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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 11, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (god belss america) our veterans were oenergy all under all around the bay today, we will bring you the latest details. but first, off eight by week forty- niners quarterback alex smith suffers a concussion we have the latest on the
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injury that took cam out of the game. >> fans and players at candlestick park are hoping that alex smith is able to return to the field of next week. jim harbaugh spoke in a press conference that he was happy with the production. this was one of two different hits that could have cost alex smith. halfway out of the second quarter. that could have caused-alex smith. -he took a big hit from the other team. and this, from the second quarter. a queuand he runs right into the pile and they also say that that could have contributed to his current concussion. fans are hoping that alex can bounce back. even though it is tied. >> i feel sorry for him i hope that he is okay. but
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cabinet. >> since the has a concussion i hope that he will be going better. >> he has to step up and play the game like knows that he can. >> i hope the gets better, assumed. it runs the next game for the 49ers will against the chicago bears. reporting at candlestick park, kron 4. >> team coverage continues with phillipe djegal who checked in with a san francisco fans. >> what a wild ride it was for the 49ers watching san francisco's first game of the second half at times they cheered and others these brothers and grimaced and quite frankly
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>> and i thought they were going to win. >> they thought that they never considered a tie because there were so close to victory so many times. still, they say that it could have been worse. >> we need to get this one for the other hand. and what ever w we get is a w correct and i am not pleased with this tie but it is not a loss. >> the backup quarterback kerr gave the forty-niners a chance to win the game. but now, all eyes are squarely on the recovery of alex smith. been phillipe, as kron 4. >> little later, as the
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raiders update, later. >> the veterans were honored today maureen kelly gives us the sights and sounds. >> it is great. we are celebrating all of our soldiers. >> i could not be able to just not come out and show my support. >> one of the veterans we would probably not have our freedom. >> i'm here representing my grandfather. he gave his life for this country. >> very touching. if we never forgot the ones our fallen heroes. >> thank-you, your love is appreciated. >> i have a daughter who is in the military. and being
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in vietnam the way that it was was kind of tough. everybody came back and i am glad that the guys now are getting more honor, respect. >> i have friends over there right now. it just keep praying for them and keep the support of because they need it. it feels good to come back to this. we have the people behind us. >> the veteran state team coverage continues as a good san francisco. with michael confirm what the day means for bay area veterans helicopters, boats and other military branches flooded market street for the san francisco veterans day parade. beyond the loud noise, the cool helicopter and a spectacle of the parade are people like ralph. >> and with the navy, the flight deck with the yellow shirt.
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>> he is a vietnam veteran with a three brothers and also served in the military. >> it was pretty hectic at times but interesting, scary. >> is one of hundreds of marched down market street giving us a chance to thank them. >> it makes my heart beat about 95 beats per minute. >> it means a lot. it is an honor to save the nation. when somebody says thank-you it shows that people appreciate what you've done. >> in monday, a parade to have remembered. >> it is a day to remember. >> it really makes you feel good it almost brings tears to your office. also a salute who have spurne served in afghanistan and iraq mike pelton, kron 4. >> with the veterans day comes plenty of widespread closures and the government will close on monday that most state and local offices
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will also be closed. and the u.s. postal service, the department of motor vehicles, banks, schools, libraries and also the public transportation schedules will be scheduled to mass transit holiday schedule. schools are not required to check with your child's school if they have the day off. and brian, what should we be planning for tomorrow? >> wishar cold start for the morning. >> it has been cold. with below freezing in some areas and it looks like it could be a good warmer. temperatures not as cold as this time last night with temperatures in the 50s. but, we are in the 30's in fairfield, novato. 37 degrees in fairfield. this live look showing clear skies over the bay area with high clouds for this even inf. temperatures above one,
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two degrees warmer than what we had last night. we have another cold start and some possible patchy dense fog along highway 1 0 1 as we go towards the afternoon sunshine and high clouds. to start off the morning, the purple heart in the readings in the 30's. and also, mid 40's san francisco, oakland but cooler for livermore, fairfield, santa rosa of nearly freezing for tonight. we will be warmer. the rest of your forecast, coming up. in a nob hill and raleys still on the picket line. they are trying to reach a deal with health care and benefits and reggie kumar has more details. >> that is just one of several issues being negotiated by the united
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commercial union known as local 5. until an agreement is reached store employees like claudia arszola.. the single mother of two kids. she will continue to strike. >> i'm not going to go back to work until this is settled. >> several customers are supporting with these workers and have agreed to not a cross the picket line. this guy's drives by every day to encourage the store employes to stick with it. >> they are trying to protect their retirement and i think it is very important to support them. >> how important is it to support them? >> very imported their target to the benefits away from them. >> a spokesperson saying that negotiations are continuing. and an agreement has no be each reached.
