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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 8, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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downtown san jose. she fell from an 11th floor balcony at the city heights condo complex. investigators are interviewing witnesses to try to figure out how this happened. at this point of play is not suspected. they now believe this was suicide, they are investigating what happened. >> we're also watching what is happening across the northeast. 23 million people across the northeast corridor and a blizzard warning. there's a buzz and getting 3 ft. of snow. the snow was expected to start this morning with the heaviest amounts coming tonight and tomorrow. this note could block some residents, people are being warned to prepare for days.
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it webbings sent to the grocery store to beat the stock up on a milk come up groceries, batteries. >> hundreds of flights have been cancelled out of s f o this morning and mike pelton is live. >> as the saying goes, it is just one of those days. as a messy commute especially if you're headed to the northeast. this storm as an acting places like chicago boss didn't jfk and newark. so far 55 flights have been canceled 35 departures. that number could certainly increase throughout the day. there also delays headed into philadelphia. if you
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are trying to head to the north east, check your flight status ahead of time. you may be able to avoid some of the headaches that people are experiencing this morning. >> in montreal we have a snowstorm with 15 27 m, that is nothing. we don't know what's going on. >> they said it would probably be tomorrow. >> when you came in this morning is you have any idea at your flights would be cancelled? >> no. we had no idea. >> the weather in the bay area may lead to more delays possibly. officials say by about 7:00 they should have an idea if they need to put their ground delay program into a fact. what that means is because of weather and low-lying clouds that will have to decrease the frequency of arriving
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flights. this will create even more delays. we'll update you with it informations through out the morning. >> let's take a look as we can see as f o. at the roadway is like there, what are we and for today? >> the showers are actually tapering off. we're still experiencing light rain and the livermore valley sun old grade and portions of the peninsula. this is really the last of it. we are seeing some eyebrows but we could see some lingering showers for the north bay and to about mid morning. partly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the '50s. six 03 a.m. and here is george with traffic. >> its light enough at the bay bridge that the metering lights are not active yet. the quick commute check shows there's a little slow traffic on 580 and highway
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4. it is much lighter than usual there. it is all around the bay. >> authorities on high alert this morning as the search continues for christopher dorner. the former cop is accused of a string of shootings and the lost angeles area. the latest update has continued into the san bernardino mountains. swat teams have been walking the area near the big bear ski resort, searching for the former l.a. but he beat officer. he is suspected killing three people and what's being described as a violent vendetta against l.a. police. dormer is a former navy reservist who was fired from the lapd in 2008. the surges focus on the southern california mountains because dorner is a bird a pickup truck was found in the area yesterday.
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today we learn more about the deaths of the three people murdered and sonoma county. autopsy results are expected today. three men were fatally shot at a home in forestville area on tuesday they were watchiwaiting for someone who was going to sell them a large amount of marijuana. the victims are richard lewin, raleigh butler and ttodd kla rkowski. >> as we go to break in the kron4 morning news, watching conditions are around the bay. so far as its light at
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the bay bridge, hopefully it stays that way. berkeley is 44 degrees right now, we should get some clearing and sun later on today. much better weather than new york city. they are waiting for the blizzard. the southwest corner of central park getting ready for the really heavy snow later on tonight and tomorrow morning. blizzard warnings have been posted across the northeast.
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>> watching wall street futures are flat. watching apple after hedge fund manager david einhorn filed a lawsuit against the company compared it can't compare apple to his dingy grandmother trying to get apple to start deploying some of its cash. apple is sitting on 137 billion in cash. shares of mt. view based link and are soaring this morning after they reported better than expected quarterly results. they ended 2012 with 200 million members.
