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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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kaepernick and crabtree. it's gone! this game is over. >> ouch, a late interception by malcolm smith seals a win in the battle in seattle. it was a hard-fought game, but the 9ers game up a few yards short. what happened with gary.
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unbelievable game. >> a very good game. i think kaepernick is coming back. they will be good again next year. this was like a fluke that they got here. maybe 5, 6 before they have a chance. they will be good next year and the year after. >> they gave us a good season. >> the glass is half full. join us as we say hey, you go in seattle and the last two times they rolled the 49ers. think about this. you see highlights for the 18th time. the fact that seattle at home has beaten the 49ers on this field, they are just better than san francisco this year. they had a 10-0 lead. marshawn lynch went to work.
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129 yards. if you look to say which individual battle did the 49ers fall short? it was the running back. kaepernick. some say he doesn't have the touch. to bold boldin. 17-14. pete carroll rolled the dice. the 49ers going for a winning score. doesn't it remind you of the superbowl? richard sherman tipped the ball away and pete carroll has a winner. here is harbaugh. >> had a 1 on 1 matchup with crab. i didn't play good enough to
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win. . >> first of all not many people get to be in this arena at this level. i thought our guys had a tremendous fight. they are great football players. congratulations to the seattle seahawks. >> you have j.r. stone standing by live. >> thank you, gary. >> reporter: richard take me through the final play. >> when you try me, like crabtree, that's the result you will get. don't you ever talk about me. >> reporter: who was talking about you? >> crabtree. >> i am not a t.v. guy. you make one play and you talk. there is a lot of respect
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between teams. i don't even know. >> seeseattle's richard sherman went off. we have more with j.r. stone. you were in the locker room. that was a deflating loss, wasn't it? >> reporter: it was. a difficult night in seattle for the 49ers, a team who comes up short again, very quiet in that locker room. you look in the distance, you can still see a blue tint and green tint from the confetti after seattle won this game. i want to go to some of the video of colin kaepernick. he had 3 turn overs during this game. looking off as he walked off the field. he didn't even take off his
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uniform for 10 or 15 minutes just looking and not really doing much of anything. nobody was really saying anything in that locker room for a good while. everybody on this team takeing it tough. i talked to some of the players, this is what they had to say. >> we fought hard. we had a lot of talent and just didn't get it done. . >> losing. losing always hurts. you can't do nothing about it. i did my play when is my number was called. at the end of the game. >> do you think the best team won? >> no. we had turn overs. we made plays.
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he made great throws. it was a heck of a game. >> nobody is perfect. they are a good football team. they did things we needed to counter. they came out victorious. >> reporter: you talk about the rivalry, keep in mind this is what you will find scattered along the turf, these are m.&m.s thrown by fans. j.r. stone. >> they have the skittles, maybe now you should go have some of that bitter seattle coffee. fans are still reacting to the devastating loss. many of the 49ers most loyal
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fans. >> reporter: with the 49ers taking the early lead fans watching the game in the mission district were confident they were heading to the superbowl. >> of course we will win. we played them 3 times and lost every single time, so it is dedesmgz. >> reporter: redemption. >> heart breaking and sad. >> reporter: others looked at the bright side. >> last yearry were close. this we were close. we are still champions. >> reporter: what we have seen in the fast is will celebrating invisible but not police
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officers. they were everywhere on all corners making sure the atmosphere stayed that way. this is in reaction after the giants won the world series in 2012. tonight is peaceful, a disappointing vibe after the 49er loss. in san francisco, dan kerman. >> reporter: the weather is looking pretty nice for tomorrow for the holiday, martin ruth or luther king day. we have 40s by the bay. lots of sunshine. temperatures approaching the 70s by the afternoon. more coming up. 9ers may have lost in seattle, but they return to
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loyal fans. a double shooting in the tenderloin. we bring you the latest. the great american novel.
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police in san francisco responded to a double shooting in the tenderloin. two victims had gun shot wounds. one was in the arm the other in the leg. both victims were transported to sf general. the suspect was apprehended a short time later in the 900 block of market street. the fans say the 9ers are still winners. sports coming up.
