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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight we're learning the identiies of the two bart workers in the bart train crash. the n-t-s-b taking over as lead investigators. now they set out to try and uncover what led to the >> good evening i'm john fenoglio >> and i'm vicki liviakis tonight those two victims identified as chris sheppard and larry daniels. our kron 4 news crews covering the very latest on the bart crash developments. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in walnut creek as a memorial continues to grow.for those victims. while kron 4's scott rates is live in oakland and shares what this means for bart negotiations as we end day 3 of the bart strike. but first lets go live to kron 4's alecia reid in walnut creek who is following the n-t-s-b investigation. alecia?
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>> reporter: that is correct. the national transportation safety board has taken charge of the investigation into the deadly bart accident. other crews, including bart is helping find answers. >> we do a thorough inspection of the mechanical and the operational inspection, with wheels, >> reporter: brakes reportethis train was moved earr this evening. the ntsb investigators say that it has to be moved so they can get a closer look >> we will spread about and look at every single part of what happened and make a determination. >> reporter: the crews will
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to terminate what will happen the next day they crews will-the terminate and operating thinterview and the operator. the rule we are aware of the strike and make sure that it will be an impact full situation. >> reporter: in how to prevent future accidents will be applicable. >> there is a lot of informational we are going to be collecting. >> reporter: depending on the complexity of this accident it could-take six months to one year perhaps even one year or longer to finalize the report. >> individua the vigil was heldt
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about an hour ago and phillipe djegal was there, like. >> reporter: it was certainly the emotional. they do not know the victim's but they do know that they were part of the bart family. you can see there were over 100 people at the bart station. it lasted about a 30 minutes. some employees chose to speak and they also said that this is a sad tragedy. the fact that this happened during a labor tragedy when worked safety issues it makes it even worse. they say that she worked with chris shepherd he was 50, and married and loved his job as a project manager. >> he was a project manager.
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and, he was a very nice guy. very hard-working. very enjoyable to work with. very easygoing. a multi-tasker for sure. and he is really going to be best. it is going to be difficult when i go back to worked when he is not there. he was not like a stand out person. just really an average guy. which made him even better to work with. >> reporter: they are hoping that some of this some good will come of this with the management and the unions can come to an agreement soon to end this labor dispute. reporting live,
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phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. included in investigation - is footage from cameras inside the cab of the train. n-t-s-b made some investigative groups will be assigned - people with expertise will be designated to each area.we're told this investigation can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. we do a thorough inspection of the equipment, a thorough mechanical inspection and every operation on the train wheels, breaks, the 3rd rail. the 4-car train was moved earlier this evening - mechanical inspections are being done on the equipment. n-t-s-b investigators tell us it had to be moved so they could get a closer look. we'll make the measurements and open every door, we'll look at every single part of what went on out here then make a report with recommendations. on each day of the investigation, crews will coordinate and plan how to move forward the following day. one thing that's already being worked oninterviewing the operator. tomorrow. while they look at equipment and human performance, they will also find out if the strike played a role in the accident. we're aware of the strike information we get on that but right now we're investigating an accident where two people were struck by an accident and died. the facts will be analyzed, then a report will be created with the probable cause recommendations as to how to prevent future accidents like this from reoccurring will be listed. there's a lot of data that we get, there's a lot of information that we gather, mechanical inspections, track inspections
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depending on the complexity of this accident, investigators tell us it can take 6 months to a year, sometimes longer to finalize creek kron 4 has obtained the emergency radio call that went out moments after the workers were struck. listen. right is unclear how the accident occurred. but as we mentioned earlier officials from the national transportation safety board have arrived on the scene and are investigating the cause of that deadly crash. >> this is the third day of the labor dispute. scott rates is live at the lake merritt bart station. a second vigil has just wrapped up. scott? >> reporter: right now, there are no talks scheduled for monday morning. bart management issuing a warning to make alternative plans on trying to get to your destination. this is the second of two different vigils. who concede the
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president all local union and she was here with many of the other union members lighting candles. there is a contract on the table but they are expected to vote on in this but it is expected to be denied. bart is saying that they are open to going back to the negotiation table swift meat eaters. i spoke with the local union she had this to say. >> i think that it opens the door that what we need to talk about. 8 deaths in 41 years is just too many. the management should take a
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moment and change these practices. am i happy that it is at the same time? my answer is no. these are two separate issues. >> reporter: i can tell you that the bart board of directors plans on holding a special meeting at 3:00 p.m. to discuss labor contracts and of course count on kron 4 to bring you the details and the latest from the bart strike. scott rates, kron 4 news. >> this just in,oakland police say two people were injured in a shooting this afternoon. it happened around 4:30. near 73 - rd avenue and international boulevard. police are not giving any further information at this time. >> another day with warm temperatures, we made it into the 80s for the east bay. livermore, 87 degrees.
