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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the end of revenue to go on strike. >> reporter:the bart deadline is at midnight tonight. ac transit bus drivers could join them as early as thursday. whoosh >> reporter:in the south bay, a fatal accident brings work to a halt at the 49ers stadium contruction site. >>its pretty emotional. pretty banged up in there >> reporter:a delivery truck driver crushed under a load of metal, the second fatality at the site since
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june. whoosh >> reporter:uc berkeley students targeted by muggers. >>one produced a handgun and demanded a cell phone >> reporter:kron four gets a response from campus police. whoosh >> reporter:and her family says she committed suicide after being sexually assaulted and bullied at high school in saratoga >>i can't imagine what it's like to be betrayed by your friends. >> reporter:tonight the mother of audrie pott is speaking out about her daughter. >> reporter:and they call it greyhound therapy. this former psychiatric patient from las vegas says his treatment was a one=wat bus ticket to san francisco. >>do you feel like you are the first person they have done this with? no. are you kidding? >> reporter:continuing our team coverage. >> pam: people who rely on bart say. the last few days have been stressful. as strike deadlines have come and gone. >> pam: kron 4's scott rates is live outside a bart station in walnut creek. with reaction to tonights strike deadline. scott?
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>> pam: developing tonight. bart workers may not be alone on the picket lines. a-c transit workers could be going on strike. come thursday. a-c transit unions just submitted their 72-hour strike notice. we begin our live team coverage tonight with kron 4's justine waldman. metropolitan transportation commission. about the threat of a double whammy-- bart *and a-c transit workers walking off their jobs. >> reporter: >> way to a deal is not have the management, all here and have it thrown down people throughout spirit their lack of ability to do that the lack of ability and will to a plan to do the reason we're heading for a strike at midnight. >> we do not believe the strike is necessary or smart but we need the unions to meet us. >> reporter: so-called final offer is not entirely set in stone.
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>> they want to counter or get to the same savings the same way we are all ears on that. >> reporter: but the money will not change. >> reporter: areas this is not all about money. >> it wasn't just about economic issues it was the work world things that we haven't talked about in months and it felt like it's not important at all the sudden they put it on the table and to provoke a strike. >> reporter: the only positive thing to say at this hour is that the two sides are still at the table talking all day long. it will continue till midnight tonight but on sunday it is quite a bit before. >> pam: said in a bike second to bart strike looms the question is why isn't it illegal for them to strike? >> and the city of san
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francisco of trim the work and can strike it with one exception which is unique. uni not if they do go on strike tomorrow hundreds and thousands of people will be inconvenienced in the bay area will also be will also lose millions of dollars. >> reporter: the last few months have passed have been dysfunctional. >> you have to look at the reason why this happens. it has more than enough time to reach an agreement on both sides but it appears that we were moving fastergreement but t its worst in any previous one. all of the participants have said everything was was what we cannot have dysfunctional negotiations like this again.
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>> reporter: question to pick about is how will bart insure that nothing like this happens again? kron 4 news >> pam: continuing our team coverage tonight people said have been very stressful as lights have come and gone. scudder rates are a son of management. >> reporter: 4 gabe pointing their fingers at? >> i get really frustrated when i come to bart sometimes and see that i want to participate the workers of the lot of work with the areas in this case what they are asking for is not reasonable. >> i do not care who is at fault
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>> tried >> i support unions 100 percent. >> has been under attack on blue-collar workers. and that is what this is. >> they have benefits that i wish i had. >> i work instead of the school every day in and see all of my co-workers stressed that we get on a daily basis because we cannot take bart on the entire community as a whole. >> i would not want to take away their right to strike but i'm not sure if one is more to it at this case.
