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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 2, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we leave you today with a grandpa getting into a video game. >> he leans back and forth, he twists and turns. but at least he got some time to spend some quality time with his grandson. >> some charming video and really cute
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. the super bowl is just about here. 49ers will face off against the baltimore ravens in new orleans tomorrow afternoon for the super bowl and fans in the big easy are fired up. >> we are getting out numbered. >> taking a verbal fog. with this sea of red. j. r. stone is live in the bay dc. with entertainers. j. r., you have been working hard. but i have seen you with the jerry rice, john mccarthy and mike ditka. >> we are off to a another party after this it has been busy. and obviously, at this point if there are more ravens fans. 49ers legends earlier and they are fired out fired up. >> jerry rice, joe montana, steve young. with less than 24 years after the super bowl. a 24-hours before the super bowl. >> i am hoping for a no holds barred. >> you have to love the honesty that you get with joe montana. >> reporter: as for how some of the others feel? >> i think that san francisco is the better team. >> based on emotions. >> san francisco has the edge. andrew luck says that his coach has his work cut out for him. >> there is some much on his plate i do not want to bother. >> everybody is talking about colin kaepernick. to see what is next. >> to see a in-offense into a positive offense with his fourth work and he is an excellent. not to just a good but he is an excellent passer. >> i think that i want that they're going to see a very competitive game, a 24-17 is my prediction for the final score. >> jerry rice is about the san francisco 49ers. are you interested in watching tomorrow's game? >> what game? do you watch the super bowl? the month i am hoping that they are going to have another son of so that we can have another son. >> we will find out. >> what are the most looking forward to. >> i like how it is cut and dry.
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>> back out here live at the superdome you can see that it is quiet. but at this time it will be anything but. rocking and rolling. j. r. stone, kron 4. here are some of their biggest stars i think that our team is ready for this. we're going to do everything that we can. some players are jittery, others seem bored with all the media obligations. the unofficial name of super >> i am so anxious right now. if there is a lot of things of what is going to happen right now and i am ready to give back on the field. the mime message has been just to take advantage of this opportunity to not let it slip away. >> this is cooled the cameras, the questions, the activity. we came here to play football. >> the unofficial name is bowl 47: the har-bowl. brothers jim and john coaching agaist each other. they've been competing for everything their whole life. from girls to who would be the starting quarterback in high school. they're fiercly loyal.and fiercly competitive. >> very excited. everybody is attacking this stay with enthusiasm. every coach in room is a glow with. video. >> everything is going to determine who wins this within 60 minutes of great football with fundamentally great football team is playing. their entire focus is on this one moment, this one came. if >> stay with kron4 as we count down to super bowl 47. we'll have live coverage from the super-dome later tonight and tomorrow morning. after the super bowl -- special live post game coverage -- from 7:00 - 9:00. >> the anti gay statements made by 49ers cornerback chris culliver has caused a p-r nightmare for culliver. he has since appologized. but as kron four's jeff bush explains, the player will receive sensitivity training after the super bowl. >> reporter: chris culliver has had quite a week in the spotlight for saying he would not approve of a gay player on the team. the media swarmed him the next day and the cornerback backpeddledsaying he was sorry for what he said. >> chris culliver: >> like i said that was very ugly and it is not like how i feel in my heart. i hope
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that i can learn from this experience. that was very ugly comments in my heart and hopefully, i can learn and grow from this situation. >> reporter: that appology was not enough for many in the gay community so the team announced that culliver will get sensitivity training from the trevor project which is an orgaization that mans a 24 hour hotline for lgbt youth to call if they are having thoughts of suicide. >> abbie lane: trevor project we're going to be working on educating chris and his family and friends about the work that we do and the power of words and educating him on the importance of using words and understanding that predjudice and fear and hate that our young lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender youth face, many times on a daily basis. >> reporter: it is unclear how long the culliver's training will last or exactlly when he will go in but trevor project officals say they are happy that he has made the decision to attend their education program. i'm jeff bush in the castro district of san francisco, kron four news. >> police are investigating the death of a teenage girl in fairfiled. she was reported missing thursday in nearby suisun city, and was found friday morning. right now. her death is being investigated as a homicide. kron 4's alecia reid has been covering the investigation and she brings us the latest information from police. >> she was really nice she had a fun personality and a beautiful blue eyes. >> reporter: flowers keep coming in from this foster child that was found dead. this is the person that found the body. >> right there, with her face down and her legs out the most horrible thing i