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it was a rough one for the 49ers in the nfc championship game. they have officially come home. there were die hard fans to greet the team. >> there were 3 fans here. they were all very die hard fans. it is about a 2-hour flight from seattle to san jose. it must have felt longer for them as they arrived. i will take video shot by myself just a few moments ago as they got off the dealt a
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chartered aircraft and getting into the buses that will take them back to santa clara. there were a few fans, 3 die hard girls that came out here to show support. there are more fans back at 49ers head quarters. this is where i will head to catch up with them. so obviously it is a bit of a somber mood with the fans and the players landing. it was a good effort. we have done this before and seen them in the buses. i will go catch up with the fans and the players. scott rates, kron4news. >> we have been monitoring the web where fan s have been reacting on social media. >> fans are upset with the team, some the referees and
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other 4-letter words. the team has sent a couple posts. thank you for the strong support of the 49er faithful. thanks for cheering on this season. thanks to our guys for fighting so hard. coach harbaugh said not many people get to be in this arena. proud of how we fought all season. hats off to the 49ers for another great season. don't say you like the half time show by the rapper macklemore. she he was wearing seattle gear and his custom 49ers sucks
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jacket. he is dead to us. the two quarterbacks, you will see this image all over starting tomorrow. we want you to go to where we have a 49ers sections going on right now. a lot of happening. you can have pictures and videos from the team and fans all over the globe reacting and a hub for the best of social media. we want you to leave a comment or a picture or video in the 49ers section. the bay area saw warm winter weather. there was blue skies and sunshine like spring time. we will look at bay area weather. >> i think in the summer it is
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actually colder. readings in the warmest places. gradual decline. getting warm in the afternoon and tuesday the same thing it has been extra high clouds. the weather system coming down through the sierra will not bring clouds but will bring wind and fire danger. we could have before red flag warning. tomorrow is martin luther king day. san jose 70 for mountain view and sunnyvale. 67 in concord and danville.
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60s by the bay. oakland 70. average high in the 50s. we are 10 to 15 degrees warmer. here is the 7-day around the bay. a lot of sunshine. no rain in the forecast. the possibility of rain maybe toward the beginning of february. look for highs in the mid-to upper 60s. turning windy thursday and friday. gary is up next with the tough loss and highlights and locker room reaction. sports is next.
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good evening, if you haven't seen the highlights by now -- who am i kidding. the 5th time i have done this version. kaepernick 58 yards, his longest run of the season set up a touchdown. the 49ers had an early 10-0 lead. but the crowd stuck with their club, one of the loudest venues in all of football. wilson is scrambling. one side to the other and throw as far as he could.
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johnson baldwin has a fieldgoal, a 51-yard catch. 10-3 at half. marshawn lynch breaks a 10-10 tie. 109 yards. frank gore had 10 carries. lynch eats skittles during the game. san francisco it is 17-10. 4th quarter it looks like they were going to have their kicker go for a 50-yard fieldgoal. carroll said no, go for the 6. a tremendous kick. the momentum has left the 49ers. it is 20-17. russell wilson at the goal
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line, a sad play, navarro bowman, he is carted off with a torn acl. a long road back if he plays at all. you are not getting him back in the game. the blown call doesn't cost them the score. kaepernick throws and interception. he finds frank gore on 4th down. the drive continues. 22 seconds left 49ers if you want to play amateur coach, they didn't rush they kept going and harbaugh rolls the dice and rolled the wrong time. he threw an interception.
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the last 3 possessions kaepernick turned on over 3 times. 23-17. no superbowl for san francisco. that kid sherman, a little too much showing off at the finish. >> losing is never easy. we will bounce back. >> the final interception, the ball thrown to crab could have gone either way. by an inch or two, crabtree catches for a touchdown. >> the a-hole fans that talk crap, we appreciate the motivation. you helped us win, so thank you very much. >> he is probably right. if you sit in your basement and criticize the best athletes, there is way to do it.
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when they had superbowl media day, he will have the stadium to himself. he is smart if you have heard him talk. >> stanford grad. >> harbaugh didn't recommend him to the pros. he is winking at you. brady at the broncos. we don't need sound bites. afc game, 10 wins to 4 he trailed tom. he was flat out great. belichick had no answer. manning is going to the superbowl. it was a good matchup. who do you like? >> i am routing for cincinnati? >> that's what i was looking for. >> tough loss, but we will be
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back. >> will tran will be back too.
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the weekend "insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> i thought for sure that oprah would get a nod. >> don't be annoyed. i had no expectations. i think i'm the only person who didn't. >> oprah after her nomination snub. plus, tom, emma, the science behind their shutout. >> the how stupid is it she didn't get nommed. >> a friend of yours passing by, sandra bullock. >> was taylor swift caught cud ling up top jartd let toe. >> how does it feel. >> it feels heavy. >> i'm still freaking heavy. >> he and jeannie mai with gowns from the runway. >> she doesn't have a slip on. >> plus, rosie on the fosters. >> and the bronx tans tell all. >> how are you fixing your marriage. >> prayer and a lot of co


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