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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> looked at the big picture and look at what it's done up to the commute, the people who are impacted by it and what it means for those people who struggled with the lead with day care or other issues. >>anny: frustration is growing as we enter day three of the bart strike. bay area commuters have been forced to find alternate routes to get to work and other places. we will get things started with a check on traffic with a torch. good morning. >>george: in the bay bridge completely backed up through the macarthur maze. 58 is already backed up behind highway 24. slow from highway 13 westbound leading to the macarthur maze and e sure freeway is backed up.
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already big delays for the westbound bridge. . tracking your ride to the other great alternates. the san mateo bridge still looking as mold conditions. no backups yet on 92 westbound. in the midst of all of this, we are still attracting good old- fashioned hot spots like the accident on 101 northbound just clear from the lanes here at broadway. traffic is still backed up as you come
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north past third avenue you will run into slowing until you have around to the corner >>mark: kron4's will tran is live in oakland right now at 20 of them broadway where people are taking a.c. transit buses trying to get to work this morning. >>will: that we will show you the line. you can see there is a long line already. just a few people shore from wrapping around the corner. you can see a.c. supervisors who expect allied to wrap around a corner and possibly go to the paramount theater maybe 20 yds down broadway over the next several minutes. they said they will play by ear. a lot of people were hoping that today there will be a settlement but instead they're back out here
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including this one man who came out here yesterday morning at 530. >> i am so tired. it is hard to get up this early. in the morning, yesterday i was prepared for to be long so i got to work on time but the afternoon, i left at 315 and i didn't get home until 5. debbie about we talk to some passengers to a sense of people losing their cool. were a lot of people are doing, put shane? >> yes, definitely. people were yelling at each other and at the transit workers. it was very hectic especially in the afternoon. >>mark: >> people were much more vigilant watching out for people and telling them that's the end of the line.
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that type of thing. if this. >>will: on last bart comes to a contract settlement, these people will be back here stuck in line losing their cool. we saw sheriff's deputy out here trying to seeing people trying to jump on the back of the bus. he said any other time he would give them tickets but he understands that people are out here losing their cool and are giving them a break. >>mark: ac transit which has been a bit alternative for people could possibly also be on strike. their contract also expired on sunday for
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their drivers however, they decided not to go out on strike in. one of the other major alternate routes that has been pretty successful is the ferry. kron4's adjusting waldman is alive at jack london and square with an update. >>justine: the first ferry has already taken off and the next is scheduled for 645. i got a chance to talk to the passengers who were
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waiting in line. they got here at 5:00 and the morning. about an hour before the first three to cross because they did not want to take any chances on not getting to work they're ready for the strike to be over >> they are fabulous hair. the ferry personnel is doing a great job but if this goes into next week, i can see people getting more and more angry. >>justine: people have said that of a ferry has been a very pleasant way because they don't have to sit in traffic. people are saying this is turning out to be not a bad way to beat the strike and get to where they want to go and some of them are even telling me they may
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permanently make the switch from being a bart riders to being a fairy ryder the advice we are giving people is don't plan on parking here. you need a ticket before you get on the ferry to you have to wait in line but you cannot use your clipper card. that seems to be the best advice cannot pass along and encourage people to get here as early as possible in order to avoid missing here ferry. >>james: >>anny: bart and union workers have could return to the table to negotiate. here are the latest. while it is a good sign that they are meeting for the first time since the strike began to days ago, it seems no deal has there reached at this point. they're talking until
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to 45 this morning. bart has not received any word that workers will return at any point to work today. if a deal is reached however, bart officials say they will get the trains back up their running as soon as possible and both sides say they will continue to talk and negotiate >>jacqueline: we will continue to follow the latest and provide information as soon as the deal has been struck. state- owned on our 247 news channel comcast 193 as well as art website and facebook and twitter feeds as well.
