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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. a routine surgery leaves a young girl on live support. a woman in a fatal cash, the recovery on one of the victims. that story having up. a city council is considering a pay cut for the police force. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 starts now. an oakland teenager is on life support after tonsil surgery. no one is revealing how this
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took such a tragic turn. the family is very emotional but did speak publicly about it. alicia reed is live in oakland. what happens now? >> reporter: they have convinced doctors to perform one last test to see if there is brain activity. they hope they will not have to pull the plug. >> if that eeg shows brain activity, they can't take her off. we still have time. we will still have a little more time. no one has lost faith in there. >> don't pull the plug. >> reporter: friends and family protesting. >> all of these people have the same belief we all have.
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the teen had her tonsils out and was then in cardiac arrest and then went brain dead. >> one person will say a pulmonary aspiration. others say she bled to death. i haven't gotten a real -- nobody has told me anything solid. when they started working on her, i really trusted with all my heart that she would be okay. >> she didn't die. she suffered. >> reporter: family and friends have been in the waiting room. they are calling on children's hospital and the mayor to stop the coroner from pulling the
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plug. >> children's hospital and research center released a statement saying quote we are reviewing her case very closely. our heart go out to her family during this extremely difficult time. the san francisco fire department is on the 16 of a structure collapse on crown terrace in the twin peaks area. felony charges in a deadly high-speed car chase in san francisco. jenny was driving 70 miles per hour and hit a minivan that was on its way to school. 16-year-old kevin was killed and injured several members of
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his family. >> the driver is charged with 3 felony counts. the evidence will allow us to prove the charges are correct. she was going so fast. she will be arraigned later this week. the mother who survived that september crash is slowly recoverying. there is an update. >> always had a smile on her face. >> reporter: tina is a mail carrier. her absence has weighed greatly on her co-wokers. other workers have donated
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their vacation time to her recovery. >> it was very emotional for everybody. it also brought great joy and encouragement to the whole office. >> reporter: get well and condolence letters to help the family's medical bills to keep coming to the office. her customers tied yellow ribbons. her daughter was injured. there is relief the district attorney filed charges against the person who has hurt them all so much. her job is here at the post office when she is ready. the vallejo city council
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has had a violent year. emotions were riding high on both sides of the pay cut issue. >> there is a recommendation to redeuce pay for officers by 5%. the chambers were packed full. those say it is a matter of fiscal responsibility. >> it will affect the quality of those coming here and preventing crime in the city. >> you can't give to somebody no matter how much you appreciate them no matter how great they are trying to keep
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us safe. >> reporter: the city has an obligation to redeuce costs over a 5-year-period. there has been a surge in crime this year. more violence could happen if the police force is not better funded. >> the officers who work here -- >> reporter: there are positions that remain unfilled and they could lose cops in a time of need. still ahead a new report on the chevron refinery fire. a huge fire in big sur has forced evacuations. a storm offshore.
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new at 11:00 a car smashed into a hal hallmark store. fortunately it was only the store front that was damaged and no one was hurt. there was a draft report pointing the finger at chevron not doing enough to prevent the fire. highlights from monday night football, raiders, 49ers, and colin kaepernick, the huddini of the bay area. shopping getting dangerous. a couple shot and killed over
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a new report on last year's refinery fire, the blame is being pointed at chevron and the state regulating process. >> reporter: the chemical safety board blames the
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refinery fire on chevron. the fire could have been prevented help they implemented safety up grades. chevron repeatedly failed to implement safer recommendations. implementations of these recommendations could have prevented the incident. but the safety board says the blame is on the regulatory process itself. >> patrol and refineries does not prevent major accidents. >> reporter: the current system is not about preventing incident but responding to it. . >> it waits until there is an accident, referral or complaint. then it reacts after the case.
