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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. next at 11. developing news in the town of valley springs. where a 9 year old girl was stabbed to death in her own home by an intruder. the latest on the investigation.and the manhunt for the killer. plus we're learning more about the mother -- donrita henderson-- who was killed in front of her 4 year old child this week. her best friend shares the
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last time she heard from henderson just hours before her death. that's next at 11. developing news out of the central valley. a neighborhood is on edge. after a 9 year old girl was stabbed to death in her own home. it happened in valley springs which is 115 miles from san francisco. kron4's philippe djegal joins us live with the latest on the manhunt for killer. developing news out of the town of valley springs. the neighborhood is on edge. after a 9 year old girl was stabbed to death in her own home. police are on a manhunt for the suspect who they say is considered armed and dangerous. right now they're urging residents in the area to lock their doors. valley springs is located just 60 miles from sacramento. a local station is reporting the victim's 12 year old brother found an intruder in his home and saw the man run a way. police say the boy then checked on his sister -- and found she had been stabbed. she later died in the
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hospital.. tonight oakland police are looking for the suspect behind the deadly shooting of an oakland mother. police say donitra henderson was gunned down in front of her four-year-old son on wednesday. near 54th street and shattuck. today kron 4's jeff pierce spoke with one of henderson's best friends about the tragedy. >> reporter: jaudon goode tends to the streetside memorial where 21 year old donitra henderson was gunned down in north oakland last wednesday while her four year son watched. they have known each other since the fifth grade. >> we both went into the foster care system in separate counties and we reunited again. they remained close all these years. >> we talked on the phone every morning, every night. they would send each other video messages. they shared the moniker best friend instead of their names. >> hey best friend. jaudon called her in the last hours of her life. >> i asked her "best friend what are you doing in north oakland you're never in north oakland." and she said i'm going to call you again best friend cause i'm driving. i promise, i'm going to call you right back i promise. >> that was maybe her last call trying to tell me something. >> reporter: it was another shooting death in oakland that ripped apart so many lives. >> and i love you best
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friend. >> and i'm going to call you right back. i love you best friend. >> reporter: in oakland, jeff pierce kron four news >> it's been a tough week for air travelers who were affected by federal budget cuts. thousands of air traffic controllers were furloughed causing thousands of delays. but as kron 4's jeff bush explains relief is on the way. the passengers started experiencing delays on sunday and were reported most of the week. big airports like ohare, laguardia, and atlanta were most affected but the delays were seen across the country in connecting cities. many travelers simply changed their travel plans to avoid the delays but others did not have a choice. the biggest reason for the delays is because there were fewer air traffic controllers to manage the a a furloughed ten percent of tower workers and other critical employees that make big airports work smoothly. the cuts were brought about by the sequester legislation which cut about 85 billion from the faa budget. after the week long debacle congress passed emergency legislation to allow the faa to get staffing back to normal. officials say everything should be back to normal by sunday night. the duty manager says sfo was not directly affected by the faa cuts and the tower remained at full staff. but,
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the furloughs did affect lax and a handful of flights are expected to be delayed here because of slower traffic down there. i'm jeff bush at sfo, kron four news. >> a suspect is on the loose after an attempted bank robbery in burlingame goes wrong. police say the bad guy's disguise fell apart while holding up the bank of america. kron 4's alecia reid reports. >> reporter: take a good look at this photo. the man you see is accused of trying to rob the bank of america on el camino real. police say on thursday he walked up to a teller and passed her a threatening letter demanding money. as she scrambled to get funds together, he flashed a gun tucked in his waist and urged her to move fasterwearing a beanie, glasses, and plaid shirt, the suspect had on what appears to be a dreadlock wig, and his fake mustache started falling off during the holdup. >> this is funny. this story is too funny >> mustache falling off and he didn't do any serious harm so that's great news. all's well that ends well i guess. while waiting for the teller to hand over the cash, a fellow bank employee walked over. police say the suspect raced out of the bank and headed towards chapin avenue. he's described as a man in his 50's, 6 feet tall and skinny. >> there was a horrible incident here on burlingame avenue a few years ago when the bank manager was killed,