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it was a completely different story with the wind coming off the ocean. 60s near san francisco just 61 degrees. 75 degrees and other places near the bay. 5, 15 degrees cooler. as we go for the date to moral a similar pattern. the fog is pressing into the bay tonight and even tomorrow morning. look for fog along the bay and the temperatures are going to be about 55 degrees. what we can expect for monday? >> a san francisco man is dead after being shot this morning in the city's mission district. the shooting happened just after 2-am near 16th and authorities say the 22-year old was shot in the back. and taken to san francisco general hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. >> tonight four families are without homes following an early morning fire that damaged six apartment units in walnut creek. fire crews responded to a
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structure fire in the 500 block of north civic drive just before 2-am. initially, heavy flames prevented firefighters from entering the building. no injuries were reported. the fire marshal says residents were able to escape the two-alarm blaze because they had working smoke alarms. the american red cross is assisting displaced families with temporary housing. the cause is under investigation. >> today we're remembering those who lost their lives and their homes in the oakland hills fire 22 years ago this day. a fire raged through the oakland-berkeley hills killing 25 people. more than 3,300 homes were that was thought to be extinguished was re-ignited by wind gusts of 65 miles an hour. our thoughts go out to those famlies affected so many years ago. >> coming up on the kron 4 news at eight. system overload. more problems with online obamacare, as hundreds-of-thousands of applicants overwhelm the website.
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>> and. listen up college applicants. if you used a common application to apply for the fall semester. you could be turned down. we'll tell you why. >> plus. we'll show you dramatic new video of the capture of two escaped inmates in florida. stay with us.
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>> a nationwide manhunt has come to an end. two escaped florida inmates, who had been serving life sentences, are now back behind bars. you're looking at video of police surrounding the motel room where the inmates were found. joseph jenkins and charles walker were caught after a tip from an acquaintance led authorities to a motel in panama city, florida saturday evening. authorities say that they were set free on court orders with a forged judge's signature. florida is now requiring a judge to verify any sentence modification. meanwhile. family members of the men's victims want answers. >> "they plotted this for a minute, it wasn't just a overnight situation and somebody on the outside
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helped them, as i said it wasn't all on them, they didn't do it all on their own." >> with the search over. the investigation into how the men were released is ongoing. the pair are being held without bail and have another court appearance scheduled for friday. >> there are still a lot of website problems for people trying to sign up for obamacare. and the company that got paid millions of dollars to create the website. isn't talking about the extensive problems. tomorrow president obama will address frustrations that have accompanied the rollout of the affordable care act during a white house event. brian todd spoke with industry experts about the problems and how to fix them. >> reporter: >> reporter: signing up for obamacare is now a problem ...not just for users...but for the insurance companies processing their applications listen to joan budden of the michigan insurer, 'priority health'... >> we talked to one gentleman who had not received the confirmation that he anticipated on the exchange website, so he hit 'submit' a couple of times-
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and was concerned that he enrolled in multiple plans. >> reporter: another company tells us: soon after enrollment started-- they had one customer mistakenly apply three times for two different plans. insurance industry sources tell cnn: insurers are getting duplicates, missing information- data without a time stamp. we did speak to other insurers, who told us they had no problem with the data, got complete applications. but for those who've had problems... >> we're calling each member and just going over their enrollment information with them to make sure it's accurate. >> reporter: for a response to those issues- we called and e-mailed c-g-i, the private contractor which got tens of millions of dollars from the government to design this system. we didn't hear back. the department of health and human services said "as individual problems are raised by insurers, we work aggressively to address them." as for customers' problems: we first interviewed luke chung- who runs a database company-- a week into the enrollment. he'd been pulling his hair
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out with all the glitches. now, he says there are still too many screens on the website for those applying. >> i had to enter a previous screen that gave me my name and e-mail address, then i have to come to this screen to provide a user- name and password. and then the next screen i have to provide three secret answers to questions. and should it all be on one screen? >> it should be on one screen. i mean why bother having three screens? >> reporter: how would you fix it? >> the way i would fix it would be- two levels: first of all, i would have a change in management. technically, i would try to get people through this system as quickly as possible, asking for as few pieces of personal information as possible, to expedite the process >> reporter: it's a stressful time for college- hopefuls. as they fill out their applications for school.
