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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 26, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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according to the police report obtained by kron 4 news the police enforcement team found cameras and a teddy bear. also seized were computer files. he will undergo heavy scrutiny in light of his job as a high school principal. >> in particular because of the assets to minors and because he was the principle they want to make sure that no minors were involved in this. >> the principle of montague elementary school were the parents and teachers were shocked. louis faces five drug-related felonies. of the hidden cameras one investigator wrote that " there was no apparent reason to have so many hidden cameras, especially one
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hidden in a teddy bear. this is possible evidence the investigator goes on to say to cry and we may find on his computer i.e. videos. >> there is some type of sexual assault and ball for some type of video taping for and the the employs zero had been drugged by this man if this is shown on this videos. >> he will be back in court again on friday. kron 4 news. >> to people have been arrested for commercial burglary in palo alto that berkeley happened at the old facebook headquarters. one of the suspects was an off- duty security guard was assigned to that building on page bill road. accord is recovered 49,000 computers. the officers were no longer- test the offices were no longer occupy it. 21 year-
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old brandon salmon who was a security guard for a time when 21 year-old travis cow whom are currently behind bars in santa clara county. >> let's get a look at the weather. >> today is the last day of mild one temperatures in the bay area starting tomorrow we will see temperatures climb to the '90s tomorrow officially marks the first day of the warming trend as of right now we do have some clout covered. pretty widespread coupled with the onshore flow we are seeing clout cover for pretty much everyone. your temperature's out the door in the fifties later on this afternoon to the upper 50s '60s, '70s, and low 80s. >> looks like the clouds will return to the coastline and we will see if their conditions were pretty much everyone else. this is showing how widespread th /+
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the cloud cover is. for miles for half moon bay 3 up in santa rosa and religious depends on where you're located bush is certainly drive with extra caution and be mindful of the cars in front of you. as we see where the temperatures are going later today this is our 6:00 hour the blue on your skin cream represents the '50s. not too much movement until the afternoon hours. 60s along the coast line '70s for the majority of the bay area. as we pushed closer to your afternoon high we see more in the way of orange indicating '80s not only for the livermore valley and the delta of the parts of the north bay and down in the south bay as well. as we take a quick sampling of those and those numbers neighborhood by neighborhood, 70 degrees for san francisco could reach 85 in fairfield and the fog and
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expected for livermore. tomorrow is just really the start of it as we head into the weekend saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the week. could see mid 90's and 70's for the coastline. we will start to lose a couple of degrees every day as high pressure starts to break down. over the traffic center not looking at any hot spots a great time to leave your house. traffic flowing freely out of oakland into the city. cruising at the san mateo bridge weston ease down the drive is 13 minutes into in no stalling whatsoever at the golden gate bridge. i have been checking with the chp in their no incidents to look for too. >> are right erika thank you backed headlines this morning five people were in
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a five alarm fought fire-- firefighters had the blaze under control in about an hour no injuries were reported. also the san jose police are investigating a double shooting their receiving multiple reports of gunshots in the way of pedro. later two men with non-life threatening to walk into a local hospital the incident is believed to be gang-related no suspects have been arrested at this point. >> and shooting at dozens of bullets flying at the 5800 block of 18th street, a pregnant woman was sitting in her car at that time of the shooting she was wounded by flying glass. the bullets to a wall and ride to the glass of a window of a home with a family inside. >> we were just sitting on
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the couch and all of a sudden we heard all the shooting. you could hear pinging and pinging and pinging. so me and my daughter hit the floor. and my youngest daughter asked me was i locate but you could just hear them. we stayed on the floor for a while. people came down the street and said there werthere e bullet holes everywhere. we found a bullet hole on the gate and up above my daughter swindall but over to the side there is another hole there. i don't know what to say. >> " oakland police are still investigating this shooting officers do not have details about who the intended target was. it appears someone fired from a passing car at this point they believe it was gang- related. >> all lines of was down 580
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are now open after and a parachute out between two cars on the freeway. shares were walking along the sideway looking for evidence. the highway patrol found the car with several bullet holes abandoned on was down 580 on redwood road. the investigation is still ongoing. for >> off still ahead on the kron for morning news an inside look at google is an driverless cars and when you might expect to see it on the road that's coming up.
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>> barnes and noble is rolling out and in person of their tablet. starts around $199. a 9 in. screen will be
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priced around $269 in addition grenoble is adding a video service. >> today we're looking at science-fiction becoming tomorrow's reality itself driving a car. >> that bill to sign the goebbels driverless car as a law--kron 4 news points out the public and benefit from travel as cars and how they may see them in reality. >> governor brown surprised the media by pulling up to gogol's headquarters in one of gogol's of thomas carr is
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the drive itself. apparently he was impressed >> its the only way to go guys >> uses the latest gps technology to drive and have a great gatnavigate. the bill te governor signed into law today allows google to test their driverless cars on public roads. before now they were testing and parking lots private rows or in nevada, the only of the state in the country to allow an autonomous vehicles on the road. >> this step self driving a car is another step for in california pioneers in the future and not just leaving the country but the whole world. >> the most accidents are
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caused by human error. it does not have to be this way. these vehicles have the potential to avoid accidents. it really has the potential to change people's lives. >> survey iran co-founder of google believes this technology will help people cannot drive. >> there many people want to serve by trans petition today, blind is one of them others have other disabilities some are too old. sometimes if you are too intoxicated there are many many reasons why today people are underserved by transportation. >> will oncwe would take a quick break back with more in one minute.
