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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 16, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we leave you today with a skier with nerves of steel after he triggered an avalanche during a competition. >> first he does a back flip and manages to escape right in the nick of time. that is incredible! >> lucky to
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> deadly shooting in oakland tonight. one person pronounced dead. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news of the shooting that happened just before five in west oakland on 8th street near chester. now we head out live. another developing story out of treasure island where an apartment fire claims the life of a 10-year-old girl. kron 4's mike pelton was at the scene and describes a community effort to try and save the girl's life. >> reporter: the fire in this building is saying that the fire chief found the building completely engulfed in flames. >> i got up the first flight
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of stairs and the fire started at diapered >> reporter: with the vapor, he was trying to save his neighbors like. trying to get to the pact comes but the black smoke. >> the flames were coming down, these windows, the words. at >> reporter: this have been brought 12:30. down the windows and the--the doors. but these people were crying and lake yelling, the baby. the baby was crying and -- bialik.when that top blew up i did not hear it any more. >> reporter: this child perished. >> i pray for the family had ever community is pretty
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tight. >> at the time we have a loss it is a tragedy. . >> reporter: fire officials are working to determine the fire caused. it took nearly two hours. the red cross will help people find shelter, like jerry johnson. and he put this into perspective that losing an apartment is far different. >> the stored release speaks for itself. a 9 year-old, 10 year old, the story really speaks for itself. and treasurer i left, mike pelton, kron 4 gives.
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>> take a look. this is what it looked like. around 4:00 p.m., according to the coast guard. with nearly 500 people, collided with the smaller boat to. you can see the front and damage. there was a doctor, and there was a nurse. they got onto the smaller boat as it was getting toward the shore. anna weeney.. we saw the coast guard coming and and be must have that figured that there was an accident. they were tracking the boat and it was pretty smashed up. one person was still below the boat and not in the best shape. another person was on the coast guard. >> reporter: i checked with the coast guard and it was going back to the sausalito
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army going of engineers to try to figure out who was at fault. as for those two people, there were taken to local hospital. one person is in critical condition. scott rates, kron 4. >> a muni bus collided with a person near the southern end of lake merced this afternoon. it was just before 4:30 when one boulevard and john muir drive near daly city. the pedestrian was seriously hospital. the cause of the accident remains under part of the investigation the driver will undergo a drug and alcohol test. muni service is not being effected. >> consumer alert. auto experts warning buyers coming from the east coast. kron four's philippe djegal explains why auction cars could be a bad buy. and, what steps you should purchase. >> reporter: we are seeing a lot of cars from the east coast primarily the cars
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that seemed $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, under the price. even some are $10,000. >> reporter: motors in san francisco are all certified. meaning the manufacturer has inspected them, they'reand, they come with an extended warranty. general sales manager chris schniegenberg says 98- percent of his cars are also from the west coast. he warns buyers to always purchase certified used cars. and, stay away from cars coming from the east coast. which are often sold at a much higher cost than they're actually worth. >> you are going to seek wholesalers that are going to be turned over to the insurance company from hurricane sandy. other disasters that these cars have been through, with her working katrina we have been through this before there are certain states that are able to escape the loophole
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and do what is called " title washings " to. >> reporter: interior damage and engineschniegenberg says those are just a few of the issues that pop up with hurricainehe says always do a background checkm by getting a carfax. in san francisco, philippe an employee of the scott's valley unified school earlier this week on suspicion of inappropriately touching and exposing according to the santa cruz county sheriff's office an investigation into carl guerin started back in january and ended in his arrest on wednesday. guerin is the director of technology at the scott's district but does not have direct contact with the students. the alleged crimes are believed to have been with children that guerin already knew and are not connected to the school district. >> we did have some nice temperatures uppers 60s and all the way up to 73 degrees
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in napa. nearly 70's and san francisco, san jose. it looks like we are seeing the end of this warm weather. it will be cooler. in fact, just the 40's until next week. this live at you with clear conditions. a look to the west with low clouds gathering at the coast. and after midnight. a cloudy start for the baby. and for some of valleys haazig madyun haazig madyun = = for the bay--temperatures are expected to be cooler. with the low bid 60s for san francisco. 66 degrees. it 60s and san jose. we will get a lot cooler for next week. >> pamtoday marked the ninth
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annual lunar new year festival at the asian cultural center in oakland. the event was marked by a string of celebrations. included in the festivities was an arts and crafts expo. cultural performances. and artist workshops. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 8. the state of state parks. to keep parks open to the public this summer. >> plus the bay area travel buddies talk to us about the cruise from hell. >> and the meteor that fell we take a look at a massive clean up going on in the russian city shattered by skyfall. that's all next.
