradually. slowly but surely over the course of the next week will see it climb back to next week or closer to what it should be. now that we are in summer. here we are talking about rain. how about that. >> update on your commute.
6:52 am
george. good morning. >> still looking at a great ride. and a look at the bay bridge. westbound. no back up and delay. they were activated about 30 minutes ago. continuing in the bridge check, we will head to the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound. as you can see, the ride here look colorado aming in looks good. >> traffic object a friday. southbound on the commute. typically little heavier in the northbound direction and lot of folks get away towards 101. we pick up the traffic maps and you will see the ride on 80 is still almost without delay with the commute from berkeley to hercules. and into walnut creek and you ride through the south bay. it is slowing on 101 northbound. it is definitely lighter than usual as is 280 and highway 85. mid peninsula traffic. and 101. either at the 92 or the 84 interchanges. >> all right. thank you. >> quick break here on the kron
6:53 am
4 morning news. we will have a live look outside. open for a little sun and looking for the chance of rain. we will be right back and show you what is trending on the internet after the break.
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6:56 am
. the time rate now is 6:56. this is what everyone is talking about. in entertainment news, jack osbourne said a tv show fired him over the e-mail with the fact that he is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he booked the appearance and was later told he couldn't perform the show's duties because of diagnosis. panero bread company said the community has customers who can help support the cafe and those who can benefit from the
6:57 am
free meal. finally, a painting by salvador dali is stolen by a man who took it off the wall and carried it in a bag. it is estimated at $150,000 and created back in 1949. if you want to talk about what is trending the web, visit my facebook fan page. they are talking about a judge in danville has barred a woman from nordstrom's because show left her twin babies in a car while returning purchases. >> she pled to misdemeanor child endangerment. she must stay away from the nordstrom store in pleasanton. and she must attend counseling sessions and parenting classes. she left her 11-week-old boy and girl in the suv for 40 minutes a shopper heard the babies crying and called security.
6:58 am
we will be back in two minutes as the kron 4 news continues. we are taking a live look. one of the stories. what is left of the historic building on pier 29 as they try to work and restore the damage to work and restore the damage and d[ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney, it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving. let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way.
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