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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a judge orders that a 13-year-old girl be kept on life support. an amazing gift. what a livermore third grader is doing for those less fortunate this holiday season. a forgotten man. but who he is got the eye of our stanley roberts and a legendary rocker. tonight a long band member of santana is found again almost after 40 years. stanley roberts brought together two individuals, a man down on
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his lock and a rocker from the bay area, the beautiful holiday gift. >> reporter: on december 9 i had a conversation with this man in east oakland. i asked him what were some of the things he found. >> i found an old pair of jeans and it had about $800. >> reporter: cash? >> yes. >> reporter: out here? >> yes. >> reporter: i asked him what he did with the money. >> used it to buy equipment. i'm a landscaper and a and a composer. >> reporter: then i asked him his name. >> i was with the santana band.
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>> reporter: now you are digging through the trash? >> yes. >> >> reporter: i went back to him to bring him something he asked me to do. >> what is your name? >> reporter: my name is not important. your name is important. i brought you a friend. >> who? man! [ laughter ] >> oh, man. look at you. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: after the story aired, carlos santana made numerous trips to oakland looking for him. after failed attempts, the
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manager reached out to me and i found him in less than 20 minutes. this is the only photo of him that i could find. that's him in the hat. >> that's him. that's marcus malone, all right. >> reporter: i had been producing for many years but never did i imagine this. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. breaking news tonight at 11:00, a man is dead after an argument at an antioch bowling alley. police are trying to find the suspect. we are at the antioch police office. what have you learned? >> reporter: we have learned that police have a good idea of who they're looking for and where that suspect may be, so
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right now investigators here at police head quarters are doing all they can to track the man down. you can see it was a chaotic seen earlier tonight at around 6:00 this evening. police received a report of a bar fight at the bowling alley and they found the victim there, a man in critical condition. he was taken to the hospital where he died. a witness on scene says the suspect choked the victim and that a lack of air may have led to his death. police say the victim and the suspect, also if his mid-30s, were acquaintances, but at this time their exact relationship is unclear. this place closed down immediately after the incident and has remained closed through the evening. kron 4 news. he says he's dead, dead, dead. we don't support the dead.
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>> this case is complicated. now it has blurred lines. a federal judge today issued a temporary restraining order to keep this individual on life support. she went into the hospital for tonsil surgery and has since been declared brain dead. her case is igniting international debate on the eth person off of life support and the very definition of death. we have more from children's hospital in oakland. >> reporter: this is the judge that has ordered they not take this 13-year-old off life support until at least monday. today lawyers sounded off. >> there is a distinction between the two papers as to what is life. >> she was pronounced brain dead shortly after her tonsils taken off. five doctors have confirmed she's brain dead, therefore not
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alive. >> it's an awkward situation, dealing with a situation where we have a person whose body is no longer alive at the hospital and being asked to continue to provide mechanical support to that body. >> reporter: family members were in tears during court friday. >> this child is warm and is soft to the touch. if you rub her foot, her foot curls in. the mother has yelled in her ear and the daughter has listed up her arm. this child produces secretions, urine, input and output. what is not working is the lungs. >> reporter: both sides agree on an independent doctor in hopes of giving a final evaluation to family members by christmas. lawyers for the hospital spoke
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after the decision. >> unfortunately there is brain death. we're happy to cooperate an independent investigation. >> reporter: the mother and uncle are visibly worn down inside the courtroom. both sides will be back at this location monday morning at 9:30. kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 news as we continue to follow this story. you can find our latest information on the website and our facebook and twitter pages. an amazing holiday gift from a livermore third grader, what she is giving to those less fortunate. next week is christmas. what you need to know before you paying your travel plans. a shooting in san leandro
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today. it's already getting chilly out there. i'll show you where it's going to be the coldest overnight, plus i'll have your christmas forecast coming up. an empire in crisis and a show survived!
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police in san leandro are
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searching for the person responsible for a late- afternoon shooting at the bay fair mall. witnesses say the shooting happened in the northwest parking lot at about 4:30 today. the victim and suspect reportedly got into an argument when the shooting occurred. the 24-yard line victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the mall remained open for shoppers even after the shooting. you are going to want to stick around. this little girl did an incredible thing to help the homeless. here at sfo, it's the busiest day of the christmas travel season. later in sports, the 49ers can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the falcons.
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you will hear from some of the players straight ahead. and football is coming to fenway park. we'll tell you when and who is playing straight ahead. stay tuned for inside edition. could it be the end of ducks dynasty? an abandon dog gets a new lease on life. that's all coming up after the news.