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>> as long as they have the man, they should have the right to strike! union! >> reporter: they're tired of going to bed and not now was on to happen the next day. kron4 knows >> pam: the bart workers cannot be at all along on this striking this week ac transit has issued their 72 hour notice tonight. >> reporter: pam it would be bad of both ac transit and
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dark went on strike at the same time it would be gridlock on the bay area especially the east bay. 190,000 passengers per day would be heard by this. hurt. >> reporter: canoes could possibly triple. commutes could possibly triple. >> some did not take apart the they take ac transit and they will need to get to work and have no options. and may not be able to get to work at all.
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>> reporter: he could not remember in his 20 years where both a.c. transit embark war on strike at the same time. it would be so bad especially in the east bay began about 880 is a nightmare to begin with but if you think about the people who do not have a.c. transit or bart would i have an option necessarily to get to where they have to go. so they would have to drive. the only way that they could sort of stopped and ac strike if they come up with a bill before thursday or if the governor stepped in and issue a new cooling off period. management and the employes would have asked for in so far that has not happened yet. so respectably a double whammy pam!
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>> pam: continuing our team kron 4's j.r stone is alsohe joins us now with reaction from a-c transit's union. j.r? >> reporter: pam i actually got off the phone with grass carp burke the president of a.c. transit board of directors. he is frustrated because twice they have come to an agreement that was only voted down each time were the great divide the amounts the drivers and the people who represent those drivers. we talk about ac transit, the reunion grant and drivers are upset about the health package insecurity along their route. the ones that did vote against the agreement boded aggression against it to 21. voted against the
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agreement by 2-1 >> have had too tentative agreement that we've brought back to our members and the members have overwhelmingly agreed jacket the agreements. but are concerned about the health care coverage and safety. >> reporter: fresh credit because he feels the board of directors aren't getting the clear message of what the drivers want. >> pam: stay connected with kron-4 on the bart negotiations. and the possible a-c transit strike. you can get the latest on
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our web site -- kron-4 dot com. as well as on our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our mobile app to get push alerts for the latest bart information. kron4's dan kerman will be back with another live half hour tonight. >> pam: ahead at eight. nevada accused of dumping patients here in california. hear from a former psychiatric patient who says his treatment was a one-way bus ticket to san francisco. >> pam: plus: her family says she committed suicide after being sexually assaulted and bullied at high school in saratoga >> pam: tonight the mother of audrie pott is speaking out about her daughter. >> reporter: a second tragic death in san diego. i will have details coming up from 4 news at 8:00.
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>> pam: a second tragedy today at new 49ers stadium in santa clara. police say one man was killed early this morning while unloading a delivery truck this is the second death at the site since construction began. kron 4's charles clifford is live in santa clara. where we are learning more about the worker killed there, charles? >> reporter: lake was severely injured and transported to hospital where he died worked on the project will stop to that they are cooperating with authorities and working on the stadium will resume tuesday morning. it will
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also be it all hands on deck safety meeting and grief counselors on hand if anyone is in need of their services. >>this afternoon, the santa clara county medical examiner identified the man who was killed here today as 60-year-old edward erving lake jr. of vacaville. we have also learned that cal osha and santa clara police believe this was an accident. they also believe that the job site here at >> reporter:cal osha says edward lake was unloading a delivery truck on the south of the stadium, when a bundle of rebar fell on him. lake was transported to the hospital where he died. work on the job site was stopped for the day and the contractor on the project, turner-devcon, says they are cooperating with authorities and that work on the stadium will resume on tuesday morning. there will also be an all hands on deck safety meeting and grief counselors help. in really quick. and pretty emotional. it's pretty the 49ers also released a statement today saying, " our sincerest thoughts and
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prayers are with the family, friends and co-workers >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: nevada is being accused of shipping off its patients to california. a mentally ill patient is now accusing the state of mistreatment. he says they shipped him from las vegas to san francisco. to avoid paying his medical bills. kyung lah has the story. >> pam: david theisen never planned to live in this cramped san francisco low income rental. >> reporter:he never planned to be here at all. >>"said i was going to commit suicide, said i had a knife." >> reporter:that was the call he made to nevada emergency services three years ago. living in las vegas. he was broke, jobless and homeless. >> reporter:he ended up at the rawson neal psychiatric center where medical records show his doctor noted theisen was "depressed" and "suicidal." >> reporter:when theisen said he wanted to live anywhere but vegas.
