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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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now at 11:00 the 49ers on a mission. they have a win. the excitement and the sentimental fans. the teenager on life support has renewed hope. >> kron4news at 11:00 starts now. well, it is the end of an era. on the left you see the first game ever played at candlestick in 1960. the regular season game tonight
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the 49ers hosting the falcons, both teams played in the first 49er game at candlestick. fans were very sentimental saying goodbyes. >> i am devastated. i love the stick. sad to see it go. great way to end it. couldn't ask for anything better. >> it was amazing. >> i thank my parents. 32 years now. >> 43. >> we have a lot of good memories here. >> it is time to bull doze it back into the bay. time to start anew. . >> but the 49ers did have a mission, making the play offs. there is a chance they could win the division. this was a fun way to end the evening. >> it was a great way to end
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the evening. their goal is now to win the division title. that will be decided next sunday. they closed the chapter on candlestick for the regular season in dramatic fashion. 204 9er wins. kendal hunter comes up with the biggest run of the day. gore would score a play later to put them up 10. the fall falcons wouldn't go away. tony gong gonzalez for the touchdown. atlanta recovers an on-side kick.
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navarro delivers one of the great plays in history, 89-yard return for the touchdown. the play off-clinching touchdown. 32-34-24. they clinch a play off spot. >> that's the best thing i have ever seen happen in a football game. not even close to the catch. second only to being born. that was awesome. [ laughter ] . >> you have to love that laugh. they have a wild card spot lock up if the cardinals and seahawks lose to the rams. as for the new stadium in santa clara, they showcased it, the $1.5 billion building.
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you see the field is not quite ready. they have the logo place with the san francisco 49ers logo mid-field. if this was their last home game, they will play here next year. more in a few minutes. full highlights and post-game reaction. you will like this. we talked earlier, after the game tonight , i don't think it was these people, but some tried to steel -- look, jason, it was that guy. some people tried to steel seats. two fans losenned the bolts trying to hide it under
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clothing. the police were there and cameras were there. this didn't work. they were arrested. >> they don't want them stealing them right now. >> i didn't realize we saw it. that didn't work. developing a judge ruled the family of an oakland teenager on life support will have another week. this is jahi. she will have until the 30th. this is sparking debate on the definition of death. alecia reid has the latest. >> reporter: you know, i spoke with jah i's uncle and the family is exhausted. they are grateful. >> they are taking naps and
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shifts with jahi. there is a great sense of relief. >> reporter: there is a temporary restraining order until december 30th. >> request that jahi receive nutrition and other support and survives until the hearing date. >> they want to spend christmas day with the 13-year-old. >> it is a reminder that such a special holiday for children, it will be a constant reminder of what happened here. for my sister to have another christmas with jahi is priceless. >> reporter: doctor fisher is conducting an examination. >> what wasn't conducted before tests are going on. we will have an update in the
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morning when we go to court. >> jahi's uncle said they haven't heard what the tests say but they are optimistic. if the doctor has the same results as the hospital. there is another option to take her in. alecia reid kron4news. >> reporter: we are looking at 48 in oakland and 53 for san francisco. 53 in san mateo. with the weather we already have breezy conditions that will continue into tomorrow. however temperatures will mostly stay the same. 60s. christmas day calmer winds. low to mid-60s and more of the same, lots of sunshine.
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the reason is a powerful high ridge that will camp out for a week. we will tell you what you can expect to see as far as precipitation. things were dangerous at a mall in san jose. a chance meeting between stanley roberts and a homeless man turned positive. 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç
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a man who died after a fight at an antioch bowling center, there was a fight at the bar. the suspect turned himself in and booked on homicide charges.
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stanley roberts turns christmas into a magnificent one for a homeless one. >> reporter: a smash and grab at the east ridge mall coming up. sports, extended highlights of the 9ers falcons matchup. sharks and warriors straight of the 9ers falcons matchup. sharks and warriors straight ahead. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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a bold robbery at the east ridge mall. this is footage from our partner station. the suspects have not been arrested. jeff bushes live from the mall. this happened in the middle of a christmas rush. >> this mall was full of people. it happened before 6:00 a lone robber smashed one of the cases and made off with an unknown amount of merchandise. it left people shaken.
