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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 3, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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the mud they found thi and that stabbed. --this man was found. with multiple stab wounds. we do not know the situation but we do know that other people were inside of the home and they were also taken into questioning. >> a big turnout but this could have been a domestic situation? there is a lot of
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police? >> yes. there is one officer that i asked was this a home invasion? perhaps the victim could have known it the suspect. that was just as far as he was going to go. there was a lot of police presence. and they've scaled back a bit but there are two different patrol cars. and just down the block. and the forensics unit is also here. we are still trying to get information from the public information officer. >> thank you, and also, this officer involved shooting. this happened yesterdayone man was killed
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and another injured in an officer-involved shooting in vallejo early sunday morning, police said. two officers were on patrol in the 100 block of pepper drive -- an area known for recent gang-related activity -- at about 4:30 a.m., according to vallejo police. two men were spotted sitting inside a vehicle, police said. the officers turned on their patrol car spotlights to illuminate the suspects' vehicle. the driver got out and the officers reported seeing the butt of a handgun in his the man -- partially obscured by the open door of his car -- reached for the gun and began to turn toward the officers, police said. to my boy was sitting in his car he has a license. the car belongs to him. he was sitting in front of his house and i am crushed. i am angry. they killed my boy. >> believing he was going to shoot, the officers fired their weapons at the door. toward the center console, police said. the officers opened fire a second time the 23-year-old man was was
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pronounced dead. the 21-year-old passenger was struck by a bullet or shrapnel in the buttocks and was taken to a hospital to be treated. a subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a replica incident is under way by the solano county district attorney's office and the both officers have been placed on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. >> drivers will likely experience longer travel times this labor day weekend as the dumbarton bridge closes for construction work. both directions of the bridge, which runs 1.6 miles and connects alameda and san mateo counties, will be closed from 10 p.m. friday to 5 a.m. tuesday to bring the bridge up to seismic code motorists are urged to carpool or use public transit with longer-than- usual traffic delays near u.s. highway 101 c >> we are very much on schedule. we should not have a problem. >>reporter: what about opening up earlier? >> that is possible but not definite. we still a lot of work. >> aside from the safer
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bridges the drivers will have an easier drive navigating. it will reopen because of caltrain converting a car pool lanes. >> days after id hammered louisiana the wind, the rain is still flooded. and still people are without power. there is one family has lost their homes, twice. seven years ago, hurricane katrina. >> we are here to be a part of the team in louisiana and it
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makes sure that >>mark: of the for the president heads to the democratic national convention, he will go to louisiana today where hurricane is it struck a lot of that area and left thousands without our krahn a lot of the land in louisiana under water. more than 100 to grouse about power. >>darya: as many as 10,000 people may have been exposed to the hantavirus at yosemite national park. anyone who stays at curry village in those kaftans since june may have been exposed. so far a total of 64 have contracted the virus and to people have died. there are about cabins. 91 have highs cahow-- her there
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are plenty of different campground's all across the camp where you can stay. san francisco state university is putting its students qaddafi and staff on alert because of two separate cases to from cox. >> anyone who has not had a chicken pox vaccination or has had chickenpox already, there are advising they did it. chickenpox is hiding his face. if she >>james: the president is headed to care light of the democratic national convention. the festivities have already kicked off. the man at the center of the screen is actor jeff bridges performing as they get so prisons under way and of course the convention officially kicks off tomorrow.
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how how how how how to have some law not
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and >>james: to americans were among those injured when a car filled with explosives if slammed into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate from pakistan on monday fury if we have the of the blast site where the attack six days from an area chorus of international species have offices. this follows earlier bombings near the consulate defense in the previous attacks the tell them claimed responsibility.
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it might an accident eastern china. officials said dozens of miners were working. >> a unification church founder has died in south korea nine the zero reportedly died from pneumonia related confiscations. he was known for his anti-communist stance. on >>james: we have more news straight ahead. here is a live look, the view from the golden gate. the fog is a bit sick this morning. a full update on your forecast coming up.
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>>mark: apple is taking samsung bal. apple was awarded 1 billion in damages over patent infringement because of smart phone and tablet computers,
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apple now says hikes the infringing products include 21 new smart phone, media players and tablets. on >> apple has said that the exams on is infringing on eight of its patents. kron >>darya: to our new ads have allow you to click your share photos. snaps this allows you to print out a 20 page the book of photos stand at walgreen's he could provide by 7 pictures complete with the captain, comments and likes. what you are spending a lot of time on facebook, it turns out you can be addicted to the internet. researchers have uncovered a genetic link to online addiction.
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>>erica: happy labor day. as we take a look it looks like we do have some watches and warnings to talk about. the national weather service has issued a dense fog rising for the san francisco peninsula coastline. visibility is down to zero for highway winds. it looks like this is in effect until 9:00 a.m.. by then hopefully some of the fog will burn off. 60s in places like san francisco. by lunch, 70's to the east bayshore on behalf she accuses the '80s for falling in short at expect cooler conditions into the eight him our area and terms of the highs, neighborhood by neighborhood we will certainly see microclimates on display today.