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>>"a young woman suggested san francisco." >> reporter:reporter: why did she suggest san francisco? >>"i don't know because i explained that's what i was doing, i was a cook,i wanted a place that had a bunch of restaurants, things like that and she just mentioned it, i think she was trying to be helpful, saying 'well, san francisco has got a lot of restaurants.' 'oh really,' i hadn't even thought of it until then. >> reporter:the staff gave theisen five bags of snacks, directions to a san francisco homeless shelter, and sent him packing on a greyhound bus to the city where he knew no-one - 560 miles away. his doctors in nevada? he says he never heard from them again. reporter: did you feel like you were the first person they had done this with? >>"hell, are you kidding? i think it's a fairly common practice. it's known." >> reporter:it's called greyhound therapy and bus patients to another state and out of your state budget. theisen's one way ticket cost just $85 and far cheaper than actually treating him. >>"i think it's
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reprehensible." >> reporter:david herrera is san francisco's city attorney. >>"it's been urban myth or urban legend for decades that this kind of conduct was occurring but this is the first instance in which i'm aware where we've been able to document a state supported practice, that was not only encouraged but facilitated by state actors." >> reporter:the city attorney estimates 1,500 patients were bused out of this one hospital in nevada. 500 hundred of them came here to the state of california. san francisco's cost? the city says 500- thousand dollars and counting. >> reporter: >> reporter:san francisco has filed a class action lawsuit against demanding it pay the city for taking care of the 24 patients bused here over a five year period. >> reporter:the city says nevada should also pay back the numerous other cities across the southwest it's dumped patients in. >> reporter:the nevada department of health and human services admits to cnn that there were 10 instances where staff did not confirm sufficient shelter and services for transferred patients, but it maintains nevada's "client back to home
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communities" program was properly conducted. theisen's life has improved since he arrived in his new city. san francisco subsidizes his room and he still has 100 dollars for food each month. but even he says it's nevada who should foot the bill. >>"they should, they really should. they shipped me here because they wanted to get rid of me they should be responsible for me." >> pam: u-c berkeley campus police are warning students and staff about a rash of robberies this week. there have been four incidents.either on or right off campus. on thursday, a 57 year old woman affiliated with the school was robbed at gunpoint and assaulted. later that day a 19 year old female student was mugged in front of a dorm. >> pam: there was an attempted strong arm robbery of a male student on campus saturday. and sunday.another male student was held up by two suspects, one of them with a gun. in all cases, the suspects got away. we spoke to some students who say the crimes have them on edge. >>".the situation here." >> pam: u-c berkeley police
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say they it's still unknown at this time if any of these crimes are related. but they are boosting patrols in light of the incidents. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> reporter:making it better.bay area firefighters.robbed while fighting a wild-fire.getting valuables replaced. >> reporter:last month, someone broke into fire station 7 in walnut creek. and grabbed firefighter's personal items, like as weddings rings, money and an i-pad. >> reporter:the owners of padis jewelry in san francisco heard what happened. and wanted to replace the stolen wedding rings. at no cost. the store had the firefighers choose new of charge. >> reporter:padis wrote on its facebook page. thanks to our heroes judon & tim and all of the firefighters and service men and women out there who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe! we are honored to be able to help!" >> reporter:station was broken into while the firefighers were fighting the mount diablo >> pam: 14 days into the partial government shutdown. and the senate is *still
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working on a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government. republican and democratic leaders are showing signs of optimism, claiming they're now on the right page. >> pam: president obama is urging both parties to set aside their differences-- meanwhile, an oval office meeting between the president and congressional leaders from both sides has been postponed. >> reporter: another sunday with more mourn temperatures brought in part from the winds on the north. keeping this the breeze away and keeps the fall out of here and makes everything very sunny and warm. these clouds are well to the north. going up to canada and alaska
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permit that will meet sunday skies. upper 40's and low 50's is shaping up to look pretty nice to sunshine as we get into the afternoon with highs in the '80s in a lot of places like oakland, fremont, antioch was 83 degrees. >> pam: still ahead-- a nightmare scenario. a-c transit workers giving notice to strike this thursday. at the same time, bart workers are threatening to walk off their jobs tonight. >> gary: coming up later in this broadcast! other darter
