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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 7, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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it's what i call a like any seen before pounding the philippines tonight and the worst could be yet to come. >> we have to encourage of the storm. a haight as arson attack against a bay area team on a bus now been labeled a hate crime. why don't you hear what the suspects friends and family are saying about it. it >> is bay area school district making moves after it gets slammed in a report about sexual misconduct
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involving students, faculty and others. >> add new details surrounding and nfl bullying case. the new threat against a former stanford cardinal player that will absolutely stunned you. >> developing tonight one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded. it is hitting the philippines right now and more than 25 million people are in its path. >> storm trackers say super typhoon haiyan has sustained winds of 195 mi. per hour. >> it made landfall friday morning in the philippines and people here in the bay area are struggling to make contact with love once overseas. >> we obtain coverage
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tonight on the monster storm. catastrophic damage is expected. the rich always are coming sideways the storm is 300 mi. wide appeared >> the eye of the store is 100 demise south this new video gives us the first peek at the damage allied's getting now blown down. their reason catastrophic damage is expected an estimated 25 people is passed. >> debris is littering the roadway. >> and you tonight at 8000
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in the bay area are keeping a close eye on the storm in the philippines. we would see the hundreds of responses of our facebook page today from people here with family and friends overseas. >> kron4 as j.r. stone continues our team coverage tonight. >> this home here that you see in the video is in fear that a landslide may happen here >> this bill it video from the philippines shows toward true brains. >> people share their
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stories about their families that are in the philippines right now doing this super typhoon. >> and continue with our
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team coverage of this super typhoon chief meteorologist is liven the weapons whether center tracking storm perry >> the store is a category 5 hurricane it is topping wends near 21 2 mi. per hour. >> this is the most recent satellite imagery the eye of the storm covering the philippine islands now the storm is moving over the islands the wind speeds is 160 mi. by our state which is really intense. most of
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those buildings cannot sustain those type of high- power wind wright is falling at approximately 2 in. per hour. it >> as it moves over to the south china sea into a bit numb it will be packing winds of about 125 mi. per hour. >> in other developing news tonight a 60 year old accused of sending another team of fire is now charged as an adult. >> the attack took place in oakland on tuesday while the victim was sleeping on and ac transit bus. >> police are calling the crime and random as kron4 dan kerman reports, prosecutors say that this was a hate crime appeared to align 60 richard thomas has
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been charged as an adult with aggravated mayhem he has also been charged with a cry for setting fire to this teenager was it on the back of the bus. why the suspects said " he did because he was homophobic in " >> the victim was apparent when a killed like skirt at the time of the attack and the victim was identified as a male or female. >> the suspect's family said outside of the court that he is not homophobic. what " he is a good kid in " >> regattas the suspect in text and 80 year-old is not in the st. francis hospital burn center recovering from second and third degree id to be
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unstable conditions appear >> that the suspect was arraigned but did not enter a plea which the call next week. and >> new tonight at 8 the suspect in this case richard thomas is a junior at 0 or high-school this afternoon kron4 charles clifford was in the east bay and spoke with students who are troubled by what happened. why thursday afternoon students at local high school words don that their classmate richard thomas might be worse off before the attack on 80 year old on the back above will be set fire. allied in an editorial in the school near newspaper says we are ashamed and disappointed with richard thomas for his actions. >> they hope people will not
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judge a school based on actions of one person. >> " we're all different people and we're all different person now this this was due in line >> near to 98 and a newly released a federal report reviewing several disturbing details about alleged sexual misconduct at schools and the west contra costa county district. as kron4 scott rates found out of the board members say changes have been made and they have been and they had evidence to prove it. >> the report reflected on incident that happened years ago we have taken steps to address a lot of the issues
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where there were problems for years ago appeared allied security measures that can be seen here at this high-school appeared in line adjutancy everything is really secure we have 132 cameras and you see on any area on the campus. >> at after the findings of the third record the the part of education and the district have come to an agreement to make sure to comply with title 9. allie >> stores here say they feel safe and that the security programs are paying off. >> the school board will be watched very closely for the
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next couple of years appeared. >> a sunnyvale mother and her infant son are reunited tonight after the baby was allegedly kidnapped by his father. >> patricia or merrill left for saudi bill parlay this one for arizona where her two weeks old son henry was being cared for by protective services. his father was arrested near the mexican border wednesday after a statewide amber alert was issued. the district attorney's office is now seeking to have the father extradited back to the bay area to face charges. and >> what we are seeking