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otis, some poor visibility and clouds to start the morning. however, sunny skies expected. tuesday, less fog and for the rest of the week that is the basic weather pattern. but there is a storm that could aspire roll off shore. however, it is over off the coast. the fog pressing through the golden gate. by 8:00 a.m., look for the fog through the richmond bridge. and even to the north bay valleys. by 10:00 a.m., is gone off the ocean. and even your the beaches at the temperatures to the coast will be in the
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60s in the '70s. look for low 80s inland. your kron 4 7 day around the bay for this week, nice for this late october. friday, saturday, that the system is going to stay off shore. the rainfall totals over the ocean will just have high clouds. and we will keep you updated with low mid-70s by the bay. vicki? >> it is stressful for college hopefulsand now - many of them are dealing with added anxiety due to some issues with a popular website, designed to facilitate the process. alina machado reports. >> reporter: every time she's tried to log on to common app this week. >> "i enter my email and it says 'there's no account with this email.'" >> reporter: .maria voss says she's gotten an error
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message keeping her off the site. "when that happened, what did you think? i was kind of in a panic zone because i wanted to get these deadlines, i had a few essays to finish writing a few recommenders to send off and i couldn't go on." common app is supposed to simplify the college application process by allowing students like voss to use the same form to apply to several schools at once. harvard, the california institute of technologyand georgia tech are among the more than 500 colleges and universities that use the non-profit service. just last year, common app says it processed hundreds of thousands of applications. this year, the site has been plagued with technical glitches that are leaving some high school seniors desperate for answers. >> "there should be struggle when it comes to putting four years on a piece of paper, but to struggle with technical issues, is somewhat difficult to explain to them." >> reporter: comments about the technicalproblems have flooded common app's facebook page. on twitter, common app users are
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venting. one person tweeted, "i'm never going to be able to apply to college.", and included this image of the changing their early deadlines. in atlanta, georgia tech moved its early action deadline from october 15th to the 21st, after being flooded with calls from concerned students." >> "we are not going to let technology punish a student for something that's outside of their control. if that means extending a deadline, we're going to do that." >> "it just worked. oh. ok then. i guess you guys are good luck." back in atlanta, voss was eventually able to log on in front of us. .getting one step closer to submitting her college applications. >> reporter: "what do you think that moment is going to be like? relief. relief." >> reporter: alina machado, cnn, atlanta. on its facebook page, common app attributed some of the issues to quote "a spike in activity". the organization says it is working to fix the glitches and offers suggestions for
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users having trouble. still ahead. the city of san francisco is suing the state of nevada. we have a report on patient dumping. >> stanley: going up and spend some time with meat and dolores park spend some time with me. ♪
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: dolores park where hanging out has taken a whole new meaning, yes this guy is wrapping up his junk with a bandana then he just kicks it in the park for much of the day naked as a jaybird wearing nothing more than a bandana only a few hundred feet from this playground. in case you are wondering if any rules are being violated lets look around the entire park to see first off dolores parks dubbed the underground park if suppose to be a family
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park so not alcohol is permitted and yes you are looking at cases of booze waiting to be handed out for a company party and not they did not have a permit, i called the permit department and they don't issue alcohol permits for this park ever oh and they ordered pizzas too so the deliverly man parks in the crosswalk but no worries he had his park wherever you want button activated the park is full of people boozing it up and smoking it up because smoking of any kind is also not permitted in dolores park i think the name should be changed to no rules park because there don't appeat to be any rules with the exception of this sign even dogs are only permitted in certain areas but hey it is what it is but hey back to our
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sunbathers, after all that bathing he now has to go potty so why not a bush and when don't in a bout of poetic justice after using the park as a public toilet he managed to step in some dog waste then it back to being naked with a bandana on his junk sunbathing in dolores park routine oh and by the way being naked in a city parks has been illegal for a long time in no rules park .oops i mean dolores park stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. coming up at 8:30. federal investigators have arrived on the scene of the that dealy bart accident. kron 4 is also there with a live report on the latest into what went wrong. plus. a new alert system designed to save lives when the big one hits. we'll show you how. stay with us. because of the tragedy bart union members did not picket today. >> a beautiful night tonight.
