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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 24, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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y. the hispanic scholarship fund has the information you need to help your kids go to college. good morning is monday september september 24th. the principle behind bars accused of building christopher met in g h p. the interim principal... details on the arrest >> a principle that was told to stay away from drugs is now selling drugs. >> i'm totally shocked that
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he will be involved in something like this working around children. >> he had arranged to meet an undercover agent. the agents started chatting with louis. investigators said they also find met amphetamines and other drugs in his san francisco home. >> this is supposed to be a good influence with the students >> louis been a principal at the school for about five years parents and students say are you seeing signs outside his office the drugs are bad. the principal and not practice what he preached. >> the school district put louis on on paid administrative leave. they don't believe he sold any trucks to students or parents. >> we don't believe there's
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any connection whatsoever between what he was allegedly doing and his work here. >> principles will be in court on monday the same deck chairs was to receive a letter about his arrest. in santa clara kron 4 news. >> the criminals ripped out copper wiring and faa would high. >> this is the second time this month these have stolen copper wiring from a stadium in hayward. the lights were working fine on this past tuesday. wednesday he had a disturbing call from the school district. >> they take the covers off the bottom of the polls and a step the wires on one in the go to the next poem snipped the wires then they pulled the wires all the way
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through. the thing about that is that they did a lot of damage but did not take any of the wire. some of the wire was discovered inside of the porta-potti next to the field. these managed to break through the walls and steal everything inside including copper wires. now they were high school cannot play night games to the wire and is fixed. >> this is the only feel that heywood has for the high school to play night games. with this type of damage no one benefits from it. >> the cost to repair these lights is $10,000 that's money the boosters club does not have. in hayward kron 4
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news. >> as did a check of the weather this morning with erica and our traffic this morning the morning erika >> good morning james is monday out there. after all the warm weather we did enjoy over the weekend right now we have some clout cover for the coast and a little bit clearer in an as of right now we're taking a live look right here i mount tam cam as we take a look at your headlines coastal fog right now. pretty dense north bay fog as well. sunny skies of vehicle compared to what we enjoyed this weekend temperatures will climb in the '80s. as we look ahead into the evening hours those clouds would make a comeback will see cooler weather and check it out current
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conditions 54 and down town san francisco oakland is waking up to 52 degrees. relatively clear conditions no problem visibility fair 4 fairfield i 80, however visibility about up to a mile. 9 mi. for those at the 10137 interchange. of the blue on your screen represents where you will see '50s well into the afternoon by 12:00 p.m. we will see '60s and '70s for the most part and as we go into the afternoon highs check out of that morning on your screen indicating where will see those. '70s and '80s in the south bay mid-
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70s for sunnyvale and '70s and '80s for santa clara upper 80s for antioch low eighties for concord '70s 4 the valley. upper seventies 4 novato, 66 your pretty mild conditions and for those of you heading to ocean beach it looks like we will be coming in at 63 degrees. kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows wednesday could be the coolest day of the week. check out the warming trend nice conditions '90s for the inland areas '70s around the bay and low sixties for the coastline it will hold on to that pattern of warm weather in afternoon sunshine. more on that pleasant forecast in
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just a bit. i did however one and take it over to our traffic. i don't have too many details i can tell you southbound 680 at pleasanton all lanes currently blocked in the southbound direction. you'll have to get off the freeway. backups are traffic perhaps people are commuting as of yet. stone ridge shut down in the southbound direction. quiet conditions around the bay area no problems out of oakland into the city with no leader like to deal with. 92 westbound looking good outwits foster city we do have a bit of fog but southbound 101 looking good for those coming into san
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francisco. back to you james >> a 16 year-old girl is cut recovering this morning after being struck by a truck in san lorenzo yesterday morning. the driver of a single vehicle stock that girl and fled this thing. the driver is described as an asian woman in her 30's. the car is described as a silver $4 a day in that may have done it damage to his front left bumper. police have arrested a san francisco man in an attempt to duck a young girl. he took her a short distance away from the elementary school. he was booked in san mateo county jail. police believe he have had he has had two prior incidents. much more coming
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up on the kron 4 news stay with us.