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>> and family is afraid to sleep in their own home after an 11 year-old boy was shot. but recent-was shot by
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one of 16 bullets that came flying through the house. the public remains lodged in his liver the doctor considers it too risky to remove. his father says he has no desire to bring the child back to a home that it's potentially be unsafe. >> i will in a reminder of those moments. i am not trying to find a new house to live in. i do not want to take my kids back to that house. >> the father is asking for help from friends and family in that move. be th >> meanwhile police chief our joy released a statement saying we half fast and unfortunate circumstances dealing with children and gun violence these crimes affect me more personally than anything. >> investigators are actively pursuing a leave
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and i am again asking for the public's help. we're asking if anyone has any information to contact us or and leave an anonymous tip. >> the morning james as we take a live look outside from walnut creek we are seeing widespread cloud cover for the entire bay area. we are sending clouds in temperatures on the cooler side mid '40's out the door in novato 51 waking up in santa rosa 7 over and hebert hayward 55 in redwood city. fall pretty much blanketing the entire bay area. the conditions in the delta and for the livermore valley the fall pretty dense up near the coastlines and of and to north bay. as we put the clock until the afternoon by 12:00 p.m. and looks like most of the cloud
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cover will start to burn off and peel back so we will see a fair amount of clouds. but we will see pretty much the sizand skies and sunshine for everyone else. 76 for fun it sunnyvale los gatos is coming in at 80 degrees this afternoon. for in an east bay spot check out any option at 85 degrees san goes for fairfield, one of creek 71 and san leandro. it will be another day of upper '70's and 80's for north bay and 61 for ocean beach. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows tomorrow that warming trend will see some response for some of our inland areas. 64 the coast plenty of sunshine this means the weekend in
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fact saturday could be the warmest day of the week. more on your forecast coming up in just a bit. but over on the traffic center not looking at any hot spots as to the bridge as we go. as you approached approach the bay bridge toll plaza again no meter like to deal with and we are seeing top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. san mateo bridge know where work is to continue with. no delays whatsoever coming down the nimitz freeway. here is the golden gate no--break right into the city this morning. westbound 80 from palo alto west grand no delays to traffic. westbound 24 clear shot and toward macarthur
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maze we are seeing in a driving whatsoever of the altamont pass. nothing but green on our roadways centers for those of you coming in the south bay this morning. james >> thank you erica 4: 20 is the time. kron for teresa starts report on-- >> sense of fur and surveillance video a bright flash of light. bin unsure about what has happened many try and rush out of the civic center bart station. look at all of the smoke, a big heavy plume. all this happened on september 16th around 1: 30 in the afternoon. this is bart chief engineer. >> we have some sort of form
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metallic debris that caused a short between that third real and that running rail creating sustained an electrical arc. probably very brilliant to the people who witnessed it. >> this is another angle as you can see some people look panic stricken. bart says that they do not know how many people had to evacuate. immediately after the blast san francisco fire was called in. they thought perhaps the blast was a bomb or a terrorist attack others thought it was a fire. again bart chief engineer >> we did not have a fire there was a spectacular art, but it did not damage or consume anything by fire. >> the fire shut down operations for about an hour. many complain there was for communication provided to writers. bart says this has happened
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before. they will review the incident with the california public utilities commission. >> technology may allow golden gate ferry riders to crack the code and ride for free there are security flaws in the very specific type of clipper. >> a security flaw has been discovered in the limited use clipper cards which could allow writers or golden gate ferry passengers to ride for free. be a new generation of smart phones could be used to essentially rolled back the number of trips taken on a limited use of transit car. >> the smart phones must have nfc technology like the samsung dallas the. they must be loaded with the south whersoftware program.
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>> i would take my limited use clipper card it right near the phone or touch to the phone and it would reload additional rights on the card for free. then i can walk right over there walk right through the toll gate and drive muni for free. the match thousand commission has known about this footage of rafeal for more than a year and so far few writers if any have taken advantage of the flock. >> certainly there are certainly thousands of limited tickets used on munich every day. cost in one instance of abuse. and that h yet to be conconfirmed on the golden gate very. >> more likely will be prohibiting them from being reloaded or allowing each car to be used for a limited period of time.
