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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 22, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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. top stories we are following. crews worked all night to repair the damage at pier 29 and chance of rain they are saying about the big fire. they sent the jury home after hering a priest molestation -- hearing a priest molestation case. deliberations are now underway in the jerry sandusky
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sex abuse trial. the jury is now sequestered until they reach a verdict. we are on verdict watch in pennsylvania. back here in the bay area. we are following weather and traffic for you on this friday morning. we will start with james fletcher. he is talking about a chance of rain. look at this. we are watching the camera shot. it is not raining right now and this is the moisture in the fog that is collecting. it as moist system that is to our north right now. we will switch over to the satellite radar and showing it is quite a bit of wet weather. you can see at times heavy rain with the system. this front as it continues to track to the east will deliver most of the wet weather to the north. bottom edge of it could very well impact the north bay as it passes on by giving those communities the slight chance now. so we have got the clock set at noon here today. you can see we are dealing with cloud cover. we advance to three in the afternoon. there we are. >> light sprinkles and coming
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into view. and then by 8:00 p.m., the chance goes just a bit here and light to moderate rain for the sonoma area. and the of just generally the north bay coastline area. and moved to the east. we are all the way up to midnight in the morning and at this point it is only 10 to 20% chance. what kind of accumulation with the system. >> maybe. one, two, 3/100th of an inch. >> it is not a big storm maker. but it is rain. here we are in the month of june talking about it. we are slowly warming it up. low to mid-50s and still cold weather across the north and we will be seeing temperatures like this come this afternoon with generally 60s and maybe 70 in the warmer spot. it is compared to yesterday. we will have an extended forecast in just a minute. >> now an update on traffic. >> george? >> not tracking any hot spots and looking at bay area bridges
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here in san francisco. no problems on crosstown freeways. quick commute check shows we have heavy traffic on east bay on highway four and 580. and they are enjoying the light traffic conditions. it started as a fire and it as pot grow open ration in oakland. and it was discover -- pot grow operation in oakland. we will show you the location over on google maps. this is the 700 block of lacy avenue. oakland police were called to the scene to collect evidence. so far no one is arrested. we will bring you more information as we get it from the scene. >> the latest there damaged historic pier. search for cause and repairs are continuing today. we will go to one of the solo reporters. >> jackie siskel and the sidewalk is still closed. >> you can see it there.
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>> the front of the build something red tagged and they are expected to be back out and get the sidewalk back over. we will look at video from yesterday. it is quiet out here right nowitzki and they are expected to be back out today to continue to shore up the front of this historic pier 29 that was heavily damaged with the fire. they say it was in excess of $2 million. not only are the crews expected to be back out here and also investigators are expected to be back out to continue the investigation of what started this fire. right now, they are not thinking it was intentionally set. they are working on the premise that construction crew that is were working on the building to prep it for the cup for next year may have accidentally ignited the fire and we are
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expecting to see crews out here. >> this is open and the folks can get by in the bike lane. the sidewalk is closed for now. the hope is by the weekend, the sidewalk will be reopened. another big story we are watching out of the south bay. one day of testimony, the judge overseeing the assault trial sent the jury home without explanation, the 44-year-old lynch is charged with beating father jerry lindner and he said he molested him when he was seven years old. yesterday the priest took the stand and said he was innocent. then lynch's lawyer asked the judge to warn the priest that he was committing perjury. the judge then sent the jury home. another twist in the case. alleged victim deborah lucas confronting the priest. she defended her actions. >> totally understandable that a woman was rained.
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tortured. over a period of time over two years. and created a situation in which she felt her parents approved of that. and this is the first time to face the man that abused her. >> he declined to speak to reporters including lynch and his brother who claim they were molested by him on a camping trip. we are on verdict watch as new accusations are being leveled against form are penn state coach jerry sandusky. >> his adopted son matt is claiming that he abused him. matt sandusky who is in the white shirt getting into the car and we are getting word that another man is suing jerry sandusky saying that sandusky abused him more than 100 times when he was a boy. right now the jury is considering 48 charges against jerry sandusky.
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they reconvened an hour ago. here is video of jerry sandusky live in the court. the jury deliberated for eight hours yesterday and they are sequestered until they come to a verdict. they will begin the day listening to testimony again from mike mcdeer write and a doctor. >> he is a -- mcquery. he testified that he saw zap in the shower with a victim. they are never going to hear the adopted son's allegations as the prosecution did not call him as a witness. jerry sandusky is accused of abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. with the jury out so long yesterday, it appears they are working hard to reach the verdict. we will follow this. and as soon as the jury comes out, we will bring it to you. we will be right back here as the kron 4 news continues until 10:00. >> high clouds around this morning. trying to breakthrough and there is rain to the north. we are watching for the possibility of the dropping
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into the bay area. especially the north bay this afternoon.
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. other stories that we are following. two men accused of beating this fan outside the giant's stadium. the judge found enough evidence to have them stand trial on one felony account of mayhem and assault and battery. they remain jailed.
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and attorneys for brian stow want more than $15 million from the doers to cost pain and suffering. he has wracked over $4 million in medical bills so far. he may need up to $15 million in medical care over his lifetime. >> we will keep an eye on wall street. >> and dow is up but it dropped yesterday. slight rebound day as we have investors in looking for bargains after the sharp selloff. it is down 2%. second besiege drop of the year and now half a % to 641. we have word from moody's investor services. they warned they were going to do it. lowered the credit rating of the banks. bank of america. j.p. morgan chase. citigroup and goal man sachs, their long term prospects for profitability and growth are
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shrinking. it will be more expensive now for the banks to borrow money and raise capital. it may become more expensive for consumers to take out loans. >> it p a peers the u.s. recession is taking i say toll on yuck adults. lunch is a report from the census bureau that shows adult children are moving back home to save money. in fact, the number of people live willie green their parents increased by 1.2 million between 2007 and 2010. that means adults living at home is up to 16 million in the u.s. it shows half of the people are between the ages of 25 and 34. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news. light traffic here understand the clouds in the freeway. ♪ ♪
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. very busy traffic weekend around the bay area. we have the alameda fair. and pride festivals taking place and over the weekend at raceway at sonoma no longer called infineon. >> we have nascar races through the weekend. lots of traffic hot spots and 37 and 121 and through the city
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of san francisco. national new that is we are following and to minnesota. officials are trying to figure the damage estimates as we get new pictures coming in from all the extensive flooding. major damage from a foot of rain that fell in minnesota. duluth's mayor estimating $50 million in damage to the public infrastructure alone. water is still rising. people's basements are flooded and all the debris is out on the streets. >> moose lake is now being described as an island. back here in the bay area, chance of sprinkles and pretty unusual. we don't expect the chance of rain and that is a possibility today. >> james fletcher has more on that. >> good morning, we will take a look at storm tracker four and we have rain to the north. that rain will be slowly sliding to the east. see the bulk of it located near eureka. and it goes to the east, you see the bottom edge of it.
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it could very well hit the north bay and giving it a 20. maybe 30% chance of sprinkles today. and won't be a lot. measuring $2 million in accumulation and it is interesting to talk about here in the first week of june. we are dealing with on the radar right now. outside at the moment. take a look. it is cloud cover and we are dealing with it right now. cool temperatures right now. >> we have cooler temperatures to the north and some portions still in the upper 40s and san francisco right now at 53 and looking for 56 in san jose. concord is at 53. you can see san carlos and livermore coming in low to mid-50s this afternoon. we will revisit the satellite view. i will point out how the weather system is going to impact the north bay and throughout the course of the daw today. you see here most of the moisture to the north. i will transition to future cast 4 and we will push in. you will see at noontime. it is still the clouds.
