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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  September 1, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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barricade the bridge beginning at 10 p.m. friday and it will remain shut until the work is completed, which is expected to be by 5 a.m. tuesday. while the bridge is closed, drivers are advised to either go south and use highway 237 to get around the bay or head north and use the san mateo bridge. hantavirus is also causing
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issues. park officials and authorities are feeling better. >> we are feeling that there are no other national parks are havingthese contacts with me droppings. >> we have had some friends and family that have said to not do it. >> the mice were in side of the walls of those tent cabins and leaving the droppings. however, since then, the cabins have been sanitized and cleaned. >> gas prices are not deterring drivers from joining the roadways. the increase in gas prices are not keeping them from going. >> i will make up for it
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because i rarely drive during the week. once in awhile. >> if i want to go away. i drove from las vegas and back and it was $200 round trip. >> a car like this is ok but for a v 8 is something different. >> here is a list of locations. according to a trip advisor with the 64% plan on going with and 200 mi.. carmel, lake tahoe, all great places. >> they should be enjoying beautiful weather. right now, overcast. we are expecting a warm-up. >> janu: good morning, isabel. we are respecting a warm up. and another round
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of below-normal temperatures. we are- expecting some warm conditions but we are waking up to fog and low conditions. as for this evening it will roll right back in and a bit slower than yesterday. tracking that. a bit widespread. overnight, it should trickle and making its way into the portions of the north bay. as for temperatures? mainly, mid '50s. mid '50s in napa, sunnyvale and it is going to be a nice day in the south- bay. low 80s and we will
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have your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> it was a huge night for the petaluma little league. there were honored by the oakland a's. they were invited to work out. they were greeted by cheers from the professionals. the outfielder, organize for their big path towards the little wait to get wait to get back to the community. hours because i am up from the community i was able to help out easier. gomes..
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was instrumental in helping welcoming them for fund- raising efforts and congratulating. >> the firefighter recovering. and also a look at the pre bridge
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panel o..bascome this man is described as 40 years old. 5 ft. 7 with broad shoulders. and a flat top hair styl. he could be a risk with the recent sexual
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attack on this woman. >> also, this recent priest had a d u i that brought shame and disgrace upon himself. there has been no comment on the archdiocese. >> a firefighter is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack earlier this week. frank ryan was upgraded from critical condition and is now in a medically induced coma. on thursday, he was battling a three-alarm church fire. the smoke was so thick. he was describing the scene as black out conditions. area firefighters are keeping a vigil outside of the medical center for the firefighters. >> we do this every day. it is what we do. however, when it is one of your own data goes down, i do not think that you can prepare for that. when with is one of your own-that goes down i think a lot of people
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reacted but i think now that they have had some time to process what happened. >> nobody else was injured. at this church not clear what the cause of this fire. >> still to come. in east bay are demanding answers with short last minute changes. >> this live look hard at the bay bridge. overcast. headlights are headed towards the city. a a live look.
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>> children in the east bay were given a lesson in civic protest. showing up the west contra costa school district. the parents are angry to combined
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kindergarten and first grade. and hercules. in some cases the reinforced to relocate to other schools. with declining enrollment but the parents are not buying it. >> you know, i am not buying that! the school district had all summer to prepare. look at enrollment data. >> the district had full knowledge of the enrollment numbers but they let the school and start for two weeks. and now they knew they were going to displace these children. >> some students were sent home on tuesday with a note that there would be attending a different school. that was already the next day. even schools were in session. >> a rare sight, at night time overnight. a blue moon happens when there are two
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full moons and one calendar month. the last was in march 2010. the next is not expected until july, 2018. >> that almost looks like a strange moon. [laughter] i guess it looks a bit different but right now it looks a bit gray. the headlights are still on but not much traffic on the golden gate. >> let is get your holiday forecast with john aware. >> good morning. from our mount tam a camera. gorgeous with low cloud coverage. and also that marine layer. we are expecting sunshine this afternoon. and as for the rest of your holiday weekend it is going to warm up nicely. mid-week, gradual cooling. taking a look at fog tracker 4, widespread toward peeling back along
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the coast by 1:00 p.m. and however turning over night. temperatures? mid-60s. and also the east bayshore. however, by noon we should see 60s indicated by the green on your screen. 60's & '70's possibly 80s. and for this evening and a record cool off to the 50s. you may want to bring a jacket if you're going to go out tonight. low 80s in the south-bay. and also sunnyvale, santa clara. for those going to the a's game. for since the red sox. 6:05. persist-test the red sox. with your--the red sox are going to play the 80s your kron 4 7 day around the bay and we are going to see some mid-'90s returning inland. and low 80s. and even upper 60s, low 70's were the coast. 7:19.
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>> after 56 years of serving diners a popular san francisco restaurant had closed its doors. caesars served its last meal friday night. it is the latest to shut down because of difficult economic times. it was known for its old fashioned italian cuisine at reasonable prices and the servers and tuxedos. >> i am going to miss it. >> it was a wonderful place i've been coming he for 50 years. >> of been coming here for 36 years. today is a sad day. i am leaving. and i think that my customers are going to miss me. it is very important to me that this is his family. it is said. >> it was indeed. caesars
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was completely booked for lunch and dinner on friday. >> turning our attention to decision 2012. fresh from the republican national convention. mitt romney will join paul ryan in jacksonville. these are pictures of the damage of isaac. he also met with the mayor jindayll, speaking of president obama he is going to be going to charlotte north are n carolina-next week. operations ended two years ago. with a speech to the soldiers he confirmed military objectives. >> securities expected to be
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tight in north carolina but some are raising eyebrows among free-speech advocates. they object to the seemingly silly regulations. these include prohibiting a long list of items like water bottles, hair spray and even magic markers. and it could be a very stringent but the possibilities exists. they will enforce these rules to ensure public safety. we will show you our entire democratic national convention on and eruptenon-int. -- >> and coming up we are going to be showing you what is new at the will movies. >> the paper to pbay bridge apph with just a lot of the cloud coverage.
