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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 30, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(foreign language) (foreign language) other. >> pam: tonight bart workers are onfind out how far apart the two sides are now. >> pam: >> pam: to say >> >> pam: >> pam: there are just five days left for bart and its unions to make a deal before the deadline. and avert a second bart strike. >> pam: kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with the main sticking points. and how to reaching a deal. grant?
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>> reporter:it's crunch time now - if bart and its unions are before the sunday night deadline. >> reporter:talks resumed this morming at 11:30 - and later in the day bart management presented it's latest offer to the media. >> reporter:this appears to violate the gag order.but bart officials said they have gotten to the point where everyone needs to know the details. >> reporter:the proposal addressed salary, pension and healthcare.but the details get lost in translation. >> reporter:the unions claim, as they have several times before.that bart is lying to you, me and anyone who will listen. >> reporter:by the way bart's lead negotiatior returned to work today - he had been on a days - a vacation that was approved by the state mediator. talks resume tomorrow morning. if another strike occurs.unions will have to give 72 hours notice.meaning we will know something by friday. >> pam: bart officials released a fact sheet about the sticking points in the labor negotiations. says that the union is asking for a 21 percent wage increase. the agency says it is offering an eight percent increase. other figures were released that apply to health care and pension contributions.
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to get some reaction from afternoon commuters about the issues on the table. >>"it kinda seems ridiculous even from the union side. 21.5% over three years. i think they are a little far somewhere in the middle i think the union may have something. but i know they have not been getting raises in the last couple years. it seems like they are really not getting a raise and they will end up with their same salary / "i feel like it is >> trying to get to work and not having reliable transportation to get us there. i am hoping that the bart does get their needs met and hope it gets worked out quickly so we don't have anymore delays with the strike." >> pam: passengers did say repeatedly that they are less interested in the details of the negotiations and have expressed anger at the contract discussion as long as they have and say the most important thing to them is that the trains are running. with less than a week to go >> pam: before another possible bart strike, transit agencies around the bay area are once again bracing for a flood of additional commuters. this time around, the problem could be even worse. kron
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explains. >> reporter:the last bart strike forced hundreds of thousands opeople to find other ways to get back and forth to work but it could have been a lot of worse. the strike happened over the fourth of july when a lot folks were on vacation. that meant that a smaller than normal number of people were trying to commute. if bart workers go on strike again next week, there's no holiday to relieve the pressure. that means even more people will need to use ferries, buses or carpools to get around this afternoon the metropolitan transportation commission held a regional conference call with it's partner transit agencies to discuss the problem. >> reporter:anticipating additional riders, several agencies said today that they are beefing up services. the san francisco bay ferry plans to add at least two boats to its fleet. >>
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>> reporter:the ferry service is going to double. even more than double. especially that critical service between oakland and san francsico. there will also be additional service to vallejo and some standby busses as well in case they need them. and if there is a strike, bart is going to add even more charter busses than last time. >>they started with 58 busses in july and now they are going to go up to 90. those busses service all the bart lines and go on to west oakland and on to the city of san francisco as well. >> reporter:the other area that the mtc wants to focus on is getting more people to carpool they say that during the morning commute a lot of folks use carpools to get into san francisco, but far fewer use the service to get out of the city. >>in the last bart strike we did have a problem with people getting home. who are driving and have them go down to the transbay terminal and pick up people who are trying to get home. >> people to take that bridge carpool lane to get home. and finally the mtc wants to remind people that even if you don't ride bart, a strike will impact traffic across the entire bay area.
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>>folks who don't think they would be affected by bart very well could be. in the newsroom, charles keep it here as we monitor management and unions. information on our website -- kron4-dot-com. section, showing you everything from what people >> reporter: 11 days ago 11 days ago. the fourth mark a fourth is what his proposal today today " here i would not characterize this as a good day ".