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>> just two days after dis- embarking from the carnival cruise ship "triumph". lawsuits already underway. in a nine-page complaint, cassie terry of texas conditions and long lines to get food. the trouble started when the after an engine room fire last sunday it took nearly five days for the ship to get back to
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port.. carnival is offering passengers 500-dollars, a refund - and a credit for another cruise. in a story you'll only see on kron4 news. with two bay area friends. who were stuck on that cruise ship. >> it smelled like a porta potty in a ball game it was horrible. tom went on his friend and they tried to staton the balcony. >> we did not want to get sick. why wait for food when everybody was fighting over the food. >> you are seeing a lot of
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things you did not want to see. it is great to be back because one of the worst things was i did not want to wish it from anybody. >> this is phone from video of his phone videophone-with mattresses. and these showing these sentiments of exactly what happened. >> some we were out there if it was rough seas. it was dark the stabilizers are out and people were scared. and i change my mind i would never go on a carnival i cannot wait to go home and take a great shower. and i'm going to go to the doctor tonight and have them check me out. and give me some shots because there cannot be anything safe. about the conditions. we were brushing our teeth with the water.
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>> reporter: tom and for mandel said they just went on to see a rock band. tom and--fernando.. went to see that band but the band canceled. >> scott j.r. stone-kron 4 news. >> the investigation is already underway for what went wrong on triumph. we'll have more on how the coast guard and the national transportation safety board investigation coming up in our show. >> today was gorgeous. it made for beautiful skies. this is a lake merced. san francisco. a beautiful sight around the bay. now, you can see from mt. tam. those low clouds are pressing in. making for some cool weather for tomorrow. temperatures
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already in the 50s. oakland, pleasanton, albany, 52 degrees. for tonight, clear skies and those low clouds those are going to press into the bay. as we start off tomorrow, look for those clouds. and fog that could clear out. sunshine and because of the cloudy start and the sea breezes. next week it is going to be much cooler. this air mass. and the rainfall for tuesday. temperatures will be cooler. mostly clear and with the exception of these high clouds. those are off to the east. we do have those clouds over the ocean and this weather system over the pacific is quite to impact our weather, but it, today. and the futurecast,
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tomorrow. with readings only in the 50s and 60s. watch what happens on monday. even cooler. just 40's and 50's for the bay area. the highs tomorrow, not that bad. 60s. we will also see the 60s for the east bay inland. 66 degrees in walnut creek. 60s for the north bay valleys. 67 degrees, napa not as quite as warm in san francisco, 62 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay and big-time changes coming our way. for next week monday, clouds will be increasing. notice, those high clouds will just be in the 50s on tuesday. the chance for rainfall, one- the 50s on tuesday. the chance for rainfall, one- half inch not a well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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cleaning up after a massive meteor mess. coming up, we take you to that russian town shattered by a meteor that came crashing down.and see how they're coping. life is beginning to return to normal in a small town in russia just days after a meteor strike came a little too close for comfort. we go now to c-n-n's phil black for the very latest. this huge emteor is now, at the bottom of that light. the police are prohibiting us from going any further it is a the bottom of that body of water that huge metoer. .. the final descent to the
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atmosphere. it was felt widely. the students came outside to look at the trail of smoke. once to did capture the moment on his camera. >> what to do think? >> partially i thought that it was really a terrorist attack. >> reporter: then, there is the big blast, the sonic boom. (shreiking) above my ears felt defeated. and everybody feland fel felt out-of the ground shook. it was awful. we had some people were screaming, paddock, crying. >> reporter: there are some isolated example of its of
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panic--from the shockwave and it was not over these brick walls. elsewhere, it was mostly super vessel, glass. and many of its is being cleaned up superficially--. within one week, there could be a couple of just scars left. but it is likely to be people that saw the car going to be talking about for some time. phil black.. cnn.. >> coming up so people are calling it eight advisorserial slasher.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley robertg badly. >> i wish they had the guts to do it while everyone was standing in front of them the cowardley away of doing this was just dispicble >> andre is the owner of more then 60 vehicles that were vandalized in concord, their tires were puncuted right there, see the air bubble, and right there. >> it appears that the person may have used an ice pick on each tire all were puncutered two times and in most cases >> they hit all four of my tires and i have no idea why >> this the undercarrage of a hundai that is sitting on 4 jacks again all four tires ruined and this is just this