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>> in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >> are right we will take a break is 4: 23 back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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we are back. >> staples plans to trim retail footage in the u.s. about by 15 percent by the year 2015. they're closing several stores and downsizing by the end of this fiscal year. the company is also saw elevating its retail and online operations. >> @ san francisco bay was fargo is the latest bank to be hit by a sniper attack according to the wall street journal. a hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack it says the reaction is in retaliation
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for you to video. the group also claimed clans attacks on j.p. morgan chase and bank of america. >> the company today cited the high cost of living and doing business in california as the reason behind its decision to shut down costa is an livermore sacramento and morgan hill all three will be shut down in november. >> a new survey finds a number of professionals action actually feel more productive at work when they drink coffee. there followed by scientists sales reps marketing and public relations professionals as well as nurses. the up and down as and career bills commissioned the survey to tie-in with national coffee deck which is coming saturday. allow people need
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a boost in the morning i am one of them. 4: 27 will be back with a check of the weather in just a minute. >> approaching was bound a traffic light this morning no big surprise. we will be right back
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>> fbi officers confirmed they have brought heavy machinery into an area where iran remains were fine found earlier this year. >> a deputy parked at the end of flood road in san walking county this is fbi agents searched for a killer. >> wesley is not making this up. >> and bonnie hunt has been
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in contact. officials escorted sherman time out of prison last month. those close to the death row in marseille he pointed out locations were more numerous range could be found. tuesday's fbi site survey is in the same spot. >> it definitely is definitely without a doubt. he drops back in february and march. it's the same area they took into 32 or three sundays ago. >> a human skull was found in an abandoned well. now it appears the search is on for similar wells in the same area. >> what they are doing now is to establish exactly where these other four wells are. once they get in there they are going to find bodies there is no doubt about that. german time has been very open about it. >> vallejo police are searching for a suspect who
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robbed a bank of the west bank back on september 2nd zero. the robber entered the bank and demanded money and handed a teller a note with that demand on there. the robber then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. here is surveillance video of the suspect is about 45 years old stand's roughly 5 ft. 10 in. tall with approximately 7,175 lbs.. >> south bay police are looking for a serial bank robber who is it banks in the last month. it was the image was captured from security cameras. one bank was rocked in san jose and other in sunnyvale they say he was casing a third in the same area the suspect usually takes off running after he's given the money. >> a 51 year-old woman was
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robbed at gunpoint at the south shore shopping center in the middle of the day yesterday. the victim was on a walkway near the starbucks coffee shop. she was confronted by an armed suspect in his 20s and he demanded a gold chain the woman was wearing. the victim was not heard. >> a high-speed police chase ended with a crash and you will not believe will please say was behind the wheel. it turns out it was a 13 year- old who stole the car and led police on a chase in the stockton area. >> police spotted the stolen vehicle tried to form a traffic stop that's when the 13 year-old took off flipped the car about a mile later the team was rushed to the hospital and rusheand released n his mother's custody. >> the shooting happened to o'clock in the afternoon. the incident began when the
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suspect lived in girlfriend discovered lewd photographs of the suspect and her two young daughters. the deputies are investigating if this was a chthe case of job abuse. >> the first year in case of west nile buyers has been discovered in san francisco an adult male has been diagnosed with the disease and is resting at home. they said the male patient has risen not recently traveled outside of the bay area. this the first in case and san francisco since 2005. so far in california there been 165 cases of was not riders in humans of a 134 people that died nationwide eight of them live in california. >> let's turn to the weather. i think it will be pretty pleasant change small to warm conditions today. it
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will get shot down right toasty as we get into tomorrow. the warm-up officially starts tomorrow as of right now it looks like we are looking for conditions to be a very similar to what we saw yesterday. the only difference that out cloud cover is a little more widespread as you head out the door. 33 degrees in downtown san francisco before waking up in to san jose. our screens still shows the majority of us will still keep it in the '50s. until the afternoon we will see warming '60s 73 of the heart of the bay and we will see '80s by the lunchtime hour. in the afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. checkout of that war is that starts to come on up on your screen and breaking down those afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood again. 73 degrees 77 in santa clara and san jose.
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our interior east bay valley mid '80s for fairfield and antioch 83 over in concord 73 in concord valley. the senate is for berkeley and for oakland downtown san francisco still sitting below the seasonal average coming in at 65 degrees. the big weather story is we have wide spread cloud cover. we do expect it to burn off mostly everywhere as we head into the afternoon that warming trend starts tomorrow looks like we could see mid-90s as we head into the weekend. saturday expected to be the warmest day of the week with that mid-90s in the and low 80's and around the bay and low seventies for the coast line. beach like whether it will feel like summer time. we could lose a couple of degrees as we wrap up the weekend and start the next
4:36 am
work week. over at the traffic center is quiet no hot spots. no incidents to talk about. some overnight construction nothing to cause delays whatsoever. no issues at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic flowing freely out of oakland at the toll bridge. no problems getting to the bridge at foster city coming down the nimitz freeway. it looks like we have some activity on the side in the center line however we have not seen any instance of slowing whatsoever. we do have some fault on the debt it is not causing any incident or delays james. ok erika thank you. president barack obama and republican mitt romney are pitching to college students and working-class voters in ohio today less than a week before early
4:37 am
voting kicks off in the critical midwestern states. >> from the plant's three stops in major papaw's in areas as well as president obama. losing in ohio would dramatically narrow promise path to that 270 number that he needs for electorial college votes to win. >> americans may not be that crazy about president obamas health care law but they do not see is going away anytime soon. americans think the overall will go fully with some changes rairanging--the big expansion for the uninsured does not come to 2014. >> we have much more straight ahead when we come back.