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>> pam: an emotional goodbye today for the 8 year old girl who was shot while attending a sleep over in oakland earlier this month. pallbearers carried alaysha carradine's small pink coffin out of the funeral home. >> pam: while her mother and other family and friends cried and hugged each other. the chapel of the mortuary overflowed with well wishers. oakland mayor jean quan and the city's interim police chief were also in attendance. >> pam: new at eight.the chief says the hunt continues for the shooter. >> >> pam: many of mourners wore alaysha's favorite color pink in her honor. and purity. >> pam: a northern california man accused of killing his wife and two young daughters is now on the u-s marshals service's list of 15 most-wanted fugitives. authorities in shasta county have been searching for shane miller since his family was found shot to
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death inside their home in shingletown in may. his truck was found about 200 miles away in humboldt county. but an extensive search turned up no other traces of him. a 25-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to miller's arrest. >> pam: a federal appeals court says oscar grant's father can sue the bart cop who shot and killed his son. today, the ninth circuit court of appeals rejected former officer johannes mehserle's claim that he acted within his official capacity. when he shot grant on a bart platform in 2009. the court says it is up to a jury to to determine whether mehserle was justified in the shooting. mehserle served 11 months in prison after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. >> pam: pure pandamonium outside of san francisco city hall today. protesting cab drivers backed up van ness avenue for two hours. .nats of horns.
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>> pam: these cab drivers lined up their cars. then let them sit. they are furious over ride- share services like uber, lyft, and sidecar. they are competing services they say are taking a slice out of their profits. >> have to pay big money for licenses and have to be fingerprinted and get injured. ! >> is 2 1/2 families to speak! what do they get out of it? you did not regulate one part of the industry? ".the other industry." at one point. traffic along >> pam: van ness was to a standstill when cabbies refused to move from the intersection.
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>> pam: the mayor's office tells kron 4 they have no plans to regulate ride sharing. they surrounding a deadly high- though >> reporter: is at the airport are calling those companies illegal when all operations. the drop-off and pick-up and looking at numbers did they find in a legal limo? then they will go through a citizen arrest. it is not actually are rest but they will be given a citation in court date. this month will people have been captured have been called at the airport. they do not
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work under the same guidelines as regular limousine and capp services. >> sidecar and lived have all mobile apps on the phone so if you can give them an actress but will go directly to that address and if you do not shot within to the 15 ft. it would drive off and charge you. >> reporter: been my the city is set for cisco of action not taken a stance on this. this is the state issued and the state as we speak arles' looking at this matter and expected to vote on this matter in september. so lots more, on this issue. s f o kron 4 news j.r. stone spirit >> jacqueline: high
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temperatures to that list is to allow us to where we should bring the average temperature lifted listed on the right. concord a decrease both shore which should have been a pyrrhic we still have coup plot cooler weather for the next several days and more on that coming up. >> pam: also ahead tonight to run in a dili high-speed train in spain in with the driver was doing at the time of the crash. loss' >> pam: plus: the verdict is in for the former intelligence analyst who supplied hundreds of thousands of pages of classified government documents to wikileaks. and an inmates daring escape from jail is caught on camera.
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in the south bay. >> reporter:mosquitoes in several zip codes in san jose are tested positive for west nile virus. >> reporter:here now is a look at where the mosquitoes were found. and the area was treated. >> reporter: were found in the berryessa area. >> reporter:ground fogging for the mosquitoes is scheduled for this thursday starting at 11 a-m. and it expected to last >> reporter: the spread of west nile virus to humans. samples will be takenfter virus is still found. more fogging may be required. >> pam: providing new details about a deadly train derailment in spain. investigators say the driver of the train that crashed into a cement wall was on the phone at the time of the accident.
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>> pam: and that he was travelling at 95 miles per hour. that's twice the recommended speed for that section of track. here's video from the crash last week. >> pam: 79 people were killed including one american. and about 70 others injured in the crash remain hospitalized. the driver is now charged with 79 counts of homicide. >> pam: the investigation has focused on his failure to brake as the train sped into a high-risk curve in northwest spain. >> pam: the verdict is in -- in the military trial against bradley manning. he's the army private whoas kron 4's catherine heenan reports, it was a mixed verdict for manning.but it still means a lot of prison time. >> pam: the former army intelligence agent walked into court - having already pleaded guilty to nearly a dozen charges. >> catherine: months ago - private manning confessed to being the wiki-leaks source for leaking thousands of classified >>they included video of air-strikes in which civilians were killed. diplomatic cables.