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>> bart management announced trains would not run tomorrow and the strike is still on. however. the bart board of directors will have a special board meeting tomorrow to discuss labor negotiations. >> reporter: they would like to finalize the report. >> because of their tragedy they did not observe the strike however, the labor negotiations continue. >> the state of nevada is being accused of shipping off its patients to california. a mentally ill patient is now accusing the state of mistreatment. he says. they shipped him from las vegas to san francisco. to avoid paying his medical bills. kyung lah has that story. >> reporter: david theisen
8:30 pm
never planned to live in this cramped san francisco low income rental. he never planned to be here at all. >> "said i was going to commit knife." >> reporter: that was the call he made to three years ago. living in las vegas. he was broke, jobless and homeless. >> reporter: he ended up at the rawson neal psychiatric center where medical records show his doctor noted theisen was "depressed" and "suicidal." when theisen said he wanted to live anywhere but vegas. >> "a young woman suggested san francisco." >> reporter: reporter: why did she suggest san francisco? >> "i don't know because i explained that's what i was doing, i was a cook,i wanted a place that had a bunch of restaurants, things like that and she just mentioned it, i think she was trying to be helpful, saying 'well, san francisco has got a lot of restaurants.' 'oh really,' i hadn't even thought of it until then. >> reporter: the staff gave theisen five bags of snacks, directions to a san francisco homeless packing on a greyhound bus to the city where he knew no-one - 560 miles away. his doctors in nevada? he says he never heard from them again. >> reporter: did you feel
8:31 pm
like you were the first person they had done this with? >> "hell, are you kidding? i think it's a fairly common practice. it's known." >> reporter: it's called greyhound therapy and bus patients to another state and out of your state budget. theisen's one way ticket cost just $85 and far cheaper than actually treating him. >> "i think it's reprehensible." >> reporter: david herrera is san francisco's city attorney. >> "it's been urban myth or urban legend for decades that this kind of conduct was occurring but this is the first instance in which i'm aware where we've been able to document a state supported practice, that was not only encouraged but facilitated by state actors." >> reporter: the city attorney estimates 1,500 patients were bused out of this one hospital in nevada. 500 hundred of them came here to the state of california. san francisco's cost? the city says 500- thousand dollars and counting. san francisco has filed a class action lawsuit against the state of nevada demanding it pay the city for taking care of the 24
8:32 pm
patients bused here over a five year period. the city says nevada should also pay back the numerous other cities across the southwest it's dumped patients in. the nevada department of health and human services admits to cnn that there were 10 instances where staff did not confirm sufficient shelter and services for transferred patients, but it maintains nevada's "client back to home communities" program was properly conducted. theisen's life has improved since he arrived in his new city. san francisco subsidizes his room and he still has 100 dollars for food each month. but even he says it's nevada who should foot the bill. >> "they should, they really should. they shipped me here because they wanted to get rid of me they should be responsible for me." >> a report citing documents from national security agency leaker edward snowden. says the u-s hacked into the email of former mexican president
8:33 pm
felipe calderon. the report says the documents describe an operation dubbed "flat liquid" that claim to have accessed mexico's "presidencia" domain. mexico's foreign relations department says the practice is unacceptable and contrary to mexican law and international law. the administration of president pena nieto has demanded an investigation. >> microsoft isn't giving any details. but says it has pulled a windows update from its website after it caused problems on some customers' devices. the r-t eight-point-one update was removed from the windows store over the weekend. in its place, microsoft has posted an apology for the problem and says it's trying to resolve the situation. >> this is a beautiful shot from the live cameras. mount tam. notice some low clouds already developing. temperatures inland is still relatively mild. 61 degrees
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in los gatos. we have seen the fog 52 degrees in burlingame. for tonight, mostly clear skies. after midnight and tomorrow some of bayside fog and the north bay valleys. it should clear out by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. with the sun shining. '70s near the bay in the warmest temperatures inland in the south-bay in the north-bay getting into the 80s. we are looking at a relatively warm day. we will see the rest of your forecast, coming out. >> vandals are responsible for thousand dollars in damage to people's cars in sebastopol today. sebastopol is a small city located in sonoma county. police say six vehicles were damaged from being shot by a b -b gun. residents told police their cars have been vandalized in the same way at least twice this month. the damage is estimated to be between three-to-four thousand