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we will see '60s and sleazes i gave the city here in 70's and san francisco, 77 on tap for oakland. 80s for fremont, sunnyvale and '90s reserve for places like livermore and antioch. acoma definitely a second difference for our inland areas we do anticipate upper 60s and low seventies for the most part as is light up the coastline, mid-70s expect christina the beach. call if you'd like this keep the beaches altogether or throw in a ball game, it looks like the oakland a's are facing off against the angels. mostly sunny conditions, and a great day for a ball game. we are certainly looking forward to that. the kron4 7 day around before cast shows a little bit of a hole down as we head towards the rest of the fourth week. we will be contending with morning fog and afternoon
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sunshine. into the weekend, a little bit cooler with a little bit of a bomb up in temperature as mr. the next line with. if you like to find out more on your traffic, weather and the news you can always tell comcast and a 193 193 soho for our house >>george: on the bay bridge is a light in the easy ride. there are no problems of the approach across the span. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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all my god. sierra had the have put al knew all sure ye
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>> after fired shots, the cards should have stopped. >> according to the little police department, they deny know at this time widely and appointed a man at the office. it looked at the card inside of the car it turns out the gun with a pellet gun, not real bad
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they say in the heat of the moment there's no way officers until the real thing this case they will look into whether or not the offices were justified. they have been placed on administrative leave. hopefully we will hear from a father of the 21 year-old who is still recovering. he is outraged by this. his son was asked >>darya: the democratic national convention kicks off tomorrow. today, republicans and democrats are speaking out about election issues. the president is continuing his campaigning at universities or the week of speaking at colorado university. the president currently has a major theme of the current -- of encouraging people to vote and a vote early. >>president obama: we have come too far to turn back.
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we have mortgage jobs to greed and more homegrown energy to generate. we have more young people to send to college and more good teachers are hired. we have more good schools to build, we have won more awards and and more troops to bring home. we have more veterans to take their austere we have more doors of opportunity to open. for every single person likely to rocard and walk through them, i a.m asking you for a second time. >> the president tried to spark a voter registration competition between colorado university in colorado's state. >>darya: and joe biden is also on the campaign trail. he was in new york and pennsylvania taking aim on gop rivals criticizing statements made by mitt romney and paul ryan during the republican national convention last week.
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authorities are still looking for a truckload of secret service equipment. the truck was stolen from downtown detroit over the weekend. the 14th you hall was carrying a equipment for vice president joe biden's rally on sunday. police have had numerous tips but they have not found anything. the secret service is not going into details of what the equipment was inside. >>james: the mitt romney twitter count has hit a milestone, $1 million. it from the campaign that that threshold yesterday afternoon. they sent out a tweet immediately taking followers and it made a point of calling the 1 million followers active, a swipe against some of the high-profile figures that there be free of their followers listed city council. the white house has an aggressive push to appeal to users and has generated a lot
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more. the president's campaign page has more than 19 million twitter followers. as darya mentioned will be bridge new-line, uninterrupted coverage of the democratic national convention just like we did for the republican convention last week. you will find that on comcast channel 193 ended digital channel 4.2. >>darya: campers have been evacuated as seven california campground because of this wildfire burning in the san gabriel mountains. if more than 3,600 a. have burned so far. normally at this time of year if they get about 4000 visitors to the campgrounds. about 300 firefighters are battling the fire yet they also have air tankers and helicopters. it is only 5 for sentencing right of your if the usgs report a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit beverly hills earlier this morning. the police in beverly hills say they have gotten a lot of calls the the damage or injuries reported.
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>>james: we will take a quick break, here's another look outside. here is a look of the view of the golden gate. a lot of fog but it is really isolated. other cameras show blue skies. it just depends on where you are.
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>>darya: a u.s. open tennis judge has been accused of murdering her husband and has been released from jail on bond they believe that low as did ms. killed her husband with a coffee cup. sixth course they say she attacked her husband before leaving to officiate a tennis match. they have not talked about a motive but a search warrant does hand at the fact that she concede another man. " -- that she could have been seeing another man.
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>>darya: the big stories we are following, one man killed and another injured in an officer involved shooting that happened in vallejo early yesterday morning. officers were on patrol in the 100 block of pepper drive. they spotted two men sitting
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in a car. they say one of them had handguns in his waistband and reached for it turning towards officers. it turns out that gun was not real. tomorrow, democrats oranges together for the national convention to officially renominated president for another run at the white house. the republicans met last week in tampa to nominate mitt romney. a wild fire if 3,600 a. fan for thousands to evacuate exit and campers. this started yesterday afternoon in the san gabriel mountains. containment is 5 baristas. some terrifying moments caught on camera as an of counsel monster truck crashes into the stands and organ. it happened on saturday in harrisburg near eugene. it was all caught on camera. the truck driver lost control and bounced through a mud pit, over the barricades and into the crowd of spectators.
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>>james: a texas pilot was killed during an air show in eastern iowa over the weekend. the pilot flew a soviet jet when it slammed into the ground spectators saw what you see on your screen, the plane going down in the field and a burst of flames shooting into the air no one on the ground was hurt. >>darya: the price of gas this labor day is the highest it has ever been on holiday weekend. the national average is $3.80 a gallon. that is up from last labor a curious scanned the area of the effort is much higher curious fact pfft fourth fourth, accord forecasts by the analysts say gas prices should drop once workers roof tons of oil rigs in the gulf coast.