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>> we are back some world news president mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to address a general assembly today. he accused the united states of bullying and dominating. as the president takes the stage he may not have much of an audience as many world leaders are expected to walk out in protest when he takes the podium. mary ann hopkins has the report. >> this will likely be mount mauna that the jobs last year in a speech. president obama told the general assembly that on tuesday are ron has a failed time and again to demonstrate its nuclear program as peaceful and me get you in obligations. >> america wants to s resolve this situation peacefully. make a mistake
4:41 am
not clear on the kron is not a challenge that can be contained. >> on the cam paying trail republican mitt romney said president's approach to a run has not worked. >> we need to show the kind of action that suggest to them we are serious about what we are saying. >> president clinton said he does not believe runs program is only for peaceful purposes as the country insist. >> the trust out within a shot, not on this i do not. >> i have been coming to the united nations general assembly for eight years now seeking progress and friendly relations with all nations and their objective is still the same. >> we will see what happens today if anyone walked out on, the job speech. >> neeto service members
4:42 am
have been killed in iran. the two died when they were attacked by militants in the volatile east. the nationalities are of those soldiers have not been released. so far this year 285 service members have been killed in that country. >> the discovery of the century as crews of the up pieces of san francisco's city hall that was destroyed well over 100 years ago details coming on that next.
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>> 4: 45. workers found part of the old city hall that was destroyed in san francisco. >> if you take a walk near the construction zone on high street at fulton. the foundation of the original city hall is exposed for
4:45 am
passes by to get a glimpse of history. the general ministration owes the building next to the site and has and archaeologist on site who was surprised by the fine. >> i was surprised that we had things that were imbedded in the foundation. the foundations that we have over here are the very easternmost edge of this eastern wing. >> things look a lot different back in this area in 1906. the foundation was discovered near the un building. high schoostreet did not go all the way through. historians and archaeologists will take advantage ofdiscovery and will t as much as they can but say there may be other discoveries before the old
4:46 am
city hall was built. >> a cemetery existed in this area before it was developed here at city hall building. >> the landscapers will come back to the side and cover- up the expos foundation after the archaeologists are done. >> folks and illinois are picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through a small town we have video to show you. it happened just outside of st. louis and a small-town of oakland deal. authorities say the storm brought winds strong and up to blow over a semitrailer and held the size of tennis balls. you concede the lumber of which used to the walls. at least three houses were damaged by that storm. >> back here in the bay area milder weather of course. the morning air cup >> the morning to you james guest today is going to be the last day of mild
4:47 am
weather or at least the next few days. we do have a warming trend in store take a look at your headlines today. we will see similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. daly city getting in the mid '80s. into tomorrow that's when the war officially begins with a start to see the low 90s was some of the warmest and areas looking ahead temperatures unseasonably warm-certainly in play. looks like we will lose a couple of degrees as for stock the next work week. more details coming up in your 7 day around the bay forecast as of right now current conditions in terms of visibility because we are seeing widespread cloud cover affecting just about everyone. this ability just about down to seven d miles a around livermore. '70s and
4:48 am
'80s and the south bay moscow's at 83 degrees 76 for sunnyvale said it expected for mount view we are seeing cloud cover right now plataea sunshine the skies into the afternoon. slightly breezy conditions. notice that along the delta of 84 degrees on tap for wall but creek 72 in castro valley. comfortable unpleasant for east bay shoreline low seventies for berkeley 76 over novato and it looks like downtown san francisco is still below the seasonal average coming in at the '70s for ocean beach in--tenders will start off and a low 60s we will see increase in cloud cover with that wins coming in from the west southwest at 15 mi. per hour in terms of your extended forecast looking at your 7 day around the bay as we head into tomorrow it looks like temperatures
4:49 am
would be on the rise by lunch time again this is for tomorrow by lunchtime upper 80s livermore '60s for downtown san francisco and into your afternoon highs we will continue to see pretty warm conditions around the bay area. as we take a look at the images wrapup that 7 day around the bay forecast saturday will be the warmest day of the week and in cooler as we start the next work week: a traffic center taking a look at conditions. no problems for the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing more cars on the road still nummulites to deal with. you're cruising at the san mateo bridge in the west founder with action up to of foster city no place to speak up at the 92 interchange. golden gate bridge southbound 101 you may have to drive through the fog but there are no accidents to report. now to our traffic map screen on the roadway center north now
4:50 am
101 interstate 280 back to the north bay again i have been checking with the chp is pretty quiet of that green on your skin cream indicates f speeds over 50 mi. per hour 22 minute drive out of the bottle into the city. >> we are getting a better look into the progress of san francisco's new stadium in santa clara. >> still construction is at the halfway mark the frame standing just over a 100 ft. tall there'll be four more stories built on top of that. the 50 yd line is at the center of the field and everything else is built around it. there are hundreds of workers on deck each day. we have about 400 people to show up on a daily basis that number will grow to about 16 or 1700 at the peak. >> there is a lot more work that needs to be done in the next two weeks. these giant
4:51 am
cranes that are here to do some heavy lifting. >> they're designed to lift heavy piece of precast. the precast will sit on top of these things and then seats will sit on the precast. iran director of field operations says the precast are done at night. >> won every worker to go home at night and to be safe so that's why we are sequencing the decks of the way we are. >> the weather has been great and fortunately it allows us to make a lot of progress. >> we are told this a very aggressive schedule but they are on track to be open for the 2014 season in santa clara police here read kron 4 news. >> the a's needed a big way when yesterday's they finished off the game to with the rangers' final score 3-2. puts the aide
4:52 am
said a half game behind the orioles. and four games behind the rangers. in the a.l. west will see if they keep that momentum going. as for the giants we're in the postseason. a player was nailed. upton reaches the infield single. one of the worst outing of his career he gave up a three kron bomb it was rough. he was replaced in the fourth inning final score seven to two the backs with the wind. we will take a break coming up on the kron 4 news more headlines in just one minute.