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and up near santa rosa. it indicates light sprinkle activity near santa rose s and 8:00 p.m., that pros and see it lighter in the future cast and indicating light to moderate rain activity. potential for that time of day. tonight. 8:00 p.m. it could be wet and looking for wet conditions along the coastline as well. >> you don't see any green on the map and standing on the 10% chance of a sprinkle here or there. it is hard to predict and you see the north bay still looking at the off chance of a sprinkle or two and dissipate and looking for things to really clear out heading into tomorrow. >> temperatures right now in the 50s and low 40s. across the north bay. highs for today and it is going to be in the 60s and generally with a 70 here or there. and much cooler than we have seen. >> take a look. the rain exits by early tomorrow morning and temperatures will continue to
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fall saturday and they bounce back. and beginning sunday and steadily climb as we head out throughout next week and i will have the seven-day forecast for you coming up. now on to traffic. george. this is a good ride. the kind of commute you like and you picks he can't on a friday. not tracking any hot spots. looking at light conditions at all the bridges. it is no back up behind though the metering lights are activated and you will see, it is a little heavy in the southbound direction and there are no problems on the span or along the presidio parkway. look at east bay conditions here. great for interstate 80 in the westbound direction. little sluggish at the merge between golden gate fields and westbound 24 looks good. ride on 580 while heavy out of livermore looks good to dublin and from dublin to castro valley. still good conditions for 101
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and 17. that is about it in the northbound direction. and in the north bay rideful still without delays through marin county southbound. >> thank you, george. saab jose police are trying to determine if speed was a factor that killed the two riders. this happened last night and the motorcycle hit a car on beckham drive. neither the man or the woman on the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. driver of the car is cooperating with police in the investigation. this morning, police are investigating what caused a driver to lose control of his car and crash and kill a pedestrian here. can you see what is left of the vehicle. the man who was killed waiting at the bus stop off of california street. you see the bus stop with major damage. the man was dead when they arrived. >> we are currently working to investigate the rate of speed and what they were traveling at and they did take out quite a bit along the way. >> the driver was taken to the
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hospital and the identity of the vives and the drivers -- victims and the driver is not released. now the first confirmed case of west nile virus is found in a dead bird. the bird was found in woodside. to date, it is detected in 16 counties across the state including contra costa which found its second bird case of west nile last week. san mateo story we are following, selling alcohol to minors. this is minors working understand the direction of police. they say three businesses were caught in san bruno, two in colma and two in south san francisco. in buehrleinggame. each were targeted and each days, the employees who sold to minors could face prosecution. the businesses could be fined or have the licenses revoked.
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>> power back on in concord this morning. we had windy conditions yesterday and they took down a tree that took downpour lines. the lights went out to 700 customers in the estates neighborhood. we spoke to a woman who saw the tree come down. >> i was sitting in the bedroom and all of a sudden, i hear a cracking sound. and look out the window and it is just slowly coming over. and then, prior to that. the wires were arcing. and that's when i knew something was going on and all the lights went out. >> in this area near mulberry was blocked for several hours. for a quick break, the news continues until it 10:00. we have a live look here. seeing clouds, and fog. and trying to breakthrough. we have a storm dropping in from the north. that is novato, looking for 63 degrees.
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. welcome back. world news we are following. tedly attack on a hotel in kabul, afghanistan. it is a 12 hour gun battle with afghan forces. here is a video of hotel guests jumping into the water to escape the attack.
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>> three suicide bombers armed with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades. now it is 14 dead and a police officer. all of the attackers were killed. in the united states in south korea, they are holding live massive fire trials. it is meant to be a warning to north core reheia against aggression. the drills involve fighter jet and 2,000 allied troops. north korean government said the drill resist in preparation for war. -- drill resist in preparation for war. it is the mid-sized sedan. the probe includes the cars for the highway traffic administration. the engines can stall without warning. the drivers have to coast to a stop. >> this could lead to a railroad. they are cooperating with the
7:27 am
investigation -- this could lead to a recall. post traumatic stress disorder, finds one of eight people who had a heart attack develop ptsd. >> researchers in the medical center conducted this study and say the patients also face double the risk of having another heart condition and could die within one to threeier answer doctors say patients and families need to be aware of the risks if they have a heart attack. we will be back as kron 4 news continues. this is a live look out on friday morning.
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. out over in san francisco, we will go to weather and
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traffic and watch the big cool down. we will start with weather and james. this is what we are talking about for today. it is not a great shot of rain and the north bay going to stand the biggest chance of sprinkles and it is tracking to the east and the southern edge we are watching closer. as it approaches the coastline here. it could well impact the north bay. >> 20% chance of a sprinkle. what ever we do get, it will be light and total accumulation with this thing. >> it will be a one day deal and we will begin to rebound. especially the temperatures on the cool side today and even cooler tomorrow and the full forecast tomorrow. in just a minute. we are checking traffic. >> this is for the sprinkles and traffic this morning. we are not tracking any hot spots. no bridge back ups either. at the golden gate or bay bridge. there is some heavy traffic in the east bay. highway four and interstate 580 and for the south bay
7:31 am
peninsula. and north bay. friday light conditions at least currently. >> here is what is happening in the kron 4 newsroom. no complaints about the ford explorer suv, the highway traffic administration said the power steering can fail and this is impacting some 83,000 explorers from the 2011 model rear year. >> they did report -- model year. >> some cases the drivers did get a warning message about the power steering. right before it quit. >> the investigation could lead to a recall. and we will keep you updated for that. right here. >> huge day in the bay area for palo alto tssla motors -- teslamotors. the. >> they will show us the new car. >> here is where the new model is made at the plant in
7:32 am
fremont. we will show you the model. it is a five seater family car. starts out at $50,000 and could be as much as $100,000. it goes after a whole new market. the family. the other car, was a two seater sports car. and depending on the model type. you can go anywhere between 160 and 300 miles on a single charge. if you are a toyota or honda. and still only 8,000 camrys or accords by next year. it is consider add bust. >> it will allow the company to finally make a profit. >> reporting from fremont. will tran, kron 4 news. we are watching tesla stocks rising more than the market. >> it is up 50 cents. one and a half percent at $32.70 as the first deliveries come in for the cars. for the people who put down deposits several years ago. we have more stories following the investigators
7:33 am
with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. it is at the construction site that covered the big fire that shut down bart service. it caused four stories of a senior housing complex to collapse on one another. a crane will help remove larger pieces so they can see what is below each layer. they are trying to figure out what caused the massive fire. >> we are looking at patterns if they can see them. >> they are looking for objects that should be in place and should not be there. >> looking for those kind of things. >> they are trying to understand what is the power systems. and it is under construction. >> the fire also dammed the nearby bart tracks and shut down service to much of the day and impacting tens of thousands of commuters. >> text messages from sheriff mirkarimi and his wife is made public. >> they are hoping to show
7:34 am
mirkarimi tried to persuade witnesses. they offered a glimpse into how he, his wife and campaign manager responded to the unfolding events because of an argument that became physical between mirkarimi and wife that became physical. watch the markets and we had a big drop on wall street with the dow falling 251 points. it is the biggest drop of the year. and small rebound today. the dow is up 42 to 12,615. also watching goggle, their shareholders are approving a stock split. the cofounders remain in control and they are creating a new class of stock. splitting the shares two to one and won't have now voting power. >> they will only get the nonvoting shares. allowing voting power to remain
7:35 am
with the existing shareholders. may not occur until late in the year given the shareholder lawsuit. >> new evidence suggesting women are falling behind men when it comes to managing money and investing. >> it is finance finesse. >> and 20% of women are confident about their investment compared to 45% of men. allocating money between cash, stocks and bonds. and women are not lagging behind everything. they are on par with men on retirement planning with 90% participating. >> gas prices tip to drop. 10 days in a row now. we have seen a small drop and the national average all the way down to $3.45 for a gallon of regular. in the bay area. we pay a little bit more. >> i should say a lot more. >> we have the lowest gas prices. we can find in the bay area. >> we find it is $3.67 a gallon in south florida sand san jose.