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>> the time is 610 and we have excess of heat sticking around. >> good morning, temperatures much cooler compared to yesterday. we're still holding on to plenty of '70s and land. we will have excess of heat into the afternoon, the national weather service did extend the heat warning until wednesday evening. repair yourself as someone evenings and scorching afternoons. we'll talk about what we will get some much-needed
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relief in my next report. >> 6:11 a.m. and we'll be back with more news in just a moment. we leave you with a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up well into the maze in particularly bad on the lower east shore freeway leading to the toll plaza. also 24 from the caldecott tunnel all the way out. we will be right back. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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>> we are now into day three of the bart strike. jim allison, spokesperson for bart on the phone this morning. >> i wanted to ask you about your new talks, what happened? are you closer to a deal? >> what i know is that we talked and tote 3 this morning and we will resume at 1:00 p.m.. that is the knowledge that i have for negotiations. no one walked away from the table right? >> 1:00 is the time that they will reconvene and i believe that both sides are trying to work this out. >> did you get any
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indication that any compromising has been taken place or that there is any movement? >> the only mention i have is when they met and when they laughed. if i had more information i would share it with you. >> let's say they meet at 1:00 and they miraculously make a deal. how quickly can bart get back up to speed? >> we have been running inspection trains to keep this system and a state of readiness. there are 669 railcars total. those railcars at batteries that need to be charged from the ad is a very systems for things like air conditioning and so on. it's not a matter of minutes, it is hours to get the system back up and running. you also have have a full staff come back to work. that is not something that is going to turn on a dime. we are hoping to get
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this done soon and get back as wheat soon as we possibly can. >> have any local politicians reached out to either side or tried to get involved? >> again, i've shared what i know about negotiations. >> we have before the july tomorrow and thousands of people, particularly from the east bay views bart to get into this city. what you have to say to them with their plans right now in limbo? at this point plan on alternate transportation? >> plan for alternate transportation. the shuttle bus service that we had yesterday served 2800 passengers. that is not very many people. ec transit is running, the ferries are running. find a different way besides bart to go to the fireworks are do what ever else you're doing on the fourth of july.
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>> there be no charter service for tomorrow? >> we made plans for the next day for the morning commute. we need to see what we need to do for the holiday. we will announce that around 3:00 p.m. today. >> we were talkingarer to air cut this morning about walnut creek and several bus is being added there. any word on how that is going this morning? >> we added seven buses in walnut creek for a total of 20. the demand there is very high. it was crowded at 5:00. we're just doing the best we can in terms of making sure that the early birds are getting their bosses. certainly better to get there soon and try to get that round trip ticket. we have a total of 79 buses. we did shift resources to walnut creek. we have 32
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buses in west oakland. what we found yesterday is that west oakland's the man was not as high as we really expected. west oakland may be an option if you want to drive a little bit further if you are coming from costa costa county.contra costa count >> >> they met until three this morning and they will reconvene at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> we will keep touch with you and if there's any development in those talks will want to have a talk with you again. >> absolutely >> another slow ride at the bay bridge and the knee during lights were activated in the 5:00 hour in the westbound backup is still a pretty good-sized one here. the slowest approaches right now are from interstate 80 and highway 24. already, the
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lower east shore freeway is heavily backed up from golden gate fields. 24 as slow from highway 13, 580 is backed up right to 24. the nimitz is getting some slowing in the northbound direction as you head up from the alameda off ramp and past west grand. you'll run into some intermittent slowing go traffic before you hit the back of for real. the alternate, the san mateo bridge looking at heavier traffic in the westbound direction than usual. a little slowing already on 92 as you head for the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge here, 1 01 southbound i spoke with the science office just moments ago and they confirmed that they have laid three open for a while yesterday. it is close again this morning and likely will