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it investigates issues or citations and fines. >> reporter: the report says what is known as a safety case regime should be utilized. they want to layout plans to reduce risks. this would have to be approved by regularularities. to regulators. it would be costly. >> it would be slow if the state put the resources aside to do it. >> reporter: the chem ical safety board will have a safety hearing at richmond city hall. then they will make the draft report final. dan kerman, kron4news. >> they were saying, quote, we are already taking a series of
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actions in response to the august 2012 incident. the company has worked to resolve many issues. one group, community for a better environment says they were right and -ivkfwant chevro improvement to be validated. >> there are better ways of running these refineries. we are not trying to shut them down. we want them to be inherently safer for the workers and for the communities so we don't have 15,000 people reporting to the hospital. >> january 15th the board will have a meeting to formerly adopt the report. a fire in big surhas destroyed 15 homes including
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the home of the fire chief. the flames are forcing 100 people to evacuate. it started sunday evening and charred 500 acres. charles clifford shows us where it is burning. >> reporter: this is the coast 30 miles south of monterey between highway 1 on the east and pacific coat. there is 2 miles between the highway and the coast. there is piper ridge. this is remote, ruggedture rain. this is video from our partnership with abc news. you can see the edge of this house. people have been evacuated and 15 home s have been destroyed
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including the home of the fire chief. cal fire and the forest service is in the area. there are 4 tankers and hot shot crews on the blaze. people have been forced from their homes. the cause is under investigation. charles clifford, kron4news. >> reporter: there was an unseasonably warm day in concord, 65-degrees. half moon bay was upper 60s. the 10th straight day we have seen where wood burning is not allowed. the only thing that can knock it out will be a storm system. we will see one mid-week. we have high cloud coverage
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streaming over the bay area. here is the core of the storm offshore. it is from the south moving to the north. the storm track is well to the north of us right over the bay area right into the week. we have a chance of rain. we have mild conditions. it will be chilly. portions of the north bay and the delta. we have inland valleys. another day of mid-60s and a couple places like sunnyvale and san jose and hayward. by wednesday we will see big changes. temperatures will drop 10 degrees. it will be breezy in the
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afternoon. we could have improving conditions into the weekend. jim harbaugh referred to hudini when referring to his quarterback.
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. >> probably the first time we won the championship. [ cheering and applause ] . >> the 43. he throws and a pass is made. touchdown! the 49ers advance to the nfc championship game. >> there you go. a candlestick memory. you gotta hype it up. sunday 9ers and bucs have 4 of the last 5. colin kaepernick was behind center. he will find the man deep. vernon davis. 9ers are 10 and 4. they have won 4 straight. if the play offs started they would be a seed against the
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eagles. coach harbaugh praised his efforts as magical. >> some of your older fans may have remembered hairy houdini. i think he was in some of those situations. he was houdini like. >> scoring the most points anyone has scored against the raiders. 56 to their 31. running back for the chiefs went wild catching 4 touchdown passes. the coach may be on the hot seat. we have heard it before. the coach addressed reporters. >> i will not change my mind set or philosophy or the process because that's what i believe in. >> monday night football wasn't
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played near here, but it was a dandy. john harbaugh and the ravens keeping the hope alive. matthew stafford found has man in the end zone. flacco and the ravens come back with a 61-yard fieldgoal. it was good. it was 40 seconds. they go 8 and 6 into a wild card spot. so it is not baseball season but there is talk about the oakland a's. these are the renderings at jack london square. ownership has been against this idea. some of the things we do get
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into, we have a sharks game tomorrow. i know you two ladies are going to the 9ers game next week. tickets start at $299. . >> all right. j.r. stone thank you. we want to bring you an update. we have more information on the building collapse in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood around crown terrace. one building was under construction and the other was evacuationed. we will have more information for you on the morning news which begins at 4:00 a.m. you can stay tuned through see you tomorrow morning and tomorrow night v a good night.
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murder at the mall. >> the terrifying and deadly shooting at an upscale new jersey shopping mall. >> danger zone, the mall garage, how you can stay safe. >> look in the cars to make sure there's nobody waiting for you. then, santa-con controversy. they are everywhere! should this be banned? plus, the home alone affluenza case, did the 16-year- old live in this luxury house alone with no parental supervision? >> for a 16-year-old, are you kidding me! and, the newlywed who pushed the groom off a cliff,


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