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the next bill, apprehensive breast tissue screening as surgeon said it will improve breast cancer with women in with dense breast tissue. the dense breast tissue could make it harder to evaluate the results of the mammogram. didst tissue
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appears white on a mammogram and so does cancer. this gives women an opportunity for more testing that otherwise would be missed. >> the san bruno pipeline explosion...... depending on one of the benchmarks are reached the commission will have to take the company's safety record into consideration when determining the rates they are allowed to charge customers and finally part party bosses this law goes limousine operators cannot trump charter bus, is responsible for underage drinking. after crashing his car during hours of drinking on a party was to celebrate the fence birthday a person
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was injured. a chapel on at least 25 bureau must be on the bus. if a mine entrance on the bus the bus driver and the shopper kron are looking ex at least $2,000 in fines those laws will go into effect on january 1st. kron 4 news >> we will take a break when we come back word on a criminal investigation at the richmond chevron. will have a complete check of whether and traffic coming have a complete check of whether and traffic coming up. ernet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price.
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>> the rich refinery
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reportedly bypass the flare monitor between 2005 and 2009. >> members at the refinery notice something coming out of the stacks went to chevron said lessee your data. julia explains the flaring did not show up on saffrons monitor so the air district looked at surveillance videos to show a number of flaring that happen over years the monitor to not pick up. now the environment protection agency is investigating whether this is negligence by the chevron refinery or if this is intentional. officials are unable to comment at this time. chevron weights eight an evaluation by the epa and faces a fine.
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>> we want to understand what happened and we want to make sure that they knowledge that this is not going to happen again be in richmond on nicole kron 4 news. >> refinery fire in august and thousands of residents to the hospital in august because of toxic smoke. meanwhile san francisco police are going to host a town hall meeting today to address the public about a shooting by the police. now want to wildfire neumes a fast-moving wildfire in riverside county. the fire started around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and
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quickly spit spread to more than a hundred acres. more than 50 firefighters are fighting the blaze the cause of the fire is under investigation. 70 homes just north of the mexico border that fire started yesterday afternoon located about 65 mi. north of san diego. the fire burned 8,000 a. and damage 4 structures. authorities are working to get that fire control. let's bring it back here to the bay area and talk about our whether it was born in spots over the weekend let's get the forecast for today. the morning james it will be cooler today in and we will drop between 5 and 10 degrees headed to the afternoon. the fog will start to clear up and we will see sunny skies into the afternoon we have to get there first. we are having
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issues with visibility and temperatures. for reasons santa rosa 4 is near napa 42 in oakland we will continue to see pat to dense fog along the coastline to you up in the north bay. don't be surprised if you see cloudy conditions near the peninsula for oakland and berkeley. we will see a fair amount clouds along the coast line and we will definitely see bricks of sunshine for half moon bay and plenty of sunshine and blues gossage awaited everywhere else. another day of '70s and '80s 4 south bay a bit cooler compared to yesterday's still comfortable. eight degrees
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74 over in sunnyvale woman than that in mountain view, '90s however 4 fairfield 83 for concord 75 inspected in hayward low 80s 4 petaluma and santa rosa vallejo climbing up to 78 degrees. we do have dense morning fog along the coastline their conditions into the afternoon. take a look at the extended forecast we will continue to forecast a gradual warming at temperatures above the seasonal average. sunshine just-in-time for the week in. with that he'd whether we have dry conditions and that could certainly be dangerous for wildfires. 84 release of the first half of
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the week thursday we turned the corner were ahead into the lower 90s '60s for the coast line plenty of sunshine will continue with that warming trend through the weekend as well. again temperatures above the seasonal average. relatively mild along the coast. over in the chair traffic center i am monitoring southbound 680 at stone ridge 3:00 hour we did have a major injury accident and drink a pedestrian. we have a live crew headed to the scene because it's so early. we are not sing backup again there is no estimated time of when these lines will reopen. this is something that will be ongoing throughout the morning. more details throughout the morning in my next report the approach may be plaza
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pretty good ride san mateo bridge just 13 minutes from in in at the golden gate bridge a dense fog advisory so certainly keep that in mind of the conditions for those of you commuting. james >> still ahead more strikes in chicago but this time it is for from people want to see the chicago symph
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city council members support the program for high-school students to be issued free condoms. >> the chicago symphony is now walking the picket line mourn 2000 people and music director ricardo movie is disappointed. positions have agreed to work while negotiations were intact. we did not walk away from the bargaining table and we invited them to make a counter but they held on their positions which is a way of saying goodbye. they knew the consequences of their actions and will discourage that they are not trained their actions
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and a different manner. but that's like >> the musicians have been working without a contract since sunday the 16th. a giant panda cub born a week ago and the zoo in washington has died. to official said the baby panda died just yesterday morning the mother was in distressed they retrieve the cup they tried cpr but the panel did not respond. there were no outward signs of trauma or infection. >> this is devastating for all of us here. it's hard to describe how much passion and energy and care has gone into this. we have a terrific team i am so proud and confident of the staff of volunteers and
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scientists. it is
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and we're back time 4: 30. a category 2 hurricane located off the baja peninsula, hurricane miriam is moving northwest we will be tracking its movements if there is a danger we will let you know.