7:36 am
$3.75 in oakland. and $3.89 in walnut creek. just to give you a comparison. if you find cheaper prices, let us know on the kron 4 facebook page. kron 4 news continues until 10:00. we have the clouds hanging tough this morning.
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. we will look at the commute. we usually have a back up. that is southbound down towards here. in concord, 53 degrees.
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>> 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot and killed in february. zimmerman claims he was in a life and death struggle with the teen and the sees inconsistencies in the story. >> how much should we believe in totality. how important is that, do you think. >> it is all about credibility. and you got to tell the truth. if you don't tell the truth, if you lie about one thing. how can we believe that you are not going to lie about another thing. there seems to be a pattern and everyone has to look at what it is. you got objective evidence and then you got george zimmerman's version. you put them up one against another. and we know what he did that night doesn't match up to the 911 tape and other inconsistencies and when we see
7:41 am
the lie. we have to call it out and see the credibility again. that is the important thing. >> he is charged with second degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. >> quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. live look outside friday morning. traffic is light here as well. we are seeing this around the bay.
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. welcome back. they are looking at the damage on pier 29. preliminary investigation suggests construction workers may have been in the building before the fire but a cause is not determined. tesla motors rolling out the new sedan today. it is just understand $50,000 after federal tax credits and it is out over $100,000 with the bells and whistles and the 500 range. >> they lost a billion dollars since the high end electric sports car is introduced. they are hoping the model will send the company into profitability. the two men accused of attacking bribe stow outside of the stadium are expected in court for arraignment. the judge found sufficient evidence to require them to face trial. both men are in jail still. and at the same time attorneys for brian stow want more than $50 million from the dodgers to
7:45 am
cover future medical costs as well as pain and suffering. james fletcher is watching the timing of possibility of rain this morning. >> good morning, mark. it is a definite possibility. it shows quite a bit of wet weather to the north. you can see here in orange and yellow. it is staring its way towards eureka. we have green beginning to pop up just offshore in the north bay. this is the system that is slowly tracking to the east. as it does so, it is the southern edge that can very well drop a few showers over the north bay and into this evening. that's when the bulk of it should hit. we are seeing some advance showers here ahead of the front. shoaly but surely we are seeing the possibility beginning to take hold particularly for santa rosa. that is what tracker four is showing us. gray skies at the moment. the fog is pretty moist. the camera up there is getting drop lets on the lens.
7:46 am
temperatures beginning to warm slowly. shovel is at 44 44 degrees -- slowly. and at 44 degrees. oakland is at 53. they follow the pattern except for the north bay which is still on the cool side. that is up in napa. >> they are showing how the rains should develop and best guess. and talking mostly cloud cover and by 3:00. we will see a better chance of seeing sprinkles up near santa rosa. and the chance grows and you will see light to moderate rain begin to fall in the coastal hills to the north and of the shoreline as well. that is kind of what the timing looks like as well. some advance showers not out of the question here as we kin tbegin to see some drops fall. sonoma. or santa rosa and points north should see light sprinkles again and the system should be out of our hair and we won't be
7:47 am
looking for more rain. settling up in the south bay. generally mid- to upper 60 tropical storm there. east shore depends and it is the shore itself. you are looking at low 60-degree weather and up into the hills and the valleys and 70 degrees out in the delta. >> san francisco downtown and looking for 60 there and mid-60s in oakland and right across the north bay. and runs the gamut. we are looking for anything from low to mid-60s with upper 60s for rosa and napa and we are watching for the sprinkles to come later in the afternoon: it is a one day deal. and it will be dry tomorrow. it will be cooler. see the temperatures drop a little bit more as we head into saturday afternoon. they begin to slowly recover sun, mount, tuesday and -- sun, monday, tuesday daw and the weather for today is the chance of rain. we are keeping our eye on that. george, good morning. >> good morning, james, it is
7:48 am
worth it. >> all right. we are checking out bay area traffic as we get george's mic fixed. >> it is not it a lot to talk about. it is back to friday light as he we are in the summer. light traffic and the metering lights, they turned them on any way. >> they did, mark. they have been active since the 6:00 hour. we have had no back up and the commute is great. both here at the bridge and golden gate bridge and looking at the 101 ride. see conditions here that are smooth as well for the northbound commute which is heavier on friday. >> track the ride in east bay first as we pick up the traffic maps. there is an absence of slowing here in the 80 and westbound direction. and south looks good and to the cadecot. tunnel and heading out of livermore and dublin leaning over towards the castro valley
7:49 am
wide is a good ride. starting to build in on 101 northbound at the 287 interchange. 280 and 85 though much lighter than usual for the northbound ride. mid peninsula conditions look forward at the dun barton and interchanges 101. >> thank you, george. >> we have a busy weekend in san francisco and a lot of events to celebrate. we have the trance march and that -- trans march and then to u.n. plaza. >> the celebration at civic center. that will be from noon to somebody's and then of course on sunday. the sf pride parade and head down market street from beale to hyde. and then plans to expand the moscone center. they will renovate the convention center.
7:50 am
the expansion is necessary in order to stay competitive. moscone attracts 50 events a year. the first phase of the project is expected to be completed by 2018. another event, alameda county fair. attendance records are he broken. >> 70,000 people attending in pleasanton. it runs all the way through july 8th. bay area sports and the as seem to work wonder it is defense the best teams in baseball. >> after sweeping the first place los angeles dodgers in early play. >> it is a 3-run jack in the 9th inning for the first career game ending shot. and before the -- the 4-1 win was the last in the nine games. now, the giants will see if they can cool off the as. they have struggling san
7:51 am
francisco pitcher tim lincecum facing against the other pitcher. he has mandatory signs in the drive up vehicle. >> what is up. >> why are you on the street when it says. no private vehicles on the road. >> reporter: this driver ignored all the signs and then she rolls down the window after she gathers her thoughts. >> i have to get to work. and there are bicycles in the middle of the road. i don't like you videotaping me without my permission. >> imagine that, there are bikes in the bike lane. go figure. we will talk to other drivers. >> i didn't know. >> you didn't see the signs right there. >> 10 times it tells you.
7:52 am
>> the city of san francisco wants to make market street restaurant sit bike lanes. they have been that way for years. >> it is hard to keep innocent drivers out. >> i can't hear you. >> signage. >> it is 10 signs. >> limos do not qualify as taxis so they shouldn't be and the street either. he is picking up a passenger like a taxi. we will ask him why. >> what are you doing on strt? >> no comment. >> i wonder why. some say the gps took them here. >> where are you from. >> palo alto. >> it is like another country, i un. >> i love your show. >> for the record, if you get caught on this street by any law enforcement amendment. state or city. you could end up with a car pool ticket or moving violation for ignoring the signs. >> it said right turn only.
7:53 am
stanley roberts. kron 4 news. we will be right back as the news continues until 10:00. a programming reminder. on the fourth of july. you can catch fireworks with a big celebration. >> we will have the best seat for you as we show you the fireworks. >> we will have the big spectacle in san francisco. we will bring you local fireworks live. it is here on the fourth of july at 9:00 p.m.
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7:56 am
. welcome back to the news. i am monitoring the top friending stories around the web. this is pretty much what everyone is talking about. the. >> first off, i am sure you heard. but king james finally got his crown. second season after he went to south beach, they are nba champions. the heat boat the oklahoma city thunder to win the finals in five games. lebron james was named mvp.