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>>erica: the good news is sunshine is free and we will see it in abundance as we head into the afternoon. today is a date. we will see upper 60s and low 70's along the coastline. we are seeing visibility down to zero for half moon faith. certainly drive with extra caution. how trecker shows even in to 8:00 our heads are dealing with sopped in conditions for san francisco, stretching over the bay bridge and impact of parts of the north bay. as we advance the clock to 2:00 p.m. a lot of cloud cover will start to burn off. in terms of temperatures in the south bay, '80s for the most part, plenty of sunshine. we could see some low 90s trickling in from places like antioch, fairfield and could start. 96 expected in livermore, 95 a
7:47 am
walnut creek. in the north bay, another gorgeous day on tap. >> the kron4 forecast shows the cool transition into the rest of the workweek. how soon into comcast channel 193. >>george: there is not much of it to me this morning. we're looking as traffic around the bay area but no incidents or delays. an easy ride of the bay bridge, this is indicative of what you will see around the bay. there are no problems for your
7:48 am
trip by 92 92 as the primary alternate for the san mateo. " expect the bridge to be heavy from 3:30 p.m. onward. if the dumbarton remains closed until 5:00 a.m. the fridge could get that done a good time for the holiday weekend. the right of the golden gate is a problem free but foggy create fatefully it is very light traffic statistics. feetfeet an easy ride around th bay with no delays of any of the bay area freeways. rain showing up on all of the primary routes. flickr >>darya: and thousands of fans in petaluma are honoring their little league champions in a great yesterday afternoon. death of the ended their right as a second printing in the united states and third of the world. fox
7:49 am
off >> of elected officials on hand miss this fifth. thoughtful >> ab area world series is not out the oakland a's are going video west. that is habit in a bit lately. they had a big victory against the red sox >> . the giants are on track as well adding to their lead in the nl west. flight yesterday because us call have thought your if hall
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crackhouse this caused >>darya: the actor russell crowe had to be rescued. it was kayaking of long island with it to the loss hoax cox and >>darya: did with the concurrence of the talk got at the top office.
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[ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>darya: google is tracking trends this election season. >> in the digital age, allow our witness this theory the presence of will at the rnc and dnc is morgan digital sheet.
7:55 am
they're using what we are searching different political trends. come can are than to all >> it is an option more prevalent now than ever, and then into the vatican and its traditions and personality.
7:56 am
cai course caused >> the trend will continue with the democrats take center stage in charlotte. >>james: here is a related political story, a way to share a year with the president, you can drain the special broke from the white house. the recipe for the honey ill and honey porter and not available. kvass how far how high
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for had >>darya: to belden nose out of vallejo, an officer involved shooting over the weekend. was a live aboard the deal on that coming up. bridge are under way for the democratic national convention. we will be right back.
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announcer: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. starts now. >>mark: the top stories we're following, heavy police presence is on the scene outside of a home on the peninsula after one person was stabbed several times.
8:00 am
the lay public is far less to getting a deadly officer involved shooting in the the latest on one of the victims plus, which are tracking will look to be a great holiday forecast. >>erica: happy labor day. it is shaping up to the gorgeous day around the entire bay area. we do have some stubborn cloud cover to contend with. it looks less visibility is down to zero for highway one. it looks like the national weather service advises vice as a hazmat soft hour. in terms of those numbers, here's a look at your current temperatures and expected highs as it looks like today could be the warmest day of the week. temperatures will range from the upper 60s to the '90s. full details on your extended forecasts come up in a bit. >>george: it is a light and
8:01 am
easy ride around cause you'll see how conditions are on all of the area freeways this in the south bay a light and easy ride. the same lesson for all bay area freeways. >>darya: freeze begin with a developing story of east palo to. a heavy police presence around a home near newbridge japanese fax taft hoax with high health >>darya: vallejo kids are investigating an officer involved will cram and what the >>will: online and walnut creek. one of the suspect used rear end.
8:02 am
did it look at your screen. here is video from the same grievance happens of the early morning when officers were on patrol. they spotted a car that on the side of the road and that is when the driver popped out and crouched behind the door. he pointed would appear to be a lot of the office this qr. clock >> at one point they stopped firing and that is one they say it appears as though he grabs another even the same and, a shot at him the dead. he was arrested a hospital where he ultimately dies here if flooded chance to speak with his father and the fan i asked last furious asking grief. they killed my son. but he was sitting in his car, he has a license. the car belongs to him. he was sitting in front of this house where he stayed with
8:03 am
my daughter. they shot him. they did not just she him once. they shot him execution-style. >> it is very maddening that cops shot at him that many times. after five, it should have stopped. >> officers believed that the suspect was carrying a gun. it was but it turns out it was a telegram. the police department says there's no way an officer or officers in the he the left can tell the real thing from a fake that. i can tell you that the officers have been the case on administrative leave while they conduct the investigation. since the district attorney's office has been called and. demand and a hospital was a passenger but he should survive
8:04 am
>>james: here is a quick look at the dumbarton bridge. there are on target to reopen a 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is video from over the weekend.
8:05 am
celebration of its model had counterparty risks six of her face on >> democrats are gearing up for their convention. officially starts on tuesday but the president spent the weekend reviewing his message. >>president obama: on thursday i will be offering what i believe is a better path for
8:06 am
>> today the president will be in ohio and then he will tour the devastation left behind by hurricane isaac. >>mark: do not forget, which will carry live, and its rigid coverage of the democratic national convention just like we did for the republican convention last week. as soon into our 24 70's channel, comcast 193 or digital 4.2. on interrupted a live coverage of the democratic national convention. us >>darya: kun tune in every day starting at 4:00 a.m..
