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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.a chilling find in a fairfield park.
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a teenage girl found naked and dead. police investigating the case combed the scene today right now. her death is being investigated as a homicide. the girl, whose identity has not been released, went missing yesterday. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest details. only on kron 4. new details about the suspect in the 1984 san francisco kidnapping of kevin collins. >> this is scary, we are terrified. >> the girl was last seen going to school. she was on school and when she did to get home when she did not
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home >> we take numerous leads. it brings the realism back. >> we want to make sure that we do with thorough job >> they are trying to place to gather how this happened. in fairfield, kron 4 news. >> east of interstate-80. this is just across the street from the elementary
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school. just how close. this is off of highway 12. >> only on kron 4. this is the kidnapping of kevin collons..this is a photograph of dan therrian. who went by the name of "kelly." this is his california drivers license photograph from march 2003. therrien lived at the home that police searched on tuesday, looking for clues in kevin collins disappearance. his one time haight- ashbury residence on masonic, is across the street from saint agnes - where collins attended basketball practice before
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vanishing in 1984. one of therrien's former landlords tells us. he wore shoulder length, blond hair - similar to description of the last perso talking to collins before he disappeared. therrien died in 2008. from a heart attack. at the age of 51. that means he was 28. at the time kevin vanished. kron fours' terisa estacio talked with kevin collins mother about this newest information. i spoke with kevin's mother ann this morning about this newest lead in her son's disappearance back in 1984. i asked her if she had ever seen this man. dan therrien. and what investigators are now telling her about why after so many years they are re-opening her son's case.. ann collins tells kron four news that she recalls inspectors tracking down many leads after kevin vanished. but a few really stood out. and have lasted throughout the years.
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in addition. collins she says credible witnesses at the time told investigators kevin was last seen with a man with a black dog. kron four has confirmed that therrian - who went by the name kelly owned a dog collins says she doen't remember police identifying therrian by name. only that they were focusing on a neighbor who lived by the corner where kevin vanished following his basketball game. that fateful night. ann collins says she initially received a call from the new inspector on her son's case earlier this week, she has talked to him again. and is waiting to hear if there is more information that could
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finally provide some answers in case that has caused so much heartheart for the entire family so many years. >> i have an offer out to him for my talk-show. >> and i would say just to -be himself, and to get the trophy! >> this is like an annual event. we are there with our closest the vents. >> the boody shaking. and kendra has every memory. what jenny mccarthy slapped
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me in the face and it was not because of something i said. in the new orleans, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. we're just two days from the superbowl and while the players are preparing. the celebrities are partying! kron 4's j-r stone spent the night on the town. and picks up the story with actress and later in sports. gary brings us the first - ever joint press conference with the two super bowl coaches. the harbaugh brothers! that's ahead. but first. 49-er fans on roller skates. showing their support tonight in san francisco. the group is called 'the midnight rollers'. and they were partying throughout the city. showing their love for the home team in the super bowl. about 50 or so skaters gathered at justin herman plaza. and then took off en mass, while playing music to rally the football faithful. and cheer the 49ers to victory on super bowl sunday. group organizers say, they
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expected to pick up 100 or more skaters along the way through the city. they plan a skate party rally at union square, when they finish their roll through san francisco. >> temperatures are mild through san francisco. 40's in santa rosa. and you can see the golden gate bridge with that fog that i was telling you about. partly cloudy skies. a suspect's interaction with a teen girl. has menlo park police beefing up partols. what he did- next.
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>> police are searching for a man who exposed himself to a teenage girl earlier today. police say the girl was walking to school in menlo park in the area of ivy drive and windermere avenue when the incident happened. police say the suspect was driving a white van and approached the girl, asked her in spanish if she knew then exposed himself. he them threatned her not to tell anyone. menlo park police are investigating the incident and are increasing neighborhood patrols.
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>> nasa is marking 10-years since the columbia disaster. with a ceremony honoring all the astronauts who gave their lives for space exploration. on february first, 2003, the space shuttle columbia broke up upon re-entering
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the earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts on board. today, a large group gathered at the space mirror memorial, the 42-foot high black granite memorial at kennedy space center in florida. the memorial contains the names of the 24-people who were killed on missions and other training and commercial accidents. former astronaut buzz aldrin also helped lead a tribute to fallen astronauts at arlington national cemetery. former massachusetts senator and one-time presidential candidate john kerry. is now officially the country's secretary of state. kerry was sworn in today by supreme court justice elena kagan. kerry becomes in the nation's 68th secretary of state.
