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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> now at eight: the incredible conversation in the cockpit of asiana flight 2-14. what the pilots were talking about. with their plane just minutes away from a deadly crash. >> whoosh we now know how a woman died in a stairwell at san francisco general this summer. tonight: it's sure to leave her friends and family stunned. >> whoosh "it was terrifying because we heard gunshots. >> panic at a colorado high school as a student with a shotgun tries to hunt down a teacher. three people hurt and the gunman dead.
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>> the scene bore an eerie resembleance to the 1999 columbine school massacre just a few miles away >> whoosh police say a domestic dispute may have triggered this incident on the san mateo bridge: a man leaping from his car and into the bay with his female companion left roadside. >> whoosh and this san francisco landmark. scheduled to host the city's first pay per view wedding. it's not just a wedding it's a concert. >> the bay area's neil schon journeying into marriage with a reality tv star. find out what it will cost to watch. get ready for the wedding of the century in our own linenow at 8-- >> stunning new details emerging tonight. giving new insight into the moments before the deadly crash of asiana flight 2-1-4 at s-f- o. the n-t-s-b has released the transcript from inside the plane. laying out exactly what was said. between the pilots and control tower. our j.r stone is here now with this new information. j.r?
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>> some of these are random topics. this is the end ntsb transcript of what they were talking about. this is what was said before that plane crashed. a plane that experts say was going to low and too slow. paperwork so that about 40 minutes before the pilots were discussing it lay sick surgery. >> another pilot stated that it just depends on how fast the doctor will do the korea. >> the response was that the golden gate bridge was over there. golf also came up between the two. one pilot
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stated that there was a golf course over there. less than 20 minutes later, the pilot stated that. >> on one a pilot stated speed, three seconds before the pilots said go and let's try it again. by then, it was too late. >> we noticed that they were deeply confused about automated control system something that the experts say has become common. the fact that they did not see a problem until it was too late. that is really what signifying these transcripts. >> new tonight at 8-- the san francisco medical examiner has released an autopsy report on the death of lynne spalding. spalding was found dead in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital on october 8th. kron 4's charles clifford has been looking through the report this afternoon and has details.
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line >> this report from the san francisco medical examiner, doesn't explain why lynne spalding's body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general , but it does have details on how she died and why she was at the hospital to begin with. the report, which includes an autopsy, concludes that lynne spalding's death.. was an accident. it also notes that she probably died "some days before" she was found on october 8th and that when her body was discovered it was in the early stages of decomposition. the medical examiner says she died in the stairwell as a result of an electrolyte imbalance with delirium. she was also suffering from clinical sepsis.. a severe infection. these conditions were apparently the result of spalding's chronic alcoholism. the report also notes that spalding was wearing street attire when she was found and that she had six electrocardiogram pads on her body as well as a bandage and an intravenous access line on her arm. the report also contains details on spalding's treatment at san francisco general. it says she was admitted to the hospital on september 19th because of weight loss and an altered mental status. it also notes that two days later, she was still confused and didn't understand why she was in the hospital. on september 21st, the report notes that spalding was "off unit". her belongings were gone but her cell phone was still in her hospital room.