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there are only two cars on the bridge right now. since south collect
8:08 am
8:09 am
>>james: someone cut of five of the metal bars from the school term memorializing the victims of the fire. this weekend vandalism is the
8:10 am
the third time that the hillside sculpture has been targeted since 2010. the landscape committee hopes to raise about $5,000 to install video surveillance and restore the sculpture. >>darya: as many as 10 out of people could have been exposed to the hantavirus in yosemite national. >>darya: anyone who has stayed there since june may have exposed and and said it checked two people have died. there are about 10 canvas tent cabins. there are being cleaned and remodeled to try and prevent hot virus from being able to spread. the visitors to have canceled reservations but still want to go to yosemite, there are plenty of places to stay in camps in the valley and all across this committee. >>mark: san francisco state university is putting out alerts to everyone associated with the canvas after two separate cases of a chicken pox and have been reported.
8:11 am
one case involved a student living in the dorms. anyone who has not already have chickenpox is being asked to get vaccinated. it is highly contagious. >>darya: what is believed to be a large wildcat has been spotted in the sebastopol area a couple of times on saturday. residents reported seeing without with the mountain lions eat if there will have ethanol on every around a set its heart and it's a big cat seen in that area. >>mark: we will take a quick break, here is a live look at the dumbarton great. you concede some heavy equipment rolling dumbest ban on the right. it is also down today for seismic retrofit work. they are on track to reopen bids by fiat in are. hoax
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>>mark: a crashed on the james lick said a van falling off a colleague e-reader it aden's at the bottom of all of us must tell you amazingly, the driver survived and was talking to police and told them what happened. it appears the van was going to fast when it cut across the lanes, had a car and hit the guard rail before landing there in the caltrain yard on 15th and vermont. a big fall, 50-60 ft..
8:15 am
first responders say they were shocked and amazed that the guy was a live in and talking when they got there. >> he was talking and able to answer our questions. he recalled what happened and is doing ok. >> they do not think his injuries are life threatening. he has recovered from some serious injuries. the crash is under investigation the disease be says they do not believe drugs or alcohol effect. >>darya: it is going to be a beautiful day to get outside for labor day. plenty of sunshine. we're in for warm temperatures by the end of the day. >> today could be the warmest day of the week. we could see mid-90s for some of our inland east bay valleys. warm conditions for the coast line as well. look somewhere still contending with a little bit of cloud cover. a dense fog advisory in effect. that will expire around 9:00.
8:16 am
as we take a look at temperatures, still on the coolest 5 for a call for it in daly city. 58 in concord this hour. future cast 4 shows by lunchtime, 60s in places like san francisco. 70's there up the heart of the bay. all of the warrant on your screen does indicate where we will see it is already. it looks like some of those '80s will gain a few degrees and head into the '90s as we head into the aftern breaking down those numbers for you, an abundance of eighties in the south bay with san jose coming in at 84. 88 and the allman valley. 89 in los status. if we could see low 90s trickling in for fairfield, a pittsburgh and 90 on tap for concord and walnut creek. another gorgeous day in the north bay. made easier, 70 for downtown san francisco, off 75 in san bruno. if you're heading to the oakland a's game later this afternoon, first it is at one of five the >> temperatures of the mid-70s
8:17 am
if sunny and warm conditions light winds coming in from the west at 9 mi. per hour. the kron4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a gradual and subtle cool them over the course of the next few days. felt we will continue with morning fog and afternoon sunshine. it will continue to be cooler into the weekend with the '80s expected for your inland areas, low seventies around the bay in the mid-60s for the coast. for more on your weather and the times, tune into comcast channel 193. >>george: and of course this holiday weekend we're looking at release light traffic. there is not to be this morning. your ride for the alternates would be here at this and let's say a bridge. this is the no. auction. right now, conducive are pretty good. your other option is to head
8:18 am
south on highway 237. that is another way to get from 880 over to highway 1104 scores back and knock the socks looking at the san mateo bridge, here is a light check the apple the dumbarton bridge close of the team is in the in >>darya: and this year's show, there was a crash. if we have been telling you about this story all morning. the pilot was making and 45
8:19 am
degree bank but unable to come out of it. we now have some new video. >> their passing within inches of each other. >> ladies and dance man, please keep your seats. >>darya: you can see the fireball that happened when the pilot crashed the plane. a pilot was flying the soviet era military jet. he died in that crash. >> a cal state fresno student has died after drinking at an off-campus for trinity house.
8:20 am
the 18 year old from bakersfield died yesterday at a hospital. school officials say he had and pledging to join a fraternity, police are investigating the circumstances that led to his death. there are not sure it is easing was involved. meanwhile, university officials have suspended recognition of the fraternity. we will take a break and be back with more. coming up, a science project for a middle schooler is generating a lot of buzz. find out why this project was so alarming that one man
8:21 am
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>>james: here is a look at your 7 bear on the bay forecast today and and, high temperature inland. things will cool off by the rest of the week. mild conditions by next saturday and sunday. >>darya: in new hampshire middle schoolers a science project was so alarming to one man that he actually called the police. >> this is the balloon. when it was sold was 10 ft. in diameter. >> does a greater launch this homemade space growth of more than 20 mi. above earth. >> i did not know how high it would go. i did not know that it would go to the edge of the
8:24 am
atmosphere. it is amazing serious >> at 110,000 ft. come as a large balloon carrying the scrolled exploded and the attached parachute did its job, a waterproof camera captured agenda. you could see their curvature of the earth. >> and on board for all this is a device driver addition is. fame launched the probe from bedford and it ended at 7 mi. away in manchester assyrians the camera was still going when the probe was discovered duty did not know what it was. >> i walked out here and i thought, what is this? >> it had a nasa sticker and an attached deeper making a loud sound so that it would be found. >> i call the police. i did not know what it was. >> a vengefully his contact information was discovered
8:25 am
inside. them they could have landed in a tree. second of easily landed in a tree or on someone's roof and we could have never have found it courts could of been damaged some >> it is also a science project. >>james: a good job on that. a huge have met along earthworm has been found and a daughter of a house in china. >>darya: that is not a snake, it is unheard of. >>james: it is found in the backyard. scientists plan to study the warm to figure out how and why it grew to such an unusually long legs.
