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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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♪ it's like a carnival ♪ in your mouthhole ♪ dole -- it is a juice for the soul ♪ [ male announcer ] dole. never dull. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. the california sex offenders charged just as recent as last month you can 5 this registered sex offender volunteering at
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this school. this allows pedophiles to work in schools without p. knowledge. >> it is a pictoria-it is a betrayal-of the public trust. >> and the players say that he is tougher than a $2 steak. the recent hospitalization of coach jim harbaugh and also in speculation have price gouging at the pumps. a registered sex offender has been cut volunteering on campus at a catholic creek school and san jose. park gurries. was a helping out at a san francis sang francis s. francis -- cabrini elementary school festival last month
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>> someone recognized this person as a registered sex offender. at the st. frances cabrini last month in unincorporated san jose where someone recognized mark gurries. as a registered sex offender and notified the sheriff's department working. when asked to leave he told the deputy head permission to be there. >> a spokesperson said that the skirmish letter was given but in a statement that such permission is not consistent with the diocese policies in that mark gurries is no longer volunteering at the school of many parents are angry. >> i do not know how this will diocese of that. even just to be a chaperone we have to be fingerprinted for a field trip. and even if we are chaperones or not. >> he was convicted of molesting a young relative.
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no one answered the door at his residence but he will likely face no charges as a result of an obscure state law that permits certain sex offenders on school grounds. >> the sheriff said that the case is still open. >> the you registered sex offender can be on the school grounds if they're written permission. by a- school official. >> the sheriff says that the case is still open but declined to comment on speculation that reportedly had a little or no supervision during the festival has a much taken advantage of a loophole in the law to be run hundreds of joe tran. how profitable, kron 4. tiburon-hundreds of children. rob fladeboe,- >> this law with written permission is california penal code six to 8.61 if
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makes it a crime for registered sex offenders to come into school or on the school grounds and this is key unless they have written permission from the school administrator and have lawful business there. 6. sixth-to 6.81. sixth to 6.81 penal code. chiral rights advocate mark klass. and they want very clear lost for a child's rights. " jessica's law " which prevents parolees with living 2,000 ft. of a school or park. that has nothing to do with being at a school. it has to be living near a school. the child's rate advocate mark klaas says that this needs to be
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changed. >> there needs to be an altercation to this lot of not letting them on altercation to this-law of zero tolerance for either to let the parents know. >> some are even asking why there is any exceptions. it is typically for a. that has had a previous sex charge but they need to be on premises for a teacher. conference. dan kerman, kron 4. >> the coach is resting after an irregular heart rate. he is expected to be back at practice tomorrow. team officials say that jim harbaugh sought medical
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attention after he felt ill after he got this minor procedure done at stanford. about what is going on to cause this condition of an irregular heart rate is not clear if he is going to spend the night. this is previously, as is hard charging a passionate way east. he does not hold back on his the motions. and he has been the coach for the 49ers for the past 1.5 years and before that, and nfl player and a stanford coach. at the training camp, or earlier on thursday players were also talking about the situation. >> i set right by him in meetings and he seemed fine. i did not know anything was wrong. and his self, is our utmost in fortunes. his health. it is our utmost- importance. we do not want to see anybody go down.