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hope i never see anything like that again. she was right there and it totally nude. face down in the third she did not work real issue looked like a mannequin >> reporter: he willingly gave up his dna and has been ruled out a suspect. this news has been a terrible for this community. >> he has to classis and each day he gave her a hug. when he heard that it was her he says that that cannot be her. she is a good girl. and i was told just to let tam morning >> reporter: the school will be providing counseling and there are cameras all over the city following up on leads. that the on the girl did not even starker like there's a much heat out there today. how do we stop it? how do we protect our children. >> reporter: police are still investigating a given working nonstop since the body was found. many people have been questions but no suspects have been identified. in fairfield, kron 4. >> temperatures were cooler today with readings in the 50s. closed to the bay 56 degrees in san francisco. and it was a warmer once we got inland. the east bay, and all the way into fairfield, 64 degrees. here is the satellite & radar. with clouds of this morning. it took forever. part of the reason those were sold slow to clear is because of these high clouds. sunshine and it kept that fog in place for most of the day. sunshine and partly cloudy skies. this light view from the bay bridge. clouds will increase. areas of dense fog. we will see the sunshine increasing and for the rest of your forecast, coming up. >> football is center stage this weekend. find out which former niners and raiders will be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame. and which bay area greats got shut out once again. plus, how to prepare for the post-game victory party tomorrow night.
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the city of san francisco is preparing to handle a post- super bowl party. you might remember the damage and destruction some fans caused after the giants won the world series back in october. and as kron 4's mike pelton shows us if the 49ers win tomorrowauthorities will not tolerate that kind of celebration this time around. so, what's on the menu for your super bowl party? pizza is probably a safe bet. kron four's philippe djegal stopped by san francisco pizza parlors. getting prepped for an on- slaught of orders. the kitchen at pizzille di north beach is stocked up. plenty of pizza doe for a normal day. and, then some. in preparation for super bowl sunday. >> "stocked up" >> reporter: the chef's make the pies fresh.
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and, owner alex awadalla says his staff will being this all day. slamming one pizza after another out of the ovens. in fact. awadalla says sunday may end up being his most profitable day of the year. he's been in business close to five years. and, with this being his first super bowl as an owner. awadalla is bringing in extra staff to help manage an expected flood of orders. >> "extra staff" >> reporter: this is one of the delivery bikes used at tony's napolitana down the street. >> "go niners." >> reporter: eric ross says the restaurant will also be one of the busy pizza restaurants in north beach. trying to keep up with demand on sunday. >> "over 1,000 pizzas." in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. auto thefts soaring in the bay area. we'll break down where vehicle thefts are rising.
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phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> take a look at tomorrow's forecast. even know what the new orleans will be an indoor game they will still have a decent out reconditions. tonight however, locally we will have a start with gray. 51 degrees. and 50s but wheat will be relatively mild for tonight because of that cloud coverage. but we will be relatively mild-with the north-break, the east the-bay. it will continue, overnight. by 7:00 a.m., gray, bay-area wide. slow to clear. but not as what we saw today. and as a result, the temperatures are going to be a few degrees warmer.
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for the morning, look for readings to get down to the mid 30's. mid 30's-low 40's for the east bay. the highs for the afternoon will be fifty's & 60s in antioch will be 64 degrees. san jose, 61. with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay lots of morning clouds. monday, tuesday, the sunshine and the afternoon. 50s, 60s and mostly sunny with a weather system on thursday. we could really see some trying and that dry-conditions will not actually be changing. the forecast models only indicating traces. we will be back. .