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so that takes the humor out of it, but this sounds like a comedy of errors. the suspect left without taking any money. luckily no one was hurt during the attempted robbery. police believe he was acting alone. in burlingame alecia reid kron 4 news. >> a man who escaped from police custody in redwood city has been found. the suspect is accused of beating up his girlfriend. kron four's philippe djegal has more on what happened. this is 27-year-old juan carlos valencia. and, the san mateo county sheriff's department says its still trying to figure out. how he escaped from a patrol car thursday night. he was placed under arrest for felony domestic assault, violation of a restraining order. and, now faces an additional charge for escaping from custody. neighbors reported the assault at this home on the 27-hundred block of devonshire avenue. valencia was handcuffed and placed in the back-seat of a patrol car, parked in front of this home. after investigators say valencia beat and injured his girlfriend. the sheriff's department says valencia somehow got out of the car. neighbors say he then hopped a few fences and got away. but this afternoon. valencia was lcoated in mountain view and placed under arrest, again. he is being booked and will
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spend the night at this san mateo county jail. the sheriff's department says his escape was an isolated incident. in redwood city, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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thankful to be alive and back in san francisco after a fishing trip turned dangerous. dan and kate suski landed in san francisco last night after a nightmarish vacation in the caribbean. on monday, their fishing boat started taking on water. the brother and sister had to strap on their lifejackets and swim for 14 hours before reaching land. but their ordeal wasn't over
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yet. the siblings still had to hike through thick brush and forage for food before they stumbled across a farm worker, who was able to call for help. this evening four men are recovering after a scary day on the bay. their boat caught fire just before ten this morning near candlestick point. we shot this video from a distance but you can see the smoke and helicopters flying above that boat and a rescue one. the men were rescued by emergency crews. they told authorities they were on the bow of the boat when they heard an explosion. one of the four men was taken to the hospital. he has since been released. three others were treated on the scene. the boat is a total loss. still ahead at 11. caught on camera. a driver in beverly hills rammed into a an apparent road rage incident. we'll show you new surveillance video that police hope will help lead to an arrest. also, the government says the state of nevada will face sanctions over an illegal practice that has ties to san francisco. and finally, another turn in the investigation involving the president and a toxin called ricin. the story is up next. take a look at this. beverly hills police released this new video. hoping it would help catch the driver of the b-m-w who was inolved in a road rage incident. that driver - ran into a bicyclist. let's take a look from another surveillance camera. police say this followed an argument where the bicyclist had punched the driver in the face. then the driver threatened to kill the biker.following
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him into an alley with the car. police say the biker suffered only minor injuries. in this video. the suspect is still on the loose. this video went viral just this week, after being made public. investigators are hoping the videos will lead to an arrest.
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a fiery race crash caught on camera. after the stock car flipped several times, the car burst into flames trapping an unconcious race-car driver inside. it happened at the speedway in boone, iowa. thankfully the driver survived the crash after another driver helped pull the victim out. it's all happened behind the white smoke you see starting to pour out of the car on your screen. neither the rescuer or the victim suffered any major injuries.
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much more ahead. all new information out about the boston terror suspects and some of the events that led up the bombings. also san francisco mayor ed lee was in washington tonight attending a special presidential dinner with hundreds of celebrities and journalists. what the president had to say about new plans is coming up after the break. we're now 22 days away from this year's bay to breakers. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers -- happening -- sunday, may 19th. federal authorities have announced plans to take disciplinary action against a hospital in nevada. for alleged "patient dumping" in california. the psychiatric hospital reportedly improperly discharged patients and then bused them out of state without proper care. several patients reportedly ended up in san francisco. the san francisco city attorney is sorting through the cases now to see if he'll bring on a civil suit against nevada. as to an estimate on how much is has or is costing the city. herrera says it's too early to tell.
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demolition of the dome theater in pleasant hill. is now being put on hold. the city sent a letter to the building's owner on thursday saying. no work can be done until an appeal over the demoltion is considered. the theater officially closed on sunday. the developer called sy- west. says the city already reviewed and approved the redevelopment plans in a series of public meetings going back nearly a decade. the company wants to renovate the site and replace it with a dick's sporting goods. but supporters of the dome want to keep it open. as a home for foreign and cultural films. at this point, there is no timetable for a decision.