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charges and right now we are looking for the war to be issued that would enable us to extradite the father back here in " >> the father will be charged with child of deductions, police said he argued with the sun's mother before taking his son and taken to mexico. a >> and tonight ahead at eight bullying in the nfl but for the first time we are hearing the alleged victim's side of the story and the new allegation is dawning. >> plus lululemon's founder spot is some controversy his comments about the popular yoga pants and how they look on some women's bodies. >> aunt workers who stayed
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behind to help a bandit resident and a castro valley nursing all are being honored tonight for their good deeds that story after the break. the airline and often that a 30 you have to see this a bay area woman now getting love from beyoncé. we will tell you about the patient and house bills that make the dance party happy and the like changing surgery that came right after did stay with us after the break.
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near tonight at 8 and that debt and left to fend for themselves at valley springs matter in castro valley, the nurse and all that was shut down by the state-set several workers stay behind to help stranded residents actinide those good samaritans are being honored. and i can't force -- is like in haywood with the story. >> " i do not think of
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myself as a hero because i do care i care for myself and for other people and go >> " i do not consider myself as a hero i just consider myself as doing something that was right but the people to call me here or are suspected to in " >> it is good to see these
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two guys it is honor they have been called heroes by the members of the debt station appeared >> that both were each given $100 and both of them say they are eager to get back to work. >> new a tonight more disturbing allegations connected to the nfl bullying scandal. a lawyer for the alleged victim died of martin released a statement tonight-that this is the first tab we're really hearing martin side of the story appeared. >> margin is a stanford grad who left the miami dolphins last week after a series of alleged bullying events. >> at first it appeared the dolphins at teammate ricky incognito who has been suspended indefinitely was the only one report
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bullying margin. >> what does that indicate smokable teammates were responsible for the harassment over a season and a half. >> the statement says martin tried to be a friend at the same gas to were chastising him hope with the behavior would end what it did not the state but also on to say in part. jump in dort a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate and daily boldin comments such as the " at the bottom. >> it will not happen right
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away but he eventually you will not be able to find any food containing transit ads at the supermarket or restaurant runs. and >> the government says it is one to require a gradual phase out of transit ads. >> trans fats are found in a number of processed foods and are sometimes used are arrest what for frying. >> the commissioner of the food and drug a mistress and says the move could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7000 deaths a year. trans that is why we considered the worst kind of back to your heart. >> president obama is again apologizing for the botched or roll out of his health care program. >> and did a very public way this time he is also acknowledging the americans are losing their health insurance plans that he had
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insisted they could keep. today he told nbc news and that he apologizes to the people about themselves in that situation based on assurances they got from him. >> a74 i highest on the bill today. right now we are sitting at the upper 50s and still hanging on in the '60s and livermore is typified in santa rosa 58 in san jose and 88 in san francisco. i sat a rapid shows high clouds streaming through the north bay appeared >> these clouds will stay with us overnight at temperatures will be a little bit more mile to that as a result this storm will continue to pass us to the north and will increase as
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the breeze on wednesday. calliope fighting mostly sunny skies and a little bit cooler than today the cooling trend will continue into the weekend and next week we have a chance of rain on like-minded will talk more about that later appeared on the morning temperatures will be in the upper 40's 42 at his sunnyvale 40 in apple 40 in santa rosa and the afternoon will bring us some seventies 70 and 77 billion mountain view appeared >> 66 to market richmond. 65 in hayward. low seventies for the north bay. >> tomorrow: ben today appeared >> the north bay will have
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the best chance of seeing rain late monday and tuesday. it >> still had before undergoing major surgery a san francisco mother that her entire surgical team to break out in a dance party appeared will show you the video that is going viral perry >>
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torture is now a publicly traded company their ipo was a huge success. today there stocks opened at $26 and that it reached a high of $50 and it closed at just under $45 of that brings the value of the company to about $24.5 billion so wall street really believes in twitter but this is the copy that has never made a dime. so what is what happened to this thought it could crash or get a lot higher, or stay the same time to our financial experts to find out. >> i think the next couple
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maybe a little rise in the stock price not be a huge problem we saw today. >> tour is course of the war more about how the war reach popular ability pipit lot >> it will be interesting to
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see if twitter can pull this off. >> most before undergoing a double mastectomy as that this is the mother as a researcher team to break at in a dance party appeared will show you the virus video which is barred others. >> plus we are stanley roberts went to investigate a stop sign rotor's the police were called but still it wasn't the one who got the ticket. >> and next we are tracking that monster typhoon as it makes landfall in the philippines.