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>> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting near a popular art event. the shooting left one person dead and another hurt. this was just before 11 p-m
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in the area of 23rd street and telegraph avenue. that's near the oakland art murmur gallery walk. no suspects are in custody. >> auto thefts in alameda county are on the rise again after a half a decade of steady decline. in 2012 there were 12,622 vehicle thefts recorded by alameda county law enforcement agencies. that's up 17 percent from the previous year. the rise comes after vehicle theft hit a ten year low in 20-10 when the county recorded just over nine- thousand thefts. the ch-p in hayward recorded the sharpest rise in auto thefts with a 155 percent increase. meanwhile c-h-p officers in dublin saw a 117 percent rise in auto thefts. the east bay regional parks district had a 60 percent increase. and albany police recorded a 50 percent rise. early this afternoon the del norte bart station in el cerrito was evacuated and closed. the walnut creek bomb squad and a bomb sniffing dog investigated a suspicious item. a bus bridge was established to help passengers who could not access the station while the
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investigation was underway. >> it was an item, a suspicious item that was not an explosive material. the station was reopened by 2:3o this afternoon when it was clear the item was not dangerous. >> if you're not a hard core football fan, you're likely more excited about beyonce's super bowl half-time show, and the commericials. you're in luck. our tech reporetd gabe slate scoured the inter-web.and gives us a sneak peak at some of the tomorrow's super bowl commercials. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> the new super bowl commercials are often just as anticipated as the big game itself. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has scoured the web. for leaked super bowl ads. and gives us a sneak peek. how >> this is a commercial for doritos wtih >> this is a spoof on the samsung & apple. >> with ideas, poking fun at their obsessive patent lawsuits saying that samsung, beat them. midea these >> could i say san francisco? americanize to the baltimore ravens? >> 50-1? >> baltimore black birds?
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>> absolutely and i like this from taco bell. it is called " grandpa goes wild ". with this high speed scooter. this might some people say that they have. up it is the emotional. they put a spin on their remembrance. this is my favorite. >> who is going to take your weekends? your wheat
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thins... [laughter] we have old video of the harbaugh brothers. >> the two franchises set to battle it out during tomorrow's super bowl. aren't the only one's with something riding on this game. coming up. we'll tell you who is betting what on super bowl betting what on super bowl >> * right now are in when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done.
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take a step forward and chase what matters.
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never has a sibling rivalry been so in your face. john harbaugh versus jim harbaugh in the super bowl. it is the stuff t-v stories are made of. put yourself in their place. could you destroy your brother's career dream for
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your own? carol costello has more on the match-up. and some vintage footage of the harbaugh family. >> they are living the dream but only one is going to wake up a winner. >> we fight for everything. we both have our girls. >> we of less than half the experience that he does. but we know the task. >> they seem so cool and detached but maybe this is because it sibling rivalry goes back decades. >> we were supposed to get one photograph but it came down twice as much and twice as much time as i thought.
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>> for the parents it was good at least back then. >> and jim and threw the pass to john and on the loudspeaker you could hear harbaugh to karbala. >> and i thought what a great thing to hear. this high school great iron is one thing about the other is another. you forget your brother's last name. >> your brother says that you are a better coach. >> i think that he is trying to set me up. ! stay with kron4 as we count down to super bowl 47. we'll have live coverage from the super-dome all gamblers in las vegas are sure to be glued to the television sunday. and, so will politicians andkron four's philiippe
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joins us now with a look at some of the bets being made ahead >> you said it grant. even zoo's in the two super bowl cities are jumping in on this. it's all friendly, of course. everyone seems to be having fun with this. this is. unless their team doesn't win. the maryland zoo and the san francisco zoological society putting naming rights on the table. if the 49ers win. the maryland zoo will re- name it's raven exhibit. the san francisco 49ers exhibit. but if the 49ers lose. the san francisco zoo will re-name the black rhinoafter the baltimore ravens.