8:35 pm
dollars. >> still ahead. sometimes there's no limit to how far some people will go to set a world record. you won't believe this next stunt. >> plus.imagine an earthquake detection system that gives you a heads up that a quake is on the way. imagine no more.the future is
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a 3-point-2 quake shook the east bay earlier this week. followed by two smaller aftershocks. there wasn't any significant damage.but it's a reminder that we live in earthquake country. governor brown recently signed a law that will create a state-wide quake detection system.
8:38 pm
kron four's charles clifford talked to researchers on the cal campus about their progress. >> reporter: in a few years, california could have an earthquake detection system that would provide at least a few seconds of warning that a quake is on the way. that may not seems like a lot of time, but it could be enough to stop or slow down trains and cars, turn off equipment, or just take cover. but before scientists like dr peggy hellweg at cal, can start building the system they'll have to find millions of dollars in funding. the science needed to make the system work has already been tested and a demonstration version of the network has been up and running for years, but it's not nearly robust enough to protect the whole state. once the funding is secured, the next step would be to install a network of earthquake sensors all aross the state and build a computer system that could handle the incoming information. normally for a story about earth quakes i would have tried to interview someone from the usgs in menlo park, but that agency and most o furlough because of the government shutdown. the researchers here at cal are working with usgs on several joint projects, including the earthquake detection system. until the government
8:39 pm
shutdown ends, those projects are pretty much on hold. on the cal campus, charles clifford kron 4 news. how far would you go to be in guiness book of world records. we show you one very bizarre group who had an idea that really caught fire. your full forecast.
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take a look at this! sometimes there is no limit to how far some people will go to set a world record. in cleveland, ohio 21 people set themselves on fire. it happened last night in an attempt to break the guinness world record for "most people performing full body burns." a representative from guinness was flown in to make it official. the event also raised money for the cleveland food bank, and a charity to help impoverished families in south africa. the fire department was also there in
8:42 pm
case thing got out of hand. 49ers take on the titans. jason is here a bit later with all the highlights and bay area sports. there's a new restaurant that'll leave you speechless. whether you like it or not. the newest food trend of dining in utter silence. after the break. >> this storm is headed towards the bay area. details coming out.
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>> imagine eating out and all you get is the silent treatment. awkward. but that's the idea here at "eat" in brooklyn and it could be catching on in the bay area. a four-course, complete organic meal in complete silence, inspired by the young chef's time in an eastern culture. >> "i spent some time in a buddhist monastery in india when i was in college and we had silent breakfast every day." "we just ask people to turn off their phones and to remain silent for the remainder of the meal." >> a hush falls over the dining room interrupted only by the occasional hand gesture or nod. >> "we made a lot of facial expressions you know we found other ways of communicating that weren't verbal." "so far they say they haven't had to discipline anybody for making noise.but there have been some close calls". >> a man steps outside to blow his nose, while this woman struggles with a giggle. but how would the inevitable difficult diner complain, other than suffering in silence. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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>> a san francisco soup kitchen is scrambling to find volunteers many are high usually taking bart however, this is posing a issue. his anybody that is available from 9:40 5:00 a.m. is appreciated camelot's of fog you can barely see it normally would have to slug it right off but the fog however, tonight that fog will continue to make its way into the bay. it could extend to the san mateo village, richmond and even the coast. it should be cleared however, by 10:00 a.m. by tuesday, less fog
8:47 pm
and a patchy conditions. sunshine and temperatures are on the warmer side. notice, clear skies. if we are free of high clouds. this system into the pacific is year the west but that rainfall is expected to be over the oceans. at least at this point, it is going to stay right where the water if that changes? roulette would know. temperatures along the bay. 40's and 50's have parenthood high temperatures will be about the same. with highs. the south bay nearly the 70's.
