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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 17, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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take it at the golden gate bridge there are no surprises this morning for your ride. >> justine: 8 shooting in oakland leaves one person dead and another in a hospital teresa estacio has the details. >> reporter: per--police were caught to asia--police
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were called to the scene to people were found dead in the car. police shutdown the streets and investigators began to pull the facts together. police are now releasing many details we have learned that the shooting happened at the kentucky fried chicken restaurant there are reports that the driver was hit while in his car and drive through and was able to navigate the parking lot of thing crashed across the street. thursday evening the coroner's office came up and a tow truck was called in to move the vehicle and bring in as evidence. >> justine: a standoff in redwood city came to a peaceful in yesterday the swat team was able to negotiate the surrender of the robbery suspect that their case himself inside the home. this is video from earlier. you can see dozens of swat members. these are some photographs of the
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suspect it is the lead he is behind the fire on robbery and the redwood city area. police say during one of the robbery suspect held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman. >> justine: 18 year old boy is dead and his six year-old brother is missing and presumed dead after they were swept away by a river while visiting yosemite. the family was visiting from southern california they went hiking near the foot bridge. they were waiting in the river but the current was too strong and carried to boys away. the team you're always pulled from the river and given cpr by a park the the the he did not survive. the search for the six trolled for resumes today. grant lotus has more on where the boys went into the water. >> reporter: now here is the half dome for a little perspective. here is the false. and the war from the falls flows down the river along the trail. the boys were swept down this river.
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and the other thing we're following in alameda, a woman is recovering after retracting--contracting hantavirus is a new disease and it is almost impossible to know that you have been exposed to it. this is spread by breathing dust from rodent droppings most commonly the der and mouth. in humans this causes fever and pain, and difficulty breathing. the disease was first identified 21 years ago. since then, 60 cases have been reported in california. >> reporter: the two cases reported in yosemite bring it up to no. 4. >> reporter: health
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authorities have not identified use in the victim except to say he was 37 years old. they say you were going camping your to stay out of abandoned buildings and if you're staying in a tent cabin you can reduce the risk of infection by airing it out at least two hours before moving your stuff in. also, spray droppings with bleach or disinfected and wait at least 15 minutes before disposing of them. >> justine: much more ahead on this friday morning. we have traffic that looks very light right now. we will check back with erica in just a few minutes.
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the headquarters after a
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5:00 p.m. rally. police say there were six of protesters in the building and after about three hours five of them were arrested and the six person left before the police arrived. >> justine: some of the country's top corporations are paying more money to the field than they pay in federal taxes. a new study finds 26 large u.s. companies including at&t and city group paid their chief executives an average of $20.4 million last year and at the same time they paid little or no federal taxes on their profits. the boeing ceo was paid $18.4 million last year what the company received a tax break of $605 million. researchers conclude the nation's tax credits following the country to pay executives lavishly and cut their tax bills while washington gets less money or none at all.
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>> justine: the presidential candidates and their supporters are still busy accusing each other here is one the obama campaign is upset by a video that was released by republicans. catherine has the story. >> mr. president you cannot kill osama bin laden, america did. >> reporter: a group of special forces operatives created this video it gives credit to america for killing osama bin laden and it accuses him demonstration of leaking information for political advantage.
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>> i do not see why anyone would purposely put lives in jeopardy. >> reporter: the president's reelection campaign says that using hardballs meerkat. --hardball smeer tackticks. >> reporter: there is the ongoing argument over mitt romney's taxes he says he checked his return he is satisfied that he is paying his share. >> the fascination with the taxes that paid a fine to beef small minded compared to the broad problems that we face. >> reporter: the white house campaign has told mitt romney to prove it. also on the campaign the vice president's verbal flips making reference to the 20th century enfettered the 21st or saying he was in north
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carolina when he was in virginia. congressmen paul ryan is using this for campaign fodder. >> justine: erica is standing by in the weather center within the that the forecast is a little drizzly and how long do you think that will last? >> erica: that will be pre persisted for quite some time especially along the coastline. actually picked up some rain droplets on my way into work this morning. that will continue throughout the course and into the afternoon. we have partly cloudy conditions along the coastline, sunshine than pretty warm temperatures for those of you and in. we could actually see some low 90s. in the front we anticipate the cloud coverage to make a comeback and with that we have the chance for showers.
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so we have your future forecast coming up. now let us take it to your visibility chart. we have clear conditions for the freeways. however, visibility has dropped down to 9 mi. for those commuting on 101 through sfo. >> erica: into the afternoon your high temperature shake up like this very similar to what we saw yesterday with >> erica: we have 75 in union city and partly cloudy conditions with a mild day. it is pretty on par with what we saw yesterday. >> erica: we have some changes to talk about heading into the weekend.