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police released a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in santa cruz. police say the woman met the man at a downtown santa cruz bar. after having drinks -- the suspect offered to walk the victim home when the bar closed. that's when police say, he began making sexual advances toward the victim -- and when she refused. the suspect sexually assaulted her. he is described as a middle eastern male. in his late 20's to early 30's. with long dark hair and thick eyebrows.
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and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on a nato plane crash in southern afghanistan kills four international troops. nato says that initial reports indicate no enemy activity in the area that the plane went down. the crash comes on the same day that the taliban announced a spring offensive which would begin tomorrow. according to an a-p tally april has been the worst month for combat deaths so far this year. 261 civilians. afghan security forces and foreign troops have lost their lives. while 217 insurgents have been killed. investigators of the boston terror attack are now looking into the actions of the mother of the two bombing suspects. officials say the mother of the suspects may have been discussing jihad with her
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son back in 2011. they say russia intercepted communication between "jo- har tsarnea" and someone who may have been one of her sons. the conversation which was wire tapped by russian officials is described as "vague". the fbi did interview his mother in 2011 as part of the investigation into tamerlan. the case was closed after several months. johar tsarnea, who is in federal custody, is said to have told officials his older brother tamerlan was the mastermind behind the attacks. >> police say an alley near the world trade center will remain a crime scene until medical examiners finish looking for human remains. earlier this week, workers discovered a piece of landing gear in the is believed to be from one of the planes hijacked on september 11. the object was found wedged in between a luxury apartment building and a mosque in lower manhattan. the discovery comes more than eleven years after the attacks that brought down the world trade center. glitz and glamour in one
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room tonight in the nation's capital. hollywood's biggest stars, politicians and journalists gathered tonight for the annual white house correspondents' dinner. obama took the stage saying that for his second term he has new plans. and a new look. >> "i understand second term, need a burst of new energy, try some new things. my team and i talked about. we're willing to try anything so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. i thought this looked pretty good." after walking in to rap music.obama used this year's annual dinner to poke fun of himself and some of his political adversaries. the north korean government says it is putting an american citizen on trail for allegedly plotting to overthrow the communist regime. kenneth bae has been in custody since early november. but the exact nature of his alleged crimes have not
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coming up after the break. the sharks play their final game of the year before heading into the playoffs. could they finish the season with a win? find out next. kron 4 news is rolling out a new program called kron rewards. for the entire month of april, watch kron 4 news at eight in the morning or eight at night and you can earn valuable points you can redeem for prizes, cash cards or exclusive kron 4 items. we'll show you a word of the day during those times, you then enter that word on kron 4 rewards and start earning points. go to kron and click on rewards. after twelve long innings the giants fall to the padres eight-to-seven. with two on and one out in the twelth inning padres catcher nick hundley hit a soft grounder off of the glove of marco scutaro to win the game.
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barry zito pitched well until the fourth inning when an andres tores error opened the flood gates for a six run inning. ryan vogelsong takes the mound tomorrow when the giants finish up their series with the padres. the orioles connected on back to back home runs in the fourth inning to power their way past the a's seven-to-three. a's starter a.j. griffin pitched seven innings -- giving up four runs while striking out seven and walking two. josh donaldson matched his career high with four hits and two r-b-i's. this loss is the fourth straight loss for the a's and the eighth loss in the last nine games. the a's finish up their four-game series with the orioles tomorrow behind starter bartolo colon. the n-f-l draft came to a close today. and the 49ers added seven new players to their roster. wide reciever quinton patton. running back marcus lattimore. defensive end quinton dial. outside linebacker nick moody. quarterback b.j. daniels. offensive tackle carter bykowski. and cornerback marcus cooper. the raiders also added seven new players to their roster. quarterback tyler wilson. tight end nick kasa. running back latavius murray. tight end mychal rivera. defensive tackle stacy mcgee. wide reciever brice butler. and defensive end david bass. the sharks drop the final game of the season before heading into the playoffs. justin williams of the l.a. kings scored what proved to be the winning goal in the third period as the kings went on to beat the sharks three-to-two. the sharks will begin their ninth straight playoff appearance in vancouver against the third-seeded canucks. tickets for when
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