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>> let's turn to the bay area bv the morning to you james we are waking up to a bit of cloud cover cloud cover for bay shores clear conditions inland. as we take a look at some your weather headlines today to the germane in the low 60s cosi upper 80s fairfield and and the. teachers will be above the seasonal average tomorrow. more details come in on that and an extended forecast less checkout current conditions and visibility as you head out the door. new issues for the freeways in terms of the weather. visibility down to 5 mi. at the 101 in santa rosa and two rows along the
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coastline those using highway 101 this morning. looks as though we will see clear conditions into the late morning early afternoon. futurecast 4 shows by six atm tempters will be in the '50s. '60s were the coast line '70s for the majority of the bay area portions of the south bay is where we will see the '80s and we will see the '80s more widespread as we head into the afternoon highs. it will be a bit cooler compared to yesterday's sunnyvale at 74 degrees 77 south bay '80s for in an east bay valley checkout fairfield 88 degrees 83 expecting
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concord castro valley 70 to 75 in castro's city. napa 83 degrees 66 in san francisco. looks like it will be a little bit warmer could lose a couple of degrees by minced basil today were a mistake we could see follicle conditions in the morning our sunshine in the afternoon. by thursday looks like we turn the corner for your warmest in on areas '70s around the bay los '60s for the coast. temperatures above average friday saturday and sunday. pretty toasty inland we will not
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gain as much as we be '60s below '70s. >> this is southbound 680 in pleasanton it happened around 3: 50 a vehicle struck a pedestrian it is confirmed as a fatal accident. as of right now are roadway centers are not showing any signs of slowing. the chp has no estimated time of when the lights will reopen. the corner has been called to the scene as of right now you will be escorted off and take a detour around the freeway and go back to 680. interstate 580 as an alternate route and take 84 the pigeon past to get around those delays. no
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estimated time of when the lanes will be open. the bay bridge toll plaza and other areas look pretty good. five a. the richmond center field bridge over at the san mateo bridge we are seeing the volume of traffic increased out towards foster city. southdown 1 01 is well within our cam shot and we are seeing...... the chp has issued a dense fog advisory so please be mindful of the cars in front of you. james thank-you erica >> president obama is attentive to get more mileage out of that hidden video.
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>> there are 47 percent of the people...... a week since mother jones published a speech by mitt romney. mitt romney attacked 47 percent of americans who pay no income tax including veterans elderly and disabled. my job is to not worry about those people. meanwhile the romney campaign quickly pounced on comments by president obama in an interview that aired on cbs sunday. 60 minutes as if he felt pressure from israel's prime minister. when it comes to our national security decisions any pressure that i feel is simply to do with what's right for the people. i will
4:37 am
block out any noise. i feel an obligation to make sure that we are in close consultation with the israelis because it affects them deeply. the romney campaign responded " president obama called israel's legitimate concerns about our kron on with nuclear weapons noise this is just the latest evidence of justice chronic this regard for securing our closest ally in the middle east. on interest bin to reporting >> meanwhile mitt romney is also restored responding to a new ad put out that a tax. i think the president's campaign has focused its advertising in many cases on very in accurate
4:38 am
portrayals of my position they have been very aggressive in their attack attacks both on a personal and policy basis. he's tried to fool people into thinking that i think things i do not. >> a reminder those debates will kick off october 3rd at the university of denver. domestic policy will be the topic of focus. in idaho south dakota and vermont voters can show up in polled in person. we will take a break it is 4: 30 with world news will be back in just a moment.