8:48 pm
in san jose, cupertino, nearly 80 is in los gatos. and '80s in the warmest spots like livermore. 80s in brentwood. 78 in martinez. and 66 however, it should clear, quickly. for the san leandro rally. 61 degrees today but 68 expected tomorrow for the coast and the north bay. five 80s in fairfield your kron 4 7 day around the bay for this week some of sunshine and less fog on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, '70s along the bay and 80s inland. friday and saturday just it some high clouds. as we go towards
8:49 pm
the weekend. >> and now a look at the weekend box office. "gravity" continues to soar. the space drama, starring sandra bullock and george clooney, was number-one for the third weekend in a row, grossing another 31-million dollars. that brings the film's domestic total to more than 170-million dollars. "captain phillips," starring tom hanks, held its ground in its second weekend in theaters. the film was again in the number two spot, with another 17-point-three million dollars in ticket sales. and the thriller based on the steven king novel "carrie" rounded out the top three, scaring up 17- million dollars in its debut weekend. niners aim to take down the titans.did they do it? jason is here with football highlights and all your bay area sports - next. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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faneuil hall philadelphia mall lvov'faneuil hall favela fh quarter the warriors are back home after spending a week in china there's steph curry with his wife and baby touring the
8:53 pm
country. part of the global games where they mixed in two preseason games with the lakers. and steph's little bro seth showing he's got some game too - knocking down the 3- pointer as the warriors beat the lakers twice before returning stateside today r
8:54 pm
>> i do not know where you were expecting to find but it is exactly what we heard during right now. game 7 of the world series! it is going to be the most important game of the season. >> the 49ers are to go straight to london. matching up with the jacksonville jaguars the fourth consecutive victory. since 1997 and made law, the raiders were on a bi they are going to be hosting the raiders and who would have thought that the unbeaten teams with alex smith. however, 14-10. 17-16 they can improve, the denver broncos are the underdog
8:55 pm
currently battling patent manning's return. a great game 39-30 in indianapolis in the fourth quarter. and his andrew luck andrew luckluck his all modern wins over the previous on beaten ucla. six-one as the cardinals score. and six-one in oregon followed by a 7-04 oregon state. those are on the docket. for the cardinals, the warriors are back home. and if they're weak in china, stephen curry. where they mixed in
8:56 pm
two preseason games with the lakers. he has a three- pointer that he knocked down. >> i think we got better. i think that we looked better and shanghai. he came off the bench and played well. >> the warriors should be a good team but the worst the story is the 49ers. >> they are going to london! >> yes and the weather looked a little bit of like london today with fog. gimel a lot of fog. only 50s in half moon bay. 60s and
8:57 pm
sunshine. 80s inland. >> thank you, brian that is it will see you 11:00 p.m. tonight
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"e.t." >> melissa mccarthy in the middle of a new plus-sized controversy. >> why was her body completely covered up for her "elle" magazine cover? >> i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm robert downey jr. >> i think there is a lot of pressure. >> melissa, the only star covered for the new women in hollywood issue. is it because of her weight? >> people are up in arms saying how dare you. >> is "vanity fair" about to review that gwyneth had an affair? the oscar winner and the handsome billionaire with his lavish miami hotel. the new reports. >> i'm here because of my friend jeff. did miley cyrus humiliate a little person? >> i felt myself i shouldn't be doing this. >> oprah, rihanna, beyonce, no lipstick, no concealer, no


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