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>> apple is asking a federal court to ask to add four additional products infringing on the copyright patents. they consider these to be copycat products. with the galaxy, apple, was awarded over $1 billion by an insurance company design innovations however samsung is going to appeal the verdict. >> if your going to stay close to home. there are movies opening with depression-era that voice and also a thriller. jim
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ribble.. >> it is not the wild west it is the virginia during the great depression. 'lawless' when authorities demand a cut of the commission things get interesting. this is rated " r ". and if you are looking for a thriller checkout " the possession ". this young girl purchased a treasure box from a garage sale. however, she is overtaken by a vicious spirit. her parents will stop at nothing to get her daughter back. this is rated pg-13. >> these girls need to put their differences aside. and " for a good time to call ".
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this illicit phone call. their clients seem happy. and the cash starts rolling in. this unlikely business partner seems to be friends. this is routed " r ". rated r. --that is a clever title. coming up. time has run out for the bill for the california undocumented immigrants. details on that, coming up. a vermont tam cam look at that! the sun & moon! loughnewe will see pala. e are looking for blue skies. we will have your full forecast
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x >> welcome back. it is 7:30
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we are looking at overcast conditions. >> a bit dreary. let us check-in with john tjanu. >> this is a view of the golden gate. we are expecting some clearing. a bit cooler but is expected to warm up. slowly this evening. tracking that on fog tracker 4. you can see by noon it should be over portions of the bay. and the san mateo coast. for this evening, it will make its way towards the south bay. and sections of the north and east based. upper 50s in fairfield, pleasanton, fremont. 50s and sunny bail. for this afternoon it should
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be nice with 80s. and sunnyvale-- >> for half moon bay a bit cooler and also gorgeous. 70's in santa rosa. '70s and downtown 64 degrees in san francisco. >> this major closure labor day weekend with the dumbarton bridge closing to traffic while construction crews make improvements to protect the region's from earthquakes. caltrans and the california highway patrol will barricade the bridge and it will remain shut until the work is completed, a.m. tuesday. while the bridge is closed, drivers south and use highway 237 to get around the bay or head bridge. >> downtown san francisco also fremont street between howard and mission will be closed to other is road demolition. part of the
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transit construction project. it will be replaced with a temporary bridge. with the underground transit system addition. however these streets are expected to be reopening by tuesday 8 m 7:00 a.m.. tuesday-- morning. >> illegal residences could pay taxes in exchange for deportation however this bill passed in the state assembly but it did not pass and the semblance assembly--and it did not pass the state level. >> those sick cows did not enter the food chain. this meat processing plant was closed temporarily. animal
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rights group filmed this showing workers shooting cattle to get them to show the slaughter. they cannot be slaughtered for human contr consumpti. they are looking at in a humane treatment. >> the update on west nile virus west contra costa county saying that 14 mosquitos and 30 birds have tested positive. this was after fogging is planned and also there is fogging planned on tuesday near mountain view and los altos. >> this family is terrifie of are in or men broke into their home. one of the children was that a 11 year-old. we spoke to neighbors and this kron was caught on camera >>reporter: they live on the felipe useful marine
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view drive in san leandro. >> you here of david invasionsdate-time daytime invasions'. >> on route 2:33 armed men entered this home. a round- 230. they insulteone of these vs was an 11 year-old child. i spoke with neighbors who say they are shocked that something like this would happen. >> every family in this neighborhood knows each other. >>reporter: an undisclosed amount of cash and items were taken away. >> we do have surveillance video from neighborhood cameras we have pictures of the car and of them. some of if it has been turned over to the police and more of it
7:36 am
will be turned over to the police. the >>reporter: the is part of the neighborhood watch and the will to their best to track the subjects down. >> it is a challenge to find these people. obviously, they are good at what date are due but we're also focused on catching people. >> if you planning to go out on a road trip? gas prices have been increasing for the ninth consecutive day. bringing the average at $3.83 and we are paying much, much more in the bay area. $4.19 and in san jose. $4.18 an oakland. however,
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these prices are expected to decrease after labor day. also, a drunken driver sting operation. there will be a checkpoint set up at an undisclosed location and oakland and milpitas and el cerrito. >> hurricane isaac has moved on but it is far from over with recovery. thousands are without power. insurance analysts are predicting 500 million-$2 billion. this is blamed for at least 4 deaths. >> coming up on kron 4 news this weekend allegations of
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cheating at an ivy league institution. >> clouds but not much traffic.