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>> we have great items for her when she visits us. the mayors for both respective cities are also weighting in. the wager -- food and service. if the niners don't pull it out. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she''ll treat mayor ed lee to a plate of blue crab. and then volunteer for a day with ameri-corp. should the niners win? mayor rawlings-blake will fly to san francisco. the sonoma raceway is betting a case of sonoma wine. against the grand prix of baltimore's cookies and crab cakes. two cross country deli's also getting in on the action. the loser to donate 500- dollars to a jewish charity in the winning team's city. the ceo's of both baltimore and san francisco public
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television are also putting something on the line. ghiredeli chocolates and sourdough bread for san francisco. crab cakes and berger cookies for baltimore. everyone has something to win or lose. grant. as is tradition. a little friendly rivalry going on between san franciso mayor ed lee. and baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings- blake before the super bowl. the san franciso and getting in on the super bowl betting action. if the ravens win, the san francisco zoo has agreed to re-name it's black rhino enclosure. in honor of the ravens. baltimore's - maryland zoo. which is home to the ravens' official mascots, rise and conquer. says, if the 49ers win. it will rename the ravens' enclosure the "san francisco 49ers exhibit." the re-naming would last a month. >> day five for that five- year-old boy in alabama.being held hostage in a bunker. negotiations are on-going in the dramatic standoff between law enforcement and a gunman who kidnapped a the boy from a school bus on tuesday. cristina mutchler has the latest details. >> reporter: authorities say they have an open line of communication with the man who abducted a five-year-old boy, and is now barricaded in an underground shelter. talks are in their fifth day, and finally. some good news. >> "he's told us that he's had electric heaters and
8:38 pm
some blankets inside, that he's taken care of. he's also allowed us to provide coloring books, medication, toys. i wanna thank him for taking care of our child. that's very important." >> reporter: the man, identified as jim dykes, is a 65-year-old vietnam vet who moved to this small alabama town about five years ago. the nightmare started tuesday, when police say the suspect boarded a school bus with a gun, and was met by the driver, 66-year-old charles poland. poland was shot and killed in an attempt to protect his young passengers. >> "i am so proud of him. he did his job, he protected those children, he stood in their place." >> reporter: police say dykes grabbed one child and retreated into a bunker he built near his trailer. authorities are communicating and delivering supplies through a plastic ventilation pipe. folks in the community are stunned. joshua tucker lives nearby. >> "just knowing that this happened in my community, right here in my home, and
8:39 pm
every day we have to ride past this dirt road after this is over with, we're gonna have to look at that dirt road and know what that man did. it hurts, man, it really does." >> reporter: no charges have been filed related to the standoff, and law enforcement still isn't commenting on possible motive. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. >> when president obama announced that he enjoys skeet shooting last week. he was met with some skepticism. the white house responded today by releasing this photo. the picture was taken on august fourth. the presidents birthday. while he enjoyed skeet shooting at camp david. the president says that he enjoys shooting at his private maryland retreat. this all comes as congress continues to address gun violence in the wake of the newtown connecticut school shootings. a six-point-nine earthquake >> we should see some fog clearing out. temperatures a few degrees cooler. mostly sunny skies and a pretty nice day as we go towards the super bowl. coolest in
8:40 pm
the north bay. as we go towards the afternoon look for the temperatures to reach the '50s in the blue. i will let you know about the forecast for this week. >> still, the possibility of a sixth super bowl with ronny lott on their predictions.
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now for some dirty girls. hundreds of women got down and dirty in the parking lot of candlestick park today. they participated in the dirty girl mud run. event for females only. in addition to splashing
8:43 pm
around in the mud the women helped contribute to the national breast cancer foundation. >> in two thousand twelve we contributed over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to nbcf. it's our goal to contribute a half million dollars to the organization. if you're furious you missed it this time, there will be another dirty girl mud run in san jose in mark your calendars. >> i do more on this section that they will park wherever they please. this is in a section of san francisco. coming up. >> coming up the interactivity of the super bowl with social media. >> temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. warmer weather when it is going to get and the 60s. warmer weather when it is going to get here, coming up. ao
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>> everyone has an opinion
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when it comes to tomorrow's big game. we got a chance to catch up with a few athletes and media members to get their predictions. so there you have it. from ronnie lott. 49ers the favorites. >> i think the 49ers are going to pull it out. i'm going to go with the 49ers. >> last year you could defend them in a phone booth but now, their long thread, at shore threat and now a quarterback that scares people. you also have a ready moss, crabtree. you have an offense that poses a lot of problems and randy moss. i think it is too much for the baltimore ravens to handle. >> who is the team that can cause the most turnovers? who is the team that could cause the most pressure. when i say all of those things you have to lean towards the niners. group about super bowl predictions
8:47 pm
coming up ahead. sphene gabe slate tech report >> this year's game has the super bowl smart phone or your tablet. you do not have to miss the game, it will be streaming lives on nfl .com. you are able to grab that from any wireless device and also even on an application is only $5 per month. int onow app hosts related information based on what your television is a broadcasting. you are able t deteinteract with the
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and your friends on social media. also, this is the digital version of the super bowl program. this is full of multimedia. everything you need to know about the baltimore ravens in the san francisco 49ers this is $10 and the football party app.. is only $5. it has questions like what will be a national anthem how long will that last? these trivia questions are included at only $5. and also, this is for the football application if the want to talk about the game. it is fre with
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voice chat technology. 4 at the same time and you can keep your eye on the screen. this is just a drop in the bucket with advertisers will be bombarding with the social media. and even the super bowl advertisements they want you to vote. do not get that caught up. gabe slate tech report >> in case you forgot to check your calendar is a groundhog day. groundhog doesn't see shadow spring will be here early. i do not think that it has really already even already been here, with warm, s mild days here in the bay area. we have not seen that many clouds today
8:50 pm
but already some sunshine reported earlier today. temperatures in the 50s in hayward, livermore, berkeley, san bruno, cupertino, palo alto, 40's. here is the fog tracker. lots of low clouds. and for the north bay we could see visibility bebelow one quarter of 1 mi.. already, some cloudiness. that will increase as we go for the overnight hours. many places with gray skies. and it is going to change as recall for the afternoon. 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., for those low clouds have cleared. still, some patchy fog by early afternoon sunny conditions and temperatures will be warming up. and upper 30's and low 40's with mid upper 40's for the bay.