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into this evening what we will see are really big clouds spreading to the entire bay area. we will pick up some isolated showers of the richmond center field bridge and, as we push the clock in 2:05 p.m.--as we push the clock around 5:00 a.m., we could see some clouds. if you're headed to tahoe we anticipate isolated showers but into the afternoon for saturday it looks like we will be dealing with cloudy skies but no where with to speak up. >> erica: yesterday are models were not showing any
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possibilities of rain, but to date it shows it and we could see some sunny skies around the bay area. over in the traffic and try to not have anything really to alert you to. the san mateo bridge ride is moving smoothly and post directions. >> erica: taking it over to the traffic map, we see a lot of green on the sensors. the on ramp is shut down and added to the chp investigation has a right now we are contacting the authorities and hopefully we will have more information coming up in my next report. >> justine: this section of
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the bay bridge is one year away from completion this week marks a critical phase in construction. jeff bush now gives us an update on the progress. >> reporter: everything here is changing, workers on the bridge have connected the support wires and now, though support wires are going into place. this is a big deal is the first of lifting this bridge off the temperature structure. >> the process will take around three month, we began testing the system justice to the content expect to be really lifting body in the week may be a little after. >> reporter: here is what is going on, very soon hydraulic jets will pull support cables closer to the deck of the bridge. during that process, the bridge will slowly rise above the still support structure for the first time it will be held in place by the
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suspension cables. as you can imagine that is a lot of weight. >> this is 35,200 t of steel been lifted on to that supports this and this of the largest >> reporter: it is like-- they expect this new bridge to be open to the public on labor day weekend. >> justine: much more ahead on this friday morning with a quick break with a live look outside at our mount tancam. as a erica has said we have a lot of changes in the forecast and if you miss tissue be back in another minute with another update. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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>> justine: facebook stock continues to hit new lows and closed yesterday at $19.87. that is down from the original ipo of just
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$38. the drop was spurred by the first wave of shares being unlocked and available for sale. 251 million shares were released to the market that adds to the 421 shares that the shares are owned by early investors and company employees. gabe slate takes a look at what facebook needs to do to turn of the round and how this might affect facebook users. >> when a company goes public there are a number of shares that are frozen they're not officially on the market, they're not able to be sold they are in limbo. these usually belong to in fighters an investor and employees of the company that will stop before the ipo. the first of three lockout. a facebook stock have expired. >> that means more people are selling their shares.
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and that means they will face down. >> been is to be safe--been has been keeping a close eye on facebook. >> facebook is doing this first wave at 90 days after their ipo. be more wave to come. one of the biggest is in november when they are out about $1.2 billion and they will make that available to the market. >> as more shares are released a market it will get harder for facebook stock to get back to the $38 ipo price. >> is sort of supply and demand, the more shares you have, of course there is pressure on the price. complicating that if the fact that the sentiment for facebook ability to grow has soured. there are more doubt
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now about their business. they are still considered a major player in the internet industry and social media in particular, but whether or not they can grow quickly over the next few months or years to the $38 ipo price is the big question. >> justine: there is a new way to the kron4 news and weather whenever you wanted. here is vicki with details on our new 247--24/7 news channel. >> reporter: our new news channel is all about convenience, check in at any time to get up-to-the-minute news information. let me show you, right down here with cycled through a bunch of cities showing the current temperature and then here is the seventh forecast. down below we have the news crawl with the latest from the kron4 newsroom. all of these are updated all the time you can get a quick update on with her and news. in this big box you will see more
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weather and news. give us and try and give us some feedback on our facebook page. the bay area news channel is always on compaq's channel 193. >> justine: much for him this friday morning as his information about a fire in san francisco i will have details of on that--much more ahead, giving details about a fire and i will give you those detailed when we come right back.
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>> justine: firefighters are responding to a fire in the san francisco as excelsior --san francisco and fills his neighborhood. we have a crew headed to the scene to bring information as some of becomes available.