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she was found dead in the stairwell two and half weeks later. >> in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. line >> a colorado community in shock tonight after a student entered a high school with a shotgun. and opened fire. wounding two fellow students before killing himself. police say the student had the intention to confront a teacher. two students are hurt -- one seriously. and another person was shot. police believe he was acting alone. all this happened in centennial, colorado --- at arapahoe high school. students who were inside the school when it happened describe the chaos. >> "it was terrifying because we heard gunshots. an dana, she came running down
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the stairs and saying someone's been shot. and we all went into a room and she went into shock." >> colorado state police evacuated students onto the high school track. shortly afterwards parents were able to reunite with their children. we will have more details, coming up in our next half hour. >> this is video from our helicopter partnership. the coast guard was called then and it appears the this man and jumped off following a domestic this agreement. both sides was shut down because of this. >> this is a cell phone 0 photograph of a 13 year-old
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carjacking suspect. this crime in the, when the stolen car flipped over at the end of a high-speed pursuit. oakland police say, that it happened arunta and 30 a.m. this morning, near ninth and alice street. that is worth the 78 year-old driver of the vehicle, was forced to get out of his car. >> what is going on with people and our committee, a deuce, someone just committed a violent crime. >> officers did searched the car and we have not located a weapon. >> recently we have seen several carjackings and it may be associated with some of these other groups. >> investigators say that the suspect--no weapons were
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found. >> for a second a day in a row, negotiators for bart and its two largest unions were back at the bargaining table. they're trying to resolve a dispute over one contract clause. kron4 dan kerman is following the negotiations. >> the two sides stated that they plan to keep talking. >> we have been talking and exchanging ideas. there is progress. >> that is the issue. as things progress we will determine what avenue to take. >> have you made any progress? >> we are continuing to talk. >> up to now, the two sides have not changed their position and the union's stated that family medical leave must remain in the contract. some of them are
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saying that it should be remote. the yen will change their stance and management will have to sweeten the deal and offer them something else in return. negotiations are expected to continue next week. dan kerman , kron 4 news. >> happening right now, a fund raiser is being held in an effort to keep the oakland a's and the raiders in oakland kron4 jeff bush is live at ricky's sport bar. >> the mayor is trying her best to keep all these teams in the area. the oakland a's were going to go to san jose and the warriors' 1 to go to san francisco. align
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we are having a little bit of trouble with our our audio. >> the mayor stated as she is looking for the development agency and and they have a lot of money and want to keep this stadium deal. >> just busheff bush, kron 4 ne >> these are the locations that are the coldest. it is more mild through the inland and valley. 61 in sampras's corporate tonight where want to see the 30's may lead to the north, the delta and the inland valley. the south bay is barely a dipping into the 30's. we will continue this morning trend. there is no rain in sight. satellite and radar shows there is more
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sure near bath border area we are keeping the rain out. tonight, we can expect more comfort temperatures 30's and 40's. we will have continued warming for the weekend. we have no rain in the foreseeable future. i will talk more about your forecast coming up. lyon filling it lucky? >> feeling lucky?get our our tickets. we have the winning numbers from tonight's mega millions drawing. with a 425-million dollar jackpot. >> and later: one california man rents a dvd for his
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>> a red tide of bill that suits will sweep across the san francisco area tomorrow. hundreds of people are once again participating in the annual santa con event.
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these are pictures from last year's event. the first one was held in 1994. but he did takes participants in all directions to the city to guiding them to bars and parties. >> we're getting you in the holiday spirit with another kron local special. tonight, we'll take you live all around the bay bringing you some spectacular holiday light displays, tree lightings and holidays festivities. kron 4's amazing holiday lights. hosted by catherine heenan and james fletcher. tonight. at 9pm. right after this newscast. and we will have a live preview of tonight show. coming up in our next half hour. >> it was pretty comfortable outside. we only hit 55 degrees in hayward and daly city. it was warmer in santa rosa. later this evening the temperatures will continue
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to draw away from the coast. we will be in the 40's for the bay shore. tomorrow morning, a mixture of upper '30's and low 40's. >> the inland valleys will hit 35. we are looking at 39 degrees in san jose. that afternoon, it will be very comfortable. if you have outdoor plans, it will be gorgeous. the temperatures will be in the low 50s and 60s. very light winds. here's a look picture extended forecast, a very pleasant weekend considering how cold it was last week. as we move through the rest of the work week we will
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stay mild into monday and tuesday and then we will cool down towards the end of the week. we will get more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. the rain will stay out of the area. >> a warning for homeowners in millbrae. about a mountain lion on the loose. and it was all caught on camera. this surveillance video shows the animal on the porch of a home on encina drive early this morning, after it jumped a six foot fence. it was last seen heading away from the home. if you do encounter a mountain lion. experts say. do not run away. instead face the animal, and try and look bigger by >> coming up-- a northern california dad rents a kid-friendly movie. but is shocked by what he found. when he pops it in his dvd player. >> new at 8-- major changes are coming to the mobile phone industry. the top wirless carriers have all agreed to change their policy on "locking
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smart phones". this is a big win for consumers. kron 4's tech repoter gabe slate explains what this improve your digital life. >> coming up we get you ready for all the big dams around the are aroun avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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>> major changes are coming to the mobile phone industry. the top wireless carriers have agreed to change their policies. kron4 tech report gabe slate will explain what that means for you. >> one wireless carriers blocked their sale phones so it will only work on their
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network. let's say if i had t mobil and wanted to switch from at&t i would not be able to do that. i would have to get a whole new at&t phone that works with their network. there are tech savvy people will know how open this up and change it. there are a whole list of black markets corn on but, that is technically against the law. this falls under this weird copyright law that carriers have taken advantage of. now, that is obvious from of the door. >> at&t, verizon coming t mobil, and sprint are under pressure and regulators have agreed to create a new policy to make it legal for you to unlocked your phone. that is not all, the carrier will contact you when is eligible for on the blocking. generally, that will be when your phone
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contract is over. if you are currently under contract will have to wait for the to expire. >> having them unlocked your phone for you would not cost you anything but if you are a prepaid customers that will unlock it no later than a year. all these two principles will be implemented within one year. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> get out your tickets! tonight's mega million drawing now stands at $425 million. we have the winning numbers. they are 19, 24, 26, 27, 70 and the metal ball wa 12thga balle mega ball
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>> the california lottery's that a pitcher chance of winning is one and 29 million. you do have a one in 15 chance of winning something even if this is winning back the dollar that you spent. again, here are the winning numbers. 19, 24, 26, 27, 70 and the mega al ball was a12.