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the mock law makers are thinking about dropping arrest warrants for some sopossible arrest warrants could be dropped to ease the prison overcrowding details coming up ñ
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>> corrections officials are looking to drop all arrest warrant off thousands of parole violators. an attempt to help with overcrowding. the state department of corrections plans to start reviewing more than 9000 outstanding warrants a paroled violators. they will start with parolees who were convicted of non-violent crimes. field officers will have lists of missing felons to determine weather going after them would be in the " interest of justice ". a corrections spokesperson says the effort will weed out less urgent cases and allowed a focus on dangerous parolees in an effort to cut
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down on overcrowded jails. also, the latest details from the scandal of the resignation of general david petreaus.. >> temperatures are going to be in the 50s and 60s.
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>> 120,000 homes and businesses are still without power. two weeks after super storm sandy cat. the long island power authority are dealing with 100,000 people without electricity. that totals 55,000 customers who do not have power even though their grid is back on line but the company says that it is not safe to connect those homes and businesses because there are wiring and equipment was flooded. consolidated edison has more than 3000
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customers in new york city without power. 14,000 new jersey residents are still without electricity. residents and government officials are outraged. >> and also details on the latest of the resignation of cia director david the trans. >> as more facts emerge about the circumstances that cost cia director his job so do the questions. >> i have questions about the whole matter. >> like who knew what, when, about the fbi investigation into a complaint that his biographer, paul of /+;a ////pua
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broadwell send harassing e- mails to a woman. according to a u.s. official it was that probe that relieved an affair between the two of them. director of national intelligence james clapper learned of the investigation in a phone call from the fbi on election night. the white house is according to senior intelligence official but it's unclear when the fbi probe began. >> the fbi director had the obligation to tell the president or the national security council at the earliest state so it seems to be going on for several months, and yet know it appears that they're seeing the fbi did not realize until election day that he was involved. it does not add up. >> among other questions, how why were key lawmakers told sooner. the house and
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senate intelligence committees poured informed until friday. >> are you going to investigate why the fbi did not notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, this is something they, that could have had an effect on national-security. i think we should have been told. >> not everybody on capitol it was totally in the dark. house majority leader erich kantor said an fbi employee told him about the affair and a possible security breach in october, after the ind investigation had begun. at the end of the day, we need to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. i don't see how in the world which can find out what happened in benghazi. cnn has not been able to reach broadwell for comment. >> were learning that
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sources revealed to the new york times that the fbi officials were made aware of the investigation as early as late summer. >> also, in world news a middle since a gunman wearing in afghan army uniform shot and killed a service member fighting with u.s.-led coalition forces in afghanistan. it is the latest in a rising number of insider attacks between nato and afghan forces. a spokesperson says the shooting took place after an argument between afghan soldier and coalition forces. 60 middle service members of this year at least have been killed by the afghan security forces. >> we are looking at this evening look for temperatures to be cool. we will be and the low and mid
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30's. the north bay, the east bay and as we get closer to production on guard sunshi sunrise-will be jut the coldest temperatures. high clouds for the afternoon and a few degrees warmer than what we had today. as we go towards tuesday there is a weather system that will bring clouds to the bay area. possibly sprinkles to the north bay. and if it could be extreme to sonoma county. the satellite rader shown some high clouds pressing to the bay area for tonight. the bulk of the wet weather is going to the pacific northwest that is pretty much where it is going to stay. it is having a difficult time pushing cells south some of those high, thin clouds but watch the rain as it makes its way
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southbound. and by tuesday, we could see some sprinkles maybe some showers to santa rosa, to ukiah. tonight's temperatures will be decent. with a little warmer tomorrow. and that is pretty much where we will be for the brest of the bay area. and also for the north bay. san francisco, 61 degrees and as we take a look ahead for tuesday. partly cloudy skies it sunshine toward the sprinkles, no. as i mentioned. some areas around 70 degrees. and some rainfall possibly thursday/friday. >> tonight, a candlelight vigil was being held in a memory of the 19 year-old man found dead in the the
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bandit hayward building earlier this week. police found the body of ernesto calleros inside an empty car repair shop on mission boulevard to stay night. authorities say the body appeared to have been there for quite some time. his family is asking for anybody with information to come forward. >> this is shocking. he was very loyal to his family and girlfriend. >> his missing was reported by his father november 1st. police have to release the cause of the death but his home near folsom, and no revenue is where he was last seen. on october 21st. they are treating this as a murder case.