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>> justine: these are the duelling rallies that were out front of city hall during the rally. on top of the screen are opponents of share for--a share for ross mirkarimi. they did not believe this is a private matter and they want a share for move from office and on screen there are supporters of the sheriff along with his wife. the ranch site of the hearing room when the opposing sides presented their cases. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi showed up with his wife by his side. both sides presented their closing arguments. the cause of the matter where there are not the sheriff's actions on new year's eve and has pleaded
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--pleading guilty means misconduct. >> he committed a violent crime against his wife. he violated trust. >> there are many law- enforcement officers that had been convicted of misdemeanors and they remain on duty. >> reporter: the five member panel also heard more than three hours of public testimony the majority of the force is coming from supporters of the sheriff. >> yes, he lost his temper for a second and he grabbed his wife. >> reporter: there are many people fighting to combat domestic violence and they went to publicly and permanently struck him of his office. >> to have a convicted abusers in charge of and how
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these programs and undermine the program's efficiency. >> justine: now will check in with erica for forecast. >> erica: we do have some fog and drizzle along the coastline. the real changes really start to develop as we head into the afternoon. we will see funny conditions in the in and in terms of your numbers right outside the door we have 50 for the most part and it looks like in the eye could coming in at 70 degrees, 54 for those in richmond and 55 for those working up in fantail. by lunchtime and had a pretty similar story compared to what we saw yesterday. we have '70s and '80s through the heart of the bay. by 3:00 p.m., we will stick in the same color family. it
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looks like we will potentially pick up a couple of 90's for places like livermore and out and antioch. for the most part we will keep in the '70s and '80s. we have santa rosa reaching 81 degrees and temperatures are significantly cooler compared to last week. we have 87 expected in concord and a wide range of '70s for the east bay shoreline. it looks like fennel they could come in at 83 degrees, 67 for half moon bay and a couple degrees cooler for daly city. taking a look accu-weather story cannot be surprised if you wake up to some morning drizzle and missed for the next several days. waking up tomorrow morning it looked like actually see a shower. i will have the full details coming up in my next report. i will tell you that we will continue the pretty modest cool down over the next few days. we do have the potential for wet weather this weekend. here is a look at the extended forecast
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into saturday. it looks like the chance for some isolated thunderstorms and pop-up showers. it looks like that will increase in chances of your headed up to lake tahoe. temperatures are living cooler i'm talking upper 80s for your inland areas and mid-70s around the bay and mid-60's for the coast. i want to turn our to to to the traffic map because we are following a fatal accident inquiry the seventh street ramp is completely shut down due to an overnight accident potentially resulting from a chp car chase. this is actually taking place this investigation on the city streets the on ramp is currently shut down. there is no estimated time of when the streets will be open. you are advised to avoid the area. right now we are sending jackie cecil to the scene. now we do not have any problems to a more youtube, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is a little more busy but no weight at the pay date. the
4:35 am
san mateo bridge right is moving smoothly in both directions. as we take this over to the golden gate bridge south bound one-to- one we see a lot of space in between cars. there is a little the fall to contend with an income to use your windshield wipers of traffic map shows all queen with a drive time of 22 minutes out of navato into the city. >> justine: richmond residents say they are increasingly frustrated about the lack of information concerning the recent fire at the chevron refinery. there are four separate investigations going on right now in addition, chevron has launched its own investigation but there is still no official answer on what caused the pipe to erupt at the plant last week and send a massive cloud of toxic chemicals into the air. more than 9000 people have not want to the hospital for medical eddie and thousands more have filed claims with the company and now the first lawsuit is on record. teresa estacio reports that richmond residents want answers now. >> reporter: here in
4:36 am
richmond this thursday evening residents are gathering to share stories about how the chevron refinery fire has impacted their lives. >> i think is your import for the residents and the people that live in this city to discuss together at about chevron, their health issues and an informant as much quicker than they have informed us about this. i think this is wonderful. >> i think it is important that the community gets together. it is really challenging to live here because you never know when you can leave. >> i was outside walking my dog and then when i heard this big glass, the explosion i practically almost thought it was the end of the world. >> i think they need to do more safety precautions when it comes to a chemical plant this big in the city of richmond. >> reporter: about two dozen
4:37 am
people attended the meeting organized by the alliance of the community of empowerment. >> justine: an accused serial killer is not happy with the way that his cases being handled. 70 year-old joseph may so is accused of killing for northern california women in the 1970's and 1980's. now he has fired his legal adviser and he wants a court appointed lawyer at the expense of marin county. he is also complaining about being kept in a holding cell for hours on the day he had to be in court. crosses his are seeking the death penalty. and the san francisco giants all-star milky cabrera has been suspended but the image of clean baseball clubs may be tarnished for a while to come. in recent years there have been more than one dozen giants players linked to the use of performance enhancement drugs. >> reporter: milky cabrera
4:38 am
is one of two san francisco giants the was suspended this year for steroid use. there have only been foretold when the leak. -- there have only been4 total in the league. since the bell co-baalco scare, there have been 15 giants players on the list of using banned substances. >> it does not seem to harm the association with their fans. did not care about bonds and i guess if he comes back, milky comes back then they will not care about that too. >> you would hope that they would take an approach on drug use with the club and
4:39 am
that it will not condone this. but is a big business. >> i am sure they think about winning games most of all. >> as we talk about steroids, keep in mind if the giants are not the only one to blame. he says the mitchell report identifies 90 and a money ballplayers. >> justine: much more ahead on this friday morning on the kron4 morning news. we will be right back.
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>> justine: the whole world has the eyes on a little league team from the bay area. petaluma won their game one. that's right there is the picture on the mound striking out a batter. petaluma 1/6 to 4. 16 teams around the country are competing for the championship. here in the bay area hundreds of fans
4:42 am
watched the live broadcast and the could this here. kron4 was there at some of the excited hometown fans watched the team's first victory. >> i am just like a kid. i am nervous and scared. all of these emotions. it is just awesome. >> being here is so amazing to me. feeling the excitement, gesturing, even if you do not know a specific person is just awesome. >> the boulevard theater will show the team's next game on sunday with proceeds going to help offset the cost for the family members that make transylvania. we are rooting for them and we will be watching the game on sunday. you will take a break on the kron4 morning news and be right back.
