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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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now at 11:00 we are only 60 minutes away from christmas day. how the world is celebrating. the 49ers got into the play offs. city workers are trying to complete their mission of cleaning up after the game. the court ruling in jahi's case . >> kron4news at 11:00 starts now. >> we are an hour away from
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christmas day. we have been tracking santa to norad's site. he just left minnesota. a tradition of a christmas toy drive is alive and well. they met their 10,000 toy goal and still accepting toys through 2:00 a.m. for most of the world it is already christmas. we will see how people are celebrating this holy day. you have been all over. >> yes. christmas is a time for happiness and a time where others reflect and rebuild after tragedy.
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>> reporter: this christmas many people in the philippines gathered at a church. the typhoon left 7800 people dead or missing. 4million people are living in shelters or housing facilities. a first christmas eve mass for the pope. he blessed baby jesus during mass. a toy giveaway was stopped when a man was shot with a pellet gun. [ groans ] . >> my back.
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ahh, my back. the man was taken to the hospital to get it removed from his shoulder. now santas having fun. hawaiian travel right on honolulu beach. the north pole and snow, this santa did skiing but not down hill. elves also ing water skiing. put on a water show. >> santa is definitely having fun. in some places people celebrate with love and reflection. others there is anger and hatred. >> i felt bad for that man.
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>> yes. >> the chp is reminding everyone they are out in force looking for problems. charles clifford has more from yerba buena island. >> the california highway patrol will have a maximum enforcement period. they will look for speeders and impaired drivers and those not wearing their seat belt. they want you to call 9-1-1 if someone is drunk. 39 people were killed in highway traffic accidents. half were not wearing their seat belts. this year's christmas enforcement period is running
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along the drive sober or get pulled over campaign. that effort began december 13th and continues through new year's day. charles clifford kron4news. a second medical opinion announced on jahi. it was another opinion by an independent doctor a firming she is in fact brain dead. her family has been fighting to keep her alive after a routine tonsil surgery went wrong. >> she meets criteria for brain death. she has no brain stem function.
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i have to deny the petition that is filed to provide additional medical care and life support to jahi. >> that was, of course today's ruling. he did give the family time to appeal and move her. they have until the 30th to make a decision. the family is staying strong. >> we do the genuine things in life. we make sandwiches and cruise the lake together. . >> i just don't know where my little buddy will be. >> reporter: the grandmother learned that her grand daughter
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is likely to be taken off of life support monday. >> it is heart breaking to hear that, of course. but our faith is still strong. this is time for a miracle. >> she has been declared dead by doctors. >> he was comprehensive and compassionate about list tests. one thing i liked is when he conducted his tests, he said i believe in miracles too. >> reporter: they have not decided if they will appeal. lawyers say there is a chance she could be taken somewhere else. >> there is the life legal defense fund that can provide support, medical support and other support. >> reporter: her grand mother has a message for others. >> for everybody, love your
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children with all your heart. if you haven't told them today you love them. go home, call them on the phone. tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. >> hold them a little tighter this christmas. >> family members are here at children's hospital spending the holiday with jahi. they haven't decide today they will appeal. j.r. stone kron4news. the usgs said an earthquake has hit near the geysers. no reports of damage or injuries. the big 49er win, but the after math, what a mess. nothing to celebrate. a bay area performer.
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another quick check of where santa is. we are still tracking him on the norad system. he is in dan canada at the moment. we will keep checking. an alert to people who ate or drank at the comstock restaurant. on the 19 there was a server who tested positive for hepatitis. they recommend people get tested. glide church feeds this happeneds and the bay area loved the 49ers win. what they left behind may live on for a while.