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>>front-line reports from the >> catherine: afghanistan and iraq wars. but as manning stood quietly tuesday in his dress suit. the judge found him 'not guilty' on the most serious charge he faced -- and the one he had fought -- aiding the enemy. si >>that could have meant life in prison. still - the 25-year-old could end his days behind bars - because of the string >> catherine: of lesser charges, including disobeying orders and stealing government property. >> catherine: prosecutors argued he's a traitor whose leaks helped terrorists. to supporters - manning is a brave whistle-blower. >> catherine: it's a case the world has watched carefully in this internet era. >> catherine: press freedom specialists have warned that it could have broad consequences for the future of investigative journalism on national security. ch kron4 news.
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>> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: demonstrators gathered in san francisco near the powell street bart station. to show their support for bradley manning. and call for his release. sentencing for manning is expected to happen tomorrow. >> jacqueline: for our inland valleys back into the 80s in the upper 80s like places some with antioch and livermore. doubt and the south bay it was the mid to upper 70's. away from the coast 77 degrees and antioch this evening. tonight the fog returns widespread. but it is going to clear a little faster tomorrow. for
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the rest of the week foggy mornings and below average temperatures in the afternoons. morning widespread fog coverage once again. but to take a look at the north bay this fall costars the left. talk about clearing were also seen maintaining east bayshore spirit so more sunshine to mom and warmer temperatures of the north. south bay will be about the same, cupertino 66 degrees there and for evergreen creek 88 concord and 84 in pleasanton and livermore. upper 80s and antioch and '60s and '70s for east bayshore spirit no
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change for the coastline. low eighties for your wednesday. boggy mornings and again school to mild afternoons but into the weekend last fog and warmer conditions especially for sunday. >> reporter: this just into the news room pg eve working to repair a gas leak. the digging in that area try to find the leak stopping the flow of gas was they do find it and repair the leak. the cause unknown. p g e is doing a pipeline replacement. it is unclear if that is related to the leak we will keep you posted to and not do. vicki?
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>> pam: the east bay city that come up with is why the well help 100 hundreds of homeowners stay in their home. >> gary: brian wilson said you if you're my beard and a dodgers uniform. all street ahead later in this broadcast. look at 'em.
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>> jacqueline: clouds are rolling back and once again tonight. all around the bay area more on that coming
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. at the funeral for the 8-
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year old girl who was shot while at a sleepover in east oakland. family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes to the little girl known as "ladybug". >> pam: alaysha was one of four people hit by gunfire on july 17th. the three other victims survived. no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. "nats of cab horns" for two hours. of their profits. >> pam: chaos outside and around san francisco city hall today. protesting taxicab drivers back up to our spirit there are serious for the righteous services such as lift a sidecar and oman. there are taking this
8:32 pm
lack of taxi drivers profit spirit >> pam: 200016 may seem like a long way to a half years ago before the opening of the next presidential primary season and another 11 months after that for the general election. >> reporter: however and a familiar face is taking a strong lead in a race for her party's nomination. former first lady in center hillary rodham clinton ready for hillary has raised $1 million since march. we still have two and a half opening of the next presidential primary season. and another 11 months till but a familiar face is taking a strong lead in the race for her party's nomination. former first lady, senator and secretary of state hillary clinton hasn't even
8:33 pm
>> reporter: comes this: ka-ching >> reporter: has raised more than one=million dollars since march. it's also signed up half a million facebook supporters. >> reporter: million through other facebook sites. thosee numbers aren't that big by political standards. president obama has 36 million facebook followers. but clinton won't be on any ballot for two years. and these numbers may be more impressive. a marist mcclatchy poll this week gives her an overwhelming lead over potential democratic rivals ranging from vice president joe biden to maryland governor martin o'malley. >> reporter:in fact all of her rivals have said if clinton runs, they will not oppose her. whatever her decision, clinton will be competing against herself on the big and small screens. >> reporter:cnn is producing a full=length documentary that will be shown in theaters next year. nbc is making a four=part miniseries about her life from the monica lewinsky scandal to her time as secretary of state,