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be for a couple of days. yesterday a big rig tried to squeeze through a narrow lane and toll lane #3 and did some damage to the structure there. it is closed for a couple of days and closed this morning through the commute. it could be a factor tomorrow as a lot of traffic is expected for the holiday, not the commute but during the day. i want to lead to a couple of other hot spots, there is a new accident, this one also a signal alert with sue lanes of 680 southbound blocked. this and all great drum road, a truck overturned spelling debris across the lane, maybe metal. this is the backup region always to 84 in a single turn off. underwrote between motimission boulevard. 1 01 northbound the
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accident at broadway is gone now but there is still slow traffic coming from san mateo toward burlingame. >> i want to quickly tell people how to get to the airport. if you're headed to sfo from the peninsula's i just checked with trans air and there are currently running on time. keep in mind, yesterday they had 4500 additional passengers than what they generally see each and every day. if you take caltrans to the millbrae station at that point sfo will be offering free shuttle buses to drop you off. you cannot be taking part today to the airport, and steady will be taking those buses. >> we are to take a quick break here at 6:22 a.m. as we continue our team coverage of the bart strike they no. 2. 80 and 242580 is
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yesterday we were up over 50 and we ended up dropping 42. concern about the tensions during in egypt now as the deadline is about to pass. there are concerns that the military will seize control in a coup. there are the numbers from yesterday, the dow stay below the 15,000 mark. it looks like we're going to open lower as well in early trading today. opening bell on wall street coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> at the dublin bart station there are about zero hundred people in line early this morning trying to grab that first charter bus headed to san francisco. >> we get here in the morning and we arrive just a little before 5:00. every morning for aggressively the crowds at gotten longer. people anticipating and figured out that their earlier they get here the
6:27 am
quicker the bus will leave and therefore your work day and all that works out much better for you. >> what do folks need to know? >> i think the key here would be to come early and tried to work your day are around and be as flexible as everyone else is with this strike. take advantage of the buses early. we do have capacity. keep in mind we carry around 400,000 people a day at bart. these buses are probably worth about 4000. this is a small, small part of what we're trying to do out here. >> a quick break at 6:27 a.m.. a live look outside >> a quick break at 6:27 through sunday at sleep train's 4th of july sale, save on sleep train's most popular mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months
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>> we have a drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment. friday we will resume trading after the market closed tomorrow for the fourth of july. we'll find out of the u.s. unemployment rate changes. it looks like a lower opening here on wall street. >> 6:30 a.m. and let's get things started with the check of traffic. >> we're looking at big back upset the bay bridge toll plaza very early this morning. metering lights activated about our ahead of schedule then they were yesterday. backups on all of the approaches to the bridge. right now, the heavy traffic on interstate 80 and highway 24 leading to the bridge. you can see here that it is backed up on the 880 ramp. the traffic maps
6:31 am
tell a better story. all along the east shore freeway coming from golden gate field around the corner on berkeley curve. solid traffic all the way to 13 on 24 westbound. 580 is backed up just a bit beyond highway 24. the nimitz in the northbound direction is beginning to slow. we will start working on some drive times for you in just a moment. your alternate route, the san mateo bridge is a little heavy what moving well in the westbound direction. the approach is are starting to get a little slow. we are tracking another hot spot that has nothing to do with the bart strike. interstate 680, a pickup truck overturned southbound that was carrying tools at their room road. when it turned over, it's built across the roadway with traffic backed up nearly to the 84 turnoff. well north of mission boulevard north, a slower ride than usual for this and all grade this morning southbound.
