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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 10, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m. we are live and of vallejo. worthy and rum police chief is facing an angry crowd. >> so far this year police have shot seven people and killed five. families of the victims are calling for tighter controls over what they say has become a serious police problem. kate thompson joins us live. kate, we understand that this meeting was cancelled. >> yes. this meeting was shot down about one hour the crowd was completely out of
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control. the panel had had enough. we can see that the crowd is still the outside of city hall. it just was erupting. the city hall was trying to decide weather to have the citizen review of the panel for the police department. that is when the crowd went out of control a very rocky start from the beginning. the panel told the crowd that they had to settle down. but they could not control themselves there were outbursts. this meeting was shot down and tensions running high because of an officer involved issue. with a shooting. a 20 something was shot in his car. he tried to get out of his car and reached for a peloton. the family and mother were here tonight and they dispute the account of what
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happened. the mother saying that police have not let her see her son's body. >> is been eight days and i've not had a chance with no response. to see my son's body for my to make their real preparations. i would like to speak to the police to make the real preparations. i want to see the body. >>reporter: the demotions were in flames because the police chief was here but the public was emotions--in raged. the crowd was erupting. it is expected to be back at city hall tomorrow. that is when the city will have the meeting. >>pam: honoring an officer new details about the
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memorial service for c h p canyon youngstrom. grant? >> we know that the moral force young strum will be thursday in vacaville. the memorial service for young strum. you can see officers are saluting with vehicles from the c h p. it has been almost one week since youngstro it started as a routine stop but it was nothing but. this will be and leisure town road in vacaville at 10:00 a.m. there is expected to be a reception after the service in the gymnasium church. >> the san francisco are residents are encouraging to stand by ross mirkarimi. who
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pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after a bruising his wife's arms on new eve. reggie kumar talks about the media and the public scrutiny that they have in toward over the past couple of months. >>reporter: suspended ross mirkarimi was invited to speak at this public library and wanted to know what measures can be taken for him to not lose his job. >> there have been public discussion about his public integrity to hold office. i am a very troubled and concerned that they would use this as a way to surprise or deny. as i was asked to resign or face suspension without pay. that became the fourth in the road when i had to send a
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signal when my last pace check came into the month before april the supply could not provide for my family my wife had to go back to the country of venezuela where she could find work. my children and now is beginning to preschool. and the heat district we a for finding out how to work. >> tonight we will find out from the wife house she relationship has a relationship weather her husband will get his job back. >> a memorial service is planned for tuesday for this man that was found dead this weekend. brett michael olson was at a back to school celebration on the sacramento river. they lost track of him after a week of
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searching. his body was found on the sacramento river. this is planned at the high school. a new twist for the first day in court for this father suspected of kidnapping his children. they were rescued from a stolen yacht on friday. police say that his father took the children and tried to flee on a stolen sail boat. fisherman recognize the boat and authorities found him at sea. he was in court today there was an emotional outburst. >> at the san mateo courthouse he seemed extremely anxious during his arraignment. he looked out into the courtroom a seemingly searching to see who was in the court room. no cameras were allowed this was a short hearing. as the trench was wrapping up all of a sudden he started
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talking loudly as the--judge was wrapping up. he was standing behind a glass wall shackled in a orange sjump suit saying that his family was in jeopardy. the judge said speak to his attorney or what he could be said could be used against them a. he is facing five felony counts with kidnapping, a violation of a custody decree. willful cruelty towards a child of a burglary and buying or stealing stolen vehicles or equipment. on monday the mother had this to say. " i am very upset over his outburst in court. there is no truth in any of these abuse allegations. as a pediatric nurse it is my
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profession to help them not harm them he allegedly stole the children and as she was for getting a restraining order against them. in an interview she believed that he took the children because he was mad at her because she told him to get a job. he remains in custody at one half million dollars at the san mateo jail. q back in court on september 17th this will continue. he will be back in court. >>pam: football season is back with big victory and the 49ers facing one of the top teams in the n f l. last year they dominated over the green bay and the kicker was a 63 yd keeper tonight, the raiders will go live to
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j.r. stone. at the oakland coliseum. j.r.? >> it might be quiet outside but that is because the raiders are the heat of battle against the san diego chargers. it was not so quiet earlier. in these parking lots i was hanging with those tail gators. >> we are cooking with the special sauce. >> how does this rivaled the others? >> the boss is the sauce! [laughter] >> nobody. >> the secret is that everything is on the side with music. televisions, everything. >> how much is put into something like this? >> to be honest is my buddies and but i am pretty sure that there is a lot of money. with the speakers on the side. >> you are one of the youngest. >> i am 10 years old.