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>> justine: and men has been
4:45 am
charged in federal court for shooting a security guard. this happened in washington d.c.. federal authorities say the gunman said i do not like her politics before shooting the man in the arm. >> i believe you commit an act of violence i do not care what you do it, you did it. when you talk to act of domestic terrorism that is used to intimidate and acting this could fit in that category. >> reporter: the car was able to subdue the gunman even after being shot in the arm. >> justine: nearly one year at the jury--jerry sandusky kendall start making headlines in state said they
4:46 am
will hold a sex abuse of forum. in june sandusky was found guilty of child sex abuse. a report released last month criticized how they handled this scandal saying that can state showed total disregard for the victims. >> justine: 5 people are in custody after a shootout west of norton. a share--the shares shot an off-duty deputies. --the sheriff shot and off the deputy that this point is not sure why can't--authorities said that the deputies were ambushed. >> justine: 9 dozen body parts were found in a sewer
4:47 am
that were handed over to the police. >> justine: the police hoping a missing person's report will help to provide clues for that person's identity now let us find out what is happening with weather with erica. >> erica: in the track we have change to talk about and the weather center we have a slight potential for wet weather into friday. now and future passed for we have the chance for some pop up showers and isolated thunderstorms into tomorrow morning. looking ahead we have partly cloudy conditions that will continue. visibility is pretty good from most of the bay area. it looks like the
4:48 am
visibility is down to just 1 mi. for those coming in along the coastline. you may want to hear your windshield wipers and be careful the cars in front of him. we have '50s for the most part with 57 on tap for concord. your afternoon high temperatures look like we have very similar conditions compared to yesterday. we'll see sunny skies for the afternoon. sunnyvale will reach 76 degrees and 81 for fremont. the have some low 90s for fairfield and antioch. turning our attention to the north a we have a wide range of '70s. 77 is the common number for petaluma. temperatures are noticeably cooler in downtown san francisco.
4:49 am
>> erica: if you are celebrating the start of the weekend by heading to the oakland a's against the indians it looked likely will start off the game as 60 degrees and then continue with the cool down. expect partly cloudy conditions taking a look at your seven day around the bay forecast changes to look at as we head into tomorrow we have cloudy conditions and waking up tomorrow morning around 3:00 a.m. we could see some showers. has been pushed closer to 5:00 a.m., again we could see in isolated shower over oakland and the applicant --we could see some
4:50 am
isolated showers over oakland. >> erica: now here is a live shot of our traffic math. jackie is on the scene of this accident. the chp has no estimated time of when the lane will be open. here we can see there is a lot of debris and this is a fatal accident. this could be an ongoing investigation dropped the morning. aside from that no problem on the bridge is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza moving well. still we have no meaning like to deal with--no metering lights to deal with. we see more taillights headed towards foster city. now we do have some fog to contend with and will probably want seizure
4:51 am
when shall wipers. in the south bay we see all green on the relief centers. >> justine: investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a wildfire in the county is not 85 percent contained. nearly 8,000 a. have burned. this started last sunday. their relentless hot and dry weather continues to fuel a dry season. >> reporter: this is an aerial view of california burning at least 70 wildfire's west of the mississippi are ravaging tens of thousands of acres and chasing more than 1000 people from their homes. california has the largest number of fighters with 13.
4:52 am
more than 9000 local and federal firefighters are battling flames from san diego to san bernardino and up to lake county just north of >> they will be dealing with temperatures for well over 100 degrees for almost a week. this is on top of fuel conditions that are very dry. >> reporter: in seattle at least 60 homes have been destroyed and 900 people been infatuated--900 people have been evacuated. the problem is the heat. this creates a virtual of and for those hoping to contain the flames. the lane lost many things on her form. >> the home is gone but i know that the animals must have suffered. >> reporter: they know that the fire is gone and it is about 24 percent contained a
4:53 am
for how long. temperatures are on the high near 100 degrees. >> at the very least i think we are getting large parts of the fire contained a we still have some very difficult conditions ahead of us. >> justine: we will get to our big developing stories right after this but as the take a live look outside as 680 in walnut creek.
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>> justine: researchers have been left shaking their heads and opera--heads in awe. >> reporter: it may not be in research that is purged shaking but it is most likely of shrinking and pig shaking. most of us try to avoid getting showers by the dogs. these researchers at georgia tech decided to study this.