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>> lady dies at launching a campaign to help people with eating disorders. katrina much explains all that today
4:55 am
in hollywood manner. >> lady got caught is opening up about her struggles with eating disorders. cocotte revealed on her web site she battled alenia and anorexia since she was 15. she wants her web site to be a place for her fans can share their struggles and stories and find support for mothers. usher fans overseas will have to wait a little longer to catch him in concert the center is part postponing his upcoming tour in europe until next fall. he is taking time to focus on his children. he is in a heated custody battle with his former wife. >> fiona apple is in a war of words in texas pet. >> marijuana was allegedly found on her tour bus. apple
4:56 am
says few of the gel employes were not nice. the shares issued a tough response sang just shut up and sing. it appears apple is sticking to promoting her new album. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news replacement nfl revs are calling a lot of chaos. the nfl is standing behind the referee's decision. we will have more details in one moment. we will have an update on the patient whose contracted the west nile virus in san francisco. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get
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>> more on the santa clara pam insuppressible arrested on drug charges will tell you what they found in his home in just a few minutes. first a quick check of weather and traffic. >> the morning we are seeing wise red cloud cover most of the bay area. sunny, mild to warm conditions in the afternoon very similar to what we saw yesterday's. in afternoon highs and extended for casforecast coming up in jua minute.
5:00 am
>> the ride the the sort bay and east bay looks good in the the the peninsula a easy ride from one a one to interstate 80. >> new this morning the family who had a father and daughter both died in a tragic accident come face- to-face with the person who was behind the wheel. , kron force will transit standing by >> will. good morning james david rosen will change his plea he is the seven senior a boy who plowed into the father and daughter he will into the court room and change his plea from not guilty to guilty which means this will go straight to sentencing and there will not be a trial for this. he will not be charged as an adult, instead it will be a juvenile. on april 7th the family of three were riding
5:01 am
their bicycles on the sidewalk on early saturday morning when the boy loses control of his s u b plows into all three killing two. the 4130 father and a nine road daughter. additionally they did not know what happened whether he was taxing car speeding. he was speeding he will in enter a center a plea of guilty for vehicular felony. it looks like he will be as a juvenile that means he will be released from jail when he is 21 years ago. the family was hoping for much longer than that. the family says this is a good compromise they will also be in court today we will get reaction from them as soon as this is over. back to you james >> de know how quickly they will move to the sentencing
5:02 am
phase after today or have a release that time line yet. >> what did radically after you enter a guilty plea is up to the judge to decide then and there. it is up to the judge at that point the erratically he can think about it and go ahead with the guidelines go ahead and go with it. it looks like he will say to 21 years old in jail. there's not much thought the law requires the judge to do that theoretically will be and cost and the sense will be given out he wilcould go to jail as of today. >> last start and syrria with the civil war to massive explosions rocked the the heart of the syrian capital damascus. explosions going off near a command building and now fire breaking out in the
5:03 am
area no immediate casualties. and lance are rushing to the scene. they are directing traffic in the area. civil war is continue to escalate in syrria. >> let's go to spain 38 people have been arrested and 64 injured as officers- ga th-unemployment in spain is close to 25 percent right now 8000 riot police gathered this morning. also following the latest out of greece we're getting word of a general strike for the entire nation of greece pretty much shut down today as workers there are on strike across the tire nation in that country. >> 5: 04 is the time right now and a another developing story we are following.
5:04 am
please find hidden cameras in the san francisco home of montague elementary schoolarrested on drug charges. take a look at the video of eric king louis in court yesterday. he was a principal at that santa clara the elementary school. police found at least 10 hidden cameras and a teddy bear coat hanger a cigarette lighter and a watch. investigators say there's no apparent reason to have so many cameras especially one hidden in a teddy bear. there will look at what is found on computer files and see how the video cameras are related. >> what could make this extremely serious is if there is some type of sexual videotaping involved of people who were under the influence or had been drugged by this man. >> lewis was arrested last week at the san francisco caltran station after police say he offered to provide drugs to an undercover officer who had contacted
5:05 am
him in an on-line dating site as part as an undercover investigation. lewis has been placed on on paid administrative leave here it the first confirmed human case of the west nile virus is discovered in san francisco. a man was diagnosed with the disease and is now recovering at home. the san francisco department of health says the man had not recently traveled outside of the bay area they say there's no way to determine whether he was infected with west nile with in the city limits or in the surrounding bay area counties. case since 2005. so far in california that have been 165 cases in humans 134 people have died from the illness nationwide eight in california. >> five people have been displaced following a to alarm house fire in san jose firefighters say that blaze broke out just after
5:06 am
7:00 last night. fire fighters had and the control in one hour no injuries reported. >> a double shooting happened about 5:00 yesterday afternoon police received reports of gun fire on poco avenue in san jose. men with nonthreatening wounds into a local hospital the incident is related to be gang-related no suspects have been arrested. >> coming up on the kron 4 news everyone is still talking about the play for monday night football and the controversial calls the replacement rest made.
