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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> hundreds of gathered in dorchesteour top story this wedy morning, a public plea for people to come for with videos, photos, any information that might help of 40's learn more about the boston marathon bombing. >> the explosions killed
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three people and wounded more than 170. here is video of the aftermath. the fbi says " some one knows who did this ". they note the boston marathon bombs were contained an ordinary kitchen pressure cookers loaded with shrapnel but they are still looking for the trigger a massive. emily schimdt has the latest on the victims and the investigation. >> the fbi is piecing together what caused the blast and there are analyzing the debris. >> we have pieces of black nylon that may be from a back pack. fragments of bbs and nails that are contained in a pressure cooker device. >> no matter who is
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responsible boston residents are not letting this define where they stay. >> we will not do that. i refuse to do it. >> a pitcher said end boston showing what happened and what appeared to be the second bomb right before it exploded. the first one that went off, they're not sure if there was a pressure cooker filled with a ball bearings and nails. cnn in reported that the lid of the pressure cooker was found on a roof of a building where the bomb exploded. this one is courtesy from boston and
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this shows the second bomb moments before it exploded. >> a bay area boy, wounded in the marathon bombing, is scheduled to undergo a another surgery today. 11 year-old aaron hern martinez, was near the finish line, cheering on his mother who was running in the race, when he was caught in won the blast. he is in stable condition in the intensive care unit. back here in the bay area, his grandmother says she was shocked to learn what happened to her grandson. >> we are just tried to make the best of this. i know president obama will take care of this. here is a very bright and athletic child that plays football, baseball, and basketball. >> he is unstable condition
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and the family will remain in boston by his side as the undercover his surgery. the city of martina's is a close-knit community. >> when word went out that one of their own became victims of the boston marathon attack, they sprung into action. the owners of the i am roxx restaurant on main street held a fund- raiser dinner that was supported and promoted by the restaurant. if people from all from martinez came out to support the of hn family and to enjoy the meal. owners of the restaurant say that they stopped counting meals once it hit about 150 people. >> migrant children go to school with him and we just wanted to do something to help.
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>> the turnout was pretty good, it was phenomenal. we sold out and we had to shut the doors. it was very successful. >> although full was donated for the event. all the money that was raised of the fund raiser will be given to the family to help out with medical and travel expenses. >> we will continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest updates from kron 4 and on our web site at >> we might have a problem with george is a microphone and would try to get this fixed. here is a look at the maps and there is still slow and go. there was a bus that became disabled. i think that this may have been cleared. we will come back
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to george for the update momentarily. in the meantime, let's go to weather. >> there is plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. the temperatures will be warmer that yesterday. if we are already off to a pretty mild temperature. we are still contending with light winds especially along the coastline and our inland areas. i did mention warmer weather and we are talking 80s to rob the bay area. i will have a full look coming up in just a few minutes. >> are arrests have been made in the murder of a bay area paramedic who was driving in oakland hills. five or arrest, all ages 16 or younger. kron4 will tran
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is alive with more on the story. >> these boys are young. two of them are 14 years old. they searched for these victsuspects. how they plan to file charges or whether to charged as juveniles or adults. here is a pitcher of the paramedics that was killed. his funeral was yesterday's and the chief of police had a news conference. back on april 2nd off to paramedic was an oakland and he was going to the city to take his father to the doctor and he was stopped at a stop sign and shots were fired at his vehicle. here is video of the scene and he lost control of his car and he crashed into a ravine. >> they were not able to
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find a suspects at this time but now they have found them but they are kids. while talking to that suspect new information came out and this is why they were able to make before rest on the same day that he was laid to rest. as far as the murder weapon, they have not found it and they're still searching for. they do have strong enough evidence to believe them to the murder weapon. as far as what the chief of police est. stake to as 6:30 a.m. and i will tell you what he has to say. >> will be right back.