8:26 am
>> we will take a break and be right back. >>james: tomorrow, the dnc gets launched. they're doing concerts' in the park to celebrate liberty. klass knopf
8:27 am
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nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. third was a >>darya: issued a up to be really nice out there although no one is up to see it.
8:29 am
>> at the beach temperatures could climb into the low 70's. that is for our coolest spots around the bay area. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day. we have a dance of the advisory still in effect for the san francisco peninsula coastline. as we head into the abdomen plenty of sunshine and temperatures will range from the upper 60s to the mid-90s. cooler conditions as we head into tomorrow. >>george: on the bay bridge you can see what you can expect here and on other bridges.
8:30 am
>> this is video of the house where the shooting took place. two officers were on patrol in the neighborhood when they spotted two men sitting in a car outside the house. officers turn on their spotlights and that is what they said the driver got out and crouched behind the driver's side door. officers said it opened fire when he reached for what looked like a handgun. >> he was sitting in his car and has licensed. the car belongs to him.
8:31 am
he was sitting in front of this house. >> i a.m crushed and angry. >> police found a replica handgun and a more than 50 ecstasy bills will officers have been placed on the administrative leave. ross another passenger was struck by a bullet is recovering. >> tamara democrats are set to gather for their national conventions to nominate the president for another four years in the white house. the obama campaign did not hesitate to respond. since the >> there is is a social policy of the '60s. a foreign policy with those of
8:32 am
the cold war and economic policies that brought us the great recession. >>president obama: on thursday at what for you what i believe is a better out forward. it have the valve were the economy and create new jobs in the strength in the middle class. the good news is, you get to choose the path the take. >> the president is continuing his campaign swing visiting ohio and toward the devastation left behind by hurricane is it in new orleans. >> the mysteries surrounding the republican national conventions mystery speaker continues to deepen. source of the clint eastwood's speech has disappeared from a highlight video posted on the run the campaign heated channel.
8:33 am
some >> the president says he took no offense to the speech or comments. he said that if you are easily offended you should probably choose another profession. >> authorities are looking for a truckload of the secret service equipment. it has gone missing. the the u-haul truck was carrying equipment for the rally on sunday. coleco say they have had a few tips the so far no solid leads. the secret service is not described what was inside you can only imagine a must have been pretty high tech. >> mitt romney twitter town has crossed the 1 million mark.
8:34 am
the >> of the president's campaign page has more than 19 million twitter followers. as we gear up for the democratic national convention, do not forget, you can watch the entire event live and uninterrupted since the >>darya: the price of gas this labor day is the highest it has been on a labor day weekends. the national average is $3.80 a gallon.
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> cnn is reporting it to americans were among those killed when a car filled with explosives slammed into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the vehicle was rammed by a car filled with explosives. the attack happened after the vehicle left the consulate and was traveling to resections and hosts international organizations. the coal mine explosion in eastern china has killed at least 14 people. officials say dozens of miners are working when the blast ripped through the coal mine. of this comes after a blast on wednesday that killed 44 people the highest single accident total for the industry in nearly three decades.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
if he if >>darya: apple is taking samsung that the court. this time it has its sights set on the galaxy as three. if it was just last month of the san jose jury awarded apple a billion dollars in damages over patent infringement on smart phone and tablet computers. 6 thou on now says the in some products include at least 21 new smart phone some of the players and tablets. >> it turns out that you can be addicted to the internet. german researchers say they have uncovered a genetic link to online addiction. it is the same. founded nicotine edition and has been links the loneliness and depression. >> when we come back to a
8:41 am
monster truck if crashes into a crowd of spectators. will have that video coming aft. have hist staff
8:42 am
mahal since here are seeing acne is as soft on has the of five of
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>darya: we are doing all workers and how to handle it as a sea of the summer recess and closed since friday's. house had had cut down on going back to the work on the seismic join, we're looking at finishing laying down the deck plates that we up the core element of the joint. if house tran all we're also one to finish the concrete overlaying.
8:45 am
that will smooth out the 5 in. rise in the centers and. we will continue to work on the last parts of that joint. there is a concrete layer of echoes and. that is going to be done later this afternoon. we will be finishing up the final pieces of this joint. then of course there's always work to be completed after the joint is done. >> we're optimistic that we will make 5:00 a.m. but there is a good possibility of we will have better news for you this afternoon. lee need to see how these next few operations needs to go and we will have a better sense this afternoon of our reopening time.