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and we are back. in world
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news bristol british and 47 have alerted the you in that a man was sickened by a kron virus which causes solarz. bridge british health protection agency's report the virus samples from the patients were identical to those who died earlier this year from stars. >> after a fight broke out at the apple company among employees. officials say the fight was of the control after 10 hours because of the fight is still under invest the asian. meanwhile pakistan is distancing
4:42 am
itself from an anti is long film that sparked the protests throughout the world. an offer of $100,000 to anyone who could kill the film maker does not represent official policy. kfc restaurants and pakistan are closing their doors in wake of the anti-american protests. the move is a precautionary measure after the attacks in lebanon last week. attacks came in light of a crudely made anti islamic video in the nine states. kfc has more than 60 restaurants in 21 pakistan cities. >> we will take a break is 4: 42 the fog not terrible
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we will get the latest on your forecast in the second.
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>> a lot toto close to the airport where you can see the planes. it's a great revenue is exit a great open door for traveling. people are staying in this area. staying in their area of san francisco is a great draw. >> the loss model is style and steel. and for movie
4:46 am
buffs was once the old thunderbird hotel. >> imagines at the age of 90 you are at the top of your game. middleman who has captured landscapes. dissymmetry the delta the coast place as we know so well. i think.. on a. fell. 4 news foremost landscape painters have spent a lifetime looking out and in. the chinese cannot seem to get enough of his mom to mental vision. >> at 90 repine this has seen many changes in the california landscape. " will
4:47 am
future generations see in his paintings they will look at my work and say i have been there and you haven't really 4 you will think you've been there. and i can connect with you. >> you can see the paintings in san francisco's caldwell snyder gallery. >> as we take a look at cooler conditions around the bay area until the afternoon. a couple of spots climbing to the '90s.south bay and the east bay. checking out current conditions the upper 40's reported in santa rosa and novato. hold on to 54 for oakland and san francisco 51. still in the '50s
4:48 am
antioch 57 degrees and livermore. we won't see too much change during the 6:00 hour. by lunchtime we will see sixties. pretty warm if not comfortable conditions by lunchtime and the swatches of the awards on your screen indicate the '80s. we will see more in the way of the '80s south santa rosa stretching over to the livermore valley. expect conditions to be a bit cooler but still seasonal. 76 in fremont 78 in santa clara and 75 in palo alto turn your attention to the east bay in inland valley upper 80s. 83
4:49 am
over and concord 73 in san leandro and cloudy conditions sunshine also for the coast line 63. upper 60's and 70's '40's bay shoreline in san bruno 72 degrees. your kampf kron 47 day around the bay shows by thursday we will start to see temperatures start to warm up '70s around the bay and low 60s around the coast line. >> more details on your forecast coming up in just a bit. we're also tracking hotspot southbound 680 around stone ridge drive we did receive reports of a vehicle involved with a pedestrian and we have confirmed that it is a fatal accident. we are starting to
4:50 am
see our first instance of a back up just before the 586 interchange slow 50 mi. per hour actually 20 mi. per hour. an update for your traffic is been diverted to southbound 680 protect the foot hill road off grant on stone ridge drive and back to i 680. again we could start to see backups' later on this morning from westbound 582 livermore depending on how long the accident is out. you may want to consider using 84 if that is your commute this morning. for more details coming up with george and a live report in just a bit. a little bit more busy here at
4:51 am
the approach bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge moving well 13 minute drive from into in. a dense fog advisory is in effect for those of you heading to the toll plaza. no delays for a.c. transit. james >> thank you erica. sebastian jankowski he kicks a 43 yd field goal. raiders redound early but managed to score the final 13 ritter's first win of the season. that keeps pace with their division rivals broncos and the cheese. the san francisco 49ers loss of the
4:52 am
vikings yesterday's. pikas quarterback threw two touchdowns and ran one in his self. tough game for the niners. the san francisco 49ers fall to two and one now trailing arizona cardinals. and clinching the national league west title this san francisco giants against the san diego padres. next up the giants take up with arizona. after a heartbreaking loss in the 14th inning the new york lacy yankees lost five to four. the a's told the final wall wild card spot.
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we will take a break its 4: 52. pretty dark but realists give the clear more news in one minute.