7:57 am
>> twitter executive last night offered explanation for the cause of an outage that twice knocked twitter off line around the world on thursday. >> they attribute it to a bug they found in the software. we brought you this story live yesterday. live on the kron 4 news. remember the elderly bus monitor bullied by teens in new york. they raised $400,000 to send her on a vacation of a lifetime and to show her how kind some people can truly be. if you want to talk about what is trending visit my facebook page. >> a judge in danville bar ago woman from nordstrom's because she left her twin babies in the car. 46-year-old amanda pleading guilty to child endangerment. she has to stay away from the nordstrom store in pleasant ton and can't leave her children unattended. she must attend counseling sessions and parenting classes.
7:58 am
police say she left her # one woke old boy and girl in the suv for 40 minutes. shoppers heard the babies crying and called security. >> kron 4 news continues until 10:00. there are the clause around the bay area. we will have more on traffic around the bay and the chance of rain in the weather forecast as we return in just two minutes. santa rosa 48 degrees. looking for a high in the upper 60s. we could see few rain showers especially in santa rosa this afternoon.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. top stories and now we are talking about rain in the forecast. james fletcher will have details for what you can expect in the first week of summer. >> we are with a waiting a
8:01 am
verdict in the jerry sandusky trial. jury is deliberating right now. while you were sleeping, crews try to make repairs to pier 29. what they are saying about the possible cause of the massive fire. >> we will start with the cool weather and the rain. james fletcher has more on the possible timing. >> good morning, mark. >> we will begin with storm tracker four. and we have the most of the moisture well to the north. up near eureka. and you can see they are beginning to pick up light green blotches right around the coastline. it is coming into view. now this system is tracking to the east. it will continue to move from left to right on the screen. as it does so throughout the course of the day. we are watching all the stuff and this, the southern edge of it is watching to approach the north bay come later on in the evening. >> you can see it starting to get preshower activity in advance of the main front.
8:02 am
>> it is later on in the afternoon. looking for the bulk of the weather to start falling. >> this is how it progresses and still dealing predominantly and temperatures in the 50s. it is this afternoon though. chance of shower activity begins to rise. first in the north bay. 60-degree it temperatures in the bay area. and that's when the chance jumps to 20 to 30%. again, mostly in the bay. and 10% chance and it is real slight one. you can't rule out an occasional sprinkle here or there. that's where the day progresses and we come back for the next check of the forecast and we nail down the timing of the system and look at the extended forecast and see what the weekends holds in store. >> hey, james. >> heading to the bay bridge. it is a great ride for the west bounds upper deck commute. >> even with the metering lights active. no back up or delay. >> for the east bay, heavy to
8:03 am
mod cat conditions there. and lighter than usual and very light for the ride through the peninsula. and through the north bay on 101. southbound. light conditions there. and we will update any other changes coming up in just a bit. >> mark? >> thank you, george. >> we have been following this. protestors still camping out in front of lake view elementary in oakland. instead of the number of protestors shrinking out of concerns for being arrested, it is growing. they plan to make an announcement and they will tell us what the plans are before the news conference. >> it as week now since the parents moved in front of lake view elementary. the protestors shut down this school as well as four others despite the possibility of arrests. they are not afraid and they will continue to be here. they will add a new phase to the protest. joining me now, what is new for
8:04 am
your fight. >> we are having this. also, continue to raise awareness and make another announcement that after that, we will have our own school board meeting on wednesday. at 5:00 p.m. and we are not and nouning where -- announcing where. >> any word that the police could come in and make arrests. >> that is not the issue here. >> we are making a stand. and we have made a decision. knowing what can happen. and that doesn't matter to us. we will do the route thing here. >> in oakland, will tran. >> another story out of oakland, a pot growing operation. it was discovered at one in the morning by the oakland fire department as they responded to this one alarm fire here to the west of the location. this is google earth. they called into the scene to collect all the pot evidence.
8:05 am
so far no word of arrests being made. >> latest on the damage to historic pier. this is the search for the fire. repairs continue today. we will talk to one of our solo reporters. jackie sissel. >> reporter: things are quiet out here and they will resume the demolition and shoring up of the historic pier. also ant painting to see them out here. and here is some video that was shot yesterday. when crews from the there came out and started shoring up the archway that was partially damaged in the fire. >> they say two and a half millions of dollars worth of damage was done by the fire. earlier they are hoping to shore up the building and open up the sidewalk which is closer
8:06 am
to the fire. and it is open. the sidewalk is fenced off. and engineers are able to shore it up completely and not reopen it. >> as far as the fire investigation goes. >> well, investigators have set a partial investigation. and right now. they are thinking it was not intentionally set and wasn't construction going on inside the building to get it ready for the america's cup for next year. they thought they set it and the thing right now is they want to get to the unstave part of the building and get it so it can reopen the sidewalk as quickly as possible on the weekend. lots of foot traffic and make sure traffic can get through. >> a lot of damage done to the historic pier and the registry here. we have pictures to show you. before and after pictures of the pier built in 1915. and pride for the bay area the and they are under going the
8:07 am
renovations for the america's cup to be held next summer. middle picture shows us what it shows at the height of the fire with the flames shooting out. it is collapsing and seeing the aftermath there. ash tickets are brought in so it is on the registry and brought back to its original condition. >> development story out of oakland. they are looking for answers in an overnight homicide. investigators telling us a woman's body was found at hi 13 late last night or early this morning. also following the latest out of the south bay. one day in testimony and the judge overseeing the assault trial of william lynch sent the jury home without explanation. the 44-year-old lynch is charged with beating father jerry lindner a gees awe wit priest and he said the priest -- jest wit priest. and he said he took the stand and said he was innocent.
8:08 am
and lynch's lawyer asked the judge that he warn the priest that he was committing perjury. the judge sent the jury home. another twist in the case. alleged if victim deborah lucas confronted the priest as he was about to enter the courtroom. she was one of several people who claim they were molested by father jerry on a camping trip more than 35 years ago. new accusations being leveled against former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. even as the jury deliberates. his adopted son matt now claiming he was also abused by his father. there he is in the white shirt. >> also, a man is now suing jerry sandusky. saying that he was abused more than a hundred times when he was a boy. justine? en on that newt,. >> reporter: on that note, new across the north sags could be
8:09 am
filed -- new accusations could be filed against him. the jury is going at it for eight hours yesterday. they started today listening again to the testimony of mike quake rearry and a doctor. >> he is a graduate assistant who saw him assault a boy in the shower. his testimony is two hours long and that's what they are going over right now. the jury is sequestered so they never heard the allegations from the adopted son. and sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. this is the look out here. friday light around the bay and cloudy skies.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
. president obama is in florida trying to build momentum following his directive on aisle legal immigration. >> this is the first to a hispanic group that will allow young immigrants brought to the u.s. as children to be exempt from deportation and grant work permits for two years. >> it is renewed attention and its potential for effecting the presidential election in november. meanwhile, a new associated press will find that president obama's endorsement of gay marriage has done little to shift public poll opinion.
8:13 am
40% support it and 15% are neutral. however, more young people are liberals. democrats and moderates have a strong favorably view of the handling of same-sex marriage. we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues. some interesting topics and we will have more coming up after the break. >> programming reminder. on the fourth of july, you can catch the fireworks all around the bay on kron 4. we will show you the fire work from pleasantville and out over the bay. we are the only station to bring thank you fireworks live at 9:00 p.m. on the fourth of july.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
consideration become. live issues this week and to talk to them -- talk about this is jim hammer. we will start with the case in the south bay. and this priest. lindner and he was a jesui. priest and he wants -- jesuit priest and he said he molested him. you know the post. >> it is a bizarre case. >> taught in a high school where i taught and the jesuits admit he molested kids. and he confronts him and the
8:17 am
most bizarre case is the prosecutor, remember the priest molested the victim in the case said in their opening statement that her main website may commit perjury on the stand. >> did you ever hear anything like that. >> no. what is going to happen. the defendant in the case. who is really the victim of child molestation. said i want a trial because i want to look this son of a -- in the eye and confront him for what he did. there is a real chance when the jury deliberates in the case. especially if the he convicts perjure. the jury has the power. they are not supposed to do it. there might be a technical crime and we will vote not guilty and let the guy go. >> that could be the only prosecution against the priest. and if you call it. because the statute of limitations has run out. it would be for him to report that was abused.