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>> all our doctors in this area to good work. i'm sure that everything will be fine. >> it is not sure what capacity he will have on the return but they are getting ready for the monday's return in chicago. kron 4 news caho >> this desperate flee from ebmud there she is asking thieves this desperate- sleev -- this plea. >> just put it in the mailbox and it just say that you found them just a lie or even just throwed in my yard course it did on the back of my car or something. i just want them back. >> she is speaking directly to the voice who stole a plasma television, christmas tips and this earth that carried the ash offer son, gabriel that died in birth
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in january. >> it makes me feel so terrible. is that you cannot trust anybody i feel violated. >> she and her children returning with justice for 10:00 p.m. she opened her front door and heard people throwing things around. she said they broke through the kitchen window. she thought the suspects could have thought that the vern was jewelry but it is much more important. that is the- urn... was jewelry. >> even what little i had left of my baby which was his ashes now that has been taken from me. >> the suspects have not been caught with the police are investigating. in antioch, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> if this bay. drivers this roller-coaster ride could be over for these record prices poorhouthis is just 55 me
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than a year ago the national average has narrowed from $1 to about one half that amount. today, state lawmakers were trying to get to the bottom of what caused this big job and gas prices. maureen kelly has more. >> was the recent spike in california gas prices market manipulation or a textbook example of supply and demand? state senators mark lino end of loni hancock were trying to find out. to get to the bottom of this they heard testimony from the western states petroleum association. >> there were a fortune that sequence of events. the with the california energy commission 422 production problems in the state's tight market specifically the october 1st emergency shutdown. the and it took about five days for this to get back up and running it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
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>> one expert testified that it is unlikely that evidence of shady dealings will be uncovered. >> it is on very helpful that any on doing will be found. if they are polluting, that is illegal. but i think there we can investigate until our hearts' content of we're not we find out. >> morris said that light needed to be shed on oil companies before market manipulation could be ruled out. if the we do not know if it is a real shortage or if they're offering are not operating. dark markets are highly profitable. and many insiders usually are profitable. >> the state senator said that they did not fit all the answers they need it today they plan on continuing to investigate. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> this nationwide theft
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these older chinese women in san francisco have been the target of con artists. this reenactments videos showing how they get their victim's they tell the woman that there are evil spirits that will hurt their family. the
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only way to prevent it is to bring their value as to be blessed. however, the victims' items are switch. their recent was approached at an farmer's market she wished realizing what was going on the. they rushed to the scene. she-realized. >> the officers were able to identify the victims. >> all for suspects are also chinese they are including with these four suspects, with grand theft, arson the, they have been in san francisco for at least one week and their passports are being held. novell because their flight risks >> there is no bail. ago what is amazing is that she was being swindled. one victim, not the other victim, so with the other victim could have lost a significant amount of money. >> we are looking backward
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to see if there are other victims we've talked to other victims. >> the san francisco police department wants them to remain vigilant. in san francisco come off kron 4. >> people in daly city are still cleaning up from the big mud slide from tuesday. dozens of homes had to be a vacuum waited after a water main break. tens of thousands of gallons of water and debris down lusanne lane. what working crews are doing. >> this daly city neighborhood are keeping their fingers crossed because there is rain and the forecast. they are working that the working crews efforts will hold out. let me show you this piece of equipment. it is out on
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standby if it needs to be used. also these bales of hay that is the first line of defense. because of the rainfall and even this mesh is being put in place. to prevent that mud >> this president is worried. she is hoping that this is this-resident does not want a repeat. if you remember this cast-iron pipe down over 45,000 gal. of water they laid down a jute blanket. they also dug a ditch. and neighbors are hopeful that this will work. >> we do not want to see anything happen again. >> i checked with the working crews they're going to be out to see if this
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rainfall will be out to work on the water main break it is a temporary fix. the water is being supplied from a different career with the working crews expect everything to hold out. we will wait to see. reporting in daly city, kron 4. >> the temperatures could be a mild but the ski season is open in some areas. >> it is wonderful. >> dude! he is talking bought ski season in northern california. the slopes are open and boarding were skiing. >> there are five chair lifts and a seven-trails. there is a storm coming. >> even with these warm temperatures. this summer places like north star are geared up and ready to go. >> let us hope for the best for your own say to do not