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the building tonight, one of the most powerful typhoons of record is bearing down on the philippines are right now and millions are people are in its path appeared storm trackers the same super typhoon has sustained winds of 195 mi. per hour. it made landfall on friday morning in the philippines. >> chief meteorologist is liven are what is attracting the latest conditions appeared to align the woods are checking in at 160 mi. per hour as
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the storm came ashore was a strong category five and looking at visible satellite imagery about four hours ago shore conditions of a storm the eye is right in the center of the philippine islands and you could see the storm is still covering the island. >> the wind speeds right now 160 mi. per hour and not a lot of buildings can withstand that course. >> once the system moved past the philippine al is to mark it would start to weaken some beer and on the way it will die down to 120 mi. per hour as it reached the coast of vietnam pyrrhic >> the storm will leave the philippines as a strong category for and will finally weekend to what we call a depression as it moves into china appeared >> those damaging reds and torrential rains 8 to 12 in.
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of rainfall in less than 24 hours which is extreme. >> at will keep you posted as the news comes at about this super typhoon. it >> near to that eight this video has gone viral at it has that the internet moving and grooving before undergoing major surgery. a sentence is the mother got her entire surgical team to break out into a dance party. >> kron4 is adjusting waldman has this is our story. it >> you could face cancer with courage and grace, all you need is a little beyoncé. >> the dance floor in the operating room at mount zion hospital people shaken it patient and his surgical team to the beat that right
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up be on says and get me body and this small before she had a double mastectomy. >> she is fighting breast cancer as says that dancing is her madison the mother of two is also a ob/gyn who specializes in treating pregnant when it would aid idea appeared allied for 6 minute the-bop and their scrubs and all turned a scary operation into a moment of celebration. >> as part of her healing process that axed her friends to post a video of her getting down to as she wrote that nothing gives a much more do drawer of georgia that would thereby ease appeared >> her colleagues say that but in a hallway three
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frigates and a puppet from connecticut cut and run up. >> and even thought of it showed opera moves appeared >> the end of the dance party bill was codes and kisses on a rock and the surgery was successful and she is now recovering. >> even beyoncé had to react to the buyer video she posed to our facebook page dabber you are awesome appeared allied the buyer bill is all over the world it is obviously inspiration and it is quite cool. >> who does is right before surgery and she's got moves to appeared allied the whole six minute video is on our web site at kron4 news the outcome.
