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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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my son was not violent, and that's it and that's all about that. clutch also leaves behind three young children. meantime right now las vegas police are searching for a black range rover sport suv which fled the scene. police say the shooting started after an argument in the valet area in the aria resort hotel. authorities say at least one person in the range rover shot at people in the massoroti which then ran a red light and
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crashed into a taxi. that taxi then burst into flames killing the driver and the passenger inside. temperatures are still a little bit mild out there this evening in the upper 40s in oakland and san francisco. 46degrees still in santa rosa. we're going to keep temperature as little warmer through the overnight hours. we do have cloud cover coming in from the north. you see it's basically blanketing all the north bay at this hour. this cloud cover going to continue to sag down to the south it's associated with a system to the north. it will impact us into tomorrow. we'll have more on that coming up in just a bit. we'll take a look at your weather headlines. a little warmer yet for the overnight hours. still chilly in some places. we'll see temperatures pretty mild tomorrow but increasing clouds as you saw. changes changes coming up. we'll talk about that coming up. students and faculty are still occupying the administration building of city college in san francisco tonight. they're planning to stay there all night from testing a series of budget cuts recommended by the state accreditation board.
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the students say they want to talk to the chancellor face to face and discuss options to those cuts that would affect basically every facet of school's operation. the students entered conlin hall early in the afternoon and have promised to stay until their demands are met. >> we're calling on the chancellor to side with us and help the school. because we have a solution on thousand save the school without the cuts. unfortunately the chancellor has sited with the administration. we're calling that prop funds are given to the school, making sure the accreditation committee is exposed for what they are because they are not really helping our school. >> reporter: the building officially closed at 5:30 but protesters were allowed to stay as long as they remained peaceful. several campus police officers are standing by in the building to make sure the group doesn't get out of hand.
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family and friends gather to remember the sasun girl found dead. investigators packing up their search for victims of the speed freak killers we'll tell you why. new at 11:00, a lawsuit against disgraced cyclist lance armstrong could be growing. how the department of justice could get involved.
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we're profiling the bay area's most wanted suspects and tonight detectives in the south bay are searching for a bank robber. the same suspect is accused of robbing at least five south bay banks just in the past month or so. the most recent hold up a santa clara wells fargo on homestead road just two days ago. the suspect also robbing banks in san jose, one in saratoga and two banks in cupertino. we got our hands on surveillance video of the
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suspect. a muscular white man, clean shaven, between 5'6" and 6'tall. he also appears to be wearing a raiders hat in these images. detectives say that he will hand a note over to tellers and demand money. i'm grant lotus, kron4 news. the 49er general manager raves and raves about randy moss. sounds like they're going to get rid of him. also we'll get some golf with tiger. and a special memorial for jerry r on in this newscast. we'll tell you what you can expect in your weather coming up in a few minutes brought to you by acura, advance. you can't move the tv there.
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the latest search to try and find human remains associated with speed freak serial killers shermantine and the late herzog failed to find additional victims. shermantine wrote letters throughout the years he previously identified locations where human bone fragments were found last year but nothing was recovered in the most recent dig. the six week excavation cost $200,000. in the latest effort shermantine wrote at least one letter saying that the fbi was digging in the wrong spot. fbi officials deny this and
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they say they tried to meet with shermantine tuesday but add he refused to cooperate and refused to meet with them. the lawsuit against disgraced cycling lance armstrong could be growing tonight we're learning that the head of the u.s. doping agency is asking the justice department to join a whistle- blower lawsuit against armstrong. the suit was filed by his former teammate floyd landis. armstrong is accused of committing fraud against the u.s. postal service which sponsored most of his team efforts while armstrong was using performance enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. the justice department has not said if they're going to join the lawsuit. laura bush says she supports same-sex marriage but does not want to be part of
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this ad. among those also in the ad former vice president dick cheney and collin powell. the man accused of killing janell conway allen pled not guilty. anthony jones is charged of sexual assault and with murder. he will appear again in court later this month. mien while a funeral was held for the victim today. the body was found on saturday. >> reporter: it was an emotional scene as 13-year-old janell conway allen of fairfield was laid to wrest here at the benetia city cemetery. the funeral was peaceful and quiet, no music, no singing. a gathering of family, friends and loved ones often embracing one another in this sorrowful event. tears were flowing as those
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here reflected upon the young girl losing her life at such an early age. >> this is a home to me. this is not to say goodbye this is a homecoming because she's going on to be with the lord. >> i've never had to experience this. >> reporter: janell's green valley middle school greg hubs. >> janell was a wonderful, honest, energetic child that will be greatly greatly missed. >> reporter: in benetia, kron4 news. we have changing coming in the next 24 hours. we're going to be seeing increasing clouds tomorrow. a chance of showers tomorrow night into saturday morning and then cooler temperatures for saturday. overnight temperatures kept a little warmer tonight. we'll still see chilly conditions in the mid-30s in livermore, pleasanton and napa. into the afternoon, temperatures into the low 60s especially down in the south
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bay. we could hit these temperatures early say about noon then start cooling because we do have this cloud cover from the north that's rolling in. you see on satellite and radar picture. we're going to be getting some of the cooler air also coming down from the north into the bay area tomorrow. let's take a look at the cloud cover and the rain. the rain largely going to stay to the north. you see by 3:00, fairly heavy rain over eureka. then it starts to dry out as it moves out into the bay area. more clouds cover by 7:00 in the north bay. some of this rain approaching the delta and napa valley region by 9:00. and then we could see just the cloud cover. take a look at the sierra snow expected there into the midnight hours. snow flurries continue through the 6:00 hour. tomorrow partly cloudy but the morning snow looks likely temperatures will be dropping into saturday. but recovering into sunday. that's the same thing we're going to see here locally. temperatures again dropping on saturday, recovering on sunday. dropping on monday, recovering a little on tuesday.