8:18 am
>> what happened. california law changed and up until 10 years ago. you had to file a case within a serve period of time. they were afraid to do it. and when they became adults a lot of these guys got away with it and it is outrageous. >> right now in penn state. and the jury with the jerry sandusky case. now his step sop is coming out saying he was molested as well as the adopted son. >> he came out with the allegation after the case went to the jury. the good news is this. if some chance he gets away with it. it is pretty thin after the witnesses come forward. prosecutors could commit him with the new trial. >> is it just for justice. as far as time and money, sandusky would be going away for life. >> or is it about justice. >> i prosecuted child molestation cases. some stick with you when you meet the victims. he needs to be hunt haded down and brought to justice.
8:19 am
if he is not caught. they can file new charges against him. >> we are waiting for the verdict. there is a reporter in the courtroom. and he would hear and say the verdict has come down. >> now the judge in the courtroom said. it is not going to happen. if anyone does it. then i will go after the media outlets. >> really incredible. >> have you heard of that before? >> i haven't. but this is one of the most explosive cases. he is well known and icon at this place. now, he it comes out allegedly that he molested more than 10 boys over 15 year and with a position of trust. he wants to keep control over this and it is in a controlled environment. and when it comes. it will be a bombshell. >> then roger clemens and the prosecution. and all the charges of him dismissed. we had barry bonds who seemed to be a failed prosecution.
8:20 am
they got him on a technicality. is that the end of prosecutions in the steroid. >> john edwards who was acquitted. not a good week for federal prosecutors. >> some of these cases it boils down to lying. >> it was a sex case about lying. steroid case about lying. with well known personalities. they is set a higher bar. >> they want a super beyond a reasonable doubt. in the case of clemens, he is a super hero and the jury looked at it and said it is a lot of years ago. we don't believe the accuser in the case and we don't believe them. >> whether or not it is worth millions of dollars to go after a guy lying to congress. >> why do that this is there public pressure. election press your on the officials to make a name. >> it could be that and having been a prosecutor most of my career. there is something rubs you
8:21 am
wrong when they take the oath and goes in the courtroom and lies. it undermines the whole system. and what they have to do is step back and say in the big scheme of things am i going to get a conviction. is it important enough. is my main witness as ap as liar as the defendant is. >> it has been really difficult to prove in the cases. >> good for joining us. >> we will have him here next troy darya folsom to talk about what is happening in the interesting cases in the news. >> interesting forecast with rain on the way. james fletcher has the details. >> take a look at storm track center four. this is a storm system p to the north. we don't typically do that and the bulk of the wet weather is well to the north. that's where the light moderate and heavy rain is. you will see we do so, we have rain in the north bay. see it coming down right now. between santa rosa and it is combined in santa rosa. and we are picking up bits and pieces around the golden gate
8:22 am
bridge. i took a look at the shot. if you follow the cars as they come on by. you will catch one like that with the windshield wipers on. it is misting enough and you may need to use your wipers to see how dense the fog s a lot of moisture suspended in the air. you drive through it against the span. with that in mind. we will talk about what we have expected here. it is a problem for you. look at it, 221 minutes for arrival delays. that is a big delay there at sfo, call ahead. if you have a flight going out. >> the wet weather. the cloudy weather. more importantly is going to keep things at sfo a problem for us. most of the day. i will suspect. and oakland doing all right. >> so, in terms of how it will develop in the course of the afternoon. still talking mostly cloudy. it may be a scattered shower here and there and in advance of the cold front. it is not until 3:00 in the
8:23 am
afternoon and we will see an organized light rainfall up near santa rosa. and then it is later on in the evening. light to moderate showers expected. not across the coastline but inland as well in the san ramon valley and that will stay with us as we head to midnight tomorrow morning and then it will be gone. we won't worry about it for the rest of the weekend. we have the chance of maybe 20% chance of seeing pringles in the north by. >> here is where they are at the moment. >> mid- to upper 50s. we had been in the lower 50s and know, it is a warm up where we see the upper 40-degree temperatures earlier and 51 in santa rosa and napa. and the south bay will get into the upper 60s and max out there. we are looking for the psalm forecast in the valley. maybe it is 70 degrees and you will be in the upper 60s as well along the shoreline. san francisco downtown. look for 60 degrees and 64 in
8:24 am
oakland. and across the north bay. generally mid- to upper 60s and you have the chance of see ago sprinkle. saturday, sun daw. drier pick fewer for us. it is going to be cooler. temperatures will fall as we head into saturday afternoon. we begin to warm it up on sunday. >> most of next week and we get it back up near the 80-degree mark. >> we will get an update on the commute out there. it is starting to be a wet one. george? >> reporter: we will check this out, james. we have the bridge check here. it as light and easy ride with no problems heading to san francisco from the east bay. looking at the golden gate bridge right now as we look at the toll plaza. you see conden satisfaction on the license. any windshield wipers working on the passing vehicles. it is a little hard to tell because of the concentration of water on the glass. this is a look at the east bay ride. and smooth commute here for
8:25 am
interstate 80 and 580 in the west bounds direction. look for a little slowing here on southbound and with a minor crash. the time is now 8:25. we will take a quick break on the kron 4 morning news will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . a lot of events taking place around san francisco. alameda county fair and up towards sears point. it is 350 going on.
8:28 am
big race weekend. maybe a sprinkle today. mostly sunny and gusty winds tomorrow. comfortable in the 60s. best weather on sunday in the low 07s. we will be back in two minutes with the top stories as kron 4 news continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. to friday light traffic and. >> take a look it stormtracker 4. in the north bay. we are expecting some showers on the leading gauedge of this front. e could see more precipitation activity tonight. in terms of right and l in the impact. at s f o, 3 hour delay. for our riding flights. keep that in
8:31 am
mind. this was earlier, completely shrouded in fog. and plenty of dense fog along the golden gate bridge. with many people using their windshield wipers. the rain delay will impact the north bay the most. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a cool down tomorrow but also, dry. this will be a one day rain event and a crutch will warm up for next week. >>george: a -- gradual warm up next week. the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no backups. for the east bay, the south-bay is still moderate conditions and light and heavy for the peninsula. still very light. and the 101 and the 280.