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it's the season for christmas miracles. a livermore third grader hears about homeless men dying on the street due to the cold and she wants to help. how she did it is a holiday miracle. we have more. >> my name is autumn and i'm eight years old. >> reporter: she had the idea a few weeks back when it was really cold here in the bay area. >> i know it's been very cold and i see a lot of homeless people and that makes me sad. i want to have place when it's freezing outside. >> reporter: she wrote a letter to wal-mart. >> i told my mom i wanted to use all my money i had saved up to buy sleeping bags for the homeless people. >> reporter: that's exactly what she did. she spent her entire life savings. >> reporter: how many did you buy? >> 28. >> reporter: 28 bags that will help 28 homeless people in
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need. >> reporter: how much did it cost? >> $458. >> reporter: which is a lot of money for an adult, a fortune for an 8-year-old. awesome was a little short. she only had $400. >> i home the sleeping bags will keep the homeless people warm so that's why i need your help. >> reporter: the manager of the store was so moved by the gesture that she took 50 bucks off the bill and charged her an even 400. >> the next day she wanted me to take her to wal-mart. >> reporter: she is not done helping. she is putting together a sloping bag drive. you can go to kron 4 news to find out more about it. public traffic commuters are probably glad to hear this news. they have reached a tentative labor deal. it comes as a 60-day cooling
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off period was set to end on sunday. a possibility of a strike was looming. the union membership has already turned down two previous proposed deals. the holiday get-away is well underway, as you know, a lot of people heading out for a long vacation for the holiday. at sfo, it's considered the busiest day of the traveling season, and it's been a good one for those heading out and coming in. >> reporter: lines were long at sfo thon friday before christmas, but even with shopping bags in tow, things moved quickly. those arriving from colder climates found the travel day to be easy. >> it's been fine, not a lot of
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traffic, an easy flight and on time. >> i'm pretty excited and happy to be here. >> reporter: more than 132,000 people are passing through sfo on the busiest day of the christmas travel season and most of them had family on their minds. >> me, my son and daughters are all going to meet in san francisco tomorrow, so it will be fun. >> i'm looking forward to walking on the beach with family and catching up. >> i've been gone for three months so it's exciting to be back and see everybody. >> reporter: while most flights were on time, there was a few minor delays from east coast cities and also traffic backups from the arrival side of the domestic travel. >> we celebrate christmas with more and more food, so there's a lot of food and family and gifts and everything. >> reporter: so a great day to travel on this busiest
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travel day of the christmas season. still, if you are coming to pick somebody up or heading out over the next few days, call your carrier just to make sure that your flights you are taking or meeting are on time. kron 4 news. we certainly have some flight delays around the country, but not here at sfo. high temperatures today were in the 60s. it's a different case around the country. temperatures right now running in the 40s for the most part, but 30s in some portions of the bay area. here is a picture from the rest of the country. the bay area, clear skies, but you can see there's plenty of rain and snow stretching all the way up into the northeast, so keep that in mind if you have travel plans. i want to take a closer look at temperatures around the bay area right now. 35 in vallejo. it's 50 in san francisco, so a
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wide range of temperatures. it wilt be a little cold out there tonight, temperatures running in the 30s for portions of the bay area. it's dry out there, too, right now, and the fact that temperatures are already at 35 and 37 degrees suggests we'll see a freeze in those locations. santa rosa, 36. 46 in san francisco. the afternoon, another nice one in store, low 60ings bay-area wide. napa, 65. so satellite -- and radar, high pressure offshore driving the winds to the north. so the storms are going up and around the bay area, so it will be dry all the way through christmas and beyond. a cold start for christmas with temperatures running in the 60s. your extended forecast, not a lot of change, sunny skies and high cloud coverage.
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low 60s in the afternoon and third in the morning. the vote is in. the san francisco zoo's new baby gorilla has a name "little lady" in swaheelai. the infant makes her first appearance publicly tomorrow morning at 10:00. start making your new years eve plan now. this will be the bay area's favorite way to bring in the new year. coming up next in sport, the best of the nba. we take you around the association, and we'll talk
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about a hockey brawl, not unusual unless it's between two women's teams. we'll have the blow by blow all in sports coming up next! [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze.
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welcome back. just three days away from the last regular season game in candle stick park history, a win over atlanta, and the niners clinch a playoff berth. it's a rematch of last year's
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game in which the niners won 28-24 to advance to the super bowl, but this is a different matchup. the niners are red-hot. gonzalez is still good, two games left in his hall of fame career, but the falcons' defense is horrible, so the niners are a heavy 13-point favorite. >> they know what's at stake. they've known that going back, you know, weeks and monthings to the start of the season -- and months to the start of the season, knowing how important these games are and what the mission is. >> no kobe, no problem. time to go around the association. the lakers host minnesota. chris kaman, the block, nice passing down the court, and
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gasol, johnson, the dunk. the lakers win. watch lebron. it's a huge dunk. lebron only had 18 points. in the post-game interview, a photo bomb. the heat win 122-103. the rockets and pacers, paul george, a double pump reverse dunk. he had 24. the pacers route the rockets! the nets and 76ers, a great finish. the 76ers win 121-120 in overtime. the warriors are 6-10 on the heels of that ugly two-point loss last night to an undermanned spurs team that left jackson and company searching for answers.
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>> it's one thing to say it but it's another thing to actually sit down and see what we need to do better. we need to put it all on the table. >> the sharks will be without hurdle for at least a month after he suffered a knee injury last night. here is something you don't see every day. well, you do if you follow the nhl, but not in women's hockey, unless it's usa canada. the sisters are right in the middle of it, handing out 10 major penalties. no matter how ugly this looks now, they still shake hands. football at fenway. boston college will host notre
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dame in '16, the first football game in a long while. >> happy holidays, everybody!
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united we stand. the "duck dynasty" family threatens to walk off the show and the great debate rages. >> what he said was disgusting. >> and he really screwed up on this one. >> this guy is acting like a reneck. re-- redneck. >> i don't think he should be fired. >> his life before the beard. then -- the celebrity chef nigella lawson. the verdict is in. and she's really upset. and -- >> hi angola. >> mariah carey singing controversy. a million bucks to sing for a tyrant? >> can't wait to see you. then -- is she too hot for church? and -- >> hi everyone. >> katie couric's talk show canceled. pl


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