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>> police in henderson, nev. are saying that this kidnapped a teenager and is holding the teenager for ransom. they put her in a car after knocking on our front door. the vehicle has been captured on surveillance video. they are demanding money. and amber alert has been issued and the fear is that they could be out of state. >> administrators or
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investigating cheating allegations after 125 students. this happened on the final exams of the undergraduate to congress class at harvard. they are not allowed to discuss this case but they noticed suspicious similar answers. if it is determined that they cheated they could be kicked out. >> neil armstrong was buried in cincinnati, ohio. the first man on the moon died at 82. his fellow astronauts were in attendance. there were honoring vigils held in florida, and at the smithsonian. >> pence a dupenske penn state-s
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hosting a game. --after the n.c.a.a. stripping its titles
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the more we can see clouds and blue skies. >> take a look at our forecast we have a warm up. with upper 50s in fairfield, livermore. 50s in san jose. and by noon, we could see more of those 60s
7:47 am
indicated by the green on your screen. '60s and '70s even 80s inland. cooling off to about 50s and 60s this evening. it is going to be gorgeous and the south bay. campbell. 82 degrees expected in morgan hill and similar for the inland valleys with 80s in pittsburgh, antioch, walnut creek. mid upper 60s for the east bay shore. 66 degrees in alameda. 69 degrees in oakland and 73 degrees in fremont. chilly along the coast 60 in ocean beach. 64 degrees downtown san francisco. and as we go to the north bay we will seek 77 degrees and sonoma 76 in
7:48 am
novto your kron 4 7 day around the bay banks are going to really warm up. with mid 90's, inland. and mid 70's for the coast. low 70's--for the coast. news, weather, traffic. comcast 193. >> we are talking sports. cheering crowds for the penn state friday night. even a pep rally was held at beaver stadium this will be the first game since the n.c.a.a. stripped their victories since 1998. part of the sanctions of the cheery sandusky cases the dai-to-jerry sandusky and the late joe paterno was also
7:49 am
impacted by not alerting officials. >> the new officials of fish urinating the new stadium for tell dokill bearcan olbers >> what in the world has gotten into the a's? they actually crossed the red sox. with the pendulum of little league mo jo . the gomes... is lining up to welcome the players. 82-one ro--run homer and the litttle and gomes is from peteluma. and the grand
7:50 am
slam. this is the most that they have scored and 12 years. the giants got behind early and did not recover. baumgartner with two-one. and 3-nothing = chicago cubs. and wellington castillo still. off of the ivy he came all the way around to score. the giants rally. however, the dodgers lost. college football opener, stanford hosting san
7:51 am
jose state. nunz is trying to loffow andrew luck and 16 of 26 and nel i the cave and th winning s but this wa tipped off by reynolds to clinch this. stanford was favored by 25 points but they hang on. 20-17 is the final score. notables on the cut out a roster however dixon as safe he is one of sex on the roster. he played well with two touchdowns. but quarterback was cuffed.
7:52 am
>> coach harbaugh. >> so many of them have made so much ground for themselves. what they have picked up and put on tape. >> for many of them, with 22 players cut. many of them will practice. 20 year-old stanford student mallory is out. fifth however, she is earning a degree in stanford. giving up $65,000. to remain an amateur. looking at the scoreboard. sixth, one. 61. and going back to football. a $60
7:53 am
million stadium with a state of the art amenities could be something for a college team but this is complete with the wrestling room and a high school was for texas. it is a suburb in dallas, texas. they had their victory at their new game in their new house to th stadi.some in their new stadium, they did see victory. >> clint eastwood republican national convention are still talking about is a mystery guest speech. >> still, overcast and downtown san francisco with warmer temperatures. we will be right back
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>> the clint eastwood speech is continuing to raise eyebrows. his on scripted performance with an empty chair was her way over schedule. the staffers were furious that his rambling speech push these acceptance speech beyond a 11 pm >>catherine: he was nearly 10 minutes over his time. >> with the red light was blinking seven minutes, eight minutes, >> over time and over the limit of good taste. >>catherine: with the this and the chair representing all,. >> what do you want me to tell president obama? >> i cannot tell them that. >> say what? >>catherine: head
7:58 am
scratching among political analysts. >> weird as if to get some. >> down right confusing. >> a catastrophe. >> the good, the bad, and the bosart. >> saying that this was a sad and pathetic. and i just watched clint eastwood turn into drunk uncle harry >> i was grateful for his support. >> this president at a cabinet meeting with this caption sang it this seat is taken. >> still to come on kron 4 news weekend jan wahl and a new show near rated by oprah winfrey winfrey. with top female executives. still, overcast.
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>> welcome back to our second live hour. labor day travelers are not along those gas prices to darken their day. >> a 24 hour vigil of a firefighter who was battling for his life. >> and state pension. >> we are going to celebrate with california on one month and cheered kell--ghiradelli cho lates. and let us take a live look. fast still,
8:02 am
overcast. we're hoping that it is going to warm up. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this fog of the golden gate. we are waking up to dense fog as we go for this afternoon. in another round of mild temperatures. we will see that fog rolled in it this evening we will see it widespread. by noon, clearing in the north bay. and still, hovering over portions of the bay. and slowly going to trickle into the overnight hours making its way into the south-bay. as well as the no.-bay. temperatures still in the upper 50s. there's the chance for 80s in livermore.
8:03 am
60s expected in livermore. '70s in napa. 64 degrees expected in san francisco. if you are going to go to the baseball game? mid-60s and partly sunny and cool. your extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> the dumbarton bridge is getting huge work done. labor day weekend with the dumbarton bridge closing to protect the region's highway patrol will until the work is completed, which is expected to be by 5 south and use highway 237 to north and use the san mateo >> it is not that often that the dumbarton bridge it is this quiet. the last car that drove was at 10:0 9:00 p.m. friday night. workers
8:04 am
can begin the seismic retrofitting it is intended to withstand significant earthquakes. they will have three days to finish this job. it is planned to be opening tuesday at 5:00 a.m. traffic was light even before the shutdown of many people have gotten the message. hoping drivers will stay away. at the dumbarton bridge, kron 4. . 8:0 4:00 a.m. and gas prices are not keeping california off the roads. have california residents are expected to continue with their holiday plans. troubling is up by 3.9%. >> the biggest pension modifications with taxes
8:05 am
savings. raising the retirement age. and also there would have to pay a portion of their benefits and pay more into their retirement. governor jerry brown is reportedly sign that into law. however it does not address the long- term problems with the system. >> this fatal virus is still spreading in yosemite the hantavirus it has closed cabins and tents in the heart of this village between june and august. so far, six have been impacted, to have died. one person it still remains hospitalized campus specials are well aware and they think that it is safe. >> we have no reason to
8:06 am
believe that other areas are having problem with these mice and putting humans in close contact with a mouse feces. >> we have had a few friends say that to not go. do not do it. >> park officials said that mice were nesting inside of the walls and leaving their droppings. they have since been sanitized. and charles clifford has a closer look of where curry village sits inside of yosemite park. and also carry village is in the yosemite valueey it is looking east. just for reference, you can see the eastern portions of landmarks in the distance. on the floor is creek village. there are 500
8:07 am
cabins and privilege. they have closed down 91 of of the curry village.. it is possible that they have could have contracted in other portions of the village. visitors that the canceled their reservations but still want to stay in yosemite valley there are still other areas. and to era of hotels and not that far >> coming up a weekend shooting to tell you about from overnight. >> your forecast, coming up
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>> there was a shooting in east oakland with one person injured. this was just before midnight. one victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition. this is after an earlier shooting friday evening. the victim in that incident is also hospitalized. no information on the suspect. >> san jose police are searching for a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman who was walking down the street. this is a sketch. he is about 40 years old, 5 ft. 7 in., and believes that he would have been homeless. >> and afghan officials say that there are two suicide attempts to killing two people and wounding 50.