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>> a child labor! [laughter] >> if you like this? >> you could be one of the most fan spirit with the least amount of clothing. >> i have greater domination. >> you know, it is hot and frame of mind reader is the best team in the nation that that is what i am all about the raiders! >> look at this. butter! (cheers & applause) certainly a lot of fun outside and they are with 3- 3 the last time i checked the score. the energy was amazing and the temperatures for in the mid '80s. many people spent two hours getting. they did not care. once they got to the parking
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lot and they found their friends. >>pam: thank you, gerry r.. >> jacqueline: temperatures were rather warm. also 80s to the north bay and the south bay even in san francisco temperatures were 70's. 75 degrees in oakland. 80s in san material right now temperatures are rather mild. '70s and '80s and-a decent san mateo. and as our sea breezes are picking up at those wind speed could be bringing fog, overspread tonight even inland. briefly by tomorrow with sunny skies and temperatur temperatures--changing. sea breezes tomorrow keeping us cooler but for the rest of the week we will have a warming trend. wednesday, thursday, friday, i will show you how long it is
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going to get and how long that will last. >>pam: 8:00 p.m. chicago public school teachers are on strike what led to this massive walkout. >> the new iphone. wife financial analysts could have a big impact on the total wealth on the new iphone--5. >> free here rac hair cuts
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>> the significant part of fires in northern california is 45 mi. to the north. this please is 5 mi. to the south of hayfork. also good news from this fire. the mandatory evacuations that were in place have been lifted and also on the eastern portion of the burn zone have been shut down but the evacuations team is going to open up for emergency crews and locals. half or
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thousand 600 a.. 65 percent containment so far on this wild fire. charles crawford, kron 4. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures will be >> jacqueline: fluctuating with more cooler temperatures with inland valleys however still be fairly warmer. we will continue this warming trend. wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures in the inland valleys will be climbing towards the '90s. the bayshore towards the 80s but the coast will virtually stay the same. futurecast for tomorrow 50s and 60s and should go out the door. towards noon, '60s and '70s and '80s for the most part 60s for the coast. we will see more 80s as we move towards a 3:00 p.m. and i'm not sure about the '90s
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temperatures around the bay with the south-bay '80s in sunnyvale and to milpitas and 74 degrees in mountain view. and upper 80s and a few areas 80s in antioch and also livermore. pleasanton. 84 and concord with the '60s and '70s for the east bayshore. 60s in richmond, alameda with oakland. these temperatures are all going to be down about five degrees from what we saw today. all along the coast temperatures will stay cool because of that fog that should linger. 60s in ocean beach. and cooler in san francisco with 64 degrees and in the north bay temperatures will be mainly in the 80s. however 70's with 79 in petaluma 68, vallejo. taking a look at your extended forecast with widespread fog wednesday,
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thursday and less fog expected. confined to the coast and that will lead to warmer conditions. the fog is expected to return with temperatures returning. >> chicago's public school system hit the picket line toward the strike is happening in the third largest school district. about 350 students have nowhere to go what led to this walked out. >> what do we want? >> window want? >> up fair when it to we want it?-- >>reporter: with 350,000 students were held to host these students that were out. at this point money does not seem to be an issue they make an average