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the morning we are tracking a hot spot southbound 680 in pleasanton at stone ridge drive a accident and a detour is in place. of traffic being diverted off at westbound 580. again we have no estimated time of when the lanes will be open but we have a live report with kron 4. >> on happier news it was a
4:56 am
night of magic for tv's most entertaining celebrities. they knew him full of golden statues to deserving actors and actresses. we have the highlights of the big winners. in their finest designer dresses and tuxedos television stars paraded down the red carpet for the enemy " awards. gimmal jimmy kimmel hosted. the john choir to calm the price war as outstanding lead actor julia louis- dreyfus one. actor michael j. fox announced the top comedy. which was modern
4:57 am
family. among the dramas homeland dominated picking up awards for outstanding serious outstanding actress claire danes. i'm proud to be in their company said clear danes. in the ride show category the daily show with don stored defendant its winning streak the 412 straight years. >> still ahead on the kron 44 morning news a principal arrested on drug-related charges. president obama and mitt romney in a heated advertising battle. more from his reaction in a minute. how wild fires are
4:58 am
affecting thousands of homes in san diego. [ owner ] i need to expand
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.the principle behind bars accused of building christopher met in g h p. details on the arrest liam with weather and traffic will begin with the traffic george the morning >> this is a major problem and will have been a big impact on the community even
5:01 am
if it's cleared fairly quickly. 680 southbound just south of the 580 interchange and accident has completely shut down the southbound lanes. when i spoke with the chp moments ago they could not confirm that the corner had arrived on the scene which is an essential part of getting the accident cleared up in getting the roadways reopened. the corner was called shortly before 3:00 and has not yet arrived on the scene. >> we will show you the location of the problem just south of the dublin interchange on 680 southbound. so much of the traffic makes the turn at south down 580 the detour has been set up in place. the traffic will come west
5:02 am
of the interchange take foothill boulevard south to stone range. caltrans is working on putting up signs for the detour. >> good morning to you georgias we take a live look out here downtown san francisco we have some clout cover. we do have some calls them bay falk. down into the afternoon the fault will clear up sunny skies conditions will be a bit cooler. the clouds will make a comeback into the evening hours and we will see cooler temperatures. where are those numbers expect to go we will have full details on our forecast coming up in just a bit >> let's get back to the accident that we were speaking of a minute ago.
5:03 am
the pedestrian killed on the freeway was get out on the field with the latest. >> jackie have you seen any activity along the lines of the corner arriving. >> the corner has not arrived. the body of the victims still remains in the middle of the lanes visibly in the third lane from the left the body is covered. the corner has not arrived yet all lanes are blocked as i turn around you can see the traffic right here about a mile away from 68580 merge. 680 is being shut off and traffic is being filtered to 580. the body
5:04 am
will not be moved until the corner has arrived. people may be stuck on the freeway for at least an hour plea >> you can see there are several officers on the scene the body of the victim remains in the traffic. if we get an eta about traffic from the cpa. >> miles longworth backup on 680 both jackie in georgia on the developing story. >> thank you james another story we are watching montague elementary school principal arrested in a police sting will be in court today. eric jean lewis
5:05 am
was arrested at a caltran station by an undercover agent. investigators said they found methamphetamine and other drugs on him and in his san francisco home. he has been placed on administrative leave. we don't believe there is any connection whatsoever there's no evidence of any connection between what he was allegedly billing in san francisco and his work here. >> he has been a principal at montague elementary school in santa clara for over five years. >> these ripped out copper wire on the hayward high football field. this is the second time this month these stm the sun set stadium and in this instance this these did not get away from with the
5:06 am
copper wire. there were unable to haul it off and just left it. >> they take the covers off the bottom of the hose and a snit the wires on one in and then they pulled the wires through. wires are approximately 4 ft. high. the thing is that they did not take the wire because they did not have a way to halt it. this is the only feel that they were has won high schools complainer night games with this type of damage no one benefits. >> earlier this month these somehow broke into the walls of the stadium snack bar and stow everything inside including carpal wiring and the scoreboard. >> a worker was killed at
5:07 am
san francisco international airport. investigators say he was driving the service truck when he crashed into a parked aircraft around 530 yesterday morning the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> a town hall meeting will be held to address the public. the shooting prompted angry protest what which turned destructive. >> changes coming to the dow jones industrial average will be coming soon on kron 4 news.