6:32 am
>> a big pback up >> date 3 is the same as they too. get here even earlier. the line behind me is just a few people sort of wrapping around the corner. everyone seems that that thousand miles there. they're hoping that the buses come faster. if you get here, everyone that i have talked to seems to be patient. not a lot of problems if you're heading from oakland into san francisco. everyone has the same plan to get out of work earlier and get home to avoid the long alliance. this is day to 41 and the
6:33 am
women that i spoke to earlier. >> you get up, to air three hours earlier than normal. you're going to be traveling for two hours, by the time needed to work you're tired. then you get to do it all over again. >> its only wednesday, do you feel like you work a whole week or it is what it is? >> i feel like i've worked a whole week. i am just done. (laughter) i'm hoping this is over soon so we can all get back to normal. >> i have to tell you, there was a buzz that this woman could have pop on and it meant that she would have to stand. she said no way, i will wait for the next bus psyching guarantee my spot as far as they seek. if you are not here at the bus stop, they will pull off. we have seen people trying to stop the bus drivers. that
6:34 am
happens at any given time. when they are arriving as the bus driver is pulling off, they are mad. >> ac transit staying on the job, they could have gone on strike as well but negotiations continued today. >> the ferry is another very popular option for getting across the bay into san francisco. the esteemed waldman has been tracking that part of the story. >> day three of the bart strike and if you are coming to oakland to take the ferry, expect long lines and ferries at full capacity. the next ferry is set to leave at 645 and we are already seeing a long line. we have some video to show you a of the lines that are starting to form before the ferries were even at the dock. ferry services running
6:35 am
at increased capacity. they have extra staff on board. we're in day three and people are starting to get the hang of where they're supposed to buy tickets, what line theirs was the going in. i get a chance to speak with some passengers or is saying they are so furious with the reason for the strike they might boycott bart all together. >> i have been writing bart every day. i do not agree with the union, might think they're asking for way too much. i pay for them and their pensions, i have to pay for my pension, i don't get one. i don't care if this goes on for weeks, don't give it to them. >> we are live in oakland watching the next round of passengers aboard the san francisco bay ferry. they'll
6:36 am
be heading to san francisco with the ride about 20 minutes. yesterday we saw delays that really set things back here. the lines are very long. we'll continue to monitor the situation out here and keep starting to notice that these people are getting fed up. you're really started to get that sense of frustration from people for the reasons for the strike. for them having this done so much extra time to wait in line. they're ready for the strike to be over. >> we will see some of that translates into negotiations between bart and the union. maybe they'll get things done now the they are starting to feel pressure from the public. >> it is a lot cooler right now, temperatures mainly in
6:37 am
the '50s and '60s. we'll pick things up in the afternoon. low eighties in oakland and hayward. we continue with former conditions into thursday but look at friday. temperatures dramatically cooler, as much as 20 degrees in some spots. i will walk you through the region forecast and the kron4 knows returns. the time now 6:37 a.m. and we will be right back. bulldog: oh, the dog days of summer!
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>> the bart strike continues for the third day. mike pelton is live in oakland with an update with the charter service and was open bart station. >> the oakland tribune not reached talks back on. that
6:41 am
does not do commuters any good here this morning. they are tired of getting up at 4 and the morning in dealing with all of this. they have no other option but to deal with is on the third day of the strike. right now, there's not much of a line. you can see that fluctuating through the buses that bring the passengers here to west oakland. here they board a second bus and headed to san francisco. during the strike, some of them tell me that this charter bus service is not all that bad. >> it's a little slower today but they are getting it done. >> how much sleep that you got in the past couple of days? >> at as it did too bad, i'd go to bed early and then i'd get up around 430. >> the normally get up at
6:42 am
for barry? >> no, i used to get an hour later. >> get here early if you want to make sure you want to get a riget a ride. one of ts a legitimate lead a party boss, it had purples seats and things hanging from the windows. i had one moment joke and asked me is this really happening this morning? >> was the party was the one as a taking people into this city? >> yes. they're using these buses to transport people. it is really any bus driver who was available to drive so we have a charter buses, school buses and a couple party bosses. >> 6:42 a.m. and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> 6:45 a.m. and some commuters trying to get to work without bart. for one woman it was easy but she has some concerns about how she was going to get home. >> what are you unhappy about? >> not getting up at three in order to catch a bus. >> what time you normally get up to go to work? >> it may be fight dirty.maybe >> what would you like to say to them? >> get back to work like the rest of us. >> the shuttle buses have
6:47 am
work and i'm happy about that. there's a lot of attention right now and a lot of people are worried about how they're going to get to work. a lot of frustration and a lot of anger. there is nothing we can do about it so i try to stay positive. >> stay positive and show up early. you want to show up preferably before 730 to try to get a seat. an additional 20 buses were added to the walnut creek location to try to help passengers there. it still may not be enough. >> it's like going to the airport in a study to be there 90 minutes early. >> there are toll takers available in all the toll
6:48 am
booths at this morning. it will help more cars get through the toll plaza. we have been incident free at the bay bridge but that does not mean we're not terribly backed up, we are. the entire length of the east shore freeway from golden gate fields and to the toll plaza is jammed. westbound 24 backing up now from before the caldecott tunnel. 580 starting to slow through downtown oakland and the westbound direction. the nimitz freeway is back up as well on the northbound side. here's a look at your ride to the salmon's sale bridge, still not back up but slowing. the golden gate bridge ride, highway 1 01 southbound has one of the toll booths taken away this morning. it was damaged yester day, so both no. 3. it will be closed today and likely before another day.