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we'll have this kind of up and down pattern that's going to go for the next seven days. oakland major gene quan talking about the guidelines that the raiders will have to fulfill if they want to move. if athletics owner lee wolf is not willing to consider sticking with oakland she says others who want the team are. >> what really matters is whether or not we can improve the attendance at the games for the league. and obviously if we can provide a world class stadium at two different locations and we're willing to do that. i think the league would have to look at that. and as i said, if lee wolf doesn't want to stay in oakland, people are making offers to step in and it's unlike what's happening in sacramento. that there's a group of people
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with enough money and quite frankly the ability to build a new stadium that want the a's to stay. major league baseball has not formally commented publicly on mayor quan's two stadium sites. chuck reed says moving the team to san jose should be an easy decision. he says the only question that remains is when it will happen. reed says quote, we have the site, the economics are compelling and eventually it will happen. mayor reed also says he is in frequent contact with a's owner lee wolf and that while wolf is optimistic he says he is too. united airlines is keeping the grounded boing 787 off its schedule through june 5th. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a battery fire and the second battery problem last month. current flights will be postponed until at least may
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again everybody st. mary's off the deck following the gonzaga loss. there at home the king pavilion
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rocking, byu the opponent. brandon davis working inside. the gail's lead at six points at this juncture. 6:30 left and this is what sent st. mary's home. belavadova their best player throws it in traffic. st.mary's wins. they're 23-5, 12-2 in the wcc. hey postseason berth, ncaa why not. mike montgomery similar story. the bears want to go to the tournament. mike's first game since the famous shoving of alan crab. crab tonight had five points and five rebounds. five second left, cal down two. justin cob. there it is the game winner. and before you know it, cal beats oregon for the 11th straight time. 48-46 bears won six of their last seven.
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17-9. 9-5 over all. great night for cal and st. mary's. and stanford similar tale. they beat oregon state on the road. usf a shot at the buzzer to beat layola. smith is staying put. nothing of big consequence, stanford staying with the warriors but the two players flanking him both from the 2011 draft are gone. jenkins sent to the philadelphia 76ers and jeremy tyler 6'10" young man couldn't find a home here. draft picks again, the story he goes to the atlanta hawks. the warriors get rid of these players and now 1.2 million over the salary cap.
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they'll shave 1-1/2 million off their cap. and jerry buss left hundreds of friends when he left. if you watched, his daughter, his former coach. his ace magic johnson. magic johnson had these final words as he closed the show. >> this is a celebration of life. this is a celebration of success. we shouldn't be sad, we should be happy that this man enjoyed his life and did it his way. >> then shaq also got up, had a good one there. most of it is very heartfelt and shaq goes. he was a great owner. he said i asked him for an extension he gave it to me. i asked twice for an extension he gave it to me.
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i asked him three times for an extension and he traded me. mixed with all the serious business, some light hearted times. when i die, i would like a memorial like that. bring in what's our technology guy? the great -- i love that gage. i can just remember what buss had get it planned for kron. i'll probably die before they fix the elevator. at the scouting combine, trent bulky was asked about randy moss. >> you can't say too many good
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things about randy. i think you can ask anyone in the organization they will say the same thing. one of the first to get to work, one of the last to leave. he's very close to the smartest player if not the smartest player around. we're certainly happy that he was there. is he going to return this year? i don't know yet. >> translated, hell no. tiger woods on the court today all the snow removed from yesterday. an event just outside of tucson, what an event today. it's a match play deal. they have tiger and roy mcilroy the two biggest names in the sport, tiger didn't play that bad today. mcilroy has already been eliminated and i love saying this, charles howell iii you know his parents had a yacht. he knocks out wood. so mcilroy and woods were eliminated today. we're laughing about the elevator. like i said, i put seven years


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