4:56 am
>> they can do a great job of drying themselves. >> reporter: they use a high-speed camera of recording peace shakes. then a journalist with them to music. a mouse and shakes around 30 times per second. >> reporter: dogs checked about four times per second leaving them 70% dry with one to four seconds conclude we humans do not want the use flash but on a dog it comes in handy. that leaves scant increase the speed that the war is whipped away while the dogs backbone goes back and forth only 30 degrees. >> this kid will go back and forth my degree to the right into the left and that is only possible because it is a loose enough to create a whipping action around the body. >> reporter: mammals have mastered what devo preached
4:57 am
back in the '80s can this vigorous with thing is better than a blow dryer. researchers even went to the zoo. goats do it, and even sheaths shake. >> the sheik has a style when it shapes. --when it shakes. >> justine: here is what is coming up on the kron4 morning news the seventh street off ramp shutdown. the leaders from petaluma continue their winning ways. we will have highlights from the first game. now you have to find another web site to fill all of your magic needs. the basis of no more selling of magic items we
4:58 am
will explain.
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>> mark: a fire started around 4:00 a.m. this morning we are live on the scene. >> reporter: this one alarm fire has killed two people inside. when the firefighters arrived they said it was a full flame fire. they were able to get inside the panel challenged by so much debris in the home. they did find the victim in their they were able to clear the way of the victim out but that victim did not survive. as the attack the fire they also had trouble with live wires melting off to the side of the home. you can see some
5:01 am
of the cables out here from pg&e. this caused a nother problem but they were able to put that under control. then at that point they were able to get into the home and they fell and another victim who was pronounced dead on the scene. right now, we are now waiting for the coroner's office. as far as the fire is concerned, that is under control but because there were victims that died on the scene they close off the street for now. fires are closed off and they're waiting for the coroner's office to come over here. firefightersmopping s area. you can see how much blood is in this home. they said this is what caused a lot of the problem and the
5:02 am
challenges. >> mark: we will check back with you as you get new information from the house fire where two people were killed this morning. >> darya: another developing story happening now on the on ramp it was shut down as the police investigate crash. this was the seventh street on ramp, what happened? >> reporter: details are still sketchy can't i just put on the scene and you can see the cars that are involved. i am at the port of oakland on seventh street and maritime. there may have been a small pursued by a chp officer it only lasted a few seconds and the suspect vehicle took off beating down seventh street in loss control and hit a light pole and killed one person inside the vehicle. another person inside the vehicle was taken to a local hospital. there was no indication exactly
5:03 am
why the chp initiated the stock on the port of oakland or what led the suspects to flee and a ultimately crashed killing the driver of the car. as i said, i just out here. the details are few, but what we do know is that seventh street is closed down now. it sounds like it will be close down for a couple hours. investigators are out here right now they're still starting the investigation. obviously, these types of investigations can take a long time. it could be a while before this to the open back up. >> darya: as in the that the scene, you think this will not have any on pat--any impact on the commute? >> george: this will have zero impact on the freeway and that is good news. >> george: as far as the free will around the bay area traffic is still very light.
5:04 am
>> erica: good morning george, these and the temperature is right outside the door. you may want to use your windshield wipers drop the duration of the morning. expect similar conditions compared to what we saw yesterday again we are still tracking the slight potential for the weather and isolated thunderstorms. i will have a full detail on that in the seven day around the coming up in my next report. >> darya: oakland police are investigating a shooting that has killed one person and another to the hospital. this happened at international and 73rd avenue are around 7:00 p.m. last night. two people were found shot in front of their car. investigators believe this happened at the kentucky fried chicken where the reports say that the driver was in the car at the drive-through and was able to navigate the cannot then cracked across the street. police have not
5:05 am
released any information on who they are looking for as far as the gunman goes. in san jose police are looking for a shooter and a motive a teenage boy was shot. they found the boy with a least one gunshot wound and he has a potentially life- threatening injuries now. >> mark: a search continues with a six year old what is presumed missing and possibly dead. the 10 year old boy was pronounced already dead. the family was hiking near the foot bridge, they were waiting into the river but the current was too strong and carried the two boys away. the tenure zero was pulled from the river and given cpr by a park visitor but did not survive. i want to
5:06 am
show you where this happened. this is the bridge located right here. they are now researching for that this one penny >> darya: we will be back with more developing news and a lot to tell you about. friday morning there heading into the weekend and one of the stories we're following we have the deadly crash in west oakland. as you can see we are live on the scene. we will have the details on this and are live stories as we continue.
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>> mark: nato officials say another afghanistan policeman has turned his weapon on american troops in afghanistan and to u.s. service members have been killed. this is the sixth since the incident in just two weeks. the shooting happened in the far western areas of afghanistan. the attacker was a member of the afghanistan local police
5:10 am
just 57 american troops were killed in is estimated that 37 american soldiers have been killed in afghanistan by afghanistan in forces. >> darya: the obama administration is making nearly half a billion dollars in funds available to states that promise to use the money to come help create jobs and improve transportation. today the white house will enough with a $470 million will be made available immediately for projects such as repairing crumbling lives and bridges. this move as a part of president obama selection effort to sidestep congress with programs that president obama says will create jobs. several protesters face fines for holding a sit-in. inside the president obama have--campaign quarters in oakland and refused to leave. many of them were arrested. some had t-shirts that read a rack of veterans against the war. >> darya: thank you for
5:11 am
taking up the kron4 morning news and taking a live look at the golden gate bridge things are a little hazy but the fog is a little thick and we will see when the sun comes up.