8:26 pm
>> because a few blocks away even more cars with flat tires this man had11 tires destroyed so far he has spent >> arould 12 13 hundred >> and he is still not done. >> this one had all four my personal vehicle has two the on one and two on another while some people are busy calling around shopping for new tires so have a >> i just want to catch them forget prosecuting everybody get their own little licks on them >> yes there are a lot of to get their hands on what some people are calling seriel slasher sot: just what happened here happened a second time we hqad something like that two years ago or three years ago the same thing somebody came and slashed all the tires >> and no one has a clue who >> i wish we knew because we would chase them down and get them and take them to the police and here you go here's you're guy so for now it's just tow
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trucks and new tire sales, luckly for some their insurance will cover the lost >> but most of the victims i spoke to have a high deductable so the entire pockets, >> 725 dollars, with this one 400 dollars in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you have a comment or mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> on a related note. a man accused of slashing been arrested. police say adrian angel sanchez was reportedly slashing tires in a movie theater parking lot. sanchez was arrested on several charges including possession of stolen property. he was found with a hubcap from one of the vehicles. no word if he was connected to the tire slashes in concord. >> your eyes aren't fooling you - the price at the pump iscoming up, we'll see where. and why gas is so high around the state. >> and hackers break into facebook, we'll see if any of your personal information is compromised.
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here is a sign of things to come. with low clouds, cooler weather.
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the premises the fatal shooting in oakland. it happened just before 5:00 p.m. in west oakland. near chester. and of the shi alecia reed? >> is disconnected? >> reporter: >> yes, there were two -- this was-found to be connected. the shell casings were found to be related to two shootings that happened two weeks ago.
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this man was shot about five times. they recovered 30 shell casings. they just finished up. this is the c s i investigator. he was shot in this gray house. there were shooting at somebody across hot streak into got hit five times. that pontiac also was struck on the windshield of the passenger side door. as far as the victim? they say that he was an innocent bystander, an older gentleman. and he does it happened to be standing on the colde. and he was standing on the corner. >> that was deletion of read. alecia reed. >> >> well a couple years
8:32 pm
ago it looked pretty shakey. >> reporter: marin county was slated to close when the state park >> we have been in triage mode in the last few years in california state parks. >> reporter: in addition to the historical china camp village, the park has some of the best single track mountain bike trails in the bay area, trails the tamalpais high school mountain bike team train on. >> we weren't allowed to come last year when the park was getting ready to close, rangers just didn't want us >> reporter: but concerned citizens of million dollars to save china camp from closure, money that was matched by another million dollars from state parks. saturday those fund raising groups signed a partnership with the state park system to formalize that matching money, which was part of the undisclosed funds embarassingly discovered nearly two years ago in the state parks funding for three marin county parks to stay open for two and a half years. >> china camp, olompali, and samuel p. taylor. three
8:33 pm
parks that were on the unless ago. >> reporter: as welcome as those funds may be, state matching funds will not be available in the future and state park officials realize that groups will be essential in saving a park. >> we don't know if that's going to be every single case but surely it is an option because partnerships are definitely here to stay. >> reporter: those organizations that came up with the private funding know they will have two years from now. >> we are using this very valuable window to help the park become selfsupporting financially that's the only thing that can save the parks. >> reporter: at china camp in marin jeff pierce kron four news >> aaa says. in the past month. average gas prces have jumped by 60 cents in san francisco. in fact. the prices are on the rise across the state and the nation. taking a look at average gas prices around the bay area this evening. in san francisco. $4.10
8:34 pm
in oakland just over four dollars at. $4.02 and in san jose $4.05 for a regular gallon of gas. kron 4's j.r. stone has reaction from drivers. who are starting to notice the changes. >> reporter: here in san bruno the gas stations behind me are selling regular unleaded at 4 dollars and 5 cents a gallon. even that is higher than what it was. >> $3.99. now, it is too high. >> reporter: unfortunately it doesn?t? >> the price changes every single day. >> it is too high. every day the price changes. >> i just put $50 and and i do not think that it filled my gas tank. it was usually, $37 a couple of years ago. now, usually $65 to fill up my gas tank >> this is upsetting i spend money on gasoline every day. >> i do not drive every day