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of $70,000 per year and have been offered a 16 percent raise over four years. however this evaluation system that teachers could believe could lead to job galosjob-washed and also for the with the they are being treated. >> nationally, they have been demonized. teachers need resources and support. >> the focus of the effort seems to be directly towards rahm emanuel... he said that he could not be further from the truth of turning his back on them >> of course i love teachers in the work in very difficult situations. this is not about me or anything else let us focus on the education system is about it is about our children. they're learning an opportunity. >>reporter: the board of education has asked the teachers to return while
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negotiations continued. there is no indication that the union will go on with that. unless there is the deal reached soon there could be empty glasses again tomorrow. >> decision 2012 with antique--class's-empty classis possible again tomorrow if the negotiations are not met. >>catherine: after the sea and and and kv showing an increase over mitt romney. act cn and and the gallup poll showing, cnn showing the obama administration having a lead over the mitt
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romney. >> i was surprised that he did not mention unemployment or 47 million people on food stamps. >>catherine: this memo went out to the mitt romney camp saying that they should not get too worked up. and they say that mitt romney will win. more good news and for the first time since april the democrats have out raised more money than the republicans. raising a few more million dollars. august was the third consecutive month that the republicans raised over $100 million. and he has managed to put money away towards the general election campaign. >> coming up later this is a big night with the giants and colorado highlights. the a's and anaheim and the 8a
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nice night for sports. >>pam: we will give you the best seat to watch one of the most exciting event toward the blue angels fleet week oct 6.. okay, here's the plan.
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>> coming up what we found about the suspect to ran over to women in walnut creek. >> this $85 million estate for sale
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>>pam: air district authorities saying that improvements must be made. just one of several items that came out of today's meeting. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m when the fire broke out in >>reporter: august. many people ended up in hospitals but they were not sure on the levels of.
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>> i saw this and the air and richmond and how much am i breathing? >>reporter: members say that this must change with the amount of levels must be known and no and that could be the challenge of what better technology will be known. >> we need to know that this cost must not go to the consumer. >> prevention is also critical. the air district is going to planned to play a role >> this will require a change. and basically the district will be heavily involved in overseeing and making sure that the you even the unit will be constructed with the best technology available to minimize emissions. >>reporter: chevron officials also plan on installing air items and
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other areas. while the air district support the idea of additional monitoring the will like an but because they're not sure of the location could be the best location curedan kerman, kron 4 >>pam: this memorial will be remembered of the san bruno explosion victims and survivors joined city leaders to dedicate a plaque in the devastated neighborhood. sunday was 2 years. eight people were killed and their people were on the flag. the neighborhood continues with the 38 homes already being rebuilt. 100 people have filed a lawsuit against pg&e. many have yet to see their money. pg&e was also found in violation of pipeline safety. this is facing fines of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> these two women were
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driven over by a man. sherri hicks was visiting her son and his new wife in walnut creek. they're walking a do down the street. the new wife is clinging to life. >> police say they do not know why walnut creek resident was driving his red pickup truck onto the sidewalk. the impact left the vehicle wedged between a retaining wall and this light pole. drug & alcohol tests still are not complete but it shows a history of his dui. and after being convicted his license was
8:34 pm