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>> the senate want to go clubbing with her what she recovers. >> one person says music and laughter is good for the soul. it >> publish you will be this evil disease and a bid to that. >> but this made my day such an awesome woman. july of facebook a lot of people like it and you could watch the whole video, all kron4 dock come. >> coming up at the founder all lou al-amin is on the hot seat. his comments about the company's popular your pens and how they look on some women's body. >> will also has than
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roberts with people behaving badly when we come back from the break. it >>
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a a south sentences are residents did you know that if you notice an intersection like this one and the blood drive where you would be hard-pressed to find drivers to stop for the stop sign the local police have a care program appeared >> if you called them that was sent out a unit to monitor the incessant and write tickets if next sarah appeared allied and please tell me you don't know the number appeared >> i am here because it is
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booked to some people are being held hostage in the driveway because drivers are ignoring the stop sign appeared allied and what i say ignoring i do really mean ignoring appeared allied divers were barely even slowing down. allied some people who live at the intersection are having a hard time leaving their home because of these drivers. >> and let me show you how have is unchanged on a dime here >> this house that this is the police here the officer responded to the suspicious call which happen to be me decide to stick around and see how bad it was feared a lot and lo and behold this juror began to stop at the stop sign. >> go figure because that is clearly see the cruiser. >> so the officer reposition his the hook one-to-one the driveways and watch this driver in the green as you beat. it >> but i want to have a chat
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with the driver appeared aligning >> all this not first time ran a stop sign in " >> in south asset cisco stan roberts kron4 new spirit alive coming up louis lemons at founder is on the hot seat his comments are of this is to summon your loving customers coming up.
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is dealing with consumer complaints over its yoga pants again appeared but the company's founder does not think the quality concerns are retells fault. what this chip wilson said today that " some women's bodies just as we don't work in the pants. >> he was on to explain that it is about through the eyes and how often their wartime appeared lolland little lemon had to pull its black lopez from the shelves in march after customers said the fabric was to share appear a lot more recently more customers have emerged accusing the new pack of all the fault such as bats seems and continuing the next
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perry ed >> a southern california high school is being asked to ditch the mascot it has had for decades. cut just one valley high schools of fighting arab mascot is during an outbreak. >> the american arab anti- discrimination committee or eight-deep-a said a letter to the school district or did the school to drop the arabic name. because it forces at negative stereotypes of arabs and arab americans. as for traditional halftime performance featuring belly dancing well they say it is offensive to. >>
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it was a gorgeous day out there today it was a little cooler than yesterday appeared you are looking at whether from san bruno at the sunset. >> we saw as temperatures in the '70s today 74 in concord 74 and 7 for a study bill at napa appeared >> high cloud coverage on friday and a little cooler than today. alliant >> here is a look at tomorrow morning temperatures mainly in the 40's 50 in downtown sentence
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is the tomorrow morning >> 42 in sunnyvale. the afternoon tomorrow it will be several degrees cooler today 70 and loss' got as and redwood city appeared >> the mid to upper 60s for the most part of the east bay shoreline appeared >> at the north bay will be 72 in santa rosa 71 in napa appeared >> the extended forecast a little cooler tomorrow and saturday by monday a chance of rain is many for the north bay appeared allied >> the best chance for re will be monday night tuesday morning. there is another disturbing twist in the hazing scandal with the miami dolphins. >> analysts like alan smith will play for the sentences of 49 years coming up on sunday. we will have more
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after the break with sports when we come
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aldersoaldon smith is one to py with these factors as the 49ers on sunday he is ready to go. >> this guy is so good that he could be out of there for six weeks and come back strong. >> it is not like he has to overcome and injury he does had to overcome an activity appeared the six weeks is not a long time that he cannot come back and catch up pretty quickly. take a peek here at the latest from miami and i promise pam i
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would not go off again when i look at these guys that can caught neto is a moron. july the latest from the agent john martin is that the general manager of the miami dolphins received a phone call to complain about martin street and the guy says " pot to get it caught me tell in the mouth. >> are the general manager and coach and start from there. >> a this is a tin ear
8:53 pm
reunions i pam the issue comes this is 10 years ago in your name is tiffany we have not seen each other in 10 years and the last time we saw each other was where appeared at the chevron last age on van ness. july 10th years ago we were filling up with you drive a the time in low-grade debt appeared to align >> at at >> a raiders terrell martin
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showed his support washington and minnesota on thursday night football tonight not bad the bike is
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on the redskins' 34-27. a lot >> stamford is about to upset the no. 3 team in america appeared >> the that is it for kron4
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news tonight. >>
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