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sometimes i try to use my bicycle >> reporter: reporter appear the end is in site. some say prices may not peak department of energy says that prices are likely to increase faster than expected this year. in san bruno j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> over the past few years. bart has seen its ridership numbers rise dramatically. to accommodate the large crowds. the agency is now considering renovating two of san francisco's busiest kron 4's charles clifford shows us what could be in store. >> reporter: on an average day, more than bart. on special event days, such as the giants world series celebration, ridership can exceed 500,000 people. the two busiest stations in san francsico are the embarcadero and montgomery platforms, which can be shoulder to shoulder during rush hour. because ridership is expected to keep going up and because small problems at either of these station can back up the entire system, bart is considering making substantial alterations the changes could include adding more elevators, stairways, and possibly putting in sliding glass doors to control flows onto and off of trains.
8:36 pm
they may also dig new tunnels and add additional platforms to create what are called saddlebag platforms...where people can enter and exit trains on both sides. the renovations would take about 5 years to completed millions dollars. bart also says that the work could be done without stopping service. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> teams of investigators are now sifting through the carnival cruise ship looking for what may have caused the fire that stranded the boat at sea. susan candiotti is in mobile latest. >> reporter: you can see that it is behind me. 13 de cks and over 3 football fields. experts are trying
8:37 pm
to figure out why this came to a screeching halt. they went into the engine room. where this could have even started perhaps somewhere else. they have to look at some more on each section of the ship. and look to each far corners and also examining the procedures. there is another injun room that they could have checked out as an alternate source. however,-that engine... room investigation could have been risky. >> the safest and was to tow it rather than to reenergize the power system. that was damaged. >> reporter: investigators are also going to check out the voyaged data recorder that will preserve the conversations. that it took place along the bridge and stores all kinds of data. we
8:38 pm
also talked to the crew members that went back. they say that they are helping with the clean up process. the investigation will take quite some time. perhaps one year before a final issue is reported. cnn and, mobile, and guion taliban a --police in indianola, iowa >> have released the dash cam video of the crash that ended a high-speed chasethe video shows a car speeding through the city, then slamming into an empty police car. the suspect behind the wheel is 33 year old jeremiah eldon johnson. johnson died, but a child inside the car survived. this happens as police car sits blocking traffic on the 1in seconds the suspect driving 130 miles per hour slams into the unoccupied squad car. johnson's five year old son was lying on the floor board wow or the car crying. he miraculously survived the
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one high speed crash. those clouds and fog will press through. , with her all the way through a marin county. some hazy conditions with foggy conditions setting up for this evening. look for clear skies and low clouds for the bay. for tomorrow, we will see gray skies on the bay however, because of those cloudy start in the enhanced sea breezes. temperatures will not be as warm. 60s. temperatures will be in the 40's. upper 40's for san francisco. 30's for the east bay. going through
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the date it will warm up slowly. 7:00 a.m., 30's and '40's. late morning in the early afternoon upper 50s and lower mid '60s. maybe 70's here, there but we are going to see cooler weather. details and your forecast, coming up. >> the mayor of milford connecticut to help show will sidewalks juan and s hovel and the all were hoping out. even off-duty firefighters. >> facebook says it was recently hacked, though it says no data about its more than a billion users was the company described the "sophisticated attack" in a blog post on friday, saying it took place in january when a small number of employees visited a compromised website that installed malware on their machines. "as soon as we discovered the presence of the malware, we remediated all infected machines, informed law facebook security said in network in the world, is
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the be hacked this year. twitter intrusion earlier this journal and washington post have also admitted to being hacked. >> a new pope to in time for easter. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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a new pope waiting in the wings? coming up, word from the vatican that there could be a replacement for pope benedict in time for easter. >> catholic cardinals could gather sooner than expected to choose a new pope. with the shocking news this week of pope benedict the before easter. the holy see first said that 15th and march 19th. now a vatican spokesman says a conclave could start before march 15th. if all cardinals are already inthe conclave of cardinals will vote on a new pontiff. but that's unlikely to happen before benedict's departure. he's stepping down on
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also, the country of iceland is looking to be an on line porn and if you're ready for bread pudding? the next edition of dine and dinsh...