suspended also a second time in 20 06 but the department of motor vehicles failed to state. after four years of his initial convention and 2009 his driving was reinstated. after this fatal crash he faces a vehicular manslaughter. >>pam: we want to show you a coastguard diver at this plane crash off the coast of california. this is near big sur. this was carrying a 37 year-old stanford shot and his father when the plane lost power. the emergency beacon alerted rescuers of their location. the plane was sinking shortly after. >> a 711 store clerk was murdered in milpitas. this was early morning this past weekend. rob fladeboe has the details on the first
8:35 pm
quarter of that city. >> i did not even know that somebody got killed. the first--murder. >> and neighbors are leaving flowers outside of this 711 on north milpitas boulevard are shocked that this clerk was shot dead. >> it is show you how brazen and willing the suspect was willing to take. >> police were called after 2:00 a.m. after this man was down inside the store. >> as officers arrived they found this employee was suffering from a gunshot wound and he was pronounced deceased at the scene and it is being treated as a homicide. >> the of the revealed very little but this killing was from an apparent hold up. nonetheless it is a top priority and calling on any
8:36 pm
witnesses to come forward cured >> we're pulling out all the stops. with other detectives contributing to this assignment and we are committed to the safety of this neighborhood. >> several customers are saying that they are shaken up by this violence that in this unusually violence this is usually very quiet. until now this consumer was not thinking twice to stop. >> i would not think twice about event late to get milk, or a soft drink but now it is scared. >> in milpitas, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> this is the kron 4 crime trucker. with several robberies in lake merritt. this-crime tracker--your north lake merritt on van buren it this
8:37 pm
suspect got much more with an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot a 17 year-old alameda boy every tried to rob the deputy and his girlfriend. the 17 suspect is recovering the. he apparently had a fake gun. meanwhile, there have been six other attempted robberies in this lake district. just in the last couple of days. on 10th stree street on the september 6th sixth. and september 7th on derrik avenue, staten avenue and two others on september 8th. grant avenue, harrison street and one itself o second avenue. crime tracker, kron 4. >> jacqueline: this live look with decent visibility but that fog could be returning. more on that but first let us talk about to these temperatures. more for the inland valleys. also
8:38 pm
warmer in the north bay with 88 in santa rosa. and even 70's in the san francisco with 80s in the south-bay and some areas with daly city and half moon bay both of the 59 degrees with a nosfoggy conditions mild. still, 70's with fog along the coast with sea breezes are starting to take hold of the coast. as we look forward towards tomorrow fairly widespread with the sea breezes pushing inland. it should cling to the coast with temperatures mainly in the '70s and '80s but there are warmer temperatures on the horizon with details on that, coming up. >>pam: the sluggish economy could get a boost from the new iphone code the new iphone 5 should be on with
8:39 pm
one half% adding to the nation's annual economic growth in the fourth quarter. it depends on several factors weather the sales will impact the sales of other smart phones cured >> a popular department store with a family friendly promotion at j.c. penney will have free haircuts from kindergarten through sixth grade starting in november. it is an attempt to revamp the company after j.c. penney suffered two consecutive quarter losses with a drop in sales. much more to come.
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>> this enormous home is no force tsale-92 a.. is on top of this help. it is--now for sale. with a pool, two different lakes tennis court and a barn. it is 9000
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square feet with nine bedrooms 8.5 bathrooms and a caretaker's cottage and a 2- bedroom gated house. they are selling this at $85 million. grant lotus, kron 4. >> still ahead and update on the raiders monday night opener. and buster posy and the giants battling the rockies in colorado. all of your sports, coming ou rockies in colorado. all of your sports, coming ou hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. rockies in colorado. all of your sports, coming ou oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email.