5:07 am
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superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the nfl is issuing a statement saying the controversy of game-winning touchdown will stand. the
5:10 am
nfl will concede there was pass interference committed. but that cannot be called on instant replay of instant replay can do is overturn the call on the field as indisputable evidence. more now on the referee lance easily was the sideline judge who ruled touchdown even as the other judge ruled interception. he has never worked above a division 3 college football game. more than 70,000 calls flooded to the nfl headquarters due to this call. there are reports from las vegas that $200 million in gambling money went the other way on the call. thousands of commons on facebook as well you can leave your is at facebook .com/kron 4. >> a family is afraid to sleep in their home after an
5:11 am
11 year-old boy was shot. louise a bonus was struck by one of 16 bullets that ripped through his house when someone was shooting from a car driving past. the bullet that hit him is still lodged in his liver doctor say it is too risky to get it out so they will leave its he will be released from the hospital. >> i know one anything to remind me of those moments. hopefully i will find a new house to move again. i don't want to take my kids back to the house. that was the voice that he says he does not want to live there anymore. they're asking for some help in doing that. as soon as he received a call from a family member he is out of there. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news a surveillance video of a recent explosion has been
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
science fiction becoming tomorrow's relish a self driving a car. google has had a bill signed into law that will bring driverless cars to the road. provided that these difficult contains a licensed driver the car will be allow to be tested on roads. the law further instructs the d&b to adopt regulations that go m v to draft laws that govern. they're looking for the first testing of technology to happen by january 1st of 2015. they have to make it cheaper than hiring a driver. either way
5:16 am
if you compare your makeup on on the way to work item for it. governor brown pulled up to the press conference in that car. >> let's take a look outside taking a look--let's give a look at what we face today when the sun comes out hi erica >> good morning doria. later when the sun comes up expect similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. pleasant and comfortable not too hot. as we take a look at current conditions 50s across the board. we are seeing 50 degrees out the door in downtown san francisco. before working up and said monday in oakland it looks like images are a little bit warmer compared to where there were 24 hours ago. and your satellite's radar picture shows cloud cover blanketing the majority of the bay area. you conceive
5:17 am
visibility impacted in concord 7 mi. visibility over in livermore and for those of you driving along the five 84 mi. for half moon bay. checkout santa rosa. drive with extra caution and michael of the cars behind you and in front of you. the fall was start to burn off with that '70s and '80s and the south bay. mount view 73. 76 expect for sunnyvale. clemens of the mid '80s 4 fairfield and livermore in castro valley. expect mild conditions for its bay shoreline. los evans' work berkeley and oakland. and 65 in san francisco. for those of you heading for the giants game play against the diamondbacks at 715 the tip edges will be the low 60s to start the game we will see in cree's cloud cover throughout the course of the game with that wins coming southwest at 15 mi. per
5:18 am
hour. it will be a pretty chilly evening at the ball park certainly a jacket and scarf may be needed. the forecast shows warmer conditions beginning tomorrow saturday expected to be the warmest day of the week. at 5: 18 that was the weather now the traffic of morning george. >> there are no problems on the roadway for you it's an easy ride around the bay area let's take a look at the bridges. interstate 80 of the toll plazas a light and easy ride. away 92 at has had its problems the last couple of weeks it is a good ride so far this morning across the san mateo bridge band. no problems at the toll plaza and for the golden gate bridge 101 southbound not as of this morning as yesterday's but a good ride still. there is still--as we look at the
5:19 am
ride on interstate 8014 minutes to berkeley, san ramon 16 minutes down to dublin coming out of walnut creek. even 580 was down looks good for the altamonte south bay freeways are light with no problems here. again a 14 to 16 minute drive out of the coyote valley north. and a 21 to 23 minute drive out of novato heading for the golden gate bridge on 101 southbound doria. all right thanks a lot of george. surveillance video of a recent blast on bart shows riders panicking. as they attempt to flee the station. bart officials are just releasing this video you can see the flash of light in everyone's scrambling. and you see all the dust there. at the time that this happened some riders believe a bomb had gone off now bart officials
5:20 am
say they know what happened. >> there was some sort of torn metallic debris that caused a short between that railing and that running well creating a sustained an electrical arc. probably very brilliant to the people that witnessed it. we did not have a fire. there was no material consumed by fire it was a spectacular art. but it did not damage or consume anything by fire. >> bart does not know how many people had to evacuate exactly they shut down operations for an hour. many people complain their work poor communication to the riders. >> as security flaw has been discovered in the limited use clipper cars. which would allow a very riders to ride unlimited for free. smart phones can be used to roll back the number of trips taken on these cards.