8:12 am
officials say that there was a suicide bomber that was with explosives blew himself up outside of the governor's office. and another was a debt to needed fuel tank on a road between a compound and a nato base. with eight civilians and four police no troops were killed. >> still, the a economy could be recovering but plenty of people have found new jobs saying that the paycheck does not show that much. we will show you that. >> this live look..
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8:15 am
>> there are two bottlenose dolphins stranded in a canal have made it out. this is it video from thursday. the marine mammal center went to check on them but they were
8:16 am
gone. they could be in san francisco bay. >> it looks like they were having fun. taking a look at the golden gate not much traffic. let us hope it is shaping up to be a blue day. the >> good morning. we are going to take this live look that thick marine layer and delays of one hour at s f o. we are however expecting sunshine with mild conditions and similar to yesterday. expecting a warm- up for the rest of your holiday weekend. taking a look at our temperatures. still 50s in the east bay, inland. mid-50s in half moon bay. by the time we are going to see it 60s
8:17 am
indicated by the green. perhaps another mild day with a '60s and '70s. and temperatures will be dropping down to a mixture of 50s and 60s by to take a look at those high scored with a lot of low 80s. and 70's. 79 in cupertino and similar conditions in the east bay inland areas. 71 degrees and pleasanton. and cooler an element of your 66 degrees alameda-- >> and 70's for san bruno. as we turn our attention to the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it is showing that things are really going to warm up. mid 90's inland. and maybe even
8:18 am
70's for the coast. if you are going to get news, weather, traffic. comcast 193 nc 24 hour news eternal. >> schools in the east bay got a civic lesson. the combination of class's and some students have even have had to relocate to different schools. parents are skeptical. >> you know, i do not buy that. school district had all summer to prepare. they have had all these months to look at the data. >> the district had full knowledge of enrollment. yet, they let the school start for two weeks. with the full knowledge that they
8:19 am
were going to displace the kids. >> parents are displayed and some students% home tuesday that they would be attending a different school the next day. >> after 56 years of his serving diners a popular restaurant is closing. caesars is on the north beach neighborhood served its last meal last night. it was facing difficult economic times but known for its waiters, tuxedos, and old-fashioned italian fare. it was completely booked for lunch & dinner last night. >> if you're going to go with the classifieds for online. it your not looking for the latest job news. a new report showing that 1/2 of the new jobs have been low wage positions. only $13.83. including retail,
8:20 am
sales, and manual labor. 60 percent lost were between $14-$21 per hour. this department of labour is showing that 1/2 of the workers still lost to and found new ones were working for lower wages. >> decision 2012. this is from the republican national convention. mitt romney is with johne boehner.. is in ohio... he met with the governor and assessed the damage of the disaster sounds from isaac. >> president obama is marking the second
8:21 am
anniversary of ending the combat operations in iraq. and the radio address ensured the success of the american transition. >> we will do everything in our power to be safe and a clear mission. also, it means taking care of our families and the
8:22 am
>> coming up a disturbing story out of georgia as a man was beaten because o the alleged bel = involved and if pan interracial relationsh
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> this took the life of a teenager last night. the 16 year-old stuck his head outside of the boss. during a highway transport. it is not clear for the chaperone
8:26 am
was during the accident. >> in the seven of this man was hospitalized after he was attacked in the middle of the night. around to it because they are an interracial couple. >> these pictures are difficult to look at. the eye is swollen shut and he has cass-is all over his face. >> i do not want to go all over the details but they just kept going. >> his girlfriend saying that there were walking through ellis square when they spotted three black men >> one of them was making racial comments and the other was blowing kisses it was a very accurate dating situation. aggravating-- situation. >> before we could do anything it was bam, bam.
8:27 am
>> we did not want to show his face because it is even worse than describe and a next thing he knew is that he was waking up in an ambulance. >> do you think they had a problem because he was black? >> yes. >> they felt discrimination before but never anything like best. >> the worst we could get with a stair, snicker here, there but not to the level of physical contact. >> we cannot really understand why they would have to go through all of that. >> jacqueline: the couple >>reporter: insists that they have done nothing to prompt this. >> we are hoping that
8:28 am
justice will prevail. i know that we are in the wouth it is time for a change that we're in deep --south.. and up, a heart attack of a firefighter battling a church fire. >> the view from mt. tam. overcast. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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8:31 am
was still some fog and drizzle with low clouds, inland. but plenty of sunshine with 60s, 70's and even low 80s. that fog will slowly return. 63 degrees and san francisco. 57 degrees in the livermore valley. and 59 degrees in mountain view. the same in walnut creek. let us to take a look at where those towns are headed. the east bay and the valley and still 70's in san jose. upper 60s for the east bay shore. and towards the north bay, perhaps 78 degrees. 64 and downtown san francisco. the baseball game tonight will see 60s. with your extended forecast and
8:32 am
your holiday forecast coming up. >> this is a reminder. labor day weekend with the dumbarton bridge closing to traffic while construction crews make improvements to protect the region's from earthquakes. caltrans and the california highway patrol will barricade the bridge which is expected to be by 5 a.m. tuesday. while the bridge is closed, drivers south and use highway 237 to get around the bay or head north and use the san mateo bridge. >> major street closures fremont street. cruz are able to do road demolition part of a transit project. the underground transit center will be continuing.