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> for several years we have been taught to stay right of the double yellow. however,
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these are the oakland fans. >> everything left of the double yellow all of these cars need to move wheat need to get going. >> you can tell that it is football season with these people chasing people down to try to football gear. >> now this was just interesting he was selling raiders ski mask while wearing a ski mask. >> i am trying to make some money. i to not want to make our actual economic goa--inbalance... i do not want this to impact us so that is why i sell things directly. >> this gas was $4 it was a
8:46 pm
battle if you needed to get a gallon of gas. >> how long have you been waiting to get gas? >> 20 minutes. >> in the same spot in nobody is moving. >> these raiders fans have been waiting to get into the parking lot you could get guess if you were lucky. and of course if you see something with an identification that there is a good chance they are selling tickets. >> this is just one way, >> a davis. in oakland, stanley roberts, kron 4 >> jacqueline: temperatures will be up and down with the wind north fairly strong that has been clearing out the fog toward however the sea breezes will be increasing that will be more cloud coverage. lingering along the coast. temperatures will be slightly cooler as a result near the coast. inland,
8:47 pm
still fairly warm but they will continue towards wednesday and thursday s that fog will scale back to the coast. let us take a look at futurecast with 50s and 60s. warming into the 70's and 80's for the most part. we will see a bit of cream along the screen indicating readings in the 60s. with mainly '70s and '80s tomorrow. a bit of that--green along be screened with temperatures in the south-bay with 80s expected. 74 degrees in mountain view. we will see readings in the upper 80s but it will only be 84 in concord. 87 degrees in pleasanton and the '60s and '70s for the east bayshore but temperatures will be cooler tomorrow. 60s in richmond, berkeley 70's in hayward. all of these are going to be 5, 10 degrees
8:48 pm
cooler than what we saw today temperatures along the coast will also be a bit cooler with several degrees cooler in san francisco with 64 degrees tomorrow. the fog is expected to linger along the coast guard and and the north bay temperatures will b mainly in the 80s. with 80s and sonoma. a look at your extended forecast. with fairly widespread fog but it will be confined to the coast temperatures will be cooling with a bit more comfortable for the inland valleys. >> good evening, everybody the giants are winding down in colorado. another so so giving up 4 runs and the giants were a little bit flat but they started to make a move. hunter crows
8:49 pm
deep with his 20th home run of the season. and the rockies have a 6-2 lead but the giants as they did a couple of years ago just keep coming back, coming back. buster posy hit ahome run. with eight top of the night and it is 6-5, col ronald your 6-5, rockies. six-five, anaheim. and with playoff ramifications and the a's have a 3-1 lead. it is in the seventh inning. the raiders are near halftime forces san diego. i have my eye is now 10-6 at the raiders have chickened out just seven seconds. they decided to kick a field goal is 10-6. with just
8:50 pm
seven seconds left in the first half and ray lewis. his 17th year in the league losing 20 lbs. everybody wants to be light, quick guarand baltimore is up. ed read with the interception. cincinnati always sounds good that it is going to be their year but tonight they were on the short and. 44- 13. the other brother of horrib-jim harbaugh--is brother but his brother was just ultimate in green bay. everything came up correctly. just like moss it was sporadic but when he was and there he caught four passes. and david acres, 63 yds that highs previous for the longest field goals, ever g. and frank gore..
8:51 pm
counting toward the raiders again at halftime with the 49ers. all sports are the- 22. >> alex smith, we played up front and everybody is doing a great job hustling. it was an exciting game, and exciting game for us. >> with the giants in the playoffs and the 80s and a great season but when the 49ers play a game to open the season and the a's... we were still pressing for that but was all about the 49ers. >> the entire time. >> yes. sometimes the host to not work enough but it was beautiful, radio by the even yelped. >> you will be talking about
8:52 pm
the raiders tomorrow? >> even if they lose. >> the 49ers played so great. you just cannot get livermore being outraged is the same people that get call talk radio. and that used twitter. have you ever seen anybody say that i am happy, i like my job, a girlfriend, my kids i think that i will go i will twiiter... maybe if the people that you hang out with a enjoy luxurious living >> and for the u.s. open. and andy murray trying to become the first british man since the 1930's. i think i
8:53 pm
am entertaining p.m. but she is watching something else [laughter] at least >>pam: and just something that if you are watching another channel? and it >> there are highlights from another game i did not call that there was something from the raiders. >> i would say that they have another great news product with elgar'--elder's column >> and let us take a break and regroup. that hurt my feelings! [laughter] but often
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cannot /+ /+
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>> college football however arkansas lost and there is one razorback fan. >> there is nowhere in the world that i would rather
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be >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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