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>> mark: fence the bal co scandal--since the balco scandal numerous giants players have been tested and tested positive for steroid use. >> you would hope that the team would take in a little
5:15 am
tougher approach on drug use with the club and you hope they would not condone this but it is a big business and is about producing runs and winning games. >> mark: the mid to report identifies nine oakland and london both figures are addictive to steroid. >> darya: investigators want to figure out what has caused this fire in the county that has been burning for more than one week. it's 85 percent contained. >> darya: it started last sunday, two homes have been destroyed and four structures were burned. they're wondering what was the initial spark. the initial--the relentless hot and dry weather continues to fuel the season. 13 states
5:16 am
are fighting fires. it is so bad that even the u.s. military is pitching in to help try combat the flames the sea. we have the largest fires were the 13 fires burning more than 9000 firefighters are battling flames from san diego to sandino. >> temperatures are well over 100 degrees. we have some fuel conditions that are very dry. >> darya: in washington at least 60 homes have been destroyed and 900 people evacuate. the fire there is just 25 percent contained. firefighters are dealing with unusually warm weather. >> mark: we have changes coming that a skidmore with erica. >> erica: we are tracking
5:17 am
the potential for isolated thunderstorms. cal fire is certainly keeping their eye on this as we head into the weekend. it looks like we had a 10% chance for isolated thunderstorms that begins tonight stretching into saturday and sunday. now as we focus on what is happening right now in the bay area the fight with the partly cloudy conditions out in walnut creek. we have compromised his ability for some of the coastal spots. we see five mouse a vivid-- we see five mouth of visibility for highway 101 but expects him a conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. it will not be noticeably high pretty warm and comfortable and some it is concurred we could see some low 90s and that is apart from the triple digits. for our east bay shoreline we have a pretty
5:18 am
mild conditions with 66 for downtown san francisco you can expect a lot in the way of cloud coverage and low sixties for ocean beach. now if we take our time to walk through the future forecast, by at 11:00 p.m. we will see a lot more in the way of cloud coverage this is blanketing the entire bay area. as we head into the overnight alice, the could pick up a pot of showers. yesterday the models were not showing the rain drops but today as we pushed closer to 5:00 a.m., we could see some isolated showers. >> erica: it looks like past that, we will hold on to the tropical clouds but i do not think we will see much more in the way of moisture. your kron4 seven day around the forecast shows as we start the next work week temperatures will continue to cool down the 80's expected for the inland
5:19 am
areas low '70s around the bay and 60 for the coast. now let us see how the roadways are doing, happy friday george. >> george: we have a pretty good ride so far this morning. the chp is not tracking any major problems a few minor issues here and there but no hot spots or delays. here at the bay bridge we saw a bridge check on interstate 80. for the san mateo bridge, you will find that things are moving well. this is an increased volume for the early morning hours but no delay. >> george: we will likely see heavier northbound traffic flow. i traffic match up the the drive time we have 12 to 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley and that is as good as the kids. through the san ramon valley we have a 16 minute
5:20 am
drive time into dublin's out of walnut creek.ave no delays for your ride in the south bay. >> george: in the north bay we still have a pretty easy ride with no delays. >> mark: it is hard to believe but the new section of the bay bridge is just one year away from completion. they are beginning a critical phase and that construction. workers on the bridge have connected in support wire to the main cable and hydraulic jets will roll this closer and during the process the bridge will close the rise above the old structure and for the first time it will be held in to place. >> this 35,200 t of steel being lifted on a support system. it is by far the largest thing we have ever
5:21 am
done we have to carefully control the movement of the bridge. >> mark: they said the process will take three months. the new span of the bay bridge will go public on labor day weekend and next year. >> darya: diesel fuel spilled across the 405 check this out this is what they dealt with yesterday. it happened when one of two cars collided. this was during rush hour it was a nightmare for the commuters, the could them all lined up there. this san diego freeway was one of the busiest in the country.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> mark: the trial between samsung and apple is wrapping up. samsung ended their case to the urging a federal court jury to order apple to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages while apple is looking for over $2 billion
5:25 am
in damages to to companies are battling it out and who --and who invented what. >> darya: samsung will be expanding. >> darya: manhattan khaki they carried the day is banning the sale of magic services as a part of a new policy--no more magic at ebay. meaning you cannot buy blessings, you cannot purchase a career and you cannot spend your money on spelled on ebay. it says
5:26 am
that it is trying to build trust in the marketplace, a psychic reading and healing session are among the categories that you would not be able to find any more on ebay. >> darya: they're rolling anvil of the list--they will be rolling out a long list of new procedures. >> mark: we are following a developing story right now we are live on the scene where a house fire has killed two people. [music]
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> darya: we are following some developing news out of san francisco. two people died in an early-morning house fire in the city's excelsior district. we are
5:29 am
live on the scene with yolie to give you more news faster. tell us what happened in this tragic fire. >> reporter: fire crews are ride around 3:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.--a.m. the cold for quite a bit of back up. they discovered that there was a person in the home they tried it and that person out. the person did die. but their biggest challenge getting to the fire was the debris. they said the debris was up to about 6 ft. high. once they were able to get this fire under control and clear a space and get through, they were able to do a second search, in the second searches when they found another body appear on the second floor. that body was pronounced dead on the scene. we are still waiting for the coroner's office at this time to remove the body from the scene.