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>> it looks like the bush family e-mail accounts have been hacked. the secret service is investigating the publication of busch family e-mail's and photographs. a spokesman for the former president george that h. w. bush said the criminal investigation is underwear in there's not much else to say. >> police chase in its los angeles begins in a fiery crash. police were pursuing a suspected drunken driver wednesday night that reached speeds of more than 100 mi. an hour. the car skidded out of control, slamming into a guardrail and bursting into flames. police pulled the driver out of the car and had rushed to a hospital. his name in condition had not been released. the chp are investigating the crash and the lapd is handling the criminal investigation. >> right now vallejo is 35
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your tough messes. >> 6:13 a.m. and people in the northeast are preparing for storm expected to dump up to 3 ft. of snow from new york city to boston in beyond today. on the left you can see shots of sand
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stockpile and sand being loaded into a dump truck. many people are also rushing to hardware stores pick up supplies like shovels. >> satellite and radar shows this is the convergence of two very strong systems. this is a very cold one here and a very wet when coming down to the south. they will merge together and it looks like boston will be the focal point. this could break a century old records. the words of 3 ft. of snow. new york city is bracing for 2 ft. of snow. wind speeds are expected to top out at 70 mi. an hour. that won't create blizzard like conditions. we have several
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watches and warnings and a fact. north of boston we have the potential for some coastal flooding. winter advisories' are in effect for most of the northeast. this storm is not that long lasting. it is expected to be off of the maine coast line as we pushed into sunday. we are easy and flight cancellations. downed trees and power lines are also a possibility. we will continue to monitor this on the kron4. in the bay area of light rain currently tapering off. they look at temperatures, 30's and 40's out the door. 43 san francisco, 36 novato.
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temperatures into the afternoon the mid '50s for just about everyone. fairfield 55, vallejo 54,. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a lingering showers but that is not the case into the weekend. sunshine and blue skies. temperatures back into the '60s as we start the next work week. into the middle of next week, mid 60s for just about everyone. >> we are continuing to monitor a light ride. we're not tracking any major problems or looking at any hot spots. there is light of traffic that the meeting lights have not yet been activated at the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge is a 11 minute commute time across
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the span. the golden gate bridge is an easy one as well, no delays 41 01 southbound. last audit 80 west 14 to 60 minutes from hercules to berkeley a little snow slowin. selling on d around julien the key. no major delays. an accident at 85 was reported to be blocking a late but it is not slowing the commute. there is no slowing for the the 1 01 rent on the southbound. >> the latest on the manhunt in southern california, a news conference will be held at 9:00 for this x l a cop wanted for murder.
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authorities are on high alert and there are still searching for christopher dorner hour.. they found his pickup truck near big bear lake and the search continues. we will get more informations as we follow the story through out the morning. >> we are watching and gas prices this morning as california has gone up over the ford dollar mark. although analysts say will be reaching the $4.67 a market that we had last october. the state average right now is $4.10 for regular gallon of gas.
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tonight starting at 78 temporary single lane closure at the san abridgement san revell bridge toll plaza will be in effect. the closure is taking place allow caltrans to install a new automated toll collection and accounting system. the clothes will be in effect until monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. >> u.s. customs agents at the port of oakland has seized about 2300 rounds of ammunition hidden in air filters of cars headed to mongolia. custom agents discovered the ammunition in early december while searching and out of shipping container with three cars. this these rounds were hidden and the car's air filters including those for rifles and shotguns. authorities say the value of the excseized ammunition and three cars is more than $45,000.
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an alarm supposed to alert authorities to obstructions on the city's cable car line did not sound before a cable car hit a metal object, injuring seven people. it happened wednesday morning as the car was headed downhill. meany's transit director says that pieces of paper in the past tense of the alarms systems so it's not clear why the metal object did not do so. five of the injured people were taken to a hospital, one of them with life-threatening injuries. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>> watching storm tracker 4 we have some rain storms in the bay area. showers widening up in the north bay. sing some ran around the san mateo bridge right now and light rain around the san jose area. scattered showers will be around for the first half of the day, we expect them to clear in the afternoon. >> president obama is nominee for cia director, john brennan faced tough questions and his confirmation hearing about u.s. covert activities. prosecutors actually interrupted the hearing at one point. brennan said that at the obama administration has never killed terror suspects when officials have