8:33 am
>> many of those like to hit the holidays for the holiday weekend. but the gas prices are is the highest since august of 2005 however relief is in sight. with the national average at $3.83. in the bay area, they are paying a lot more toward the average price for regular in san francisco is $4.23 san jose, $4.19 oakland, $4.18 and the price is expected to decrease but not until after labor day >> police are looking for drunk drivers with checkpoints at undisclosed locations and others at 8:00 p.m. in el cerrito and will continue throughout the
8:34 am
weekend. >> the undocumented immigrants promise is offered security against deportation however that bill has expired. in exchange for paying state taxes. it passed in the state level but it did not pass in the senate level. >> the san of the firefighter is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on duty early this week. frank ryan was upgraded from critical and is now in a medical induced coma. thursday, he was battling a three-alarm church fire. it was a heavy, black smoke fire. and
8:35 am
their colleague is being supported. >> we do this every day this is what we do however one if it is one of your own, i do not think that you can be prepared for that. it is just incredibly difficult. a lot of the crews reacted but i think that they have that some time to process what actually happe has hit them pretty hard. >> the injury... >> this was a big night for the petaluma little league. this was organized by not only were they greeted by
8:36 am
the major league baseball team but the players applauded them. (cheers & applause) >> it has been quite a story from petaluma and this is just the latest chapter. after putting on their cleats it was out to the field to get some hi-fi's and the chance of a lifetime. the warmed up with the a's. they wore the same color. this was a dream come true. >> awesome, spectacular. >> it has been amazing. we are so supportive and grateful. >> the player, gomes made all of this happened he is from petaluma. >> it is part of being professional. we truly want to give back to the community. because i am from petaluma perhaps i am biased. >>reporter: the team was
8:37 am
honored also with cheers and front of the fans. >> i will never forget it this experience has been drilled in my brain. >> after this practice they watched the game in a luxury box. and a parade on sunday expected in their home town. in oakland, to recess talk show, kron 4 news. >> the dream season continues with terisa estacio... reporting. >> the live footage from hurricane isaac damage. >> the liv[ laughter ]om [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
8:38 am
we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
8:39 am
8:40 am
then hurricane isaac has moved on recovery is still under way. thousands are
8:41 am
worth out of power in this area. 500 million-2 billion is expected in damage. the coast guard reopened for limited vessel traffic. 4 deaths in are blamed. >> talking football and money. $60 million stadium and the state of the art amenities perhaps for college? however what we're looking at is for high school. this is in texas. it is the eagles. you can imagine they are happy and there were happy to have a victory for their debut game. >> pressure! [laughter] >> 8:41 >> jan: california wine
8:42 am
mont. with food, celebrating the crops and a look at a shocking new movie.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> welcome everybody. we are time to celebrate the harvest. 400 crops in california but also sell a burning wind. and here, joining us is chef eric lee >> i'm doing great. >> this is california wine mont. >> this is huge! we are celebrating each california winery. if you want to do 80 trip to celebrate california wine--month. for pinot noir syrah or zin.. >> and white for the month
8:46 am
of september? >> if you know, this is the great time for us. i'm sure that you have been up there before. the smell is practically intoxicate the it is overwhelming. all of the energy. the tanks and the hoses a great time >> robert mondavi? >> yes, with so many different varietals. >> and talking about the crops. with so many crops. coming of age. >> exactly, exactly. one of my favorites is the dry f armed tomaoes these are only water ones. and all of the energy of the plant goes into producing the fruit. they do not become large.
8:47 am
they are not watery they are just incredible. powerful, intense tomato flavor. >> that sounds so good. i married a man from iowa because he thinks that california tomatoes are terrible. >> he should try it one of these. >> these are great size and you've made a b l t? >> this is my favorite because it is with mozz ball stuffed with more mozz and cream >> that is what everybody is using these days. >> it is made in california. >> oh my gosh! you can be using this with any soft cheese? >> exactly, exactly! >> fantastic. >> these are made in the southern california. and really quickly, one of my
8:48 am
favorites is the olive oil mcvoy in petaluma. >> you must be proud! >> it is awesome. just to show people how you are celebrating. if people want to know how to get more information. discover california >> go to the it events page sep 22 they can try 60 different ones. >> and here is how you can find out more. >> from 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. as the chef mentioned. for more information but great information and what a great celebration. discover california it
8:49 am
sounds great. and before you leave there are so many great moments but this movie is really weird. if you ever notice a comedy that is gross, disgusting but afterwards you notice that you had a good time? >> they cannot all be gentle. however, this is called " for a good time, call.."these women are brought together by their mutual friend. one woman is reserved. laura and miller is the co-writer and also, she is with great chemistry with her co-star. the phone sex business and this is the warning. the language is
8:50 am
nonstop, sexually graphic. and probably hardly one sentence goes by if you have a problem with that this is not for you. but the good news is that it is not that long with a good connection. it is for a good time, call.."there is another movie coming out called little white lies. andbernie is available on dvd. >> and think you, chef for being here. >> we are taking this live look outside. this shot of san francisco looking a little bit gray. >> to celebrate california weather. >> good morning. good morning. >> from our mount pam camera similar temperatures to yesterday and warmer for
8:51 am
the rest of your holiday weekend. gradual cooling mid-week by tuesday. temperatures are in the mid upper 50s. 60s indicated by the green. the afternoon highs will look for 60s, 70's. and even 80s. we will take a look at those e- -steve 70's. with 80s in los gatos. and similar to what we could see in the inland valleys. 80s and livermore. and 66 degrees expected an element of. 60s through san leandro. and also through fremont. low 60s along the coast toward 64 degrees in downtown san
8:52 am