8:46 am
>>darya: they are hopeful that they can get the work done ahead of schedule. it definitely looks like they are on schedule to finish a report on the dumbarton can't reopen the bridge at 5:00 a.m.. sixth costs
8:47 am
>>james: terrifying moments caught on camera as an out-of-control monster truck crashed into the stands at an oregon car show. this was at the show in harrisburg near eugene. amazingly only three people were injured. >>darya: not as many people going to bring man. cox on friday 52,000 people dead. that is down 1.7% from year does. this saw
8:48 am
>>erica: we are seeing sox in fog. a lot of cloud cover over at the golden gate. the good news is that today could have to be the warmest day of the week. lawrence is a bidding temperatures from the upper 60s getting all the way up to the mid-90s for the warmest inland areas. as we head into tomorrow temperatures will call back down. the warmest spots could be in the '80s.
8:49 am
it's perhaps her tough they are headed to the baseball game it looks like the giants are facing off against the diamondbacks. it looks like temperatures will be in the upper 60s with the plenty of sunshine. the kron4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a subtle and
8:50 am
gradual cool down of the next several days. sobriquets on half >>george: to the dumbarton bridge remains closed. your ride it to the golden gate is the problem free but foggy this morning if if they fully the traffic is light enough that that should not present any issues. as you look at the traffic maps he will see green showing on the roadways sensors for the freeways. no delays for the drive time on interstate 680. when
8:51 am
>>darya: the a's and the giants of looking good. maybe we could see a bay area world series. my room
8:52 am
>> san francisco ended the day 4.5 games ahead of the dodgers. >>james: petaluma honor their little the chance of the weekend. the kids ended their run as the second-ranked team in the u. s. and third in the world. >>nichole: 10,000 cheering fans lined the streets of downtown petaluma anxiously awaiting their back swinging heroes now in the national spotlight. a flyover kicked off this great. people young and old shower these boys of summer with confetti, appreciation and support. it was an amazing homecoming for this team returning from the world series in
8:53 am
pennsylvania that ended with a narrow loss to a team from tennessee. >> each team member road through town with their
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:58 am
8:59 am
>>darya: there are ready for the democratic national convention to begin tomorrow in
9:00 am
north carolina. the president is on the campaign trail this labor day trying to explain how everyone is better off than where they were four years ago when he was first elected. he is open for another four years in office. the president will be heading to louisiana to check out the damage from hurricane isaac. republicans are sitting on the campaign trail. polls show obama and ronnie are neck-and-neck entering this race. >> the crowd is growing in charlotte. there are waiting for the festivities began. democrats are keeping things of the labor day celebration and some are down to business.
9:01 am
>> the stage is set into democrats are gearing up for their convention. it officially starts on tuesday but the president spent the weekend reviewing his message. qr house >> republicans met in tampa last week to officially nominate mitt romney as their candidate for president.
9:02 am
it's >> the president is continuing his road to charlotte campaign swing. he will be in ohio and later toured the devastation left behind by hurricane is it. >>darya: this morning vallejo police are investigating an officer involved shooting over the weekend. will tran and is live and walnut creek where two people were shot, one was killed. >>will: he is recovering in hospital.
9:03 am
the man and was killed was 23 years old. here is video from the scene. this happened on a sunday morning around 4:00 a.m. 4:00 a officers for on patrol, they sought as car parked in front of the house, they signed a light into the car and that is when investigators say the driver jumped out and crouched behind the car door, appearing to have a gun. officers felt threatened and fired several shots and then, they stopped. he was rushed to hospital where he ultimately died. >> i a.m crushed and angry. they killed my son. my son was sitting in his car, he has a license. the car belongs to him. he was sitting in front of
9:04 am
this house where he stayed with my daughter. they shot him in. they did not just shoot him once, they shot him execution-style. >> it is maddening that he was shot at them at times. after five shots it should have stopped. >> officers did recover a gun. it turns out it was only is a pellet gun but the officers including the spokesperson for the vallejo police departments say there is no way that an officer in the heat of the moment with something else looks like a gun pointed at them can tell the difference between a real gun and a fake gun. if nonetheless the officers have been placed on administrative leave. the district attorney's office will look into the matter to. as far as this 21 year-old, he was a passenger in the car and we're still hoping to hear from him as well as his father called for the 9:00 newscast ends.
9:05 am
>>darya: in east palo alto there was a stabbing, a heavy police presence in the 11th block of newbridge added. it was 3:30 a.m. when a call came in that there had been a stabbing. >>erica: and we're starting to see plenty of sunshine in downtown san francisco. we are still seeing socked in conditions of the golden gate. you will still want to drive with extra caution.
9:06 am
>>george: light traffic around the bay area. there is no commute today to speak of. here is a live at the bay bridge. the west down ride is easy with light traffic around the bay area.
9:07 am
and >>darya: san mateo county is making a lot of dui arrest as they are making a crackdown from august 17th-midnight. officers arrested wanted 86
9:08 am
drivers in san mateo county for driving under the influence >>darya: here is the approach to the bay bridge. it is quiet.
9:09 am
duff for half
9:10 am
doff stands half propel
9:11 am
>>darya: school officials say he had been pledged in a fraternity. on they are investigating whether hazing was involved. >>darya: a crash on the james lick freeway yesterday send a delivery vans line of the guard rail and smashed into the concrete below. the driver lives. the chp says it looks like the driver was speeding, when too fast, cut across the lanes hitting a silver honda and went over the guard rail crashing down to the caltrans yards. it was a 50-60 ft. drop. >> people usually do not live.