8:51 pm
the highs for the afternoon will be low 60s. with mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. a 61 and the san jose, milpitas, santa clara, campbell. redwood city, 60s and for the inland areas, some warmer conditions. 64 degrees in antioch. fairfield, 60s by the bay. san francisco, will see the upper 50s. upper 50s and 60s for the north bay. daly city, mid-50s and also san mateo, 59 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures will be increasing by monday. still, morning clods and afternoon clearing. the same on tuesday but more sunshine on tuesday but a bit of a change. this weather system will be increasing clouds just briefly. we have the
8:52 pm
chance for rainfall but the forecast models showing a few hundreds with just traces. very quickly and a very weak system. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you moving now, you going to put it back there again? >> huh? i don't know >> don't answer he just asking silly man go on just get off the sidewalk that all she is going to do you don't have to sit up there and make a clown out of here on tv dude. what is wrong with you? >> i asked her a question. >> for as long as i can remember this is what it looked like in the bayview section of san francisco cars parked on the sidewalk in fact if you were to visit almost any other section of the city, parking on the sidewalk would mean instant ticket but because of threats violence and treats of
8:53 pm
violents many driver got away with violating the parking code but now the jig is up we are going to start tagging for sidewalks like on a continuous basis for the next month warning will be going out to anyone who illegally parks on the sidewalk san francisco department of parking and traffic along with the san francisco oilice department fanned out all around the bayview there he go right there talking about people behaving badly handing out flyers but why not just hand out tickets like everywhere else nats: we're not coming out heavy handed, you know people are given a month to say hey look you know what change is gong to take place and were not coming down hard on them were trying to give them a fair warning so they can make adjustments. adjustment like learning to not use public sidewalks as a place to service your vehicle >> i know but you can't even fix your car on the sidewalk you are going to have to fix it in the street or in your garage adjustments so the disabled the visually blind or mothers pushing strollers don't have to walk in the street and everyone knows they aren't allowed to park illegally if they didn't then whay is this man running to move his car
8:54 pm
there is a long over due crackdown needed for people paeking whereever the heck they want and when it happen you can bet i ill show it ot you this is a warning we are going to now cite for sidewalks in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at coming up. animals around the country making their super bowl predictions. we'll show you some of the adorable creatures. and which teams they're rooting for tomorrow! stay with us. we'll be right back!
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>> the super bowl is just around the corner. and our animal-friends are weighing in! from all over the country, the triple box. elijah the orangutan -- predicts the baltimore ravens to win tomorrow's and "ozzy" the grizzly bear at zoo-montana second the notion. he also predicts that the ravens will win by choosing between two pies. two manatees in florida both picked the ravens to win. they made their selections by swimming to special targets marked with each team logos. both of them swam right to the ravens logo. r but what really matters -- a sea otter from new orleans. has predicted the 49ers will take tomorrow's game.
8:58 pm
tossing a ball into a bucket the the niners logo on it. and if you're not convinced. you should make a note that emma has done this before. last year she correctly predicted the winner of the final four. (male announcer) all indication is that she is going to be correct and sutro sam is not making a prediction but he i thoughts leaning 49ers...
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