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>> a word northbound 880.
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there is been a recent pile up hayword. no sig alert and you can use hashtag.. on twitter to purchase items. >> they are working hard to use this as a twitter commerce. there are going to be several ways for you to purchase items for now, just be the steps. here is how it works american express will sync wine their credit card and they will offer a product and give special
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addresses if you use that and you say that you want to purchase that item. you will purchase the confirmation tweet if that is confirmed? it will keep shipped with free day shipping. this could be fast and easy. and if this takes off there could be newf commercial levels of twitter for e commerce. >> it has been nice spring- like. but that is going to change with another nice day for tomorrow. not quite as warm. the beef bridge toll plaza mostly clear skies. turning it around
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there is that fog that is going to press into the bay. moderate sea breeze. cooling things off. we ran in the 60s but just fifties' forties right now. for tomorrow, a cloudy start. those clouds will keep temperatures cool. also cooler with readings in the low mid '60s. monday, increasing clouds to the gulf of alaska. mostly cloudy and breezy with temperatures in the 50s. the chance for rain fall on tuesday. perhaps just one half inch of rain fall. and cold temperatures we could even see snowfall at the higher elevations. along
8:50 pm
with that what with the big story are going to be temperatures. cooling off, radically. and take a look at the temperatures for monday. just barely getting into the fifties. tuesday, only the 40's possible. snowfall with increased clouds and the chance for storms on tuesday. lo still level set lower elevations. and snow we snow elevations at lower elevations. mostly sunny as we go for the morning and afternoon. but that will have an impact on temperatures. not as warm 60s in the south bay. redwood city, palo alto 64 degrees. peeking in concord, livermore. berkeley, 60s.
8:51 pm
low 60s still, really nice. 60s in the north bay. things will be changing monday, those clouds in the afternoon with rain and cold conditions for tuesday. how man and a brake on wednesday. possibly on thursday and sunday. now dine and dish . this is a bread pudding one shulzies. i like custard and gooey and what's amazing and she makes it with bread puddding with
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love >> i have had it to, my grandmother has made it. >> ooey gooey goodness and a section of cold and warm and toppinhgs but classic is awesome and almost as good my home made and a dash of whiskey sauce a vnd earl gray the cable car lines
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are out of service ... well, according to the baseball felt the san francisco chileans spring training. going to the baseball field.
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with the superbowl behind us. it's time to hit the baseball field. spring training and see pitchers and catchers showed up longtime rivals the los the newest installment of "die hard" makes its way to the big screen. of tea there is also the new romantic comedy. "safe haven." carl azuz gives us a preview of some of the popular this weeks now showing. julianne huff fallls for a widower and this is it usually a pit stop and
8:57 pm
'beautiful creatures' and a curse for her 16th birthday. is rated pg 13. >> the golden state warriors have not had an all-star. that ended when david lee was selected. however, curry also participated. he scored 70 points. >> baseball is back. today, they have their first practice. there are some new faces, their old faces, and remember, alex is ready from 2010. february 23rd will be against the l.a. dodgers.
8:58 pm
>> take a look at this. this is not so cute -- he has a bit of a deformity and he has a wheelchair and he is just find no need to feel sorry. ... he is an internet sensation. >> is this weather going to last? >> tomorrow is going to be decent but we are going to see some cooler temperatures, to that. temperatures to start, 30's.
8:59 pm
and 70's will be gone but there will be 60s. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m..


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