8:32 am
>> san jose police are trying to determine if a police chase and -- if they speaa speed -- if spa factor. with this motorcycle and automobile collision. the driver of the automobile is cooperating. >> text messages have been made public as portions of the official misconduct. mayor ed lee want to shed light on this city ethics commission investigation on how they responded to the events after the new year's eve argument that by resulted in the charge
8:33 am
of alleged abuse towards his wife. >> the eight tv. causing a four- story structure that was supposed to be a senior housing complex collapsed. they had to bring a crane in to remove that large debris. alcohol tobacco and fire is still determining the cause of this massive fire. >> we are looking for objects that are in place that are not in place we are trying to understand what the power of of of please was. >> it also damaged a 12-hour bart delay of nearby railways. >> this huge drop of the markets. over 250 points yesterday. that was the second
8:34 am
largest drop of the year. a small rebound on this friday. and looking at the dedel. and google is reporting a stock split. already a to be 6% control stock but this is already a done deal. this new class will two-one stock share. these new shares will not have any voting power. they will have a non-voting stock. only existing shareholders will have the voting power. that stock split may not happen until later this year. the method federal regulators are investigating complaints of this model. 80,000 vehicles saying that the national highway transportation
8:35 am
safety board saying that this could just completely give out. it could possibly provide a recall and chrysler is cooperating. the watching is tesla for the all electric sedan. it will be delivered sometime today. it will hopefully drive the company towards profitability. it is a starting point of under $50,000 after a federal tax credit. it is about the same as the same lexis hybrid. however, you can even get the larger model at over $100,000. thousands of people have already put down a
8:36 am
deposit a are expecting to make this 5000. the old and new plant is where they are making these. their stock is on the increase. at just at $32. >> a deadly attack near a couple--kabul with afghan forces. at least three suicide bombers tossing grenades. with 14 civilians dead. all of these attackers were killed. >> we will be back. this live look. a bit of sunshine trying to break through. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
8:37 am
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interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> san mateo health officials are confirming a west nile virus case. it has been detected in 16
8:40 am
counties already in this state at contra costa county. a second death are related to west nile virus. >> also in san mateo county. 17 stores part of a sting operation using miners for these undercover operation. these stores were selling alcohol to minors. in burlingame, four stores & restaurants. the employees could face criminal prosecution. and the businesses could have their alcohol license revoked. >> the u.s. recession is taking its toll on its young adults. more adult children are moving back in with their parents to save money. this increased by 1.2 million. between 20 07-2010.
8:41 am
the total = 60 million. this report also shows that over one half are between 25-34. >> with that light at night can be dangerous. excessive light can disrupt your sleep. particularly computer and electronic media. the wrong type of light could even promote on safe driving conditions. too much light at night could increase the risk of cancer. >> could a hard to track card -- attack be linked to post a dramatic stress disorder? those patients also have a double the chances of a heart condition and could die within three years. more research is needed but people should be aware after a
8:42 am
major heart attack. a quick break. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is the golden gate -- {laughter}. a bit of a week. with that fog waiting
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
this extensive flooding in minnesota. even cut off from the outside world. this reporter was a zigzagging through town. and the even were preparing to call the coast guard. >> you can call this a river to treacherous to cross. and if not for millions street and this town. >> this person did not wait joined her neighbors and she was
8:46 am
told to get out as this reservoir spoiled over its bank. with the reverse of public-works project. >> the public. >> john was just stubborn and of to stay behind as this cascade rear ranged his neighborhood. and even taking off pieces of his new bride. >> those residents are still in sight! >> there were in a precarious situation. >> he considered walking across before thinking better. and he turned back. minutes later, another of way out. , to rescue them. lindsay johnson went up
8:47 am
first. >> holy smokes! >> the next, the husband. >> i hope they do not bill me. {laughter} at least they were trying to provide a bit of relief. they're even expecting more rain fall, tomorrow. and the even the chance of showers. >> yes. with a decent amount of wet weather. near eureka. however the bottom towards the south we are getting light sprinkles. this is not even the brunt of it, that will become later. it is this type of weather that we can expect to route the day. 810-20% chance
8:48 am
of rain fall and the north bay. with a -- 10 or 20% chance. this roof cam over san francisco. we will probably start to see it these shower activity patterns even this afternoon. a quick look at it today with 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. temperatures will be on the mile the side but they are warming up. we started in the 50's. and the east bay even getting breaks of sunshine. 56 in san jose. and even 60s in napa. downtown san francisco, the detour degrees.54 degrees -n oakland 53 -- in san francisco. as we look by 3:00 p.m., we can see that light green. the
8:49 am
beginning of the cool front. advancing this by 8:00 p.m. the chance increases with light/moderate indicated by the yellow. it will increase in intensity tonight and a lender, overnight. you can see the chance still tomorrow but it will start dissipating however, completely clear by sunday but we will be cooler. it will be dry on a saturday. cooler. the good news is that it will be the cooler day with a rebound and a slow increase towards the beginning of next week. wednesday, thursday would feel more like summer with 80s. and george. >> good morning. a decent drive. not much to talk about. take a look at the west. even though
8:50 am
the metering lights have been active since 6:00 p.m., no problems. however, because of the golden gate. i took a look at those cars with drizzle showing up. the metering lights have been off since 6:00 a.m. looking at the mid span. and conditions on the east bay, are great remarkably light. much lighter than normal. westbound 5 aide 0. and the southbound for the sonoma of grade. southbound also looking great and was on 580 -- and towards the guadeloupe overpass. and the mountain view through not bad. a bit north slow through vallejo and the 121 the bridge. that is
8:51 am
a result from nascar weekend starting in today. >> gas prices starting to decrease. and this 10th consecutive day. the national average equals $3.45. we pay more. to keep you a comparison. we found some of the lowest in the bay area. san francisco and san jose are $3.67. walnut creek, $3.89. and check us out facebook. new plans for the mosconi center. mayor ed lee has reported a renovation plan necessary to stay competitive. it attracts 50 events including the mac world. it should be complete by 2018. >> a big weekend of the
8:52 am
pleasanton with the alameda affair. attendance records have already been broken. thousands of people attending. as the 100th anniversary of the alameda county fair through july 8th. >> a quick break. the james lick clouds. we will be back. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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8:55 am
welcome back. if the game tonight 7:0 5:00 p.m. at the
8:56 am
coliseum. only a 20% chance. >> the top trending stories. everybody is talking about nothing funny about this first story. because of unprecedented warm spring weather there is a shortage of good humor classics. they may not be available until later this summer. >> facebook changes. with spell check/auto correct. they are looking to restrict editing comments. >> finally, a painting by cellar door dolly has been stolen in manhattan. he took it off the wall from it -- salvador dali. painted in 1949 . visit my
8:57 am
facebook fan page. >> i love of those good humor ice cream items. >> lebraun james finally has an nba championship with the miami heat. they've beat the oklahoma city thunder. he was named the mvp. and these faces the ugliest dog contest and petaluma. you can still register if your interested. it is $20 but the prize is $1,000. this event kicks off at noon. the dog lovers frost. family friendly events and this begins at 6:00 p.m. we will be right back with our top stories. and we will
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>justine: the chance of rain fall. even drizzle possible above mount tam. erica will have our forecast. and we are waiting for the verdict from jerry sandusky as if they continue deliberations right now. and crews working all day, all night to work on the damaged. 29. these are live pictures. what investigators are saying it because. let us get a quick check. >> good morning, just teen. it is raining in the north bay locations. that green on our screen showing wet weather. also
9:01 am
over high we 101. closer towards petaluma. just a few sprinkles that we will be tracking, later. dry in downtown san francisco you could encounter some drizzle with overcast and a cloudy conditions continuing. we keep that potential for wet weather between 810 in 20% chance. it could increase as we go towards this evening. >>george: we are continuing to monitor this hot spot-free at the bay bridge. even with the meter and lights have been active since 6:25 no backups and incident-free on the upper deck. this the drizzle is it definitely here. notice these vehicles south bound of the wind
9:02 am
chill to wipers on but the good news is that it is easy and the late-free on the marin 101. when shall wipers are honored. >>justine: when shall wipers are on the >>justine: the number of tens-- tents. scrawl in. >> it has been one week since these parents have been in front of this elementary school and four other elementary schools. despite the possibility of being arrested they will continue to be here. the even are going to add another face. joining me is to talk about this fight. >> we are born to have a march tomorrow and at noon at frank ogawa plaza. also, to raise awareness. we are going to have
9:03 am
our own a school board meeting on wednesday at 5:00 p.m. but we are not announcing where. we will announce that on saturday. >> you have any concerns of the oakland police department had coming in and making arrests? >> that is not a priority we are making our stand and it does not matter we're going to continue to do the right thing. >>reporter: in oakland, kron4. >>justine: there is a pot growing operation just discovered after 1:00 a.m. by the oakland fire department one they responded to a one-alarm fire. here is a google map. police found marijuana on the 700 block of lacy ave. the oakland police were called to collect evidence and no arrests, yet. the latest on the a embarcadero destruction on. 29.