5:30 am
>> reporter: here is an example of the debris, they have the wrong door open. you can see how much stuff got in. we asked if they would consider these people quarters, and they said they would now like to classify anyone has anything. but in the home and throughout, you can just see if the large piece of furniture here and things everywhere kid that is the stuff that you're dealing with. >> darya: so this is stuff that they were storing and their possessions that they had. like we see here, do you think it was in the house like that to? >> reporter: yes they said it was like this in the house so it was difficult to enter the house and tried to attack the fire from within. they were able to do a clearing procedure that they do and they were able to go
5:31 am
into the house and that is when they discovered the second body. neighbors around here said it was two elderly men that live there can't the fire department has not given us any information on those two victims. >> darya: as legal problem morning maybe we can talk with people to see what they were like and what it seemed like. >> mark: now we have a police chase that ended in a deadly crash we are live with an update. >> reporter: good morning marc, as you can see members of the complete support and are still out here collecting evidence from the scene.
5:32 am
>> reporter: this car lost control and slid into a palm tree there were two people inside the vehicle when it slammed into the palm tree. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and a second victim was taken to the local hospital. they are trying to figure out exactly why did they run. the chp spokesperson says they will continue their investigation for right now. it looks like seventh street on the port of oakland will be closed for at least a couple hours. they expect a corner to be called and investigators are still collecting evidence. and maybe awhile. this will not have a big effect on traffic but obviously the portable and is a very busy place.
5:33 am
>> mark: speaking of the area traffic let us go to georgia and the traffic center. >> george: they are going to try to provide traffic control to accommodate local traffic trying to get to and from the port. now let us take a look at the san mateo bridge where we have a pretty good ride. a quick commute check shows like traffic around the bay area and even in the east bay where we normally see traffic already highway 4 is a little bit sluggish >> erica: do not be surprised if you have to use a winch to wipers this morning because there is a lot of fog and drizzle. be aware that as you can outside the door. in terms of your temperatures we have upper 50s for the most part, 59 and san jose, 57 for san carlos and concord. taking a mature extended forecast. we do have despite potential for maybe a couple
5:34 am
of showers and isolated thunderstorms here and there i will have more coming up with your seven day around the bay. >> mark: public comment went late into the night regarding the suspension of sure of ross mirkarimi. the five member ethics committee voted 4 to 1 on the misconduct charges. here is video of share of ross mirkarimi and his wife are arriving yesterday morning. san francisco mayor ed lee suspended him back in march following his guilty plea for a december 31st incident in which he grabbed an bruise the in--he clapped and approved the arms of his wife. the video shows the wife showing her bruises to the neighbor. that became a significant piece of evidence against a share sure if ross mirkarimi says that this has taken a toll on his family.
5:35 am
>> the piling on of these charges have waited us down which is clearly not an unfamiliar tactic from anyone across a law enforcement perspective so that they would be forced with minimal resources to say the least because i was suspended without the process back in march with no pay it would be hard to appeal away the mean- spirited things that we were being called. and as attorney wagner said, which stipulated months ago i wanted to take responsibility. that is exactly what i wanted to do as a public servant, as the husband, as a father, as ross mirkarimi i wanted to take a response to the team
5:36 am
thinking that action would be the right action in order to move us all forward. we have arrived very same place that we were many months ago. >> mark: they will mouse and the recommendation on to the board of supervisors. is only y action, the final recommendation is sent to the board and they will decide his fate. he was a member of that board of supervisors and it takes nine votes to remove him from the office. >> darya: a standoff and redwood city comes to a peaceful end, the swat team was able to the successful takeover of a robber. now let us look at the surveillance will-- photograph of a rubber suspect they believe he is behind five armed robbery is in the area during one of the robberies the robber
5:37 am
held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman. >> mark: will take a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues.