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[ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back. we are back at 6:11 a.m.. two incidents of vandalism in san jose appear to be connected. at&t announced a $25,000 reward for information that would lead to an the rest of the suspect or suspects responsible for cutting at&t fiber optic cables. >> this is video from our
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helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. it shows of the pg&e substation on the metcalf road which was targeted by a gunman just before 2:00 tuesday morning. santa clara county sheriff laurie smith says just prior to that someone cut a at&t fiber optic cable affect the 911 emergency phone services and the south bay. an oil leak caused by the gunfire, has been contained by p&g meanwhile, at santa clara county is handling emergency phone service for affected at&t customers. >> all lanes of highway 101 in san rafael are we open this morning after a pedestrian was killed after being struck by two cars. it happened last night near the junction of north san pedro road and highway 11 around
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8:30 p.m.. the victim was walking along the freeway and step out in front of an oncoming car and fell into the road. the victim whose identity has not yet been released, was pronounced dead on the scene. >> britain's iron lady is be laid to rest with a level of, and protest reflecting her status as a commanding political figure. world leaders and dignitaries from 170 countries are attending the funeral of former british prime minister margaret thatcher today. it is expected to be an elaborate affair with full military honors in a service at st. paul's cathedral in london. the queen and her husband prince philip will be among the mourners, who include 11 prime ministers from all around the world, former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger and former u.s. vice president dick
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>> we are back the time is 6:16 a.m.. >> american airlines is promising to run a " knee- jerk normal " operation today after world wide technology meltdown left thousands of passengers stranded yesterday. kron4 mike pelton is live from s f o with an update this morning. >> the good news from the airport duty manager is that all american airlines flights are on time today. the bad news is that people will have their flights canceled yesterday have a whole to be able to get on a plane yesterday. this is
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just a terrible trouble bay. here is video of long lines and a computer failure forced the airline to ground there flights for several hours. they blame their reservation system and that was fixed but it caused a big backup which is why some passengers arrive early this morning. >> i know it was a lot of cancellations for american airlines flights. >> were you nervous? >> a little bit. >> i was a little upset because we have to get here so early. >> these two people were among a group of people were not going to take chances. they grow arrived here even before the ticket agents. they stated that they did face problems that wanted to make sure that they were first in line and were able
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to deal with it. it appears that american airlines has recovered all of these delays. >> 6:17 a.m. is the time. here is a look get the weather. >> we are starting out with a live look from our roof cam. it is certainly a bright start till the morning but it is still breezy. here's a look at the current wind speeds. it is 10 mi. an hour winds. we are nowhere near advisory levels but is still pretty breezy. temperatures are not too bed and got weather service center had a frost advisory posted but the temperatures are warmer than originally expected. mid 40's for the coldest boss including santa rosa. taken a look at the temperatures into afternoon we have plenty of 70's to go
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or around. we did keep it in the upper 60s. the temperature is expected to be between three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. 75 will be your high in cupertino. we will see 70's for places like walnut creek and antioch. we are talking mid to upper 60s for downtown san francisco and 72 for san rafael. we will see plenty of sunshine and very little in the way of cloud cover. >> for those a you headed to the home game against astros the first pitch will be at 1245 and this is a day game. as we turn all our attention to the 7 their around the bay is not a want rain drop in sight. plenty of sunshine across the board. the temperatures will peak sunday into monday with mid '80s. >> we did for a short time
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track a hot spot on the mimic freeway but things are getting back to normal on 880 northbound. we will start with a bridge check as we look at the bay bridge ride with me realize have been activated. it appears as though there are some red lights ride at 880 approached near the base. i do not know of these are emergency vehicles are just the lights from cars. we're not sure it is maybe a tow truck or an ambulance. your ride to the san mateo bridge is seeing what looks like a high wind advisory. i am not sure if this has been implemented by caltran. i can tell you that a few days ago that were having problems with the sign and that it was not clearing. the golden gate bridge we are looking at no delays and it is a small ride 41 01
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southbound.41 01 southbound. >> 40 minutes from hercules to berkeley and no delays for westbound 24. we are looking at a pretty good ride for the commute on 880 northbound. a quick check from transit shows the there are no delays for bart or ac transit. >> a scare on capitol hill. someone sent a letter to mississippi senator roger wicker that contained a deadly poison. at the center and his staff are okay, the letter was intercepted by an offside screening center. investigators say that it tested positive for ricin, a
6:22 am
highly toxic substance. experts say that an amount the size of a grain of rice is enough to kill any adult. senator weicker has been assigned a protective detail. >> a deadly meningitis strain has killed two men in southern california. health authorities believe this one is spread through intimate contact. meningitis causes swelling in the brain and is considered lethal if not treated. los angeles held up tories held a press conference yesterday saying that two men who recently contracted bacterial meningitis were both at a gathering of thousands of gay men in palm springs.
6:23 am
they are offering free vaccines in west hollywood to anyone who thinks they are at risk or had reason exposure. >> police determined that a bomb threat at a tv station and hollywood was a hoax. the lapd said someone called 91 want to say there were going to detonate three devices on the north side of the tate-t-l-a. about 100 workers were evacuated. a bomb squad, using bombing sniffing dogs, search the area but nothing was done, and all clear was given about two hours after the call. the incident comes just one day after the boston marathon attack. here is a live look at san mateo and your temperatures will be a high of 70's. will be right back.
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>> welcome back. we are taking a look at wall street this morning. futures trading show all three indexes in the-this morning. a strong report on housing and good quarterly earnings from several major companies help the stock market rebound after its
6:27 am
worst day of the year on monday. >> here is a look at yesterday's closing numbers. the dow jones up 158 points to close at 14,756. the nasdaq rose 48. closing at 3264. the s&p 500 climbed 22 points closing at 1574. >> it is getting more expensive to visit atms outside of your banking network. according to a new study fees at banks and credit unions charge of nine customers had soared 20% from 2007 to 2012. >> will be right back.