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>> good
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>> in sacramento, the movie rental company redbox is working with authorities to catch the person who is responsible for swapping a kids movie with porn. edie lambert spoke with one dad. who says what he saw pop up on the screen. isn't what he ordered. >> "so this is what i got from the redbox movie, looks just like smurfs part two." >> james terry was hanging out on his boat in isleton, when he popped that disc into his d-v-d player. clearly. those are not the smurfs. >> "i saw bikini girls at first and i was like, 'what am i watching?' and then i kept looking and it got more disturbing and more disturbing where it was hardcore porn," >> terry had rented the
8:26 pm
movie from a redbox vending machine in a stockton walmart. everything about it looked like the real thing. after several calls to redbox, he says a manager told him this is an ongoing problem, and offered him ten movies and a two dollar credit. >> "i said what are you guys doing to protect children? and he said we're working on a program next year that won't allow people to make photocopies of these barcodes anymore and i said, but once again but what are you guys doing now." >> redbox sent us a response -- "this is an unfortunate incident caused by an individual with ill intent. we are preparing a case to provide to local law enforcement and will work with them to aggressively pursue prosecution." >> but terry says these d-v-d's should come with warning labels, right now. >> "i think if this is a mother or father with kids and they got home and they put this into the tv, walked away, which i think most parents would do, those kids would have serious issues." >> redbox says it is waiting for that actual dvd. they
8:27 pm
say it's critical evidence to find whoever is responsible for dubbing porn onto their dvds. >> still ahead-- on a mission to save nasa. one little boy gets the call of a lifetime. >> disturbing new details to what about the phony signer who found his way on the stage at nelson mandela's memorial service. >> more on one of tonight's memorial service. >> more on one of tonight's top st [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound.
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>> and hard braking and hunting scene in centennial, colorado tonight. this after the loan at a high school, police said they stood and entered the school with that intention of confronting a teacher. that staff member was unharmed, but a 15 year-old student was shot and she is currently in critical condition. >> the suspected shooter is dead. >> i believe that the shooter took his life because he knew that he had been found. >> authority stated that the gunman entered the school with a shotgun and two cocktails. he wanted a specific teacher, that person would have left the
8:31 pm
school immediately. >> he knew that he was the target and he left the school in an effort to try to encourage the shooter to also leave. >> the dissenters saw him running military style. >> when he went a and i heard the shots. >> our teacher locked the door. >> the police evacuate it does all. this area is no stranger to gun violence. this is just miles away from columbine high school. the site of two other mass shootings. >> it brings back so many memories. >> this afternoon an emotional reunion with parents and their children. >> this is terrifying for a parent. this is the last thing that you want to go through. >> we know that there may have been a controversy or some disagreement between the teacher and student that
8:32 pm
we know was the shooter. >> what happened today in littleton, brought back a vivid and difficult memories. what happened just a few miles away at another call rod high-school in 1999. in the massacre at columbine high school, 13 students were killed, 24 others were injured. the attack was planned by two seniors who committed suicide. >> colorado was also rocked by and other mass shooting last year, 12 people were
8:33 pm
killed at a movie picture in aurora. tomorrow is the one- year anniversary of the shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. 20 children and six school employees and died. adam lanza opened fire at sandy hook elementary school last december, before taking his own life. >> a wichita man has been arrested aboard say, in an attempt to blame all bay airport in kansas. the fbi says, that terry loewen was taken into custody today after tried to drive explosives onto the tarmac. officials say, the plot was uncovered by the fbi months ago, and that he did not have will explosives.