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want to end up like this guy. >> did you have any wipe out? then silence law >> and others taking to the mountains and saying that a white out? no way! >> just a couple of years, wiping out--relieve not the most experience but i'm pretty good. >> with a 36 hour shift break and go back and work tomorrow i am living the dream of. and this guy can keep up with you. he is pretty advanced. >> they are 7 years old and he could out to me on the ski slopes and the day of the week. >> a pretty excited, only november 15th. and i've seen the snow and i am on board it is a bit quiet. i
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will be live at 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning news. lake tahoe, j. r. stone, kron 4. >>jacqueline: we can see this light shower of activity on the radar. however, the light showers over the east. we're not seeing that rainfall. satellite and radar showing that down to the south we are seeing some snowfall of the higher elevations. it is going to be a warmer system of temperatures of be in the 60s. not a lot of snowfall but just the highest elevations is expected to begin at midnight. from the north, to the south and pretty much all day. another round of rainfall on sunday. they are expecting plenty of
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rainfall and even our extended forecast. we are seeing that cloud coverage. light showers popping up after midnight with the whites for shower activity will move up for the morning commute to. through the north bay. and will continue with this widespread 5 1:00. watch how it picks up along the san mateo coast, the east bay and presses up to the north by 8:00 p.m. the delta of and by 11:00, that heavy rainfall will stay north of the golden gate and continue to see spotty showers. some of them even heavy by saturday. and pretty decent as for the snowfall in the sierras. we are seeing some of snowfall at the higher elevations and 8:00 will continue to see snowfall. that rainfall will continue by 5:00 p.m. and more
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around the lake tahoe. and that will be the case not only friday, saturday but also on sunday. here is a look at this year as the lake level will stay in the 40's. the rain/snowfall mixture at 7,000 ft. will be snowfall. however only rainfall expected with cooler air. snow levels will drop at 6,300 ft.. in active pattern with your extended forecast saturday, sunday, and wind. the rainfall will return tuesday evening and wednesday. stay with us. [ female announcer ] welcome one and
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menasha all jus' a horrifying scene today in west texas. >> --this horrifying scene in west texas. this was the scene before the accident in the end, texas a tractor
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trailer was pulling this flatbed that was a flow parade. the veterans and this train came charging to the intersection. people on this saw and heard the train coming. there you see that train in the background and the chairs. the train was sounding its horn as it approached the intersection. it was a frantic scene. people were jumping and some did not make it off in time. the crossing gates and the lights were working properly at the time you can see the horror o 17 in. peopl injured many are. and critical.. condition
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him if you've worked up quite an appetite shopping of broadway there is a new place called coroner's tavern the stocthis is a great spot this corner tavern. there's everybody from the community coming in. everybody feeling good. it is a great carpenter spots. and it is a little bit of a tribute to to replace.
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>> this has sister restaurants in san francisco, salt house, the town hall, a town and hope. with all the common denominator. >> people are people, the want great tasting bird by spirited people. and making a spirited back in the kitchen, the rich. >> this is walnut creek style. and escobar, he is from texas. commencing a lot of the southern fried chicken. bringing this with a lot of big and bold flavors, tender, flavorful, and it is not just the great spirits, it is a true cavern with all of the matter of cocktails. the seniors will and a sustainable blue cheese salad, the buttermilk crispy fried chicken and the drinks of the bar. go to our website " dine and dish'...
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>> jim harbaugh has been in the hospital with a procedure to treat an irregular heart rate. this registered sex offender had written permission from the school to be on school grounds as long as they have official permission. >> bay area authorities are warning people about scams that are targeting older asian women. this is the public service announcement that it is preying on their superstition it happens nationwide. there are four
8:32 pm
people and a arrested.. >> answers over the attack that killed several americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. that was on september 11th and benghazi. the latest in washington. >> washington lawmakers wanted answers on how u.s. ambassadors, chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the consulate in benghazi. capitol hill became the home to multiple and >> i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states. and others in the it ministration using terms as delivered, lies but if you want to know who is it responsible in this town, get yourself a mirror.