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5:11 am
>> will the back. the dow jones is adding one more stock but dropping kraft foods. they are separating their north american groceries service and becoming a smaller company. >> tracking the hot spot in pleasanton. the 680 southbound. there are all closed at stone ridge. the c h p is shutting down the freeway at interstate 580. sadly, some of motorists have been between those two different on reps. however, you can see that disclosure of those two different on-
5:12 am
ramps. at the dublin interchange and the westbound 580 and the southbound is being rerouted to the south to foothill boulevard. to connect not with stone which to rejoined the freeway. there is a reporter on the way with stone ridge-to rejoined >> and also, there is a bounty placed on that filmmaker. the pakistan the ford offers are saying that $100,000 for anybody that will kill the filmmaker is not the official policy of the country of pakistan. this was announced on saturday. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a criminal investigation into the chevron refinery. as we .
5:13 am
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> this criminal investigation at the chevron refinery explosion. after a second investigation into the massive fire. the san francisco chronicle reports that a pipe inside the refinery in richmond that was using rerouting carbon gases around. this engineer works with the engineer and working with the county to regulate safety. he says
5:17 am
that in any event of an emergency the refinery will bypass the commissions process and it could flare hydrocarbons into the air. however, they bypassed that flare monitoring and 2005-20 09. >> it happened to be discovered when they're in air investigator and he noticed something was out of the stacks. it went to chevron and requested the data. >> they explained that it did not show up on the short run monitor so they looked at surveillance video. a number of activities of flaring and system did not back up pick up. if the-is with-negligence or intentional? a $175, 000 find has been imposed and the investigation is still continuing. also, the august
5:18 am
refinery fires sending thousands to the area hospitals. there is a meeting scheduled for the latest at 6:00 p.m. this evening at richmond auditorium and convention center. >> meanwhile, some slight relief at the gasoline pump. the average price is starting to repeat--retreat from the peak that we saw in the month of september. however, there are still some of the highest prices in the nation in the bay area. and $4.17. and in oakland, $4.17. their only down about one penny from yesterday. and george, that hot spot on the 680? >> there is no good news. southbound at pleasanton at stone ridge shut down. it is
5:19 am
right at the dublin interchange. here is the investigation. there is a pedestrian that was killed and discovered on the freeway this morning. this is a fatality. we are waiting for the county board --waiting for the coroner to arrive.. it is 680 southbound. the freeway clochard is closed at 680 at 58 is 0. all of that lane. it's the freeway- closure is closed at 600. and if it were to continue to the interchange is not able to. it is being diverted west, on to the 580 card at the first exit = 4 help your full tilt towards a stone ridge and then the stone ridge to rejoin the high rate. and from the
5:20 am
first exit is stone ridge. fife even jackie the our reporter will be on the scene, with an update there are no other hot spots. the san francisco and oakland bay bridge is trouble-free. and the san mateo/92 is also to lead- free. and this mood on of the golden gate/101. it delayed-free of the san mateo-- >> good morning, george. we will have a cool down for this afternoon. just as fickle back to work.
5:21 am
>> it looks like we could see for this afternoon. perhaps a bit cooler along the coast. as we check out visibility just as just 2 mi.! the coast. there is dense fog! and also to the north bay. for the next couple of hours and before the sun rises. focusing on temperatures at 6:00 a.m. that the blue is representing the 50s. it looks like those microclimates will be developing by 3:00 p.m. the afternoon high, that green is representing the 60s. '70s before the heart of the day. that orange is indicating where we will see those 80s. again, the 80s in the south bay but mainly for the inland/east bay valleys. and looking at the comparison from yesterday.