8:34 pm
and a hollywood movie is in the works. >> reporter:"rodham" will cover the younger years of her life when she was learning the ropes politically. one new wrinkle is the huma factor. huma abedin is the head of clinton's transition team. abedin has been her top aide since leaving the state department. she's also the wife of new york's sexting mayoral candidate anthony weiner abedin's defense of her husband has reportedly irritated her boss. remember hillary stood by her man during the lewinsky scandal, but never defended him. >> pam: in richmond, nearly half of the home mortgages are underwater. an estimated 46- percent. and now the city has come up with a way, which it says, will help struggling home owners stay in their houses. >> pam: on the steps of city hall, the mayor and supporters announced a plan for the city to buy mortgages from banks. both current andthe city would buy the loan at fair market value. and allow the homeowner to refiance. the city says, if the banks do not agree to the plan, the city can take the action
8:35 pm
by using its eminent doman powers. >>".neighborhood stability." >> pam: wants to buy 626- underwater loans with the intention of adding more homes, if the plan is successful. >> pam: they believe the action will help to keep neighborhoods stable. those against the plan say, it could make borrowing more expensive for the entire community. richmond would be the first city in the nation to take on local principal reduction. >> pam: u-s home prices rose 12-point-2 percent in may. that's according to the standard-and-poor's case- shiller index jump in prices since march 2006, near the peak of the housing bubble. san francisco has the fastest- growing home prices. prices are up 24-point-five percent since may of last year. >> reporter: top of the realistic and some unlikely group of prisoners 50 shades of gray. >> pam: next on kron 4--
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>> pam: a bed bug infestation causes a big problem for goodwill. the bay area warehouses affected. next. >> reporter: i'll show you what they're taking in the next edition of people being badly. cucut!t!
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>> reporter: >> reporter: the least according to a thin his congressman who to work cap seven and what mao. holding a dozen high value prisoners including five men plotting in the september 11th attack in 2001. they have read the
8:39 pm
entire series as a matter of fact >> reporter: terisa jim guy says she believes the federal government is prosecuting her because she is a celebrity terisa and her husband joe face 30 years behind bars for fraud in new york. setting their bond at $500,000 apiece having to surrender their travel schedule at including their passport spirit. famous for bringing the drama to rescind you guys and her husband joe has been indicted on 30 counts of fraud for tax purposes. exaggerating their income for applying for loans.
8:40 pm
federal indictments said the bay lied to the bankruptcy court in the irs in a number of banks. the pair faces pri's stiff charges including 30 years in prison and $1 million fine if it presents in prison occurred with a real house was of a jersey in its fifth season on bravo, teresa's future with the show is potentially and jeopardy. here is a plot twist joe is not an american citizen. if charged and found guilty could be deported back to italy. >> jacqueline: >> pam: gary has this story
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and all of this war is next.
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>> reporter: the bug stops here. that's what one good-will official said about a bed bug infestation at one - maybe two local warehouses. here's where the bed bugs have been found. >> reporter:the san francisco warehouse at 11th and mission. over the weekend at the
8:43 pm
burlingame warehouse on california drive.both have been shut down for the time being. >> reporter: donated goods are being thrown out. exterminators are treating the infected areas. items in other parts of the warehouses are being steam cleaned. >> reporter:so far.the 21 goodwill stores in the bay area have not found any bed bugs. the outbreak could cost goodwill hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's beyond behaving badly! >> reporter: hell for the
8:44 pm
people who vandalized the oakwood cemetery located in santa cruz ornaments that family members are leaving to for lost love ones are being stolen from the grave makers things like teddy bears >> reporter:one time and came and there were twelve of the lights with the solar part gone >> reporter:randy krassow is on the board of directors for oakwood which is a non profit cemetary has been trying to comfort family members to me this is the same as stealing from a church >> reporter:they are stealing picture frames and these solar powered lights to illuminate the markers at night many of the markers are those of children who only spent a couple of days on the earth >> reporter:when you imagine someone particually someone who lost a baby or infant ans they have to come out and they put little trinkets that maybe don't have as you mentioned economic value but are from their heart and see as gifts that they have given that baby well beyond behaving badly!