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49ers fans are still basking in last night's win, but some fans did break the rules. there were 30 arrests. they threw 81 people of the game and had 7 citations. those what were drunk were
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taken to police sub stations. there was a limit on space. they went back to candlestick today to check the clean clean up. >> where are you going with those? you are not supposed to do that. >> it's mine. >> reporter: two men taking a souvenir from candlestick park. san francisco police rushed in, cuffed them, and placed them under arrest. >> come on. >> 100 seats were damaged. we were sent this picture of broken seats. unlike this family, some fans never got a seat because they had counterfeit tickets. mounds of trash piled up. tuesday sea gulls enjoyed a
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meal of the mess. 49ers crew members dealt with the garbage in the parking lots from broken bottles and an abandoned christmas tree. it all has to go. crews will get tomorrow off by back thursday. >> residents of a san jose home, a speeding teenager crashed into their house. the driver had minor injuries and lost control. look at the hole in the house. it is thought he was racing another driver. >> i saw the car hit the house, then i tried to pull them out. i said do you have problems.
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they said i'm okay. i'm okay. we called the ambulance. >> both drives were cited and the owners will try to patch things up for christmas. hundreds of people were fed, thousands actually at a luncheon tradition. it is just one of the many ways glide is helping the poor. >> reporter: glide memorial church feeds the masses. >> they are the only ones serving 3 meals. >> this is the house of prime rib. they are serving 220 pounds for
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those who stop by. >> what glide does for people, they do a great great service. being a part of it makes you feel good when you see these faces. >> reporter: the generosity of dedicated community partners in their 50 plus years of service. >> it is a nice thing they do. >> thank you, guys. we love you. >> reporter: in san francisco, john finolio, kron4news. >> reporter: this is our roof top camera. we have excellent current temperatures. 53 in san francisco. not too many 30s. we have 43 in oakland. for your satellite and radar
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imagery we have no cloud cover. if you look at the forecast it is a spare the air day. it was a spare the air day university, a lot of hazy conditions. we have rip currents. normally this isn't a problem, but maybe you want to go to the beach. we can look at our highs. 66 we will top out in mountain view. 67 in santa clara and san jose and milpitas as well. 66 in walnut creek. 65 in vallejo. north bay will be 65. 68 is the high in santa rosa. the financial district will be
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64. plenty of sunshine. . >> a nice christmas surprise in vallejo, a hip hop artist gave the salvation army a check for 10,000 dollars. he is known as e40. the salvation army has helped his family. the donation comes at a good time. giving has been slow this season. don't forget, this should be a lot of fun. join us for new years. gary and i will make sure you have a a front row seat. it is life live right after the news at 11:00. jim harbaugh is very happy
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today. always an interesting reaction. sports next.
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welcome back the 49ers are peaking at just the right time trying to clinch the division title. last night at candlestick was
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an instant classic, but boy did they sweat it. it took this play by navarro bowman. he called it the greatest of his career. they call it the pick at the stick. the history of candlestick all happened on jim harbaugh's 50th birthday. >> he made a tremendous play. i will remember it until the day i die. i couldn't have had a better birthday present. i am happier than a pig in slop. >> that is fun. if seattle loses then pop the champagne the crown goes to san francisco. we will have another game at
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candlestick. no champagne for the raiders. they have a quarterback change, a matchup with the denver broncos. a decision not to popular, setting pryor up to fail. now as you might imagine coach allen is not happy with accusations. >> it is the stupidest things i have ever heard. this is not the real housewives of beverly hills. this isn't t.v. drama. this is football. decisions are based on that. >> hawaii bowl, that is the beautiful coastline outside of
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honolulu. boysboise state. the quarterback had 259 yards and a touchdown for oregon state. tomorrow on christmas night, seth was cut by the warriors. he played for the nba developmental league and had 8 assists in 12 games. good for seth curry. here is a hockey goal you don't see every day. this was in buffalo. shoots the puck. it goes up and down in the
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drawers of the goalie. mike smith doesn't know it is there. oh, tracking santa.
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♪[ music ] holiday travel alert. >> we have tips for staying healthy on your flight home. >> then, balloon stunt 911. >> there's a guy dangling from a hot air balloon. >> wait until you hear why he was hanging on for dear life, and, let's scare evelyn to death. imagine this happening to you at work, all day long. everywhere you turn, this dude does this. can they ever be friends again? plus, faceoff. man vs. elk. caught on video. and -- ♪ [ music ] >>


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