8:34 pm
>> the fbi is asking for the public's help to find an animal rights activist suspected in multiple bombings in the bay area. the fbi say that danie new information as surfacing today about the sign language interpreter criticized for his incoherent translation at the mandela memorial service this way. according to the south african news network he is going to face north charges over the years, including murder, rape and kidnapping. the interpreter also was found guilty on death in 1995. but not guilty of rape and murder
8:35 pm
charges. the interpreter, stood a few feet away from the world of dignitaries, including president obama. >> the fbi is asking for the public's help to friday animal rights activists. the fbi said daniel san diego is suspected of planting bombs at a emeryville biotech company. the fbi has released these images of san diego. a $250,000 reward is being offered. >> there is parking and then there is bad parking. our stanley roberts looks at the matter. >> a colorado boy who is on a mission to save nasa, gets one very important phone call. >> kron4 is hosting our special holiday lights show tonight at 9:00 p.m.. we
8:36 pm
bring you some of the best light displays around the bay.
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>> kron4 is hosting our special holiday lights show tonight at 9:00 p.m.. the one hour show to insure all bombay. for a sneak peek, kakathrytakes you all around thy to bring you some of the best light displays. kron4 catherine heenan and james fletcher join us live in fremont. >> we are in fremont. this is one of the many neighborhoods that we will showcase tonight. we're on a street where we have these beautiful lights. >> this is just beautiful.
8:39 pm
all of these and neighbors plant to do this. they all get involved. there are also collecting money for charities. people will come out can mail letters to santa and then make donations. >> they have a table set up for money, and canned goods. they're gonna hand out candy canes to the kids. we will be showing you some of the most beautiful light displays and celebrations. >> it is cold out here so tune in at 9:00 p.m.. >> pam, take a look. they have started up a number one for you. >> we are very excited about this. a again and you can watch kron4 amazing holiday
8:40 pm
lights show at 9:00 p.m.. >> the palace of fine arts in san francisco is going to be hosting one of the biggest and weddings this calendar year, coming sunday. rocker neil schon, and michaele salahi from real house wise of d.c. are tying the knot. if you are interested, for about $15, and you can't watch them say " i do ". a portion of the proceeds from the broadcast will go to the typhoon relief efforts in the philippines. >> coming up we will have people behaving badly.
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>> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> if you expect your fedex differ over night there just might be a delay because of this bus. >> i am kind of curious. >> i i am just pulling up for one minute, completely aware that i am blocking things. i am ready to roll out in just one second. >> according to look the fedex the driver, the bus was there for 10 minutes. >> this guy is a repeat offender. >> i have been gone in before. they have the party bosses, >> oh, my god i am not like
8:43 pm
these other party buses. >> look at that guy, my heart goes out to him. >> one of gerbils a small way. >> i will take care of their right now. i love your show, it is the best thing on tv. >> the driver of this pickup may not be just a fan, first, he is blocking a crosswalk and a disabled around. >> make that three problems. but now, parking enforcement is here and since i am here, it is on and popping. >> he begins to tried to talk the enforcement officer of the ticket. >> well, welcome to the hundred dollar parkin club, by the way is officer wanted to she could issued a 300
8:44 pm
ticket. underground parking can also be a problem. >> yes, the limo, parked in this context is. in san francisco, this is the biggest combat. >> the winner of the worst parking is the crown are this car, it is double park at the engine is running and eight kids and a receipt. the driver stated that the red man note--for the record, there's no such thing as a safe neighborhood. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 nils. >> it is 46 degrees right now in fremont. that is nothing compared to what we saw earlier. it is much colder in vallejo. 39 in the auto.novaot. the temperatures will be in the 30's and
8:45 pm
40's. overnight, that will get colder. we will see low thirties tonight but pretty nice in the afternoon. low 60's. here is a look at the numbers, 33 in vallejo and 34 in napa. 39 down in san jose. 45 percent francisco. into the afternoon, we will be pretty comfortable in most locations we're looking at low 60's across the area. there will be sunshine and come winds. >> the old norman will continue but by the end of the week a storm passed through and will bring us more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. the rain looks like it was they are. >> a little boy and denver has taken it upon himself to convince the federal government to restart nasa's shuttle program. this week, a real astronaut called 6
8:46 pm
year-old conner and johnson personally to offer his support. meghan says gerald has more. >> cotter johnson--he had a dream. >> his petition went to the white house to try to save funding for the program. it jumped to more than $14 and. >> a lot of people what nasa to come back, even from a spirit of >> many grown-ups sought his passion. one by one, the encouragement came pouring in. >> i received a lot of phone calls. >> on wednesday, there was one more. >> i am a s. trott, i am calling and i am the last person to have walked the moon. >> wohw! >> i called you on the exact
8:47 pm
day that i step on the moon, many, many years ago. >> it all started from a dream. >> what was the last thing that you saw? >> i was looking back home, i was looking at the beautiful earth >> was to make sure that conner and his generation know that anything is possible and to ensure that their passion never dies. >> if you had a dream about things that other people they cannot do. >> after all, his generation simply can't. >> now, he says it is up to, to take them beyond. >> take us to mars, texas of the moon and remember that i was always big with still.