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according to a u-s official, kerry's first trip will be to israel and egypt. that could happen in a couple of weeks. kerry follows hillary clinton as secretary of state. she officially stepped down from the post earlier today. her colleagues at the state department gave her warm send-off in washington. clinton also submitted her official letter of resignation to president obama. during a private farewell meeting at the white house. and the secret service is going to need a new boss. according to an agency spokesman, mark sullivan is retiring as director. sullivan has been with the secret service for 30 years, and spent nearly the last seven years in his current post. the secret service came under fire last year, when some agents were involved in a prostitution scandal in south america. at the time, president obama said, he had confidence in sullivan's
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leadership. former new york city mayor ed koch. has died. koch was elected mayor in 1977 and served three terms. he was also a former congressman. and appeared as a judge on the t-v show "the people's court." koch was moved to intensive care just yesterday. he was 88 years old. it's day four of a terrifying hostage situation in alabama. police say, a five- year-old boy is being held in an underground bunker by a gunman. the police, the f-b-i and a hostage negotiator. are all still at the scene in the small town of midland city. investigators say, the gunman boarded a school bus, killed the driver and grabbed two children. one managed to escape. the bunker is reportedly equipped with electricity and is well stocked with food and water. neighbors, who identify the suspect as jimmy lee dykes, say he could stay holed up for a while. the death toll in the explosion at the headquarters of mexico's state-owned oil company. has now risen to 32. investigators say, the blast which collapsed the lower floors of the pemex building in mexico city yesterday. appears to have
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been accidental. but all possibilities are being examined. more than 120 people were injured. a government official says, early signs point to a problem in an area that housed electrical and air- conditioning equipment. >> a big headache for bank of america customers today. when its online banking system crashed! the issue first came about this morning, but as of now. the customers are still unable to access their account online. customers trying to log on. saw a message that said the site was "temporarily unavailable." however, customers can still access their accounts at a-t-m's and at banking centers. bank of america said, it is working on the problem, but would not elaborate on what caused the outage, nor when the site will be back up. twitter says, its web site has been hacked. and the personal information of 250- thousand users. may have been compromised. twitter said, it recently detected a series of
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attempts to hack into user data, and that the attackers may have made off with information, such as email addresses and passwords. twitter has contacted those affected by this hacking. to reset their passwords. and recommends all users to beef up their passwords as well. mahatma who >> jacqueline: through a beautiful sight at city hall. with the lights of the colors of the san francisco 49ers. it was 70 in napa today. 60s, in san francisco but it is going to get cooler. here is the cloud coverage that is going to blanket the clouds with high pressure that is moving from the south and expect is cooler. tomorrow in the super bowl sunday with
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dropping several degrees along the coast. sunday, monday, a slight increase in temperatures with upper 60s. let us take a look with the fog tracker. up and down the coast. but it is also pinpointing fog to the north and the inland valleys. it will stick around and start to clear out. for the early map afternoon, chilly. 30's in napa, 30's in fairfield, 40's. the coast. and for the bay shore. for the afternoon, low 60s for the most part. several degrees cooler with the east bay, 60s and alameda. 60s in livermore. temperatures are going to drop into the fifties. for the north bay, a mixture of 60s. cooler than we have seen. it is
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going to be much cooler with the chance of rain on thursday. >> the hype is finally almost over. what the brothers had to say. gary radnich has that with brothers had to say. gary radnich has that with sportat ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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>> gary: good evening, everybody. harbaugh brother
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s. this has never happened. sitting down together and what they turn out. even their 97 year-old grandfather. and they came out smelling like a rose. here are a few seconds. >> can you name something that you have taken from your mother that you apply. >> there is nobody more competitive she competes like a maniac. she has always believed in us. the most important thing to me is that she believed in me. >> issue was not happy when
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we built a hockey field out of chicken wire and shot out all the windows out of the crot raw crgarage. once again, the ravens are working out at the designated to saints facility. they went through a facility this was the final. the 49ers, and at 3:30. no contact they went to work for about 80 minutes with good attention to detail. a couple of old players. putting monte in the middle. >> i think that they are really good teams. they are
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both coming in this team i think they pulled it out. offensively. i think i'm going to go up with the forty-niners. >> they have long threats, short threats and quarterbacks. you have colin kaepernick, vern and davis and crabtree. you have an offense, that is really giving a great amount it is a lot. >> they are great tackle team. who is the team that is going to cause turnovers? with all of those things you have to lean towards the 49ers. >> and jerry rice dancing with the star's appearance came in handy tonight. and and iand he is one of those
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