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>> the opening bell on wall street. it looks like it will be a big drop. dow futures are down 95. the dow was down to 65 and now they are ed 95. the quarterly earnings will be coming up and we will talk more with brought black in 15 minutes. rob black in 15 minutes. >> now to the latest of monday's twin bombings at the boston marathon. if this morning federal agents are zeroing then on how the bombings were carried out. the most bowl remains a mystery. >> there was a black bag and
6:31 am
law enforcement is pleading with anyone with pitchers, videos, anything that will help them solve the case. the bomber may have been seen a missed the crowd at the marathon carrying an unusual heavy nylon bag. >> mean time, we are learning more about the victims of the bomb blast. 8 year-old martin richard and 29 year-old chkrystle campbell, and a chinese graduate student lu lingzi were killed in the explosion. 29 year-old kyst
6:32 am
le campbell was standing near the finish line when the bombs exploded. her mother patty campbell could not stop sobbing as she talked about her daughter. >> i am hard broken. she was a wonderful paperson. ever wonder anew our loved her. you cannot tax for a better daughter. i cannot believe that this has happened. this does not make any sense. >> several boston area public safety unions are offering a 50 declined thousand dollar reward leading to the arrest and
6:33 am
conviction of those responsible for the attack. >> are arrests have been made in the murder of a bay area paramedic who was driving in oakland hills area. five arrests, all boys ages 16 or younger. kron4 will tran is live with the story. >> the police department made up or arrest the same day that he was laid to rest. here is a picture of the paramedic. he was not working at the time and he was in the process of taking his father to the hospital when a car pulled up and fired several shots. here is video of the sting from april 2nd. he lost control of his car and crested down a ravine. they run able to find the suspects at the time and we do know that the first arrest was made on monday and it talked to the suspect and he gave up an
6:34 am
affirmation of the were able to make the other 4 arrest yesterday. this morning prosecutors will file charges and they do believe that one person was the shooter and the of the four just played a role in it. as far as whether that will be charged as juveniles or adults that will still be decided sometime this morning. as far is far are rest is concerned, oakland police chief stated that he has been to so much and that he has seen so much. >> the young men and women are finding it very easy and comfortable to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. this is something that is intolerable and it will not be accepted. >> he is asking the churches, parents, and politicians to step up to curb this and try to talk to the young people oakland. off as far as trying to locate the murder weapon they have not yet been able to do so. they stated that they have strong reason that should be able to find it.
6:35 am
as far as the five teenagers they're not calling them gang members and they do not believe the they belong to a gang member and that they just like a hang out together. >> here's an update on weather and traffic. >> in this a little breezy and we do have winds to talk about. the winds are still below 20 m.p.h. so we're not saying anything there advisory level. the conditions are clearing we are waking up to mild conditions. as we look ahead correggio warmer weather will be in play. we are talking plenty of 80s transitioning into the weekend. we do have a pretty warm conditions and i will walk you through this in just a bit. >> the winds may not be high for a weather service advisory but it is high for caltran. we noted here that
6:36 am
the change message signed was activated at the san mateo bridge and this was not a mistake. if there is a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. a new one has just appeared for the san francisco oakland bay bridge. both of these bridges are under wind advisory. these are issued by caltran and the california highway patrol. >> we're all so a fall in the latest within the bay bridge bolts. kron4 jackie sissel is live from treasure island with an update. >> a new report is out this morning by the san francisco chronicle this is set as early as 2000 a there
6:37 am
were reports that caltran had ordered bolts before they were even putting in. in fact, in 2008 caltran ordered the contractor of ohio to test the bolts before they were installed. there were questions about them having cracks before hand. the test were not a man and as we know some of them were as long this 17 ft. long and they're all ultimately put is that when they were tightened that is when a third of them broke. the big question is why they were not tested after the were ordered to be tested. there are other questions and what will happen from this. the engineers are still working on the fix of this. osmanli, how will this
6:38 am
affect the bay bridge and will open on time. it is scheduled to open this your labor day weekend. the big question is, why was the test not ran? >> the time is 638. we do have more about the commute and the lettuce. we will be right back. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:41 a.m.. >> do women see themselves less accurately than strangers do? a new adult campaign says yes--and offers proof, in the form of a forensic sketches. >> this is just part of
6:42 am
the commercial. dove for recruited seven women of different ages and backgrounds and had a san jose based fbi trained forensic artist, gil zamora, create composite sketches of them based on descriptions of their own facial features. some of the women use phrases like " my mom told me i had a big draw, " " i kind of have a set, rounder faces old. earlier in the day, the women had been asked to spend time with strangers, though neither party was told why. the strangers were later brought on by one on one in
6:43 am
a room with the artists and asked to describe the women who have been sketched earlier. the two resulting from is a beach women were then, side-by-side--and the contrast is pretty stark. >> the tagline of the campaign is " you are more beautiful than you think. " >> we will be right back. ♪ you sig sned up weeks ago ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ th te best part of wakin' ♪♪ is ifolgers in your cup >> we are checking on wall street. the dow jones is down a hundred points. they were down over 260 yester day. we were up over a hundred yester day and now down again today. money starts to pouring in from those in the earlier year. >> that is proud of how i would equate it. a lot of people are playing catch-up. they won a piece of that action and they are starting to stated that barnes are not a good thingbonds are not t.