5:21 am
the problem has been known about for a year only so far have taken advantage if any of the flaw. >> certainly there are certainly there are burn thousands of--we have seen possibly one instance of one instance of abuse. >> the ftc says they are attentive to figure out a solution to the problem some ideas include limiting discount cards or allowing each car to be used for a minute. time for the expired. >> will be right back with the kron for morning news watching wall street we will tell you why the upper deck of a dog turned downward. we will tell you spoken why the dow soared coming up. >>
5:22 am
vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
5:23 am
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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>> will go back to the kron 4 news. the dow jones was a around 30 points the
5:25 am
president of the federal reserve bank of philadelphia's spoke and he indicated that he thought the latest round of federal stimulus the bonn by that is going on is unlikely to create growth and unlikely to keep interest rates low. the dow jones took a drop finishing 101 points we sought a 30 point swing on wall street. also watching what's happening in spain with the rioting around parliament. we are keeping our eyes on august home sales those numbers will be coming out at 7: 00 this morning. we'll be watching wall street for you. >> and in other news that we are following today toyota and nissan are lowering production. the sign is suspending operations at some point demand for
5:26 am
japanese cars in china has lane since protests kick off over the sale of disputed islands. if this conflict continues it could mean trouble for japan's economy. barnes and noble is rolling out to new versions of its nook tablet. the new template includes new hardware and a sharper high- definition screen. the company says the new version will come into sizes' won a seventh change screen $199 for the other is the new agency comes with a 9 in. screen and starts at $269. barnes and noble is adding a video purchase and rental service but no word yet on when those new notes will be available. >> we will take a break still ahead on the kron for morning news two men arrested trying to still whole bunch of bull laptops from facebook. we have jackie sissel live at the scene there is a twist to
5:27 am
the story you have to stick around to find out what happened there that has people at facebook raising eyebrows. also a look at was down a traffic moving all right we will get a check of eth traffic with erica and whether with george in just one minute.
5:28 am
5:29 am
we're live here or conceive the lights downtown san francisco as to what it looks like this morning as you make your way and get ready to head off to work. good morning erica >> bob is more spriwidespread than yesterday's. visibility is greatly improved for spots like santa rosa and half moon bay. 53 in san francisco. fifties in san carlos. as we look ahead this afternoon very similar to what we saw yesterday. tomorrow marks the first day of the warming trend i will
5:30 am
show you how hot is going to give. george >> thanks erica we take a quick look here at the san mateo bridge or conditions are pretty good. the rest of your commute around the bay area looks great were starting to see a little slowing on interstate 580 around the westbound. light traffic around the rest of the bay. doria >> 5: 312 people have left arrested two people return to our sole reporter jackie sissel for more reformation >> i am actually hear an old facebook headquarters no one is working inside the building. the building was broken into on monday and is believed that thit was
5:31 am
someone hired to protect the building. a security guard noticed to mass mentor to of the buildings in palo alto gathering of computer equipment at that point he made contact with them they fled on foot he got a description of two men fleeing on foot. the potto police department may contact with the car 2 mi. down the road and pulled the vehicles over. they found equipment and 49 laptops that all belong to facebook. one of those suspects was an off-duty security guard a security guard that was hired to protect the very building that he broke into. now here is a mug shot of
5:32 am
the two suspects that were taken into custody. brandon simon is the one who was the off-duty security guard the of a one stratas calhoun both taken into custody with multiple charges area including commercial burglary and strange twist in the story. when you hire these people you don't believe they will break in and start to sell the equipment. darnell >> there were hired by facebook so does do they have anything to say. no one is ashley in the buildings now they are moving their headquarters town to menlo park there is still a lot of equipment inside here. so obviously this private security guard was hired to protect the building of the make-shift. and decided the best thing to do was to let him break in and start stealing but he was caught. far-right thanks a lot jacki. james >> investigators have
5:33 am
confirmed they have brought heavy machinery into the area were human remains were found earlier related to this be free killings. they haven't begun dipping just get and bounty hunter leonard the dia has been in contact with one of the killers and says it is an area where human remains can be found still. >> so what they are doing now is to establish exactly where these other four wells are once they get in there they are going to find bodies there is no doubt sherman time has just been very open about it. >> will sherman time in his late partner lawrence heard talk were double the speed of ridiculous for a killing rampage they conducted the in the 1980's and 90's. >> vallejo police are searching for who ever robbed the bank of the west on september 2nd zero. the robber went into the bank of sacramento around 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning handed the teller a note demanding
5:34 am
money. there are very clear surveillance shots of him he then left the bank with cash. he is about 45 years old, 5 ft. 10, 175 lbs. possibly missing some of his front teeth. they're asking for information and to take a very close look at these clear pictures from inside the bank to see if they can catch that bank robber. >> south bay police are looking for a serial bank robber they're wedded to santa clara county banks in the last month. look at these very clear photos they have here this man robbed to u.s. banks one in san jose the other in sunny failed started casing--in another area. we have to mend clearly visible in the shop the right hand side on the left maybe this is a guy waiting in line but you can see he's almost looking at the camera in the shot. with an orange and white may be a
5:35 am
giants had i'm looking at the emblem on a sweatshirt. this is a serial bank robber that they are looking for. alameda police are reporting a 51 year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint at the south shore of shopping center in the middle of the day yesterday she was on a walkway near starbucks when she was confronted by an armed man in his 20s and he demanded a gold chain that she was wearing. she was not hurt. >> a high speed police chase ended with a crash you find it hard to believe that it was a 13 year-old who stole the car and led police on that chase and ended up crashing late last night in the stockton area. police spotted the stolen vehicle and try to form a traffic stop that 2013 growth took off down the street and that car ultimately flipping over about 1 mi. later. the team was rushed to the hospital and was released in his mother's care. be a shooting
5:36 am
and a complex and lakeside least two deputies and a suspect in injured. the shooting happened around noon yesterday. it began when a girl friend of the suspect discovered a lewd photographs of her two daughters with a live-in boyfriend. all three were rushed to hospital for surgery no word on their current condition. >> gop candidate mitt romney is speaking in westerville ohio this will be met on his 14th visit to a pile barack obama making his 14th visit to all island later today more on the rally will tell you just how important all highly is to winning the election. you disgust me.