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>> pam: the top- three winners in the great pumpkin weigh-off held earlier today in half moon bay. are all from napa. >> pam: it is the first time the wine- making region has dominated the annual competition. >> pam: this enormous pumpkin is the big winner of the annual contest. it weighed in at 1985 pounds -- a world record! >> pam: the pumpkin won top honors against 55 other entries the winner -- farmer gary miller. talked about taking home the top prize. he will get 6-dollars for each pound. for a total of nearly 12-thousand dollars. speaks-vo + sidepanel pretty neat as think i've ever done
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>> best thing i've ever done! >> pam: coming up on kron 4 news-- her family says she committed suicide after being sexually assaulted and bullied at high school. tonight, the mother of audrie pott is speaking publically. >> pam: plus: halloween comes early children here in the bay area. one 12-year old's vision that make it all happen. >> pam: and coming up next. not only is bart threatening to strike at midnight tonight. but now the union for a-c transit workers has issued a 72 hour strikethat means more than 600-thousand commuters could be left to find other ways to get around. a live report is just ahead.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: happening now at eight -30 not only is bart threatening to strike at midnight tonight. but now. the union for a-c transit workers has issued a 72 hour strike notice. and could go on >> pam: if both public transit agencies strike this week. upwards of 600- thousand commuters will be left to find other ways to get around. >> pam: kron 4's dan kerman is live at the scene of bart negotiations in oakland. >> pam: and what's the latest? >> reporter: talking about a final offer the state that the bart management placed on the bargaining table at 4:00 yesterday aken moved
8:31 pm
things around and no additional money will be added. unless things change they will be walking off the job at midnight. >> we are working to see if they $57 million offer is for another way to get there. there might be another way to get there but and we haven't thought about it. the money will not change. it's >> insanity for the district to take this type of attack. he has been missing in action at its a shame to come out and speak about jamming something down the union's throat spirit we are
8:32 pm
close to a deal. that is what there are getting ready to do. >> reporter: we do not know where they are at any more? it is a 10 to $16 million apart? it could be another way to get there. there's very little wiggle on on both sides and may very well be looking at a bart strike in about three hours. diane ackerman kron 4 news. banan >> pam: on the bart negotiations.
8:33 pm
and the possible ac transit strike. you can get the latest on our web site -- kron-4 dot com. as well as on our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download our mobile app to get push alerts to get the latest bart information. new at eight. a grieving bay area mother >> pam: speaking out about her daughter's death. after being the victim of cyber- bullying. grant is back with the message sheila pott wants parents to know. grant? >> reporter: after hanging herself at home in her bathroom after one week of passing out at a unsupervised party house party. teen-agers were drinking and what should follow which followed a ruthless yvette's of bullying. >> reporter: >> i can't imagine to be betrayed by your friends and
8:34 pm
what through your high- school in notice people looking at jupiter it >> reporter: to your kids can love one's spirit pull them aside no matter what top top. talk to your children and loved one's. >> is a pirate! >> reporter: sunshine and
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warm this up today in the '70s and '80s i will let you know how much longer this warm weather will last.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: there is a park in san francisco were you might find, two little girls selling lemonade at well let's just say at a slightly inflated cost >> reporter: here you go, let me give you your dollar first, what i only get a half cup for a dollar, it's ok thank you you might also see familys riding their bikes on neat and clean pathways >> reporter:but if you get off the beaten path, you might see things like packaged turkey legs filled with maggots from andronaco's market >> reporter:you might also find this chewed up peanut butter container that was being carried by a squirrel if you don't look where you are stepping you might just step into some human waste
8:38 pm
the dead give away is the bathroom tissue scattered around >> reporter:some of the trash left in the park is a result of festivals and people who simply don't care, and then there are the homeless encpampments >> reporter:this guy with the bow, i didn't see any arrows but he is heading inside to meet up with a guy named mike and after a brief meeting he leaves >> reporter:inside the incampment you will find this woman sleeping however i asked mike to come out and talk to me it turns out mike is from philadelphia so that touched my hear string for a moment i asked him how long has he been here then he asked me >> reporter:is this a good thng or bad thing >> reporter: how long have you been using at? >> just speed.