8:45 pm
>> reporter:this is not the first time this memorial park has had problems, someone stole the burial marker from a chp officer who was killed in the line of duty it 's been replaced with this one that has been secured with rebar to prevent future thefts even the randy's great grandfathers memorial has been vandalized over the years her wings got broken, i 'v hace her winges repaired twice and on one of her hands her fingers vandals have been stealing flags and get this at other memorial parks in santa cruz people are stealing flowers there was a guy selling flowers that i happened to recognize i helped the family put them on the grave site at a freeway entrance. >> reporter:this is a whole new level of behaving badly i asked randy if he could say anything to the vandal what would it be stop what ever is going wron in your life if you're willing to be this crule to people who've done nothing can do to other people wind chimes >> reporter:in santa cruz stanley roberts kron 4 news >> jacqueline: santa rosa at
8:46 pm
72 degrees which is 11 degrees colder this show ben where we should have been for this time of year. san thing goes for oakland as 72. looking ahead for tonight befog already returning but it will clear a little faster by 11:00 in the morning. most locations the rest of the week very similar weather with foggy morning spirit here's a look at the fault truck tractor for tomorrow morning. up to the north bay at 8:00 hour clearing their sole will see an extra to the three degrees warmer. down in the
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south bay upper 70's for the most part and low eighties for the ward valley in every. east bay shore is running into the 60s and low 70's for ones that accurate no change at the cosign the at the north bay opera 70's and low 80s. and the trick then a forecast foggy morning and cool to mild temperatures. and last fall and that means slightly warmer temperatures. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. ha >> gary: good evening everyone! when is the season over for the giants? >> gary: the wind down to a
8:48 pm
beer is single career in full motion here threw 45 pitches in the first inning and to-21. the philly fanatic having fun with some giants fans bottom 1st/ 1-0 giants barry zito with the bases loaded walks john mayberry jr chase utlety scores 2-1 >> gary: phillies top 3rd/ 2-1 phillies pablo sandoval bloops a single to right andres torres scores 2-2 tie bottom 4th/ 2-2 tie carlos ruiz hits a 2-run home run off zito 4-2 phillies >> gary: bottom 5th/ 4-2 phillies newly acquired guillermo moscoso pitching for the giants gives up a 2-run home run to michael young 6-2 phillies score right now: 7-3 phillies in the 8th inning . >> gary: brian wilson. they
8:49 pm
hate the dodgers! that led the giants in their first series the when he was hurt the giants distanced themselves from him and now he's worked out for a number of teams and the dodgers haight they are a contender. brown will some a world series. he's going to make a comeback with two weeks in the minor league brian wilson, and people say i hate the dodgers, i hate the dodgers! that is the chance talking. that is the fans
8:50 pm
talking. >> pam: to think they mean it literally? i know think they mean it will literally tear it >> gary: kids are kids. but if you're 45 with a mortgage, i think i'd rather haight the taxes that i am paying or when i have to go to the gross restore creek do not hate the boys in blue. commissioner bud selig - >> gary: seen here posing with a fan with an "a-roid" tee shirt - is planning on issuing alex rodriguez the longest suspension in history - possibly for life - for his involvement with steroid clinic biogenesis
8:51 pm
>> gary: an a-rod lawyer was on a radio shows today saying rodriguez would appeal any suspension. >> gary: there is also a possibility that he could cut a deal that would result in a year long suspension but would leave open the possibility of him returning to baseball >> gary: penalties are expected to be announced this friday - for a-rod and as many as 9 other players >> gary: marlins hitting coach tino martinez officially "resigned" but he likely would have been fired. this after three marlins accused martinez of verbal abuse - and one player says martinez grabbed him by the throat when he refused to pick up balls during batting practice martinez finally felt >> gary: compelled to speak up on the matter saying that he got in the players faces
8:52 pm
about picking up ballsyelled at them and even grabbed one by the jersey, but never by the throat. >> gary: should be noted: marlins are last in the league in hitting >> gary: 49ers in camp todayf 4g camp in santa clara with the first preseason game looming a week from thursday against the broncos at candlestick park players were crisp under the watchful eye of jim harbaugh >> right now you think about creating that consistency >> well he has always been an elite player. i just think he has become a better player overall. the at the kids become a better man told football player than he was earlier in his career.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: already the 49 city and will have a beer at. beer app! >> gary: continuing great. i will show you this i less no one was hurt. boom!
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