9:12 am
>> the driver is in a hospital with major injuries. those injuries are not life-threatening. >> oakland police are issuing a warning to city residents after two more people were robbed of the weekend after responding to cars advertise for sale on cragslist. the latest rock is, after a series of similar robberies in oakland last month. last week in married couple was dropped.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
odds of of
9:16 am
frontier are organizing is gone. what is well run is bring flooding rains to the east coast. in losses to a series video from washington d.c. periods house their anger does á come other remnants of lives in paris last flooding happened last night because of this serious
9:17 am
>>darya: if anyone has not had to composite's there are vice the vaccine because it is highly contagious. >>darya: we're following the labor day forecast. >>erica: it looks like we have
9:18 am
made a little bit more of an improvement. it is not as soft and on the golden gate. some of the fog is starting to burn off. a rise in temperatures. it looks like we will see a lot of people out and about. we will see sunshine and blue skies and temperatures that can actually reach the '90s. future test shows and a lunchtime will barely see any '60s. the majority of the bay area is sitting pretty in the '70s and '80s. the red that starts to trickle in does indicate where we could see some '90s. free warm conditions for our
9:19 am
and led the east bay valleys. as we head into the the clock hour we will certainly cool things out with most of us sitting in the '60s and '70s. open up your windows and let the cool air in. before we get there to adopt the afternoon highs. who could see low 90s france not in the fairfield furious that looks like danville and walnut creek had reached the mid-90s. another gorgeous day in the north bay. if you're going to the giants game is the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
9:20 am
the kron4 7 day run today forecast does show a little bit of a gradual cool down as we head into the next few days. more in the way of cloud cover as we head into friday and saturday. both the >>george: an easy ride around the bay area. no problems. if that you're headed to one of the bridges will find great conditions. the dumbarton remains closed for the commute across 92, the san mateo bridge is problem free. it is a great alternate. icebound
9:21 am
her evans lined with the fact >>darya: and looks like a wild cat is on loose in sebastopol. it was thought it wise in the area.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
if after >>darya: we have been here from an air show disaster to show you. a pilot made a 45 degree banks fled and was unable to come out it. we have video of muscle for the crash serious sfax
9:26 am
the >> he is down. call now! >> ladies and gentlemen, the please keep your seats. >>darya: and happened in front of spectators who have their cameras rolling. the pilot was flying a soviet air of military jet. apple is taking samsung and that's of course. apple says that samsung infringements include products
9:27 am
like the 21 new smart phone, media players and tablets if that have been released since august 2011. apple says the products infringe on eight of its utility patents. >>darya: it turns out you can be addicted to the internet. researchers have uncovered a genetic link, the same. linton with nicotine addiction, depression and loneliness. >>darya: clint eastwood made headlines with his controversial speech at the rnc but he will not see any of it on their website. we will say about the disappearance of his controversial speech. will be right back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
but >>darya: we are keeping our eyes on your forecast of this labor day. we have a mixed bag. on the left to concede walnut creek looks senate. on the right, the golden gate
9:30 am
looks sox did. if we do have crowds heading the coast. >>erica: it really depends on where you're located fifth the good news is we will all see sunshine as we head into the afternoon. fed temperatures are already starting to climb for some of the east bay spots. oakland is coming in at 62, 63 and concord kif flivver more is at 66. as we check out what is on tap later this afternoon and it is absolute going to be the warmest day of the week. perfect for those of you have the day off. if expect temperatures to reach the upper 60s only to the mid-90s for your warmest memories we do expect cooler conditions as we head into tomorrow. mild-form as we wrap up the work week. full details of the extended forecast coming up. >>george: the dumbarton bridge is closed and is scheduled to reopen at 5:00 a.m.. this is the primary alternate route, the san mateo bridge. you'll see the conditions here look good.
9:31 am
light traffic for the south bay and ease the peninsula and north bay rights. >>darya: vallejo police are continuing their investigation of an officer involved shooting that left one man dead and another injured. it happened yesterday morning on pepper strike. police say that two officers were on patrol in the area when they spotted two men sitting in a vehicle. the offices are on the spotlight and that is what they say the driver got out and crouched behind the driver's side door. they said they opened fire when he reached for what looks like a gun in his waistband. they say they're looking to see what happened exactly but that officers fired because they thought he was armed. turns out that it was a pellet gun. now, many in the community including his mother said the shooting was unjustified. >> my son was sitting in his car theft.
9:32 am
he has a license! the car belongs to him. he was sitting in front. coke's >> i a.m crushed and a group. they killed my son. >>darya: police found and handgun and more than 50 50 ecstasy fills when they searched the car. both of the officers involved and place of a district of leave. >>darya: the democratic national convention begins tomorrow. of publicans met last week in tampa to officially nominate mitt romney as their candidate for president. they're raised the question on whether or not the country is better off since the president has selected. the vice president accused republicans of supporting dated policies and then promising
9:33 am
that president obama has a better path for. the >> of their social policies are out of the '60s. if foreign policy with echoes of the cold war fed's economic policies that brought us the great recession. >>president obama: on thursday at offer you a better path forward. a path that will grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthen the middle class the good news is coming you get to choose the path we take. >>darya: the president continues is a road trip during his campaign swings visiting ohio and touring new orleans band, it is on to the convention. the mysteries surrounding republican national convention is three speaker continues to deepen. clint eastwood's speech has been erased. it is just not there on the romney campaign you to tell. the video to has ever won olson's skull.