8:39 pm
>> reporter: most of the homeless that live in the park are trashing it. >> reporter: appears to be painted over racing but. by bike >> reporter: dan roberts kron 4 news in san francisco. stanley roberts look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> it is a pirate! yee haw!
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>> there's moms like me that cannot afford and it is unfortunate they cannot get the customs that thing want. >> reporter: through her school's leadership she organized and costa untried and receive donations. costume drive. >> it was a really fine son it was reallyfun! >> reporter: lee us that hulling is the biggest street is a gift from at the
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heart. showing us that halloween the biggest treat this from the heart
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>> reporter: this is how it
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will be for the rest of the week. clear at the bay bridge. for tomorrow's sun shine at a.m. and all the way through the afternoon. in the north bay look for mid '80s with 84 and nab but in fairfield '80s for san rafael. just a beautiful day. as a result, you will see the nice temperatures by the ocean. for oakland and san leandro high in the '70s. low 80s in one. going
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up to 82 degrees and antioch. some of the warmest numbers will be in the santa clara valley for tuesday look for 83 and south san jose mid '80s with morgan hill 84 degrees. wednesday, thursday, and friday warm. it stays warm even into the weekend. >> pam: flak for dooing the wave.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: goodevening! >> gary: dodgers win three to zero >> gary: take a 7 million by out to lead sap for cisco
8:51 pm
dashon and test. toll leave the san francisco giant thank-you for seven years. >> gary: 49ers have want 3 and a role won 3 in a row! >> gary: what to the game and saying we are supposed to when we are really good and no surprises! >> gary: bay to nine minutes off the clock. they took
8:52 pm
nine minutes of the clot >> pounding done meet pounding t the meat! >> gary: usually you have a tiered peace and someone will give you the information. usually you will have eight earpiece >> gary: last year then added to the super bowl they never won at 3 and 8 road.
8:53 pm
>> gary: treat them equally. do not look down on them. you are only as good as the little people >> pam: (laughter) i can't even speak! >> gary: simply did not go right yester day at candlestick park. >> right now they are doing the wake at the candlestick park and a 49 crowd >> exactly this is not the time for this right now.
8:54 pm
>> gary: lay motionless on the ground 49er players were upset as the fans started pulling away. some fans i am disappointed while columbus was down on the ground which was an understatement hoping he'd get well. >> gary: unfortunately some people are just ignorant. five to six beers are consumed and fourth quarter maybe not even watching the game may be your looking at your friend's other west i'm going to give some people a break. i still think some had a heart and what a player is down they can emphasize.
8:55 pm
>> gary: radars are off this week. >> gary: one of the deals where it could have been worse raiders are not very good day lewis' 2427. 24 to 7 >> gary: yet good old priorate thinks that they can still make the play offs. >> i apologize to my team. we will be back. we will get to the playoffs. >> gary: flynn hit died
8:56 pm
jackpot. hit it the jackpot ! he has been signed to play for buffalo bills. and >> gary: dick gang coming up with peyton manning revisiting 22 yds of former cal bear so raiders now two games >> gary: >> pam: of course we will be back at 11:00 with the latest on the by bart strike
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