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>> cable provider, has stated that they are closing their 3 customer service centers. they are moving their stores to colorado. they are stating that the high cost of business and living and california is why they are
5:41 am
closing them. they are shutting these call centers down at the end of november. comcast said that they have been giving their employees information on how they can relocate or take a sever- paycheck. >> will have a sneak peek at the new 49 a stadium coming up next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
we are back it is 5:45 a.m.. so lay my newry was driving his bike when he and his daughter were killed. no cameras will be allowed in the courtroom this morning. police have found at least
5:45 am
two for cameras and the principles home that was found due to drug charges. they stated that the cameras were found and teddy bears and they would check his computer to see what type of information was found. >> police have arrested two peopand to people who were assigned to a building. the stolen laptops have been recovered. >> people and illinois are kicking up the pieces after a tornado ripped their city apart. it touchdown yesterday just outside of st. louis. authorities say that walesa were so strong that they could tear down a
5:46 am
semi truck. >> a piece of history was discovered in san francisco. workers discovered a part of city hall that was destroyed and 1906. historians and archaeologists will take advantage of this. they stated that there may be other discoveries before city hall was built. s soon as the documentation is done the landscapers will be able to come back. >> at 5:47 a.m. last take a look outside. it looks pretty clear but a little
5:47 am
bit hazy. there is full- fledged fall just like yesterday. once a gannett it is the san mateo bridge but with good reason. this is due to construction that has started. this construction is by the base of the highway. if you take a look at the road away sensors across highway 92 you will see that the stop and go traffic does not reach all the way back to the toll plaza. right now there is a a 18 minute drive instead of your usual 11 minute drive. this backup should clear out and we should see better speeds. we will see stop and
5:48 am
go conditions afghan as we have seen over the last two to three weeks. dumbarton bridge is a better route if you choose to. >> if you want to avoid the san mateo bridge there are no delays on the 80. there is a pretty good commute. changing the line configuration is adding a fourth lane southbound and a second lane southbound. here for your commute was word in dublin you are looking at 28 minutes. speeds are still pretty
5:49 am
good here. south bay looks pretty good. as you head north to santa clara the northbound ride is still pretty clear. >> as we take a live look outside downtown san francisco has widespread clouds. we are seeing more of ed on going spread of fog. it is particularly dense in the north area. let's turn our attention to the temperatures. it is 58 degrees and daly city. by lunchtime it will be 66. most of us will be in the '70s. as you eat lunch and
5:50 am
pushed into the afternoon by 3:00 p.m. it will be about 80 degrees. this is another day for sunny weather. 73 in fremont and climbing to the mid '80s for fairfield. 82 is expected in pleasantville. 76 degrees for new data and mid 60s for downtown san francisco. we will continue to see widespread cloud cover within the next few hours. the giants forecast at 7:15 p.m. the temperature will be in the low 60s. saturday will be the warmest day of
5:51 am
the week it will be in the mid 90's. we will continue this davis sunshine and warm temperature as we start the next workweek. >> decades received a big when yesterday. lifting as to the victory he was muddy. and last night's game put the a's and a half away game behind the orioles. that a's now stand four games behind. they have a more games left in the season and five of them are against the texas rangers. on now to the giants. he gets nailed here. upton reaches up to catch
5:52 am
the ball. he was okay until the third inning. they gave up about three runs. he's faced him 14 times this season and five of them have been home runs. melete cover would not make the playoff roster. melete cover his services will not be needed. we will be back as crown for continues.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
we are waiting for mitt romney to take the stage. mitt romney and president obama will be making their 14th appearance and ohio. president obama has a 8 percent lead. >> a reminder that we will hear the president on october 3rd. 18 accused oa new y has the found inside the home of the principle that
5:57 am
was charged with drugs. they are holding meetings with parents this morning concerning aofn he action that took plac. adduction him t. save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's inventory clearance sale ends soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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5:59 am
>> a 17 year-old boy who plowed into a man and his daughter and kill them may be upset this morning. >> parents at a san mateo school are forcing their opinions to the superintended. >> major stops across the state for mitt romney and president obama.


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