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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a a 14-year-old girl is a abducted. hope to continue progress. nelson mandela passes away. we look at his life and legacy. >> kron4news at 11:00 starts now. police in washington state are looking for these two
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people. the man on the right is an 18- year-old suspected of kidnapping 14-year-old elizabeth romero. the amber alert has extended to california. >> reporter: washington state police say the abduction happened this afternoon. the washington state police say it is possible he could be taking her to mexico. he may be driving an early 2000 ford escape with washington registration. the highway patrol describes him as hispanic wearing a white
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tank top carrying a pink purse, weighing 295 pounds. the situation is extreme and potentially life threatening. call law enforcement immediately if you see them. one of the laws changing in the new year is the amber alert law. it is being expanded. if a parent threatens a child the alert can be issued. >> who the person is and will hurt the child, is takes the focus off of them and on the well being of the child. when it was first created, it was about protecting children and not about finding who took
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the child. so our law puts the focus back on the well being and health of that child. >> if the person kidnapping and threatening the parent, the law takes effect january 1st. humanity will have in short that never again racial tyranny. >> the man who was born into a country as a second class citizen and jailed for 27 years for fighting racial apartheid dies. the first black president of south africa passed away at 95 after losing his battle with a
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recurring lung infection. he said the struggle is my life. more on the man who become a symbol of enduring integrity. >> reporter: his rise to global icon. a moment watched around the world as the president delivered the sad news. >> our nation has lost its greatest son. >> reporter: shortly after president obama offered condolences. >> we have lost an influential courageous human being. >> reporter: a small corner of the country where he made a
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difference. he joined the congress in his country with the anc formed a resistance. he was charged with treason and life in prison. he was in one of the most remote and harsh african prisons. he was freed at 71. within a few yearsar par years apartheid ended. in 2010 south africa welcomed the first world cup.
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a freeze warning still in effect across the bay area. this morning people bundled up. this video from the east bay, but it was like that much of the bay area. it will be a little warmer, by that we mean a little warmer. jacqueline, how is it looking now? >> reporter: very very cold, pam. there are already sub freezing temperatures. it is 28 in santa rosa. 30 in vallejo. over toward livermore 29. south bay is 30s. 36 in half moon bay. 35 in san mateo. it will only get colder. widespread frost. on your car wind shield, there
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could even be black ice. we will stay that way overnight. temperatures range between 24 and 32. clear skies now. the storm will move into the bay area. it will be dropping down. we could see snow locally. in richmond an arrest has been made in a gang rape case. it happened last week. coming up. why he will have to wait to get his sentence. making the university safer. we will share their plan next.
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today the president of san jose state university announced harassment of a student and
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throughout the bay area, the president named a retired judge to lead a task force to determine what rules were broken and recommend changes for the future. a student was tormented and subjected to racial slurs. coming up later in sports, russell wilson and colin kaepernick. the sharks, penguins, those stories and more. freezing temperatures. 20s and 30s and rain in the afternoon. we will talk about it and look
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at the temperatures out the door and when the rain will hit coming up. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville. after t[ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life.
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an arrest has been made in an east bay gang rape case. >> reporter: two teenage girl and three teenage boys were drinking in the park. eventually the girls were overcome and passed out. they realized they were sexually assaulted. the boys are held in the juvenile detention center. new tonight max wade will have to wait a little longer to see how old he will be locked up. he was to be sentenced december 16th after being convicted of murder and firing into an
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occupied vehicle for celebrity chef. it is now set for january 23rd. the santa cruz mountains were met with a frosty morning. black ice awaits awaited people on the road. citrus and other tender plants are threatened. at the christmas tree harm a pipe broke leaving a thin coat of ice.
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>> we get the water on a little and it didn't break. but this one did. it got too cold. >> it may have been worse had it not been for the wind. >> reporter: temperatures are sub freezing. this is golden gate park earlier. frost all around. another weather picture. look at the iceicles forming here and in castro valley you can see a sheet of ice. you can see it is all ice.
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you can expect more of that out the door tomorrow morning. we are already sub freezing. temperatures in the 20s still in a number of places. 25 also in livermore and 28 in pleasanton. there could be delays at the airport to deice the planes. in napa, oakland, richmond, and san jose, they will break records. we will get close in liver more and san rafael. 51 in oakland. 50 in livermore. clear skies over the bay area.
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we will have clear skies, cold conditions. it will take a dive into the evening. by 6:00 showers will be in the north bay. tell be showery and the main band of rain will move through. look at the diablo range. snow levels will drop to 2,000 feet. it moves to the south bay by 2:00. over the coastal hills and the diablo range.
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another frigid start tomorrow. sunday is clear and frigid. you can expect freeze warnings. we will warm heading into next week. the city of oakland is shedding the violent reputation. oakland comes in at number 6 on the list. oakland is great for hip hipsters, the success of the as and for travelers. people are decorating their homes with lights and displays. these are photos some have shared with us. you can e-mail them to us at
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breakingnews @ we have another local special. live all around the bay with spectacular light displays. friday night lights at 9:00 p.m. after kron4news at 8:00. in sports former giant brian wilson has decided where he will take his beard next season. stay tuned for highlight and sports next. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru.
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we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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welcome back the sharks red hot for a win in pittsburgh tonight. the penguins not tonight. they were scoreless in the 1st then 4 goals in 7 minutes. jason with a little wrister. then chris on the backhander. they aren't done. powerplay. crosby, final 5-1. the sharks 6- game winning streak. russell wilson and colin capper
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kaepernick going head-to-head. things should open up with crabtree back in the line up. wilson playing at an mvp level leading seattle to an 11 and 1 record. a passer rating over 100. lots to love, right coach? >> skills and arm talent and mobility and great field a awareness. . >> pretty high praise from jim
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harbaugh. thursday night football not what you expect. that is one of the uglier -- watch his break tackle. 14 carries. that is set up two plays later. a 21-yard touchdown jags hang on. 11 straight losss for texans. >> now if you thought today was good, expect tomorrow to be even better, because you don't have to come in tomorrow. [ cheering and applause ] winston will not face charges. he was facing sexual assault
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charges. we will not go into detail, but winston probably locked up the heisman trophy. brian wilson not returning to the giants. it is always about money. they are going back to l.a. a one-year, $10 million deal. he had a .66 e.r.a. great for brian wilson. 10million to go to l.a. a magnitude 3.8 earthquake hit santa rosa at 10:44. see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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♪[ music ] brave amy. her cancers spread. >> when i woke up, the first question i asked was, did it spread? >> then domestic goddess, nigella lawson. >> they claimed drug dealers were regularly showing up at the house. >> and paul walker shocker. does this shadowy figure show the actor trying to escape the burning car, as his grieving daughter pays tribute to her dad. she's wearing his cap. then, the college quarterback sex scandal. the prominent columnist's advice to her


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