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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>vicki: a big victory for apple against san sun the rick santorum-- samsung >> samsung has to pay apple more than a billion dollars.
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for apple it was more about protecting its innovation. apple once at samsung to remove products and stores. samsung root of this cannot be viewed as a win for apple but a loss for the consumer. >> if there's one bright spot, they ruled that samsung did not copy the ipad design.
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>> : fog the in drizzly around the bay. temperatures will be in the '50s. i will let you know how warm will be for sunday afternoon in a bit.
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>> >>vicki: firefighters hope to have the ponderosa wild
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fire under control by monday. some of california's top firefighting officials toward the fire to see how they were gaining the upper hand. guard commander and an official of the emergency management association -- agency. >> this is a very smith a state wide. we have moved resources significantly all over the state. >> this lowry is piped directly into the airplane spin and a rise at the site
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and the minister did. >> this is a critical piece and the reason why it is critical right now is because we are beginning to get a win shift. a dozen helicopters are waiting. >> these are seasoned combat veterans. >> how does is compared ban combat. >> the terrain and the the weather is very similar. >> we have lots of fog
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right out there this evening. that is good news. it keeps the fire chances look. for tonight's there is a lot of low clouds. tomorrow there'll be fog and drizzle. the clearing will be slow just like today. by the time it gets your it will be on the mild side. and can see the system and the pacific northwest. it is heading to seattle and it will keep the fog of very thick here. fog tracer shows that the
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fog will be around for most of the day. take a look. early afternoon there will be some clearing on the bay side of the oceanside will remain foggy. temperatures tomorrow will be in the '70s. ticket look at monday, you will see some more orange color. some areas may be in the '80s. here are tomorrow afternoon highs.
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here's the 7 day around the bay. temperatures start to come back out as we head to the work week. we have patchy fog for tuesday and wednesday. temperatures are on the rise and will be going up tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we have a new way for you to check the kron 4 forecast any time. if the greatest news weather and traffic information on comcast's for 193. >>vicki: the breast cancer challenge in 7 cisco braises money that goes to help patients you can afford
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treatment. >> this was named after a reporter on channel 2. she was a wonderful woman. but she was diagnosed with breast cancers she decided that she wanted to put together an organization that raises money for low and come patients. >> french dining this cannot have to cost you a pretty penny. there is a restaurant that has french comfort food at reasonable prices. we will show you coming up.
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of >>vicki: and if we're quite to sample some french and down-home cuisine. >> this is the brain the restaurant if let's check it out. they say that david alexander is france's favorite friend nine french- speaking son. >> base server snails or
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escargot. they serve muscles. >> i fell love with muscles the first time i went to france. >> a cheeseburger and with a french twist, cream cheese. they also serve a nice french red wine pin >> as you can have a cheeseburger and a nice glass of red wine pin >> if you want to learn more about this, go to our web site pin >> tomorrow temperatures will be cool.
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people were out there and the boats they could there was see you tomorrow. -- we will see you tomorrow.
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