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the opportunity to capture them instead. he spoke about the administration's future use of drums. >> the president has insisted that any action we take be legally grounded, the early anchored and intelligence, will have the appropriate review process before any action is contemplated including actions that may involve the use of lethal force. president obama released >> president obama release the administration's classified legal justification for the drought policy to the senate intelligence committee before brent terry. >> boeing is starting to test flights soon of its 787 dream liner. the company says this will allow it to look at the in-flight performance of the airplanes batteries. the faa grounded the dreamliner fleet last month because of issues with its lithium ion battery
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malfunctioning. boeing says it was working round-the- clock to fix the problems of planes can get back in the air. green light capital is suing apple over attempts to eliminate preferred stock at the company. green lights as the proposal would restrict the ability of apple's board to a much shareholder value. green light, a shareholder since 2010, is dissatisfied with the way apple allocate capital. the firm has been talking with apple for the past several months about the creation of a new preferred stock that would be disrupted apple shareholders. the idea was rejected by apple in september. apple started paying a dividend last year. >> starting tomorrow, microsoft will start selling the latest version of the surface. the servers windows 8 perot is said to give users the full experience of the windows 8 laptop in a slow and tablet >-- tanned and tablet. the
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keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. >> the new york stock exchange looks like a flat day for trading. we will bring the numbers for wall street through out the morning. authorities remain on high alert this morning as the search continues for christopher de warner, the former cop accused of shooting a straia string of shod
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the los angeles area. the latest update on the search has continued to the san bernardino mountains. swat teams have been walking beat area near the big bear ski resort, searching for the former lapd officer. dorner is suspected of killing three people and what's been described as a violent vendetta against l.a. police. he is a former navy reservist was fired from the lapd and 2008. the search is focus on the southern california mountains because his pickup truck was found in the area yesterday. we will be going to the press conference at 9 this morning, hoping to get new information. >> a 24 year-old woman is dead after falling overnight from a high-rise building. new video, it happened around 3:00 this morning at st. james street and san pedro in downtown san jose. the corner has removed her body from the scene. she
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fell from the 11th floor balcony at the city heights condo complex. right out investigators are interviewing witnesses to try to figure out how this happened. >> for a blizzard that is expected to be across the northeast is just starting. >> it is a bitterly cold morning in boston and everyone is preparing for the snow storm. high winds and possible whiteout conditions. also, measuring snow and sleet.
6:33 am
>> the ink out before it's too late, passengers at the airport are trying to avoid the blizzard. the totals could top two and a half feet in some parts of the northeast. in the york the mayor is optimistic the city can have a handle whatever comes its way. >> it's probably as good timing as we can have. >> we are used to these types of storms. i want to remind everyone to use common sense. basically, stay home. >> this marks the 35th anniversary of the blizzard of 1978. there are some some similarities between that historic beast in what is wearing today but the outcome will not be at quite
6:34 am
as dramatic. >> we were stalled for quite a while. this one looks like it will stall us to. instead of two or three days ago at looks closer to 24 hours. >> refrigerators are stocked and shovels are on the ready. everyone is being advised to go home and hunker down and wait this out. we're talking about the possibility of seeing two to 3 in. of snowfall per hour with winds up to 35 mi. an hour. >> here is storm tracker 4. the showers light rain and milpitas. this straighthese arep
6:35 am
random hit or miss showers. satellite and radar shows we are still seeing some wrapped around. we could see some light rain later on this morning but the majority of that wet weather is settling into monterey. >> light traffic around the bay, at no hot spots. note metering lights for the westbound ride at the bay bridge. we have some slowing and the east a freeway on 580 and highway 4, wider than usual for 680 and interstate 880. >> we now know the cause of the super bowl black out. the power co. in new orleans was caused by a
6:36 am
faulty electrical relay device. the device has since been removed and it will not happen again they say. >> able as a will be held tonight for a 13 year-old genelle conway-allen. the teen was found dead at a fair fell park last year. police in fairfield are working with authorities to investigate whether the case of the teen the murdered there could be linked to another case from last year. the body of jessica frfunk haslam was discovered a part
6:37 am
in a row is not merely a year ago. 50 mi. away from the fair fell park where conway-allen's body was found last week. the vigil is cited 630 at witt park in fairfield. >> residence in san francisco's mission district are on alert after a pair of brutal attacks against women. police say the victims were not robbed or raped, just punched and beaten. the first incident happened on january 26th on 23rd street near san jose avenue. this second happened february 2nd on bart let near 22nd. both women suffered facial injuries. police and not released sketches of possible suspects, but continue to investigate both attacks. >> san jose police have
6:38 am
released this photograph of 32 year-old anthony sanchez as they continue to search for him. he was in custody wednesday but managed to escape while hang tough. he was arrested for parole, violation but been left unattended, sanchez jumped into the driver's seat of a van and took off. police rebelled drag on the stolen many ban. sanchez was nowhere to be found. a big storm >> a big storm starting this morning and continuing through tomorrow. we will be right back.