francisco. and mid 70's along the peninsula. we will finish it off with only 77 degrees in santa rosa. 76 degrees in rohnert park. your kron 4 7 day around the bay things are really going to warm up. with mid 90's. and low 80s for the bay and 70's for the coast. if you'd like to good weather, news, check or 24 news channel comcast 193. >> federal investigators saying that none of these cows have entered the food chain. an animal rights activist secretly taped yes. this--it showed these workers brutally attacking me is getting them to the slaughter section. investigators are still looking into the inhumane treatment. >> the west mild virus in
8:53 am
the east bay contra costa sang at 14 mosquitos and 30 birds have tested positive. saying.. that flogging is planned on tuesday near mountain view and los altos. >> coming up if you enjoy your cup of coffee? listen up! a coffeemaker recall. >> the approach to the bay bridge, overcast
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> this recall is the single cup brew of mr. coffee it
8:57 am
can suddenly released a stream of suc steam.. this was sold nationwide between september 2010 and this month. between $60-$80 >> this emergency landing and washington happened yesterday afternoon. this clip a car and it taxied for an additional terminals. the washington state patrol say that it went for 2 mi. after experiencing engine trouble. there were no injuries. >> still to come on kron 4 news weekend a warning sent out to thousands of cantors at yosemite. for the last couple of months. kantor' camcordecamp at yosemite--
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> welcome back to our third live hour of kron 4 news this weekend. >> meeting the challenges is difficult for a seat the all but how does a woman do it? and still maintain a healthy home. this new special from oprah winfrey winfrey called commander in hels also, we will catch up with the presidential race and labor day gasoline prices. >> commander in heels.. that
9:01 am
sounds like a movie love but we're going to be talking about little white lies. but we also have ghiradelli chocolates' celebrating over 100 years making chocolate in the bay area. making things sweet. >> let us go outside. how we are seeing some changes? not that much. it continues to seek overcast. >> janu? >> it is not going to relieve clear really-clear until probably by noon. still, delays at s f o of around one hour. however, breaks of sunshine at walnut creek mild and similar to yesterday with that fog returning, overnight. we will track that, and still,
9:02 am
widespread. starting to clear in the south bay. further clearing expected hovering over the golden gate. and also the san mateo coast. with further clearing early evening. overnight, we will see that it could make its way along the coast and the south and north bays already 60s in the sunnyvale. with the east bay in the deli is expected to reach eighties. and oakland, hayward, and the north bay we are expecting mid-upper 70's your kron 4 7 day around the bay coming up. for now, we're going to go back to marty. >> we begin our coverage at the dumbarton bridge getting a seismic face lef-- retrofitting. dumbarton bridge closing to
9:03 am
traffic while construction highway patrol will beginning at 10 p.m. friday and it will remain shut which is expected to be by 5 are advised to either go bridge. this is taking the liberty weekend off with no cars, no traffic jam. the labor day weekend--is the time for construction so construction can begin the seismic retrofitting. >> this weekend we are replacing the 30 year steel joint on the eastern end. it is larger and able to contract. >> is able to withstand larger earthquakes. they will have three days to finish and what they plan on opening this 5:00 a.m., tuesday >> we will do everything to sharpen our pencils and get the sequencing as tight as possible. to get the work as efficiently as possible.
9:04 am
we're hoping to get on time if not earlier. >>reporter: 61,000 commuters use this per day transportation officials say that this could drop by 20%- 30% during holiday weekends. >> we chose this specifically to minimize the impact on traffic. >>reporter: once they have reopened the bridges you will be safer. and once that seismic retrofitting is complete next year it will be one of the safest bridges in the country. traffic is light even before the shutdown. many have heeded the warning. open drivers will stay away. at the dumbarton bridge, kron 4. the minute this morning state lawmakers have approved the biggest role back toward the minute this morning. it could save taxpayers as much as billions of dollars for the
9:05 am
next 30 years. changes would require workers to retire later. most civil servants from the age of 55 to know, 67 and new employees would have to pay one half for their benefits and current employees would also have to pay more toward governor jerry brown is going to expect to sign it but it does not address the problems with more debt. >> middle-class californians would have eliminated a tax break for corporations. it would have funded student scholarships who earned less than $150 k it was just five votes short. tuition at public colleges, universities has gone up 72 percent over the last 10 years. the average student loan woes over $24,000. >> campgoers are being
9:06 am
warned with rodent spread hantavirus in curry village with warnings been sent out if any people have stayed since the month of june. there has been two deaths. one person is still in the hospital. >> we have no reason to believe that other lodging, accommodations at yosemite are having this problem with the mice. putting humans and close contact with-feces. >> we have had people text does that say to not go. >> officials said that the where nesting inside of the walls of those cabins they have been sanitized. and
9:07 am
rodent-proof. >> the higher gas prices are not keeping them off the roads. 2.9 million are expected to be traveling by car. it is up nearly 4% from last year. it is not keeping them off the roads. >> i will make up for it but i do not drive much during the week, once in awhile. >> if i wan to go will away? i just recently drove to las vegas and back in was $200. >> for a car like this it does not matter. however, for a v 8 ? >> here is a list of locations. lake tahoe, carmel, 64% of travelers plan on going over 200 mi..
9:08 am
>> those look great. coming up on kron 4 news this weekend at the man chosen to lead the archdiocese has not been charged with d u i what he has to say. >> this live look. walnut creek. a bit overcast.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> the arch bishop elect has been charged with two misdemeanors from d u i the bishop of oakland is now expected to take his job in november but he was stopped in san diego last weekend at the checkpoint. he said that he brought shame and disgrace upon himself. there has been nothe archdiocese. to cite tax
9:12 am
wounding 50 people. killing two people. --suicide attacks outside of the compound that housed the governor's office. one was armed with bombs and there were no nato troops killed but injured were 4 afghan officers. >> seven missiles were fired and at a house near the afghan border. the see of light a controversial infringement sovereignty is maintaining that it is a necessary tool to combat uneasiness. >> from q v c to oprah.. a new show!
9:13 am
>> this live look where overcast continues. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
9:14 am
rethink possible.