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>> each year on the 11th day of the 11th month we pause as a nation and as a people to pay tribute to you. to thank you, to honor you. the heroes, over the degenerations who have served this country of ours with distinction. >> that was president obama speaking at arlington national cemetery early today. th president was as visiting section 60. in honor of veteran state section 60 is the burial ground for military personnel who were killed in the global war on terror since 2001. >> thousands of people lined the streets of manhattan today for the newark city
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veterans day parade you are looking at video of the parade marching by in just one of the many celebrations that took place over the weekend across the country. this year, the united war veterans council, which organizes the parade, also made the of and a rally for victims of super storm sandy. volunteers collected winter coats. after 60 years, with world war ii coming to a close, harold han heuvelen, an army colonel composed eight symphonies about his experiences in the war and peace. >> a i am 93 years old and i'm a veteran of the world war two. and in 1945 i was stationed in new orleans, louisiana. at the new orleans air base at i was an instructor. the piece in europed
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already been the peace was declared and europe. however, i decided that i was corn to write a symphony. during the 70 years i was one and why this was-did not being played it when i decided to -- right a symphony. >> my father lives in michigan. we wrote a letter to the defense to apartment and we spoke to tdeep- department of the defense. and before we knew it, we had a letter from the defense department. >> i've was so surprised and it has a neo ramanticicsm.
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which. has a special meeting when you know what is behind it. the first movement on my symphony is about the sadness of that period. the extreme sadness and the sorrow of the holocaust and the terrible loss of life. the second movement, ofis about gearing for war. the third movement, of his the warfare, itself. the boys are going to omaha beach, invading germany. and at the end of that movement, i had a victory march march ....
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>> wonderful. >> victims of super storm sandy and th nor'easter got a helping hand. and this team from zataran's served up thousands of hot deals including jambalaya >> the main reason we are here is because we remember that new york firefighters came and helped. they helped us, fed us, and do things so as soon as we had the opportunity, we jump on the trucks, came up and started cooking jambalaya. >> super storm sandy is now responsible for 113 deaths. 43 of those deaths are in new york city, alone.
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>> this is the aftermath of that indianapolis explosion with a $3.6 million in damage. power, has been shut off with a 200 people evacuated investigators are looking at what hcould have cost the blast. they have ruled out a bomb or a maximu methamphetamine-- lab. >> take a look at the bay clear skies providing a perfect opportunity for temperatures to drop. there are some high clouds but mostly clear. there could be some patchy fog dense fog along highway 1 0 1. some of that even could be freezing. where is below freezing. and even patches of ice. as the go for today sunshine and again and high, thin clouds.
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that same system will increase cloud coverage to the north bay. santa rosa and areas to the north. with mostly sunny skies and temperatures will be warming up. another system on thursday. that could bring a rainfall thursday, will show you how much order can expect. >> a top official at the bbc is stepping down after the network aired a story wrongly accusing a politician of child abuse. we will have the latest in the scandal. plus, if you of a friend or family member that as a kmart you might want to say goodbye to them for a while. the most anticipated video game of 2012 is now on the market. it is all the buzz gabe slate tech report
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>> sacramento area of health officials are investigating
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to dall= = = two deaths apparently caused by eating wild mushroom soup. this happened at an assisted living in loomis called the gold age villa for other residents for hospitalized. the suit was prepared by a care giver. >> can you talk to us about anything? >> no. >> this is private property. >> i believe it is a safe place. the authorities believe that there was no foul play. >> at this point of tories are not releasing any information on the condition of the four people hospitalized. >> as many as zero people are dead after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck northern myanmar today. the
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quake collapsed a bridge and a gold mine while also damaging several other buddhist pagodas. he is scheduled to visit the region over a november 17th-november 20th trip to the region. he will be also visiting thailand, cambodia. this marks the first u.s. president that has visited cambodia and maynmar.. alistari alpine the general director of the bbc has resigned after the network ran a report wrongly accusing a senior politician of child abuse general director childentwistel... apologized. there were
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suggestions pointing to alistari mcalpine... a member of the house of lords. mcalpine denied the allegations and the victim retracted his claim. staffers at the bbc could face punishment for airing the story.