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motorcycle accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is backing up and there are three lanes blocked it out. this is just past the eyelids, to buil the motorcyclists is down in the two middle lanes. traffic has not been backed up at all at the bay bridge but the mystery lights are being slowed. league and expect the back up to starhappen pretty rapidly. >> erica kato will be up with a full check of your forecast coming up shortly.
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other stories we are following a report coming out the number of americans aged 65 and older would alzheimer's is expected to triple by 2015. according to a new study, 13.8 million will have the disease by then. researchers say the study draws attention to an urgent need for more research, treatment and preventative strategies to reduce this epidemic. alzheimer's, the leading cause of the demand sent out that some 5 million americans and 38 people worldwide.
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>> christopher darner is the top buck x coppethe warner and sampras as though we're looking at rain for now. >> this is one part of the storm that is headed to the north east. they're being slammed was no right now as
6:50 am
we should use these from greenbra bay. what started out as reagan could turn quickly into snow than sticking to the road. about to the 4 in. of snow were expected to fall in chicago, with up to 9 in. possible in the northern suburbs. >> this a very wet system approaching from the south and the two will collide. boston is the target. we could break century old records, upwards of 3 ft. of snow in that area. winds will also be very strong. yale like conditions. when speeds could top out at 70 mi. per hour. it will create lizard like conditions. the bank on the screen indicates the winter storm warning, the purple
6:51 am
indicates that the blizzard warning in effect. the coastline and boston is anticipated to flat due t the ss way east and off the maine coastline out to sea. this led by sunday. we are continuing to monitor local weather. pop up hit or miss showers all across the peninsula. this is nothing to really concern yourself with, light rain so you may need your windshield wipers. downtown san jose and the grain. the showers are accident our area and pushing it the way
6:52 am
south toward monterey. 24 hour rainfall totals as f. poe sought a quarter of an inch, trace amounts for the rest of the bay area. conditions into the afternoon will be drying, partly cloudy, up mid fifties just about everywhere. 55 palo alto, mid '50's for fairfield, 57 walnut creek. the cent sign in severance this bill at 55 degrees. 55 in san bruno. if you're headed to tahoe, keep your chains handy. 7 day around the bay forecast highlights dry weather and '60s into the next workweek. >> collin kaepernick got a
6:53 am
tattoo. he is witty look like before the super bowl lots of tattoos but none hunnish shoulders and chest. he took care that over the last few days of the tattoo artist is san jose. kapernick test and sellers are now totally covered. he says the new tax represent his family, and our strength, appeared to grow in humility. >> he may not need a jersey next year. >> tiger woods staying at all so at&t needs a jolt. round out at pebble beach. bill murray with the muttonchops sit signing a woman's forehead. mary knows the course well, he makes the nice approach shot that catches the slope and heads down held stopping about to end the 15 he beat from whole.
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>> up former nba player and hiv and aids activist magic johnson meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for an event at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows.
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>> traffic at a standstill
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at the bay bridge toll plaza. a motorcycle accident on the suspensions bandbox at least three lanes. the big rig that may have caused it is blocking the right lane further down. traffic is at a standstill and is rapidly backing up. alternate routes of the san mateo bridge, the richmonds and revell bridge and the golden gate bridge. i love more on this in a south bay hot spot that is developing coming up. >> a dolphin swim toward group got quite a sight off the coast of hawaii. the owner of the tour company says everyone had just climbed out of water from swimming when a humpback whale approached. those on the boat said she danced around them for about a half hour. she gave them a dramatic tale wave. he says he never felt like they were in danger and also says he is seen as well many times
6:59 am
over the past 15 years and his friends named her juanita. >> the time is 60 7:00 a.m. and valentine's day is coming up. d. no what day it is? bendable has unveiled the most popular love song in the u.s.. whitney houston's i will always love you has been voted as the top love song and a harris interactive survey. other songs that made the top 5 list the rights of brothers and jane melody, percy sledge is when a man loves a woman, joe cocker is you are so beautiful, and the bee gees and how deep is a love. >> the search continues for a caught killer


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