9:34 am
it has ever won a give a speech except klass eastwood. cost >> a new poll release indicates americans are divided on whether last week's republican national convention made them more likely to vote for the gop nominee. for every ton of gold said are more likely to support mitt romney hays on what they read or saw from the rnc. meantime, a 30 percent said there are less likely to vote for mitt romney. among independent voters from 36 percent said the convention made them more likely to vote for romney and 33% saying now. you can watch the uninterrupted coverage that we have of the democratic national convention on our 24-7 news channel, comcast channel 193 fewer >>darya: here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge which has been a really
9:35 am
quiet as have all the roads and bridges in the bay area today. thoughtful its gas prices on this labor day of the highest they have been on a labor day weekend. the national average is at $3. 80 a gallon. it's that is up ¢ from last labor day. the average cost of gas in san francisco is $4.22. analysts are sanguine gas prices are probably going to be decreasing costs as workers returned to the oil rigs on the gulf coast. >> campers have been evacuated in southern california because of this fire burning in the san gabriel mountains. more than 3,600 a. have been charged. right now it is only 5 percent contained. the campground typically attracts about 12,000 visitors are related. there are about 300
9:36 am
firefighters as well as air tankers and helicopters. >> the usgs is reporting a small earthquake hit beverly hills this morning care across a 3.3 shaking people in beverly hills. no damage or injuries have been reported. >> coming next, if it's an emotional homecoming not once, but twice for a soldier home from afghanistan, how these apprises family face and, the dumbarton bridge is said to open tomorrow morning, we are like watching a work happening as the bridge continues to be shut down this holiday weekend. we will be right back.
9:37 am
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last a half her her behalf
9:39 am
and >>darya: will come back. we want to take a look at the cemetery on a day forecast. a warm day today. it will be cooler this upcoming weekend.
9:40 am
enjoy your monday's labor day of if you have it. a soldier came home early from afghanistan and pulls off to surprises. the sergeants on coming to kids to tears. >> it is friday. for the kids at this n juda and high-school it is out what types. as the indians football team opens their season next week image years what has been practicing hard. cahow here is what is happening just around the corner, hidden inside the concession clouds appeared xi
9:41 am
kite hough all ahead than it is the season opener. hon the only thing is the center line and won it was for his death, his zero to watch him play. how his high-heeled hong
9:42 am
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9:47 am
>>george: the dumbarton bridge it remains closed. the possibility exists and that it opened earlier than scheduled.
9:48 am
your alternates are still doing pretty well. the san the day of rest of the north has no delays in either direction. this is the 70 tour. traffic across to 37 right now looks great. here is the current look at conditions. >>george: right now, everything looks great, so does the bay bridge. we have had no delays on the commute, no problem westbound or eastbound. for your golden gate bridge right we have seen a lot of fog and not much traffic. a little bit of los southbound. this is the heaviest it has been all morning long. >>george: if you're driving through said francisco, the
9:49 am
meters in the city are active today. >>darya: i do not like it, but ok. i love her abilities and the giants are slight. these are not just going for a wild-card berth in the playoffs, they're going for first in the a.l. west. oakland is three games back this in the oakland a's swept the red sox over the weekend. they have won nine straight. the giants left chicago with momentum after they completed a five-one a roadtrek. qr able to to a 3-0 lead against the cubs yesterday but then fell behind in the fifth inning. they rallied for a 7-5 victory. the winning runs came in the ninth inning courtesy of the god and as collateral. said francisco and is the day 4.5 games ahead of the dodgers. the dodgers starter home series today against a diamondbacks. the game today is that one of 5:00 p.m.. >>darya: thousands of fans and
9:50 am
petaluma are applauded league teams, welcoming the chance, yesterday after the russell little league world series. the title of national's editor runs as the second ring steve in the u.s. in the third in the world. everyone came all four big raids on us. thousands followed their success on television. volunteers to travel with the team still cannot believe the impact of these boys have had of the town. fellow with look around at the community and everywhere, they have made as giselle crowds. no.
9:51 am
no. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside and walnut creek. 680 is fine with hardly any cars. it is nicaean discuss her vehicl
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>darya: we're watching conditions on this labor day. a lot of sunshine. mt. tam on the left, the same story on the right as we look at sentences go from the roof on van ness ave. >>darya: kim kardashian was denied a star on hollywood all our -- of the hollywood walk of fame. >> i do not expect a kim kardashian star on hollywood's walk of fame and the times in syria is the reality tv's star
9:55 am
said she wanted to break the mold, according to the hollywood reporter, a hollywood chamber of commerce which determines who gets a star says the realities are is of the not on their radar. >>darya: a big hollywood actor had to be rescued. russell crowe had to be rescued by the u.s. coast guard he was kayaking with a friend of of long island and they got
9:56 am
lost. members of the coast guard were on a patrol boat and heard them calling for help. >>darya: here is a new way to share a beer with the president, you can drink the white house special brew which was a secret until now. the obama administration released its homemade beer recipe. the sunnyvale and the honey porter recipes are now available. the beers are made using honey harvested from the white house a beehive in to the rest of these lease comes after pressure from the online home growing community that included a petition on the white house what site in the freedom of information act request. >>darya: this is probably not the first thing you notice when you drink a beer, they say the shape of the glass helps to
9:57 am
affect how long it takes to drink a beer. >>darya: here is a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. it leads to get outside and party. we begin to cool down as we head into the work week. have a great labor day.
9:58 am
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