6:49 am
it was damaged by a big rig that try to squeeze through the narrow work lane. big rigs are supposed to use lanes 1 and 2. interstate 680 and the southbound direction, lanes have been cleared at their own road with a pickup truck that overturned selling its load of tools across road. it lacked lanes on long enough to back up north of the 84 turn off on 680 southbound. a slow ride on a single great with no alternate route better any good this morning. >> the ferry service started at 6:00 a.m. this morning and have increased their load from 3 to 8. they're running every 45 minutes. keep in mind that parking is severely limited and we are
6:50 am
hearing that a lot of the parking lots are already filled up. it is 830 metric into san francisco and you will be dropped off at the san francisco ferry building. focusing our attention on the forecast now, happy wednesday to everyone. if we take a live look outside at walnut creek, plenty of sunshine this morning. extreme heat again this afternoon, especially for the inland spots. we are talking triple digits. some slots will climb another 45 degrees. we're talking temperatures mainly in the fifties and low 60s. future cast four shows by lunchtime, 2:00 '90s for concord, livermore. '80s and the east bay's shoreline and '70s for the peninsula. we will see triple digits by year after
6:51 am
an highs. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, conditions stick around with temperatures still on the warmer side. yellow and orange indicate the '70s and '80s that dominate the screen. low eighties for oakland and hayward. we will continue was severely hot wate weather ad to the weekend. >> dow jones industrial average down 11, joining us is our financial expert rob black. yesterday we were up 60 points and closed down around 40. >> what is interesting is i am not paying attention to the day to day. it just does not matter in my world. we
6:52 am
are in the summer waiting for earnings and the jobs report on friday. we get a little bit of news, more than expected that jobs were created in the private sector. this should make right a little bit easier. wall street closes at 10 today but everyone on wall street will hubble back and on friday. >> we a seen more people re- entered the work force so we have seen unemployment rise. do we expect to see more people entering the work force? >> it is above my pay grade. >> i don't think there's anything about their youit lovey
6:53 am
grade. the numbers at been adjusted but they've been within 14,000 on average of what the monthly jobs report with the government comes out as. >> the numbers are low but more on the conservative side. good news that trajan, bad news tapering. >> we would check back with robert later with winners and losers on wall street and we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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ññ; [ male announcernc ] invest in your heart healthlt >> welcome back, 668 am andy bay bridge is backed
6:57 am
up, some to other people, mostly first-timers' paid when they were not supposed to so they will be getting a refund. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news, the bart strike and watching the ferry ride across the bay. additional buses now being added to try and help bart commuters. transit officials are encouraging riders to get there are around 730 if you want to catch a charter bus to san francisco. we are watching the strike affects drivers of the bay bridge. another use the back up here this morning, the light is on drive times with george raft when we return in just a few minutes.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> i tried to drive them when i got to east brooklyn i still had 74 minutes. i came from stockton. i found out about the buses yesterday. this is my first day trying to catch the bus over to the city. it is madness. madness. >> frustrations of building as well as backups when day three of the bart strike. >> the traffic department has been the biggest and convenience but that is a severe understatement. >> the biggest impacts have been felt on the freeways. we're seeing major backups for the east shore freeway right now. 63 minutes drive time coming


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