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9:16 am
>> last year, the cosmetic industry was $170 billion. >> i do not remember how many employes we had the we only had seven of his employees. >> today bare essentials in the 31 countries. lesley took this from $10 million in sales to over billions. >> if you had heard of the very popular cosmetic line, bare essentials it is on a
9:17 am
new television show. it is called mandarin heels balancing professional and also been fabulous. joining us is executive leslie, thank you. happy birthday. >> thank you, thank you. i am so happy to be here. >> not a problem. by first is that commander in heels is it about juggling everything? >> is about juggling everything. you have your whole life one day and your business like the next. basically every day is a decision. >> it is not about perfection because there are too many out there that thinks that it has to be perfect. >> you try your best but i never said that i was going to be perfect. but it is
9:18 am
never perfect. >> we are able to accept that. >> you were raised with a single mother, feminist a model of independent and you wanted to pay even on your dates. however, on this interview you found this interesting that you are married quickly. perhaps you were thinking that you were looking for somebody that could take care of you emotionally. are you soft on the inside? >> i am definitely soft on the inside. in business i am also soft on the outside. i have never had to play with my emotional side but you have to have a clear business decision with decision making. sometimes that comes across hard but that is just expectations. i want people to know that i care about them, but there are times when you have to
9:19 am
lay it on the line. so there is no patience involved. and i am a softie la >> tell us a little bit about the show. >> and jill? >> the focus is to show both sides and the juggling. >> yes i have not seen the program but i know that for five days i have a camera following me around. from morning to night. and they would not agree to this, my family would not be involved. and my husband said no way. so i needed to convince them to go along and you know what? we are going to see what really. >> many of these interviews by to not know about these people with work. i cannot wait to see what is going to happen! >> you did not get much of a preview. this does not turn
9:20 am
into a reality show? >> i have never watched reality. it is too stressful. you are going to see what it is really like. it will help career women showing that it is not glamorous. you have it tough. it is going to be helpful. >> yes. it is not a reality show. >> you took a small cosmetic and turn this into a billion dollar company. do you think that you would get the same props for a cosmetic company that a gentleman would get for a high-tech company? >> what a great question. we are very lucky women today. we can do anything we want. we can have any job we want and play by our rules. i try to avoid shows by
9:21 am
.'madmen... i try to remember. that we have to go out and i am not looking for press. if the want to focus on high tech, that is great. we focus on our customers, employees. >> one last thing. do you advise careers about not feeling guilty if they do not have its all? or if they do not want to have children? >> i felt guilty when my child was young but now i wish i did not. i think that i was a role model. he saw what it was like for his mother. i brought into the office. you have to be there for your employees and for your family. you are able to do it. >> the househusband. >> you know, you are 100 percent correct! [laughter]
9:22 am
>> this will premiere on the oprah winfrey winfrey network. >> so nice to have you. >> thank you and congratulations and good luck. >> best of luck, lesley. you can see it is overcast. let us check-in with john ne janu >> good morning, we are already seeing some sunshine. still dealing with certain locations expecting another modele day with mild- conditions. it is expected to warm up inland but gradual cooling right now, 50s in santa rosa. with low 60s three antioch. and more of the 60s indicated by the
9:23 am
green. by this afternoon, 60s, 70's, and even the 80s. it will cool off to 60s by 8:00 p.m. this evening. we will take a look at those high seas. it is going to be pretty nice. mid 70's, low 80s. evergreen valley concord, pittsburgh. pleasanton, 80s. 66 expected element of. 64, san francisco. '70s and san bruno. upper 70's in santa rosa. petaluma, and also as we take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will see that warm-up for the rest of your weekend with mid-90s. if you need more weather, news and you can check out comcast 193 our
9:24 am
new news channel 24/7.
9:25 am
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9:27 am
>> after serving a 56 years, caesars is closing. they served their last meal it is the latest business to shut down because of difficult economic times. it was known for its waiters, texaco's an old fashioned a italian fare at reasonable prices in--wearing tuxedos. >> it was a wonderful place. >> today is the kind of a sad day. because i am leaving and i am thinking of my customers still are going to mince meat and of course i am going to miss them. it is for important for me it
9:28 am
is family. it is sad. >> it is sad. caesars was booked for lunch, dinner. and he probably needed that business earlier. >> interesting. coming up, apple has another legal battle with samsung. >> coming up this live look from mt. tam. still cloud coverage but disguise. blue skies--with your complete forecast
9:29 am
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9:30 am
>> welcome back we are taking a double look. >> this live look outside at
9:31 am
the golden gate. that fog is still over the bridge could patchy drizzle. for this afternoon, cool temperatures. similar to yesterday. and that fog will roll in, overnight. the fog tracker 4 showing that it should dissipate along the coast. and even further for the early evening hours but gradually return for the overnight hours for the north and south bay. temperatures? still mid-50s. upper 50s through fairfield. antioch will see low 80s. livermore. the upper 60s in oakland. as we go towards the north bay. perhaps 77 degrees in santa rosa. 64 degrees expected in downtown san francisco. the baseball game tonight at 6:00 p.m.