8:48 pm
>> ok. >> he must get 100,000 signatures by december 29th. we have posted a lake or you can sign on. just go to the website if your interested. >> nick at sabi sabin spurns the university of texas to stay at alabama. is a jim harbaugh next on the list? >> stephen curry and the warriors host some kids from the make a wish foundation. gary is up next.
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>> this is a sports reporter with gary radnich. >> this is going to be a big weekend for the 49ers. it is a big weekend for kron 4 starting with the spectacular holiday lights at 9:00 p.m.. >> jim harbaugh get his team are the favorite to defeat tampa bay. they run into one of their old
8:52 pm
buddies. he once upon a time was a all-pro with the 49ers. he took the money in tampa and that will meet tomorrow. >> he is familiar with me and i am familiar with him. we have been teammates for so long, i am for sure that he has been watching me as well. made the best man win. >> there are a good football team. there are games the state lost. the opponent was lucky to win. >> the 49ers are hoping for an amazing performance on sunday. >> even stanley roberts--i promote their one. i am up to $2 sprea.
8:53 pm
>> you have never seen lights, like these, they're actually turned on. >> the raiders--this is a tough spot. i have to be serious for a moment. he better when one of these final three, they have kansas city, san diego, and then denver. if he goes 0 and 3, that is going to be pretty tough. anyway, get it-that's about the quarterback shuffling >> obviously, as a competitor, you want to be the star, you want to be the guy. but i think they all know the disesteem of football and that we have to do what gives us the best chance to have success. >> we have to respect his decision. i know everyone respects his decision. here
8:54 pm
is the one that has to make these tough decisions. he made it, that is what it is. >> the 49ers' will play at 10:00 a.m. our time. i have to share a quick story. i like to plug the shows, the high-tech reporter--i talked to gabe once, all the sudden i am plugging into his flesh show about the gadgets. it was amazing, the point is at gabe slate actually sent me a full page, a letter thanking me for all that. wasn't that nice? >> yes. >> it is amazing, these lights. and what >> you just cannot keep
8:55 pm
giving him dollars. >> if you can now watch the show, you can go to your own christmas tree and switch it on. >> they will have singing and dancing. >> you are being a grant.inch. maligned speaking of amazing, and nick say been played this right. to catch this opening, he has not been fired yet so he goes back and stated that he has a contract through 2020 to coach at alabama but he went back and gave them day-as they have added 01 more, he
8:56 pm
won from five and a half million to 7 1/2 million. >> congratulations to nick sabin >> what are the warriors don't at this hour? they are down 7 at halftime. these guys are tremendous, the warriors' hosted: this would. he is part of the make a wish foundation. stephen curry hosted him for massachusetts. again, i said over and over again. sometimes the more you have the last time that you have to give to others. congratulations to them. i have $5 left and maybe holiday lights are coming up. >> amazing holiday lights are coming up. >> this is a great show.
8:57 pm
>> good night.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
align the bay area holiday season increase i >> cigarette and back and enjoy a exclusive tour of said the back and enjoy and the kron4 amazing and lights. >> happy holidays. you are looking at the video from this corridor and fremont. we are joining >> from this beautiful neighborhood. we have a fantastic scene. >> this is beautiful, this is a victorian christmas thing. we will be all over the bay area.


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