5:22 am
the same in palo alto and we could see low 80s for los gatos and 70 degrees expected in campbell. upper 80s in fairfield, antioch. 75 degrees in castro valley and plenty of sunshine in walnut creek. after that cloud coverage clears, upper 70's in san rafael. don't tell san francisco, 66 degrees and downtown--san francisco 66 degrees. check out the san bruno. and if you're going to ocean beach. your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will continue with warmer weather for the ocean until least wednesday. and by wednesday, temperatures will be above seasonal average. toasty conditions with 90 degrees, inland. however, the sea breeze will not impact the temperatures along the coast. >> following this fast-
5:23 am
moving wildfire in the southern california. it is threatening to hundred homes. it is north of to macula in marietta- t emecula there are 200 homes at risk. and there are 200 firefighters battling that. also, there is a second world fire near the mexican border. this is impacting 170 homes that have been impacted right to the border. it started at noon, yesterday. it is 65 mi. north of santiago. it burned over 1,000 a.. for different structures have been destroyed at the mexican border. and there have been four structures... destroyed. still because is not known. >> still ahead, because--is
5:24 am
not known of that fire. also, some sad out of washington d.c. zoo/
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
welcome back. the celts all lanes of interstate 600 at pleasanton. there is an accident at the southbound. 680 at stone ridge with a fatality. at interstate 580. and we understand that there is the release of some of that traffic that has been released between the closure and the freeway closure. however, that traffic will be allowed to pass at the scene. looking at the traffic maps the closure is southbound. with a detour to foothill boulevard to stone ridge to rejoin the highway. this is already impacting the
5:28 am
westbound 580 this is an interchange to avoid. james? >> thank you, george. on national news this panda cub has died at the smithsonian's to in washington yesterday. they heard the mother in distress. they retrieved the baby, and tried thcpr but it did not respond they did not see any signs of infection. we will be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> welcome back 5:30 there is an incident at the east bay. 680 southbound with a fatality. it is impacting traffic but first, let us get out to the scene with
5:31 am
jackie. it looks like the traffic pattern has been changed? >> a the but of different news. the victim however is still in the middle of the 680 and the county coroner.. is still not on the scene. it has been stopped for a least 1.5 hours. there least a 1 mi. backup. they are going to allow this tropical near the scene. release that traffic and go on to that--traffic onto the center divide. than that for your rolfrom that-- traffic will finally recover but only will be able to pass on the center divide. the body remains. are waiting for the
5:32 am
coroner.. there is no determination on how long it is going to the. this entire freeway shutdown. this happened that 3:30 there is a male victim that was struck. we do not know it could have been multiple times. there's no identification from the c h p. this backup lasted about 1 mi.. and they are taking all of the traffic off the 680 southbound at the 580 interchange. if you are coming down this direction it is traffic relief. if there least 1 mi. that is going to be able to pass along the center divide. after that, perhaps we could get an update from the c h p for more information. >> that is the latest and george this is impacting the 680 and also the 580
5:33 am
westbound? >> correct coming out of the livermore valley. and more through the interchange is coming from the westbound 580 than the south 680 interchange. the movement does not represent an opening of the freeway. but merely an attempt from the c h p to clear out the vehicles that were backed up between the five days or and stone ridge. and a very generous move on their part. but with a 5-80 and stone ridge-, when there is a closure like this. sometimes it could be held up for hours as it was on interstate 680. the traffic map, there is the backup and the drive is still here on interstate 680. closure is in place. as you will notice the traffic sensors are indicating the biggest backup is not on the southbound 680 but an westbound 580. it is going
5:34 am
to be encouraged to be using the interchange at the photo board south to stone ridge. and also another opportunity is to use the 84. and go through pension pass. on first. pigeon...pass through the dublin interchange this is going to use through creek canyon road. to get around that closure. however, you are going to a to contend with a lot of extra traffic westbound 580. >> as we take a look at the weather. temperatures are in the 50s. 55 in san francisco. and it looks like cooler conditions for this afternoon. a could be the coolest day of the week. we will gain a couple of degrees with morning clouds
5:35 am
and sunshine. and a warming trend is expected with even 90's full details on that with your kron 4 7 day around the bay coming up. we have been falling this developing story with a fatal shooting overnight in hayward. we have been following this developing story w. and will? this was an officer involved shooting? >> yes. it was with a hayward police officer. 4.5 hours later, the officers are still in front of this dirty bird lounge. cars are being allowed to pass through but this parking lot it seems like all of those customers are still there. they are trying to preserve the crime scenes. i spoke with the hayward police department operator. the officer was not injured there is a sting operation but there was an altercation that took place. the hayward
5:36 am
police officer and was involved however, the suspect was killed. we voted more information the officers experience and also--we reported that the officers experience we will bring you more information at the dirty bird lounge. >> does that seem to be impacting traffic? >> both directions, they are both not impacted. tillites for the northbound. the headlights are southbound. but the tail lights are northbound tennyson however, he is be ha been shut down. both lanes are available northbound, on a mission.