8:33 pm
>> among those testifying cia michael morrell who was going to replace david petraeus. the x cia director will speak to both the house and senator intelligence committees on friday morning. >> more recently, the resignation of general petraeus is open up even more questions and mud is contained in the report has recurred following his visit to benghazi. >> and also, the contentious battle brewing involving. u.s. ambassador susan rice and her role in the administration's response to benghazi. a possible replacement for secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> now president obama has the gall to float the name as possible secretary of state. to the actually misinform the american people during this crisis. >> hillary clinton also
8:34 pm
testify next month before the house foreign affairs committee about the attack on libya. >>catherine: david petraeus will testify tomorrow before the senate and house intelligence tends he has resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. if the want to hear his testimony on the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi >> things are quickly deteriorating in israel. they are fighting back. this could be an all out ground war between the israelis and the palestinian militants in the gaza strip. you can see the chaos that it has cost. palace to land malef militants-d palestine have targeted 350 rockets towards tel aviv. 18
8:35 pm
of their own were killed in palestine in of the israeli military is moving troops to the israeli gaza strip border for proportion of apostle from the attack. 30,000 additional ta is really troops is reallisrael troops--30 additional have been possibly drafted they have a right to self-defense. let me be very clear. the hamas is the politics and party that controls the cause the strip. both sides have been what they have been intended to of their forces killin
8:36 pm
of the hamas military. you can see the size of this crater. after the israeli air strikes. this picture shows a picture and israel been taken away after a rocket from gaza hit the town. television station in israel are reporting that because of insertion is expected tomorrow. hamas is the palestinian political party that controls the government in the gaza strip. >> president obama has been touring in the damage in new york left by super storm sandy he was also on staten island. he met and talked to some of the people that have lost property in still need help. some families do not have electricity. after two
8:37 pm
weeks. it is government- owned island power authority is now or the center of a class action lawsuit. it is being investigated by the state or response time. along with con ed >> james holmes the accused shooter in the our rock movie theater aurora... in colorado, was taken to the hospital today at a " half- hearted attempt to commit suicide. he ran headfirst into a jail cell wall. he is scheduled to appear in court today but that hearing had been postponed. he's accused of shooting 70 people, killing 12 of them at a midnight screening of " the dark night rise is " in the
8:38 pm
month of july. >> some light rainfall approaching the coast with heavy rainfall expected as to go towards tomorrow. we will see light showers for the overnight. just light showers here, there and it's not all that rainfall will be hitting the ground initially but as we go towards tomorrow this will all be falling and a light rainfall. we will continue with light rainfall by 1:00 p.m. and that heavy rainfall by 5:00 p.m. guess what? this will be a series of storms pushing through three different storms coming through. >> these ride sharing have been fined $20,000 the public safety violations and to gabe slate tech report met with one of the services to get reaction. >> ride sharing services are catching on like wildfire it hardly seemed like a great
8:39 pm
alternative to texas, public transportation. websites, mobile levitations, too- public transportation or taxis were public transportation, with all of these mobile-applications or even smart phones get you a quick ride. however, they have been hit with a citation in the $20,000 fine in court >> the consumer participation and reaction has been impossible, it is cutting the attention of the public. there are questions of what we're doing. >> according to this they are charter party carriers put half to get authorization before operating in this state. eight charter partner carole we're not h.r. reporter carrier. if you try to get a charter party carried you have to list the vehicles that you own but these people are not owning
8:40 pm
vehicles for the people that we are servicing. they are putting us in a box that we do not fit to. >> they are saying that is all about safety. >> a $1 billion excess liability policy is greater than the $750,000 pc has on entities. we have a 1 million-excess liability and the to a criminal background check on our drivers. if they do not have that as a requirement for the entities they regulate. we do a department of motor vehicle regulation and crstrict criteria. they require a background check record check but they do not have criteria of what is acceptable or not acceptable the entities that are regulated. i think that it is clear that we believe safely that we're going above ever stand beyond of the transportation safety board. >> i spoke with the california public utilities
8:41 pm
board and they're trying to keep the public safe. they believe and what they're doing sorties companies to not pay or appeal, with the 20 days they could face more fines there will have to wait and see it will be interesting but i will keep you updated. gabe slate tech report.