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5:40 am
>> mark: a study conducted by the global adult tobacco survey shows that tobacco use is on the rise in developing countries. they say half of the men and women and smoking countries are taking up smoking at an earlier age than they used to. they estimate it will cause up to 1 million deaths in the 21st century from smoking. the countries with the highest smoking rates are russia, china, and ukraine. >> mark: a new study says while the recession may be over business travelers still feel the effects of the economy more than one- third of the business travelers surveyed this month say that they cannot travel to meetings like they did one year ago. they see more of the business trips have cost more and 23
5:41 am
percent say they spend less frequently at the luxury hotels. >> darya: anybody with an end to the gramm application on their smart phone or ipad is eligible for a new upgrade. this comes with a deal location feature that is called photomaps. as the names suggest this is a map based display of the photographs that you have taken. they are also able to house the map of your other friends on into gramm. --on instogram. >> mark: my phone has done that for years. now we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. we are following a story out of san francisco this a deadly
5:42 am
fire caused to people to be killed we have yolie live on the scene.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> darya: the top stories in your falling, there are two people that died in the early-morning house fire that we have been reporting live from this is in the exceled your district in san francisco. we do not yet know how the fire started. also we have another developing story out of west oakland. early this morning there was a chase that ended in a deadly crash and is right there near the port of oakland. you can see the car and a mangled mess. they have to move back and continue their investigation this morning. >> mark: in moscow three members were convicted of who in is some--convicted of
5:46 am
hoolianism for performing a protest song in a church about the president there. they have already been in jail for five months. >> darya: there are nearly 700 cases of the west now virus that are spread by infected mosquitoes in 32 states and of those, 26 people have died. texas has been the hardest hit state within the 16 deaths there. one teenager and arlington has a rare strain of west nile virus that affects the brain. she could lose consciousness or control provisions at any moment her mother is painful that to recognize the signs that something was seriously wrong. >> it appeared is not connected to their child, your child could die when you're so flat and even not knowing because it does seem like she was taking a nap.
5:47 am
>> darya: the mayor of dallas has called this a state of emergency. >> darya: another problem is the hunta virus. two people came in contact with this deadly hunta virus also at yosemite national park the 35 year old woman and man there were visiting separately ended june are believed to have been exposed to mice droppings or urine that contained the virus while they were staying right here at curry village. they deer mouse there has tested positive for the virus. the symptoms for the virus show up one to six weeks after exposure include fever, headache, and muscle aches. the illness
5:48 am
can rapidly progress with difficulty breathing and then it will result in death. park officials say they will clean up any droppings that visitors find in their best facilities. >> we are putting signs up and certainly reminding people to be careful. >> mark: -- >> darya: curry village remains open in 6 million people have visited here in the last 10 years and only two of them have fallen victim to the virus. >> mark: the skidmore on the weekend forecast with erica. >> erica: good morning mark, we have some minor changes and looking up to a lot of cloud coverage bay area wide. you can barely make his out from the top of buildings over downtown san francisco. along with the cloud coverage, leafy crown fall, you may want to use a winch to wipers. in terms of
5:49 am
the numbers right outside the door, we have cool down and antioch we have 67 degrees and 65 in fairfield. we are looking up to 55 degrees in redwood city and 61 in sunnyvale. those fifties that we are talking about will turn into '60s by lunchtime. the have '70s for out of the then looks like to pick the low eighties for places like fairfield and concord. by 3:00 p.m. it looks like we do not see much change in the color familye do introduce the red indicating where we could potentially see some 90's. those 90's are far and few in between. i do not think we go see them in the south, so it is a little bit cooler compared yesterday the have sunshine and blue skies. >> erica: we could see some low 90s for fairfield and antioch, 92 expect of a half
5:50 am
and 89 for walnut creek. in the north bay expect plenty of '70s. >> erica: if you're heading to the oakland a's game it looks like we will start in the upper 60s and then temperatures will continue to cool. you will see an increase in cloud coverage and an update in the wind. now let us focus the attention on your extended forecast. your seven day around the bay shows friday stretching into saturday i want to but the future forecast because you can see by a 11:00 p.m. we have a lot of cloud coverage. these are tropical cloud for the entire bay area. into the overnight hours fate of around 3:00 a.m. it looks like we could see pop-up shower here or there. the earlier models did not show much, but today it looks like it's actually registering. the green on your screen indicates light rain possibly over the richmond center field bridge. we may have some
5:51 am
light rain or the highway 24 and walnut creek and concord. certainly be aware that you may want to keep an umbrella handy. is the fact hit and to set the afternoon and we continue to contend with cloud coverage. as of right now with the rainfall, we are expecting 18% chance. finishing up your extended forecast as we start the next work week we will see more sunshine, however you will see it cooler than what you saw this week. and they shall forecast let us see how the roadways are doing. >> george: the morning erica, traffic is flowing a little bit heavier on the east bay and i-580 row but on the bay bridge toll plaza we have a like and easy ride with no problems on the approaches. if your screen is big enough, you can make up the traffic here along the shore in the background and is moving pretty well.
5:52 am
now looking at the seven tell drive, here is the commute on the right side of your screen which is west bound. it is still pretty light with no delays, the team is injured drive time over foster city out of hayward. we have no problems through marin county yet and as we check the traffic maps as i have mentioned we have some slower traffic for your ride on interstate 580 i will show you that in the second hint that is here, i want to swing the map out. it is coming out of tracy where you will cecil traffic into livermore. south bay shows no delays as we head north on highway 1 to one out of the coyote valley. we will take a quick break and be right back. good morning! wow.
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