9:32 am
with mid-60s expected. partly sunny and mild. 9: 30? >> thank you. a major bay area artery is closed. dumbarton bridge closing to traffic while construction highway patrol will barricade the bridge until the work is completed, which is expected to be by 5 bridge is closed, drivers get around the bay or head bridge. >> in downtown san francisco a major closure between fremont this is part of the transit construction project. it will be replaced with a temporary bridge allowing work to continue. this new bridge will begin opening to expect by 5:00
9:33 am
a.m. on tuesday. the national average equals $3.83 in the bay area, the pay much more. the average price for a price of unleaded is $4.23 and in oakland, $4.18 the analysts say that it should decrease after labor day. >> also a drunk driving checkpoint in oakland, and at 8:00 p.m. in el cerrito and mipitas >> decision 2012. met rodne
9:34 am
mitt romney told a crowd that he plans on balancing the budget and cutting the deficit and unite the country. accusing obama of decisiveness and bitterness. the presidential nominees will campaign in jacksonville, florida. >> in the meantime president obama thanked the troops marking the second anniversary ending the combat in iraq. and ensure that he will help with their economic transition. returning to civilian life. >> we will continue to do everything in our power for them to succeed. giving them a clear mission and giving them the proper tools of what they need on the front lines and also with the need
9:35 am
for their families. there is no reason why they should have to fight for a job or a roof over their head. still at war with each other, the gop rep of louisiana was praising the resiliency of americans in the face of isaac. the we showed you the entirety of the republican national convention. on tuesday, you can watch the entirety of the democratic national convention comcast 193. >> still apple is looking for more. they are adding asking-to add four more products. filing documentation for a judge to stop samsung of releasing copycat products. these
9:36 am
include this product line from samsung product line. however samsung is expected to appeal the verdict. >> cheating allegations that on of the nation's top universities. >> we will be back. >> i will see you for big box stores and i will raise you airport home appliance. there labor day sale look at this. hot point and look at this samsung french door and watch the show and lg... bay area bargains. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9:37 am
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> welcome back this is a look at the louisiana coast. still recovering from isaac. the louisiana coast took the brunt of the flooding thousands are still without power. analysts are predicting 500 million-$2 billion for louisiana and mississippi. the coast guard open to the waterways were limited watercraft. it is blamed for 4 deaths. obama is expected to visit on monday. the legendary astronaut, neil armstrong was. in a private service in cincinnati, ohio. the first command of the man died at 82. his crew mates, were
9:41 am
also in attendance. memorials were also being held around the country at the smithsonian, and the kennedy space center in florida. >> students at harvard will go to class but with a dark cloud. administrators are investigating allegations of cheating. 125 students. this happened on the final exam of the undergraduate class. students were not allowed to discuss the open book exam. however, the professor noticed suspicious similar answers. if it is determined that they cheated? they could be kicked out for at least one year. >> we have a real san francisco treat ghiradelli celebrating 160 years how you can be a part of it.
9:42 am
that and more as we get a really sweet time, coming up.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> it is time for the 17th annual chocolate festival. giradheilli who started it? they are celebrating 160 years but the chocolate itself. all of the money goes to project open hand kim huff, think you for being here. this is going to be quite the festival next weekend. >> yes. it is at ghiradelli square the entire city block will be blocked off. with ice cream tasting contests,
9:46 am
and chocolate tasting said ice cream-eating contests. who started this? >> he was are rigidly from italy and went to south america the was are regionally-from italy and started selling supplies during the gold rush he was are regionall originally from te country of italy. his father was an expert and he brought his expertise, here. project open hand is so important to bring people meals with life-threatening diseases. >> they are sensational. >> this event the money will go to them. >> yes. we work all year for this fund-raiser. we are so thrilled to be part of it.
9:47 am
the fund-raiser will see all of the benefits. >> and also this is a san francisco ready. >> yes this is with the local band that to a wonderful pairing with chocolate and this just came out this week. >> this is save me san francisco >> one is the most popular? >> our para el. everybody loves it but the newest are the sea salt dark with almonds and people really
9:48 am
love it. >> they love be sold without the sugar. >> yes the ying and the t he yang. >> this is mostly made across the bay. 1960's but we were to break into the square. >> into the at&t park. >> yes. >> can be part of this with the 17th annual chocolate festival september 8th, night at ghiradelli square new-5:00 p.m. it goes to a great cause. for more information the director of this french from was influenced by the big chill. it is called
9:49 am
little white lies. a group of friends that is brought together by a person that is clinging to life. while he is recovering everybody starts telling little white lies. >> whenever they are on is great and the movie includes janis joplin. it is really like the big chill but it is a bit too long. two hats.. but still worth seeing. and for the delicious nest that you have brought us of our own ghiradelli.. >> thank you. speaking of the chocolate. we still
9:50 am
have that overcast conditions but it is being lifted. >> with your holiday forecast. >> good morning from our walnut creek camera still low clouds. but sunshine still expected. very similar to yesterday. we do have a significant warm up. and gradual cooling. temperatures by noon are going to be in the 50s and 60s for afternoon highs will see even 60s and even 80s in some other areas. in the south-bay, still decent. 80s in los gatos. and the east bay in the valleys. 80
9:51 am
degrees in walnut creek and pittsburgh. antioch 66 degrees expected in alameda. and low 70's for other south and the beaches and 63 in pacifica and the north bay with 77 in napa and 75 in san rafeal and things are going to warm up. 80s for the bay. our new 24 hour channel is on comcast one countron 193. -- >> thank you. >> these bottlenose dolphins have made it adult. these have made it out---they
9:52 am
have been swimming out in the san francisco bay. >> the penn state football game will play its first game after it has been stripped of its titles part of the sanctions against the n.c.a.a. from the scandal. this is a video from a pep rally yesterday. sandusky was convicted of sexual assault. some of that happened on the property. coach joe paterno, who has died has also been impacted by the scandal. >> more to come. cheering.. for the boys of petaluma. >> this live look at san francisco overcast.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> this u.s. coast guard
9:55 am
cutter returned training and naval officers and a shot including thailand. training include navigation, and basic search and rescue. they also were looking for criminals and high seas. finally, it is back in alameda. >> the bay iraq looks great. >> the big night for the petaluma little league there were honored by the oakland a's at the coliseum. they were invited to worked out with the players. they were greeted by cheers and high fives. gomes organized this get together he is a petaluma native. >> i think that it goes into the job title of being professional. it is a great
9:56 am
chapter to be able to give back to the community. and we are able to help, social and media outlets. >> up next is a parade tomorrow in downtown. >> and that is kron 4 news. >> thank you for watching we will see you tomorrow morning. emigrate to see you, jan >> great. >> great. >> thank you. have a great day. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.


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