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that part of the mall was closed down for an investigation. a detective was on scene for hours afterward. police say the robber ran out of the store and escaped in an unknown direction. shopping resumed once the all clear was given. offices from the san jose police department are stationed at entrances and extra security is inside. they are hoping to get a use able image. man. a chris mas reunion
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attracting attention worldwide. it may have been the turning point in the life of a forgotten man. >> that is ma lone all right. >> it is a beautiful story. >> from cnn to britain and sweden. it has touched everyone. the turn around started here. malone was looking for something to use in the trash. here he is with his band mates. they were going to explode into popularity bought him. he served 3 years for
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manslaughter. then there was a life sentence. carlogies santana said he wants to get malone off the streets and back on stage performing. he can be part of a story that makes people feel good. >> we all have someone who get misplaced. not lost. >> he offered these words. >> i offer you my hearts. what you did is the story of de dedesmgz. >> they will have more coming up at 11:00. when we see a shaky camera it is windy outside. it is breezy. we have a spare the air day so no wood burning allowed on
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christmas eve. we will reach 38 in pleasanton. 41 in vallejo. 64 for redwood city. 67 in campbell. 64 in santa clara. 63 for san san leandro. 63 in petaluma. and 60 in alameda. for thanksgiving -- for christmas no rain. lots of sun. we will have low 60s. it will be a brisk morning. tonight be concerned we should have a nice day.
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7-day we have lots of sunshine. clouds will come in in the weekend. temperatures are holding for mid-60s. lows drop down to the low 40s. pretty mild conditions for this time of year. >> thank you, daniel, join us for new year's life, the only local live show. it is right after the news at 11:00. coming up there was more games involving a bay area team besides the one we are talking about. the warriors and the sharks in action. jason will have extended highlights next. good morning nelly! woah.
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welcome back. tonight was the last game in candlestick park history. fans got their money's worth. 42 years they have been there. you will see jerry rice and all the big names there. dwight clark was going to reenact the most famous moment the catch.
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colin kaepernick and crabtree turn it into a long game. 102 yards on the day. that is the 10-yard touchdown. they are tied. he did damage on the ground. he calls his own number. it is 20-10. back come the falcons and kendal hunter, 45 yards down inside the 5-yard line. gore had 21 carries. he was solid all night long. mat ryan will buy time here. that caps off an 80-yard drive
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with 209 left. a kick gets by navarro. the falcons are back in business. this happens, brock break its up. bowman picks it off. 89 yards for the play off clenching tough down. 34-24. matt ryan can't believe it. 350 yards. kaepernick loves it. gonzalez, has career has 1 game left. jim bar harbaugh. >> it was one of the greatest games. something that good happened in
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the game. >> i am good for one interception a year. [ laughter ] for us to be consistent and get in the play offs is big. >> i got my first start here. i will be the last quarterback for the 49ers to play in this stadium. that will be memorable. >> they had a one-word reaction to that pick 6 by bowman. ouch. that stung if you are a cardinals fan. they have to hope the saints lose to tampa bay to make the play offs. hoops. denver a team they beat in may.
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he jumped ship in the off season. warriors are up one. he figured big in this game the 3-pointer puts them up by 5. 89- 81. a little sharks action. a shoot out tied at 4. marlowe, a little beak coming up. scores to win. final 5-4 sharks. they win in a shoot out. now the 49ers have their sights set on winning the division title if they can. >> you never know. >> there was a fun evening. you have been watching them try
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♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. last minute christmas shopping frenzy, over sneakers! >> this is what all the fuss is about. >> the crazy scenes across america. plus, christmas miracle. >> oh, man. >> this homeless man was once a famous musician. >> you thought i was kidding you? >> wait till you see who is in the truck waiting for him. and the year in scandal. baldwin... reese... >> you know my name, sir? >> and what's up with those mayors? plus all these sweet sisters wanted for christmas was a home and loving parents. >> our wish came true. >> the amazing story


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