5:37 am
>> thank you. mission street not shut down. >> 5:36 still ahead of the kron 4 morning news. we are looking at important recall if you shop at trigger cho peanut pfft butter...trader joes. @ñ
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> we are back this morning. we are speaking of trader joe's about 20 cases of salmonella trader joe's. this is due to peanut butter made with sea salt. if you brought the product you are asked to throw it away. in
5:41 am
several states they are trying to investigate this outbreak. >> the scientists have found four major breaks with breast cancer. the study is the latest example for research that is due to tumors and to where it actually arises in the body. parents are influence in their teenagers behavior's behind the wheel. most of the teenagers have gotten their bad habits from watching their parents. parents' answering their phones while driving have impacted their teenagers also answer the phone while driving. motor vehicle accidents are the major cause of most teen deaths. >> more on the raiders come
5:42 am
back. moren the niners of loss. .
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back to kron 4 news. this is on interstate 680 the southbound area. you are looking at traffic that is being. there was a pedestrian killed on the freeway this morning. the corner has just arrived on to sing. this does not reflect the change of the freeway this is just the c h p letting of these vehicles
5:46 am
have been trapped here for a few hours and they are now being able to move through the scene. once the corner is finished with his investigation. the incident happened here at stone ridge. all of the traffic that was c able to go through. the traffic on 680 south brown has spent be toward. however this is still jamming of traffic on the city streets and it has blocked sa. the ride through
5:47 am
the kitchen pastoral that area is completely jammed because a lot of motorists are using this way instead of highway 84. a lot of people used his bypass already and they're now being joined by a lot of other motorists. they have no indication when they will reopen this interchange. >> at the san mateo bridge highway 92 is still a good ride with no problems. on 11 southbound shows very light traffic. >> first off the principal of a school will be in court today eric dean lewis was
5:48 am
arrested on drug charges at a cow stand train station. the undercover officer contacted him on an undercover web site. police are investigating a fatal shooting in antioch. it happened about 10:30 p.m. last night they found 30 year-old dead at the scene. we're also following hurricane marion it is not a category to. right now is centered write-off of mexico and imposes no threat to land at this time. let's
5:49 am
bring the focus back to the bay area. >> as we take a live look temperatures in san francisco is. we do have clear conditions ever were alice the temperature is a little bit cooler. before we get there this is considered sweater weather. 57 is the warm spot in antioch. it looks like daly city is waking up to 52 degrees. into the 6:00 hour we do see a situation above the cosine. as we head into the afternoon but was still see a fair amount of clout. we will make san a little bit of sunshine every where else. it will be. '70s and
5:50 am
'80s are set for the south bay. the semi '60s for fremont. we are climbing to the upper 80s for freeport. it is cloudy and the north bay right now but sunshine is said to be out in the afternoon. 66 for downtown san francisco. our seasonal high usually puts us right in the '70s. vallejo is at 70 degrees. we will continue to see dense morning fog along the coast. we will experience a gradual
5:51 am
warming trend. the problems with the heat is because the fire danger around the bay. eurus 7 day around the bay show you that around thursday it will be low 60s. >> bay area sports. raiders dairy yes he took eight big hit. he was knocked unconscious but he is now in stable condition. no penalties have been called for the nasty hit but the player who hit him will be fined by the nfl. the radio
5:52 am
operators received at a. it is their first win of the season as the coach celebrated their 40th birthday. the forty-niners lost to the minnesota vikings yesterday. the vikings' quarterback throw two touchdowns but the minnesota vikings finished the forty-niners off later the forty-niners fall to one and two right now. they do trail the areas on a >> the giants lost six to four. nextel for vaginas is for them and take up with the diamondbacks.
5:53 am
>> the oakland a's finally beat the new york yankees. three runs batted dan and a's are holding on. they're taking on texas. we are waiting for the dairy is heyward's condition.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> the amazing grace received a in may for the best show. madman also had a
5:57 am
lot of nominations but they failed to win an award. billy joe armstrong is getting help for a substance abuse. that happened friday adorn the i hard music festival. the ban apologize to anyone that was offended. >> in we have the latest with the east bay. we do have more on the closure. an overnight shooting in antioch had a man dead. the san clara principle was arrested on drug charges.
5:58 am
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