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gabe slate tech report >> if someone closed to you, friend, family is a gamer, you may want to say goodbye to them for a while. the highly anticipated halo has just been released. rooit is being touted by professionals in the industry as the greatest version. >> sometimes the story line got a little bit convoluted in the past or strange and difficult to follow but now, there are still bits that are difficult to follow but i think that they did a
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good job with producing this a land-world. this big sci- fi adventure of an alien world >> halo is a game that is only on microsoft platform x box not on any other council. it is its bp, a cash call, multibillion- dollar franchise. it is it's the be--a cash cow. -they are trying to break into the smart tablet world but they are not there yet. however, this could appeal to more mobile devices. >> this game will help sell x box counsels. and once that tax off, then it the this could help provide the x box experience on tablets and smart phones. the could fuel each other. gabe slate
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tech report >> the traffic is looking pretty decent and we're going to see temperatures is starting to come down for tonight. it is going to be cold but not quite as cold. i think the numbers are about two, three degrees. temperatures are in the 50s or oakland, san jose but it is colder in the north bay. petaluma, novato.. 30's and here is your forecast ramp for tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., the purple. with 30's for the north bay, the east bay and 40's by the bay. here is a sampling of the overnight temperatures. generally, they are right around sunrise. look for mid 40's san francisco, oakland. and mid 40's with one degrees above freezing. note, we are
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up by one, three degrees. and in the last not bad. we do have this storm system to watch but it does not look like it is going to directly impact us. by midnight, the system to the north-coast and high clouds ahead of this system. that will come our way we will see some showers on tuesday. temperatures tomorrow looking at low mid 30's in the north bay. notice we are not below freezing. 33 degrees. the 32 is the freezing point. pleasanton, 40's. and again, mid-40s by the bay. the highs will be in the low mid-60s. these numbers will be up by three- five degrees. a little bit nicer but mostly sunny skies. 64 degrees, san jose and we will be in the low mid '60s inland. concord,
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danville, 65 degrees in livermore mid-60s by the bay. with 61 degrees and your kron 4 7 day around the bay we are looking at an increase in cloud coverage on tuesday and maybe a sprinkle into santa rosa. with mostly sunny and note the temperatures are increasing a little bit with the 70's in some spots. a stronger system on thursday with the increasing clouds. just light rain on friday. but right now, the forecast models are showing a stronger system by the end of next weekend. >> hello, the 49ers rams one heck of a football game at candlestick park today throwing until the end. alex smith started his 28th straight game for the niners but will be 29 straight? alex smith taking a up field
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and gets leveled in the back of the helmet and neck area by jo lonn dunbar and it looks like the helmet but no penalty was called. and smith hits michael crabtree underneath and crabtree does the rest for the 14 yd touchdown. but smith would leave the game after that and was diagnosed with a concussion. the status for the next one night's game with the bears and questions ofthe status of the monday night game. also, kaepernick who finished the
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first half and played the entire second half. 17-14, rams. after the rams fumbled the kickoff, frank a gore.... cuts on a dime and break all sides for the second touchdown. and amendola dejected and jeff fisher does not like it. no, the 49ers have a chance. and this 41 in order is why it to the left. the later, the rams turned to win on his 53 yd attempt and greg zeurlein does just that right down the middle. however, a delay is called on the rams to really shot themselves in
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the the 58 yd try has no chance. zuerlein hits its way right. and amendola dejected. and the big question will be weather smith will be cleared from a concussion. final score, 24-24 tie and nobody's happy with a tie. the niners now, 6-to-one also, let us take a look at the note suspense in the raiders game taking on one of the powers of the east the baltimore ravens. the linebacker, ray la was out for the year with injuries but still in the middle of things very up the team. kerstin polymer, hits a darya acarson polymecarson pas
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heyward by who breaks the ed reed tackle and turns on the jets for one-17. the raiders lose 55-20. >> coming up sushi
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>> some of the most exciting food in the bay area is coming out of oakland. this is called hopscotch the owner jennie schwartz.. the throwback is what oalkand with scoth >> with beer and scotch and american with japanese and
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miso sauce with familiar with fried chicken with mustard and butttermilk marinated and the fish 'n chips and the ginger patty metanand black bottle scotch and the squash blossome and scotch cocktail and kron4 .com ... mik
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mick jagger, who had written letters to hunt, is apparently these letters are going up for auction. some of them are the inspiration for " cruncher " in the 1960's. they are planning on inspiration for " brown sugar ". in the 1960's. it is expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars for these letters. >> it 30's with the 30's in pleasanton 40's by the bay and as we take a look at tomorrow a gorgeous day with
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lots of sunshine. >> that is it for us but will be back at 11:00 p.m. and hope to see you again. goodbye.
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