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>> stocks closed lower today. claims for unemployment benefits rupp, the dow jones lost 28 points. stay with us, gary radnich is next.
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they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> in july 2012 i did this
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segment but this is the problem they are stealing these muni transfers not just one, they are still in the entire block. when i did this i knew that they were selling these muni transfers but i could never catch somebody selling the entire -- blog until now. for the record, i was looking for something else until now. this man decided to sell this right in front of me. (the book) >> and he said do you remember me from the world series and i guess that he started selling a muni transfers. despite that it is illegal. the interesting part is that i think he realized he should have stayed within the crowd because it looks like he was trying to get away from the as he could. now that he had
8:47 pm
my undivided attention he was under the microscope just when he thought everything was okay. and he never actually passed for money would simply present the transfer for a donation. however, if you watch. this means donation was less than adequate sweepstakes the transfer back with an illegal transfer one could in effect right muni all day by only spending $2 to the seller. with one bloc book y could even make $200. >> and i paid 755 he gave me a tap. >> what about that woman? >> 8-gratuity -- if there is a lislesson here. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news.
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>> we are getting some returns on the radar. as a 80 golden gate bridge is still dry that pavement but take a look at the radar. showers near san rafael, and keep in starting after midnight. keeping it light after the midnight near the east bay shore as we move towards 9:00 widespread a light rain in. it will stay that way for the early afternoon. later, we will start to see heavy rainfall south of the golden gate. it is moving south-north and pressing to the north on interstate-8. continuing by a love o'clock morena saturday morning. by saturday
8:49 pm
morning as for snowfall, we will not see that much of because as i mentioned, it is moving south. snowfall of of soft thousand feet and 6,300 ft. on the sunday locally, saturday, sunday, tuesday, thursday... >> announcer: jack in the box... >> buster posy received the mvp in his native georgia with his wife, children and his mother. however, a few words from buster posy.
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>> i think it is an accomplishment that is shared with the entire giants organization. it the great ownership. the front office, and to put great guys on the field is a great place to come and play ball. we have seen over the last couple of years of passion our guys have become. we could not be more honored to have my name alongside previous winners. >> last year, ryan his world series rival, the american league was miguel come for the first triple crown winner in 45 years. cabrera --from the detroit tigers you will see their total. they thought that might trout would have a chance but jim harbaugh was
8:51 pm
hospitalized today. a minor procedure. if they expect him back to malraux they discovered that he had an irregular heart rate. >> like he always tells us he is tougher than a $2 steak we know that he is going to be all right. we have some great coaches that will keep everything on track. the and we of great doctors in this area of that do great work and i'm sure that everything will be fine. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he will be back and he is in our hearts and purse. >> alex smith participated on a limited basis but he is still on track to start monday night vs. chicago
8:52 pm
reggie bush in the dolphins. the buffalo bills but thursday, they can sell anything. and 19-49. college hoops tonight johnny. as for always say he is the best player and coach the all- american. hopefully, having stanford in the right direction. john hitting a- three-pointer and one more time. getting an 18. , nine rebounds stanford beat out 69-51. and his mom joined all the way from truckee aspen spora lake tahoe is the scene as this great whisky star is only 2 years
8:53 pm
old. how did you get started? and my parents i think we started first in austria. that was awesome. >> you begin and austria. >> yes. and i was teasing but you like school? i like school, for sure. without skiing, i would be a boring little nerd. >> if he's a great little kid. and they got a speeding ticket. and they were rushing to get here in she was cute and we take for granted the beauty of kron. and she was taken that this is fantastic. and she said this is the best television station i've ever been in a. and i said what others in?
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she said there is a room in truckee. so kron is number one. so cute, the movie is coming out. the great aspin spore bud selig drops an 'f' bomb..
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.ñ >> you have to listen closely the baseball commissioner was asked about the a's and when is he going to decide if they move to
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san jose. >> i feel very badly. you're not going to get a * * answer. next? >> i guess that i would be more concerned about is hair.. >> goodnight.
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