9:04 am
jackie in his life. . 29. >>jackie: is live. - >>jackie: this building has even been red tagged. the damage still being assessed with at least $2.5 million. it happened during that four-alarm fire on wednesday. still, preliminary
9:05 am
investigations however they think that the construction could be to blame. it is being prepared for the america's cup yacht race next year. they think that this fire could have been caused from that construction activity from wednesday. however how long will they be able to work along mess area and will it looks like they are going to try to open up that sidewalk. many people are using that by going but the hope of course is that they want to get this open by the weekend because they do get a lot of foot traffic with safety concerns. people walking on the bike lane. >>justine: thank you. this is.
9:06 am
29. before, during, after. this before is showing the historic shot of 1915. it was a simple pride for the bay area. recently,. 29 was going through some renovations. now, with the wreckage it is even difficult to recognize it is. 29. >> after one day of testimony the jury ha been send home -- with out any
9:07 am
explanation. the priest took the stand and said that he was innocent. however, this man and has alleged that he was abused by this priest on a camping trip 30 years ago. another victim comes forward. she confronted the priest. many were coming forward claiming sexual assault. >> now, the adopted son of a sandusky, matt is saying that he did report abuse. also, that former sandusky was the abuser of a boy of over 100 times. he
9:08 am
is facing 48 calcounts. >> a quick check on the markets. the dow jones is up a lot of green all morning long. >> it is a make or break for electric car maker, tesla. they have lost nearly $1 billion selling sports cars but the first sedan will be delivered today. this is video being tested. this is in fremont. this could leave if it towards profitability were struggling with a government loan. this starting price is around $49,000 after a federal tax credit. it is about the same as alexis hybrid crossover. or, over $102!
9:09 am
10,000 people live on a pre- order. they expect to sell 5000 this year. 9:09. we have the latest on the weather and traffic after this. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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9:12 am
momentum with latin voters on illegal immigration. his sweeping immigration form allows illegal immigrants as children to be exempt from deportation. permits. this has brought attention to the last vote -- hispanic vote. >> these men are expected to be in court today for the arraignment and beating of alleged stowe. they will face trial on one felony count of mayhem, assault and battery. both have been remaining in jail. the attorneys for bryan stow want $59 from the dodgers to cover medical costs and pain
9:13 am
and suffering. he is going to need to 50 million extra dollars. his medical costs have already cost $4 million. they are requesting $59 million from the dodgers.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>justine: this is the damage from the extensive flooding in minnesota this week. they are estimating between 50-$80
9:16 am
million in damage. the waters are rising. and they are describing this one city even described as an island. >> people on base polk are starting to see sprinkles in the north bay. >>erica: good morning, justine. this wet weather will be north of the golden gate. let me show you on the satellite/ritter with the bulk of the precipitation will be on the satellite/radar --. in the bay area we are seeing traces. north of the golden gate. and it looks like that yellow is indicating moderate which we could see as we go towards this afternoon/this evening. to expect. temperatures will be significantly cooler than the
9:17 am
seasonal average. even if you do not experience precipitation will certainly notice that cool down. and a 20%-in order% chance of rainfall in the north bay. are not great for the >>erica: even sprinkles are near santa rosa rainfall possible. it the yellow is indicating moderate/heavy possible. persistent, however towards saturday morning. temperatures right now are typical however they are windy. for portions of the north bay it looks like oakland is 54 degrees. san jose
9:18 am
is 58 degrees. this afternoon, we will not warm up by much only anticipating mid-50s. 64 degrees in oakland. we could see 70's in antioch, livermore and fairfield. upper 60s and san jose. taking a look at your extended forecast we have the potential for wet weather. we do not have any rained to speak up. however, attempt to morro with temperatures increasing slowly increasing saturday, sunday, and monday with your a look at your 7 day around the bay in my next report. 9:19. >>george: pretty nice. it has been a great commute all morning so far, no changes. no hot spots. this bay bridge even with the metering lights active there
9:19 am
have been snow backups. the golden gate bridge, despite the drizzle it is smooth and light. even light for a friday. southbound. northbound a bit heavier but that is typical for a friday. checking the traffic maps mean the green on it the sensors. if the only delay is in the east bay and non-commute to direction. the 680 is completely clear. the ride on the 580 also looks good in and out of livermore. towards the castro valley. south bay is a little bit sluggish through cupertino. however, lighter than usual even for this hour. tough expect heavy conditions because of the
9:20 am
nascar activity this weekend. >>justine: let us talk about the san mateo county as health officials have reported the first confirmed case of west nile virus in a dead bird. this was in woodside. it has been detected in 16 counties in contra costa county. >> the law enforcement is targeting 17 stores were selling alcohol to minors. this was a sting operation. the miners work under the direction of authorities. three businesses were caught in san bruno junqueira. two were in the south san francisco. here are the businesses. and daly city, burlingame and there were stores and restaurants it in each case
9:21 am
employees could face criminal prosecution. businesses could even have their alcohol license revoked. >> a big outage with powerful tree taking out power lines. it was for most of the afternoon to 700 customers. we spoke to a resident who saw that tree come crashing down. >> i sat in my bedroom and i heard a cracking sound. i looked out my window and it was slowly coming over. prior to that, the wires we knew that something was going to go on and then the lights went out. >> the power is fully restored. what are your plans for this fourth of july? make sure that you are watching us for our annual fourth of july celebration. we will give you
9:22 am
the best seat in the house. from pleasant hill, milipitas and of course san francisco. we are the only station that brings to local live ♪
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9:24 am
9:25 am
>>justine: save ou4 350 1 want to let you know what the forecast is. with a 20% chance of rain fall. and saturday, mostly sunny with a gusty winds. that sunday, warmer. in world news there has been a deadly attack on a late side - lake side hotel in kabul with afghan
9:26 am
forces this is video from hotel guests jumping for safety. suicide bombers storm this hotel with 14 people dead. all of these attackers had been killed. >> the united states and south korea has a mass of large fire drill against north korean aggression. this exercise will take place against the korean border. it involves attack helicopters, fighter jets and 2000 allied troops. the government says that it is in preparation for war. the back federal safety investigators are investigating complaints of the chrysler 2011 model including 87,000. the national highway
9:27 am
traffic safety administration said that this in june will stall the-engine will stall without warning. there are also complains of the 2011 ford explorer. the power steering could also fail. this is impacting 83,000 from the 2011. drivers reported that they were forced to use more effort. in some cases they did get a warning. this investigation could also lead to a recall. we will take a quick break and a live look at the golden gate. foggy and a drizzle.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>justine: a wet to morning. erica has our forecast. >>erica: good morning. we have a live look. certainly, you can see the water on the drizzle activity on the camera lens north of the golden gate. this wet weather is an advance of the main front that we will be tracking leader. stretching towards this evening. temperatures not that bad. tracking -- later this evening. as we take a look at the stormtracker 4. that wet weather situated over eureka. and that yellow is indicating where we could see a moderate/heavy downpour. the bay could even see some sprinkles on the 101 near
9:31 am
cloverdale, said rose up closer towards petaluma. and santa rosa. >>george: light traffic conditions. it will be light and easy drive lighter than usual. even for a friday. the only sluggish is on the nimitz southbound toward leaving hayward. light on the peninsula, beyond the 92. and the 84 but the connection to the dunbarton. delay-free also on the 101 southbound. >>justine: let me talk about this motorcycle crash and san jose. they are trying to determine if speed was a factor in this deadly accident. this was last night. this motorcycle collided with an auto. the
9:32 am
driver of the car is cooperating. >> text messages to the messages toperinin have been made public. mayor ed lee wants to provide clarity on the investigation for the criminal domestic violence case. this was filed with the city ethics commission. but his wife, and campaign manager responded to this event after the arguments became a physical. he led guilty to a misdemeanor of false imprisonment. >> after one day of testimony. this could be going toward the midst of a mistrial. this priest took the stand and the judge was
9:33 am
warning him not to create perjury. rob fladeboe has more. >>rob: to show you how high these emotions are on this trial. just moments ago this woman confronted the priest. >> the people he attacked let him know that he is not going to get away with this and want to confront them that they have power. >>rob: they declined to speak but william lynch and his brother allegedly reportedly were molested on a camping trip over 35 years ago by the priest. >> this torturous situation has
9:34 am
been abusive. >>rob: william lynch. on trial for allegedly assaulting the priest is out to publicly humiliate the priest. the priest is denying allegations. >> he has got to get it out. everybody needs to get out their story. >>rob: they are calling his actions heroic but they are not going to rest. rob fladeboe, kron4. justine. >>justine: it the west oakland construction site that caught on fire. causing for stories of a senior housing complex 4 s--
9:35 am
story construction site collapsed. atf agents are trying to cause what was the cause. >> we are looking at the destruction, the patterns, objects that would be or could not be in place or should be in place. they are trying to understand what was the power source for this fire and what caused the destruction. >>justine: it also interrupted bart service for several hours. >> police investigated after a driver lost control and killed a pedestrian. the pedestrian was waiting for a city bus. the man was dead upon our arrival.