6:47 am
>> there is not a lot, a lot of people see of value and they were just put a monday and big companies to pay big dividends. >> y'all who just came out with their quarterly earnings.ahoo just came out with their quarterly earnings. their dividends came up short. >> they are end the business of display ads but they do not want to do a lot of display as but they want the to see a lot of other things. people are starting to come back to them. but to be honest with you i think the best part of yahoo is--
6:48 am
when it comes toipo it will be time to sell the stock. >> you mentioned get everyone giving their two years. it seems to be a lot of leeway for ceos to give to turn the company around. >> it looks like his door in eight nights a job but they did not envy of revenue. >> we will keep following the earnings and rob will be blaback with our winners and losers so. >> we are starting out with a boatload of clear skies. it is still breezy but no where near advisories levels. the to bichirs are off to a good start. we are
6:49 am
10 degrees warmer than yesterdayby the time we hit up weekend will be talking about 80s for most of us. right now, let's focus on current conditions if you are leaving the house on right now it is upper 40's for hayward and 52 and mountain view. we did have a frost @ advisor reing but that has been cancelled by the national weather center. >> by noon we will be mainly in 60's. as to put the clock into motion by 3:00 p.m. the yellow on the screen will indicate the temperatures in the '70s. it will be very comfortable by the afternoon. the agreed on the screen indicates a low 60's but the rest of us will be in the upper 50s. to bring down your afternoon's 71 is
6:50 am
expected for mountain view. we did not see too much in the way of 70's but we have plenty of it today. walnut creek is at 70 to 74 is expected for pittsburg. it will be a sunday afternoon will will continue to see some of the conditions and gradual warming weather for 80s for the weekend. it will be party toasty. >> we continue with springlike conditions at even as we start the next work week. the time is 6:50 a.m. now to traffic with george. >> we continue to monitor a pretty good right around the bay but we are tracking a new hot spot and as a 680 and the southbound direction. and earlier occurring accident at the interchange of 24 and backed up the ride on 680 but also
6:51 am
on to 42. if to 42 is not quite back up to the highway 4. looking at your ride to the bridges and there are wind advisories this morning for the bay bridge west bound and a backup reaches all the way to the macarthur mayes. the drive time is over 80 minutes. the san mateo bridge also has a wind advisory and there drive time is not high. the golden gate bridges malls and there are delay free 41 01 southbound. there are no problems through the marin area. >> the time is 6:51 a.m.. >> three teenage boys accused in of the sexual battery and a cyber bully of a 50 year-old girl appeared in juvenile court for a detention hearing yesterday. the boys were arrested last week in connection with the september 2012 incident according to the attorney
6:52 am
for the power of family, the alleged assault happened at a house party. a week later, audrey pott committed suicide after she learned that naked photos of our were being distributed among her classmates. a county prosecutor declined to comment about the case specifically, but he did outlined what the court is considering. it may decide whether to release the voice from custody. >> we have to determine whether or not they have a stable home and if they're in school and the corps will have to consider all of these factors before they determine if there will remain in juvenile hall. >> on monday, the pot family
6:53 am
and their attorney addressed the media calling for the defendants to be tried in open court, as adults. a decision on that could take a month. >> there is a look at livermore. you can inspect the temperatures to climb up later on in the week. >> we will be right back. [ engine revving ]
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>> hundred say gathered in dorchester, mass. last night to celebrate the life of the youngest victim of the boston bombing martin and richard. the 8 year-old attended the marathon with his family, he was killed when one of the bombs exploded near the finish line. martin's mother and sister are still recovering
6:57 am
with serious injuries from the blast. and a statement his school system martin was a bright, energetic young boy who had big dreams and hopes for the future. >> a moment of silence was held the red sox game last night. they play the cleveland indians at cleveland. arrest sox defeated the indians last night 7 to 2. the red sox will return home to fenway park on friday were they will face the kansas city royals. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. we will have the latest on the investigation into the bombings. including a new photo of the second bomb that exploded monday. >> we will update you on the arrest that are made in the east bay following the murder of a local paramedic. >> we're also keeping an eye
6:58 am
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