9:36 am
>> we are trying to investigate what speeds the vehicle was traveling. howeve the and were really out off the driver was taken out of a hospital and the identity have not been made public. >> and what is happening on the market's. the dow jones is up. the reason is that google shareholders have approved a stock split. the co-founders will remain in control. this will split shares 2-1. the new shares will not be able to vote. the non-voting stock will be distributed in a few months. >> investigators--investors from
9:37 am
moody's have downgraded bank of america, goldman sacks. these banks were downgraded because of the long-term prospects and growth were shrinking. this downgrade means that it will cost more for banks by selling debt. >> this is a make or break moment for an electric car maker, tesla. they have lost $1 billion selling high end of electric sports cars but the first sedan was delivered today. there is a $465 million government loan. this starting price is $49,000 after a federal tax credit. it is about the same as a lexus hybrid crossover. if
9:38 am
he's also can be topped out at over $100,000. 10,000 people have already put down a deposit and they expect to sell 5000 of these this here. tesla stock was up this morning >> much more on this friday morning. a look outside from our golden gate bridge a lot of fog, drizzle. hopefully, some sunny weather erica will have the details. ♪ [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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to our entire national wi-fi hot spot network, with nearly 30,000 hot spots. at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> justine: today is the trans march that starts at 3:30. with a rally at 6:30. tomorrow cuff s f pride is from noon till 6. and
9:42 am
this coast towards a market street. from bealls. >> also there is the associated press showing that it has done very little to shift public opinion of same-sex marriage. however, more young the collateral and even democrats and -- liberal. >> this new report from the census bureau is showing that more adult children are moving back home with their parents to save money. in fact, the agents said that this increase was 1.2 million from 20 07-20010 premium the adult children to 60
9:43 am
million. this report also shows that over half are between the ages of 25-34. much more ahead. very light traffic as we approach the bay bridge but have a clouds in the forecast the
9:44 am
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this just in to the kron 4 news room protesters at lake view elementary have just held a news conference announcing that they will have a rally and march tomorrow starting at noon at frank ogawa plaza. they will moved through the streets and oakland to lake view elementary. that is one of the fives schools scheduled to shut down. it has been one week since the camp out open to change the mind of the district. the national average
9:47 am
is $3.45. of course, in the bay area is more. it is hard to believe. we saw that the average at even $3.67. oakland, $3.75 and walnut creek. if you have seen cheap gas prices? let us know on a our facebook fan page. >> new expansion plans for the mosconi center. mayor ed lee is reporting a 25 year plan for a renovation of the 20 million square foot facility. this is necessary for competition. think about the hosting of at least one event per week. including
9:48 am
the mac world. the first phase will be completed in 2018. >> if you think that you would like to go to the alameda county fair? expect crowds with attendance records already broken. 37,000 people went on wednesday is being held in pleasanton. it is the 100th anniversary. through july 8th. it is closed on monday. if you are going? ericka. >> good morning, justine. it looks like they could catch some sprinkles. this weekend, mostly cloudy conditions but temperatures in pleasanton could be below 70. mt. tam from time to time we have been reporting sprinkles in advance of this storm system. it is expected to be in california towards your
9:49 am
rica and ukiah offshore, some yellow that is indicating a moderate/happy. please be aware of that as you go towards this afternoon. temperatures will also be relatively cooler. much cooler than the seasonal average. even if you do not see any rainfall? you will certainly noticed the cool down. the future cast shows by noon, not that much rainfall. in fact, mostly cloudy over the immediate bay area. as we go towards 3:00 p.m., sprinkles of short. santa rosa. and highway 101. we do have the potential for moderate rainfall in portions of the north bay impacting north of the golden gate. later, this
9:50 am
evening sprinkles in oakland and downtown san francisco. this wet weather could stay north to the golden gate. if your going out bring a jacket. certainly an umbrella because temperatures are in the 50s. and oakland, a 54 degrees. the same and happen bay. and as we take a look at this afternoon the same -- in half moon bay. 67 degrees and sunnyvale. 70 expected in antioch, livermore and pleasanton a look at your 7 day around the bay but it looks like we will be dry for this weekend with cooler conditions. it is expected to be the coldest day of the week. we could see a mix of morning sun and temperatures will start to climb breaking into the 80s as we transition into the work week.
9:51 am
>>george: this transition has been easy because we have had a great drive this morning. with no backup on the bay bridge even with the metering lights. they were activated at 6:25 at the golden gate that drizzle to contend with there is no southbound for northbound slow conditions. in fact, it is a lighter-than-normal on the presidio southbound. as we check the traffic it is looking good on both the 680, the 80, the 24 with no delays. and the five dates or westbound in and out of dublin looking good. the 580. -- the south bay a little bit slow on the 101. almost heavy on a normal day but not quite. no surprises. the 85, just a bit
9:52 am
sluggish. in the north bay, the lead-free on the 101 southbound. >>justine: stretches of market street are not allowed 4 vehicles tariff now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this mandatory signs of market and in their private vehicles. >> why are you on the street went there says no private vehicles? >> yes this driver ignored every sign on 10th and the san francisco. and she rolled up her window and gathered her thoughts. >> i have to get to drive. >> i do not like you videotaping me.
9:53 am
>> why are you on the street? >> i do not know. >> you did not know? >> you cannot go through here. >> the city of san francisco wants to make this with no pedestria-no drivers. >> it is difficult. >> limousines it is not a qualification of taxis. this is one picking up a passenger. >> you are not a taxi. >> no comment. many of these drivers said that their gps trucked them here. >> i am from palo alto. >> i know! i love your show! {laughter} >> thank you. >> if you get caught on this
9:54 am
street you could be even get a ticket. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>justine: today is take your daughter to work day. it started in 1999. take your tech-stoc tae your dog-- >> there's even the ugliest dog contest. you can still register. it is a $20 registration fee. the price for the top dog is $1,000. we will show you the
9:58 am
winner on monday we will see you tonight at 5:00 p.m. have a great weekend
9:59 am
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